The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1931 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1931
Page 10
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When a Still is Still a Still, John Ayols and Miss Isabella Rlveris ^t Un ,l ted L n mta ? lagc at the 8a ««J nesday Ledyard last Wed- Mrs. Herman Erickson returned on rlfln.V TtVWW On»4-**u __l» J _«_ .... . A t>es Moines man who visited Algeria recently wrote a letter to a friend Sweet Mystery of Life, They seem to Ray OIson have wrecked my playhouse at Temple- Mrs. Alice Anderson returned home son. Bad cess to them, it seems they Frltlft y from Minneapolis where she oon t want to even let a bootlegger a spent the P ast fc wo weeks vlsitine with St^nT Oi U " Cit bOOTe> make an hon- relatives an d friends. they want onS i^uTstffl fhaM,' L H f? an , DeIterln * ° f R^msen +Hft Ttr * "v»^u ly onii. Qtni, mat IS I Rfl ft. fftnr /4n«rc* 1n~L «.~.-i- _A >. ine way or many stills unless they are srui. When they use a still to still smi juice, then down sweeps the) ,. ~7i,"V *u e lftw and order an d In- L Mr - and Mrs. Edward Drofessler re- that the still be made still more £ ur " ed Thursday from Chicago and t TO ^ e " y soon we win have to . D " but l u e./here they visited with ik water." latives and friends the nnst. w «v vii. iT-L. iS TO oeen connned his home the past week with the Ami i, 1931 , -..:.. '... hlf* i? t hKeek ' "? ler skat ' n S Party Tu6sday is here Edmond and Wilford Loebiit who 10e CIeftr Lake doing land! spent ', R ' B ' H °P klns h «« recently been d a of the -~ — D »...<,ci vi wie jNBiionai Employees Pension associa- ^ *$*%?* Matern have *°ne f IM t~L thel r Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Loebig. They will continue to be e "uf f 5 allofh er month when it BANCROFT NEWS. | '''™*X8*X^^ i~rr ., , uu; y »isn«a wun intives and friends the past week. I to Swea City where they are" employ- Mr i anrf Mrs. Nick Gaul and children n«nv the McGulre Construction Com of Alton returned home Saturday af- P tSI^. W^^^^*- di^V^h^^nul £ ??£ ^^^K^*^^ -" h ° inC ° f het SlSter ' tile homp nf thnl,. ,1«,.,,i,i • '.. Jovsont with frifnci nitn mentis. ..„..» v.inu they will be trans- to Fairmont, Minnesota. f Pope— -.*v»»iy here wei-e entertained "•—"•«'"* ey were entertained '"the W. w. Sturdivnnt home. Mr. Kunz. with Wllllam and eor ^ - nthf Mason City Thursdny night to witness the athletic show held at the armory. - - - - --^-^r, lit. , » "»«»«-«. vjunvieiv ttb I a •^"ssffl'jss sunday H ter ' ^^^ss^t ^% Wfc^.ffi.t Ko m roi f L Or n SS a ,rlJ^;^A. c <L^y|o six^S dL^.**" 8 flt Burt Bt Wesley. MU* Miss T £*l'r*'y *»v(,r menus UI ..— ~v..,,» Loebig gathered at he* home Sunday arternoon to tender a miscellaneous bridal shower upon her The nresent le ff «»'•«• *»«-- » - r r of their brothe of Misses ifih • IJUC "» ivapn or Algona visited Sandal?* 1 relatlves and frl ends here Dee and Audra - — *««vv.« friends here Thurs flfternoon. week Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Welp and nt Joe Jenks returned home last Wednesday from Omaha, where he attended ot business matters. Wallace ptt f Mescher arrived home nnr „/ r xr° TWlt nt " le ht>me » f W parents. Mr. and Mrs. P. H. ARscher Ambrose is employed at the Sleredith dniry farm at Des Moines. A. Saunders— —" oaaa ** "< A J. Berens arrived „„ and ^ Leonid Ketam and S?^SKn^ i.ISS, ^rs'^TIor-' ns and with other local relatives >In=. P. J. Welp met him at Algona. Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Lynch and babv f Sioux City visited a few days last CCK nt the homo of the lady's mother w£S^s^ S ^' "- h«H e 'iiS Y1J>lun B nt "ie home of his brothers, Edward, Alphonse and Alike.! Miss Julia Quinn had ' rs. Mrs ' G ' D ' Hart - M' J ? rgcn Skow returned home Monday from Claremont where she fed the bedside Mrs. Eli Ooodnow of he U r nt l a Lr nd « MOnday at her sister. Mrs. A. E. OidduiBS s spending this week with hSf * r Herman Ostercamp. of ih « or her father who is ailing. Superintendent and Mrs. R ' Swea City Cuts Teacher** Salaries. The Swea Olty school board In session recently made a reduction in the teachers' salaries. They have been paying the Superintendent $2600 a year, but demurred on continuing the contract, so Superintendent Logan, who has been In charge of the schools during the past three years, refused to be a candidate. In the grades a reduction of eight per cent was made nnd In the high school the salaries were reduced to ah average of flve per cMit. nvi.ii. «f the flve members of the are directly or Indlrect- -„ ._...— .aid point out that they have been compelled to accept deep cuts In the prices of their products, while taxes and other expenditures ^..uiou.i.y were out of proportion. Some of the show held teachers, in opposing the cut hold that no reduction has been made in the friends of £ of Jroom and board - ^e board menus or haa ullder conslderatlon ^ e ellmlna . tion of one or more teachers. Large Crowd Saw brid^te*; Tn he? P. T. Exhibition,, A capacity crowd witnessed the physical training show held at the high school gymnasium last Friday evening. Coach Aubrey Bonham had his boys go through all' their various exercises ana tricks, which included boxing, tumbling, trapeze work and so forth. Everyone present stated that It was 1 one of the best exhibitions that they had ever seen and the boys were to be congratulated on their versatility Mrs ' . Mr. and Mrs Guv c' n of Burt also home Sundav. who has been U1 - cive -- -- •—«•..,. (• v u*» c-i* L>ll-V «S the home of his sister there. "^ ^T""?, Blelch te emo'ov vork Mr rti " ekthol " e doing ou «Tork. Mrs Martmek is net enjoying he best of health at this time. at the ....v* *T*i^. \vuijiini rien ame s n nd Billy. Jr.. drove"to • r duties at the beauty par- ijV «"'.». «ii.. arove to Hum- oldt Sunday to spend the day with banns of matrimony were pub- po,.n Paren ' Mr- ond Mrs - OhaMes for the first, t.tmn H,,nrfn,, „> ot. fiul K. armony were pub- jrhfv f ?T t t | he ,. flrat , ttae Sunda >' at St. are being rhnrrh"fhi"^ ?"' " use P ns Catholic church this week. Services will be held Maundy Thursday at eight o'clock a m. and seven-thirty p, m. Pridav at eight o'clock a. m.. Saturday at eiht o clock u. m stiri v«~i—— r — . Sunday early and —„ Easter --—.-* >-".•.• »»iu mgn mass \vill be Rela a half hour earlier- namelv at seven-thh-ty and ten o'clock y Mrs E. E. Braley of Britt, Mrs. Al- -jrt J. Mumma and Jerry drovp to Manson Friday to visit with Dr. Mer ° Bralev. TTnnn fhoi *..__ ,. ivicrie LAKOTA NEWS. - -— Park of Algona was here I times last week visiting Mrs 1wm "- wlio Is 111. '' Prank A large crowd was out to hear the Timf aH ii Sunday evenln e Put on by the /aTSnnSKS!™,* ° f the ^"ytcr •••«M.«M«M.« B , B liiiir B Candy for Easter I H » to Ledyard on -. „ ..-.-. ,.^. w guests in the home Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Pingle. Miss Hazel Marie Conrad and Roy I Miller drove to Wayland Friday even'"ho 0 /? 6 /^ the week end in th e home her father. Miss Conrad is an instructor in the public school Charles is a tradition m that everybody» observes " h has the past drove ie day con- Her • • • • B • Easter NcVelties 5c, lOc, 15c and 25c Everything in candy for a joyful Easter at the ALGONQUIN Confectionery 10! East State lt4 MHLMEE - his .... l£" ed to h er = ,ac,o .nonwi. j condition remains about the same. of men members of the no- ^"~ 1U ^ c , h are tnis w °ek scrap- off the old paint in the parsonage and will then apply new which is being furnished by Alu. The Epworth League rally for dtetrict will be hellTat WesleJ day, April 7. The local league ', mma ' Jer rv. and sister Ethel L M , rs : puy Hart of Bancroft accom- fcjTrtner with Dr . and M P ani ! d .. b y rfher sister, Mrs. Jack Lynch rallop and family of Britt were d little da ughter of Sioux City were led at Ta^.