The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 18, 1931 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1931
Page 3
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The Upper Des Moittes-Bepublican, March 18, 1931 THE TAXATION PROGRAM NOW VERY NEAR COLLAPSE Income Tax and County Assessors Bills Big Prob lems This Week, bes Moines, March 10--Special t their members for copies of the the Upper DBS Moines-Republican: the entire tax reform program present td as the main feature of the presen legislative show at the capitol, facing failure? That is the qu?«.'n mos frequently heard about the general as. sembly at the Hme this is being writ' ten. Many well informed ncrsons pre> diet the defeat of the county asses, sore' bill in th«j house and of the in- terne tax bill in the senate. In fact, nobody now seems to know just where the tax prosit'ons "are at.' The income lax bill passed by the house and sent to the senate three weeks ago hai met with considerable opposition as to certain provisions, and Senator Clark of Linn county, chief sponsor and engineer of the Income tax program, now confesses the weakness of his program by offering about 100 amendments to the house bill as It is in the senate committee. This amounts In fact to a new bill, and by consent of the senate he has had the amendments printed in a new bill for presentatidn to that body. One of these amendments omits the provision for a three per cent corporation income tax, which will be the subject for a separate bill. Tied in with the income tax proposition Is the bill providing for county assessors Instead of local assessors, and this idea has been favored by Chairman Clark of the taxation committee. It Is stated by some who have made a thorough check on the house that there are 74 votes in that body against the assessors' bill. In the senate there is some sentiment that unless the house passes the county assessor bill the senate will not pass the jncome tax bill. A vote In the senate on the question of setting the Income tax bill as a special order defeated the proposal by 24 to 24, which is regarded as the strength of the opposing income tax forces in that bbdy. Prom all parts of the state have come protests against the income tax proposition in any form. People who had given the matter little though are now interested in stopping the enactment of legislation which is claimed does not appear to be a replacement tax. Those interested may send to new 3-DAY EXCURSION Chicago and North Western Line MARCH 27-28-29 $8700 RouttiFTrlp to Chicago From Algona .For going'trip, tickets will be honored ,ln. coaches on trains leaving Friday, . March 27, Saturday, March 28, and until 7:18 a', m. Sunday, March 29. For return trip, tickets will be honored In coaches on trains scheduled to reach Algona not later than midnight of Monday, March 30. Children Half Fare No Baggage Checked For full 'particulars and tickets apply to Agent f . 1738 Chicago & North Western Railway amended law as now offered. Ecoiiolny Talk Continues. The Elliott bill, proposing a flat reduc tion of six per cent in levies by all taxing bodies—schools, towns, counties and state for the years 1932 and 1933, has been reported out with recommenda- ion for passage by the house committee on ways and means, with an amendment fixing the 1930 levy as a basis from which to make reduction. This measure would insure real tax reduction all along the line and Is gaining in sup>ort. Meantime various new measures are being Introduced calling for increassd appropriations, among them one ask- ng $125,000 for participation of Iowa in the Chicago world's fair in 1933. Anther group are asking $100,000 to ad- ertise Iowa and Its good roads. The members all want to cut ex- ienditures. Everyone would like to go ack to the home with a record of .aving helped reduce the tax levy, but re feeling it a difficult thing to do 'Ithout treading too hard on some- ody's toes. Revenue Measures Possible. Measures for economy have not met 1th much success so far. Repeal of he legislators' expense bill of two ears ago has been definitely killed, eduction of state officers' salaries has een stopped. The bill to lower school eachers* wages has been recommend- 1 for postponement. Likewise measures to provide new evenues have not yet been success- ul. The senate bill to Increase the Inheritance tax has been fav- rably recommended by the house and HI pass. It makes possible an In•ease of one million dollars annual- A bill taxing oleomargarine was pproved by the house last Wednes- ay. It may bring in some revenue if assed. But the bill to tax bill boards along the highways of the state, which has a possibility of raising another million of new revenue for state and local use, seems to be held up. The amusement tax bill introduced in the house last Friday, probably will not pass. Milk Pasteurization Complusory. Senator Wenner, of Waterloo, has introduced a rather sweeping bill requiring "Every person engaged in sale of milk or cream at retail shall before delivery of said milk or cream pasteurize same." This would make it pretty tough for the small dairyman who keeps a few cows and peddles milk to neighbors. Representative McOeery county, has Introduced a