The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1931 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1931
Page 2
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The Upperjjeii M6ae».B«publleaii. Apfll 1,1931 &AGGARD & fiAOKUB, Publisher*. Sfitewd an Second Class matter at the postotice at Algona, Iowa, under the U ; act of Congress of March 8, 1879. Issued Weekly. : :! Subscription Rates in Kossuth County: Ofie Year, in Advance $2.00 Six Months, in Advance .__ 1.20 IThree Months, in Advance ^___. ,60 Subscriptions Outside County, $1,50 per year, strictly in advance. Subscriptions continued Until paid for and ordered stopped Display Advertising, 30c Per Inch ..._.____^ Composition 6 cents per inch extra. ATTENTION TAXPAYERS Thinks Taxpayers Should Get Sympathy APPORTIONMENT. •tlonmerit of congres- now under way in the ites, many states will ion in congress, while n. It will be noticed that gain have large rge foreign population, ent is based upon the THE TENTH DISTRICT. The Iowa state legislature will soon tackle the job of making nine congressional districts where eleven have existed. They are going to find it a big job and a lot of people will no doubt be disappointed, if they use good judgment, Shey will, where possible, leave the districts n.n npnriv no «»•««•*%*»« FAVOKS In the of filonal distrii the United lose represei others will gain. census and these aliens are counted And used for apportionment purpose It is estimated that there are abou seven million aliens in the Unite: States and as apportionment goes the are responsible for twenty-eight con gressmen. The problem for some con gress will be to determine if thes aliens should be excluded from appor tlonment purposes. The states with the larger cities and large manufacturing industries have the larger number of aliens. It is these states that gain in the number of congressmen States like Iowa lose. Opponents say it Is the same as taxation without representation and they should be counted the same as citizens but the custom does give aliens an indirect voice in making our laws. In case of war aliens may say "I do not choose to serve," while the citizen may be drafted. The states do not allow the aliens to vote and endeavor to preserve the pricinples and doctrines of . as they are. The tenth district should not be disturbed. It has always been one of the largest and would be in proportion with the new districts. The people living in the district are perfectly satisfied to have the legislature leave it as it is. The voters living in the district are well acquainted, they know each other's desires and needs, and have recently elected a congressman who has the interests of the dis- ;rict at heart. Here is hoping that the egislature will see flt to leave the with district as it Is, although It will lave a new number. March 27.—Editor of the Republican: I recently had a brief interview with the chairman of the Algona school board. I requested and was furnished a list of the teachers employed and the salaries that were paid the same. I felt that this is legitimate information that anyone and everyone is entitled to know. The list and salaries paid are- both keenly Interesting to me, and it is because I think they will be to your readers that I hand the statement to you for publication. A great many things could be said about this list and these | salaries, but tney supply abundant, material for careful deliberation. There is small disposition and Blight need perhaps to drtticbfe the work done in our school, but when It is recalled that farm products are off UTOOC forty per cent, automobiles, twenty-five Tn fh . per cent, land values, fifty per cent, 1 "^ ftep, Bdnnstetter Battles He is Instigating a Probe of Lobby, Curbing the BILL. Tax Revision Matters Iri * a Terrible Muddle and Nothing May b« Accomplished this Session. Representative Bonnstetter.) Des Molnes, March 28. my last letter 1 railroad fare, thirty per cent, clothing stated that on Friday, March 20th and shoes, twenty per cent, common the proponents of the assessor Ml/ bread flfy per cent, not to extend through parliamentary tacticssucceed- JUVtfl* £"? furt . her ' tt would Beem H m voiding indefinite postponement that the budget at the disposal of our for further consideration of the school board should be held, yes more, ure. This placed the house in Cigarette Evil. Sac Sun: Here's a new wrinkle, and one that proves quite successful because it is being done in the name of moral crusading. A man rather peculiarly dressed stops at a farm house and says he is traveling in the interest of an organization to "curb the cgaret evil." One of the first ques- l ons ,. h l asks ls - " Let ' s see, what cnurcn do you belong to?" And invariably the answer seems to be "That's fine, that's the church I be- It is said that some farm- vlcinlty of Sac City have m this manner to "curb evil," with no assurance at purpose. for discount should Will P. Walker. Algona Teachers' Salaries and Schedules. be exacted.