The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1931 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, April 1, 1931
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tax* —Twelve Pages ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1,1931 VOL.2a-N0.42 ELECTED MAYOR BY EIGHT VOTES C. B. Hutchins is a Victim of Pneumonia I Arthur Ward Died Tuesday Morning. Prominent Citizen and Former Member of Legis lature Passes. DIED m IXES M01NES SATUKDAY MORNING Generally Given Credit for Outstand Ing Work In Building up Northern Iowa ana Kossuth County. Kossuth county mourns the death o ?£ 6 5 f i? most outstanding men in the death of Clayton B. Hutchins W « » fcfurred at the Iowa Lutheran hospital in DCS Moines last Saturday morning, March 28, as a result of a f" d . d ?. n attack of lobar pneumonia. Mr Hutchins who had been spending the winter In Des Moines looking in on the legislature, of which he was for a time a member, caught cold and was confined to his room at the Y. M. O. A. building. A few days later it was found that his cold-had developed into dread pneumonia. He was taken to the hospital five-days preceding his death, and on Wednesday when he suffered a serious sinking spell his three spns.livmg in Algona were summoned • to; his/bedside. On Friday he showed suctfa remarkable improvement it was thought that the crisis was past and'-'Carl and Lawrence returned home, leaving Harold, who remained at his father's bedside until the end came Saturday morning at 8:65, when his weakened heart refused to longer function and ne passed away peacefully. Death Came as He Wished. Thei end came rather qulokly, and in Just the manner he would have wished. He said to the t people at the Y. *?' Al' M he Was beUl S taken away the, hospital: :'i don't want to get I hope*!;, shall go quickly." '*" " HON, c. B,. HUTCHINS. . -- Arthur Ward were sad- lf, -,•'7' h , death Tuesday morning | from intestinal flu He had been ill and his death was quite at his home in the ^__—™* COURT CONVENED |«V Day Here for I White, Poster, . Kohlhaas. MONDAY - Count|t y Schools. I and Herman Win as Coun- Judge rf 0 ,,~a 7 S ^ hools are Planning a | m .Ap d r?^, Sflf ^V t0nD -°' ClOCkp -l oilmen of Wards. ., ., a - * , gona, and Ralph W., at Oilman Wis- „. a an , clark e. Governor Dan Turn- consin. Ernest th ' ator eorge w - Pt __1 His Bit to Building west. I it was during the period of his school The life span of Clayton B. Hutch- teaching at National that he won his Ins was contemporaneous with the set- fire* wife, Eva Hamilton, whom he tlement of the Middle West and the married December 25, 1877, in her par- development of America's national ental home near that place, greatness and it can be truthfully said To them were born seven sons of that Mr. Hutchins "did his bit" In con- whom four are still living: Harold D trtbutlng to them. Lawrence C., and Carlton B., at "'' He was a pioneer, a "son of the soil," -----who grew up amid privations and hard work, but also a man of unusual intellectual qualities, and statesmanlike grasp of public questions. He also had Inherent In his nature artistic Impulses of nOjiSiearj, quality; which, however, to luWapntow, the handicaps of his earlieiCenvir.o:nrnent did not permit htm to cultivate Tihd adequately "express. Lived in Iowa 75 Years. Clayton Barney Hutchins was born near the village of Molra, in Franklin county, New York, January 11, 1849 the son of Dexter H. and Helen M (Whitney) Hutchins. With his parents he came to Iowa in the spring of 1855, travelling by prairie schooner, and by boat on the Great Lakes from Ogdensburg, New York, to Chicago. Arthur Ward was born in wares Grove, Illinois, May 22, 1857, and died in Algona, March 31, at the age of (seventy-four years. He came toKos- Bench -first married to Carrie Joslyn, but lat- 'er separated. On March 24, 1805, he li$£%, 1 nlt ^ to marriage to Elizabeth | Falk in Algona. she died two years ago. Ten children survive. They are- Mrs. Ida Davis of Belmond; Roy and City, Missouri; Mrs. AHen° Reed' of I FOUR JURY SET FOR TRIAL. (gram. ' take part in the pro- The events are as follows: Boys' fifty yard dash, boys tin to i K V f" ,™ an ? boys eleven and oVen' ., °" e townsh) P against | !