bill which if passed and enforced should stop the driving of motor cars by Intoxicatec drivers. It provides a fine of not less than $300 or more than $1000 for the Bret offense or not to, exceed one year In Jan. For th*£ second offense the minimum fine would be Increased to $500, or imprisonment not to exceed one year, or both. A third offense would subject the driver to imprisonment. Standardize Gasoline: .Gasoline sold in Iowa under a bill passed in the house last Thursday by a vote of 91 to 1, must meet certain standards or the vender will be subject to a heavy fine. Such a law is now In force In many states. Members feel that Iowa has been made a dumping ground for rotten'and adulterated gasoline long enough. Representative Brown of Polk county has Introduced a bill to increase the tax on male dogs from one dollar to two dollars and reduce that on females from $3 to $2—a single standard between the sexes—for he says owners report all dogs'as "males." When loss of stock from dogs is high, counties will be allowed to fix the tax at a maximum of $5 as heretofore. Many Easter Sunday That Happy Event of Spring Time is April 5, 1931 What a delight for the kiddies—delicious Easter candy made especially for presentation on this JOYFUL OCCASION Unique Easter Novelties and Eggs in varied array. Chocolate Ostrich eggs filled with delicious chocolate creams, A real candy feast for the children as well as the grown ups. Algonquin Confectionery J. F; BEHLMEB. 101 East State Street Algoua, Iowa. counties this year have failed to be able to pay people the full amount for stock killed by dogs, because not all dogs are reported for taxation, and the tax is too low. Driver's License Law Passes. The senate.last week passed the bill by Senator Doran of Boone county, providing for a very liberal and still regulatory automobile drivers' license in this state. It imposes no fee upon owners of cars, but does assess a fee of fifty cents to each other driver of a car. If the state patrol law Is now passed to make this law enforceable there will be better regulation of all motor drivers on the highways, less reckless driving, less bright unlawful 'ights, less drunk drivers, and all that, One plan by Senator Benson of Elkader and Representative J. H. John- ion, of Marion county, would establish a traffic patrol of thirty-five men to >e supported 'from the primary road 'und. Representative Ellsworth .of lardln county proposes to use government troops located at Fort Des Moin- s for this patrol. Representative Rutledge of Webster ounfcy and Senator Cochrane of Page ounty would set up a slate cornmis- ioner of public safety and a police orce to be supported by drivers' 11- ense. In addition to these bills are iumerous bills to regulate i trucks, motor busses, etc., as to size, load, peed and rules of the road. Turner Nominees Get Ax. The senate last week Wednesday for le first tune took unfavorable action n appointees of Governor Turner, •hen it rejected the "nomination of tox Heuschen of Holstein, and Prank liles of the Iowa Legionaire, Des loines, both nominated for member- "iip on the state board of education. .Ithough there have been mumblings gainst some of the governor's ap- dintmentB, this was the first open ebellion. Although never officially nnounced the vote on Miles was said o bb 25 for and 25 against. It takes 4 votes, or two-thirdfl majority to orifirm an appointee. The unrest and fight over the university investigation had much to do with the failure to confirm, it is said. Propose to Cut Mileage Fees. It seems likely that the present price of ten cents per mile for 'use of privately owned automobiles by state and county officials will be reduced, but probably not to the six cents first suggested in a senate bill. The house committee on compensation of public officials have reported out with the recommendation for passage a cut to seven cents, and this may be amend- committee a vote was taken on each 01 the four plans thus far submitted and house file No. 11, by Representatives Torgenson and Ellsworth, was placed on the calendar. This can still be nm ended and other bills can be introduced, but No. 11 has preference, am having received 47 favorable votes oui of the required 65 has a chance of adoption by the house. Would Tax Radio Stations. Representative Read of Oskaloosa would tax radio broadcasting stations at the rate of $150 per year for stations of not over 5,000 kilowatts, $500 for those of 10,000 and $1,080 for over 10,0000. West Bend Theatre Burned Sunday. West Bend, March 17. Special: A fire alarm was turned in Sunday morning about three o'clock that the Orpheum Theatre was on fire. It had too much of a start to get the fire under control. Nothing 1 was saved. It is thought that the fire started from a short circuit In the wiring. The building was owned by Mr. Sutton and was operated by Mr. Combs. ed to fix the price at eight cents. Senator Brookhart spent a day last week visiting the general assembly, and in the ;afternioon addressed a Joint session of house and senate, consuming most of the session, of Linn Senator Cooney of Dubuque has Introduced a bill proposing the county manager plan, under which a board of commissioners would direct the affairs of a county. A curl by a cent d^, .