—I tion to hold a club over the senate In regard to the pasriage of the proposed income tax latv. Wednesday passed the Income OTHER EDITORS J. P. Overmyer, superintendent, per year, $3600.00. Miss Coate, high school principal, per month, $244.44. Francis Duhigg, English, $170.00. Prances Messer, History, $170.00 Leona Krampe, English, $165.00. Ruth Messenger, English, $155.00. Alvena Miller, mathematics, $165.00 tax bill and talked on to it some am- Since the assessor the endments and among them was v as *?*?* by the s e house had already defeated bill, the senate's action Washington By Fred Holmes, Wash. Correspondent for the U. D. M-R. , meant to. force the house to give favorable consideration to the measure or assume the blame for the failure of lrftaxrevlsion Pro&ram. This TEACHERS NOT OVERPAID. Rlngsted -Dispatch: Palo Alto coun- r has cut all teachers wages ten per well do likewise by excluding I school expenses remain fixed. Rural aliens in all apportionment purposes teachers in that county were already being paid about ten per less than nrvin* T™ mi.^ lS Tlmet count y teachers. This cut puts CLEAN UP TIME. them around twenty per cent lower We have just passed through one of „ „_ „ „ wuulllr¥ taAiJuyei . s the most pleasant winters in history, are not long going to be" content to Spring arrived last week and every- P a V a. higher rate of school taxes than thing points to an early season. The their neighbor on the south, farmers are anxious to get into the L At But hven and West Bend a cut of ten per iiivena jvuuer, mathematics, $165.00 irHtntort tv,— v,^ *"«B«WU. mis Esther Quinby, mathematics, $ $ 150.00. K± d $, e ±T? °=, n * ?' «» ta wsr' sMiai science ~ '•*"* I jp^ ^ =-= &r Hattie Wilson, normal training, | &S™U5t SSmSSSffS indefinitely postponed. This was a tragedy as far as the tax revision commercial, | ^MoSTSt " tax relief. Washington, D. c. "Kindly refrain from door March 30.— I slamming the $180.00. Nancy Ruth Renaud, home economics, $145.00. Ruth Krelkenbaum, $165.00. Floy Horn, natural science, $150.00. George S. Johnson, physics and chemistry, $180.00. Adrian ing, Burmeister, manual train- it bn nh n t T what I , tO kcep the m easure was wanted, but I felt that amen dsd so as to remove graphy agriculture, $170.00. .. Aubrey Bonham, coach and physical training, $215.00. , fields and begin the spring work Ma- ten , per , ^ was made to a » tow n Helen Stubbs, physical training sessins s chinery is being put to readtaVa nnd £ acl l ers salaries from *°P to bottom. Socles and high school $140.00. in a Dos At he tain the merits of the When I came to : ery much opposed would tend to th the <t j l Iat ter place the teachers all oiled, refused to accept contracts for another days begins everyone year at the lower wage but at last re- I time, $120.00. gets the fever to clean up the win- ports they had changed their minds, ter's dirt. Housewives enjoy tearing If the wages of school teachers were the home to pieces and moving the falr during the period of high wages furniture about. Paint and wall Dan- !? thls state ' then present conditions «>r I.Q nut r.n fv,« ,„„!!„ —j *„. _ demand an adjustment. er is put on the an adjustment. Governor Turner demands reduc- walls and for a i Just where will deep or eat. Then the yards j legislature demands a reduction of 5 must be cleaned, the ashes and win- per cent by all taxing bodies Where ter accumulations of jurik hauled are these taxing bodies going to away after which the garden must be r. he cut Ifc ls tune to thmk **>L_ _ spaded or plowed, the seeds planted £?,£ - 81 - 0 Alt ° county te aWe *° se J "- - beds Grace Melba Miller, music $145.00. Antoinette Bonnstetter, nurse, 3-5 Grade Teachers. seventh and eighth still Molnes I was anything that ie present as- after being placed where I was compelled as you pass out," said Senator • of Iowa, to Secretary of the „„„ . ,- Andrew W. Mellon, a year, a e° la ft January, as the senator care- fuUy dusted off the secretary's fedora .and handed it to him with the further suggestion: "Here's your hat; don't be in a hurry." And^Mr. Mellon wasn't. | The "greatest Secretary of thel *?