The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1931 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1931
Page 1
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^GOgAjOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, "mi ALGONIAH ON RSH AN SCHOOL BOARD CUTS WAGES OF TEACHERS B ° yF ^n;A PP e al8 .I^OFRAISES ««' one named 8- I and the other Wilson/were down the water Fourteen Per Cent. Grade Teachers $5 to $10. CUTS WILL SAVE DISTRICT OVER $2200. Practically All Old Teachers stred Were Reclected. Work Progresses on New Building. IN TAXES HER had been caught in tn e TOCKS, wi It would probably have died and ran over and picked'it out and threw it into hi* ™r. It ls report^ that — he did not even se^ ^, c Warden Moses me Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. WAS NEW COUNCIL'S INITIAL DUTY and is - Cut Teachers' Salaries. A general cut was made in the salaries from'the superintendent down, except in several positions where grade 7iv a . C *i? rs wei ' e receivin e a minulmum. For the superintendent the cut was $500 SlSf'iSh abou ^ fo f tee n Per cent. For i 1? „ °, re u^o™ In the high school as well as hi'the grades and the cut Sfi le ^ runs from $5 to * 10 a month with grade principals about $15 a PSSh, The amount saved the district la $2250 and will probably be more as It is contemplated to dispense with one or more teachers. '• Roof on New School. iJSJf roof ' s now on the new school building and work toward the completion will speed up and not b e hindered ?,-: . emen t weather. -The contract 1 completion about August first s now thought that unless un- '•^I^t" 11168 aDDear the new build- te 6 b fl • t rea f?r occu P an °y Se P- Suit Still on Docket. 3 jSUit fl xnit ""*" «""* wcie eacn nned ten dollars on each charge, making each of o«L i y £ flne total twenfc y dollars. An hov Pn? a ff b f en flled by the Ellsworth boy and it is probable more \»- • | heard from this case. YOUNGMEND1E IN PLANE DIVE) ', Son Folks, Met Death in Los Angeles. Board Will Agate Tuesday, April 21 at Nine O'clock. of equalization met on -----^^s^tMr? ^ s.%ffr^-?as "' -ri h Ln e 5 y , elec ' ed counci ^ The nnoV, ~~f~~i. "' om nine o'clock until ?ai°e. ' any ob J ectf °ns to the |, L..O., Lot 3 NE& NE'4, 11- —-^—^————____ — „»„_ Workman Was Badly Injured on Monday. inJUred w 6 01 ' ng ° n the school house. He was removing a tem- KS l 8f?? iroWtasf when a [WESUYELEVAlw BURNED LAST WEEK COMMISSION I " — ~ „ Former Ledyard Man L " Has Good Position, r 0 ?/ 110 " TUrner Men on the Commis- Cooperative Elev tor Burned Wednesday Night With Much Loss. PHILLIPS WON BY AI -GONAA^BRITT tO. LAST NIGHT 1 DEPTS CALLED ONLY SON OF CHAS. COHENOUR. Father of Young Man Mysteriously Disappeared In Arizona Twenty Years Ago. ' , H- Cohen °ur, son of a form- —""' M., Lots 1 and ?t%"!S 12, Blk $1500. .Cowan, H. R. & Son, Blk. 277 Call's #*»-. except E 34- ^ ^J' ™{* ft. lot 20, from $3300 to $3800 Durant, Carrie, Blk. 262 Call's Add from $1600 to $2500. ' Falkenhainer, Anna, Lot 2 Blk 4R Orig. Plat, from $1400 to $1800 ' Sioux City Fighter Did Nose Dive in the Fifth Round. ONE ROCK FIGHTS DREW GOOD CROWD. eUminary Fights Were GooHL Joe Bloom Was Announcer. Gocders Wants to Fight Phillips Soon. | Sparks Blown for Over a Mile. Corn Barley, Salt, Fertilizer Were Lost. Covered With Insurance. ! A crowd of about five hundred persons saw the flght at Ckip's pavilion at Lone Rock last night. The bouts were put on under the- auspices of th?Lon| Rock African Legion. The main bout id go between Clar- Algona and George Special: -..,.. „,„„ vnf™Y"-,;;"", iu V'" J ' s Co-Operative cit \ntor Wednesday night which cuus- ia damage estimated nt $25,00000' Tho rJarm was sounded at about ten o'clock ID was disoovwod that flampq were shooting forth from the cupola ta the elevator building to the oast. 7 ^.