Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 29, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1896
Page 3
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With a sharp stick . - '-- - -turti Xip the dirt and get .ground_ready .ritiritr—but what.a clumsy, slow, ifibon- ineffe.ctive way of going to work! • Wot much more so, though, than the old- fashioned way of washing. - Think of it!' """Grinding the clothes up and down on*a wash'boarcl, with nothing but soap and main strength to get out the dirt. 1 hen think how simple and easy is Pearlme s way —soaking, boiling, rinsing. ^ You need Pearlme for all your washing, and cleaning. 9 ^ You need something better than ' soap or a sharp stickwh^youVedgmg with d.rt. «. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose $3 Express id, 25c. Prevents Wetting Head floor or Walls. Hornless Water Closets. Semi for Catalogue i'rast Proof Witter Closets, SeLT-ActlnB Wuter Closets, Kelly Slop nml Waste Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. 30i Madl&on Street, Chicago. STATE NATIONAL BANK $200.000 j. P. Johnson, President j\ B W. Ullory, VJca President , H. J. Heltbdnk, C»ahl«r. ^ DIBECTOBS. t, T. Johnson. B. W. Ullery. J. T. 1 W. M. Elliott W. H. Bnlder. Buy and so'l Government bonds. money »n personal gecurtty and coHater- Issue special certificates of depoalte »er cent. Interest when left on« cent. per annum when depoi- tee ID saiciy Deposit Vaults of thli for the depoalt of deedB, »nsur»nc« Ancles, mortgagoa and «ther yalluablei, •' Mnted at Jrom $6 to »S 7*1 year.. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalirters. 610 BROADWAY. CHAS.L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER '-: N». «7 Market ftett. Call* attended to pro! iptly, oty »r Central Union and Mutual Ulej Office. No. 16: Rfl«ldence. Ko. The Logansport Humane society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. Bice—ProK. Geo. IV. •Wrtltew—SBC. J j Hllilebronilt-Tremi. W. SI. Ulnliop—Mnmwno Omcer. « q -ftlce J C. Hnrtey. >'• C. Coolbough nSfw'Wiilters J-J- Hlldobrandt, f«*k«S Justice • fsaah Adams. Fe6 ^ Mrsfl W i>. Pratt Mrs. J. N. Ned. 1 Telephone No. 30. fiepott cases of cruelty to Secretary. ._ Greatest Discovery or the 19th Century; Dr.T««Kue'ii JffiTYRTtMlfDY . Medicated Air for the Cure of Catnrrh, Antlima and all Pulinonary Diseases, It has no equal tor- Sick and Nervous Hedd- acbe, 1,000.000 poople die annually from the above nomed dlaeaiea. Wdj noller »nrt "die, when Medicated Air H Jl£t» SATED A» n OT»rwiteed to cure you. MciH<»it<- *.ir -Li Drue Co., Hichtnorid, Ind., tr. S. A. NOTICE TO GAS CONSUMERS, gas consumers mu.y not be Iny reason of delay, in having beatog stoves, grates and furnaces .conneotca,- .October 1st tlie com- ft any will'at once make nil such con- nectiooGS -Hiat are oraercd, and furnish gas lor same free, for the remainder of Septeaber. •EOGANSBO'RX. GAS COMPANY. They Don't Fuse--What Mr. Tom Watson Says. "The People'/ party went to the negro <w to a fellow ctaea—a man with a mind ;>.nd a 'vote—auid asked him to exorcise IMS reason a.nd TO use •lute ballot. For the'-first time in thirty years lie hoard white speakers .explaining the lawd to III in, rxplaantog their influence over li.iiu, and urging -mini.TO the control of the K-eimbllca-u to joi-u M* white neighbor* in •ail effort to strike down class legislation, a-nd 10 restore the principle of 'equal-ami exact justice to aJl men a-wl special privl-legcs to noj'.o.' '•The result Iwis bee,u> -that the negroes no longer go solidly together. They are dlvldeii upon political qn-e*tions, Just .as the whites (ire. Some are Eepubli- t-a,iis in fact a.nd pri.iiclp.les, some flre some are Democrats—at lea*t for campaign -purposes, 'in i-t.