The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1931 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1931
Page 6
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Sprlaj Party- Mrs. L. C. Nugent, Mrs. R. H. Crawford and Mrs. P. J. Christensen gave a one o'clock luncheon last Thursday gent's parents, Mr. and Mrs w. B Quartos There were thirty two guests present. Spring colors were used in decorating nnd the scheme was carried out on each table with colored glass dishes and sweet peas dyed to match the particular color of the dished used on each table. Organdy table covers ttt match were also used. M. E. Ladles' Aid— The M. E. Ladies' Aid will .meet on Thursday, April 2nd, at two-thirty in ----------- — --•«.u«»j I the church parlory. After the regu- afternoon at the home of Mrs. Nu- Iar business meeting and program «mf« «,„,*.,*. »*- -^ .„_ ... _ I heon wl ]i be ser by the ladles of the " Well Known Aged Lftkbte ftesitieiit Dead. Match -- ---» ««vi fj*. i'£_ cam «. fiftern cent luncheon will be served in the baseme. April division of "which Mrs. ~J. F* Cook Is chairman. Is desired. . . . A large attendance 1. O. O. P. and Rebekah J»arty— The Kossuth county booster meeting of the I. O. O. F. and Rebekah ThA. o«.^.r«- ."".~.. nvic uiau uocu. ing m me i. u. <j. tr. ana Reoekah »?? £^2°° I 88 Sp ? nt at brldge ' lodges wi " be held at the I. O. O. F. fth* n « w » «._ ,.,.,. ..... l han Jn A]gona Mondajr evenlnR A £_ ril 6th. A program is being prepared by the local lodges. After the program Mrs. D. T. Nugent won the high score, Mrs. Emily Spencer, second, and Mrs. M. J. Streit, third. toiHhd,,* i> -i*, ~ :: — (there will be dancing and" refresh- Blrthday Party— ments _ A1 , odd Pel i ows and Rebekahg Mrs. Leonore Peck entertained eight 1° the county are invited, little girls Mondav afternoon in honor »««,.. of the tenth birthday of her grand- A " °- Clnb ~ aaughter, Irmadlne Hanson, daughter M ^s Mabel DeGraw entertained the of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hanson. The A - °- dub Thursday evening at the afternoon was pent playing games and ht>m e of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. luncheon was served. The children L - J - DeGraw. Guests of the crhb who were present included Phyllis were Christine and Rose Arend and Mathes, Jean Murtagh, Betty Burtis, Mrs - Forest Phillips. Christine won Marie Stebritz, Eugenia Little, Beiily the high prize for bridge and Anna Orton and Phyllis Zelgler. Buss won the second high. Family Church Sapper— I Anniversary Surprise- There will be a family covered dish The dinner bridge club of which supper at the Congregational church they are members surprised Mr. and Friday evening, April 3, at six-thirty. Mrs. Herman Hauberg Saturday ev- lUTrS. T) V fimlfti n*\A hn« «*....~.|*I.-- I Pnlntr hir rrr\\nrr f*% fltMl.. !..«._ J.. t._._ »i*vu.jr c» C jjiu(j, itprii a, at six-imrty. «<"»• neimuu nauoerg oaturaay ev- Rfrs. D. R Smith and her committee ening by going to their home to help will be In charge. All members and them celebrate their fifteenth or crys- friends of the church are cordially in- tal wedding anniversary. The even- yited to come and bring their families. Ing was spent socially and refresh- AITS. T-TA.t*HnO"fj-kn fe stalltnrv n Wi.r,i nAn . I mnnf.o Trn-ro cot^TArl N. ». B. dob Met- The N. B. B. bridge club met with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hynds Tuesday ev enlng. clarence Bergeson and Mrs Arthur Helberg won high score &n< Mrs. Henry Johannesen, Jr., and Ar thur Helberg won low. Mr. and Mrs William Cummings were guests of the club. Shelter ijt^nse Partyl- Mrs. Charles Green and Mrs. Edwin Davidson entertained twenty couples at a card party and dancing party at the shelter house last Wednesday evening. Refreshments* were served late in the evening and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Party at Shelter House— Miss Rhoda Hallett and twenty of the teachers from Brltt held a picnic at the shelter house at th e Ambrose A. call State Park Tuesday evening Dancing and five hundred furnished the entertainment, *« E. O* A-feftln^-** The P. E. O. society is meeting this afternoon at the home of Mrsb T Chubb. M». George Godfrey' is' in f the program which will be Subject Peoples.' ... . —= «°P«*. «..,. -^ We to do bu - —j— KM • r, .., I ;A^ 0 ™ ^ akened condition the smoke Music Contest Was ^uw^/^f ^ wcre more than he TT<U> ICCUM ,*,„ -ndhe passed away about Friday morning. The Methodist SS&JPSS&'iS!!