The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1931 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1931
Page 3
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PAVING PROJECT STARTSAT SWEA One Hundred Men Will toe Employed by Contractors On Number Nine. THIRTY MILES Of PAVING TO BE DONE, MoOnlrc Brothers to do Grading. Earl Momyer, Superintendent of the 1 Paving Outfit. Swea City Herald: Bwea City again will be a center of clanking paving machinery and the roar of trucks during the early part of the season this year. E. R. Momyer, superintendent for J. s, McLaugWin & Sonl who have the contract for paVlng No. 9 from here across Emmet county, said Tuesday an unloading plant would be set up here during the next three weeks and would be in operation while Here are the reasons why your neighbors are now ..< | buying their 1 Groceries BLOOM'S Patronize a home owned Store. . The tipper Pea Moiiies-Hepubiican, April 8, 1931 the first four miles west are beta A proposal to put In a railroad eld between here and Armstrong has ing been abandoned. Asked about th Sugar, brown or powdered, 4 Ibs. | __ Cherries, Bed Pitted 7O|» large No. 10 cans — * •'*' Oxydol, large size package __ ____ Bread, white, rye and graham __ Coffee, Bloom's Special Blend, Steel out, Ib. _____ _ Soap, P. &G. ten bars wate* situation, Mr. Montyet said h had Several projects in mind. He will again approach the town authorities het* for a supply from the town wfct etwotks system. If the spring rains which started Friday continue in volume there is a possibility Mud creek will fill to a point where a supply can be obtained. As a last resort water can be obtained from the Rock island pumping station at Armstrong. 100 Men to be Employed. it is expected around one hundred men will be employed when paving starts April 15. Forty-five men Will be employed on the mixers out on the road, a dozen finishers will be working ahead of the machine, six at the un- oading plant, 25 truck drivers will be imployed and there will be extra men or other work. No camp will be set up, but the men ill obtain board and room wherever hey can in Swea City, at Armstrong ind possibly at .the farm homes along Jo. 9. Superintendent Momyer is laving a portable office built on a truck chassis at the Northern Lumber company's yard this week. Two mixers in tandem formation, ne ahead of the other will be used n pouring concrete on the highway 'avlng men here Tuesday said a for- y per cent increase in efficiency can >e procured from this arrangement, Ithough, there was considerable ar- ument among the older heads as to le benefits of using two machines in his fashion. ., • Rains. Stop the McGnlres. Rain the first of the week prevent- d the McGuires of ; Algona, rated as na of the fastest earth-moving crews i this portion of the country, from tartlng grading Monday as they. intended. It was said the first of the week the McGuires planned to employ three crews, using a total of 35 to 50 men. A grading camp has been set up west of Swea City. Pile Hammer Arrives; Supervisors Award Grading Contracts. The board of supervisors in session Tuesday awarded contracts for grading forty-seven miles of Kossuth county roads. Twelve bids were received and the contracts were awarded to J. V. filbert of Whittemore and the Bauck Construction Company of Emmetsburg. The price is five cents a yard for casting and twenty cents a yard for wagon work. The total cost of the grading will be $22,600 and various roads throughout the county will be improv- Fenton News Items 9Q- *•**• Pineapple, 2$, size large cans, sliced _» Post Toasties, large 1A>, a^rrn f\n fi\rn rv/i " ^r %* 19c 19c size package Old.Dutch Clean-' ser, 3 cans __ Bulk Oatmeal, 7 Ibs. for .—— Tomato Soup, 2 cans —, Starch, J boxes _' 1— Sugar, 10 pound bag Peanut Butter, 32 oz. jar __)_______ Riuso, large size packages Camay Soap, 3 bars for —! Fig Bars, per Ib. | Peaches, No. 10 size, large can "Hello World" Coffee, Ib. Peas, large size can \1 . Chase & Sanbom Coffee, Ib. Monarch Tapioca, per pkg. —( Catsup, large bottle —I Pie Cherries, red pitted, 2 cans Monarch Bo-Ka Coffee, vacuum pack 22c 53c 29c 17c lOc 49c 39c lOc 38c lOc 15c 29c 33c The Hildebrand & Kragh crew which was forced to suspend work on the Mud creek bridge last week when their pile driving hammer' was shattered, will resume work again this week. A new hammer arrived Tuesday. The former hammer, a new one, shattered after only four piles had been driven. State Highway Engineer Wm. Paylor said Tuesday much of the right of way along the thirty miles had'been bought. Settlements have been agreed upon by all the land owners on the six miles in Kossuth county it was his understanding.. Some deals in the vicinity of Armstrong where there is a relocation of the road have not yet been concluded. Three major relocations on the thir- ;y miles will be made. At Armstrong ;he road runs through the southern edge of the town by the elevators. En- iering Estherville a turn will be made at the old Murray farm to the eastern md of Lincoln street. The course will J ollows Lincoln street across Esther-! rtlle and near the western edge of he town will turn hi a northwesterly direction to connect with the present course west of Estherville. SENECA NEWS. |%>>WO*S*»»M»»»$ Hazel and Curtis Anderson spent the week end at their home near Thompson. The Lutheran Ladles' Aid will meet at the Millen Jensen home Thursday afternoon. The Lutheran Young People's society will meet Wednesday night at the J. H. Jensen home. