Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 2, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1896
Page 8
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^?^^^^^W^ J ?P^'^ i Wl 1 Wp^ fpppjilf^ •^•vS?''^^' 1 ''^'"^ !-V. : .v''-'%y"^:^:; ; ''''^^^^ : r ; "S;':'' ; >^'"'^^VlS;:^-^"'^-:' : ;(' :: :"•'"•'• •'.'•"'. •"'•'_•: ^ _ ' '•••'•> '' "• ' ' : -' -' • " £"''-. ' LAST CALL! Tc> WihdlUiTthe Far^welTsalTof Startling Values to close out the balance of this stock. Last Week's Bargains were surprising.^This week they are amazing. The balance of this stock must go this week and here are prices that will make you help do it. •Sens Fioe Business Soils worth $15 now to Fine Bosiness Suits w«rtb $10 BOW fa Fine Worsted Pacts worth $5 DOW $7-50 5-25 2.50 Boys' Suits 1-2 price, Children's Suits 1-2 price, Ulsters, Barber, Cook, Butcher and baker's Coats 1-2 price, Pants, Underwear, Shirts Neckwear, Suspenders, Hosiery and Collars at just 1-2 its actual value. It will pay you to go 20 miles to attend this sale, as you never in your Jife, will have another chance like this. fa Fine Jtay Overcoats $20 now Mens Fine Kearsey Overcoats 8.SO DOW flew Frisco Mackintoshes 12 00 now $10.00 3-98 5-75 Saturday/ September sth. will positively be the last day of our 37 years Clothing career in Logansport. Do not fail to call if only to say Good Bye. Very Truly Yours HARRY FRANK, 314 Fourth Street. Advance Sale of Dress Goods ; "£ : While black dress goods are always stylish, this season they promise to far outstrip all others in popularity with the fashionable world; perhaps one reason for this is the beautiful designs which the manufacturers have produced. Anticipating an early demand Ifor fall dresses we placed our orders early and now have the handsomest stock of black goods, from the rich plain cloths to the elegant fancies that you will find in the city. As a starter for the season we will make the following special prices for the week. TRYING TO HEDGE Popocrats Want to Impose on the Conditions. In the Proposed Kearney-Carter Political Debate. 38 inch all wool Henriettas worth 50c ct 45 inch beautiful all wool serges worth 50c at 40 inch elegant Jacquard fancies worth 65c at 45 inch Mohair Novelties worth 75c at The latest large figured Mohair at An elegant line of crepe effects, lizard cloth etc 29c 39c 48c 58c 69c| 75c ' Our line of Maltesses, Astrachan and Fancy Mohairs can'tjbe equaled at 98c, $1.25. $I.5O, $1.75, $1.98, and $2.25. It will you to look at the above va ue. THE GOLDEN RULE. Grand Opening: You are respectfully invited to attend the Grand Opening of The Globe, Northeast Corner Fourth and u Harket Streets, Wednesday.eyening SEPTEHBER a, 1896. Music by the Elite Mandolin Club Souvenirs I See our 20c window shades.—Logansport Wall Paper Co. . !. , ; 1 See the'new velvets aud new.-trimmings.—Trade Palace. . „.' j Best line of .stationerj- to be luj the city.—Logansport Wall Paper Co; 5 Kead the Bee Hive ad. this.morning: Take a guess on the wheels at* the Bee Hive. , ..'. i 100 pieces new 20c percales, at 12'/:C a yard. Such One patterns.—Trade. Palace. j Special sale on boys' and children's knee and Jong pants.—J. 0. Ferguson & Jenks. . . . .. ij A leap year dance will be giverj at the pavilion at Spencer.park Frir day evening. Music will be rendered- by the Mandolin orchestra. ' ,. ..J, George TVatson, a farmer lit ing -near Clymers, foil from the roof of:a.,bu;IId- [ng which he was engaged in shlngilng. last Fridayj and sustained scvlral painful injuries. 3 Don't forgot that the train leaves the Vandalia station at 10:30 a, m., S^pt... 3d, for South Bend, where William Jennings Bryan will-speak to the people^ Fare for the round trip, $1.35. .