The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 11, 1931 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1931
Page 10
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The Upper Des Moines-Eeptibllcan, March 11, 1931 ACADEMY PUPILS IN STAGE COMEDY (Will be Shown at the St i IJeeelia, Academy Auditorium, MEMBERS OP LITTLE PLOWEB CLUB IN IT Take Place Tuesday evening at Eight O'clock March 17. Every. body is Cordially Invited. The Little Flower club present the mlrthquake comedy "Watch Your Step, Wiltor," at St. Cecelia's academy auditorium, Tuesday, March 17, at eight o'clock. The public is cordially Invited to attend. Admission is twenty-five Md fWy cents. The cast is M follows! "Wilteh Orossley, alias Thompson, Vernon Kohlhaas. Virginia Creighton, Elizabeth Bar- iy- Bess Creighton, Eleanor Payne. Frank Creighton, Edward Zender. Douglas Lane, Evan nnnell. Charles Claxton, Gerald Jennett. Peggy Mulligan, Margaret Molloy. Aunt Lou Farness. Katheiine Deim. The Colonial Dance, Laura Hanson, Rita Dooley. Gertrude Baylor, Ruth and Marlta Bestenlehner, Frances Me- Enroe, Camilla Walker and Katherine Strelt. Part Two— Evelyn Van Allen, Kath- ertae Caranaugh. June Adele Aman, Eleanor Lamnth. Catherine Selzcr and Margaret Lichter. Specialty— Evelyn Van Allen, Katherine Cavanaugh, June Adele Aman, Eleanor Lamuth. Catherine Selzer, Margaret Lichter, Alice Payne and Katherine Streit Academy Declam Contest Tonight. A declamatory contest will be held at St. Cecelia's academy tonight at eight o'clock. The program will be given Jn the school gymnasum. Miss Eleanor McCoy, elocution and public speaking instructor of the academy, is in charge of the contest, the program for which follows. Opening selection by the school orchestra. Oratorical. The Constitution ..Edmund Capeslus The Christ of the Andes Evelyn Van Allen The American Indian Gerald Jennett The Unknown Speaker Joseph Kelly Song by high school boys. Dramatic. The Littlest Rebel Mabel Kohl The Forgotten Witness Elizabeth Barry Pro Patria Catherine Selzer Danny Kathryn Delm Selection by rhythm orchestra. Humorous. Billy Brad and the Big Lie John Bestenlehner Tobias at the Oil Station Raymond Jennett Chum Blue Eyes Alice Payne At the Swimming Pool Edward Zender Closing selection school orchestra .. Decision of judges. MRS. DICKINSON'S LAST LETTER j Alice Longworth and Dolly Gann Still Hold Feud, But are Friendly, SOCIAL BIGHTS OF LADIES A PBOBLEM. Mrs. Hoover a Guest at Congressional Club Tea. What She Wore. To Eradicate Noxious Weeds. Whereas, Canada thistles are becoming more widespread in Kossuth county each year threatening to take possession of our land, thus increasing the cost of production, and Whereas, too many patches of the thistles are allowed to produce seed each year; and further since perennial sow thistle, a weed worse than Canada thistle is getting started in Kossuth county; We the board nf supervisors, township trustees, weed commissioners, and representatives of the farm bureau in conference assembled hereby resolve: To encourage and give our support to a campaign of education, including •weed control demonstrations, township meetings, the use of circular letters and bulletins and to support a campaign for the mowing of all areas of nada thistles, sort thistles and oth- serious weed pests at such times i will prevent seed production. Farm Sale! Having rented one of my farms I will have more machinery than I need and will sell one 8-ft. disc; 11 ft. spader; 4 see. drag; one row Service cultivator; plain .^et of harness; 5-ft. mower; Yellow Dent seed corn-, 5tame hay, 5 head of yearling steers. Two young cows. Team of horses. John Gerber 3 miles west and 2% miles south of Algona. Fenton Loses at Buffalo Center. Fenton, March 10. Special: The Fenton Tigers lost their second round game at the state sectional tournament at Buffalo Center. The Fenton Tigers defeated Wesley in the first round of the tournament by the score of 10 to 12. This was a slow and poorly played game. The Fenton team missed many set ups. Wesley took the lead and held a 5 to 1 advantage during the first half. The Fenton team seemed as though it was tired and did not have the We it showed in the county tournament. The Wesley team continued to lead until the third