\m a n-t T diately put ln lo the departments at AIgona and Britt who quickly responded and together the three fire companies did all within h h ,^£T£* t ?, Check tho blaze whtah osr w -t 3 m « n v of s. C. E. Powers will be plncl I" " 1C f °»°Wlng Clipping Of his has many friends here "£ H?V ! r° We , rs ' ft formcr f » y has bcen emoted to the h° S 0lit j cal solence dcpnru Henderson State Teach- sion. NOMINATIONS CON- FIMED BY SENATE. wne " known in nt i around' \r\nl o«ri F irom tllG ju\,ii.i jiiirii thii ,. m?, ? r sevcml years ta »ght in the rural schools of tho county ~ also served as superintendent of col S u at ¥*• Auburn, Ledyard nnd ftswlck and since February, 1830, has ho »%ff , W *, C M8ls toncy Position m ^S^?,^§r ( '' t JS> P rT r n W i'r ] recclvo "is docor's degree torn the University at the closo of fh ummcr sessionr—"Daily New?'- h« Kellogg Correspondent. Game til Expiration of Ills Present Term in 1033. Un- ARMSTR/ING BOY ""•"""' TEN YEARS It appears the ««tnawpi?naayeneTtiiaa been mortgaged; but was taken over 1 by fhe Spencer Construction Company and used when they took over the contract. Harrington, T.'p., Blk. 4 Res Nn I, from $2200 to $2500. Orig. Plat, from $1300 ^l^d Nola, N% Lot 1, Win '-. OinW- Mu_._ A* ,***. .- •* SAND AND DUST BLIZZARD SUNDAY Tons of Nebraska and Dakota Dirt Spread Over Iowa by Wind. HOMES & BUSINESS HOUSES COATED. Oats Seed Reported Blown From the Fields in Many Places. Many Dirt Drifts Along Fences. Last Sunday went down in history according to the "old timers," as giv- worst dust storni they have ever kill Id l W pri b0rn ' the young man who was Arizona from where Mr. Cohen'our'dis- appeared and no trace or word from assumed that heT de^ Lately' Mr? conenour has been making her homei n Los Angeles. The tragic fate of I the young man is given by the din- ping as follows: p i Wnst Start6(l OUt to bf* n itlnnciiT*** Jaunt through the clouds during S ±'iSW lnt ° tragedy y^terday for two Belvedere Gardens men ."Dudley Strain, 24, and Dr. Charles r £±?° Ur ,; 27> . Were almost lnsta nt- nh»t tS^ 11611 the plane the y had chartered dove from 500 feet and land- the front yard - " Ok" iT rvS-i « <i"° la> w% Lot 1 —' "^"* woiu to j{)i,UUU. Murtagh; Anna, Ex. E 1 rd. of S'/. Lot 25 ex. E 1 rd. Lot 26 ex. E i rd Lot 27, all of lot 28, Blk. 278 Call's Add. from $7200 to $9,000 Murtagh, E. J., Lot 21, Blk. 278, Call's Add., from $480 to $600. Iotfl 0e -Rnf "£ *%' S 82 ' ^ ot 7 and s 82 ' *2finn ' B ' PJatl tTom ^ 240 ° to «p*sOUU. who has lately been connected the fifth round wlth^Vrdteft to toe face after weakening him with blows to the heart. Pinning suffered a brok- awstr-aa-Mss ttiffsfZtffjg&F Was Knocked Cold. Pinning was out cold for several min *» jwd when he did,come to he md A terrific wind w«a oiowmg all h,TVf« , shortlv af ter the building burst forth in flames, the firemen's at? tention was turned to adjoining build- famnf 6r Th arge Pa ^ les of •Part* were Rf „ %Z /^ k L^ re <? a "-><* a * — «. ai-vcitu iiumes Durninp were extinguished by mer and women who turned out to guardtheir property. The loss which is fully covered by insurance, included tho eas t =«~5.«= Samson C. A., commencing at a Is. and 2' S of .. w corner *•"•• Lot 3, r" ""*• • Blk 278 **£&&r&3& ^U E ;t Vanderlinden, Jennie, Lot 14 Blk ^Oall & smart's Add.', from $800 B to Merchandise, street, Belvedere Gardens. > "Strain, who had been piloting the Sioux Cityan. Fans Dissastisficd. Many of the fans were dissatisfied •', thinking that Finning ha ve been matched and --- ••"" "Ot knocked out but according to Referee Paul Ham n h» •rff»a t n.n.