The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1931 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1931
Page 12
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The Upper Pes MoittesffipuMicati, April S, 1931 Ufti&tt P, T. A. Met Last Friday Night tJnion, April 7. Special: The parent teachers' organization of district Hum t«* four held one of their meeting at the home 6f Mr. and Mrs. Harry ward last Friday evening. The rain weather did not hinder the attend ance. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Will and daughter, Alice and Mr. and Mrs Ralph parsons and their children wer guests. A short program was given afte Which they played cards. Election o Officers took place during the evening Theodore Thompson was elected president with the teacher of the district as secretary. Miss Gertrude Sage is the teacher. Lunch was served at the close of the evening. ' Methodist Church. Easter was a big day at this church. 495 were present in their classes for the Sunday School lesson and tlhe treasurer reports that the Easter missionary gifts amounted to $640.00. At the morning church service, nineteen children .and eight adults were baptis- ed and fifty-one members were received into the church. The Easter cantata given by the choir hi the evening was beautifully rendered and much appreciated by a large audience. This is W. P. M. 8. week and Mrs. Henry Stelnman will be hostess to this group on Thursday afternoon. Rev. Clark Prays for Legislators. Rev. Clark went to Des Molnes o Monday and offered the prayer at th opening of the state legislature o!n Tuesday morning. Rev. Clark has o brother who Is a member of the Icgis lature. "Well, damn Hoover f * * - i^ Albert Etteidi Yes Sir—just as superior for summer drlvlngi 17-pJajbe Tiger Battery, 55 per cent more plate service—will not over charge as quickly. $6.79 exchange price.—Gamble stores. 43 •NOTICE Truck Owners! Here's a Buy! Goodyear Pathfinder 10-ply Heavy 32x6 $20.75 Goodyear Tires, Willard Batteries, Washing, Greasing, Brake Testing, and Relining. PJipne 26. IP IT IS A TICKET - IF IT is SOMETHING VITAMINS IN THE APPLE - V Hoovevf Hoover!" IF THE,SIDEWALK IS SLIPPERY IF SET 600 AT BRID6E- IF HE'S <50TDAELLAVA<Soi.C ell. Hoover!" Hoover!' IF A TIRE 60ES BLOOEY/- An intensely individual store—with an air, an atmosphere all its own. Algona more than 60 years ago, Clirischilles & Herhst has been devoting its energies for over half a century to filling the requirements in its line for Kosstitli county. Operating entirely under local ownership and management, it has concentrated upon the selling of Dry Goods,\Wearing Apparel for women and children with various accessories of dress. In these lines, Clirischilles & Herbst buyers spare no effort to present the newest, most complete and most attractive assortments for the selection of a clientele recognized as exceptionally discriminating. ' ' . While offering advantages which accrue to its large volume of business, Chrischilles & Herbst caters primarily to people who prefer not to be dominated by mass production—people who appreciate individuality, variety, quality, beauty. Ohrischilles & Herbst customers do not buy merchandise merely, but ideas, intelligence, substantial satisfaction. Thermometer Read 87 Degrees Today Real summer weather descender upon this vicinity this week. The low est temperature was 27 d,egreefc on Sunday and the highest was yesterday with 81 degrees. Last night at seven o'clock the government thermomete at Coroner L. E. Merrltt's