The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 25, 1931 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1931
Page 8
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DRIVE TO REDUCE TEACHERS' SALARIES BepresentatJye Bonnstette Instigates a Cut in Teachers' Salaries. WANTS TEN PEE CENT BEDUCTION IN WAGES The Upper Des Moines^Republican, March 25, 1931 Twenty Years Ago, Claims Teachers Have Lobby at DCS Moines. Teachers Strike at West Bend When Wages Were Cut. Emmetsburg Democrat: West Bend Iowa, March 17. Friend Eranagnn: A matter transpired here should bo a news item for your paper. Alex Bnnn- stetter, who represents Kossuth county in the Iowa legislature, was home from Des Moines a few days a few days ago. He instigated a cut in the teachers wages of ten per cent in justice to taxpayers. He claims there is a lobbv maintained by teachers all Fairbanks of St. Paul trimmer for Mrs. Nan- «£,£ « ,f 6C ?? *? f? part hrti i.t2? £th a 6y C ° nte t t to be held later iti the season. Those who were scheduled to take part in the contest were Chester Schoby j T ' Mrs. Harry Lichty visited Thursday with her sister, Mrs. Wm. Perkins and family at Corwith. Mr. and Mrs. Grant Henderson and Jackson, Milton Norton, Fred' Geitrel Mr ' and Mrs - Wm - Wolf were Algona Lewis Rist^Willis Bradley. Marie Weh- visltors If »st Wednesday. >ls Keen, Myrtle Edna Sorensen, Good Will club was entertained at the country home of Mrs. Paul Norton. Nellie Blumer Thursday afternoon. Miss Alice was the new nie Setchell. Mr. and Mrs. Al Falkenhainer were to entertain the Ideal 500 club at a dinner party. Carrel, Corps had left Helen Quarton and Grace Crulkshank' I There was no school Thursday and ise of lack of interest in | Several of the selections on the pro- ^^^ of last week, the faculty at- are still popular readings of to- tending the teachers' meeting held at declamatory contests, among Mas on City. ™ ?. hc l th ™ Bish °P-" Mrs. E. C. Allen has accepted a posi- Vlolln, "The Going Won as clerk in the store of which he brother-in-law, F. W. Thompson, is the manager at Eagle Grove. Cecil Williams, a student at Ohio State College at Columbus, Ohio, visited last week with his parents. Dr. meetings. Mrs. G. B. Malone had been enjoy- I ( ? ay ' s g a visit from ther mother, Mrs Brawn of Lake Mills. J. A. Brownell had a new shoemaker in the person of R. O. Cooper of Creston, who had moved here with his wife and child. Swan swnn. Miss Bernice Blak.e of Eagle Grove The Moments. I at Cornell College. It had taken fifty men to fight a >rairie fire near the Fraser and Bell little forms have they, and unseen I wings; They glide o'er our heads with the morning's beam, and Mrs. F. L. Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smith drove to Dexter, Minnesota, Friday. Mrs. arms southwest of Algona. No prop- I And slip from our graso with the dav's rty was destroyed. last gleam. " Ferm Laing had arrived home from I They - - ' Ck - *? our ears wlth tne stald old clock; warningly knock; « we . if fame would win; Dr. Cretzmeyer had purchased of| Tncv knock, and entreat us to gather over the i Pnine & Pearson a new Kissell car I them in. When " n The °- . - •-•--—o —^%.»..«M.V,. fviicu | — ...^^ n, u c o^iu in /ii. board cut the wages of the super- ' machine was a handsome one with tn ey seem, d teahers ' they resigned. I 56 horse power motor and cost $2,000. Tne y are and counter strike coming. Mr Bonn setter is going to do what he can to probe the lobby that the teachers are case to maintaining. He is a member of the ^rv &„-« school board of the independent dis- sary flxtures - f the Elk leased the building " p W1 ' h a flne clot he3 and other neces- - trict of West Bend.