• WERE REELECTED, About Eleven, Hundred Vojtes Cast. Other Officers Reclccted. Specht Makes Statement. Shuttle another. §13? "£ fflfuSS • I, "r" far* w ™ !h °™'» ih ° «»* OIOf .(.Ming K*'l,,mo ™ 51 "J" Molia " sl "" c F - «"*>* K'v&a« n . 1 s^i Mto ™^P i ^*srA. t S l Jfc a?j» ssaSS? H s £IH>™ butE .. -^^-fin^iiTi^^«H®IS^^^^fe^^ 2 -^?? »AffiXs\lt^^^ -ass ttj^&tt\sffsx?s?sis£, SNuxsr - * »<"fe™™-s«res'£ and two o'clock at the Methodist. W. J. Unm-no r.™~ IL.tJ. JJ. ury „ . Talk of Settlement In Some Suits. AN | gona School Suits to be Held Over. Rahn Case Also. and two o'clock at the Methodist W. J. Bmrne. Lone Rock Johr7rn H church in Wesley with Rev. Whyte of son, Wesley; Lulu Howrott Hurt- TI" Klemme officiating. Burial will be In HUB Jensen Buffalo Center? T F the Wesley cemetery. Besides the Johnson, Swea City- Frank !™«? m J*™^K to mourn twen- Whittemore; 1 c^NeTson and four great — . LEGION COMMANDER AT LAKOTA I i7it<._ir~ "' —""''"*• Bancroft. Zittritsch is serving as clerk. It is expected that the grand jury will complete its work today. The petit jur- Authority on Taxation. Hutchins was rated one of the 30 men on tax problems in „ tow^ and during the life '"'on which recently to the legislature, * *$ 1( » ., - consin. Ernest, the oldest and Homer H., the youngest, died In Infancy) Irving W., died at the age of twenty^ seven, November 23, 1909. The moth-i' er died February 4. 1892. ' ? eorge w - Patterson, members of the commission ""^erred with him. Mr. , recovery from his Illness of f ? W I earst ago whlch for a time seri- The Journey began May 8th and required 18 days from the time the party started until arrival at its destination, the village of National, In Clayton county, Iowa. The Hutchins family were farmers In Clayton county, near Nationa While there, Clayton, as a boy, help ed his mother to manage and conduc the farm, during the Civil War period while his father, Dexter H. Hutchins was a soldier In the Union army. Resident of Kossuth 62 Years. With his father, mother and two sis ters, Clayton emigrated to Kossuth county in 1869. The party started in a prairie schooner, March 9th, going nearly to Clear Lake, where the snow became so deep, that they had to transfer to a sled, on which there was no box, but only some boards laid on the beams of the sled. Thus they drove into Clear Lake. Clayton took the team of a man accompanying them, and went back to get the wagon. He did not know then that they were "outlaws." They ran away, and but for one of them stumbling and falling, might have cost him his life. The party continued their journey to Algona by way of Forest City, travelling over the snow, arriving eight days after they started from d February 4. 1892. • '' rst ago wlch for a time seri- February 22, 1893, Mr. Hutching \$$? ^ reaf 5f ned hls life - wa « remark* "*•««"* e ' r * e Precedin his Kossuth and Winnebago Counties to Hold Joint Meeting of Legion. ALGONA MEMBERS ESPECIALLY INVITED. State Commander Cahill, Mrs. F. H. Webster of Algona, Howard French I „ .. — Tuesday and an kquity case was set for trial for to|day. Four Jury Case Trials. DeLand set four jury cases «f »*„«." w iext weekl One to the case of Matt Nemmers of Bancroft vs. Tom Bergman of Emmetsburg, which is an attachment suit. Another case is that of.Thompson,- vs Andrew, Receiver of —— — " | AWL.VW1.VW1 UJ. .'Savings Bank on a contract The third case is of L. A. Andrew, Receiver of the County Savings Bank vs. : Elizabeth Yanser on a land«^'1 attachment. The remaining suit is that of the Ehmke Implement Company vs . W . A. Wood, on an account!