The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 25, 1931 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1931
Page 11
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YOffllG HNS STEAL MANVAlJTOMOBaES Seventeen, Fifteen and Thir teen Year Olds Get Away With Nine Cars. STOLE ALGONIAN'S CAR ON MASCH 7. Their Mothers Are Divorced, One ot Them Three Times. Boys Were Caught by State Agent Quintan. The tapper Des Moines-ltepublican, March 26, 1931 Sheriff L. E. Hovey recently received a letter from State Agent Jesse Quinlan containing the records of three young boys who were experts at (Stealing cars. These boys were all from Ruthven and stole cars in Fort Dodge, Emmetsburg, Mallard, Algona attd Ruthven. In fact they stole nine Cars within the space of two months. "Wiey stole a Chevrolet car belonging to Henry Wagner of Algona on March 7, It was' found northeast of Ruth•With different numbers on it. All fears with the exception of one been recovered. Broken Up Homes. boys are the sons of broken omes one of them having had two dree stepfathers 'during the pasf "years. Mr. Quinlan headed the t>rt as other Case of Too Much Divorce 'or Too Many Step-Dads." the following is the record of the jjthera of the boys. Mrs. oCunley was from the father of the boys 5d married a man of whom nothing Iknown. s. Paulson divorced the father of children, one of her boys being in training school at the present, a [ighter married and another daugh- •' who left home without leaving any varding address. A third son stays i home. Mrs. Paulson married a man tied Ashton Almond and divorced and then married a man named John Coffee. The Boys' Records; Merle Counley, age 17, will be IS in 'eptember, 1931; Leo Counley, aged 5, on March 21, 1931; Loral Paulson, rage 13, will be 14, July 26, 1931. Merle and Leo Counley stole a car s'balonglng to John Berg of Ruthven, Iowa, and drove it to Emmetsburg, Iowa, leaving it one mile west and one mile north and stole an Essex coupe belonging to T. r. Lynch that same night and drove it back to Ruthven. On the night of February 21, 1931, Merle and Leo oCualey and Loral Paulson broke into the residence of Prank Weisbrod in Emmetsburg and stole several articles and on the same night they stole Dr. F. X. .Cuetzmeyeuls Chevrolet coupe and ,drove it to Ruthven, there stealing We Have Changed All That By Herbert Quick and Elena Stepanoff Mac Mahon Copyright by The Bobhs-Merrlll Co. WNTJ Service •-*--*- -^ -*--*--*•-»• -^ wai In gooiT spirits. fboke3 ner THE STORY •CHAPTER X.—Still hardly ablo to comprehend the situation, Musla listens 'to Lorls' compliments on her ap- 'Pearance. When he attempts to embrace her she snatches a sword from the wall, but he disarms her, though gently. Then he convinces the horrified girl of her mother's unnatural Idea of sacrlrtclng the daughter's honor for the son's life, tells her he has no power to release Ilya but will do what he can, and dismisses her, her beauty nnd bravery having made a deep Impression on him. CHAPTER XI.—The two women walk home, Musla with a natural feeling of aversion for her mother. Mrs. Kras- sln, still determined Musla shall make the sacrifice she demands, attempts, without talking to her, to Induce her to accept Liorls' attentions, convinced the commissar will save Ilya If she does so, and the girl feels she can no longer live under the same roof with her mother. CHAPTER XII.—Musla resolves to make a last piteous appeal to Lorls, and goes to see him. Ho tells her he has no news of her brother. Then he apologizes for his unworthy Idea that she had been a party to her mother's plotting, and tells her he loves her Dazed, but not Indignant, the girl Is unable to answer him, and he pleads with her to let him take her with him away from Kazan. Then realizing the turmoil of her thoughts he allows her to go, declaring he will be waiting for her until she "comes again." 'Continued from Last Wednesday.) Musla did not move or protest or make reply. "I want to help your brother," he went on. "1 wanted to help him fiom the time of the first glimpse I ever had of you, darling I But the prisoners are not under my control. They are In the hands of the sailors—and the sailors suspect me and spy upon me. Those on the outside think I am all-powerful; hut perhaps my days are numbered also— But what do you care!" , /gasoline out of Miss Edna Oliver's car for the Cretzmeyer car, then driving it on to Spencer,-where it was aban- "-JWWle'there at Spencer, they iiotiher 'OhevroJletssfedfeiri, and drove it back to Ruthven abandoning It near a gravel pit north of town. Broke Into House. On the night of February 23, Merle Counley broke into the Slater house house in Ruthven Just south of the new high school, now occupied by the McEvoy Sisters and there stole several articles, then broke into the garage and stole their automobile, driving It to Mallard, leaving it and stealing a car 'belonging to Tom Conway, driving this car to Havelock, leaving it and stealing a 1930 