read 69 de grees. „ . J High Low Wednesday 53 40 Thursday, rain .03 45 33 Mday, rain .47 47 34 Saturday 46 28 Sunday 55 27 Monday 64 32 Tuesday 81 40 Wednesday 87 I At the Hospital. Patients at the Kossuth hospital this week are Margaret Lichter, Algona, April 2, tonsils; George Kain, Plum jCreelLAnriLi masthld nnm-cfi^V.. *„* "We call for and deliver. Clapp's Master Service Algona, Iowa Mrs. Thomas' liee,'" Algeria,'minor" op* eration. Hindu Celebrations In south India the Hindus celebrate the I'onyui fesUvnl In Jnnunry. This fcoJIflny corresponds to a New Year celebration and the renovating of offices and dwellings stimulates trade. Hindus In the Madras area also observe A.vudlm Pujn, which comes In September or October. More Than Million in Twenty States Fed by Red Cross Volunteers Hot School Lunches and Balanced Rations Given to Drought Victims—Seed Programs Instituted on Wide Scale Wore than l.OUO.UUO persons in 862 drought-stricken counties of 20 States come under the care of'the American Hed Cross in what developed Into the most extensive relief operations in half a century of ministering to stricken humanity. Measures to lessen the severity of the blow inflicted by drought were .utility .is VcluDi possible because Czadyear bulldit MILLIONS MORE tiro: annually 4.4O-2I 4.5O-2O $5-6o 4.75-19 *6- 6s <:.w.75> i.DO-19 $6-98 l M.OC) 5.25-19 *8' 15 6.OO-2O *|po Gooclypnr Tiros, Willard Batteries, Washing-, Creasing, Brake Testing and Helming. PL ono 20. We Call for and Deliver. ervice -ALOONA.IOWA. si(SB'''wa"s'dlsl'rlBut'e(l'lo more than 587000 families for the planting of rye and other pastures, and to more than 27,000 families for the planting of kitchen gardens. The expenditure for this purpose amounted to $326,800. Green vegetables were made available up to the first of January. Early in February another Red Cross jarden-program got under way and 507,000 packages of seed were distributed in 15 states. Quarter-acre plots were planted to beans, beets, cabbage, carrots, collard, sweet corn, kale, lettuce, mustard, okra, onions, peas, spinach, squash, tomatoes and turnips. Once again were i'arm families given the opportunity to participate in their own salvation, A comparatively mild winter contributed to the success of the Spring and Fall seed campaigns. ..Many habitual single-croppers were Introduced to the advantages of kitchen gardens, balanced . cropping and balanced diet. Numerous land-owners have expressed Ihe opinion Ihat ihis constitutes the one apparent blessing to come out of Ilia drought catastrophe. The United States Department of Agriculture and the local county agricultural agents and home demonstration agents cooperated in making this part of the re- Hot operations outstandingly successful. Balanced Meals Served lied Cross feeding was aimed at adequacy and scicnllllc correctness, as well as simple economy. In largo nuin- IK-J-.S of schools, where children wore found to be attending with little or nothing in their lunch boxes, hot meals were served at noon. A typical menu consisted of vegetable soup and bread ono day; thick beef soup or .stow with vc;;<;(ahlos another (lay; cocoa or milk and cheese, peanut butter, or jam sandwiches, a third day. BIG SILK SALE—For two weeks only. Two pounds selected silk "quilt patches, plain colors and prints, regular $1.95, sale price $1.5 postage paid. Double bundle three pounds large patches, fast color selected patterns, printed broadcloths and percales, $1.25 postage paid, send check, money order or cash. c. O. D. costs 12c extra.