-B. F. McFarland. A. L. Peterson was planning to im- West Bend 1930 Salary List. P rove hls residence property on East The salaries of the West Bend teach- M °P rego .l stre , et c> He ™an was pre- ers are as follows- Paring the plans which included a B. F. Bliss, superintendent, $2600; f S ?ff ( l deI i'S 1 ,?, ° f the house with J. C. Scurr. principal, agriculture and i ns " bst ^ tlal addiu on including bath manual training, $1600; L A. Johnston rcom ' wlde P° rch «. etc. ^ aC J?', s ? lence L l!1H40: Mary Stadtmuell- M. P. Haggard had made a record rt ?,° aCl i' Engllsh ' $1305 : Made- trip to Fort Dodge with his auto. Wth Qf «' £° nie economics, $1305; his family, Mrs. B. W. Haggard and ff ° rd K, mUStc ' $1170; Adeline J. W. Haggard on board the trip down " C Sf akln ^ Junior was made in one hour and fortv-five lce> ^ unlor high minutes. Th e return trio in the even- made in two hours - grade, $1080; Violet Kuckenbecker fifth rr Warren Laird had Purchased the old grade $945; Leona Gibbons, fourth S Pper DeS Moines office building of grade, $1035; Marjorie Ivev third Harvev Ingham and expected to fit it grade, $945; Dadine JennuiM (second ", P a ? ?, modern undertaking parlor in a grade, $1035; Laverne Elaine first I ho , r i. time ' Prank Seller who had the grade $900; Julia Garling, kindergar- ri U ^ dll i g ln ^^ as a R arage, had not decid moments, though little your bark on a swift onward, you glide that vast, boundless ocean where time is no more. Take heed to the moments; for with them they bear Of gems the most precious and diamonds rare. Take care of the moments; for life's but a span; Then carefully hoard dreaming man. them, Ovdin children at the Hoyt Smith home. The children have been ill for some time. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Waener entertained a number of friends Thursday evening in honor of Mrs. Martha Golcos- chea and the evening was spent playing five hundred after which lunch was served. Miss Luella Blumer will leave Friday night for Chicago to spend the week end with her sister, Miss Ada Blumer. Miss Sarah Blumer of Wau- keegan, Illinois, will also be In Chicago to spend her Easter vacation. Miss Fern Allen, who has been ill the past six weeks, has recovered and returned the first of the week to Iowa Falls to resume her studies in the music conservatory at Ellsworth College. W. B. Mason, accompanied by Miss Jennie Mason and C. W. Patterson, drove to Clarion Tuesday. Miss Jennie remained there to visit with her brother, Tom Mason and family and Mr. Mason and Mr. Patterson drove to 11 ^rime;" lnVCStment Whe " ta *> ur Oalt for a short visit To be better prepared for the aged time. —C. E. OWEN. ^^Hffi TgOBB&XBX^^ BANCROFT NEWS. 8 ten, $1035; total for high school, o70; total for grade, $6,975. - ri , - decided wh ere he would move his Ford I cars. S 5 r ;, M( i Parland L, Ha L HudsoI l: . wh ° was a student of timi °f tl'e teachers Mominpside College, and a son of their minds, realizintr I Henry Hudson, had been honored bv filji/»f tnn t-n tl» — _• _» _ . - -^ r That they are not actually taking V anv now make Purchase's when their list Cut Salaries at Ruthven. Ruthven, Iowa, March 18.— The Ruthven school board has re-elected exception of the superintendent, Mr Eschelman. He will be succeeded by Hcjtz, who has had , election to the presidency of the senior class. He was spoken of as a debater and all around leader In college Mr. Hudson is now a Florida circles. editor. Clay couty He salary of $2200. The of the near " f« accepting a cut of ten per cent to n ^™ aU< f an , ces> Chough they hk£ not yet signed up. contracts. „ 1 3 nthven>s MP° Sata *y ust. •*" IQvtit/iA XT Tn__i •' 'i*- • (M*»4tfKJ $1500: manual train- in K*™ , ua ran- ing, science, coach, $1305; Bessie Baldwin, seventh grade, $900; Gertrude Frank Dingley had joined the ranks of the automobile enthusiasts and had ordered the latest model Chalmers-De- ;roit machine of the Algona Auto & I Machine Company. The car had a thirty horse pow^r motor and had was ^^ . _ (JrttQGf ipouu" Hughes, second grade, $900- uuinea. Ltaden, first grade, $9o6. Total tetht *!«* school,, $9,225; for grades? $4?5QO Tree Planting in County April 2 and 3. I. T - Bode, extension forester from Iowa State College at Ames will be in the county April 2 and 3 to assist in tree planting. The following men are cooperators in the work: A. Hutchison. H. B. Seeley, Gus Koppen, Simon Sev- erspn, L. H. Crawford, Charles Ee- gerth, Peter Kayser, J. A. Lee and J. M Patterson. Fined for Driving While Intoxicated. « rfnn- Sutton of Lone Rock was fined $100 and costs by Judge F C Davidson last week Wednesday ' for driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Sutton was arrested by Marshal] W. H. Steward of Hurt. H, W, POST Dray and Transfer Phone 293, Aljjona, Iowa Long Distance Hauling. Every load insured against loaa or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of Graying and hauling. 