model Chevrolet coach belonging to Dr. Hunter and drove it to Fort Dodge and abandoned it there This car 'has not been recovered to date. On the night of March 7 Leo Counley and Loral Paulson rode a freight train to Algona, there stealing a Chevrolet car "belonging to Henry Wagner, and drove it to Port Dodge where they stole gasoline from a Model T Ford belonging to Elmer O. Fitch, also the number plates off his car (94-767-1931) and a pair of large pliers also a large box of cookies and an Indian blanket from another car. .They then drove the Wagner car to a point about four males ncfrtheost of Ruthven where they abandoned it. having -thrown Mr. Wagner's numbers away and re- He paused for a gesture, or a tremor had Softly he of her body heard, but none came. plensantest, but Mnsla noticed how white hef half was becoming. The subjects upon which they could converse were curiously limited. Musla did not Speak unless speech were Imperatively called for. and the lead In conversation fell to her mother; and Mrs. Krassln could not speak of Ilya, since thnt approached a matter upon which She nnd Musla could not with propriety enRnpe In conversation. "How queer she Is I 1 ' thought Musln. She had at tlmps felt n strong dislike and almost an enmity toward her mothpr; hut this wns the most disrespectful expression which sho hnd ever permitted to enter her thoughts concerning her; for Musin, too, wns a crenture of the conventions of her circle. Rut. curiously enough, she gave to her mother very little attention or thought. Her mind kept recurring to Lorls; whom every moment she told herself she desired of all persons most to forget. ForgettlnR seemed simple, at first, If It were not for Ilya. It was like tearing from n bonk a page filled with low. disgusting, dishonorable things; hut her mind kept returning to matters connected with Lorls, with which llyn's deliverance had nothing to do, 'In spite of her mother's constant strrnm of talk. She heard over and over every | word he had said to her, saw every gesture, felt every touch—and the blood rushed to her cheeks. Mrs. Krassln. who was watching her every change of expression, saw the blush and looked away. She did pot know that the cause of the blush was Musla's Inward embarrassment by the fnct that even In the humiliation to which she had been subjected she found a certain pleasure. She liked to remember the pressure of Lorls 1 arm about her waist, the vibrant tones of his voice as he pleaded for her love, the touch of his lips to hers, the fact that he Jiad mastered her. The little Princess Kha- borovskaya came In, bubbling over with news, before their Into breakfast was over, and Musla, not caring to listen to her, excused herself and went out of the room. "My dear cousin," the princess exclaimed ns soon as Musla had gone, "the Bolshevlkl have finally gone beyond their limit—even their limit. I am sure this will bring them to the end of their rope." "What Is the new trouble?" asked Mrs. Krassln politely. "I thought they had committed every Imaginable atrocity long ago. Is there anything new?" "Well," said the princess, "I could not, of course, mention this before ; but In the province of the hostess herself. She wns calm and more cheerful than she had been since tlya's Imprisonment When Col- ohel Boyarsky came In she greeted him cordially, but did not oa had been her custom, ask him for news of tlya, though he had been her chief Intelligence officer In the pnst. Now she led In the ranking of forecasts, und they were all optimistic. She repeated to the colonel what she had only a dny or so before told her cousin the princess: thnt slie hnd every reason for believing that llyn, by reason of Influence exerted In his favor in quarters which she could not disclose, would vary soon be liberated. It tvns only a matter of n very brief time, slie felt sure, tt might'be today, even. The colonel wns downcast nnd gloomy. He mnde several attempts to sny something to Mrs. Krnssln, but as If In self-defense, she Interrupted nnd led the conversation off on lines more cheerful tlmn she doped to hear from one looking so depressed. Her son wns Innocent. Not even the Bolshe- vlkl would do such n thing as to punish him—nnd even the Dolshevlkl were susceptible to Influence. The colonel whispered to the princess, who grew pale as she looked at her infatuated cousin. "I have received certain Information about Ilya," snld he at last In n voice which should have warned Mrs. Krassin. "The Bolshevlkl look upon his case very seriously. I am nfrald the end is not certain to be as favorable as you seem to think." A hush settled over tlie company; the princess knew; the rest understood. "He may be sentenced." the colonel went on, "to a severe punishment; to many years In prison." "I do not think so," said Mrs. Krassin, with her most superior smile. "I may confide In you that I Imvc the best of reasons for thinking that this Commissar Lorls Is not so bloodthirsty as we have been accustomed to believe, and that he Is Interesting himself In Ilya's cnse. If so, nnd I do not think I misjudge the situation, thnt would seem the decisive factor." There was deep pity !n the colonel's face as lie gazed upon her during this speech; and when she had ended he looked about at the others as if for aid in discharging his unpleasant task.. (To be Continued Next Week). LuVerne Aid Society Observed Birthday. LuVerne, March 23. Special Cor.: The Ladies' Aid society of the M. fi. church he.d an nnnivtrsary pn^y at the town hall last Wednesday afternoon in >;onor of its forty, ti.rrt birthday tlu 13th of Merch. T'lere list for sevral days last week, but Is o. Marquis, j. p fees much improved at this writing. 