«.. home in callers ™day at the Prank Mmer 1 X101T1G. e Misses Helen Davidson, Bertha f' JDoroth y Hardin, Helen Awe nl .|;--- Audrey Hasting, all teachers in vwt^ b " c fscl \ 001 here ' were ^gona visitors Saturday. Ever the harbinger of the noblest and sweetest of reincmbrances. She will love you for your though fulness, and for the quality of your selections-if you let us handle the delivery been more Beautiful; our Algona Greenhouses «? fwarvole? S^s^ore^d covering a lengthy period be the creamery for all patrons, KPnrfno- nf »*.»«_ , . ' rons on wh, H scorln ^ of cream was to ™h' P 2 „ hich richness. navS • n ,^._ t ?.. be , don e on Phone 305 Algona, Iowa. „ , __^,. M .. AAit . juum jeaEue mpm- s^ttt°sa cf "i^r freshments. Beatrice Hildman, who has been em- Ployed at the Vee Mullin ' Gutknecht left last Wedncs- living .— — -«.,** wll LI1U J3i j.. f Hoist i u u are re J° icln & over the arrival of ™ / is ex P e cted home this ^ ab l girl at their h °me last week. Wednesday from Iowa Stat° They have one other daughter L fol :,. a .^ eek 's vacation dur- Carl and Claas Meyer, who had been visiting relatives in Germany, the past three months, returned home last week one day. The boys state that after " In this country for some not care to again tin* t esav rom Iowa Sta ^ home on a thre return ~ - —.«. ^-r^nauu. &nd Mr Gtoetz took Mrs. O. --- home In Mason City after a week's stay in the I and I report of"*""- -«'-"~ i -.* BO " USM!SS - The bouquets Thursday evening. —»^eo on °^«°r a poppy essay contest In the K-^f 17 ^""era 1 a "d a boy friend of ? Ub «? and P a rochilI ad TChc^ls 0th ThA i/T Mr. and Mrs. J. GUS Thaves came Srtth r ° m i^ lr Saturda y evening to visit with relatives and on Sunday morning they accompanied the Misses Emma and Louise , Thaves and Edward Thaves and son, Verle, feT" ^ awara l where they spent the day vli..™. e nl ^ t Mrs. Edward Thaves whr> fs in "tVm I hospital there having undergone an operation last Wednesday. ' 16, with i , and ten °y s were con- irmed Sunday morning at the Presbyterian church. They were as ftdlows- a "d Fern Olthoff, A^m B T eV f rIy « Tamen - ^ Abaa Lois Harberts, Merriam Heet- r' « een- , Betty Ley and Marcella Thaves, Thomas Lewis, Charles Lewis, Jr , nEAOlfS Headquarters for Superlative Dry Cleaning |i'SsS~S'~= "tu ned ^ J h' MiSS Kyle ' s absenc£ icruined to her own household. ™ te £* ^ re .. have r « e ived -] 1( i Phone 537 to have our truc-k call. Modern Dry Cleaners Fn-st D<K,r East of Old Location. ffj PLATE GLASS Bo not send ,-nra.y for Glass. We undersell mail order Louses on unto gl,, ss , ln(1 we scl . ve w]|i , e ygu wait. Joe Greenberg H «' ,- rs. Bleich serv- a delicious two course lunch Miss Erma Ward entertained Grace Looft, ivyi Mario Kunz, Mary and Ma bel Kent to a theatre party at Algona ruesday evening in honor of her birth! day anniversary. After the show , tfc Replicas of Paris Modes from the Very Top of the Crown to the Brim Just the very hat you've been dreaming- about, awaits your choosing. Fashionable straws— daring- styles—new intriguing trims- colors of the rain/bow— they're all here in a mighty 0 selection. S3.95 to $5,95 Wide drooping brims. Small chic brims. Watteaus. Profile Shapes. Halos. They all cunning as can be. St a ^1 ° f mCre ? e ™ lineSS in -PPeanmce, a n r c a^e\slfs^Ll ±01> ^^^ y ° m> **» flow is 6 ' 11 " 1 °f the « kid - dics Wll ° V l *y arou » d the the germs that have been housed in them alfwin- Oui^ystem of cleaning guarantees to s 1 ^"fis and carpets and make then clean as well. Phone 330—We Deliver. Elk Cleaners 'Corner of Dodge and Call Streets. In an Emergency Call 714 your car towed in Wo are always ready to serve your needs, wl/ether ' 6 " g ° r 1>opair re The Elite Shop 204 East State Street. Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac Agencies. Algona Motor Sales B , one q South of Algona Hotel

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