-3 process the 'people's party lias'met every sbnps which .in'te.nse opposition could take. It -has been misrepresented, defrauded, abused, ridiculed, pe.rsoculed, -boycotted; -nor Juts opposition always stopped short ot assassination. "Ira my own contests in the Tenth dis-. triet of Geo.rj;.Sii,'mine adversary hffls •held the fort by reason of the fact that 'DhG mac-lime' In Richmond county (his homo) could grind 10,000 votes out of a possible 11.000. -In tiueJaat gubcrnaitor-. -ial race '-ta this State, waere Judge Hiiues (Populist) competed with Governor Atkinson (Democrat) It is admitted by jrapartiul Democrats that we eai- vied the State. Tha.t we have a majority of the whites in tlie State is a fact beyond question. "How, liliwi, was Blues kept out? By suppressing returns -and by 'doctoring' returns. ';ln precincts where the Populists had a large msijoiilty the Democratic man- ascns fell into a habit of -refusing to sign the elec-tiicm retuuns ns the'lav re- quli-es; and those returns, when presented att-he county scat for consolidation,, would be a-ejected by the Democratic confiolida-toa-s-oi'-the-vote on account of the failure of tlie Democratic election manager to sign. Another scheme 'or the' Democratic managers- was that of 'purgtins t-lic ballot box' of iiil-e^ed illegal votes, and thus altering .the official figures.' AYhea i-t-is remembered 'that Hits was done behind closed ; doors ond without notice to the voters, IN possibilities as a result changer, may be-iin-a.gtocd."-Kew .York Independent, September 10,1800. 5100 REWARD, $100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that'there Is at least one areadcd disease that science has been able to cure In all Its stages and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation cf the disease and giving the patient .strength by building up the constitution and asslst- 'ing nature in doing Its worlc. The proprietors have so'much faltl in Us cura- t.h-o powers, that they offer One Hun THE RAILROADS Souvenir as a Mark of Gratitude and Esteem. < AUGUST COAL SHEET General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Mr. George W. Boyd, assistant general passenger -agent of,the Pennsylvania nalU-oaid, has been presented with !i iK'iuvtilfnl souvenir cbaiiii by flic Washington correspondents, in. recognition of the at-ieutloni. they received at •h-ls hands during -the mips to anil from the national convention tit St. Louis, and Chicngo this STiiunicr. -Tlie charm Is composed of gold -and silver throughout hi distinct parts and 'Is-thus described:- A circular di.sk, on one side sold and on Hie reverse silver, swings hi n. tVa.nio, one-Ivan: of which is gold and Mie-iWlf silver. Tlic gold side of llu-'clwu-iii bears the inscription, "St. Lonis, .Tune. Hi, 1S96," inclosing the monogram "Ci. W. P.." Tilie silver side sliows the Keystone trade m:m-k of the PoiuisylViUiiii company iu the cower, betittiig.thi? monogram, "P. R. ,]£." Tlio'biu-kle for 'Hie silk guard is ,-i.lso c-m'-ii-aJi: gold anil ouic-hnK silver. On the bovek'd edge* of the gold and silvi-r disk* arc the wc,rd*, "To Mr. Gi'cn-jre W. Boyd, from the Washington CLOTHING CLOTHING. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15;00 Suits go for $12,00 Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.00 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.50 THK COAL SHEET. The coal slheet for August was Siuwl-iy. Following arc some of the li'Lirhest awards o-n tlie preminm lis': Kriuwli't iMig'niec-i's-D. llicluison ifT.'Jo, Charles H.' Truuvi-n ST.-10. A. L. JIax- well $P..S."., Cliarh'S Kepler $fi.30, and B. V 1'itma.u ?(!.CO: freight firemeoi—F. W. r,attTrso.n $7.10, W. H. Cogley $G.S5. M. Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 50C FOR CHOICE OF MY STRAW BAT IK THE STORE, 25c choice of any/of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one third off, th^y are bargains. Now is tH-3time lo buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Go ds, and 526 Broadway is the place to saveSmpney, These Prices are For Cash Only. P. Dol-a.n $G.30 and W. Y. $0.23; passcji'Cei' , ongiueui-s— Robert Green $3.85, George LigbiUhteer ?r..3u. •Harry St. Clalr $4.05 and .Tdlin Navin $4.25; passenger liromon— A. E. Shaker $-. So W A'. H-Igloy ?3.i5i5, W. R. Kelly $5.05, :uvd E. ]3. Schrock.f4.20. The list \vis much lower than usual daring August and a number of the best fireman •Mid eiigtaoers got small few RAILROAD NOTES, Gkiissford is taJiin, days' vacation. Harry Snyder, a Paml*a,ndle eupiueer, is talaiig-a few days' vacafcioti. ' Joe Marter, thclurJi table man has resumed work, after a three weeks' ill; 110.SS. Claud Graait has resumed woi-k o-n the Clover Leaf road -after a weeks' vacation. H, S. Tousley wen* to Chicago on No, 5'yesterday morning on company •business. Mr. Neff, assistant on-jrineer