4.4 J. B. Worden of Algona spent sev- w - *-*. nnnn'on, j. eral days the first of the week here \? A . S'J"*?'; j - trielttn.. hi. «.„ » ~__ __J r ,,.. •'. A. NPWVllle, I visiting his son, Leon and family. The Worden carpenter crew are now building a new tenant house on the Olaf Engelby farm north of town. Mrs. R. J. Womack was at Algona last Wednesday. She was calling on Mrs. Robert Curtis, who Is in the hospital there. Tlie Woman's Foreign Missionary society met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Glen Yahnke. A very interesting study was held. Mrs. Asa Warner's sister and son of Bancroft spent several days last week here helping care for Mrs. Warner while she was sick. Mrs. Bob Curtis underwent a very serious operation at the Kossuth hospital last Monday. At tills writing she is getting along as well as can be expected. Tllmer Halverson, Kenneth Thompson and Elmer Zielske played in the hundred and fifty piece band that played at the teachers' convention in Mason City Thursday evening. Mrs. L. W. Weimer and son, William, nnd Mrs. M. Tillmoney spent the week end visiting at the John Tin- money home In Ames. John Is a son ot Mrs. Tillmoney and a brother of Mrs. Weimer. The local teachers attended the tenth annual teachers' association meeting at Mason City last Friday They report the meeting as being very helpful and some wonderful discussions were had. •l.o 19.0 11.6 Keller, constable fees L. K. Hovey. sheriff P. feed '.'. . P. tfff Hie. mnrshnll fees . . C. .T. (Jal/el. witness feea Lev! Weimer. witness fees H. Slmmonsmelor. witness fees Chnrlotta Schwartz, witness fees 5 '•' Walter Schwartz, witness fees. Clark Orton. clerk fees .... n. A. I'nlmer. ImllllT 1NRANK FUND. m.'o 39.0 .15.0 sr>.o 5. 0 r, ii 11.5 Ui t;.n •1.1 2.H L. E. Hovey conveyance exp. .. T.. E. Hovey, conveyance exn Or. W. T. Peters, wltnesc ...'.!! C. H. fretzmeyer. commissioner Clnrk (it-ton, clerk . . L. E. Hovoy. sheriff '.'. A. Hutchison, cnminlssloner .... M. .1. Koncflck, witness Anna Johnson, witness t'nrl Dnhllmiiscr, witness Clarence Ncmmer.i. witness .... :!.. Hill IJnlnn, witness 3 j .lake Keller, witness 3,< Mrs. H. Lnttlmer. witness n!( DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND. ("brls Hah!. HsthiE- doss 10' Henry Fox, llxtlnrr dugs s.'. Wash Harris, listing dnKs lo!j LIBRARY FUND. Thomas V. Crowell Co.. books ,. R..| A. FbmaKnn Co., books 7 " .1. 11. Llpplncott Co., books . . . .' s (i Silver Itiirdeet * Co., honks .... If Itnnd McNnlly K Co., books fi'? World Hook Co.. books .... 1^ Hecltloy-Cnrdy Co.. books . . Hall * Mc(!r<nry Co.. books . nulTleli] books t Co.. books 2.01 1.20 1.7' •MM' on •MI i;ir!ii BOARD PROCEEDINGS Auditor's office, March 3, 1931.— Boat of supervisors of Kossuth placed her upon the divan nnd rising stood before her. "I do not know," he exclaimed despairingly, "how to make you believe I" She made an effort to rise, but sank back from weakness. He took her hand and raised her to her feet. With no expression in her voice she said, "Allow me to go." ^Obediently 'he--dropped ~-l they have proclaimed the nntlonallza- >iac, a lart;e aj-tendanco ircluding c' c tlon of women!" members, fr,tr>ds and irvited guests. "What can you mean!" ejaculated Mrs. Krnssln. "My dear," half whispered the little cousin, with a glance at the door, "I couldn't tell It before Musla, but In that province they have done what I have said—proclaimed the nationalization of women. Any woman In the street or anywhere else to whom a placed them with Webster numbers belonging to Fitch. county On the'night of March 17 Loral Paulson stole a Ford car at Emmetsburg and started to drive tf.back to Ruthven and ran out of gas about five miles west of Emmetsburg,' where he abandoned it and where it was found the next day. To Be Arraigned. Merle Counley was returned to Minneapolis, March 20 by Sheriff Shea and State Agent Jesse Quinlan. He was paroled from the Boys' Training School at Eldora last September. He has confessed to these jobs and will be returned to the reform school immediately. Leo Counley and Loral Paulson were arrested at their homes March 19 by Shea and Qutnlan at Rutnvfen. Loral Paulson has a brother at the Eldora Training School. All will be arraigned before Judge F. C. David- walked to the door and opened It