The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1931 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1931
Page 5
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, April 1, 1931 AMENDMENT CAUSE OF NEW TANGLE 1 TAX REFOR Senate Passe* Income Ta* with Amendment including County Assessor Bill. House Definitely Tables Assessor Bill. following committee will take charge I of all bills In committtees and on cal- ' endar: Baird of Council Bluffs, chairman; Gunderson of Forest City, Rigby of Stanwood, C. F. Clark of Cedar Rapids, Stevens of Ottumwa, E W Clark of Mason City, Patterson of * M Stoddard of Sloan and Meyers I of Newton. Everyone Is wondering what will ^ rePOrtS ' ate ttnd betwee * the two^te. The" tfaebni nZ: t^t flenate wlU send ste «toff "»« Sifting Committees. B . e nate is more conservative and more oountr „ Wer to the hous e with toe A 1011 ? toward toe end of the session J? ral ' whUe the house ta Inclined iS&5 ! gffWai« FMSA^^HH CSr r s ?T "^ » SS£$™ a fc?R^1^««!W£KfeS^?S <B « It to rmSinf^"*u for concurrence, and era l assemblies do not do this, but in- *?? , he , state> has been Placed In thlttSS^ there are enough votes slst that every bill introduced shall K the calen dar in the house by toe andfn^L^Jl^tW 8 Concurrence I ^ acted upon In some manner. In I SSS^JS"^**" and will be up assessor this concurrence amendment. In vigorous county every bill introduced shall upon In some manner. In /ever, such committees have .^^fl^dto-and.the scrap been" confined What Income-Assessor Bill Provides Single persons would be given an ra, taxwould be lertrt on laW WOUW be -< * lnCOmeS eamed ta the waste baskets , .. --- session is baled up and sold to the junk dealers. The house started off with a steering committee, Speaker Johnson naming Torleson of Worth county, Rutledge of Webster, Ditto of Osceola, Baeth of Adams, Simmer of Wapello Laughlin of Fremont, Strachan o Humboldt, and Tamasiea of Harirson Its author, Repre- of Scott county, has his room for a week as such committee. This committee began picking out bills on toe calendar last Monday for preference. A sifting committee will soon -follow in the house, however, and this committee will handle all bills that are still in committees and, otherwise, designating which shall be placed on toe calendar for action. number of persons who would make returns under toe state ing committee and on April first the . The senate went straight to a sift- FORD I SAFETY shatter-proof glass windshield has saved many lives in collisions EVERY new Ford is equipped with a Triplex shatterproof windshield. This is made so that the glass will not fly or splinter under the hardest impact. 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UH uvf AJIO luuui 1UI u. WCCK by Illness, but -Is expected to be back I m tn e house to push his measure which would work a tax reduction of about five and a half million dollars In the state at large. Senate Reduces Mileage Fee. The senate last Thursday passed the bill providing a maximum of seven cents per mile for use of privately owned automobiles by county officals, excepting the sheriff and his deputies who are allowed the present rate of ten cents per mile, due to the fact that In pursuit of their official duties they are often required to travel at night and over all kinds of roads. An effort as made to fix the seven cent rate for the sheriff also, but an amendment by Senator Doran of Boone made the exception. It Is estimated tne reduction from the present ten cents per mile rate will mean a saving of between $400,000 and $500,000 In the whole state. Reduce Proposed Pipe Line Tax. An amendment has been filed In the house to reduce the proposed I5c per 1000 tax on natural gas, brought Into toe state by pipe lines, to So per 1000. pipe line people are putting up a fight against any tax, claiming It merely a t. sales tax - and tnat r,™. 1 pay _ a heavy tax on their physical property In toe state. This i!L a ^.source of revenue that Is being studied by members ofthertav era! assembly, but toe pipe line companies have a high powered lobby that will fight to the last. Towns Get More for Upkeep.' «, 1 JS,, h £ use has acted favorably on w t- •SJ >y Representative Rutledge of Port Dodge to Increase the annual allowance from the primary road fund to towns and cities for maintenance of tarn 'S «™ dS £?