— Racy Co., 509 Washington St., St. Louis Mo. 43 . A series of heart to heart talks with our customers- old and new. This is number 1. We have a splendid proposition to offer local man of fair education and some business ability; outdoor advertising no selling. Write at once for details. Advertising Manager, 515 W Goodale St., Columbus, Ohio. 43-44 FOR SALE—2 Shorthorn bulls, one year old; recorded—W. F. Jenklnson 1 mile west of Algona. 43* Painting and Decorating. Estimates fladly given. Phone 778.—Harry Bak- er> 43-tf ™,~ SALE—300 : egg incubator.- W. J, Barr, phone 3F2.1, 43* . Barr, phone 3F21. structed to hold back the amount of taxes duo from Bancroft Inn. from general city fund on account of failure to pay assessment due on Dr. 2. Ayes: On motion board adjourned to nine o clock a. m., March 17, 1931. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, . ... ,' County Auditor Auditors office, March 17th, 1331- Board of supervisors of Kossuth coun ly met pursuant to adjournment will all members present. Motion by Funnemark and second by Morris that all bids for supplies not ac cepted on March 3, 1931, are hereby re lee-ted. Ayes: all. TT Motion by McDonald ana second by Hclken that official bond of R. F Hawcott, assessor, for $'500.00 Is hereby approved. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Funnemark that the following final estimates of M. F. MoGuIre are hereby 43 Burt Hatchery has the best chicks you can buy this year. Come In and see them and you will smile when you see the quality and low price that we ask. Get them now while you can buy them right.—Burt Hatchery, Burt, Iowa. 43 Old floors made new vith elect: Ic floor sander.—William Aman, Phone 456 - 43-tf SEED OATS—105 oats, the best seed, 26 cents per bushel.—Mike Loss, Algona. 43 FOUND—Lower part of fountain pen. Owner identify and pay for this art i »n 43 .FOR SALE—Eleven bushels of White Silver King seed corn. One wagon with four invch tires. Moline corn planter.—S. R. Durant, 2 blocks north and 2 west of Milwaukee depot. 42-43* »163.00;*^roJeot*No,""8- for- J68.77; Project No. JO' for $128.43; Project No. 1!) for $193.68; Project No. 30 for J506.60; Projects No. 6 for $1039.44; Project No. •1 for I4SG.3C. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Heiken that the following refunds and abatements on open ditch right of way are hereby allowed: FENTON TWP. Dr. Tri No. 84. F. C. Laage W% -NWli Sec. 22 3.9 Acres. Val. New Val. DIff. Consl. 1136 1078 $58 $ 4.56 1136 1078 58 4.20 abate Dr. 133. Burlingame NV4 N\V»4-12 4.4 A. 1136 . 1071 65 7.74 1136 1071 65 6.70 abate Dr. 133. S'A N\V>/, Sec. 12, 5.9 A. 1164 1078 S8 10.24 1164 1078 86 8.86 abate Chas. Year 1929 1930 B. M. 1929 1930 1929 1930 FOR RENT—6 room house, practically modern.—Guy Mantor. 41-tf ^^ CHIP'S PAVILLION, LONE ROCK TUESDAY, APRIL 14 Sponsored hy the American Legion Phillips of Alfi-niui, :!<;:>, vs. .Kiniiin-, Sioux City, 108 SIX K'Ol'NHS Cowboy Vic, AI-oii;i, MS, vs. Kid "White, Buffalo Coiilci', :l, r ):} NIX. .ROUNDS Jxunt Selrrader, 'hurt, MO, vs. Art 'Wilson For! Bodge, m I ' Ten .Round of Pr'/Jiuiinarks. Admission, $1.00. Earliest Censorship 'I lie ccn.-;.,i-,iii|, ,il iiijhliniiluiis he | Hun scnnte i.-|i!ir.'.'(Ml .Muslims, "the fcTc:ilcst NclM.liir (if in,, 11-,'t- 1 ," wilh ||iu tusk of (•.•.•(M-risiM- n (.