The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 18, 1931 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1931
Page 6
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The Upper jjjga Moines-Republicaa, March 18, 1981 Union M. and D. Club— The Union Mothers and Daughters . club were entertained at a three-course one o'clock luncheon at the home of Julia Dearchs in Algona last Thursday She was assisted by the old and new officers, who were Mesdames Winifred Jergenson, Ada Hoflus, Julia Taylor, Ida Winkle, Ethel Smith, Nan Ward, Clara Thompson, Mary Sarchett, Minnie Sarchett, Carrie Bourne, Lillian Broederson, Helen Vogel and Irma Harvey. Forty-nine mebers were seated at small tables centered with bouquets of sweet peas. Preceding the luncheon Mrs. A. Michel sang "Sing Meto Sleep" and "Coming Home," accompanied by Mrs. Sylvia Dunn. After luncheon a short program was given. The club song was sung which was followed by roll call. George Free entertained the ladies by giving several of his selections which have won him such popularity and always pleases his audiences. The one perhaps which they enjoyed most was "Don't Count Your .Chickens Before They're Hatched." Others given were "Spring," "Smiles," and "Telling the Naked Truth." There was a song by Mary Lee and Ruth Dcarchs, small daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Dearchs A report on the federation meet ing recently held at Lakota was given by Mesdames W. C. Nelson and Roy Sarchett. A petition was passed around urging the United States to become a member of the World Cour and thereby bring peace and happiness to American homes. It was readily signed by those present. The next meeting of the club will be held at the home of Luella Schenck al Burt with Ida Winkle, Jr., as assisting hostess. The following program is scheduled: Music and How It Is Composed by R. Timmel; music by Harriet Kriethe and a reading by Beatta Kollasch. Five Hundred Parly- Mr, and Mrs. Frank Schallln en- «rtained the following guests at a five lundred party Friday night: Mr. .and ktrs. Henry Lavrenz; Mr. and Mrs. Krug and family; Mr. and Mrs. Robert CALL THEATRE ALGONA, IOWA Dreyer; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Boett cher and family; Mr. and Mrs. Chas Oeilenfeld and family; Mr. and Mrs Walter Will; Mr. and Mrs. Arthu Rusch and family; and Mr. and Mrs Frank Sheller. The high scores wer won by Arthur Rusch and Mrs. Chas Oeilenfeld and low by Herman Boett cher and Mrs. Robert Dreyer. Lunch was served after the card games. Girl Weds — Mrs. Mary Steinman announces th marriage of her daughter, Ruth, to Nathan Parr of Kanawha. The wedding took place February 4, at Albert Lea, Minnesota, where the ceremony was peformed by Rev. John E. Bowes pastor of the First Methodist church, Miss Stelnman was a senior in the Algona high school at the time of her marriage. Mr. Parr is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Parr of Kanawha. Mr. and Mrs. Parr are now at home near Kanawha, where Mr. Parr is fami- ng. Bookings — Short Subjects — Sound — Ventilation- Seating—Lighting. Comfortable seated lobby equal to any city theatre. You can be proud to meet yom friends here, > THURS. & FRI., MARCH 19-20. Matinee Thursday at 2:30 prices— 10c-30c. A break for the whole torn- ! ily. It's exceptional. Leon Janny , -tewis Stone Irene Bich "FATHEB'S SON" One of thp most splendid pictures I have yet seen. Boys will have a good chuckle.—James E. West, Chief Scout Executive, Boy Scouts I of America. Plan to bring the whole family. Comedy Review Cartoon SAT. SPECIAL MARCH 21 The public craves excitement and here it is. Thrill of pounding hoofs. Barking six guns. Love—laughs and drama. A story of cattle rustlers— Indians and U. S. Cavalry. Bichard Alien Fay Wray Claude G-illingwater in Emerson Hough's "THE CONQUEBING HOBDE" See the unruly herd of half inad •steers being driven for hundreds of miles. Gilllngwater Is a lovable old cowpuncher in this one. Charlie Stone (The Injun Joe of Tom Sawyer) appears. .The adventures of a young cowboy and a girl? . "' • Also Comedy Program'. 