£^ ry , S £ Cf> Alexa nder Hamilton," serving in the cabinets of three presi- ^ en uf' .?, eing after a11 a mortal" undoubtedly made some mistakes and many enemies. He was wrong once to* Jl? made an estimate of probable tax returns, an incident which was grasped by some as convincing evidence of incapacity. Therefore, why, ?n e l y "?°3 *£," arn ! n .? tha * the pay- r, , P r °P°sition, I reluctant- grade, $185.00. Jean Coon k Iseverith and feighthl boards to make, some adjus Algona people have alway been , , to cooperate with clean up suggestions and the work has already started to beautify the homes, lawns and gardens. Telephone Company Giving Fine Service. Emmetsburg Democrat: John Shea informs our reporter that the recently improved toll line from Emmetsbiurg to A to Algona cost $11,000 per mfle. best ta tne state - it superior to the line running from Des Moines to Port Dodge which accommodates hundreds of talkers every twenty-four hours. The toe recently built from Emmetsburg to Hpencer^also shows unusually substan- and experienced work- tial material tnanship. News and Comment. have to face when they must scratch and skimp every year in order to save enough money to pay their taxes. And is it any easier for the fellow in town to meet his taxes. They must come %? and wages must be equalized. The farm hand who a few years ago was getting $55 and $60 a month is this year glad to get a job at $40. It is not our belief that Emmet county teachers, either rural or town are be a n ° W - ]ooks ** th ough the townships will be permitted to elect their own assessors. In the autumn we look for the Indian summer and in the spring, squaw winter. The latter struck us Friday. A baby was born every second during 1930 In New York City. No wonder it is the largest city in the world. To cut taxes the legislature must cut state and municipal expense. Creating new jobs will not lower taxes. • - — w- w* WWU. CUe UC~ £f £Z? ^ Hlgn Qualifications are exacted of the teacher and more Is expected of them each year In a community way. This lowering of taxes a this time, for which there is a demand, is something that must be threshed out by each taxing body in equitable way with Justice to all. COLLEGE PRESIDENTS OVERPAID. Emmetsburg Democrat: A bill has been introduced in the Iowa house to cut the salary of the president of the University of Iowa to $12,000. He has been getting $18,000 and allowances for his home. Th e bill also reduces the of the Ames institution from "'2,000. It should be adopt- dnt m ° ur governor, all of the ^ <°^ C 5 S ' our su P reme J"dg«. dis- Illinois has passed a b01 to repeal the dry laws. Why that was necessary is a puzzle as they were never observed. «, u i- and senators much lower salaries, there Is no excuse for paying i o \va college presidents such fabulous amounts Besides, farmers are selling wheat, oats barley rye, poultry, eggs and other products at figures that do not begfn to pay for the cost of production. Bank presidents used to receive largo salaries them. 4 " Sh ° W Ulat thCy dld not ca ™ It is claimed that twelve to fourteen S^.^T;' 0 "!^?* or Cta 1 } grades, $130.00. Opal Kndx, seventh grades, $125.00. Matilda > Dalluiger, eighth grades, $120.00. E° ra Carson, fifth and sixth grades, $145,00. Dorothy Bravinder, fifth and sixth grades, $125.00. Margaret Hullerman, sixth $125.00. Lillian Granzow, fifth and grade, $125.00. : and eighth seventh and grade, sixth study ly began to realize the necessity of securing a method whereby a more according to —. and the evils present system eliminated ly, here is what I found- 1. The property of the farmers and no 3. Much property that is not assessed town owners was assessed from (to 65 per cent of its fair value 2. Many instances can be found wher city property is assessed or 20 per drawing, $175.00. 00. , .. Eileen Portman, oecond grade, $120.