quarter, the score being 8 to 10. During the last quarter Krause succeeded in making two field goals to give Fenton the My Dear Jane: I/avlng ha'I a season filled with teas receptions, balls and what not, society has now turned intellectual and Is going to enjoy concerts and lectures during Lent. Mrs. Hoover has left town, for how long we do not know. She Is with her son, who la 111 In the mountains of .North Carolina, Mrs. Hoover was 6tif guest at the Congressional club's annual breakfast advantage for the game. The Fenton Tigers continued to play hi the slump and therefore lost the second round game to Whittemore which was due mostly to the inability of Fenton to make their close in shots. The Fenton team missed enough shots to win any game. During the second quarter Heller of Whittemore sunk four shots from about center to give Whittemore an eight point lead which proved to be much for Fenton to overcome. too Official Publication. To all whom it may concern: By direction of the city council of the city of Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, notice is hereby given that on the 9th day of March, 1931, the city council of the city of Algona, Iowa, passed a resolution approving certain plans and specifications and proposed contract to be entered into by and between the city of Algona, Iowa, and H. R. Cowan & Son of Algoua, Iowa, providing for the construction and installation .of a certain Water Treatment Pliant, Bunding and Reservoir as provided in plans and speciflca- ;ions for said Water Treatment Plant, Building and Reservoir to be erected on a tract of land belonging to the city of Algona, Iowa, described as fol- .ows, to-wit: Lots Seven (7) and Eight (8) of Block Seven (7) of the Original plat of the city of Algona, Iowa, except the west ten feet of said Lot Seven (7). Said contract price being $26,142.90. Said plans and specifications and proposed contract for said improve- nents being now on file in the office of the city clerk of the city of Algona, Iowa, and by reference made a iart of this notice. That a resolution authorizing and directing the mayor and the city clerk to enter into said contract for and on behalf of the citfepf Algona, Iowa, and authorizing the making of said improvements and.expenditures will be considered by the v city council of the city of Algona, Iowa, for passage at a meeting to be held on the 23rd day of March A. D., 1931, at 7:30 o'clock p. m., in the council chamber of said city, at which time any person interested may appear and file objections to the proposed plans and specifications and contract or for costs of said improvements, and said resolutions may at any time be amended and passed, or passed as proposed. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 10th day of March, A. D., 1931. ADAH CARLSON, 39 City Clerk. r* ^anc/y R is loved by everybody. Thats the reason$^* it is always the y/orlds most appmpr/ate \ Q/ve candy %fc for A complete assortment of fine candy awaits your selection. Algonquin Confectionery 101 E. State Street J. F, BEHLMER. Algona, Iowa, Sweeten every Jay with Candy the other day. The breakfast which is really a luncheon, was held in the big ballroom of the Wlllard hotel and was attended by every member of the club—someone from every state in the union. Daffodils and sweet peas combined with acacia adorned the tables. The acacia had been sent from California in honor of this special event. Because Mrs. Hoover has a taste for classic music, the program was composed of the music of old masters and it was given by a young Russian pianist. Mrs. Hoover in Black Velvet. Mrs. Hoover wore a very becoming black velvet tailored suit. The blouse was of cream-colored silk and had a pleated wide collar which was worn outside of the velvet, jacket Her hat was a combination of black velvet and black straw . She was escorted to the long special guest table by Mrs. Dale, wife of the senator from Vermont and our outgoing president of the club, Mrs. Gann, in a fall the day before, wrenched her ankle rather badly, but she never misses this particular event, so in she came, cane and all, limping and hanging on to the arm of our Mrs. Ramseyer, who is finishing her term as first vice president of the Congressiom! club. "Dolly" wore a flowered