for It makes no difference whether she is her. He saw her going from his life married or not—he may take her- for ever, and the intolerable pain of —' " - ' the thought showed In his face. She remembered it afterward. Never to see her again I It seemed thnt unless he could see her every hour it would be Impossible to live. And yet two hours would measure all the time he had ever passed In her presence. "I love you," said he once more, stooping over her, looking Into her eyes, asking, beseeching, solicitous not to lose one instant of this precious time. "As long as they will let me, I shall be waiting for you here every moment. You will come? Will you?" She slipped past him and passed from the car without a word. When morning broke, Lorls was still sitting there on the divan. CHAPTER XIII When "Influence" Failed Mrs. Krassln rose next morning her usual self, presiding with no explanation as to her recent absence, over the Russian breakfast of coffee and bread and butter—which as yet In the Kras- sln -household did not lack the old multiplicity of tasty appetizers distributed about the table. She .now felt a lofty sense of victory In that her prayers, her schemes, her vigils and her labors had provided for Ilya's liberation; and already her eyes were shut as to the price which she felt had been paid. That wns something which must be burled In oblivion among those darker things which she accepted as a part of the life of every family and every : fion. Merle Counley, John Ort and Russell Garrett, all living at Fort Dodge, wer sent to the Boys' Training School a Eldora in the spring of 1929 for robb [ing stores, stealing guns, fishing tack;le, watches, money and so forth. Al | were paroled last September. |Former LuVerne Lady Died at Britt. LuVerne, March 24. Special: Mrs T . G. Blanshan passed away Tuesday, :arch 1, at the home of her daugh- er, Mrs. Anderson south of Britt. Blanshan had been ill for sev- weeks and was sixty-three years age at the time of her death. Mrs. gjanshan leaves to mourn her hus- ipnd, W. G. Blanshan of Britt; one fon, Mtlo of Forest City; five daughters, Mrs. Mabel Thomjpspn, Mrs. ieulah Arnold, both of LuVerne, Mrs. dice Dillon and Mrs. Esther Loomer, ptn of Manly and Mrs. Lavina An- erspn of Britt. besides many other jlatives and friends. FuneraJ ser-i were held Friday afternoon at Methodist church at Britt, in »rge of the pastor, Rev. Eggleston, _ 8 interment was made in the Britt Imetery. Mr. and Mrs. Blanshan liv- for many years in an4 around Lu- yne, moving to Britt last summer. person. There was the necessity for the mental denial thnt anything had ever or would ever happen—that was ail. She knew of Musia's movements, and of her appearance when she hod returned. She would not allow herself to recognize the propriety of feeling sorry. She looked over the silver and crystal service still preserved to them, with her old Interest, and directed the movements of the servants with her uimal calm authority. God was In his Heaven; all was well with the world; Ilya was safe! Musla had not expected to see her mother at breakfast, and paused when she saw her as If to return to her room, so averse was she to her society; but nn Impulse Impelled her to enter and take her usual seat, which she did with n cool nod to her mother instead of the usual kiss on the cheek. She would show thnt she could still Innocently look anyone In the face, she thought. She did not suspect thnt her mother knew of her movements last evening; and she was Incapable of realizing the thoughts in Mrs. Krassin's mind In any case, since she could not conceive that her mother could bo- "leve what was In tlie older woman's mind. Mrs. Krassln was talkative, In the manner of one who keeps up a rapid conversation to gloss over some un- ileasant occurrence. In comparison With her reseat grief ajid gloom, 8UJ9 and of course there is no such thing as marriage. Isn't It dreadful?" "I think it Is a canard," said Mrs. Krassln. "No, no!" persisted the princess, contending for the truth of this rumor which was so widely circulated, not only over Russia but all over the world. '"This decree Is actually in effect in Saratov." Mrs. Krassin did not wish to believe it. She was In the mental position of one who controls valuable holdings in mines, lands, machinery or other things precious, when the news of possible confiscation is bruited abroad. The princess could not understand why her cousin had suddenly become Incredulous as to any rumor attributing new enormities to the Bol- shevlkl, and tactfully changed the subject. "And let me ask about poor Ilya," said she. "Have you received any news since I last saw you?" "Not for two days," replied Mrs. Krassln; "but I hope he will soon be out of prison." "Oh! How happy you make me!" exclaimed the princess. "I have my reasons," continued Mrs. Krnssin cryptically, "for expecting his early release." Now thnt the Krassin house was so fnr as possible itself again after the days of Mrs. Krassln's