** Sa " dft y wln be Sunday set at flve , ' * »» ter and aU past ive years hav- classes ambitious to sumass the World offering of last on g er ames. so Mrs. Harrington is calling a business ments were served meeting of the Ladles Aid at five o'clock the afternoon of the same day Bridgfe Dinner Party- Mr. arid Mrs. D. T. Nugent and Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Lacy entertained a number of friends at a two course seven o'clock dinner at the Nugent home Monday night. Spri.ig flowers and decorations in keeping with the Easter season were used. Mrs. A. E. Kresensky won the women's high prize for the bridge game and Dr. A. D. Adams won !the men's high prize. i Afternoon Bridge CInb— Mrs. A. E. Kresensky entertained her bridge club Friday afternoon. Mrs. D. R. Steele won the high prize. Mrs. Emily Spencer and Mrs. D. T. Nugent were guests. Idle Hour Club— Held at Armstrong. Pen ton, March 31. Special: A sub- district music contest was held In the Armstrong school auditorium last week n»r^? dn f'S da3 !; *-_. foUowm * schools participated: Armstrong, Term, Graet- Mnger and Fenton. Numbers presented to the afternoon were, soprano solos, Loretta Swift, Oraettinger, first placei Norma Atwood, Armstrong, second place and Eva Hewitt, TerrlU, third place. Cornet and trumpet solos— Dartene Callahan, Armstrong, first place and "dewing, Terrill, ~ _„__„„„„» e»*wci noru-1 wH"<=i Marks. Every member an* of his son across the street. Dr. Will- i* * -'-V -- , ZT SS* 2* aaae a,« °w* and did aii Presbyterian Church, toat was txvMihia +«» ^ n k..i «_ »»_ I ", -...-• Easter morning at Seven a. m. prals* and prayer service theme, "Meeting Lesson topic for Sunday School^ "The Resurrectiott." Morning worship reception of members, and communion \man g. e funeral services were held Sunday af* J, e ™°P n fr °in the M. K. church and burial was made In the Buffalo Cen- - - of this place, Miss Emma Prlngle of Green, Iowa, and an- who llves ta Mlnneap- one Arm- - - this afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. E. McDonald. After a one I Aj__3S_g7 •^S'S' o^^luncheon «» guests were to place and TerriU fourth )lay bridge. • - - *""*"" Aged Whittemore Man I B.I. Ml J tad friends sh JLast Monday, taan, mtoister. of the Lord's Supper. Evening Y. P. s. C. E. at slx-thn-T The evening service will be given largely in music and will tie a service all can enjoy. Come and Join with us In this day of worship and praises. ^ Annual congregational meeting, Ap" r ..l-rVth at seven-thirty. All rnembew and friends should attend.—J. L. Colesri solos, Marion George, to Graettinger, Thomas Church, in 2 ' "'—^*^^^^ TN ^^- T ^ n ^^»v^^^^^^i*j** r vv^Jvvwv^v<A^^xo^XCWWW; ma!rigold beauty shoppe i over bloom's store / phone 803 we will give our annual permanent wave demonstration Wednesday, april 15 at 7:30 p. in. genuine eugene sprial, Realistic croquignole and frederic combination permanent waves, we are givin«- a free permanent wave and some woman attending this demonstration will get her choice of these waves free. set this day aside and spend it in algona shopping, there will be a splendid show at the call theatre' providing good entertainment in the evening for the men while waiting for you to attend this demonstration. ' do not miss this opportunity to see this work done we want to -.inform the permanent wave public so they cannot be fooled no matter where they go- tor their next permanent wave. i,+ a . * . • '''.