82-tf the new fore doors. Mr. Dingley hop ed to have the machine by April. Seth Cairy had come back to Algon from Nebraska and had taken up his old position in this office. Seth had gone to Nebraska three years before to obtain relief from asthma, and had entirely recovered his health. Seth was a good printer and the office v mighty glad to have him back again. T V 8 ,^ had reached this office from J i. Chrischilles, who with his wife was enjoying a Mediterranean trip The card was dated March 4, and was written from Cairo, Egypt. It said- We are going to spend five days here in aCiro, after a week's trip up the Nile by boat as far as Assuan. We are en- Joying Egypt immensely. Among the building improvements which were to be made during the summer was the rebuilding of the farm home on the old Call farm adjoining Algona, which was owned by Wm K Ferguson, and is now the property of Andrew Godfredson. The house was one of the landmarks of early Algona and was made of native oak lumber cut and sawed on the farm. Myron Schenck, Mr. and Mrs. E E Conner and Mr. and Mrs. Al Falk»n,*? er ha<l been ln Des Moines and with a hundred other short course advocates appeared before the appropriation committee of the state legislature «?™nnn d / or \ state appropriation of $100,000 to extend the short course work in Iowa. Mr. Schenck was one ot trie number who made short sp es asking for the appropriation. The republicans had a full ticket for h l : c "L el S, tlonJwhlch was to be held 7, uesday ' The candidates ™ Allows: J. w. Wadswcfrth, mayor; Wm. Cleary, city treasurer 0.0. Simpson, assessor; Roscoe Call alderman for the first ward' A M Jasperson, alderman for the secon. wdia; Joe Paxson, alderman for th third ward, and Al Falkenhainer aid erman for the fourth ward. The alder men at large were E. E. Conner anc Leroy Barton. Jaspersotj and Wads worth were the only 6-ies who ha opposition. Will Galbraith had fllec to oppose Jasperson and E. O Bow yer had been placed in nomination by A. Conlon was a business visitor at Fort Dcdge Friday. John Fischer of Titonka was a business visitor here last Wednesday. The Misses Florence and Marp-aret Miller %ver e visitors at Mason Citv on Saturday. A very large crowd attended the trade extension and market day sale held here on Saturday. if ^ r ' - a ^ d Mrs ' John Schumacher visited with relatives and friends at Emmetsburg last week Tuesday. Leo Conway of Graettinger was-a visitor Sunday at the home of his sister, Mrs. A. Conlon and family. *• " ' and Florence Miller visited •el,.!,,,. , ,, , ----- —~ c *>uAici naatcu Friday at the home of then- parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Miller Verne. at Lu- Word was received here of the death of Robert Brummond. fourteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs Herman Brummond of Kanawha as a result of an auto accident Friday night. The boys' father, an auctioneer, is a nephew of Wm. Brummond of LuVerne. Mrs. A. J. Eason's division of the Presbyterian Ladles' Aid society held a waffle supper Saturday evening In the community hall. Waffles, syrup, pork sausage, apple sauce and jelly was served. The receipts of the eveninp amounted to about thirteen dollars. Mrs. Martha Goicoechea left Saturday for her home in Norfolk, Nebraska. She has visited here sinc-» last summer at the home of her mother Mrs. Fred Steussy, and with other relatives and friendfl. Enroute hnme she will visit at Omaha and Schuyler, Nebraska. The Woman's Progressive club met Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs J M. Christensen, ten members being present. A short business session was held, after which a program was given. Charlene Christensen gave spe- Mr. and Mrs. John Haupert of Ledyard spent Sunday at the home of the later's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. J Scniltz. <***,„** v - Mem11 returned home Saturday from Mankato, Minnesota