The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1931 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1931
Page 4
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n Talked to the Rotary Club. County Agent E. R. Morrison gave a talk at the meetiS" °f the Algona Rotary club last Monday on soil surveys and soil tests. He explained the different kinds of tests used and passed around pamphlets on soil which contained maps of the land in Kos- stith county. This was a very interest- liig and instructive talk which was en- Joyed by all present. German Lutheran Church. Corner of Wooster nnd Elm St. Good Friday German services trill be held. Easter Sunday English services will be conducted. The Lord's Supper will be celebrated on both days. The confessional service will stan, nt ten n. m. And th usual sen-ice at ten-thirty o'clock. Announcements for the Lord's Sup per will be received at the parsonaj? Thursday and Saturday of this week —P. Braner, pastor. SEED TCEATMENT W ONDROUS as was the Resurrection, in commemoration of which we observe Easter, the event itself pales beside its significance to us. as Christians. For even as the Master arose from the dead, so shall we all have a new life. We shall arise as did the Master Himself, who in this way gave proof of his greatest promise, that man shall live again. MERRTTT FUNERAL HOME "JJIwqys JI Superior Seivice" """ i' experience generally made up of — boys. AMAJORPROJECT|£|H|jrS^£ pLSL^ ^^ofticers: ?><*<>" Shaw, Porter of Iowa State legs to Assist in Crop Disease Control. i — a very creditable manner and~nifni? Col- Hyenas ^retary andI t?easur^ Mr. Bosworth is local leader and is assisted by Ernest Phillips, manager 6f tne Algona cow test association. Orchard Spray Si*vice: service cards CALF CLUB MEETING WAS HELD 0 Spray (Service Cards Again] Available. A National Four-H Club Radio Program. . The cards are prepared bv stat | horticulturists and will be mailed *** Seed treatment for the control of certain seed born diseases of corn and small grain is one of the major pro- ects of the farm bureau on the pro- SSh gram for the coming month. K H" a *rter. plant pathologist of Iowa Stale College, who has been in the county %£* Natlona , r<rari fl Another national Four-H club radio ° n >rtie «* wm fur ' seIe ' lons of interest sh °rt ,, Mldnl&hfc Sun -" Stations 4O3 E.M9GREGOR East of Centra! Hi^h School PHONE DAY 11 NIGHT ^ WO °' WOW - and next broadcast on May , musio of Russia, Nor- Se en ' With Next Sunday Easter Your next thought should be MADSON l& HANSON Early selection, rapid drying and seed treatment on seed corn have reduced losses from poor stands in the field almost to a minimum. Mr. Porter will have a corn plot at the Chambers & Hof farm near LuVerne and I" "2 T" ov r c V eu will include another in one of the fer- «, , sen ta a *ter the program is j tilizer plots to demonstrate the possi- f ? y T a ^ thesc P e °Ple have of bilities of some fertilizers In the pre- ^ owln £ whether or not these prevention of disease losses on corn. Iv*™ «• T u to farm boy and girl „ . Four-H club members are beinir Seed Treatment Dusts. (Joyed. mfir Seed treatment dusts act as disinfectants on the corn kernel when it is plahted and assist in the prevention of losses from rotting and molding corn during the sprouting period, particul-.-„„„ arly on cool, wet, springs, when corn IS?