„ - n This is part of the economy le^siatiori program. Municipalities Into Business. Under a bill introduced in the senate last week by Senators Bennett, Booth and Moen, municipal water, gas and electric plants will be permitted to mndle and sell supplies and fixtures. They cannot now legally purchase these materials for sale. Still another bill by Senator Knudson would authorize city councils to enter Into competition with private service stations If they believe the local prices of motor fuel too high. These two bills would legalize what a number of towns and cities have been doing In the past. Paving Bond Test Case. The one hundred million dollar state saving bond test case is now on the vay to the supreme couH. Judge -iadd of the Polk county district court ast week declared in favor of the egality of the act passed by the gen- ral assembly recently providing for a pecial election on this proposition. An ippeal to the state supreme court has «en perfected and it is expected the ase may come to a hearing in that jody at their April term. Little can )e said or done about the proposition low till the supreme court has had ime to test its lungs, sound its heart, *-ray Its kidneys and pronounce it fit r unfit for the state of Iowa. Representative Finnern, of Denison, 'roposes to make delinquent personal axes a lien against such property as arm machinery, live stock, grain, etc. ame to follow the property when sold, nd has introduced a bill providing for he recovery of such delinquent taxes from the purchaser or vender. It is claimed this plan would add materially to the public revenue. This would affect renters who mfive or sell their pi-c))erty without paying taxes; for they would be required to show a tax receipt before they could dispose of property on which taxes had been levied. Amends and Recommends. The senate committee on fish and . A. N. Jensen recently purchased a new Chevrolet sedan. Letha Sperring spent the week en at Cedar Falls with friends. Mrs. F. L. Ryerson will entertain th birthday circle this afternoon. Roy Ringsdorf recently purchased new tudor Ford sedan recently. Mrs. Grace Watkins visited with he mother at Eagle Grove recently. Merwyn Graham spent Saturda night at Whittemore with friends. Mr. and Mrs. James Shipler move' to a farm near Lakota recently. A baby girl was born to Mr. anc Mrs. Russell Shipler last Thursday. The Neighborhood club met witl Mrs. Raymond Housour last Friday. D. L. McDonald has been ill severa days with an attack of appendicitis. Rev. and Mrs. Gartner of Titonki called at the C. L. Phelps home Mon day. Katherhie Manus was obliged to qui work at LuVerne on account of ill on the paving and Mr. Vinaas sold three lots east of the Ladendorf garage to the Phillips Oil Company and they will put in a filling station nt once. Mr. and Mrs. William Boettchcr and children, Mr. ana Mrs. George Boett- chrr nnd children, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod of Pent on nnd Mrs. Charles Schemmel of Calmar were guests nt the LeRoy Bccttcher home Sunday. In the evening they all drove to Whittemore to visit at the Wm. Reimcrs home. The Woman's club met Monday night with Mrs. W. T. Peters. The following program was given: roll call, "Famous Aviators"; papers, "Daughters of the Sky," Mrs. W. T. Trainer; "Winged Ocean Liners," Mrs. Delia Carroll, "Significance of the Byrd Antarctic Explorations," Lulu Hawcott, and a playlet by Helen Peters. Refreshments were served. ^mmxvwmxwimo&^e^^ A ••'CnAEli-STHM UOTHES SENECA NEWS. EXTRA! EXTRA! ness. Mrs. I. N. Morness and three child ren have been ill with the flu the pas week. _Mrs. Lillian Sheldon entertained thi sewing circle at her home Thursday afternoon. The Home Guard girls held then monthly meeting at the home of Maxine SchencK recently. The mother of Mrs. Carl Carlson gyho makes her home .with them, Is Mr. and Mrs. William Larsen have PLATE GLASS Do not send away for Glass. We undersell mail order houses on auto glass and we serve while you wait. Joe Greenberg game, which just before the recess voted 7 to 5 for indefinite postponement of the bill to create a six-member non- salaried commission to take over the fish and game department, had the bill returned to it for further consideration, and has now amended it and recommended for passage. Under the amendments State Game Warden W. E. Alberts and his deputies would be allowed to serve their terms out, subject to the direction of the commission, which would be reduced to five members under the substitute. The warden instead of the commission is given authority to name the deputies and fire them, and the number of deputies is limited to fifty. It Is understood the amendments are not satisfactory to the sponsors of the bill, and ;he recent "truce" under which the bill was returned to the committee is said to be off. The house Friday morning after a .ong and bitter debate voted down the 'Moscow Dam" project, providing for diverting the waters of the Iowa river near Muscatine to create plant. The senate had a power previously jassed the bill by a narrow margin, >ut the defeat In the house was by a 75 to 27 vote. Start Senatorial Redistricting. The house Friday morning by a process of elimination made a start toward rearranging the state's senatorial districts. On recommendation of the moved to Rochester, Minnesota. He is worldng In a filling station. Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Stow and Orville Stow spent Sunday afternoon at the J. T. Graham home near Algona. Albert Chapin of Plerson, Iowa, came up last week to attend the funeral of his sister, Mrs. O. P. McDonald. A baby boy was born to Mrs. Lillian Zeigler on March 11 at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Manus. Mrs. John Gifford, who has been staying at the home of her mother, Mrs. Tietz, went to her'home Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. Van Vrankln drove to Estherville Sunday where they spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Rosenberger. The U. and I. Circle met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. C. W. Patterson with Mrs. D. T. Hobson as assisting hostess. Mr. and Mrs. John Crawford of Webster City spent the week end at the J. H. Graham home. The ladies are sisters. Mrs. M. E. Larsen visited her grandmother, Mrs. Newville at Titonka Saturday. Mrs. Newville Is past ninety years of age. Mr. and Mrs. James Murray and children of Algona spent Sunday here with James' parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Murray. Clarence Schrader came Saturday to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clms. Schrader. Clarence has been working in Milwaukee. Mrs. Orville Stow was operated on for appendicitis at the Kossuth hospital last Friday. She is getting along nicely at this time. Miss Florence Stow went to Cedar Falls where she will take three months normal training. She will teach the C L. P'helps school. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Glddlngs and Mrs. Fred Ringsdorf went to Wesley on Monday afternoon to visit W. P. Giddings who has been ill. The Mite society will meet at the home of Mrs. Carl Whitney March 25. Mrs. Donald Weir and Mrs. Wm. Vogel will assist in serving. Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Simmerson of Elmore spent Sunday at the Charles Schrader home. Mrs. Simmerson is a sister of Mrs. Schrader. The Woman's Home, Missionary society will meet Saturday at the home of Mrs. F. O. Stow with Mrs. D. T. Hobson as assistant hostess. Misses Warner, Whitney, Overgaard, Hanna, Schryver and Mr. and Mrs. R. Timmel were dinner guests at the H. A. Thompson home Friday even- Marjorie Johnson spent the week end with Ruby Paulsen. Darcella Jensen spent the week end with her friend, Doris Larson. Mrs. J. J. Drinan went to Des Moines o see her daughter, Elsie Kesler. Refine Rossman, Jr., spent the week end with his frtend, Wayne Christensen. C. I. Neilson and daughter, Helen, spent Sunday at the John Snyder home. Lester, Neil and Marion Osborn motored to Waterloo and vicinity last week. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Larson went to Mankato Sunday to visit their son, Everett. - Mr. and Mrs. Glen Cage and Mrs. Ralph Campbell were Algona visitors Tuesday. Francis Engessor of Balaton, Minnesota, is working for Mrs. Mike'Kenne- dy, her sister. Mi-, and Mrs. C. A. Dotson gave a card party to a number of friends on Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Campbell and family spent Sunday at the Harold Hamilton home at Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Nlssen and Clara Hanson of Stanhope spent the week end at the C. I. Neilson home. Harold Albright and James Dolan motored to Fort Dodge Friday and brought Robert Dolan home. Ruth Kracht, who is working in Iowa Falls, spent Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Kracht. Camilla Bollig, who is taking nurses' training in Mason City spent the week end at her parental home, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bollig. The election last Monday for a new member of the school board was a tie, which was drawn off. ; Frank Looft won over Joe Crowley. The Lutheran Ladies' Aid met at the lome of Jennie Jensen last week on Thursday. A delicious luncheon was served to a large crowd. Mr. and Mrs. John Osborn returned home from Waterloo Friday. Mr. Dsborn underwent an examination to find the cause of his present illness. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Cooper went on Wednesday to Fort Dodge to visit Mr. looper's mother. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Phillips and Anzetta Adams attended to the farm work during their absence. All About the New Models and New Mathematics Every season brings its now models and prices. This spring- brings yon belter opportunities in both. Now, instead of looking and wishing—you try on and purchase. Tbe process of ownership is easier—the prognosis of happiness greater. Here are the models that the style wise men of this nation will wear this spring. Here are the prices that the thrift-wise men'of Algona will gladly pay. Young men's suits $17.50 up Michaels-Stern Spring Suits with two pair of trousers $32.50 up. Madson & Hanson ''The Home of Better Values." WXWXSSB^^ Mrs. Schutjer were formerly schoolmates when attending high school in Britt. The Ladles' Aid meeting held at the home of Mrs. Strolher Wise last week Thursday afternoon, was well attended