-if|'4 Fg£!3&ff-J&£? ing before the flght and h e wants thA public to know than all of YYln^n^Inn «-._ ^ .1 , M.* VA on tne level, f bushels of corn, a carioatTof salt"^' caxload of fertilizer, at least two rn^^.f? 1 feed ,. and numerous other commodities. Checkers have been at work since the day following the fire to arrive at the exact amount of loss. The directors have not as yet had a m^t ng to determine theiind cT a SSwI i«- to erect to^take care of their ne^s -short tim%." f Accessory to Breaking and Entering Father's Home. ACCOMPLICE NOT YET APPREHENDED. Case for Trial in September Term. There has been .no court held in AI- gona since last Thursday when Judge James DeLand returned to his horn The recess will cor .week. DAMAGES BEING DONEJN PARKS] Large Tree Containing Bees Cut Down in Blackford Park. Other Damage. OFFENDERS WILL BE PROSECUTED jfgfg^ViSW? S SKSt^SZ^-* an accessorv hofn.-o and afte ;,. £ n Dav- It seems that Schulte's parents who ' Damages Also Done at Swimming Poo Parks Will be Policed and No Clemency Shown. ^ Burned that MUM*"* and southwest and the air was so filled with dust and sand that much damage was done. In many places farmers state that oats seeded had been blown out of the ground. Along fences in tn6 country *"•"""* **"***•-• -•» -n-j. ». accummulated. unvmg on me nign- ways was dangerous and much of the time drivers had the car lights burn 1ncr. •-•" ---n lnquest ^ 1U , be held ' tained om o? «i, a d u en ^ ist ' main - vard w ?5 S , 4587 whittier boule- I, ' W 5 ere an ln( l ues t will be held. | a nd fl . ffP d mnth n ,. of™. I u~"j*i or ^ e wa *wi-mwi iana near Gal- se? In « 8S ,f ecentl y burned, evidently | set on fire by some one. .j and iuuuuny was a ousy aay lor tne housewives. Stores and business houses suffered as well and no place was secure from the flne dust that filled the air. Ground is Very Dry. not relieve - .---...,»„» wjwiwvciiu. His wi* less than a year lives in muuieceiio Eye witnesses told of seeing the plane, apparently in distress, flyine lew over Whittier boulevards and the Belvedere Gardens section shortly after noon yesterday with the engine acting queerly. They stated the pilot seemed to have lost «~-*—i v much ,_ at this time of the year before the grain is up but Sunday's storm eclipsed, anything we have ever had in this part of the state. Such storms are said-to be common in the southwest. Leggers Lower Prices to Suit the Times. Emmetsburg Democrat: Judging from reports booze prices are much lower than they were several months ago. Alcohol, which used to sell for $10, $12 and at times as high as $17 per gallon can now be had for $8 and at lower figures in five gallon lots. It would seem, however, that there is a fair profit in the business at $2 for a small pint. The legger may have to cut profits some, but he is not often caught napping, Memories of Yesteryear. H. S. M. in Des Moines Register- I I «™d' t la ( S t V>T P ^ my ^™t" j read last night one of those old toone ed .| eSC ^ ptions of a beSSeo^ fTi?, ' Her hancis hovered over the Nowaday^ taJu^ 8 '" the auth °r wrote | coktail shaker like^wnat°!hall 0 ' gona athletics. 6 e OI Ililferty Fouled. Cowboy Vic Hilferty of AIgona foueht against Kid White of Buffalo Center who outweighed him nearly tw Vic was awarded the fight rst round after a low blow by Airport, 5400 Tele- Strain has been flying «""i J ""Vi" """ d and was known to air Held attendants as a capable pilot." AIgona Students on College Honor Roll. n,. T r r n e f AlgC | nia , glrls atta 'ned the hon- S« r f01 ' hi ? h e ra des at the,Iowa State Teachers' College at Cedar Palls for the past semester. The are Mar garet Blossom, Katherine Van Marguerite Skilling. The a ed 50 or more grade point' 11 students are making names for'them" selves and for their old high school in nearly every institution they attend Public Exhibit of Etchings at High School. hird round. Wilson was icrft when the referee stop- W. This was one of the on the card. Lichter Loses. •Pettit of Lone Rock, ISO pounds, won 1 ji ounCd '. 