crepe dress and a black lace hat. Alice Longworth, who up to the Hoover administration has always attended the club's annual breakfast for the first lady of the land, was missing as she was last year. She and "Dolly" have never yet agreed on the seating question. During the breakfist the Marine band dressed in red coats and black and red stripe trousers played and several flashlights were taken of Mrs. Hoover and the rest of us. I am not going ot give you the entire menu but two of the dishes were a little unusual. You might try them some time, Jane, at one of your luncheons. The clear bouillion had been colored red with vegetable coloring. It did not change the taste of the soup and made it very attractive Then with the baked squab was served a pie crust tart filled with creamed new asparagus. The programs, which we always treasurfe, were unusually handsome this year, an ivory color and on the front an engraving of the club and on the back the insignia of the club. Between the covers was a beautifully autographed portrait of Mrs. Hoover. After the program of music, Mrs. Hoover took us all by surprise by giving us a short "thank you" talk. She had been promised that she would not have to do anything but smile and chat with her table neighbors, so we were Indeed surprised when she rose and said that because she had bee.i promised that she need not talk, she suddenly decided she wanted to do so. She expressed the wish that she were thirty different persons, that she might sit at each of the tables and make the personal acquaintance of every lady there. For Long-worths. Our reception for the Longworths at the club house was the last of the season. It was an exceptionally interesting one as for some unknown reason the Longworths came early and stayed late and were Jovial and gay all evening. Perhaps it was because It had been a day of triumph f>>r "Nick," as the men call him. His pet hoppy, the bonus bill, passed the house that afternoon. (It seems it is going to be vetoed by the president, however.) "Alice" was gowned that evening in a flaming dress of red taffeta heavily embroidered in huge gold flowers. She wore an antique heavy gold chain about her neck and carried a Spanish shawl of red embroidered in the same shade. Alice never uses rouge or lipstick and is very pale. The feud between "Alice" and "Dolly" Is not ended. It never will be as long as Dolly Gann Is given the same rank (and she is) as a wife of the vice president of the United States. They do greet each other, but that is all. Because they are cordial in their greetings to one another does not settle the "sit or not to sit" question. The battle ax is not buried. Since the question arose Mrs. Longworth and Mrs. Gann have never attended a dinner or luncheon at the same time until the Woman's National Press club worked out a seating problem BO nobly last year at one of their dinner and stunt parties. Clever Method. This club holds this affair each year and having been very desirous of hav- ng both Dolly Gann and Alice Longworth among their guests they spent days and weeks trying to solve the problem of seating them so they both would be satisfied. A way to keep harmony between the two women was finally worked out. Both guests "rating" first place, it was decided to use a triangular table —an equilateral triangle, with three sides equal to each other. The chairman or hostess of the club was to eit at this table with Dolly and Alice. But after having been convinced that she would share honors equally with "Dolly," "Alice" ran oft the last minute to be with her friend, Ruth McCormick, at the counting of the ballots in the Illinois primary. This year both of the ladles were again invited and both accepted. Everything was lovely as each one had the seat of honor. The chairman sat within the curve of a crescent-shaped table facing four of the most distinguished guests: Mrs. Stlmson, Mrs. Hughes, "Dolly" and "Alice". No men are .ever present at these stunt dinners. Even the orchestra is composed entirely of women. Political and social Washington are satirized In song and skit and the guests of honor are usually the inspiration for repartee and humorous incidents. "Dolly" and "Alice" make "good copy." They enjoy the witty shots at themselves, too. In the