* ** / ., . Court, Gossip, IBOWUNG TOURNEY ENDS WITHBANQUET Hub Billiard Parlor is Host to Forty League Bowlers of Algona. STANDARD OIL TEAM WON TOURNAMENT. Season Closed Officially March 19, But Alleys Will be Open Until April 10. Much Interest In Sport. The bowling season officially closed IS'^SS^LPW 1 '.^^ a banquet ue to the forty league bowlers given by tt * elected coimcllmen-aMarire" without opposition RS were Treasurer IT M Hauberg, Assessor E. H. Bimrdsle-' and i ftl'K to Speak. Maurice Cahill, state commander of the American Legion of Iowa, will peak at Lakota, the evening of Frf- ay, April 3rd, at a joint meeting of he Legion and Auxiliary organizations f Kossuth and Winnebago counties, 'he meeting, which will be held In toe basement rooms of the Presbyter- an church, sponsored by service men f Lakota and the Legion Post and uxiliary unit of Buffalo Center. In addition to Commander Catolll, other otables to appear on the program In- ude Mrs. Madeline See of Laurens, nth district president; Howard French of Titonka, £ossuth county The Votes by Wards. First Wnrcl—Mnyor, C. F. Specht 117 A. Ogren 104; councilman, W.'A White 1P8, councilman-nt-larfre, Tom Kain JS2, F. Gclccl 143; treasurer, H. M. Hauberff, 158; Assessor, E. H. Beardsley, 165; park commissioner, M P Weaver, 160. A total of 223 votes were cast. Second Ward—Mayor, C. F. Specht, 191, A. Oeron, 187; councilman, J. M. Moore, 335, W. A. Foster 199; councll- man-at-large, Tom Kain 248, F. Oelgel 247; treasurer, H. M. Hauberg 170; assessor, E. H. Beardsley 190: park commissioner, M. P. Waever 173. A total of 379 votes were'cast in this ward. Third Ward—Mayor, O. F. Specht 140, A. Ogren 118; councilman, F. Kohlnaas 183; councilmen-at-large. Tom Kain 167, F. Gelgel, 145; treasurer, H. M. Hauberg, 166; assessor, E. H. Beardsley, 173; park commissioner, M,P. Weaver, 170. A total of ^261-Votes were cast. ,.,•—••-' Fourth Ward—Mayor, O. F. Specht 98, A..Ogren 129; councilman, C. Herman 170; councllmen-at-large, Tom Kainm F, Qelgel, 164; treasurer, HV M, Jfaufcergr,' 'lltJ7;_ assessor, E. H. , *""""'" 1 — ,170! parfc commissioner, . to be " s< > n » e Question as Prize for a grand score oif 78 out of score oi the case of Gusta Muckey 300. He accepted the prize with a . e prze with a vs. Henry Klocke to collect damages very appropriate speech. Medals were Si, ^ ° f a to °S ta the auto accl- Presented to the following mmteTS fm ? ™ hio j 1 . 0 / !cun - e d while the plain- the Standard Oil team which won the tiff was driving to Port Dodge with tournamerit, Ralph Donovan, Lloyd be , Ed. McNeil, Andrew God- , . , o- In Bll fredson, W. J. O'Brien and Howard ' th» . teU l hls term ' , . . ren an o be held over «ntfl Vliuon. The names of these men ^ en graved on the silver trophy cup • Bn ° Rahn of L, The bowto » s^on officially cloVed case brought March 19, but the alleys will be open sacrifice In helping "him to rear hU IT? "form measures printed m the man^der^M?'^-^ g ° ° y com " family, and by her talents, her socialiS^ 6 *. ?,'* Koines-Republican from \ anna u- n ««,,*l, ' .5v_. w *?~T ° f M ~ On a charge of Immoral April 10. Here the order in . e orer in t cts i, and the divorce which the teams flnished to the past .. and by her talents, her graces and her friendliness to all. County Surveyor and Auditor. To present a complete history of Mr rutnlt<«.