1:30 'and 3:30 Matinees Extra special attraction- Tom Tyler In "PHANTOM OF THE WEST" It's thrills and action all the way. THURS. & FRI., MARCH 26-27 Thursday matinee 2:30—prices lOc- 35c. Her most thrilling role. She used her beauty to allure as a weapon to battle the underworld. America's dancing daughter. SUN. & MON., MARCH 22-23 1:30 and 3:30 matinees any seat 10c. 85o. 5, 7 and 9 o'clock shows regular prices. The smartest of all comedy dramas. Mr. 1931 goes a- courting. New York City showing run for three weeks. It's really big! He spent his last penny on a dog— and a girl. Smartest of settings. Made by the producer of "Whoopee" Sophisticated In the Grand Manner. Always a two hour show. &S& You are going to gasp—at Chicago's rich, the thrills of a society girl's effort to beat the underworld. At the Flaming Youths of Chicag^GoId Coast. She crashed society and battled the underworld. Nights Shows 7:15, 9:15 and 11:15 if necessary to allow all to see it. SATURDAY, MARCH 28. 1:30 and 3:30 matinees. No. 3 episode of Tom Tyler serial, "Phantom of the West." Gloria Swanson "WHAT A WIDOW" A cocktail of gay adventure. SUN. & MON., MARCH 29-30. nONUKDUIUII ,. >• •*,/ , PMIIHTI. ,y "f II , IAMU£L qOLDWYM v/fe Devn TO PAY LOPfTfA TUBS. & WED, MARCH 24-25. The most talked of picture in years. Constance Bennett Robert Montgomery Adolphe Menjou "THE EASIEST WAY" She had sold her hear,!;—then love came. She had charm—he had money. Frank, fearless drama. Is tasting luxury worse than taking dope? Also— Comedy Review Cartoon i Lawrence Tibbett in a grand talkfe ofhobos and heart-throbs! THE TUES., WED., & THURS., MARCII31, APRIL 1-2 Chicago has its premier showing this week. Booked at Algona— "FIFTY MILLION Kxtra special mention—Easter program— APRIL 5-G-7 Douglas Fairbanks "BEACHING FOB THE MOON" SUN. & MON., APRIL 12-13 Will Bogers "CONNECTICUT YANKEE" Married at Fort Dodge— •Mabel Ttheltn of OaUendar and Lawrence Olson of Algona were united n marriage at Fort Dodge March 11. and left immediately on a wedding trip o Pipestone, Minnesota. They will be it home on the Olson farm south of Jobarton the last of the month. The >ride was a nurse at the Kossuth hos- >ital for a couple of years and has many friends in Algona, The groom is the son of Sam Olson and is an industrious young farmer. The many friends of the couple wish them much happiness. R. N. A. Clob— The R. N. A. club will meet with Mrs. Hugh Herman Tuesday, March 24. at two-thirty. A short business meeting will be followed by a social time and program. All members are requested to wear house dresses. RoL call will be answered with incidents relating to St. Patrick's day. Refreshments will be served by the hostesses who include Mrs. Herman, Mrs. R. W. Roeder, Mrs. Mary Lalng, Mrs. Kate Turner, Mrs;. Albert Oranzow, Mrs. James Allen, Mrs. Fern Young and Miss Velma Mansmlth. Training: School— The fifth subject matter training school of the first year home management project, "Large Quantity Meal Planning" and the "Home Made Fireless Cooker," will be given at the home of Mrs. Fred Geigel Thursday, March 19, in Irvhigton township. The meeting will begin at ten a. m. and close at four o'clock in .the afternoon. Each lady is to bring a covered dish and sandwiches for lunch. Bring vour friends. One O'clock Luncheon— Mrs. Raymond Norton, Mrs. B. A. Thorpe and Mrs. F. F. Barker were hostesses at a one o'clock luncheon at the home of Mrs. Norton Tuesday Smilax and green tapers were used as decorations. The afternoon was spent at bridge. Mrs. D. D. Paxson won the first prize, Mrs. H. A. Reimer. the second and Mrs. G. W. Stillman, third. The same group will entertain at sim- lar luncheons Thursday and Friday. Sunday School Class Party- Mrs, j. w. Little entertained '^ the members of her Sunday School class of the Congregational church at a dinner party Saturday evening. After dinner they all went to see the show, "Rango." -Those In the 'class are Ted f Chrischilles, Jack Long, Bobble Deal, Robert Ditsworth, Byron Smith, Curtis Maxlne Lareon lie nigh prize for^ridge". and.MrS,' W. Little won the low prize. Courtesy for Visitor- Mrs. J. L. Bonar entertained twelve women at a one o'clock luncheon Monday In honor of Mrs. J. H. Daugherty of Rantoul, Illinois, who is visiting her sister, Mrs. R. H. Crawford. The afternoon was spent playing contract bridge. Mrs. J. S. Auner won the high prize. Mrs. Daugherty received a guest prize. !