seclusion, her friends were coming and going n't all times of the day. The little princess stayed a long time, discussing with vis- — — guests. The following program was «iven: poem by the president, Mrs. H. Sm.lh, Lord's Prayer, congregation; piano so' by Fern Alien; history of the M. r Aid read by Mrs. Peter Thompson; letter was read from Mrs. Gail Burt.. of Spokane, Washington; violin selec tion by Mrs. w. F. Godfrey; reading Mrs. H. A. Reyman;^ solo, Fern Allen duet, Misses Alise Eljis and Fern Lin I debak. Afterjhe program a fine SUP l^OI. Tiro c namr«>l W«^"rt^^^^^^^"5t*^^^»^* county met pursuant to adjournment U'lth all members present. Hoard proceeded with auditing and allowing of hills. Motion by Morris and second by Fun- remark thnt following secondary rond petitions be referred to H. M. '.smith, county engineer, for report nnd survey: Nos. 34, G4A, (58. llfi, llfl, 127 12S 136, 137, 142, 1BO. 157, 15S, 1S9, 100, 161, 102, IKS. 1<!4, 165, ICIi, 107, 108, 169 170. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second bv Helken that county auditor bo lust runt- ed to start condemnation proceeding* on 3..14 acres In K'i, NW|»4 Sec. 35-P8-2S for gravel purposes. (See Hecord for Resolution). Ayes: nil. On motion board adjourned to one o clock p. in. One o'clock p. m. board met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that following firms bo nw- arded contract to furnish hereinafter mentioned: nupplloa That News Printing Newton to furnish four per was served by H. C. AUen, Mrs. .Jack Gilles dnc. Miss Grace Lichty. The receipts from the supper were about twenty-five dol lars. Among the out of town guests were Mrs. Kate Smith, Humboldt; Mrs W. H. Godfrey, Mrs. Ed. Beardsley Mrs. V. E. Stephenson, Mrs. A. D Burtis and daughter, Donna, and Mrs P. V. Janse, all of % Algona. G. D. Shumwaya Are Proud Parents. County Attorney and Mrs. G. D. Shumway are the proud parents of an eight and one half pound boy born Saturday morning at the Kossuth hospital. The child has been named David Lee. This-is the Shumways' first child and the county attorney is passing out cigars and candy with both hands. Itors the fate of Ilya, which was the great question In all minds, and wns now more Interesting than ever. Musla passed most of her time in her own room. To her Ilya's fate hod passed beyond control. It was In Lorls' hands. But what about herself? She had fully decided that It was not possible for her to continue living with her mother. If things were only as they German Lutheran Church. Corner of Wooster and 'Elm Sts. English services will be held on the coming Sunday forenoon. The confirmation of the catehumens will take place in these services. The following children will be confirmed' Emmett Beard, Arthur Boettcher, Alice Geilenfeld, Martin Zimmerman. The service will start at ten a. m. German communion services will be (held on Good Friday. The English communion will be celebrated on Easter Sunday.—P. Braner, pastor Metropolitan Supply Company to furnish 300 packag-es contsrnctlon paper, ^u reams drawing- paper; IB reams manllla drawing paper; 1500 report cards and 2 boxes Mltneatypo stencils That Messenger Printing Company to furnish one gross Pansy Lead Pencils. That Acres Hlackmar to furnish 1 gross Van Dyke lead pencils. Company of maintenance warrant books and two poor fund warrant books. That Koeli Brothers to furnish one case Sanfords Ink. That Whlttcmore Champion to furnish bar duckets and COO financial reports. That North Kossuth Hecord to fur- ni.jh 10,000 bill heads. .Ifhat awarding of contract for bal- an f-e of supplies be continued to March 17th, 1931 at ten a. in. Ayes: all Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that the following resolution bo adopted: Mnmml Art Press, books I>. Van Norti-nnd Co., books University I'nb. Co., books F. A. Owen Co.. books .... A. C. McClurg * Co., books Follelt Hook Co., books . . Iowa Pupils ItcndliiK Cliele, books [•>,) 2!1 John C. Winston Co., books . .'. n ii I St. Paul Book & Sta. Co., books 111.-Ill Charles Scrllmers Sons Co., books !1 IS Hook Supply Co., books 4!l'(!S Clarkson Pnb. Co.. books S3.2" MaeMlllan Co., books 4:1.52 Little, Hrown & Co., books . .. 0" tit; (Sinn & Company, books 11720 Scott Foresinan Co., books .... 21 fill Ilotighton MltTlln Co., books ir,Y| Century Company, books ]0.:i3 Win. Shirley, expense fi 2" Harper & Hi-others, books* ... fi IW D. C. Heath *; Co., books .... 3 74 Woodworth's Hook Store, books 23.08 POOH FUND. Cresco Light & Power Co., light serv , Northwestern Dell Tel. Co.', "tol". serv Elinor T. .Sutton, transp ".'