The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 18, 1931 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1931
Page 5
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FARM TO MARKET COMMITTEE PLAN Objective of Committee is to Make an Analysis of Road Situation, FARM BUREAU IS COOPERATING. Every Taxpayer and Road User Should Be Vitally Interested in Better Transportation. A farm to market road committee has been appointed by the Kossuth county farm bureau to cooperate with the county supervisors, the county engineer and the township trustees In all. matters pertaining to county and I township roads. , The objective of the farm burea committee is to make an analysis the road situation, particularly as relates to marketing facilities, rura mall routes and school bus lines, reconnaissance of all the roads an the development of a definite plan fo maintenance and constructWn o county roads Is suggested by the stato highway commission service bUUetl relating to the'secondary road laws o Iowa. An analysis of existing condl tlons and the development of a defln ite plan Is the basis of the greates economy In all road construction mat tere. 'Need of Adopting Plan. "The State Highway Commissio realizes the need of adopting a plan fo road construction and maintenance according to a statement of F. L. Ry erson, president of the Kossuth county farm'bureau. "So do our county am township officials. There Is no reason however, why we should ask our offic ers to do all the work. The farm Imreau Invites other organizations tc join with them In this matter. Every taxpayer and road user should be vi tally Interested and should be willing to assist the county and township of fleers In carrying on a program which will provide for better transportation facilities not only in our own county "but in adjoining counties." The program when completed will permit a ' more complete understanding between -communities and promote the utmosi 'harmony. The farm bureau committee consists of the following: E. B Dittmer, Burt; W. H. Patterson, La- Icota; W. J. Bourne, Lone Rock; Harry Ward, Algona; Prank Chambers 'LuVerne. Forty-one other county larm bureaus In Iowa have appointed similar committees. The Upper Des Moines-Republican, March 18, 1931 Must Pay Farmers for Trapped Pheasants. Brltt News Tribune: There seems to "be considerable complaint about the trapping of pheasants. Some of these "have been lodged with our state representative Hon. S. B. Durant, who "writes ufl,Jxj "please advise the farm- r .e*s, Of.. Hancock couniy^thafci the de- 1 -puty game wardens havefthe right to" pay twenty-five dents each tor the pheasants trapped on any farmer's land. I am Informed that some of "the trappers have caught as many as 36 birds on a single farm and not paid for them. They haven't any right to trap pheasants without the farmer's permit." LUVERNE NEWS. Mrs. George Henderson Is quite ill at this writing. Miss Lena Wlarmbler is the new •clerk in the post office. Vern Hill of Fort Dodge is helping •at the Arthur Legler farm. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Masterson were .Algona callers last Wednesday. Miss Eva Roy spent the week end •with her sister in Fort Dodge. A baby girl was.born to Mr. and Mrs. •J. L. Eustace Monday, March 9. Evan Wilkhlte of Corwith spent last week at the Lloyd. Smith home. Mrs. Harold Phillips and Mrs. Ray •Stone were Fort Dodge visitors Fri•day. Harry Brown has been quite ill the past week and has been under the doctor's care. Otto Bunkofske of Humboldt county farm visited several days last week here with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Pearson have returned home from their visit with relatives in Washington. Mr .and Mrs. Henry Kubly are vis- Htftng With relatives andj friends In New Glarus, Wisconsin. Mrs. Charles Wolf and De Rae Godfrey of LuVerne are called on the jury for the April term of court. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Masterson and family spent Sunday with the Gordon Hibbard family near Humboldt. Mrs. I. H. Benedict and son, Alton, visited Sunday a week ago at the Emil Meyer home at Ocheydan. A. W< Dimler, Josiah Stauftecher and George Rlstau were business callers in Des Moines several days last week. Mr. and Mrs, Merle Olark and sons drove to Knoxville last Monday being •called by the serious illness of her father. John Brink and family have moved from near Bancroft to the farm north of LuVerne vacated by Clifford Holmes and family. j Mr. and Mrs. James Butterfleld of; Canada visited tjie past week With the Peter Thompson family and with other friends. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Shipley went to Iowa City last week where Mrs. Bhlpley entered the University hospital for treatment. O. E. Genrich received word of,the death of his half sister, Mrs. Gustav Bunkofske of Burt. Funeral services were held Thursday. Mrs. Wm. Thompson has received word that her mother, Mrs. W. O. Blanshan Is very low. Mrs. Blanshan •is with her daughter, Mrs. Anderson near Brltt. Wm. Brummond and his daughter, Mrs Wm. 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The Christian Endeavor society of the Presbyterian church 'entertained the young people's society of the Ev- angellcal church at a party held in the community hall last Wednesday evening 1 . The Methodist Aid society will hold their annual meeting Wednesday of this week at the community hall. Election of officers will take place at this time. A twenty-five cent luncheon is to be served to which the men of the congregation are invited. Among those from out of town who who were in attendance at the funeral services for Airs. M. B. Stoddard Saturday afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. George Stoddard, Mrs. Ernest Griebel, Mrs. Olaussen of Renwlck; Mrs. Flora Raney and son, Forest, Grinnell; Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Lee, Bode; and Mrs. Chas. Stone and granddaughter, Irene Little of West Bend. A. F. Curran accompanied by Mrs. A. W. Dimler and children and Mrs. Harry Von Draska City Sunday. Mrs. drove to Mason Von Draska remained for a day's visit and Mrs. John Northrop, who had been spending the past week with her daughter, Mrs. G. E. Herbener and family, returned home. "Who Killed Earl Wright," a mock trial which was presented Sunday evening at the Methodist church drew a large crowd. The cast consisted of high school students and the play was In charge of Miss Alice Boyer in behalf of the Iowa Anti-Saloon League. Each character was well represented. A very large audience witnessed the play. The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid society held their annual meeting at the community hall last Wednesday afternoon. The following officers were elected for the coming year: president, Mrs. J. L. Ltchty; first vice president; Mrs, Grant Jennings; second vice president, Jennie Mason; third vice preaj* dent, Louise Zwiefel; secretary, Mrs. F. I. Chapman; treasurer, Mrs. Wm, Ramus. The calendar committee is composed of Mrs. L. H. Lichty, Mrs. I. H. Chapman, Mrs. Edwin Marty sad Mrs. DeRae Godfrey. The men wera invited for supper.

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