with Mrs. Jergcn Skow conducting the Bible study which was very interesting. The next meeting will bo held at the home of Mrs. Mack Wise-the first of April. The new daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Miller has been named Shirley Jean. Mr. and Mrs. Miller expect to movie to Sexton isodn. Hie Is now working for his father, Alex Miller near LuVerne. Mrs. Miller is now staying with her mother, Mrs. Amy Smith, west of town. Alvls Hill, who has been spending a few months with his sister, Mrs. Lydia Jensen of Algona since her husband died, spent last week Thursday niglrt with another sister, Mrs. Strother Wise and left fof Watfnesviitfe; ' Illinois, early Friday morning driving/through in his car. Mr. Hill lost his wife In December. Some of the Sexton people attended the training school on Wednesday evenings for the past five weeks. The school ended last week Wednesday evening with thirty-one completing the course that night. Those finishing from Sexton were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Steven, Herman and Nell Wise. The lesson were very much enjoyed by all attending. Mr. and Mrs. James Butterfleld of Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada, who have been spending the winter with her brother in Waterloo stopped In Sexton last week Tuesday as they were on their way to visit friends and relatives at LuVerne and St. Benedict. Mi-. Butterfleld will be remembered by many as James Butterfleld living down on the fiat south of Sexton twenty- one years ago. They have lived in Canada for eighteen years. They live fifteen miles over the border from Montana. They returned to their home In Canada the latter part of the week. Never Altered ing. There is quite an attraction in advertising in Thompson's harness shop window. They have six metal horses harnessed and hitched to a gang plow. The horses are about fourteen inches In height and are very pretty. SEXTON NEWS. yssasKKtoi!^^ Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hammond spent he week end with their grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Wise. Miss Marie Harris and Edith Greenfield were callers in Algona Saturday fternoon of last week. Mr. and Mrs, A. D. Richards of Algona were callers Sunday afternoon vith Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield. Mrs. Mack Wise and little son, Yank and Nell Wise, were callers in ilgona last week Friday afternoon. Gordon Hanson north of town has ieen quite ill witn the flu the past ,'eek, but is somewhat improved at this writing. Kathryn Kirschbaum spent Saturday with her uncle and aunt, Mr, and Mrs. Maynard Nail at Wesley. Hei aunt brought her home Saturday evening. M. H. Heiter of near Convlth was a caller on old friends in Sexton Monday. The Heiters formerly lived south " E HAVE a set standard of service; the best we can rencer. That standard is never lowered, no matter how straitened the circumstances of the family we are serving. We make no distinctions; our service Is for all. The fact that prices are plainly marked on all our merchandise makes it possible to quickly and easily make a selection well within the sum one wishes to pay. MERRITT FUNERAL HOME Superior Service", 4O3 E.M9GREGOR East of Centralhifch School PHONE DAY | | NIGHT I of town before moving three miles north of Corwith, Mrs. Lloyd Steven was a Saturday dinner guest in Algona with her aunt, Mrs. Lloyd Muckey. Mrs. Muckey has been quite ill and is not able to do her house work yet. Mr. and Mrs. Mack Wise arid two little sons, Frank and Lloyd, Mrs. Sarah Wise and daughter, Nell, were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Phillips south of town Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Johnson of Fairmont, Minnesota, were visiting among their many old friends in and around Sexton last week Monday. They were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Olsen. Miss Julia Dearchs and two sisters and Lyle Runchey of Algona were Saturday evening visitors of Miss Marie Harris. Julia attends college at Ames and spent the week end with her parents in Algona. Miss Aline Martlnek, student of the Iowa State Teachers College, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert MartinOk northeast of town. She returned to Cedar Falls Sunday evening. James Steven of Miller, South Da- Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence Gardner of kota, who has been visiting with his East Chain, Minnesota, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Schanor of Eagle Grove, Dr. and Mrs. Ole Jacobson of Graettinger attended the funeral of Mrs. O. P. McDonald here on Tuesday of last week. Burt is' to have two new gas stations soon. The Shell Company Is to put In one west of the O. P. Mann home son, Harvey Steven, went to his daughter's home, Mrs. Harry Merriam, near Corwith Saturday afternoon where he will visit for a time. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Steven of near frvlngton were Sunday afternoon visitors ' near Britt with Mr. and. Mrs. Henry Schutjer. Mrs, Steven and »mmmmmaummmmammmmKmmmummmmmmummmummmmmmm FREE 400 Pairs of Slippers Given Away. We have 400 pairs of fancy leatherette bed room slippers. 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