of the C.' & P. .division, was here yesterday on business. W, E. Foskett, tbe Pauhandie cmgi- neer, IKIS retui-acd to work aXta- a thirty, da.ys' lay-off. .E: Penrose and .T. X..Clary have resumed work in flic repair Shops after ,a few djiys' lay-off. WllM-aim Foster, of the pla.niug mill, bruised 'his foot - severely. S-aiturday roning a.n<l 5s offl duty. : Tie ex-tension of the Elgin", Joliet & Eastern to Whiting, Ind., will be completed 'by tlie middle of October. O, W. Ballon 'has resumed work -in due round house after a few days' layoff on account of an injured eye. TJie largo boring machine hiis been removed from the baclc shop to .the lathe -room-, where It will be put ill operation/. - Engine No. 492 cainc in off her run •yesterday'-in a crippled cooidiltion and will have to be rcpairetl before she is taken out again. . Jacob Shivoly, a Pantoandle engineer, •while visltlwg a,t Bradford, Ob to, was taiken sick nad is still there under a physician's care. ; ..Mr. Ed Kearney, president of tha Roiihvay Men's .Sound Money club, of: this ciry, was made vice president, of SENT 'IT- IN w- KS". m*: TO HIS MOTHER GERMANY. Mr. Jacob Esbcnscn, who is in the employ of the Chicago Lumber Co., at DCS Molncs, Iowa, says: "I have just sent some medicine back to my mother in the old country, that I 'know from personal use to be the best medicine In the world..for. rheumatism, having useii It in my family- for several years. It r .j called Chamberlain's.' Pain Balm, It always does the work.'" GO.cent bottles for sale by. B. F.-KcoslIng, drug; '- B ist. . . .'.;-. ' •••','.' •• .- The best baking powder and flavoring extracts In the world at Ben Flsh- et'B drug store. ;. ''• ; • . : ., JOSEPH 264 ;'^ GAD WAY. W.imi.u-iac. 'Mr. Ca-nu spent some tiin^ lishing and reports that he ca.nglit a good n«mber or fish. F. H. Carney, Wie- PiuTihaJulle cugi- iveer, Iras returned to wo.-k after a long vocation. L. L. Bond h-ns returned to' work after spending two weeks''va.ca.tlon visittog at Marion. .Tames IMordan of nhe blacksmith sfliop, acco-mpiMilcd by his family, is the guest of relatives at Dayton. Ohio. F. A. Carter, assistJiM foreman of the freight car department of the re- paiir tractas, 'has returned from a visit wtth relatives ait M-a.cy, Miaimi couniy. The through-car service over the Y-amdalia line between St. Louis a.ud MacUliMic was diiscomttn-ued yesterday until the summer pleasure travel n.^iiiliif sots in. '' Gottlieb Kujath of the tank house .crushed a Coot yesterday while placing a lioivy piece of timber on a pair of 'trusses. He will be laid off for several ..„ as a result. Joseph Kepler of the car strops, while fooling with a cannon tracker Sunday severely injured his IMHK!. Tlie explosive instrument went off in .his hand and tore the flesh severely. The general passenger agents o£ St. •Lo.uis Have planned to handsomely cutOTt-ilIn the Traveling .Passenger Agaats' Association, which begins Its annual convention in that city today. The Wabash lines today put into effect a rate of 11 cents per one Jiumdred pounds on grain shipped from Kansas : QSty to Toledo in order to protect its interests as against competition via Chicago- a.nd the South. • Tlie tonnage carried by the transcontinental lta€S the past eight mouths j v."Vs °0 000 tons -less than lu the cor- 'i-'rcspondiug period of 1805 aod 40,000 I 'tons less than in 1S94. The decreased during, the la,st two months AH Kinds of Drawings Made by BYRON B. GORDON, Logansport Spry Block !3I1.| !fUlivnWL«J v*"»-—*3rf mis due to bho lighter shipments oE 1m jits. The general passenger agents are 1.1 * IJ l/V f T ^k M) ( V"—- »; drcd Dol'ars for any. case-that.It .falls to cure. ;?cnd for list of Testimonials. Address F. J, CHENEY &CO Toledo, Ohio. Sold by Druggists, 7Dc; "JOLLY OLD CHUMS.". . "Jtoffly Old Chums'' is a corking sboff. It hns'always becm and .ever vs-m be ns. Jong (is It exists un'd-er its present man- •i,tgornont. It te. coming to thic Dolan Weanesday, Sci>t. 30tb, iviitti a recoxd of business Uh'at wiill fair exceed any of bts -prtor -seasoins. -It may bo wondered •vfby' stieJi a success .bias favorea" this populina- Play «ic prosenlt season, but a sltglit TCflecMoni fmitells .tne reason. L<u°o most -iptoys ot'tts c'ban.