«, u*_ 1-1 . i r. - —*- ——«.»* from r _. -— was of inestimable value I ine writer of these lines has known r. Hutchins for over forty years and '"" have we heard his Integrity in the erection of the new ;ih school will not t and novelty numbers local talent and Lakota j.u urcaem a complete nistory of Mr. \ n ,,~~:,™ V ""'e."" "earn nis integrity i PB i/vn n iiif.« w/viiA^;«™ +». •"»»-«™ Hutchins' life would be to write also ^ u ^ tion ed. His services to his countv «?F ^fTT s l° IUo wl?B ^e • program, a considerable portion of the histor^ of "^ l ate ^n hardly be.overTstSed forTfree^showinVn? W ^ W ? heatre Kossuth county. He was county sur- S"l **? he ritage he leaves his sons Thirst" AH ?^w, n ? See ^^ca veyor and general civil engineer In toe ,n,p,ff h v, arac ^ r SMd a reputation for wivef snd n !i A?V^ 3 ^ thelr early '80's laying out roads, rnnnin^ unse . lf sh Public service, they mav well ^V 8 ."! a'i/"? 11 .'^ members and Much interest was 'shown by a many people in Algona this county. s early '80's laying out roads, running 'land lines" to the C. & N. W. railway, settling land boundaries, laying out town sites and additions. While county auditor for six years' rom 1883 to 1889, he effected many economies in his office, of public benefit, indexing records, making mans extending the public roads through the farm lands before they should be taken up by private settlers, thus avoiding, "damages," etc. Mr. Hutchins at one time numbered his acquaintances and friends, made during his work as engineer and county official, literally by the thousands. Work as Civil Engineer. In 1903, after he left the old home unselfish public service, hey ma^?w«£ Sf'f 8 *" n t al i AuxUlaly ^mb^rs and emulate. y ' weu then- husbands of Algona are Invited Funera, Held Tuesday. a^ sl^are aU^e. S'm^tnS The funeral was largely attended at °PP°l' tunit y of hearing our state com- the Congregational church on T^esdav ma " der an ? of en i°J'ine the evening afternoon, Rev. Fred Clarke eav« n as tne euest of Lakota's service men. list M *i*v,n., 4^.. jj. IViUrttiKil bach and Archie Hutchison ber of old ' ' ' Brother of Mrs - B - E - NortonDiedi - num- A. B. Edmonds, brother of Mrs were nren n , fr ° m out of town E. Norton of Algona, died at his home Evl WWtnev o? R^f a ^P USln ' Miss ! n Ketchil <an, Alaska, March lo Tf- Mattle tor an Jllness of two yean. He would one which gave him opportunity to exercise his astonishing genius for mathematics, the work of civil engln- erlng, more especially "levelling" for of the farms of Kossuth | stated that he has done I is for t i ^. engin- Andrew Godfredson IE" for I »«*»**«• . Samp —•"""•*' i - —« ^.....^kwj v/4 I/ITU jttvio, iic WUU1C others from have celebrated his sixty-first birth- county who had day in May. For the past few years Paul and Eu- he has lived retired, looking after his As a young man he lived in Algona and at one time was employed at the Robinson hardware store. Later he went to the Phillippine Islands in the government service as a stenographer and bookkeeper under the Phillippine | The damage suit of Dr. R. A. Evans ! i^5H' m T p V bau ' tmy £•£ IKE "ss •sLssr^i 1300 tied outside of court as it is understood twice during the year, Lloyd Philltos M\f^ em ^^ irec ^ n has al- rolled it once andF. BobSSiIt^Sd ieaay oeen made. Th e suit grew out lr ' once. pi an^ accident which occurred in Irv- The following Is the day after Christ- winners and donors „ „„.„„. was thrown from went: fifteen gallons of gas donated by was riding with Elbert's Garage for individual strikes .