skit called "The Mad Tea Party," "Alice," armed with a three- foot clgaret holder and a huge bag filled with poker chips, was featured. Also hi this skit, "Alice," seating herself at at the head of the table says, "Where I sit is always the head of the table." To Mrs. Gann was dedicated a song to the tune of "My Country Tis of Thee," which began: "My brother, 'tis for thee, Since thou hast only me, I scheme and plan. Right where the host may be, At every jambouree, I reign, officially, I, Dolly Gann." Help Unempolyed. Along with our social doings we have found time to aid the unemployed situation by sewing for these people. Under the direction of the Red Cross we have turned out piles of children's clothes, knitted sweaters and socks. These have been distributed to families through the agency of the Red Cross. The members of the Congressional club met each Friday morning at the clubhouse and those who could not knit, sewed on the little dresses, etc. Mrs. Gann, as busy as she was with her many official duties, found a few hours each week in which she with a few of her friends sewed and knitted in her apartment at the Mayflower hotel. In fact I believe Mrs. Gann started this Red Cross work before the Congressional club did. "They" say that Dolly Gann knitted more than 380 pairs of socks during the World War. There are many things I have yet to tell you, Jane, but I have other things to Do now, among them help husband on his book, 'Dickinson Genealogy." I hope I may have a visit with this summer back hi Iowa but if I do not my letters will follow you again next winter. Having husband in the senate will be a new experience for me and there will be many new things to write you about, I am sure. Affectionately, Myrtle C. Dickinson. jVVrWlMrVlMrWbr^^ The new Spring Hats are so different—so individual—so becoming, that you'll enjby buying your "Easter bonnet." As always, our millinery section is filled with attractive new hats at popular prices. (Blacks, blues, browns, greens—in all the new styles—dozens to select froin. Off-the-face models, wide brims, drooping brinls, all the latest Paris designs are here at $5£)0 * $5,95 Ill N EW EXtlltfIT > make your DOUBLE-EDGE RAZOR (old or new model) BITTER RAZOR -or your money back Guaranteed by PROBAK CORPORATION A Murder Trial at M. E. Church Sunday, Officials of the Iowa Anti-Saloon League win come to Algona Sunday evening, March 15, to present their special educational and Law Obsery- be the famous dramatic production entitled, "Protection," which will be given Monday evening at a union service hi the Methodist church. Church leaders of the city are sponsoring the special events for Sunday evening, which will be an address presented at the following churches: M. E., Rev. P. H. McBeth, who is a Methodist minister and is recognized as one of the old "war-horses" for prohibition In both South Dakota and Iowa; Rev. J. Will Walters, who will give an address at the Baptist church is one who knows the prohibition pulse in this state and Rev. O. G. Orcutt, who will speak at the Congregational church, has been one of the militant leadres for the. temperance fight in Iowa during the past few years. Titonka Home Was Destroyed by Fire. Titonka, March 9^JThe Jennie Lamoreux home hi the south part of town and the contents were destroyed by flames. The fire was first noticed by neighbors when the roof was almost ready to collapse. Tenants had moved out of the house a few days previous but some furniture was still in the house. The loss was partly covered by insurance. The fire department was called. Large Newspaper Collection Wluit Is said to he the largest collection of newspapers In the world hn.s heen opened to the public In a newspaper museum at Alx-ln-Chnpelle, Germany. Among its collection of 150,000 newspapers are curiosities from ull over Ihe world, Including an Eskimo paper from the middle of last century. Gigantic Structure Herodotus estimated that 100,000 men wore engaged for 20 years In building the Great pyramid. CLASSIFIED ADS. The rate per word for advertisements in this column is 2c paid in advance, 8c if charged. Ca»h must accompany all mail orders, Initials count as one word. Minimum charge, 25c. WANTED—Lady who can sew, do alterations and reline work. Steady work. References required.