The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 25, 1931 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1931
Page 10
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Fj&et* and Som Meld Bttiiqiiet in Good Hope. att.%' H ar P h »• Special: The and Sons banquet i church on last Thursday c was unique In that the ladles of the rj* fl society were hostesses providing ladles of the church had charge of° the MS e S Ce w^d dertheSUPCrVlslonof room at sev- ££-£££?•»£ Thompson Barber Arraigned WH1TTEMORE HAS BIRTHDAY The Pppa- p M MojnM-HepabHcaa. March as. IMI cated. a motor vehicle while intoxi- He was bound over to the dis- '"' —let a bond of $l,000.wl — —» -" furnish. Shay was rested in Titonka Sunday, Eighty-Eighth 17th. of -.»** vjuouttieuii: SS^STs'Sffss: **• Roy " A Correction. CHILDREN HAD PARTIES FOR HER —.,„ ™.i£. we ran an ad for the! Hawkeye Finance Company wherein money as low as the sum of $5.00. This I was innn^t. It shou]d haye re ^ are sorry this error oc- I more, i Well Known In She came to This Section of Iowa About 1868. Returns to Home in Canada. , "• L - Outknecht was in Algona on &?"« "ne day last week and pa ™ ^» publlcan a Dlea «arit visit. Mon -—„, Mr. Outknecht left for his home in LaPprte, Saskatchewan, Canada after visiting with hls parents. T 'and —' «W.* 0 ? t $ ae< * t at 1*™* the first of January. Mr. Out- 1 operates an 800 acre farm tiart SHf. h h « T" 8 ,? nd part ot which rents. He has been farming there -- ten years, and raises mostly wheat ^"'sx^r'L™"^""« >W ARE YOUR FENCES HOLDING OUT? Do they look like* lsf &££&.-•£& mules out for the winter, other stock, except the wjJH? W £l ch a ^ e us * d to harvest 'the I wheat. The price on wheat Is about orty cents in Canada while It is six- y cents in the United States. There s a twelve cent dutv on wheat p* orted from the United Stated to can- nnVfclS'm C f Xport f rom Canada lnto United States costs 42c dutv, there- v making it unprofitable for the Can£d States Mr 6 * Rraln '^ the n,ad^ ut *i 500 mUes from here. S He™ making the return trip to Canada by f - _-..„. J.1I10 CHK Sunday""' centerplece f or the tabl SaM-Wfiss&S? tetJR* ».,"•.""»<> ti met were west and Report Conditions Bad in Oelwein. Fred Shilts, son of Mr and Mr«s Easter Time ii< C^to^f J h V lxTh "°«° V * *S| we. position 01 Don't You Get Rid of the Fencing Job Oncefor All, with . . . home now te - This was in , '• .•.»•!» woo Ail years later the young bride -—- west. The experiences of Mrs Ebert sound like a book which a pe?- son would read, she tells the weeds west as not a as toe —_ — „*,»* no Aitr as tne -- Rodman, on the south as far the river and only a few to th* north and east. Whittemore had not even been thought of then, andI Ateona was struggling for existence. 1^1 yas not a tree to be SPMI w\fui« was in evidence but wolvJs AboKl funriw n "*fM»,. «« »*• « **OOU6 HS hard to tell STflt DRIVE POSTS d It would have been which was the most i ' \ r f" ava : i"~ ouila with these Dig. sturdy GREEN and 1 BLACK Ank£ rite Posts will still be good in 196QI 7ou II NEVER have to re-build them if YOU I' build them right in the first place with Ankorite Line Posts and Ankorite Dirt-Set Steel Ends and Comers. Fence building with Ankorites is a quick, easy, one-man job —and it's easy to change your fence lines, too, with the new Ankorite combination Driver and Post Puller. Everything here you need ror building a top-notch fence; come in and let s talk it over. i u *"*" eaefc Saturd ' y "'a^-h^r th. Aukorlto Harmonica Bend" over WLS, 7:45 to BtOO. w Botsford Lumber Co. M. f. Pool, Mgr, QflltPeiUmt manufactured and nua WXSXm > a >^ ^Mft. OM^ — - .. —^^-••^•^•A'-VJ^v^/^ij^VVW) SPECIALS ^_ ^A, ^^ -^—• ^^VH^^Hpr at Johnson's Kt^ 7.T C.7 •"">. """Kuimi; to have one step in his