-,., | S1 , i- s ||jp ovor "II <:rr<.'li li,ii,l,-tf |,riiiu-(l in Venice with n-rercm-'. pai-llculiirly to the sii|i|ircMslnii iif iin.vilii:i» inimical to tin.' liii.'iui'.i "liiiivh. CLASSIFIED ADS. The rate per word for advertisements in this column is 2c paid in advance, 3c if charged. Cash must accompany all mail ordPr?, Initials count as one word. Minimum charge, 25c. FOR SALE—'25 tudor Ford sedan body in A-No. 1 shope. Inquire at this office. 4 n_tf FOR SALE OR TRADE—For cattle or hogs—one bay mare colt, coming 3, well broke; one bay mare colt, coming 2; one grey mare 12, works anywhere; one red roan Belgian stallion.—J. J. Steil, Sexton, Iowa. 36-tf We have a little money to loan on town property if well secured.—C. A. Momyer, Algona, Iowa. 38-tf WANTED—Girls for student nurses Apply Superintendent Kossuth hospi- tal - 38-tf County plat books for sale at the Upper Des Moines-Republican office, only a few left. 32-tf "Algona's Wife Saving Station."— Kirch's Laundry. Phone 267. 60-U Money to loan on town property.— M. P. Haggard, Algona, Iowa. 13-tf FARM LOANS AT 5 >/ 4 % INTEREST City residences and farms for sale. List your property with us. MURTAGH BROTHERS. Licensed Real Estate Brokers. BUFFALO TWP. Dr. Il.-k. 5-87. Aug. Schram NJi'/i Sec.20, 3. CIA. 1D29 1715 1675. 40 3.35 1U30 1715 1675 40 3.41 abate Dr. H.-K. 5-87 Wm. Boylson NW/i Sec. 29 7 10 A 1023 2C51 2531 120 10.07 1S30 2051 2531 1UO 10.25 abate Dr. l-f.-K. 5-87. G. U. Fairbanks NW4 Sec. 30 6 7 A 11)20 1719 1645 74 621 3S30 1718 1645 74 6.32 abate. Dr. It.-K. 5-87. Woi-sley & Will NE',i Sec. 32, 22.3 A 1S2SI 22111 193S 323 27.08 1930 2^61 1938 323 27.58 Heiken that private bid of followln parties Is hereby accepted on supplle hereinafter mentioned: Kllpto Loose Leaf Company to fur nlsh one abstract of assessment; 3 tax lists; 1 auditor's cash book; 1 roa record; 1 corporation tax list; 1 cor poratlon receipt book; 8 treasurer' deposit books; 1 treasurer's tax certl cate record; 500 sheets treasurer's cast book BOO sheets warrant register 600 sheets register tax receipts 150 feet Mak-Ur-Own tabs; 1 recor of afflicted adults; 1 No. 42 probat record; 1 No'. 27 district court record 1 No. 13 combined probate docket. That. Koch Brothers to furnish al supplies listed for county engineer' office. That Crescent Printing Company to furnish 10 reams teachers exam, paper 10 reams eighth grade exam paper. That Geo. D. Barnard Company to furnish 18,000 tax receipts. Ayegi_qH. FOR SALE—Gasoline range—Mis Eert Deal, phone 137. 43 FOR RENT- Phone 705-W. Phnoe 705-W. -Room. Man preferred. 43-44 43-44 We tuy and sell used curs; also have Jcwelt parts; do recovering and paint- ng.—Corey Auto Company, phone 563. RELIABLE MAN WANTED to call on farmers in N, E. Kossuth county. Wonderful opportunity. Make $5 to ;20 dally. No experience or capital leeded. Write today. McNess Company, Dept. L., Freeport, Illinois. 43* FOR SALE—Yearling Duroc boar — •. Winkle, Burt, Iowa. 43* BOARD PROCEEDINGS Aiulitnr'K office, March lltli, 18S1. One o'clock |>. in.—Hoard tif Hiipurvls- or.s uf KoHKutli county nun imrsiHmt \'i mljourmnuni wllli nil mjmbfi.s im-- si-nt. l Aliitlon liy'MclJoimia and KOC-OIK] by .Mf..ri-ls thai resolution l>n uiluplvtl iiutli- nrlxliiK 1 cliiilriiiun of tliu lioanl ;ind i-oiinly auditor to iniikii application to ImdM'.-l director to transfer $ L'r.iH'.OO from ecjunty fund to fair b'rouml on account of no levy IJO.IIIK- niaiiu in fair Kruinnl fund lliroush clerical error. (Scit record for ivKolntlon). Ayes: a'l. Mutlon liy Ifollu-n and neeoml • by AIorrlK that report of Fred I'arlc.s. [lew- aid of county home, Is iiercby approved for month of January. 