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Sanders of Graettlnger were Sunday dinner guests t the Clem. Dotson home. Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell and heir children were Sunday dinner guests at the G. Kracht home. Mr. and,Mrs. Sheldon Merrill and son spent Wednesday evening at the Jay Saxton home near Armstrong. Nels Chrlstensen and. Mrs. Henry Rassmussen and son, George, visited relatives over the week end at Waterloo and Cedar Falls. Ole Johannten recently had a large chicken house constructed on his farm west of Senesa. The Henry Looft family now resides on the place. Miss Bryden, first and second grade teacher, and Miss Madden, seventh and eighth grade teacher, were sick in Emmetsburg last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wolfe of Klemme Visit at the W. R. Wolfe home on Sunday. L^SS!" visItor L A-H. Peterson, S. E. Straley and the Messrs, and Mesdames E. C. Weisbrod. John Dempsey, Myron Alderson and J. A. Schwartz attended a five hundred party at the Chris Godfredson home in RinRSted last Thursday evening. My. ._. -.;,... ^.. .. .1 *vi*. S ovww jooi/ xuuiautty evening, iviv- The Willi&m Stigman family moved ron Alderson and Mrs. Glen Sharp 1 to their farm near Fairvllle last won the hieh score nrit.t* nnri Mr „*£ New Hampton Has "Damphools. oranges were sold ... Hampton'grocers for 49c a peck. Last week they sold them for 53c a peck, and so the sale of oranges has been going on all whiter. On Tuesday a dirty truck and an unkempt dealer brought a load of the same size, and the same kind of oranges to New Hampton and retailed them on the corner for 60c a peck. The same day our grocers were selling them at 53c a peck, as they did last week „ . . But the unclean street vendor made some sales. He told some people his oranges were better, and but for him they would be paying more than 60c a pall, $1.15 a half-bushel or $2.25 a bushel. Every tune you buy from a peddler, be it oranges, stockings or what' not, the world looks down on you and says: "Looks at the damphools." with the flu for several days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Osborn and son, Charles, spent a few days last week in Waterloo visiting John Osborn and Mr. Osborn's sister at LaPorte City, Mrs. T. T. Turner. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Scully and children, Edward and Winifred of Fort Dodge spent Easter Sunday visiting with their daughters, Mrs. John Schneider and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Anderson and son, Bobby, of Litchfleld, Minnesota, have moved in to the vacant house on the Sanders farm. The place they lived on in Litchfleld has been sold. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Richmond of Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Osborn and children and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Saxton and son were Easter Sunday dinner guests at the Wm. Osborn home. Pauline Osborn came home for Eas-. ter Sunday. Her mother came home with her. She has been staying in Waterloo with Mrs, Osborn, who has been in the hospital there. Mr. Osborn will return home the first of the week, All the members of the. Seneca faculty were rehired for the coming year Superintendent R. L. , Rossman has taught filx-. very successful years in ^ ' - on week. Dr. and Mrs. A. T. Whitlow and family were Sunday dinner guests at the Frank Bailey home. A number of Fenton people went to Emmetsburg Sunday to watch the se'n ing of Medium Lake- Jolin Mlckilck, one of last year's teachers, of Lost Nation, spent the week end visiting with friends here. Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Yager and son, Clarence, were SSaturday visitors at the George Yager home in Algona. Mr, and Mrs. John Arbogast and the H. Salisbury family were entertained at the William Huskamp home on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Weisbrod and son, Melvln, of Ringsted were Fenton visitors at the E. A. Weisbrod home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Priebe, Mike Weisbrod and H. 0. Lindsey attended the funeral of Henry Rahn at Lone Rock Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lakln and their daughter. Arlene, were Sunday visitors With Mrs William Lakln at the John Espe home. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Wolfe and their daughter, Edith, were entertained at the Calvin Householder home in Lone Rock Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Bohn and thsir daughter, Mary Ann, attended the funeral of Otto Hollatz, a relative of Mr. Bohn, at Garner Sunday. Dr. A. T. Whitlow of Swea City and Dr. J. Fintehem of Sioux City were business visitors at the home of Dr. Walte last week Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Weisbrod and children, Ralph, Harold and June spent Sunday with Mrs. Weisbrod's sister, Mrs. William Axe and family at Garner. . The' following teachers- were In. . - . Irene Madden, seventh'.and eighth grades; Regina Berens, fifth and sixth grades; Mfirgaret Lynch, third and fourth grades' and Helen Bryden, first and. second grades. The members of the Seneca senior class will present then- class play, -"Welcome Home, Jimmy," on Thursday and Friday nights, April 9 and 10. The members of the cast are as follows; Mrs. Brooks, Mildred Goetsch; Lucille Brooks, Ella Jensen;'Peggy' Sommers, Edna Ferguson; Dan Banks, Melvin Nielsen; Valentine Gardner, Lyle Schuler; Chesterfield McSwope, Melvin Larson; Alice Thomas, Helen Nielsen; George Puree, Clarence Peterson; Mellnda- Preston, Mary Lenlhan. The admission will be adults 35c and children 15c. • Mr. OFarmter—Bring us your eggs in trade or cash Our Northrup & Company Garden Seeds are Here! BLOOM'S FRESH ancL CLEAN Let Us Prove It to That our cleaning service is the best in town. That our prices are fairer, and that our delivery service is all that one could hope for. We also clean all drapes, curtain and rugs and carpets. Phone 330. Elk Cleaners Corner of Dodge and Call Streets. Mr. and Mrs. H. Schulte and children, Howard and Beverly, went to Gaylord, Minnesota, Sunday to spend Easter with Mrs. Schulte's parents, Mr. and Mrs.. G. E. Formals. Guests entertained at the Mrs. H. H. Mittag home Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs'. Herman Hintz, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boettcher and daughter, Verdell, Loretta Meyers and Helen Radlg of -Lotts Creek. Dr. S. W. Meyers located here permanently last week. He has been in practice and comes here from Emmetsburg. Dr. Meyers is graduate of the Des Moines College of Osteopathy and Surgery. Mr. and Mrs. R. Jacobs and Lyle Clark of Emmetsburg visited at the Dr. J. T. Waite home on Thursday evening of last week. Mr. Jacobs is one of the leading dairymen of Emmetsburg. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lauritzen and daughter, Edna, were Sunday guests at: the home of Dr. and Mrs.. J. T. Waitei; Edna, remained over ; ?to hear the : Easter cantata' at th£, Methodist Fire destroyed the home of Otto Hawk, who lives on the. Alex Badig farm two and one-half miles northwest of town early Sunday, morning. The origin of the fire is unknown. Most of the furnishing were saved. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Weisbrod and daughter, Nettie drove to Ames Saturday for a viflU with another'daughter, Gladys, who iccently accepted a position in the Munn beauty shop there. Tluy returned home ,the same evening. won the high score prizes and Mr Mrs. E. C: Weisbrod won consolation prizes. Refreshments were served after the games. Mrs. F. H. Eigler and son, Paul, and Mrs. R. C. Goetsch drove to Fort Dodgy Friday where they met Durwood Eigler a student of Creighton University at Omaha. He returned with them for a short visit. On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Eigler and daughter, Mary Jane took him back. They were accompanied by Miss Agnes Goetch who visited at the home of her aunt, Mrs. George Smith in Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod visited at the William Turley home in Lakota Sunday. Mrs. Turley's mother, Mrs. Jensvold, who makes her home with them has been seriously ill with teart trouble. Her children were called to her bedside. Her daughters, Mrs Sadie Lorlmer of Chester, South Dakota, and Ruth of Wichita, Kanas are both with her at present. The Tur- eys and Jensvolds are all well known 'ormer residents here. An automobile accident occurred about a mile south of town Saturday evening. Two cars of young people were returning home after taking home other guests at a party. The cars were driven by Arnold Kuecker and Leona Borchardt and were slightly damaged when they ware hit by a car driven by John Schumacher of Bancroft. All escaped injury except Mr. Schumacher, who was taken to Dr. Meyers' office and after examination was found to have only acquired minor cuts and bruises. Mr. Schumacher's car went into the ditch and was badly damaged. Leonard Haase of Donnelson drove over Saturday for an over Sunday visit with friends and relatives. He was re. elected superintendent at Donnelson with o. four hundred dollar raise in salary. He also teaches vocational agriculture. He stopped in Des Moines on his way over and brought Clifford White along. Clifford grew to manhood In this vicinity and his many friends here were glad to greet him. He moved to Lexington, Kentucky, with his