path. After that Mrs! Ebert never yer^ outth^^. ^^ and Mr. Wotf had th— around those parts f ur uwo y fore any one could kill him ' " HM» and Mrs. Ebert were very char- in i ™% Ple < a ? <i dld man y 8ood deeds m a verv quiet -way. They raised one parents had died. This very well and is now living o~ iT"7™ L)al£0ta ' Mrs. Ebert received a book of poems from an old neighbor rtri „,!,„ now llves m caj^^ become quite a write - — "j every poem Mrs Eber r. mentioned. The father of the died when she was very young they were very poor. Mrs Ebert so much for this family that the called her a second mother. Mr. Eber' died many years ago and Mis Ebw makes her home with her son, Car w f>T »T WlIe * who was formerly Miss Bertha Neuman. There are two daueh ters Mrs. Margaret Bailey of Dodgt Center, Minnesota, and Mrs. Hattle .Bailey, wrio lives in Charles Citv iwrs Ebert received a shower of po&t cards last week. Everyone wishes her many more years of health and happiness Oldest Telegraph Operator in the World. Lotts Creek Lady Died March 17th. Lone Rock, March 24. Special- The many friends of Mrs. Arthur Leudtke W rt re ^ s °JI y , to near of h er death on March 17 from intestinal flu at her home south of Lotto Creek. Rmeral services were held Friday at the Lutheran church in Lotts Creek and burial was made in the Lotto Creek cemetery. Rev. E. Piene officiated. Mrs. Leudtke was before her marriage Marie Seegebarth. She was born April 30, 1894. in Pommerania, Germany, she came to America with her parents when she was about three or our years old. On April 15, 1915, she was united in marriage to 'Arthur Luedtke, six children being born to this union all of whom survive They £nrf A^u 1 ' H S? W ', Ve « uw » Vlola - Rose and Anita, she is also survived by her husband, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Seegebarth, four brother's and three sisters. «™«uere Spring Time Dressxup Time CHEER UP The Robins are back! It's Spring E * a !t ei 'o S a PP roaclli ng with the first flowers ot the Season, and it's time for all men to consider their clothes. As usual we have them They are here for one purpose only— £ P T£ OU feel in harmony with a reborn world. We want to help you to select your clothes for Easter. We are here for that purpose. * EASTER! It's the greatest dress up day of the nation and a 1930 suit whether it is hanging in your wardrobe or lying on the . shelves of a Clothing Store—has no plate on your shoulders in the great Easter parade. . ALL NEW SUITS here—dyed with 1931 ?cTo e t S ~~ lnade fro:m - 19 ? 1 materials—cut along 1931patterns and priced to make 1931 show us the greatest volume of business we've ever enjoyed, Large U. S. Mail Boxes Large size coast- 0 "7Q er wagons O.I I/ Lawn Grass Seed OC per pkg. /uOC 3 pig pens for only _. Lawn rakes, at only Floor Paint, per qt. Garden Smls Heavy iy, bushel baskets __ _.._69c 5c-10c *•£«/ 9x12 Congo- leuin rugs Barbed Wire, 80 rd. roll ___ Maxw e» of Rodman, • dau Shter, Mrs. B. D. Fogarty and little daughter of Washington n^V 15 !? 1 ^y witn ^ f °™ert M S?' f Mr and Mrs ' p - A - M - Frost. Mr. Frost has been suffering from erysipelas on his face, but is greatly improved. Mr. and Mrs. Frost left on Tuesday for Wirock, Minnesota, Mr T ? B] % ll « e his dutles as Btat ion April first. Mr. Frost has the distinction of being the oldest telegraph operator In the world. Baptist Church. Eave Troughs, per foot Steel Chicken coops :5 Perfection Stove Wicks New line of •hildren's dresses ISxW'Oong'o- Cinii floor mats _1_ ^arge sixe nickel 1 jlatcd tea kettle ' .jarge sixo pure ojtper wash boilei --- ---- — ~. His Holy Temple" naL, f e t ,_ mormn <r subject at the Baptist church next Sunday. -Evenln subject will be "Behold I Stand a the Door, and Knock." All are mad welcome. Strangers