where she spent the past wosk *&& ' cial music at this meeting. was served by the hostess. A party was held last Wednesday evening at the country home of Mr and Mrs. Gottlieb Hanselman In honor of the birthdays of Mr. Hanselman and his sister,' Mrs. Fred HInz, Jr. The Y OU really don't enjoy carrying in coal or wood, carrying out ashes, or fussing with dangerous, dirt-making liquid fuels, do you? Nor do you enjoy paying high bills for electric current. Put an end to this extra, unnecessary woik and expense. Cook with gas—Skelgas. Skelgas is real gas in convenient cylinders brought to your home so you may enjoy the comfort of the clean, safe, time-and-effort-saving, economical, modern fuel. Gas is practically the only cooking fuel used in city homes. Now you may enjoy real gas—Skelgas. Moderate in Cost Skelgas equipment and appliances day. What other convenience offers so much at such low cost? . Skelgas means better meals more easily prepared. Automatic oven heat control permits you to cook whole meals in the oven at one time while you are out of the kitchen for hours! Skelgas means a saving in time. Breakfast is ready in half an hour or less. It means kitchen walls and curtains stay clean for months, for Skelgasproduccsiiosootnorsmokc, no ashes nor dirt. Skclgas is clean, convenient, dependable and fast. It saves time, work and money. Free Offer ""•"•6"= equipment, aou appliances wjti. » ui- »• ... are moderately priced. Only a few 7 ° * ob , h S at '? n ' 7 OU «* invited dollars down puts Skclgas in your !? el V° y a free Skel S ns demonstra- home and you have a Full year in I"" m our «»oreatany time. Light whichtopaythebalance,ifyouwish. the g aB > « e the beautiful, compact, Thousands of Skelgas users say mod ? m Skelgas stoves. Let us tell it is the most economical fuel they L°." h °!L ll .? Ie rt C ? 8t ! *° SPJ 0 * l . he have ever used. The usual gas cost for cooking is only lOc to 15c a SKEMJAS friends. Levgntag^as vejg jleasantlv spent. Re- jlHsHlffiSnls 1 Were SfefVecT ffffirMrfflS? , Roy, Charles and Sernard McGulre I""? br ° U?ht by & gUe8ta> drove to Emmetsburg Friday evening Among those from LuVerne who where they visited Lawrence Bergman w , ere ^ attendance at the funeral ser- TOhn *C 411 *-»B**»«*14 I V f«rv(. Vtnl-I f-,. •»••__ ». —- __. is ill. f Jos - J - Elbert a of Algona spent Sunday at daUghter> Mra ' Le Dr. J. A. Devine attended a medical meeting held at Algona Friday night Dr. Charles Mayo, Jr., of Rochester, was the speaker. Miss Theresa Richter spent the week end at the home of her parents t Wesley, she is attending St. John's igh school here. Mr and Mrs. Al Menke of'palrmonc isited last week Wednesday at the ome of the former's parents, Mr. and Irs. Henry Menke. The play given by the grade pupL's i bt. John's school last Wednesday yening was attended by a large and ppreciative audience. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bruer returned ome Saturday from Minneapolis here they spent the past week visit- ng with relatives and friends V ! C SL£ e £L for Mrs - w - G - Blanshan at Britt Friday afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thompson and daughter, Doris, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Legler, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Anderson, Mrs. A. L. Spooner, Mrs ^^ El } is - Mrs ' H - °- AUen . Mrs. W. F. Godfrey and Miss Florence Godfrey. JPOUE CORNER NEWS.| &<& > ®y^x®^^ Mrs. Herman Lindeman of Dakota City visted at the Chester Robinson home the latter part of last week. Miss Irene Walker returned home on last Thursday evening after spending more than a week at the Roy Lowman home, helping them move. Mr. and Mrs. Lurhl Fesler of near Ringsted and Mr. and Mrs. Meyers and daughter spent Sunday at the J. P. Nickerson home. Mrs. Meyers and 7*0 COMPRESSED <&B&> NATVRAL GAS "' ' '-- ' '" —• Itaed u Stoadwd by Uadenniien' tebonwrbT JL , many comforts offered by Nature's Perfect Fuel—Skelgas. Remember, too, your Skelgas equipment, safely set up outside your home, also will supply gas for lighting and water heating. You are cordially invited to take advantage of this free demonstration oner at your convenience. Won't you come