- $l2 1 5 la oo y SchoffstaU - "second^gmie, Bertha Godfrey,'first grade, $l4o!oo.' Lucia Wallace, first grade, $130.00. Esther Fulton, third grade? Vera Steil, ' " $125.00. Bernice Palmer, fourth and fifth grades, $130.00. at all. 4. Under the farmers pay taxes " any present system per cent of all are the t»^ «^ a billion dollars to able-bodied and profitably employed as well as needy and deserving veterans would DS a drain upon.the treasury and hardship to taxpayers? Was it Robert Louis Stevenson or I Mr. Anonymous, who said: "There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of lis that it lifT? 6 ^ 0768 . any of us to find fault with the rest of us?" ' » » « In any case, science honored Andrew! W. Mellon's seventy-sixth birthday with a chemistry medal and the award brought to light a side of his life utterly unknown to the public generally and little known even to his Intimates. The award, Jointly to him It's Easy Now to Have That Home for Your Family Don't continue paying rent and getting nothing back for the money you spend. The Algona Building & Loan offers to responsible young couples the facilities for buying a house out of salary incomes. Let us help you finance your home on easy monthly payments. Our plan is practical for men realizing an even minor income. Let us tell you about our monthly savings plan. Algona Building & Loan Ass'n. C34- 4- cu State St. A. L. Cunningham, Sec. but suffice property, "reasons 4 could I l3' ( f'*l^ ^^ •*-~T. — — HA W WM. I to say that a corrective the American Institute of (launched just by accident is not so clear. From a high source within the Prominent Folks Married at Lu Verne. Gazette : Mrs. Janet f TT, Llvermore a"" 1 Hen ry Ris°, f LuVerne were married at eight o^lock Thursday morning at the Lu- heran parsonage In LuVerne, Rev. L OTttenburg Lutheran pastor offlckt-' ng The bridal pair were attended on- by the groom's son, George and " Following the ceremony the newly married pair started on a motor Wp home of The bride a a TI -.. of the late Mr- and Mrs. A. A Hewitt, was born and raised near hrr"^* £» «p«* «* m^t of the proponents and opponents had not been so arbitrary In their demands. If ««ti revlsl on program fafls these gentlemen must shoulder the blame. Monday the senate passed S. F. No si. This bill proposed to reduce the 5° un . ty supervisors to three for each county. The bill does not appear to be bers of the county and township 'organization committee hope to Indefinitely postpone It when the measure them for consideration mnmv, , »^ are shnUar to the other members of the committee. I feel that if the people of Kossuth county want three supervisors, they already have the machinery tooso decide by popular vote and the state auditors report does not Indicate that there is arTec- onomy in the proposed change. I notice that an n.rHnlo ont^an* th "h 0 ™ 0 * OM m artlcle appearing in tne home papers "complimented" me on my position in the salary cut of the her life here, the last ten < ma ^ inB her home with in their residence here. years or par- She has the American people n, ope was collected to pay the cost of national state and local government. Th" cost is at present rrivrn „* „„„ " ... co , st present given The American people will stand lor this injustice one-seventh, not long . as been among our most popular and prominent ladies, active in social and PATT SHOULD TAKE NOTICE. Rlngsted Dispatch: It la to be nnl ed with satisfaction that northern Iowa state representatives from have appointed a p , . thl3 Ktatc supported the ' delegation to visit the Iowa leglsla- f° rf bri ' J' hich met c 'e f eat in the hoirt ture. They could get a lot of pointers stett£ ee £ ." elga ;; on of Emmet, Bonn on politics. l^.,rfL. of K ?ssuth and Johnson Congress should Dickinson voted for the „£™ w ° c believe Donlan of Palo "' measure, met with the approval of nil n ..I t L -_. .. l ^*. Tbje people vote for new school nouses, swimming pools, paved roads and various other improvements and then yell about the taxes. Mayor Thompson of Chicago says j™ 1 ^ Helgason would vote agains this is his last time in politics. He ^ bU1 ' We hope they take particular must see the handwriting on the wall ft rnm t su .PP°rt of the bill wher as many predict his defeat, A fellow back from California says I the only people there are a few native . cam e to a vote. CAN'T STOP THE LAWMAKERS. Whittemore Chamnlon- "Th, sons, descendants