parents several years ago. This Is his first visit here since then. He is In the employ of the Clean Towel Company and has his headquarters in Chicago. The Women's Foreign Missionary society met last Thursday afternoon in the M. E. church parlor. Mrs. A, H. Meyers had charge of the meeting in the absence of the president, Mrs. C G. Humphrey. DevoUonals were led by Mrs. J. P. Newel. Mrs. G. D. Belken read the study lesson. Mrs. T. N. McFall read a story, "The First Mile." A demonstration, "The Rebuilt Auxiliary Woman" was given by Mesdames Prepare for Summer Driving Trade in your old tiros for Now High Speed Heavy Duties or Super Heavy Duties On sing and Puncture Proof Tubes. E. A. Huskamp and daughters, Virginia and Bertha went to Des Moines where they spent a few days with Mrs. Huskamp's daughter, Mrs. Wesley Witter and family. Mrs. Huskamp, who has spent the past several weeks with her daughter, returned home with them. Mrs. F. P. Newel has been secured to teach the remainder of this term of the E. J. Frank school east of town, following the resignation of the present teacher, Miss Ruth HumrJhrey of Algona. She began her duties last Tuesday. Miss Bertha Mitchell, who has been employed In the Dr. Glomsett home in Des Moines the past several months, returned home Friday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mitchell. She plans to attend summer school at Cedar Falls. Miss Adella Mittag has opened a beauty parlor In- her mother's home. Miss Mabel Mullins, an experienced operator from Des Moines arrived here last week Wednesday and will have charge of the shop until Miss Mittag takes her examination and receives her license. Mr. and MIF. Robert Voettler enjoyed a family reunion at their home on Easter Sunday. Guests were: Mr. and Mr?. IJrnect Yoettler and family, Mv. and Mrf. Rudolph Wehrspan and family, Mrs. Kate Hantelman and family, John Voettler, Adolph Wehrspan and Carl Beck. A birthday surprise party was held in honor of Miss Marie Miller at her home Saturday evening. The sophomore class of which she is a member were the guests. Games were played until a late hour after which refreshments were served. She received many beautiful gifts from her classmates. Mrs. F. J. Weisbrod entertained the members of her bridge club at her home last Saturday afternoon. High score prize was won by Mrs. H. Schulte. Refreshments were served after the games. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Goetch and son, Richard and Miss Agnes Goetch were dinner guests at the Wels- brod home that evening. Mr. and Mrs. August Meyers entertained at a family dinner Sunday the following guests: the William Elmers family of near Fenton, Emil Elmers and family of Haifa, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyers of Letts Creek, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Culbertson and baby daughter, Shldey Jean, of near Armstrong and Ferdinand Meyers of Maple Hill. Lester Weisbrod of Hartley drove over Saturday to spend Easter with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Weisbrod. Wan-en Newel accompanied him and visited with relatives until Sunday when his parents, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Newel and son, Franklin, were entertained at the Frank Bailey home and he returned home with them. R. C. Goetch, J. T. Snyder and O. J. Stephenson. A cornet solo was rendered by Harold Geronsln accompanied at the piano by Maxine Weisbrod Plans were made to entertain the Woman's council in June. The hostesses were Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod and Mrs Walter Widdell. Among the Eeaster visitors in our midst are the Misses Francis Bailey end visit with then- parent^ < Arthu7 Prlebe, student at Luther College at Decorah, who arrived on Thursday for a short visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Priebe. He left on Saturday evening in company with William Boettcher who went to Calmar to spend Easter Sunday with his family. Miss Edith Laage of Cedar Rapids arrived home Thursday for the week end She drove back Sunday in her car and was accompanied by Miss Verona Weisbrod, who attends Coe College and who has spent the past week visiting her parents and other relatives. Miss Ly- dla Mittag, who is employed in the Joe Auner home in Algona came on Thursday for a few days' visit with her mother, Mrs. H. H. Mittag. Miss Alvira Krause came from Garner to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Krause. Firestone Tires and Tubes—Most miles per dollar, Gum-Dipped and Double Cord Breaker. Have your car serviced the Aleinite method. Your transmission and differential drained and flushed out and the right grade of summer lubricant put in. FIRESTONE BATTERIES AND CABLES Have your battery terminals cleaned and greased and your battery recharged if needed, before it fails, when you want it most. I Have your brakes adjusted or relined if needed, before you smash a fender. | Drive your car in or call 856 and let us put it in condition for that fishing trip next Sunday, or for any other trip that you are planning. Tire Service Co. "Vic "Lowe Daughter of Judge Lovrien Now Safe. The papers recently carried an item stating that Miss Esther Bell Lovrien, daughter of Judge Fred Lovrien of Spencer, formerly of Humboldt, who has been attending the University of California, was missing. Thursday's press report stated: "San Francisco, April 2.