° ueh towns from $200 to $500. The vote was 91 to 2 n.t "aUy the first diversion of additional funds from toe primary «> ad /und. It is expected to fore? stall the request of toe cities for a I arge share of the gas and motor tax- [ Through an error two weeks aeo I Senator Wenner of Black Hawk coun- y was given credit for the authorship of a bUl requiring the pasteurization of all milk sold or peddled, instead of Representative Wearin of Mills. The imilarlty of names caused a typographical error. v ' Heavy Tax for Police Dogs. Representative Durant, of Hancock ounty, has had a bill placed on the house calendar proposing & tax otf $7 on police dogs, It being claimed that the increase in number of these animals is responsible for toe heavy loss of sheep killed by dogs that has put the domestic animal fund in toe reel in most counties. Another bill woulci require owners to keep all dogs on their own premises from sunset to sunrise under penalty of having them put In the pound. Loss of domestic animals killed by dogs is becoming a serious problem in many counties according to the authors of these bills. Wedding Bells Must Walt 5 Days. The house last week voted to re- PJCTURE^in your kitchen, a gleaming white norce- SjEMS , , Time to Enjoy Life SKH «-«»i«D A3 STANDA8D BY NATURAL GAf many extra hour8 Pay What You Wish You don't pay several hundred -dollars for this con. P B 'i» 1 «y«™i«"*to. CompleteSkelgasmsta" f ^ O r r u ting «P»»P«»«>«, ^ny months' of gas and a heat-control equipped Skcleai 8tove ,8 put in your home for a smart dK Tpaymf nt -with a year in which to pay the ba!anc7eSv *£? ?, *P « a ' for ^ r ° 1 Mrift%«>«geFado n . Thousanda of Skelgas iwers have found Skelou °T. w ° nl £ ^^ient, time and effort saving defend Use Skelgas Yourself Farmers General Store Hobarton Phone 1-F11 Algona Up to March 20th, 21 senate and 25 , house bills had been passed by both measure, 61 to 38. It had arleady senate. The bm seeks to , °° Unty su P er lntend- for professional CASH LOANS Automobile Loans Refinancing—Payments cut down. Special Loan Service to farmers for the purpose of buying good graded milch cows. Loans can be made on cows you already have. Convenient terms. Loans made at once —No delay Western Credit Company Algona, Iowa Phone 55 First door North of Iowa State Bank. number of divorce actions. Keduoe Number of Supevisors, The senate has passed the bill providing for fixing the number of coun ty supervisors in each county at three instead of five or seven ai to counties now. it would make three m embers full tlme offlolaa ^ nx their salaries at $1500 per year h to the n Consolidate Commissions. the senate P r °P°ses to con,, p ™ P ° Sed flsh and ^me ™ . , d the P resenfc conseiTa- hT'" lssIon under one head, and , ?,? th departments WU be bodies and signed by the governor— a total of 46. six senate and six house bills were in tho hands of the governor and not yet signed. Sixteen senate {^ nn H 1€ ! teen house bllls have be en indefinitely postponed. Forty-three senate bills passed by that body have been approved by house committees out not passed, and 22 senate bills were still in the hands of the house committees, while 45 bills passed by the house had been approved by sen Take a Tip Living within Urn Income means llv- Ins without the worry.—Bostou Her- ate committees and hands of committees. 38 still in the recommended for passage by s ra* • «» ft and game warden, and his ing" punishable by a fine of an extra session they "would receive pay at the rate of $10 per day Under a senate bill peddlers of fruits and vegetables would be required to obtain a license. This will especially affect car load lots of apples and potion with local merchants. Educational Demonstrations. on public a bill that or 1 Down Recess Date. ,.—,w.«. iucj , ™ » - Representative Bair of last week. The" house "has""no? v^t Av? theV^o/^mnglnTx^ R8< "° * •" Crtoe Suppress,*, essioh in case the road bond consti-L^??^ 11111 of N °ra Springs, 8Uu - tutional amendment carries and It s ?**** Thursday last in getting sen- necessary to enact a law to carry out K te approval of the plan to establish a its provisions. In case of a recsess ? ta l ewlde P° llce broadcasting members would return without extra I 4 p in crune siiJJpression, • compensation. If the governor calls m^wn" 1 hasjajso P^sed the.'house. The blll provldes th t th a tto rne y general shall contract for the construction of a broadcasting system within six months. The sheriff's office of each county will be equipped with a receiving s$t and one automobile set The broadcasting system will be of low wave length. After being defeated by tne 43d general assembly Senator Hill has succeeded in getting passed by this senate a bill providing for hold- Ing schools of instruction for peace officers. The senate committee schools has introduced ,—_ —--> >««*HV>VV« HI mu uiab would do away with the old type of LOANS On all forms security Special loan plan for purchasing milch cows. See or write 0. B. LABABRE Algona Phone 55 Iowa First door north Iowa State Bank 40-43 Paper Hanging Painting Decorating Work guaranteed to be satisfactory Prices reasonable. Address R, Scull 120 North Lantry St. \ USE THIS OLD MARSHALL' «t «H DrugglnU, or »ot prep«ld bf — _ «. We do our own Lena Grinding. DR.F.E. SAWYER ^f^ ^* % Algona.

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