— it was struck by won by Ralph Donovan; $5.00 pen and car, driven by her sister, Pencil from Wehler Jewelry store for . Individual spares won by A. Godfredson : $ 5 -00 steel fishing rod from Erlck- Junior League Gets & K'^^^^KSP. Base Ball Equipment J-- ? iven by D . r Schaap tor toam ~ ~"** •• —• pBTi^YhSAAM rvaivit lA/UXlvLl*, A. A. 'Bishop 1, E. ,jr. van Ness 1, treasurer, H. N. Kruse 1, E. J. Gllmore 1, assessor, Jerry Helgens 1. . In the Fourth Ward: T. H. Ohris- chllles and John Fox each received two votes for councilman-at-large and J." M. Moore received one vote for councilman. Will Be Sworn In April fl. "7 The newly elected mayor, the councilmen and other officers elected at the election will be sworn in and take the oath of office at the regular meeting of-the council Monday, April 6 Mayor-elect Specht states there will be some changes in the appointive offices but was not ready to make a statement as to what they would be. Mayor-Elect Makes Statement. Mayor-elect c. F. Specht came to Algona nine years ago from Lakota, where for a number of years he was engaged in business. He makes the following statement: "A lot of propaganda has been circulated In the last few weeks that if I were elected mayor . that I would ,1 Jspose of our municipal power and light plant to some highline company I want the citizens of, Algona here and now to understand that I have at no time made any such a statement and anyone circulating such statement has been wrongfully Informed. I have always conducted myself in a manner above board and expect to continue to •me Hagg Post of the American Le- th e Ppe catching equipment'for the funior ™? tes Cafo baseball boys last week. The i& .?" S V,° ySte . r :' strikes was won by the Standard "oil i ,, n „„ ,„ tll -----—<--• team; supper for the team making' ° in the future ' spares given by the won by the Standard 'or the team mak- uuseoan Doys i as fc week. The Rotarv "" O ',. u > 01 ' el .-Hipper tor tne team mak- and Kiwanis clubs purchased a dozen 1*1 th ?, most t^m splits given by the balls for the boys. Bonham wUl hive " . out after .... weather con- be seasonable. They have a good chance of getting up a good team this year and should make , ake tah fl in base ball circles. and using five yoke of oxen, w/n.v «v acres of land in Section 27, Lotts Creek JSiF^ "',? m Je "e in ' ™ ne re tney were married by the Rev. the fair he became connected with the Served in Io\vn Lcg^sli^turd ' I K» '^JT rirti* woro fl-ccompunlcd I SovcrninGnt lig'ht house sci'vics Qtid *».. * v . . . . _ _ ! "y JWrS. AVlll Palm fir nf Alrrntin >TtU« I U/PTlf f/\ Alnc.l FA i« Al i. ., . , Digging Started on Filtration Plant. last week when cafe, was won by the Stan ^ ^ ,,.am; $4.00 bill fold donated by Borchardt drug store for man making individual high average for the season was won by Henry Johannesen Jr., with 190; one box of G. & B. Specials donated by the Smoke Shop for individual high game for season won by Henry Johannesen with score of 258; one pair of bedroom slippers from Brownell shoe store for individual high three games for night was won by " in Donovan witli scores of 245-23 one case of Blue Ribbon beer Ogren Served Six Years. A. Ogren came to Algona about ten tpwnship. ,„ „ Statu University. On'September 9th, 1869, he started for tho State University at Iowa City going by Frank Rlst's stage to Fort Podge, thence via railroad to Farley's Landing in Dubuque county, and thence to Cedar Rapids and down to Jowa City by stage. The trip required three days » With Alaska in that capacity. He «ir. iiuccnins work for the nublic bridp i w n t *»*6w**». xnc "*-*«* «u .maaivtt ;u umo capacity. He thp ni *• . wu**v» m c inter unci i'**-^^• wu*i«vt;u some of the legislation regaiu to sne has been employed at the Paine I sisters, Mrs. Norton and Mrs L El re f llove d. It will be built directly bcwled for ti the time of the 34th and 35th^neral three^nd^nn^f St ° re for Ule Past Thomas of South Dakota, and 'one Wae f d ?