**™ „ --.. -= -~ ~-cu u* is slow in starting. to run a correction as to the correct Seed oats treated with one pint of sp "If of hls name wh ich was In- formaldehyde to five or ton gallons of f° I T ectly 3> elled "Helgarty" in the last water for every 50 bushels and allowed I issue of the P a P er to stand for several hours has produced crops practically free from smut even untreated portions of the same field run from three to twelve per cent smut. Barley, especially on certain varieties, seems subject to the stripe di-, „ , sease that withers the heads, causingL, Mr ' and Mra John Sprank wer e at losse of three to eighteen per cent irl Mason City Friday. .' yields on local fields. This disease has Howard Stephens of Goldfleld visit I also been well controlled by the com- ed in town last Monday. I mercial dust treatment now on " " ' " — " _. A Correction ' a ^ V1 o Hllvety, who fought at Spenoer Mon day night, has asked us School Children, Attention ! BIG-CONTEST at LONG'S We are giving away ABSOLUTELY FREE 5 large beautiful dolls and 5 ••„*$£. Ie ^ ue balls and bats. Of course you want one and here's how you can SJt. of _ Smi Ply think up all of the words that you can from the name of Mnv I S~ *°£ ? 1 G f oc . e 7' Write tllcm down ^d get them in to us before InSni™?, 0 ghest girls and the 5 lli ^ llest bo ^ s * m each § et one of these •luvny prizes. r HERE ARE THE RULES OP THE CONTEST }. Each contestant must be 12 years or under. . > 2. Only one side of the paper must be used. 3. All words must be written in ink. 4. The contestant's name must be on each sheet of paper. 5. Use each letter only as often as it appears in the two words. 6. All words must be turned in to Longs by May 1 . . LONE BOCK NEWS. EASTER SPECIALS Thursday, Friday and Saturday .1 Ti _____ _T ii __ ' Not because we think we have the only true styles and sound values in Algona. Not because we are selfishly inclined and desire all the Easter business in the city. We simply say that your next thought should be Madson & Hanson's for then you could dispel all thoughts of fash- - , ion, at, value and price from * your mind and have nothing f&,<daerto .irony, about ^ except- the weather. Porter's work on control of dl- , „ . seases of grains, legume, potatoes and r Tn , The . Mlt f society will meet next week general farm crops in Kossuth county ursday ^tead of this week. has been brought to local farmers Miss Margaret Sloman of Estherville lo_ is visiting with Mrs. W. J. Cotton. Mrs. Watson Shick's father, Mr. Lin - Coffee, Seal Brand, Ib 39 C Soap, Big 4, ten bars i 29c Cheese, Longhorn, Ib. ___ 21c Powdered Sugar, Sea Island, two pound box , 21c Oatmeal, Banner, large pkg. _IIIl8c Cake Flour, Swansdown 29c Kerosene, per gallon IIlOc Bananas, four pounds for ..__I_l25c through the cooperation "of the cal farm bureau. English Walnuts, per Ib. 25c Dates, two ; pounds for 25c Pork Cutlets, per Ib. '. 20c Sliced Bacon, per lb._ , 25c Peaches, gallon can _„_ _ ~~58c Pears or Peaches (No. 2i/ 2 size, three cans for _5Qc Gold Dust Powder, 4 cans for 25c Candy Bars, 2 for __, _ _5 C Michaels-Stern and Wolverine Suits for Easter Our Suits range in price from $21.50 to $38.00 Easter Hats and Accessories Calf Club Meeting-. E. M. Wright, secretary of the State Dairy Association, was in the county 'Ust Tuesday to visit dairy calf club lea.-.rrs and attend a dairy calf rlub n:teling at the I Rg'on hall in Algona Mr. Wright gave an illustrated talk on activities throughout the state of the dairy calf clubs, including pictures of Iowa members at the national shows. He mentioned also that the Iowa dairy calf club enrollment in 1930 was the largest of any Four-H livestock groups in the state and that Kpssuto county stood second in county enrollments. Edward Funnemark of the Wesley Four-H dairy calf club, who was one of the two boys from his club to represent the county on a dairy demonstration team at Waterloo last fall, gave an interesting account of his trip to the Dairy Cattle Congress. The team placed third in the state contest, even though it was their first trip and they were competing with xeams of several ——*••» u A«*vA^wA t 1V1_L . 