from Japs and Mexi- Grouch," writing in the Republican ad cans and the others are from Iowa v ° c ates that the next two sessions of If Iowa had all the money spent by tne legislature put in their time re- lowans in California, there could be P .f, e exl »tmg laws, in place of en- no depression here. v.""Lf \ TV OJd stuff ' Grouch - lv "" " re about ten years behind the _. , , T/je Champion advocated such The government seems more or less a ,£ ea at least that many years ago surprised that there is a big decline in I w '. th R ^her proviso that the '--- ten years, country has been passing through a, period of depression and small in- CAN TRUST THE "HELL RAISER" comeg we the natural result. R ,«,i, nnT1 Mc r, itocic Rapids Reporter: Iowa's sen- T, ' s a wel1 know n resident LuVerne and quite well known in Livermore where he has made frequent visits during the past few years Following the wedding trip to Iltoois they expect to return to Livermore and occupy the former A. A. Hewitt town residence. Their friends wish them all possible success and happiness. McGuire Grading Crew Are Now at Swea City. The M. T. McGuire grading crew began work last week on highway No Nine west of Swea City and will start work as early as possible. Already work has been started on culverts and nrldges. Number Nine will be paved west from Swea City and across Emmet county to the Dickinson county !"° f thi f. year ,: °ne of the problems at West Bend. However, I lame exception to certain portions m orf i? 1 ,." 115 artic le a statement was made that I am Instigating a probe of the teachers' lobby at the state house, i statement is false. I never made it. Another portion of the article gives a Jist of the teachers' names and a false report of the salaries on which ifie ten pci" cent cut is fo&sed Tli6 author of the article is known to me. It was written with the idea of creating public sympathy for the teachers, i am of the opinion, however, that if the public is "long" on sympathy, that the taxpayers will and should receive first consideration. Sincerely, A. H Bonnstetter. previously. of them scientists, the Mel- Ions are honored as pioneer patrons of science credited with gifts of many minions of dollars given so quietly that even now the totals are a secret. It all began about twenty years ago The practical results appear today in every American household In articles of daily use, quite liberally created with aid of the Mellon gifts. They have sponsored health research with an almost Ironclad condition that then- identity as backers be withheld from publication. Mainly these researches have been done at Mellon Institute of Industrial Research which they estab- "" "^ e Univer sity of Pittsburgh There all Industry and many some r trip feat, toe had made up his , in 1913. branches of science are furnished Place to make discoveries. The Mel- ions do not usually pay for these researches nor receive any credit for them, although they furnish an important part of the scientific machinery. From the researches conducted there is^not too much to say that the filtered into f . , confronting the paving the water supply. contractor is years ago while Former Irvington Man Passed Away. Irvington, March 30. Special- Many mends were grieved to hear of the oeath of a former resident of Irvington. when J!. M, Watson passed awa .y la -st Monday from heart trouble at , hls home in Knoxville, Iowa. He had suffered very much the past six months and had failed rapidly up until the time of his death When Mr. Watson first came to Irvington, he acted as depot agent. Lat- e £ ? buUt and ODer ated a store until about two years ago when he sold out toi Sankey & Riiey and moved to Knoxville. Mr. Watson leaves to mourn his p , as ?, mgr ' hls wlfe - three sons, Marshall of Knoxville. Harry of Leavenworth, and Ray of San Francisco and six grandchildren. Mr. Watson be kindly remembered by his friends who knew him to be and loving man. resultant benefits have almost every home in the land Articles that once were expensive luxuries have been placed within reach of tne average household budget Devices have been developed for lightening the labor of the workers in the home. The work done by this "West Point of our industrial system," as £!c 5u ad ,? f ,. tne Ins titute of Chemists describes it, has been unknown to the general public. But the