are invited t make this church their Sabbath home Hours of service, Sunday School a ten a. m.; morning worship at eleven a. m.; B. Y. p. u. at six-thirty p. m . evening gospel service at seven-thirty -Prank H. Webster, minister. Program a Success. Good Hope, March 24. Special- The tfiLg*? a «d Program at * M% number two school on Friday evening was a very successful affair. The pro: gram was pronounced most excellent by those privileged to hear it and the sale, of boxes resulted in receipts of ' " 18,50 used for the purchase of ol equipment and other tL P K? l S^S Tne P*«rons";nd tne teacher, Miss Helen McMahon, ap- fJtf t the su PP° rt Siven the undertaking by friends of the school. Titonka Legion Post to Hold Boxing Bouts. .The Breen Post of the American IP elon in Titonka will hold a bSxing Mo°nday ^^^ ^-^ Clt ? next Good Clothes -Feft-m»HAND YOUNG MENj, Ready Now—at Prices to Do Away With a Dry Cleaned Easter. 2250 25.00 29,50 HATS CAPS SHIRTS TIES 35,50 Zetxder & GOOD CLOTHES | rent about sixty acres of land and t farm for himself in preference to working by the month. He has leased the land from Lories Crawford which lies between thte Mrs. J. P. Schoby farm and Yankee Ridge (the former Jimmie Neville farm) now tenanted by a Mr. Brown. Peter White, son of Mrs. Herman Dau, drove a car belonging to his Miss Geneva Nelson of Algona sot Sunday with Miss Capitola Gould The Glen Jenklnson n ' r. Nelson at six o'clock day evening. . dinner on Fri- —i*w, iu we a utw ueiuilglllg to ms brother-in-law, Eldon Kearns, of Sioux City through to Algona the following I day accompanying Wilbur Kearns of Ringsted who was driving to Sioux City I *•* bring his brother, Eldon Kearns 1 his wife back to Algona where will spend several weeks at the -"*w-^»iv *i Ulll i Because of illness. .o ated on several weeks ago for aDnend- --- —~ • • -. ww«w MQlr *W* n^^lGtiVi- icitis but upon returning to work too soon complications .set in. He will I not be able to work for several weeks ., —- Gardner, who had spent and wlu spend his time at the Dau aM^f" the ,, wlnter at the home of her home recuperating. Mrs. Kearns and augnter, Mrs. Chester Bailey, moved a daughter, Maxine, who Is ten years »CK to ner homi» nn fL-mtv, TI—i old. will rpmnln ot fv>« rta,, !,„„„ •.».. C, S, Johnson Hardware, Variety, Groceries A CONTEST For Mr. Farmer many acres of blooming - --. clover are you going to have this year, and how many mlles from the Intersection of roads 169 and 18 Just north of Algona? 2. How many acres of Hubam annum or other variety of sweet clover are you sowing this spring and how close to above location?" 3. How many acres of Hubam annual sweet clover would you BOW this spring if you had the clover furnished free. How far are you from above location? Winner gets 5 Ibs. honey. All others get I lb. each up to a certain distance from above loca- 'ion. G. E. Van Dorston APIARIST. 99 N. Minnesota St., Algom, Iowa. tn /i home on ^"'h Harlan in Algona last Wednesday. Christina Gould accompanied Vlv- S ' e ™ n St. Benedict Satur- ** MMUB«AI/V«, uutuiuie, wxio is ten old, will remain at the Dau home." Mr. Kearns' many friends wish him a speedy recovery. Mrs. J. H. Warner was elected president of the school board to succeed Dr. H. Kulander. Other board mem bers are Emll Larson, Wm. Krumm O. E. Jensen and O. S. Pehrson. The Swea township Four-H club me at the home of Miss June Larson There were ten club girls present and also their leader, Miss Anna Larson Their project this year Is "Second Year Clothing." EL. Sweaney, Smith,Hughes instructor and the Misses Helen Preston and Mamie Peterson spent the week at Ames, where the former Ames students gathered to celebrate the birthday anniversary of the Iowa State College. Twelve children of pre-school age if* nvi ««1 l«,ll__J.l -_ . _ ° Monday morning in time for" "school" I Mrs. David Keefe and her sister, tur- i *j l&s&xyx^^ SWEA CITY NEWS. *TIU»TU V4»j4uicii ui prc-scuooi age are enrolled in the nursery school, under the direction of Miss Helen Preston, Smith-Hughes instructor. Children, parents and girls all seem to enjoy the work. The children are studied and cared for by the tenth grade > *" 4*iVJ.bCU W* g. -«,,.,» M , W ^ ,^ 40 cvcuu Special ftrn- gram under the direction of the u3t historian Is being arranged for A « nce »u wui P rov W e ^r entertainment after the refreshments are serv6dr ? promises to be a big affair. Mesdan S. Hethershaw, Rachel Stockman Trevett and Edna Nyman are the "Kay and Gerda," ta, — — ' • • grades on Friday Kay's mother were other leadC They were suported by a cos" g of IM iS^SXSS^JS^f^ «- day and Sunday at the home of Mrs. r „ — • Keefe s daughter, Mrs. John Scholtes Regular meeting of the Boy Scouts of Bancroft. Mrs. Scholtes was for- was held Monday evening. m»rlv n,,f* Keefe . Th <w . lur I -- sen brought Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Chrlstensen spent Kula^de?' ie week end at ne* iwnin M Kiuanaer, - -. — . uu*«istsj ojJdiii Ol4vufU&y and Sunday at the home of her daughter* Mrs. Glen Jenklnson. she cared or the Jenklnson children Saurdav venln f while Mr. and Mrs. Jenkin on attended a shower at the Vern Gross home In honor at Stanley Gardner and his prospective bride Miss Leola Huff. Mr. Gardner S a nephew of Mr. Jenklnson. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Will entertained a number of relatives and neighbors a week ago Friday evening in honor of their daughter, Alice's sixteenth birthday. Gifts were presented to the honoree. The evenlnu was spent at cards. Lunch was served late In the evening. Radio music was enjoyed during the evening, the Wills having recently purchased an electric radio. Albert QpuZd, oldest son of Mr. and ;^, tBen Oould< and one of Anton's ambitious young men has decided to end at Des Molnes. «... BIJVJ Mrs. Rome Johnson are the proud parents of a son born Thursday. June and Mavis Larsno and Maurine Meyer spent Sunday with Lucille Anderson. Chris Kraigh, a bridge contractor, spent the week end with his family at Belmond. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Nelson returned Saturday to Slgourney after spending two weeks with relatives here. Mrs. L. A. Anderson is, critically ill with penumonia. Her two daughters and a sister arrived from Pennsylvania Saturday. Miss Lois James was placed second in the dramatic of the sub-district fin als of the declamatory contest. Miss Helen Morrow of Algona won first first place in the humorous class was given to August Krause of Fenton There was a good attendance. Musical numbers^ were given by _ Irene Dourte of Chas. Peter, Everett and Rev. *»U»»..MC», rumivr Jensen and Rev Flts er 8nd a , vlolln B0l ° b >', Virginia u S 1 *u > V nerJc * n Le fl°n Auxiliary will ^^l^P&toSLVS** Won- g ™e r rX S ' U ban h d^ e ^£~ was one of the finest operettas ever Mrs. D. James, Mrs. 0. Sanborn and Mrs. P. w. Larson attended an &nrnet county joint Legion and AiuSS™ holft "^"^y night 0 Maffsm holds the national was population in the 1930 and the Auxiliary unit nas « mem dressed the meeting on "Facts ™* Figures on Junior sZ and and Ray a talk 0 ^U S ^enberg Is a operative patient at the Fairmont hospital. He had an operation for ulcers. Latest reports are that he is still very ill, "^"" B l The Cardinals Journeyed to Truman, Minnesota, on Sunday and played th« 1930 Chevrolet coach 1930 Chevrolet coupe 1926 Dodge sedan 1930 Chev. sedan new. lik c BOA Badiola, all electric, table model. Algona Auto Market Mlsa Anna Linde entertained Mr. Algona, Iowa.

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