1 'III'" genfelter, was ill last week with the Anna Flaig has been working at the I. F. Engessor home the past two The Bob Padgett family of Algona visited at the William Krause home Sunday. ^Sunday^ School next Sunday will be " Easter services For Your Easter Dinner r, 0H 4, J ; Rlce ,, and °- A- Sharp and son, DelBert, made a business trio to Fort podge Saturday. ' v "Mr. and fcl ^«H.i r*^>t£*yan. i and two -— -•—•-••*«».»"i .nnwm> ana two I; children of Wesley visited at the M. A. • Hawks home Sunday. Harold Angus returned home Monday from Chicago after a two weeks' visit there with relatives Some April Fool Joke Easter Cards A Large Select Line Priced at 5c-10c- Easter Booklets $1.00 Easter Dyes, Easter Napkins, Etc. : EASTER BOX CANDY Julia King Special 8Oc $1.60 next Wednesday afternoon. Charles Hawks who has been suffer- ng all winter with sciatic rheumatism is now somewhat improved. Rc-se Krause, who is teaching at Ayrshire, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Krause. Mary Ann and Maxine Flaig spent the week end at the home of their grandmother, Mrs. Ackerman at Burt. The sewing club met with Mrs. John Rath last Wednesday evening and will meet with Mrs. Otis Sanders next week Thursday evening. Mrs. Edward Kressin and Mrs. Arthur Kressin went to the hospital at Es~ therville Sunday where each will undergo an operation. Alton, Pettit, Katherine Stebritz Clarence Macumber and Hildreth'Pet- tit each won a box of candy at the skating rink Saturday evening. Krueger, Nick Gengler and Markgraf attended the basket bail game between Whlttemore and Centerville at Des Molnes Thursday. h Mrs ',,u 0l ? n Rath te confined to her bed with the flu and an infection in ner right hand caused by a scratch. Mrs. William Rath is caring for her. The old barn at the Hollister farm was moved to the Heiter farm and Mr. Kennedy of Burt is building r prage for Mr. Shick who rents thi house. f ^ a £? , Mrs ' Robert Dransfeldt wen to Sheffield Friday. Mrs. Margare Davison and son, Robert, and daughter, Georgetta, returned home with them for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. N.- L. Cotton, Burt Angus and daughter, Mrs. Lawrence pittmer, went to Chicago on Thursday to attend the funeral of George Angus. Mr. Angus died suddenly. Mrs. G. A. Sharp and son, Glen, took: her daughter, Mrs. Ollie Tyler to ner home in Council Bluffs last Tues Quality Goods LONG'S Thirty Years of Good Groceries Phone 214 or 215 their regular meeting last Thursday evening and the following program was given: talk on What Our P. T. A. Are Doing by Miss Cross, and Miss Margaret Roderick read three poems written by herself. The following officers were nominated: president, N. L. Cotton and H. W. Hobson; vice president Mrs. C. M. Gross and J. M. Blanchard; secretary and treasurer, Miss Evelyr Behrmann. vMHn een visiting relatives here for several days. ; w - Bat terson and son, Mor,, daughter, Mrs. Fern Manning and three children all of Wilmar, Minnesota are visiting at the homVbf M E. Blanchard. Mrs. A. W. Batterson is a sister of Mr. Blanchard: Easter Novelties up Lusby's Drug Store 'A Friendly Store. was given at the George ie Friday evening in honor birthday of Mrs. Hanna. Five Played at five tables. Mr. Schenck of Burt won Mr. and Mrs. Emll high score and Laabs, low. American Notice of Sheriff's Sale. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a special execution directed to me from the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in said court on the 14th day of March, 1931, in favor of L. A. Andrew, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as receiver of the County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, as plaintiff, and against William McMahon and Carrie A. McMahon, as defendants, for the sum pf Eleven Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Eight and 30-100 ($11,928.30) Dollars and costs, taxed at Two Hundred Thirty-One and 62-100 ($231.62) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described personal property as Notice of Sheriff's Sale. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a general execution directed to me from the clerk of the district court of Kossuth couniy, Iowa, on a Judgment rendered in said court on the 31st day ot December, 1930, In-favor of L. A. Andrew, Superintendent of Hanking of the State of Iowa, as receiver of the State Bank of Swea City, Iowa, O. H. Rlggert, substituted plaintiff, as plaintiff, and against Paul W. Larson as defendant, for the sum of Five Hundred and No-100 ($500.00) Dollars and the records of said court showing a balance still due of Four Hundred Ninety-Seven and 60-100 ($497.60) Dollars and accruing costs I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said Paul W. Larson to satisfy said execution, to-wit: The West half of the Southwest Quarter (W% of SW%) and the s ° u th half of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (S% of SW% of NW%) all in Section Twelve (12) T £ w f shlp Ninet y-Nine (99) Range Thirty (30) West of the Fifth P. M! Kossuth county, Iowa. And I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution with , at P ubllc Ac- the highest bidder, for cash, > °? i he 29th da y of APril. 1931 at the east door of the court house in Algona, In Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of ten o'clock a. m.. of said ™ ay ,' and where due attendance - M _.en by the undersigned Dated this 30th day of March, 1031 „. . L- E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. PlJnHff-^f* 011 and L " A. Winkel Plaintiff's Attorneys. 42-43 STATEMENT OF THE CONDITION OF KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANK organized uuaer the laws of Iowa, located at Kossuth, at the close of bhsiness on the 25th RESOURCES i A. Dlscounts ' Bonds and imjr o»m C&CUUI4UU, w-wiu; WJIB uappie Banklnc HOUSB grey rriare, wt. about 1250, one dark Furniture and Fixtures $ 22,600,00 bay gelding, wt. about 1150, and one mher real estate owned 8 ' 13 ™ 5 bay gelding, wt. about 1100, also one DueTfrom baSkn p.nrt hnnii™' "••.•••••• red milk cow with white markings and bankers . cash and casn itema .. and. one red roan milk cow. Grain as, follows: About 800 bushels of ear corn Total Resources in south half of corn crib being a crib size 8 feet wide, by 32 feet long and LIABILITIES about 7 ^«.iito"il"5S«-ta|fig!S5S5 ffirfSto £ n(Uvlded p 'P"te' (after' deducing'expVmesY' \ \'. \\\ 50,000.00 Auxiliary held i T, f H card p , arty at th e hall on p w y eve " ln 8' The high bridge e was won by Mrs. W. J. Cotton and Oscar Earing and low by Mrs .J^ ThP hth ard 8 ? d wullam Dudding. Ihe high score for flve hundred was ^ or » j>y George Pettit and Mrs. William Dudding and low score by Mrs Roy Jensen and James Ackerman. OU. Umsted received the 4oor prize of one The parent-teachers' association held! ocated on the west half "of tto''North- ion Nine (9) in Township Ninety-Six '96) North, Range Twenty-Nine (29) vest of the Fifth P. M. Kossuth coun- y, Iowa. And I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accurlng costs at pub- lie auction, to the highest bidder, for of $561,806.04 578.64 30,737.95 69,261.99 291,461.07 ¥953,1148.69 70,000.00 , to check „ checks Cashier Checks . and unpaid Total Liabilities STATE OF IOWA, Kossuth county, 4,111,19 386,091.12 70,018.03 116,398.66 1.797.07 1(213.93 879130.0Q $953,845.69 ... «»..v*u>*, w *»»o iiigiicei. uiaoer, lor do solemnlv swpar that tv,«i TA h A on *X*A ot A *tt££%£?£S SSZ house in Algona, in Kossuth county Iowa, at the hour of ten o'clock a. m., ^^ bank full, true and comct H. signed. Dated this 23rd day of March, 1931 L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Everett L. Harris, Deputy Linnan and Stillman, Plaintiff's Attorneys. Atfit T O Ar'S^ I ' e6ld ^t. J- S. AUNEB, Cashier. and J. 8. (SEAL) ANNA BUSS, Notary Public in and for Kossuth ATTESTED BY: H. J. BODE T. H. WADSWORTH O- S. BUCHANAN JOS. W. WADSWORTH ^, I Directors, I

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