<• O. A. Class Entertainment— Miss Nellie McGinnis entertained the A. O. club Friday evening. Mabel DeGraw won the prize for high bridge score and Stella Mae Breen won the second high. Miss Elma Schroeder, who has resigned from the Elk Cleaners and is going to Spencer, was presented with a farewell gift. Bridge Dinner Party— Mrs. Raymond Norton entertained twelve ladies at a seven o'clock dinner Friday evening. The dinner was served at two tables, decorated with smilax and shamrocks. Mrs. T. H Chrischilles won the high prize for bridge and Mrs. G. W. Stillman won the second prize. L. O. A. Class Entertanment— The L. O. A. class of the Congregational church will have an entertainment at the home of Mrs. E. J Murtagh Tuesday evening of next week The entertainment is more or less o] an invitation affair with an admission charge of twenty-five cents. ice as Good DAIRY MAID BREAD and Made with Double Milk Didn't you know we used milk in bread? Well, we do, and plenty of it- good, rich, pasteurized milk that malices strong, healthy toys and girls. And flour—not just any kind, but i;specially selected, short-patent flour, milled from the very heart of the wheat berry, always the same quality. Don't be deceived into buying cheap bread. Cheap bread cheats boys and girls, and is not worth the price yoi^ pay for it. Compare the way our bread toasts with the way cheap bread toasts. Dairy Maid Bread toasts evenly, cheap bread toast is uneven and burris in spots. Only perfect bread makes perfect toast. ; . Buy Dairy Maid Bread. Algona Bak Bridge Dinner— • Mrs. F. F. Barker and Mrs. B. A. Thorpe gave a six-thirty dinner Friday evening for twelve friends at;the BftrlrAT ti/imtt *JT««*aB*^M-. .TTm~^*i*p-'\mll± Bri&te dab— • Mrs. gw<*iwry entertained her bridge club at the horoe of her daughter, Un. R. W. Roeder last Wednesday ztUxwM. Mrs. s. J. Stehle won tr.* niga vnz*, Mr*. Hugh Post, sec- 'Xvj nui ifcrs. litj&ter, \rt#. There ire xvre'v* luvtubm of the club. V. K. O. I The P. ¥: fj vxrJtty met for a cov- I ';r«J o'Mi vjwer at the home of Mrs. I W. E. Quferton Tuesday evening. Mrs. G A. Itomey of Masr/n City, who was state president of the P. E. O. last year gave a talk. There were about twenty-five at the meeting. Party for Sister- Mrs. R. H. Crawford gave an evening party Saturday in honor of her sister, Mrs. J. H. Daugherty of Ran- tcul, Illinois, who is visiting her. There were twelve guests. Mrs. P. J. Christensen won the high prize and Mrs J.- L. Bonar the second high. Entertained Club- Mrs. J. s. Auner entertained her bridge club Thursday afternoon. Guests were Mrs. F. D. Williams, Mrs. N ,C. Rice and the latter's house guest, Mrs. W. L. Hagehorst of Eagle Grove. Mrs. A. E. Kresensky won the high prize for .he bridge game. Bible Class Party— The Women's Bible class of the Con, fregational church was entertained on I'uesday afternoon at the home of Mrs, ?. A. Corey. Assisting hostesses were Mrs. Joseph Cosgrove, Mrs. Chris Knudsen, Mrs. Aggie Knapp and Mrs. fensen. Baptist Mission Circle— The Baptist Mission Circle will meet at the home of Mrs. Irving Urch on Thursday afternoon. Mrs. R. A. Evans will be the leader, and the topic will be "The Star of India." "resbyterlan Missionary— The Presbyterian missionary society will meet with Mrs. L'. E. Fairbanks >n Thursday, March. The subject is Chosen", and Mrs. Frank Geigel is to be the leader. Alpha-Delphian Club— ' The Alpha-Delphian club will meet next week Wednesday at the home of Urs. M. J. Streit. The program will be in charge of Mrs. D. D. Paxson. Presbyterian Supper— The Presbyterian ladies will serve a upper at the Legion hall on Saturday, March 28. The menu will be publish- d later. let Together Club- Mrs. Al Falkenhainer entertained the Get Together bridge club at a one o'clock luncheon Monday afternoon. Idle Hour Club— The Idle Hour bridge club is being entertained this afternoon at the home of Mrs. R. M. Wallace. family are living In the Rhoades apartments. Hugh Butterneld and P. W. Larson were. business visitors at Algeria ,on Algona Markets. Corn, white .47, yellow $ 45 Oats .24 Hogs 7.23 Eggs H_.i9 Hens 16 . a3 Stags 13 SWEA CITY NEWS. | rxw;c«e«a»5^^ Tom Tamen of Lakota was a business visitor here Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Goff are the proud parents of a baby girl born on March 12th. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Griffith and Miss Esther Anderson, student of : the college at St. Peter, Minnesota, spent the week end with her parents. A joint meeting of the men and wo- ttien of the farm bureau was held at the H. Roba home Saturday evening with a good attendance. Mrs. P. J. Helken left on Tuesday for Los Angeles to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Hatch, leaving from Armstrong via the bus route. Albert Swanson held a closing out sale on Tuesday of last week and has movetf to Buffalo Center, where he will have charge of the Baptist pulpit at that place. Mr. and Mrs. Nels Llnde of East Chain moved into then- home fprmer- ly occupied by the Elliott Kulanders. The Kulanders moved into the Poole apartments. Ray Sperbeck of the Herald office is making extensive plans for a marble shooting contest to be played la the near future. This promises to be an exciting affair. J. H. McLaughlin &'Son, Des Moines contractors, have been awarded the contract for the paving to join the paving at Swea City and extending through Emmet county. Friends here have received word of the marriage of John Seylar of Chicago to Miss Mabel Cook of Arkansas. John is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Seylar. Friends here extend congratulations. The Swea City Cardinals defeated the House of David In a basket ball game at Ledyard on Tuesday night, the score being 30 to 38. They also won the tournament at Elmore on Wednesday night. A good crowd was In attendance at the annual carnival sponsored by the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary. Music for the dance was furnished by the Iowa de luxe Blues orchestra. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Nelson of Sigourney are enjoying a week's vacation at the home of Mr. Nelson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Swan Nelson. The senior Mr. Nelson is recovering from an operation and their daughter, Miss Emma Nelson of Red Wing, is spending a few days with her parents. O. S. Pehrson was the newly elected director on the school board. This was one of the most quiet school elections held here for'many years. Emil Larson succeeded' himself and O. B, Pehrson was elected' to take the place .OLDr. H. Kulander as the doctor did not feel able to carry on the work because of his Illness. He has been an outstanding member on the school board for a period of years and has served as president of the board. His hosts of friends regret his retiring, but feel they have elected a good successor In Mr. Pehrson. , One hundred and forty attended the Father and Son banquet on Thursday night at the Methodist church. A program consisting of the following num- bers was given with Rev, B. L, Weaver acting, as toastmaster: Iowa Corn song by toe, audience; toast, ,,'jlt'^ Great' fev Work -i Together," '" ' Sidney ter; music by Methodist orchestra- toast, "Could I be. Re-elected,', 1 J. E. Young;, toast, "Would I Re-elect him," Merita D. Larson; piano solo, Errol Young; quartette numbers by Grant members; toast, "Making of a Man," Fred Mlehe; toast, "When Dad Was Young," Harold Evans; reading^ Glf- ford Smiht; toast, "Men of Tomorrow," A. G. Reck; toast, "When I am a Man," Raymond PIcht; fellowship song, "Blest be the Tie That Binds." A Pleasure We Invite You to Enjoy P ^ H ^ S y° u already know how satisfying * it is to have a few hundred extra dollars in a checking account. It keeps you always fortified, always ready for unexpected emergencies or bargain buying opportunities. Ba^gaS usually go to the person with the cash on hand The satisfaction of having an ample checking: account balance actually costs you nothing m ° , llow easy it is for anybody to Kossuth County State Bank ALGONA, IOWA. ^^ AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY ___ _ Card Benefit Party American Legion Hall Thursday, March 19th Eight o'clock Price 35c. Marigold Beauty Shoppe I Over Bloom's Store. Telephone 803. Marigold Beauty Shoppe II Over Iowa State Banjc Phone 93.

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