honor now 2±L*° ^ r °"" derf L* eminently de- running mate In 1932, and had Governor Roosevelt of Porto Rico and aHn- ford. MacNlder, United States minister to Canada, In mind. • • • These reports have been to the effect that the president was convinced that Governor Roosevelt had done meritorious work In Porto Rico and that unless something unusual was done to exploit it, the country would never take the Interst to find out about it. The president wanted a vacation, so he coupled politics and pleasure, according to the report. • • * Governor Roosevelt of New York Incurs all the perils of a candidate who is out hi front, not In actual delegates, for then- selection is several months off, but in the minds of the leading democratic politicians throughout the county. It Is a common saying that it is dangerous to be In the lead too early In the race for presidency. And so it is unless the candidate In the lead is, so to speak, the inevitable nominee. Governor Alfred E. Smith was in the lead In the 1928 race for a year or so In advance of the convention. But the democratic party had Then, too, Governor Roosevelt has courted the antagonism of the conservative business element in his party by,being too friendly to the .west- em progressive 'republicans. And the conservative element Is almost always more ^powerful in party conventions than the progressive element. It defeated McAdoo to 1920 and 1924. to nominate rent asunder. Governor Smith or be On the other hand, Wm. Pi t S °\»! n . aybe ' the ant asked elephant, "Who're you shovin'? " but the elephant doesn't seem to have lost any sleep over the incident. • • • President Hoover may not have had it m mind, but one result of his visit to Porto Rico has become apparent. A vice presidential boom has been launched for its governor, Theodore Roosevelt, son of the former president. Party leaders for the last few days have looked at the headline " G. McAdoo was in the lead long before) the 1924 convention met with practically the same support which Mr Roosevelt appears to have now and Mr. McAdoo was beaten for the nomination. PERSONAL LOANS On Easy Terms Eeady Cash-Service We loan you money on a few minutes' notice In amounts from $50.00 to $300.00. Phone or call on us as our method is quick courteous and confidential. We lend on household furniture and automobiles, and allow you to repay in 20 small monthly payments. HAWKEYE FINANCE CO. represented by CUNNINGHAM & LACY Phone 598 107 W. State St. WV WJ^^^ "Hoover and for will many a kind Roosevelt" and added make a good comblna ' For several days* a* report has been current around the capital that the primary purpose of the president's tr aside from being a vactlon tour, was to concentrate public attention o Roosevelt so he might test the reactio of the country on the New Yorker as a vice presidential possibility. « * « Whether this Rooseveltian boom wa jywwwvwvvwv Start the Chicks Right out some farm relief-i of MEANEST MAN WAS A "BABBIT." Mason City Globe-Gazette:One of .he meanest men in town expressed regret the other day that TheS Dreiser didn't have a hofrseshoe to us hand when he slapped Sinclair Gets Letter From Friend in Labrador. Mrs. Roy Brownell recently received a letter from a friend who is do ing social service work in Labrador or the east coast of Canada. The letter was written about Christmas time and to writer stated that they had been having heavy snows there and that the weather was quite cold. She says that the sky and sunsets In Labrador are the most beautiful she has ever seen. The mode of travel there during the winter time is either by boat, dog sleds or walking. They were expecting air mail service to start last January If the harbors were frozen solid enough af the harbors are the only places a plane can make a safe landing. Chas. L. Miller Retailer Rawleigh's Good Health Products Spices, Extracts, Flavors, Soaps Toilet Articles. Dentifrices, Polishes, Stock and Poultry Preparations Insecticides, Stock Dip, Disinfectant, etc. Telephone Orders Promptly Filled. Phone 678-J, Alffon^ lowT 41-tf The Ames All-Mash Starter and Mash, with ts ten perfectly balanced - ienta, including Buttermilk and Cod Live? Oil Z fM 6 heal f? £™S vitaimns neceS for uick growth. Our chick mash is al" Northwestern Elevat or E. B. BISINGK <Artwvwvu ^^

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