-ac'tcr, it. would nn,turany.liave snccumbed-at its present ffge, litod- it not Hiax! -the very best of iitanagomant. As Hit.'ls, it vis -more poinilair today ••tihan evw. The' people knoTV-'itflmitlts ;anBoiincQment means «, good show. .TOiey actually know .fhis.-'ain-d'that-ils-jTtst the reason Ttfhy -tlio'Tplpee'te breaking all previous, records. ' ' ' . ; - . • Subscribe for The Jonma!. this city was maau view I/HMIV.H.HI..U-. -junc- a'- uv;l " i '" = the meeting which M. 'E. Ingalls,. . more than ordinarily interested in- the orosident of t'ho Big-'Four road, nd-' p . oscal t politdcal campaign. -For weeks dressed- at -Chicago' Saturday night..' th<!y lia d been wondering where they The honor was well deserved. ; . . -' Vere to-get••earnings which would the- Paaba-ndle of-:' iMke tlielr 'flnnocka. exhibits even by his wife, re- as favorable.throug^t the f-all-.moath, with friends at .» tet year. Ito campaign Is From Start to Finish The most Satisfactory Five-Cent Cigar Ever Sold is...... Thetraasientlbuyer always be- cpines a permanent patron, of this cig;ar..« A; Kieter Rrii£ Sole Dlstri'bntersi INIJIANAPOUS JDT a very Ivnudsome trcasnrj- re- pienisher for the rcum^ylvaraia lines, ; 110 Big Four, the Lake Erie & Western and numerous other roads which .might be named. CAN'T QtfOTE BEECHJ3K. Mr. V> r . J.-Bryaii, in Ms speech at Brooklyn .not lone -ago opened' sis follows: ••Mr. CJwirmaM, Ladies and Gentlemen:"! esteem it a great privilege to be permitted to defend -the cause which ihias been espoused to this campaign; ami I am g-lad to be peruil'tted to pros-. •cut thait cause to the people of Brooklyn. I only' wish that that distinguished' -divine whoso name htis added •evcai- to the fame of your great city, •Horary ^a.rd Beecher [applause] were ' ' .'•wi-th lie us todn'y, .tlwut he might again the cause of the people in gwiit'flgM. [A voice:. "No doubt wouM."] Any man would, whose ies .were on the.-skle of l:u- niaintty." ' Chiauncey Depew. made an address la rierwai-as' and made, the following reference: ••During the first money and unlimited currency excitement of 1S77 Mr. Bc-eclier delivered :i famous sermon on. Th.-uilisclv.ing day of that year on -the perils of the. hon-r. In it he used .ihls feinguage, wb.icii I commond to the study ' o.f tli'e.I'oi?ocxa.tic candidate for, the presidency, since he h-as ' called -H-CJH-y Wwrd Beecher as witness: ; '"Whoever tampers wiith cs.fcablislicd stan-clards tampers, with, the very marrow ami vitality of public faith, ns now by faculty of .intercourse all die world is 'one .open market, the need of one anid the. same standard of money, uniform. .universal, and unalterable,- becomes. imperious. ' Gold . is the ' world's stamlard. Goid'is the- universal measure of value: In the court of the com. mercial world's conscience we shall be f convicted of endeavoring to cheat men- .who tovc'come to our rescue to the dark days. This-Congress would .noti have existed, nor any government of tlie United States, but for-the strength "•iveu. to our armies by foreign, capitalists, and now to return, their aids by -base treachery is to deserve an infamy -•is deep ns the-lowest depUis-of heU. But woe to -those men, bull-headed; without eyes, wJa'o are attempting to 'undermine the integrity of the nation!. •Much chcermg was elicited by this quobatioii aud the crowd was- convulsed when the speaker added: II Mr Bryan ever says again, after this IMS appeared in- print, that Beecher 5s n «ood' platform for -him to stand upon,. lie has more gall than I give him credit for. and I concede Mm tic hog's share.' ANC',THErv INFALTJBLE RJKMEDW The following recipe for hog cholera or, ns many ,uow caE the disease which •isW&a iv it31 suc!l etiWtmi S fatalitj; among the swiae, nog diphtheria, i"S i-ecommended by a Wabash. man, who tas used it with. gratifying euc-- cess in treating his liogs affected with the dJsease meutiojued: For 100 h-ead of hogs: ' ; : 10 pounds Glaulx;r's salts. 4 pounds copperas. :; • 3 pounds sulphur. ' Fed in slop once every other day.- Also give daily one pound- of potash, dissolve in water, tbis to follow regular fowl. For a-smaller number of- jhogs than' 100 give ' a proportionate amount of Mie remedy named. B«i)r wm» «ick, w» was A Child, sbe cri,«I .'of Quttorta. .

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