in today? Farmers General Store Hobarton Phone 1-F11 Algona OFFICIAL PUBLICATION. Statement of the ownership, management, circulation, etc., required by the act of Congress of August 24, 1912, of UPPER DES MOINES-REPUBLICAN, published weekly at Algona, Iowa, for April 1,, 1931. State of \>wa, county of Kossuth, Notice of Probate of Will. In district court March term, 1931. State of owa, Kossuth county, ss. No. as. at RID OF DISEASE GERMS in nose mouth and throat Let Zonito cleanse away tho accumulated secretions, kill thp germs, prevent disc-axe. Highly germicidal. Soothing to membranes. A declamatory contest was to b held at the high school building on the following Friday at which time onr LOANS On all forms security Special loan plan for purchasing milch cows. See or write C. E. LABAERE Algona Phone 55 i owa First door north Iowa State Bank 40-43 PROBAK ives '-shoi shovini comfort at home (PROfrAKfcUDEl _. .* w *i« w . «iio. ivicytrrs ailU .... and Mrs. James Conway and ^, Fessler were formerly Irene and hildren of Emmetsburg visited Thurs-' Hazel Nickerson. Robert Walker returned home last week Wednesday after spending since a week ago Monday at the Wm. Rich home. Previous to that time Robert had been staying with his grandmother, Mrs. Edith Rich, where he had been recovering from an appendicitis operation. Many fathers and sons of this community attended the Fathers and Sons dinner given by the Good Hope Ladies' Aid at the community room last Thursday evening. Those from this community who acted as waitresses were Misses Edna and Leona Walker Evelyn. Crulkshank, Hazel Mitchell and Mrs. Quentin Bjustrom. The Four Corner Mothers and Daughters club met last Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Chester Robinson. Roll call was answered by many Irish jokes. Twenty-five members were present, also five visitors as follows: Mrs F. W. Witham, Mrs. Arthur Vining, and daughters, and Mrs. Rawson, all of Algona, Mrs. Herman Lindeman of Dakota City, and Mrs. Clarence Schln- ay at the home of the former's sis- er, Mrs. A. Conlon and family. Mrs. Mary Grames and daughter of ttumwa arrived last Wednesday for visit at the home of their son ar.d rother. Paul Grames and family A fire broke out in the Joe Fox residence early Monday morning. The flre was caused by an overheated stove. Assistance was immediately called and the damage was slight. Thieves broke into th e Kennedy Brcs. department store Sunday evening, entrance being made through the door. About fifteen dolars in ° f ° lothing south were Forty hours' devotion is being held at Sit. John's Catholic church tris week beginning Tuesday morning. Rev. of o. a Redemp- rru . - torist Father, will deliver the sermons. Several priests from surroundin,- towns wUl also assist at the services. u/Mff Bancroft Lions club went to Whittemore Tuesday evening where a banquet was held at the high school gymnasium The charter waj T presented by District Deputy Gienapp of Fort Dcdge. Rev. Raymond Grant of Vinton was the principal speaker. The program was given by the Fort Dodge LUVERNE NEWS. x*®®***^*^^ Frank and Gottlieb Gronbach were Algona business callers Tuesday. John Weiner of Lincoln, Nebraska, visited relatives and friends here last nn,, and Phyllis were Fort Dodge callers hursday. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Dimler and Mrs were Fort Dodge fa Harry Von Draska allers Friday. Ed. Mason of Charles City visited for everal days here last week with rela- ves and friends. Notice of Probate of Will. xr ln o c !£ trlct court ' March term, 1931, No. 3484. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, aa. To all it may concern: You are hero- Dy notified that an Instrument of writ- Ing purporting to be the last will and testament of Peter Andre, deceased, dated February 4, 1931, having been this day filed, opened and read, the 7th day of April, 1931, is fixed for learing proof of same at the court house In Algona, Iowa, before the district court of said county or the clerk of said court; and at nine o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned, all persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last will and testament of said deceased. * Dated at Algona, Iowa, March 10, 1931. CLARK OR/TON, Clerk of District Court. CLARA REYNOLD8, Deputy. Sullivan, McMahon & Linnan. attorneys. 