••" -f ; -- . first place, Margaret, Vandehburgh, of Armstrong, second place, Catherine Horan, Terrill, third place. Boys' small vocal groups, Armstrong, first place, Terrill, second place. Clarinet solo Darlene Sturtevant, Armstrong, first place. Piano solo, Maxine Weisbrod Fenton, first place. Trombone solo, Dorothy Boland, Armstrong, first place The evening session was at seven- thirty. Orchestra, Terrill, first place- Fenton, second place. Girls' glee club Armstrong, first place, Graettinger second place; Fenton, third place; Ten-ill, fourth place. Boys' glee club Armstrong, first place; Graettinger second place. Band, Armstrong, first place. All contestants winning first place will go to Estherville April 9 TT back Mecki ? e was born at 23rd day of May^to father was Christian ^er was Sophia, nee Errbahn xnursaay, Apm a, noiy communion at 9 a. m. Lenten services and address at 7:30 p. m. | Easter Sunday, April 5, hoi;, «r.,i i munl °n at 9:00 a. m. and service ana I sermon at 7:30 p. m. on c - & N - w - on the 24th day of March Arrangements for door-to-door pack ; ;He was married to Miss Schultz age n^^ht service between certain de ; ss culz an e in«7 -^ Unt 8 n the tenth of October ^enated Illinois, Wisconsin and Mln .-1B67. fly the Rev. Buschmann. The "esota pointJ on the Chicago & North- same year he and his wife left their western railway have been completed native country and came to the United and wm «° lnto effect May 1, -with f tllngr at kockport, Elinois plans under wav to extend this service Mr Krohnberg and his fam- to cover ever y state on th e Northwest!?^. their farm ' two miles 5™ system, H. W. Beyers, vice presi- ^ttemore. His wife died dent-traffic of the roadT Chicago, an- 19th of Ma . 1904 and nounces> and 10 where they pete for honors. will again com- yBaFe^isfaction ,ang^r^^ ; :^be Tours w#en ; w*^--mwff!$^^ i to the judgment arid experience of mrs. dailey and .her expert staff. • . • '.. , J aUthe latest equipment, private sun-lit rooms, ev- erythmg to make your beauty treatments a pleasure will be found in this new beauty shop, starting april 6th this shop will open at 7:30 a. m. much of mrs. dailey's time has already been filled! tor may permanent waves, make your appointment early, come in and see mrs. dailey about the new styles in bail-dressing after she returns from Chicago, april 13th. marigold beauty shdppe ii over iowa state bank * phone 93 we have added a facial chair and manicure table to this shop as well as many other new things for your .convenience and comfort, this shop will be open 'each morning at 7:30 after april 6th. spiral' permanent waves _ $1000 combination •permanent waves __ r .__ri"~_~$lo'oO croquignole permanent waves II_I_$8.50 these waves are genuine, using the pads made by the same concern who makes the machine, everything is made to balance; everything made to work m harmony, miss Campbell is an experienced waver and will not be experimenting on her customers wnen she gives them a permanent wave. combination wave _$500 croquignole waves II_$5.00 these waves you would pay from $8.50 to $10.00 for ^ m any other shop, two -shops for convenience. <*s®®®^^ Musical Program at Presbyterian Church The following musical program wil be given at the Presbyterian church Sunday evening at seven-thirty by th male quartette -and others: . Voluntary. Painting Under the Crown . . . .Wilson Male Quartette Scripture Lesson Prayer, ' ~ V *"• i " fhP« . s we ied - ago, an- ww l 0 ?^ 19th of Ma y. 1904 and nounces> was buried in St. Paul's cemetery Af- ter this Mr. Krohnberg lived alter- \S®&mXO^^ nareiy with his nhnrfi-on T->.._I __ i^.^lw ft ........ Male Quartette Collection Solo, Blessed" is the Lord Rodney .......... _•• ....... Margaret Hoffmaster Teach Me Thy Way . .Carrie B. Adams Crossing the Bar ..Carrie B. Adams Tell Me My Saviour .Carrie B. Adams I Know I Shall Live ........ Wilson Male Quartette Solo, Blessed is the Lord ........ .; ••••;• ..... '•'•• Margaret Hoffmaster Now the Day is Over . ..... Barnby Male Quartette The public is invited to attend this program. Baptist Church. "The Great Surprise" will be the morning subject at the Baptist church next Sunday evening. Evening subject, "Death Robbed of its Sting." Easter music at both services. Come and rejoice with us that Christ Is risen indeed.—Prank H. Webster, minister. ---- —•** t i Earth, Minnesota. After a short S?J& M 5v E «* u *«* dled day morning, March 23. at the age o 95 years and ten months. Three child ren survive him: Mrs. H. F Bell a BUie Karth; Mrs. Chas E B Ias a Whlttemore; H. Krohnberg at Wells ,£ ^^ *** Se " e rt, a foste The remams were brought tc CEESCO NEWS. of Mrs. Krohnbergr A..I, > T> ,,r.