1U3I, Ajv;: Molion by MorrlH and second by .Mi.'lionuld tl-,ui Secondary Iloud 1'elltioii -N'o. 171 I si hereby referred to county engineer for rupuii. Ayux: al!. Motion by Heiken and second liy MeOonakl that action of F. /. lialye- iiian, chulrrnan of the board, on purchase of ten ucrc.s yravel pit In \V'Vs H\V',4 .Sec. 27-95-i!i for J1100.00 la hereby ratified. Ayes: all. Motion by FunnemuHc and second by lielken that V. 3, Jtalgeinan. cliulrmuii 01 the board la hereby Instructed to purchase 15 acres graved pit In K\' a Sec. 24-S4-28 at 1350.00 per acre. Ayes: all. Mollon by McDonald and second by llclkcn that oounty treasurer bo lu- GERMAN TWP. Dr. W.-K. 35-89. Ubbc n. Winter NW"/i SK'/i Sec. 26 3.33 A. 1029 4S5 444 41 3.31 1930 485 444 41 3.24 abalu lATVKUNK TWP. Dr. lf.-K.-H. 93-131-100. Wm. J. liniilen SK!4 Sec. 35, 5.57 A, 1929 2316 2211 105 7.86 1930 2316 2211 105 7.74 auutci •-, 1'KAmilO TWP. Dr. No. 25 Kilw. Prey NK'A Kec. 34, 7.7 A. 1929 2146 2041 105 676 1930 2140 2041 105 6.63 abate! Kdw. I-'rcy SKI/, Sec. 34, .82 A. • 192!) 2-153 ^440 13 .84 1930 2153 2440 13 .82 abatei Isaliullc M. llauser et ul \V% H\V'i Kec. 34, 3.U A. 1929 1226 1139 S7 5.60 19311 U'26 1139 87 5.50 abatei Dora & Mary 10. Mitt-bell Ky, SWA Hoc. 34, 4.7 A. 1929 1196 1153 43 l'.77 11)30 1196 1153 43 2.72 ubatei Ayes: all. on motion board adjourned to om o'clock p. m. Ono o'clock p. in. board met purau- ant to adjournment with all member: present. Motion by lielken and second bj Pimm-murk that salary of assessor I.edyard township Is hereby (Ixocl a J180.00. Ayes: all. Motion by Mori-Is and second by lielken that Wheeler Lumber BrhlK i& Supply Company are hereby a.war.1 ed conn-act to furnish lumber and pll- liilf for 1931 as per terms of bid. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second b McDonald that all bids for corrugated culvert pipe are hereby rejeeted. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by lielken (hat private bid of Iowa Culvert & 1'lpo Company Is hereby accepted for corrmfuted plpo ut 51 '/-c per fool. Ayes: all. Mollon by Funnemark and socond by McDonald that Wilson t.'onci-ete company are hereby awarded contract to furnish 2200 feet of 15 Inch concrete. Ayes ulverts as per terms of bid. all. Motion, by lielken and second by McDonald that bid of liotstord Lumber Company for 60 kegs nails Is hereby accepted us per terms of .bid. Ayes: all. Motion by Funiicinark and second by Morris tbat private bid of Kllplo Loose Leaf Company to furnish following supplies Is hereby accepted, subject to any chanties muilo by state board of assessment or cliuiiKUtf made by -H'tli Koncral assembly: 80 assessor books. 80 recapitulation sheets, 78 aBsvs^jr rolls, 2700 aluminum dog tags u'ml split i-lvetB, 85 triplicate dog rccelji: books, 40 alphabetical dog books, 2500 Improved Columbia clasp envelopes No. 10, 15 poll tax receipt books. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that application for cigarette! permit of .Wm. B. Devine Is hereby approved and permit granted to commence April 1, 1931, and bond for $1000.00 approved. - Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Heiken that the following resolution be adopted: , RESOLUTION. Whereas, the provisions of Section 7405 of the code of 1924 requiring de- losltory bonds for deposits of county funds In depository banks lias been repealed, and Whereas, the law as it now exists exonerates the depository banks from giving bonds, and provides for a slnk- ng fund for the protection of public deposits. Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved by he board of supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, that Harry N. Kruse a.i reasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, Is lereby directed to deposit funds in the lepository banks hereinafter rajnyon- d, which are hereby deslgnarecr' and pproved as depositories of the public unds of Kossuth county, Iowa, to-wlt: 3urt Savings Bank, of Burt, Iowa, and hat public funds now In the possession of said county treasurer or hereafter coming Into the possession of the said county treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, shall be deposited in said bank hereinbefore designated, and that the said county treasurer is hereby authorized and .rerjulred to use said bank as such depository; that the maximum amount of county funds authorized to be deposited In said Burt Sav- Ings Bank of Burt, Iowa, Is $05,000 and hereafter the said county treasurer shall keep the public funds belonging- to said county In said depository not exceeding the maximum amount here- • Inbcfore authorized. Adopted this 17th day of March, 1931. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Funnemark that H. M. Smith, county- engineer, Is hereby requested to chock; over all public highways In Kossutli county and make a report to this board of such roads which are not entered on road plat book, but are used forr road purposes. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second bv Heiken that the following refunds an* abatements are hereby allowed: That County Treasurer is hereby- authorized to accept $0.00 aa compromised settlement .of personal taxes of^ T.1 eQ rC r " 1f ''' t '™*""l '""-Jne,-*"•. 192f &T1C1 ifcjiiO. ' li^ff* •*?*<* •"?'* „ ~-j/iiat T. p. Harrington be refundea- the difference In,- tax between -$1000,00! to a valuation of $100.00 on Lot 2 Block* 2 Lute A. T. Stacy's Addition Algo'naV for year 1927 on account of clerloaU error in the sum of $28.12. That Martin Meyer Is hereby refurt-- jd $11.24 taxes on 2.78 acres gravel pit SW'4 NK>i Sec. 6-90-30 for 1026-19271828-1920 and abate $2.93 for 1930 on account of not being given credit for gravel pit. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second bv McDonald that Secondary Road Petitions No. 172-173-174 be referred tcv engineer for report. Ayes: all. Motion ,by McDonald and second by Hoikcn that county auditor Is hereby- requested to call for bids for grading fixing April 7, 1031, at ten a. m. a» ime for receiving bids. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by Iciken that following open ditch right if way claims are hereby allowed nn<V efund warrants Issued: Tri, 84—W. H. Kadlng, W% SE'i Sec. 20-07-30, C.4 acres. Tri. 84—Wm. O. Dreyer, NEft NH',1 ec. 35-97-30, 4.7 acres. P. A.-K. No. 1—Martin Meyer, SW'4 .EVi Sec. 5-90-30, 4.09 acres NW 1 /. VK'4 Sec. 5-9C-30, 1.30 acres. ' P. A.-K. No. 1—Kate M. Bollingcr S'\V'/ 4 NW'i Sec. 20-97-30, 2.50 acres! Fred Kluss S\V% N\V'/i Sec. 20-970, .70 acres. Minnie Dreyer et ul SWV. SBU Sec 8-97-30, 5 aiires. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned "sine! le." BEHTHA H. JOHNSON, County Auditor. Get up a congenial party, two or more *3?'P* f £ m ' *° c l«l«aso for a laril; JWre.In th* theatres or movie palac ™, see tha Art Institute, Field Museum, various sporis or dance In night ' SlSS^S^^ a complete entartalnment guide, y taking a personal In.--...Ing your visit thoroughly Mu> garage one-half block, JACKSON, DEARBORN, QUINCY, 8TS. H. Sadler, Manager,

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