•• •' • The wood just east of Long-. Cliff i The Popocratie County committee is hedging i" the proposed debate be- Mr. E. P. Kearney 1 and Mr. C. E. Carter, ami is now trying- to impose •conditions.' Dr. .T. 7,. Powell, chairman of the Republican Cental committee, yesterday received the following com- nniuiciirlon from Mr, B. F. Louthain, elmlnnan of t.he Popocratlc committee; Logansport, Incl., Aug. 31. Dr. ,T. X. rowL'll,' . Chairman 'Rep. Cen. Com., Logansport, Ind. Dear Sir: Mr. Carter thinks that ho or his friends .should have some say in a'rwinging the details for the joint discussion between himself and Mr. Kearney.. '.Will you kindly meet. Mr. Kearney, Mr, Carter and myself at Democratic headquarters at 3 p. m. next -Wednesday, to agree upon the condl- -.tious of debate. • : Benj. F. Louthain, • Chairman Dem, Cen. Com. In answer to this communication Chairman Powell sent the folowlng: Log.ausport, Ind., Sept. 1. Mr. B. F, Louthain, i Chairman Dem. Cen. Com., Logausport, Ind. Dear Sir: It will not be convcnien for me to -meet yon Wednesday after • noon as you suggest. Mr. Kearney, a the challenged party, is entitled to sc lect the time, place and weapons foi the 'combat of words,, and in doing so prescribed certain rules, .the only ob ject of which was to conduce to orderly debate and it seems to us that the rules find regulations were fair and Impartial. Aud especially in selecting- a third-party man in the person oC Mr. C. O. Fenton, the loader of the Prohibition party in Cass county, to act as bitiouist, shall act as moderator, whose duty it shnll be to preserve"order, and to call either speaker to order. !f, in his. judgment bo is not speaking to the question. "3. That neither party shall bo interrupted by the other, or by any person in the .".ndienee, while spo.'ikin.s.'' MADE A TRADE, Populist Electors to Replace the Democrats Who Deserted. poet of any railroad on Erie avenue, and the council gave a three year permit witli conditions in order to get the street open. TJ)e throe years expired August IStJi last, and there is no railroad and cannot now be. But the Pharos goes on getting scared just the same, and just now it is awfully afraid of something or other. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. .gain infested vecks .ago the with same hobos. ; . A-.; few band .of. : hu3ky ellows camped there, and finding the place to their liking returned,^ , , While Misses Dora, Welch and Mamie Tnill were returning home • from-' n. picnic last Saturday, their horse be- ame frightened and was soon, vracbri- TOllable, The buggy, was npset .-an'd :>oth young ladles were thrown out ut. were not Injured. ' ..; The silk sale now being carried on t the Bee Hive has been taken. 1 ad antage of by a great. many people, ! hlnk of a handsome 'brocade silk, ress weight, at C9c to 75c per yard: Whether yon are Interested or -'not/, ome and take a look. • moderator. As the Democrats aud Populists have apparently fused Into the Popocratlc party, wo felt that it would not bo fair to ask a Republican, a former Democrat or Populist to act as moderator, but a Prohibitionist seemed to be the proper person to fill the'p'iace. If you do not wish to accept the proposal of Mr. Kearney and bis friends, that is your privilege,' Yours respectfully, ,T. Z. Powell, - Chairman Itop. Cen. Com. ; That there may be no mistake as to the conditions and rules that were proposed by Mr. Kearney to govern the debate, they,are published herewith. If : t)iere is any advantage to be gained : to either side, it would seem that Mr. •'Garter Tins the best of the proposition, as he has the opening and closing ar- gurfent:' ' • • . '"!'. The discussion to be limited to the'f[uestlon,'''Should the United States ndbpt the free and unlimited coinage of sliver at -the ratio of 10 to 1, independent of any other nation?' : ••"2.. Air. Carter to'take the affirmative, and Mr, 1 Kearney the negative. "3. : Mr, Carter to open the discussion In an hour's speech; Mr. Kearney to follow in a speech of an hour and.fif- teen minutes. Mr. Carter to close in a fifteen minute speech, but. to Introduce no now argument in closing. ''4. That Mr. C. O. Fenton, a Profcl- The Indianapolis News says: With out the blare of trumpets or the tootin of horns, about forty Populists fron different parts of the State slipped int Indianapolis Monday. They made thei presence know to no one outside thei own party except Sterling It. Holt chairman of the State Democratic com mittoe, aud inquisitive' reporters r<? cclved "the marble heart." The reason of the visit aud iis profound secrecy is thus explained: The Democratic committee and .the Populist committee have been flirting with each other for some time, aud it was only a few days ago that the Democratic committee