0n Th V e ei boys Ch foug°ht ^nly for three rounds but Lichter's wrestling mateh PUnCheS C0st ninl ths —•— '*« */*w«Jv.vt B.U ton p ni liflvc beGJi torn down and thrown in the river. At the swimming pool a large globe over an electric light has been broken several times and some one ran into and broke off several posts with their car Last fall the toilet rooms at the pool were drained, the doors -- —^ signs "closed" placed ovei --._ doors, but regardless of this the doors have been broken in and more or less damage done. Will Arrest Offenders. The Park commissioners are determined to put a stop to this lawlessness. Tlie code of Iowa places a fine of $100 or s x months in jail as a penalty for des'tnHfon 0 "^ 1 th , 6 Park laws and tllc aesciuction of Park property. Officers ™ n^f'fv the park re eularly from now on and if any one is found in the park after closing hours or violating the part- rules in any way they will prosecuted no clemency shown. and he knew about it as he Tad opj/A^rot^e g™™* KfS Z^ %* mo "ey and sportsmen feel honored in the' appointment of Mr. Goeders. who for many years has taken a deep interest in the protection and proagatlon of fish and enme. Ho is an ardent fisherman as M^ a 1, ft hunter - and understands thoroughly what is best for the interests of sportsmen in Iowa. It is safe tw« Say r t ff afc Carp rarmto fir will be a «iing of the past if Dennis has his sav The position is without salary and attracts a different class of men than have hitherto had to do with the fish and gome department, whore too often merit. "* A movement to obtain the commission was started when it was found necessary in Iowa, as in twenty-five .other states, to separate the fish and IBaine department from politics in order to minimize the number of political jobs which were handed out to people not qualified for the jobs. Frequently the positions in the flsh and game department were given by politicians to some of their subordinates who £ a d helped them secure office rne fish and game commission has oeen organized to do away with craft The bill whereby tho commission «r^ M f i , ^ elng was P ass ed by the present legislature and signed last week, it will go into effelt May 1. Five men were appointed by Governor L>an Turner to serve on the commis- and the appointments were ratified by a two thirds vote of the sea- Albert to- Complete U'eim ''' ; .The commission will have full charge ol the present flsh and game department and has compromised with tho fn e w a HL fl , Sh and I1 me c ommittee to al- sioner, W.lB."AJtert:'SnS 1 hto wdew ed tern » Unt " thelr aPPotot- -, 1933. The chief warden and his Ic-puties are directly answerable to the commission which will have the res- p 5 1 5 lbm V r of a PPOinting the chief m . n hereafter. The commission nil have charge of all funds and the xpenditures of same and will develop. comnletfi program for the work which rrioH «M <« *i,« j i • •-~.r*v&i.u.iii juj- uie worK wnicri carried on in the department, f 0m . i " w pnt ouc to tho town ™ BB ?^" d theni drove » a ck to ten hn,T^ e ,° ther party went b^k to cominrfnt alt ° ne and took the mono? =1 B *&*^™*&* W and wi t' seems The names of the members of thp commission are Dennis H. Goeders of AIgona; J. F. Walter of McGregor- W C Boone of Ottumwa; J. N Darline Of Des Mntnnia an^ A_*I », _ "*""b Muckey-Klockc Case Assigned The case of Gusta Muckey vs Henrv ''" locke to collect damages for f ' - a foot m the auto accident occurred while the plaintiff "" to Fort Dodge with an last fall, has been first jury case for trial in the Sep- »»«,.