^^,. o — -"" »*»«*» i*nuu- ry. pall ?Bearers were grandchildren n.ii ^ d «*ased: George Bell, Walter Bell, George Baas, Edward Krohnberg, Edwin Baas and John Krohnberg. Whittemore Lady Celebrated Birthday. Whittemore, April 1. Special: Mrs. Jennie Masters celebrated her eighty- econd ibrthday anniversary Tuesday March 31. Mrs. Masters is quite well )ut is not able to walk around much, tliss Wolf of Fenton stays with Mrs. dasters and cares for her. Mrs. Masers is very ambitious and is not idle a minute, she does beautiful needle work and is always busy at some fancy work or making a quilt. She is very well read and keeps abreast of all cur- ent news, especially the political part i the nation, she has many friends who wish her many more happy birth- ays. — society is meeting today with Mrs. S. L. Olson. , The F. L. Miller and A. E. Clayton families were Sunday guests at the C H. Potter home. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Potter were a the home of Dr. Ray Potter In Scheal- ler, Iowa, Sunday. Mrs. John Simon came home from the Kossuth hospital Thursday and is now able to be about. .Mrs.-Ltfwrence.Olson spent two days '• t!k ^^ w ^^^i^nts/xMr,v:and at Fort "Dodge. S. L. Olson was at Foii Dodge on jusiness last week and visited at the home of a daughter, Mrs. F. Francis. Mrs. Alta Stiles and sons, Delbert and Charles of Charles City, came on Saturday to visit relatives and friends "or a week, Mrs. Joe Fraser of Sexton, a form- f resident here, received treatment at ne Kossuth hospital for six days, going home Thursday. Mrs. W. F. Jenkinson suffered a light troke of paralysis of the right side arly in December and can now take a ew steps with assistance Mrs. L. J. Brown of Boone came a reek ago Saturday evening to visit her on, Leonard and daughter, Mrs. D. D. Sparks and family and with other elatives and friendsr- The Mothers and Daughters club of "•resco was entertained Thursday by Mrs B. F. Sparks. Election of offic- rs resulted as follows: Mrs. Frank Hulderman, president; Mrs. John Fra- Our collection of new Easter ' Footwear is destined for inevitable popularity. Brilliant styles—dazzling trims—all the new shades and leathers. You ; will find your "dream" in our : display, from $5 to $750 the pair New Pumps, daring one straps —clever oxfords—quaint bows —dashing buckles are but a few of the outstanding features. Christensen Bros; —, uvun,Mujr auu treasurer, Mrs. HOm- er Lindhorst, assistant secretary and treasurer. Mrs 1 . L. J. Brown of Boone as a guest. ~ be held April 9th with Mrs. Homer' Lindhorst The topic for discussion', will be short cuts in housekeeping with Mrs. B. F. Sparks as leader. Come prepared to make a quilt block. BULOVA ••(•' New Sports Watches You'll wanr one of these new Bulova Sport Watches —they, re so smart, dependable and rugged. We have a splendid selection—all styles and shapes— from $24.75 upwards. We,are Authored D7«rtfntfm-i for BULOVA WATCHES F.W. Wehler & Co. Jewelers and Optometrists Condensed Statement of the Condition of the IOWA STATE BANK Algona, Iowa. On call of the Superintendent of Banking March 25, 1931. WWUWJWWWWW,^ 1930 Ford tudor, like new 1929 Ford tudor, a real buy 1929 Ford roadster, bargain 1929 Whippet coach, extra good 1928 Durant sedan, bargain 1929 Ford truck with cab and platform Kent Motor Co. RESOURCES ;::• CASH OR ITS EQUIVALENT— U. S. Government Bonds _ .$332,050.00 Municipal and State Bonds 118,550.00 Commercial Paper 14,000.00 ' Cash and due from banks __ 268,501,91 $ 733,101.91 FIRST MORTGAGE LOANS ON" T ,H5!? OVED REAL ESTATE _______ 144,100.00 LOANS TO CUSTOMERS 313 716.17 STOCK IF FEDERAL RESERVE „__ 2,550.00 OVERDRAFTS , - ' ' n 6 4 BANKING HOME, FURNITURE AND FIXTURES _4.__ „__ 20,500.00 Phone 434 Algona, Iowa. CAPITAL SURPLUS _ UNDIVIDED PROFITS _ DEPOSITS . 35,000.00 7,677.33 1,121,302,39 $1,213,979,72 Three Years of Growth in Deposit* WE OW_E A SAK BAMKOTG BEBVTOE TO THE PEOPLE OF KOB8UTH COTO-Ty wcwsw»»»»Mce^)ecew8(»sca8e w****®^^

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