.'" Elinor T. Sutton, transp Anna McGee, rent Ithobn Gaylor, rent, el? S. L. HoseiiHtcll. rent C. O. Dourte, rent C. Stripling, rent C. E. Hohlln, rent A. 1C. Pnsley, rent Central States Electric Co., light service .15.85 I (1.88 30.00 12.00 20.25 24.00 10.00 8.50 20.00 15.00 i SO Town of Hurl,"llgiit'aiid"water »«''V 11.75 a Coop. Cry, Co., provisions 11.20 . . ., Long Brothers, provisions S7.S8 RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING COUNTY OFFICERS TO EXECUTE • ASSIGNMENT. Whereas, The First National Bank of Tltonka. Iowa has closed, and Whereas, certain public moneys deposited by the county treasurer of Kos- «q' 1 nB7°n U o nt f r '", the follow 'ng amount $32.087.02 Is deposited in said barik, Whereas, same Is protected by tlie state guarantee funds, and Whereas, same has been allowed from said fund and the claim of the said county and county treasurer should be assigned as provided In Chapter 65- Al of the 1927 Code of Iowa, Now Therefore, be It resolved that the proper county officers bo and they are hereby authorized to execute subrogation contracts and assignments agreements as furnished b> the state department at Des Moines, Iowa, on March 3rd, 1931. Adopted this 3rd day of March, A. D. 931. Ayes: all. On motion board proceeded with aud- tlng and allowing of bills as per sche- ule of claims hereinafter written: SCIIEDULK OF CLAIMS. COUNTY FUND. uy C. Harmon, bounty 220 Torthwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. serv 53 45 Ity of Algona, light serv 5o'48 Id J. Hackus, postage JO 00 orkel Hill, bounty 9.80 ertha 13. Johnson, tax sale certificate fees 53.25 M. Smith, co. engineer 30o!oo J. Biilfireman, com. & session 232.30 , ...... . German Valley Store, provlsons S.2:i A. W. .TurKens, provisions ...... 5.85 H. A. Clark, provisions ........ 51). 70 Tledo & Schneider, provisions 3 00 John S. Nelson, provisions ...... 24.05 Kj'iicst Hoyd, provisions ....... 20 5S Kennedy Brothers Co., provisions 30.78 .liiHCph Menke. provisions " 10. L. Hnnseii, provisions Garfleld Erlckson, provisions rhavcs Sisters, provisions Roupe's Grocery, provisions A. A. DroosKler, provision* .. Kennedy Bros. Co., provisions sankoy & Rlley, provisions .. Lllls Unnchey, provisions \v. T. Trainer, provisions .. Hattie Llchllter, provisions Smith Dept. Store, provisions Jim Bruer, provisions Tlce Brack, provisions Merrill Bros., provisions ," no 1542 5.90 15.0) 20.90 14.00' 30.53 40.00 12.00 12.00 8.40 39.9!) tl 20 50 7 30.1 ROAD CONSTRUCTION FT'Nf). Don. T. Nugent. nuM. engineer 17H.OO Milton McFadden. rndmnn .... M 00 K. R Knowles. grnvct Innd .. 40(1 nn J. A. Roberts, bridges 3.87.13 ROAD MAINTENANCE FUND. John Phillip*, dragging 25 Sf> C. M. St. I 1 . & P. ny. Co.. freight .65 Vt llhnr Fisher, rond pntrol .... R9 no Fny Mlnnrd, rond patrol 4<!oO Tlelnder KmmtnlnRn. rond patrol 10000 F. A. Sienifr. rond patrol 27.Oil J. F. Qnlnn. rond pntrol 78.60 TVter Movlrk, rond patrol ..r . 75 fin Ji'lm Phillips, rond pntrol !>!.2i> John S. Nelson, rnml pntrol ... P" SO F.lmer Kwlng, rond pntrol .... 10MO .lolm Hnnsi'lTiinn, pntrolnirui .. !»;i MI Alton pntilt, pnlml work .. . sn nil Tom Weir, pnlrol work 02.SO Edward Fnrhsrn. pntrol work .. SI So Wm. n. l.udwlg. pnlrol work •" K'> S. l>. McDonnld, Inhor . Clem Oondimin. bibor c. A. l.nmorcux. labor Iflfl.flll U'MI J. II. Mont£nm«ry. road patrol . dfi.'lt) ('luster Alnio. rond pntrnl .... 711.20 linns W. Nellsen. rond pntrol .. Sfi.-lo Oscar Knrlnsr. rond pnlrol 125 no Albert \Vlttkopf, dragging .... 12.'.1!> Hill Hunch, drugging '.'.'. Vltxlhmn. dragging"!.'"> lierl Uulnn. dragging 16.75 Tobn Simmons, drugging 1"00 Walter Hlerslodt, drngglng .... II.00 lobn .T.'inssen. drng^InK 7.00 Prod Plumb, drugging ....!... 10.12 Wnrrcn Delhlrr. drugging 511.25 It. Hchllt7, drugging .ion 1.5IT fi.nn . is. lit . 16. .12 Too .1. Clnk. ,, Teo. Wolfp, drnggliiMT *..... W. P. Vnske, drugging . Harold E. Nelson, drnggii v rrd Huttertleld. dniKtflng Lot-en llyers. drugging 51.00 i. 10. Mueller, dragging 15.00 }V. F, McFnrland. drugging .... ll!no <!. Darnell, dragging 18.00 C. Anderson, dragging .... IS 13 A. M. Ouslnfson. dragging 5 fi2 •'nfillers Coop. Elrvntor Co.. conl for co. shed 12.05 i'nrniers Coi-p. Society, supplies 38.91) I. .1, Hoyett. Inbor 10504 >Jli-k M. Arnilorfer. labor .... .|!oi> "tollle Steele. labor j.OO vohllmos Hros.. labor nnd supplies 4 ;.i; •'. A. CDrimtli, supplies 1521 'Inpp's Master Service, supplies 304.37 fire Service Co., supplies 3.35 Ten. Hnnsen, supplies 7.OS ., s ...... . Peter KrpcldliiK, hog .......... 31.0 J. P. Schlssel & Co., coal ...... 00.5 1'ullerton Lumber Co., coal, ami. claimed J22.25 , ......... 202 H. Dau, cobs ............... 35 Botsford Lumber Co., coal ... 313 Farmers Coop, Elevator Co., coal 42.1 Fred Anderson, coal , ..... : IS 5 Thompson Yards Inc., coal it." W, Uarllsle, s'n.,Jot 311 76.0 V., n T?. 0n ' uneral exp. ... 46.00 rs. C. M. Knudaon, care, of slek 18 0( r- TJame s. supplies ........ 1.85 15.00 J. E. Clapsaddle, med'.'aid .. .7. A. Devlne, med. aid R. L. Williams, med. aid. 'afn't. claimed $23.25 3100 W. F. Hamstreet, med. aid'.'.'.'.' 1789 Jimmle Neville, shoes 14 j5 A. D. Adams, med. aid 4o'oo Paul w. Larson, supplies 2 OC Farmers Coop. Society, coal 10.66 Kolilhaas Bros. Garage, supplies 19 01 i'amlly Welfare Ass'n of America, supplies o 14 Boone Blank Book Co., supplies l'83 £?