^ the power plant and will be the hi shest in Wff-«S^WSSGE WTt^ ° f « S-tletclikaT° ndS Wh ° 1S a «£d. entirely ° Ut ° f the elec^ic -on of 1,0. I CiUC<7 unjo. 'After attending the State University two years, he was unable to complete his course on account of the losses occasioned by the depredations of the grasshoppers in the early '70's. At one time he taught school in the Mann district In the country. He teught, as head of the Algona public achpols, commencing January 6, 1873. He also taught school at National, In a ropm witti nearly sixty pupils of various amasi and later, following his marriage to Eva Hamilton, he taught in ~.~ filter and I Piece- donated by the - soon as the dirt ? tate Bank. Henry uunauuesen wi - be built directly bowled for the Champlln team, ha power plant and will be the highest individual average for th iTPllf /"11 if f\f 4-1-. „ _i_..,-. lcA£)(-mi rtP 1 t\f\ several law, which „ __ X UC«U(tJ tO VAIV A41O^ I llttE) Ulf Monday in June. He took the leader- friends ship in the effort to prevent the division of Kossuth county. SIS t Skelgas Store Sells Many Stoves, I Bancroft Bank Assets Harold Phillips Now Sold to W. A. Murray. I Ll »Verne Postmaster ' v * *»vtJ«JM V** VWUA1VJT • I y h e e ars C T e K°oLu^ "c^unly, ^l Ab Lo «g Celebrates April Fools' sixty years in Kossuth county, ™. Hutchins occupied many positions of, public trust and responsibility, such as school director,. president of the Kossuth County Farmers' Institute, president of the Algona Co-Operative Creamery Company, president of the Sossutlj County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, vice president of the County Savings Bank, and other offices of minor character. He espoused (he religious faith of Algona. grocery • In spite of being thirty years nature has not The Algona Skelgas store, which is managed by R. O. Bjustrom of Ho- oarton has sold fourteen Skelgas stoves i ' » Which they have pl f chase P rice •• past ten davs. I ??^ s amounted to in charge c . .... —.,„ _ v ckes. This the group will go to Rolfe, where will conduct a similar campaign, counties in the state have been di into blocks. The block in which ni - gona is located Is le&dtrig by double the number of sales in any other black. Mrs. Russeli Maxwell has been employed In the store elude the nrst of the week. W. A. Murray of Bancroft nurchased lnlng assets of the otoSdPtet Bank of Bancroft at the Mtoday at Harold ''• .«»,. of LuVern'e vva postmaster at LuVern i'£ceiyed his commlssloi has been yma11 wel1 quali - hep, Palmer as Yet. A small gir) was by y^fs^snfasy EiP£SHHlS' £ could be obtained. years ago. He had a wide acquaintance here, having creditably served on tne county board of supervisors for a number of years. In 1925, h e was elected mayor without opposition Two years later he was elected and again In 1929. Mr. Ogren has been an honest and conscientious mayor. He has taken a deep interest in all progressive movements in the city and naturally made some political enemies. He has had many things to contend with during his services and many of the improvements now deemed necessary were put over during his administration. Mr. Ogren states that he has no making Algona u cleaner and better Sen. Patterson Attended Funeral of Sen. Dean. pent Sunday at home with his faml- y. Monday morning, in company with us brother, Charles, he came to Al" ona and met a delegation of ormer Senator Dean. 3 * Attorney Van Ness, Home from Hospital, Attorney E. j. Van Ness who recently 'dement a^rkms operation foTul- soon M

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