struck up a speaking acquaintance. It was then that Mr! Holt proposed that they ought to "get together" and save the State of Indiana, The Populists were willing, but insisted that Mr. Holt should make the first advancement. Mr. Holt said he did not like that, but when Che Populists declared that they would not play house, but would take their doll rags and go home, Mr. Holt determined-to.save- the Sfcite if possible. Hei'told. the other side not to be bashful, out. to mako the proposition. But the Populists said j "nay" aud "Gil" McNutt, Democratic nominee for Attorney-General took up the matter. He and "Biir.CulIop. of Yincenues, and .Tudge McCabe, proposed to the Populists that the names of some of the Democratic electors v/ould be stricken from the ticket and the names of Popnlisis placed on in-' stead. It was not given out what names should be taken on", ?uid the reason of the secret conference here Monday was to decide .what electors must go and whose nanj|s will be put on. The Populists cannot agree on their own parties, and it is said that at the meetlg held at the Hotel English, ind afterward at the office of the Nonconformist, the word "traitor" was freely used. A few of. the Populists :hought that some of the nom'JSiees for State offices should be set aside and then names put on the ticket, but to this the Democrats would not agree. Plenty Michigan perch.—Rothenuel. F. A. Dpdcgraff, Thomas Powell and ,Gus Mink, will leave next Friday for a ten days' outing in the Northwest. It is s.-iid that ducks arc scarce this year. It is now lawful to hunt the feathered denizens of the marshes. Hon. D. P. Baldwin will commence a series of speeches in Indiana at Rochester next Saturday. Nest week he will be in Southern Indiana, Sister Rosina, a member of the Sisterhood of St. Elizabeth, died a fe.w days ago at Lafayette. She had been foo three years a Sister, and was 23 years old. The annual reunion of the Persimmon Brigade association -will be held at the Criminal court room In ttc court house, Indianapolis! Tuesday, September 15th. - , The people .ire going en masse to South Bend at 10:31 a. m., Sept 3, to iear William ,T, Bryan.' The Vandalia hie has made the rate ?1.35 for tire •ound trip and has arranged ; to take are of everybody. Miss Kate Parish of the city was yes- erday twenty-third in the list of con- estants in ~;he Chicago Chronicle con- est, called the working women's ex- ursions, for working girls outside Of Chicago. There are a score of prizes fforcil. • The dedication dance at the- Fulton county court house at Rochester will after all take place before the furniture is placed in the building. A compromise has been made between the Board of Commissioners and the contractors. NINE CENT SALE A Special Sale For Cents. Nine Who Ever Heard of a Nine Cent Special Sale. THOSE '• KIVERED KARS." They do not and Will not Rush Down Erie Avenue. Three years ago at this timp the Pharos was In contortions. It could not sleep well at night-for the screech ing of engines, and when it finally fell into a doze it was awakened by a horrible nightmare, and felt huge locomotives and entire trains passing over Its body. The public will-rjpmembor how the trains on Erie avenne woKi going to run -over everybody, were' going to deliberately leave the 'track, hunt a man down and eat him np. School children could no !o".ser venture-out to go to school. This w- /.no m 'he P!:::ros'S typical cal."'- ! v <vls. '."ln-rc -..-'as no pros- Well here it is; for one week we will sell choice of the following well known shoe dressing, Whitemore Bros., Gilt Edge Oil Dressing, Button & Thuroston's Celebrated Rayon Gloss, Hestorff & Bettmann's Celebrated Glycerole, Alma and other celebrated shoe dressings all of which retail at 25 cents per bottle by all merchants. Choice of these celebrated dressings ONLY NINE CENTS. PILLING, THE SHOE MAN, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind, Infallible Corn Salve worth 25 cents for 9 cents.—PJlliag: • •' .-. White Clover, powder retail price 25 cents, reduced to 9 cents.—Pilling. Now Is the time to supply yourself with shoe dressing at less than wholesale price:—Pilling, the shoe man, 412 Sroadway.

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