£ a "_ c 2, ^ Co.. supplies' . ., .. r T. Sutton, off. expense --.. --„,„.,, serv. notice W. Erlckson Hdw., supplies Kossuth Co. State Bank, clerk of sale Ja " lcs . supplies 9.00 5.3U 7.00 4.95 338.25 - . ......... Walnut Grove Products Co., supplies jjjica >.., 1 fl gotsford Lumber Co., supplies'.'.' 14' Howard Strayer, labor North Cresco Tel Co., tel s'e'r'v Dr. L. W. Fox, vet ' ,, ... Lewis Stetzel, supplies . . " ' 195 Graham Company, supplies . '" 30.50 10 37.50 10.00 82.80 ''rank Flnlg, supplies 9.00 'nul W. Ijirson, supplies 70 Vorlon Mnchlno Works, supplle.1 87.GC. Matt Murtlm. supplies 35.40 leorge HnltKbaiicr. supplies ami. clnlined J22.S5 2040 'oseph Ilauplmann, Mr., Ins. pulley 12.20 'Ity of Algiinn, light serv 02..'IK icrtlm E. Johnson, frgt. adv. .. 3.0(1 Central Battery & Elcc. Co., supplies s 20 Ibbs-Cook Tractor & Equip. Co.. supplies 11.OH Inrton Warner Co., supplies .. 737.43 Truss Tractor & Equip. Co., supplies 2.17 I. Cliniinon Company, supplies. 85.12 •!leg-Forl Dodge Co.. supplies. 110.00 Vheelcr Lumber Bridge & Sup. Co., supplies 220.50 .'erless Oil Co., gas 425.38 lid. Cont. Potro. Corp., gas n.nd oil 18T7ff nndnrd OH Co.. gasoilne".!..!.' 121.28: Millllps Petroleum Co., gasoline 94 88 ?lininplln Rerv. Station, gasoline Mininplln Refining Co., gasoline 340.00 ugh Kaney, gravel land ...,110000 DRAINAGE FUND. |.. 2 Lafe Slmmoim, labor 840 )r. 4— Sam Llchllter. labor 3.20 F. R. Hunt, gravel 2.50 W. H. Rlckloi's, supplies .... 3.00 Dan Lichlltor, supplies 4.00 Lafo Simmons, labor 0.70 S. H. French Lmbr. Co., sup- It. French Lmbr. Co., sup- F le g_ 1.80 Geo.^Schealler, repairing tile 3.00 A. E. Michel, engineer 223.00 I'. IT. Lathrop, rodman 63.00 A. 15. MIcliol, engineer 30 00 . H-_Latlirop, rodman 8S S._B. French'Lmbr. Co., sup- - Honry Fischer, labor B.25- plies Dr. llfl— ~reneh Lmbr. Co., sup-^^^^ • 1,00- onglneer 12.00- Fischer, labor H.OO' Halverson, estimate fign A A t 31.BQ. 91.00- no tn. 4ft ] f"' 'J; Lathrop, rodman'!!!!!" A. j'j. Michel, engineer R. Welter, commissioner on nssmt E.-K. Jt. No. 2— Lafe Simmons, repair on main .,-A- E. Michel, engineer ..... g'oo T.-IC. 5-87— ' E. J. Murtagh, assignment of lux ytiio cortlfJcflto 01*7 ~ia i.-K. Jt. 2 *"- ulK 217.18 A. E. Michel, engineer 4 oo Resolved: That county auditor Is vStr'f^ re a,l ttl bn,s d 'a^dV S tll •laims^' MSM l M.rr°ps; ote on each individual bill. Ayes' an On motion board adourned to o.« 'clock p. m., March llth 1931 °" e BERTHA E. JOHNSON County Auditor. CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. LEDYAED NEWS. Tilmer Halverson spent the week end visiting relatives at Frost. August Christ of Wells was trans acting business here Tuesday. Mrs. Jesse O'Keefe was a business caller at Burt Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Hazel Osterman of Blue Earth was calling on friends here Saturday. Mrs. Wm. Weinberger spent the week end with her husband at Minneapolis used to be, she sold to herself, "slie ' Miss Barbara Wylam spent Friday would, without a word to her mother i evening visiting her sister at Swea go to some friend or relative In Mos- """ cow or Petrograd for refuge; but as things were now such a Journey was to her mind out of the question. What could she do? Sho wished she were a man—how freely would she venture her life for her country, and the old order of things which seemed the only safe and proper thing for her country She would fight the Bolshevlkl: ami she resolved In her mind the irony of fate which offered her no refuge save with that strange, handsome, ex. traordlnary, and—she always added— repulsive enemy of her class, Lorls the commissar. Musla knew little of what transpired from day to day in her mother's reception room. There was a change in the atmosphere in Kazan one morning, a change felt by the ragged wolfs sleeping In the parks, a change which brought more Jewels to the auction for exchange for clothing and fuel. The golden leaves were gone from the trees, now, and a north wind prophesied of winter—with plague and typhus. There was a new atmosphere, too, in Mrs. Krassln's reception room, an £glt bj: jayerj. one, but Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Carpenter were calling on relatives at Winnebago on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Halverson and son Tllmer, were shoppers at Mason City Thursday. The senior class went to Britt last Wednesday and had their class pictures taken. Miss Janice Williams spent the week end visiting her parents, who live south of Des Moines. Mrs. C. O. Engelby and son were visiting with relatives at Elmore last Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Campbell spent Sunday visiting their son, Ralph and family near Seneca. Mrs. J. T. Welfare and Mrs. Chas Hilferty were shoppers at Blue Earth one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Odin Engum and their children of Frost spent Sunday at the Ed. Halverson home here. Mrs. R. j. Campbell of Seneca was calling at the C. O. Engelby home here Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Asa Warner was on the sick I W. 13. McDonald, com. .t sesslo'i 19'' 70 Olnf Funnemark, com. & session 148 35 Clms. Morris, coin. & session.. 