* i*»wuucj Will DO of his own district. Mr. 1 have charge of the north -— *—C of the state, ihe commission hopes to carry out ?„ , pl ^ ra . ni , that will show ftMs One fraud jury last week which was with eld for a time was that of Martin Here e d a'H 80 Walve ? «"™tenment a S n b^ttrctr gUi!ty - HC 1S Ollt -n^f^^^rc^sf- ^zx^™- -"-- Operative that' politics rmV ™. mber ot Algonians drov'^ to DOS Monies last Tuesday to manifest K-KSfS-aySKSiK Sr?v rss -^ t "'S? Bl?f-«"'-S/o! : £SiF E '°'S« 0 r ^i-rgcs- """ «"• Can'ie ° --«*- JM*HUI UI1Q students will have a f ° f ee ll on Friday artern. onpns fturday, April 18th, it wiU open to the public from two to Gave Weight. Schmidt o Former AIgona Man Weds in Minnesota nr,~Ti,""i v " > ' euuu ^mantans of Alu° n?X™^! S«». tato. town and ~"_ *'• Dilg Conservation ^,Vn?, Wa WUh support fro '« «>° thpj are worker "she their story from them and put them " r Rapids as well ns oth- ">" leagues. ~' been loaned „., >n of Cleveland, , ....„ . im ^ t . a frequent trips abroad work"o?j? te 7? tln * and dtet?acSte «OIKS of art. All who eniov ni-*in-i.<: are most cordially invited to ..-^ to fight im «rTn^'f7r V>V -" > ' CI ' b " t he didn't wa^ .rlvpn , Was Sllbstit uted. Ver- lriiff W g , a draw because of the ft » n S e ln weignt but he showed aH the tendencies -* - —•• • , " L>WLtl au he nutf n 1S n °t af '^ aid of anything'and nfi puts on a tough fight. Hammill Befereed. --. ^.uui'..., iuiuier /\igona mai w 1 oh B L° ne ttae ran the Austm Sand wich Shop now owned by Mrs. J. J McCall, and Mrs. Mildred Dye wer married at Fairmont, Minnesota An nl 4, according to word received ii AJgona recently. It is understood tl Mr Austin is running a filling station ing?o eA K here ^ HVed bef ° re C ° ni - B«rt Lady Suffers ; ; from Bee Sting. Hurt, April 14. Special: Mrs. Geo. Graham was seriously ill Monday from being stung by a bee. Mrs. Graham was about her work when a bee flew tnto the house and stung her under Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Free Are Grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. George Free are rejoicing over the birth of their first grandchild, a baby girl, which was born Tuesday night to Mr. and Mrs R. L. Duncan of Westfleld, New Jersey. Mrs. Duncan will be remembered as Esther Free. Mr. Duncan Is In i the senior I Damage Suit Held in Whittemore. Whittemore, April 14. Special- A gSMfSS.'SllB??* SgiZSSfSgJfszs* fSSffSff^SK^ A Correction. last week's issue of the Upper Pri 1nM P lne .f- Re P"Wcian it was stat- «nHf ^ ? ad lin ° Ulat FrCd Sch0b y indicted. This was incorrect as as nis brother Robert, who was Th 0 f a l WaS Statcd Ul th e para- is welT qualified" to ^^e 1 !" 0 ^ a » d ""~i, the Joe Humphries of Al_ ... — ...e announcing and nipnwri the crowd with his i-pnriu tiHf !j t, "to icaay wit and his -—„ —«.vwv. joe is one of best announcers in this part of country and his services are always in 8T^««S2r'JS?£EK SJ^Sr^J^la^^LHS^'-ffiBS Emmetsburg fight fans are agitating | winter! s?s,.Ti;r,i'US'j'ir yk € the rones. r rho ov,ii r i..« _.. , y 1U1LW ~,.r°T " t " YVC " Phillips and Joe Goed- near fuh!] met ^ U ^ some tllne *« ^e tor the EL £° eders is a Contender loi tne light heavyweight ' fn P °L th f World ' He has California all Four Trucks Pay Additional License A state auto inspector was in nSna ttJl.»V d , vn ! adc /om- cense fee foj , as- Georgia Cole H - s - Gi SSE a '• "«"»»« the new positio

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