—Palo Alto and Berkeley police today were hunting Miss Esther Bell Lovrien, 20, junior student at the University of California, missing since March 27. Miss Lovrien is the daughter' of Judge Fred C. Lovrien, Humboldt, Iowa, district judge. The girl recently left the university because of a nervous breakdown. She was last reported seen on a street by the Rev. M. Derbyshire, pastor of the First Baptist church in Palo Alto, where she taught a Sun- that apparently led to the belief she was missing. He said she received her mail at a post office box and he did not know her address. LONE ROCK NEWS. day School class. "Spencer, Iowa, April 2.—Former Judge F<-ed C. Lovrien, father of Esther Bell Lovrien, said to be missing in Berkeley, California, since March 27, said today he received a telegram from his daughter yesterday. He said she had changed her address recently and ™i»EffamB^»,TrCTm =na^*j» **tf*-**iJ&it*^Z3: Fred Rath and family Henry Rath home Sunday in Curlew The Mite society will meet with Mrs. P. M. Ohrlstensen Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Jack Qulnn and son, Willard, returned home Sunday from Iowa City. Mrs. Joe* Householder of Burt visited at the Frederick Schultz home last week. Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton, Bert Angus and daughter returned home from Chicago last Tuesday. Henry Rath and family of Curlew visited at the home of his mother, Mrs. John Rath last Wednesday. L. R. Roderick, Robert Dransfeldt and Robert Davison made a business trip to Estherville last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Frederickson and Family of Cylinder visited- the L. R. Roderick family one day last week. August Lampe is ill with the flu. Tom O'Donnell has charge of his oil truck until he will be able to be up again. Mrs. Margaret Davison and children returned to their home in Sheffield on Sunday after a week's visit here witl relatives, Mr. Ulmar, the depot agent, is awa> for a few days. Howard Stephens o Goldfield has charge of the depot during his absence. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Fisher of. Des Moines came Saturday to attend the funeral of Henry Rahn. They returned home Sunday. Mrs. C. Ackerman and family of Burt, Gertrude Sage and the James Ackerman family visited Sunday at the Frank Flaig home. R. E. Trainer and daughters, Mrs William Herrlman and Mrs. C. K Pruesman of Kanawha visited at the Frank Flaig home last Wednesday. Reinhart Kniss of Lanark, Illinois came Saturday to attend the funera! of Henry Rahn. Mr. Kniss is a broth- er of Mrs. Rahn. He returned home Sunday. Cards announcing the arrival of Robert Alexander, eight pound son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Alexander Ledlie of Des Moines, have been received. Mrs. Led* lie will be remembered here as Virginia Roberts, who taught music here last year. '-.-,, Qha- „ brother, John, of Wm. OsbbnTwno~ 111 in a hospital there. They returned home Friday andl reported that John was getting along as well as could be expcted. Mrs. John Rath, who has been suffering from an infection in her Tianlil the past week, is somewhat improved, but must go to the doctor twice a day to have 'It dressed, It was lanced five times and it will be two months, before she can use her hand. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Roderick entertained the following at Easter Sunday dinner: Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Werth and »on, Bob, of Cedar Falls, Mr. andMrs, N. N. Davison of Mason City, Mrsi Margaret Davison and son, Robert, and' daughter, Georgette, of Sheffield and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dransfeldt. It's Time to Put in That Garden Now We have the famous Ferry Garden Seeds, always fresh and sure to grow. Also all kinds of Garden Tools—Hoes of all descriptions, Garden Sets, Rakes, Cultivators, etc. Lawn Hose, Sprinklers, Mowers, and supplies of all kinds to help beautify your lawn this season. Come in and look them over. We are always glad to show them to you. Nelson Hardware Phone 274 Algona, Iowa. Now for the Colorful Summertime This means painting up, usually, and we urge you to not only have your house painted, but to have it done as a preservative as well as for appearance's sake. We have painted scores of homes in your neighborhood, and the owners are our best testimonials. Honest, swift and thorough, and we use only the finest of paints. Estimates gladly given. Harry Baker Phone 778 502 South Jerome St. 43-43

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