21245 P. J. Helken, coin. & session... 187.80 Bancroft Resistor, hrd. proceed. 89.05 C. A. Samson, assisting sheriff . 72.00 L. E. Hovey, care prisoners . . . 28!) 00 Mary K. Sands, labor In treas. office 79 no Helen Harlg. labor In irons'. office 10 50 Martha Harris, labor in "clerk office 4" 00 Alice M. Hulchlns, labor In'sii'p't' office g nn Vera E. Scliwletert, labor" iii supt. office 1710 Win. Shirley, expense .'.'.' us 07 K. IT. Benrdsley, partial payment of assess '00 00 Kenotlck & Crawford, med. aid prisoners Bertha E. Johnson, off'."o'x'p'e'nso and adv. bty Advance Pub. Co., pub. proc."e't'e! ATTORNEYS AT LAW T. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinson HARBWGTON & DICKINSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat'i Bank Blk ALGONA, IOWA J. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention. ALGONA, IOWA Muwdsley, road meeting: J. H. Fraser, road meeting .... Henry Bailey, road meeting Edw. Droessler, road meeting Alex Radig, road meeting J. H. Warburton, road n meeting A, W. Brown, road meeting Ole K. Flom. road meeting .... A. R. Crulkslmnk. road meeting Alb. Pot rat a, road meeting . Lawrence Thorson, road meeting lohn Arndorfer, road meeting ,. :'. M. Jacobs, road meeting- .. 3. A. Jensen, road meeting .... Inscpii H. Schaller, road meeting I. F. KchulU, road meeting .. .v. H. Scliwletert, road meeting Aaron W. Sleusuy, road meeting 'hoinas llerg, road meeting- .... ^Ill-Is Brandt, road meeting .. '. C. (, road meeting C (i. Ewoldt, road mot-ting . Tbbo Winter, road niuetlng .... Joo. W. Nyman, road meeting- .. „ „ ^ •eter HaiiH, road meeting .... 1100 1. F. McGregor, alt. cony. of school officers 340 'rail Paper Company, supplies . 3.'o4 li'lropulltun Supply Co., B m>- T , P'lus i;, i30 K. D. James, supplies E. T. Barnum Iron Works, sup, » >lle " 90.00 Wm. W. Hturdlvant, supplies .. 900 (). W. Erlckson, supplies .... :i 84 Keystone Envelope) Co., supplies 28.70 Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., supplies 12H 77 Fryu Manufacturing Co., supnllei Advance Pub. Co., supplies 5 00 0.50 n.xo 9.00 8.00 11.00 O.liO 0.40 G.OO 1.80 12.XO •i.OO 12.BH 11.20 «.40 O.JO 7.00 7.eo 12.40 10.00 .1.60 S.O I 11.00 a. oo W. B. QUABTON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427 ALGONA, IOWA PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS KENEPICK & CRAWFORD Office Phone 300 Residence Phones: Dr. Kenefick. 57 Dr. Crawford, 115 J. W. Sullivan s. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan SULLIVAN, McMAHON & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA. E. J. VAN NESS & G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa. I. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Quinby Building. Phone 180. ALGONA, IOWA Gaylord D. Shumway Edward D. Kelly SHUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Building I Algona, Iowa. 10.50 37.70 Matt I'urrott & Sons Co.,supplies Iii 41 1'ldlar & Chamber!) Co., suppling 53.41 Perkins Bros. Co., supplies 14.6» Clu-istenseii Bros. Co., supplies. 4l.'>r, Laing- & Muckey, supplies .... 31 70 Thos. Herd trustee iiiutjf 8 80 L. W. Ehi-lch, trusteu nits 8 80 H. O. Larson, trustee intg 8.80 Leon Merrill, physician's charge 6.00 Algona Hospital, med. aid 3.00 COURT FUND. R. K. Davidson, courl reporter . 143.25 E. C. McMAHON Attorney at Law Office over Quinby & Krause Bldg. C. H. CBETZMEYEB PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted Office in J. Galbraith Block. Residence one block east and one block south of office. No cans made after 9:30 p m ALGONA, IOWA II. W. MILLEB Office Phone, 310. Residence. 444. DB. W. D. ANDBEWS. Osteopathic Physician & Burgeon Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Obstetrics Located over Hub Recreation Parlor.' Phnoe Office 187, Rsedicene, 683 ALGONA, IOWA. P. V. JANSE, M. I). PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office on South Dodge St Phone No.—Res. 366; Office 660. INSUBANCE CITY PROPERTY LOANS FARM LOANS REAL ESTATE INSURANCE! OF ALL KINDS CUNNINGHAM & LACY Phone 598 107 w. State St. ALGONA. IOWA. ALGONA INSUBANCE AGENCY Reliable Insurance Service R. LABARRE AL FALKENHAINER Phone 55 First door north Iowa State Bank Phone 58. C ' Algona, Iowa Phone 129 MORTICIAN L. M. MEIIRITT Mortician & Funeral Director Phone No. 11 ALGONA, IOWA VETERINARIAN L W. FOX, Veterinarian Algona office at the old Dr. Bayers office. Office phone 475-W; Residence 475-R. Will haye man at office at all times. ALGONA, IOWA. DB. II. M. OLSON . DENTIST Gas or Novocaine used for extraction. Located over Christensen Store Phone: Business 166, Residence, 479 ALGONA, IOWA DR. 0. D. SCHAAI'. DENTIST | Quinby Bldg. Phone a33- Algona, Iowa. rr. GEOBGE L. MILLEB. GENERAL CONTRACTOR 610 South Dodge St. Phone 15$ Algona, Iowa.

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