39.4} Before me, a notary public in and lor the stale and county aforesaid, personally appeared J. W. Haggard who, having been duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that he is one of the publishers of the Upper Des Home?-Republican, and that the following if», to the best of his knowledge and belief, a true statement of the ownership, msnagement, etc. of the aforesaid publication for the date shown in the above caption, required by the a«st of August 24, 1912, embodied in section 411 Postal Laws and Regulations, printed on the reverse of this f;rm. to wit: 1. That the names and address of the publisher, editor, managing editor, and business managers, are; publisher, Haggard & Backus, Algona, Iowa; editor, Haggard & Backus, Algona, Iowa; managing editor, Haggard & Backus, Algona, Iowa; and business managers, Haggard & Backus, Algona, Iowa. 2. That the owners are: J. W. Haggard, Algona, Iowa. Bid J. Backus, Algona, Iowa. 3. That the known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders owning or holding one per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities are: D. A. Haggard,,Algona, Iowa. 4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the names of the owners, stockholders and security hold- era, if any, contain not only the list of stockholders and security holders as they appear upon the books of the company but also, in cases where the stockholder or security 'holder appears upon the books of the company as trustee or in any other fiduciary relation, the name of the person or corporation for whom such trustee is acting, is given; also that the eaid two paragraphs contain statements embracing affiant's full knowledge and belief as to the circumstances and con cations under which stockholders and security holders who do not appear upon the books of the company as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other than that of a bona fide owner; and this affiant has no reason to believe that any other person, association, or corporation has any interest direct or Indirect In the Bald stock, bonds, or other securities than as so stated by him. HAGGARD & BACKUS, o v ^ j Per J- w< Haggard. *i,i o, i 5 ed to an< * sworn before this 21st day of March, 1931, To all whom it may concern: You are hereby notified that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Martin J. Dammann, deceased, dated January 13, 1931, having been this day filed, opened and read, the 13th day of April, .1931, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the court house in Algona, Iowa, before the district court of said county or the clerk of said court; and at ten o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned, all persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said de- at Algona, Iowa, March 12, CLARK ORTON, Clerk of District Court CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy Sullivan, McMahon & Linnan Attorneys. 40-42 ceased. VSETflfiOKD ^MARSHALL'S % ** *U DruggUU, or »enl prepaid by it.>...,•*„ •••-I •*- -. • -»ji-t *-* LUSBY'S DttUG STORE . O. MY WORK AND METHODS MAKE SICK PEOPLE WELL Dr. E R. Perkins 35th Season In the Same Territory An Experienced Speciallut Teeth Extracted Without Pain A positive relief for suffering humanity and without the usual bad after effects. I ORGANIC INFECTIONS People now days know of the danger of bad teeth. But they r W , hen *?«* have crc ? °H res f tance against or- Infections through the blood stream. How many of you have f rff «* Painful arms' oTa sore heart, loss of weight and ner vous conditions? Thele ar" some" of the common but pamful warn tags which become moreTerlouI dangerous as long as you your bad teeth and dtaSS Have your mouth fS I up the deeper complications Hotel March 31 Office Hours 9 to 4 K<ady Attendant, (Seal) (My 1833). J. L. BONAR, Notary Public, commission expires July 4 PLATE GLASS Do not send away for Glass. We undersell order houses on auto glass and wait. mail we serve while you Joe Greenberg

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