—Elk Cleaners. 39 FOB RENT—House, modern, 7 rooms and bath. Newly remodeled. Hard wood floorsi. Double garage.—A. C. Becker, Elk Cleaners. 39 LOST—Between Bakery and Milwaukee depot, duck canvas. Finder leave at Algona Bakery and receive reward. Reliable man wanted to run McNess business in northeast Kossuth county. Wonderful oppotrunity. Make $8 to $20 daily. No experience or capital nbeded. Write today. —McNess Company, Dept. L, Preeport, Illinois. 39* f\JK BAliE—BUn Phone 29F24. —Mrs. Sexton. Harvey eggs. Steven, 39* WANTED—Second hand ice refrigerator, 75 or 100 pound ice capacity.— A. A. Zumach, Whittemore. 39* FOR SALE—Home growh, state tested Clover seed. 99 V4 per cent pure. $15.00 per bushel.—Carl Albright, Algona, Iowa. 39* FOUND—Case containing glasses and other articles. Owner call and pay for ad. 39 FOR RENT OR SALE—7 room partly modern house. Easy terms. Call 678-J. 39* We have a little money to loan on town property If well secured.—C. A. Momyer, Algona, Iowa. 38-tf FOR SALE—Hard wood lumber, wagon, cultivator and mower tongues, eveners, whlflletrees, bolsters, wagon cleats, reaches at sawmill prices.—F. 8. Thompson, Algona, Iowa, phone 26F12, 38-41* Bancroft Man Dies From Pneumonia. Bancroft, March 10.—William Honken, 52, who died Saturday morning at the home of his brother-in-law, Otto Barenthln,. was buried this morning after services at Titonka. Pneumonia was the cause of his death. Mr. Honken .was born in Germany and for the past fifteen years lived in the vicinity of Titonka;. After the death of his mother three months ago he made his home with his brother, Arend. He is survived by his father, three sisters and one brother. Algona Girl Wins Athletic Honors. Miss Delia Frank], who spent th* week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Frankl, has been awarded the insignia, for efficiency in athletics at Iowa. State Teachers' College at Cedar Falls. Miss Frankl is a graduate of the Algona high school and Is a junior In the college. Notice of Probate of Wi In district court, March term, 1931, No. 3484. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. < w To ail it may concern: You are hereby notified that an Instrument of writ- Ing purporting to be the last will and testament of Peter Andre, deceased, dated February 4, 1931, having been this day filed, opened and read, the 7th day of April, 1931, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the court, house hi Algona, Iowa, before the district court of said county'or the cleric of said court; and at nine o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned, all. persons interested are hereby notified-and required to appear and show' cause, if any they have, why said instrument should;j}robated and; all/Htrad^afl*.* ttnrl fro*" 1 f>ia nlaat' «rHl «vty* , .M'WBt^wlU and. testament of said decea^dT^ Dated at Algona, Iowa, March 10, 1931. CLARK ORTON, Clerk of District Court. CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy.- Sullivan, McMahon & Llnnan, attorneys. 39-41. WANTED—Cream, Eggs, and Poultry.—Fairmont Creamery Co., H. H. Boetcher, Prop. 38-tf For Quality and price on Harness, Strapwork, Repairing and Oiling call at the Algona Harness Store, where you can do as well, If not betted than any other place. —J. L. Molloy. 38-39* WANTED—Old clothing of any kind for the sufferers at Waterford, Mississippi.—Mrs. W. W. Baldwin, 718 E. Oak St., Algona, Iowa. 38 WANTED—Your painting, outside and in, paperhanging and decorating. —W. E. Ward. 38-41 WALL PAPER—The new samples are in the new fast color kind from 7c to $8—W. E. Ward. 38-41 WANTED—General the hour. Phone 798. housework by 39* WANTED—Maid for general housework.—Mrs. Bert Deal, Phone 137. 38-tf ON HAND AT ALL TIMES—Baby Chicks, Hawkeye Brooder Houses and Hog Houses, Simplex Brooder Stoves, Poultry supplies. Get our low prices before buying. Phone No. 800, Kossuth Co. Hatchery, Algona, Iowa, 37-40 WANTED—Girls for student nurses. Apply Superitendent Kossuth hospital. 38-tf FOB SALE—A good tent with fly, screen windows; a sixty gallon steel tank; a sixty gallon kerosene tank, cheap*—Sid J. Backus, 37-38 FOR SALE—Nearly new gas engine and pump jack. Johnson's Hardware. FOR RENT—Modern house and bungalow. Close in.—Dr. F. L. Tribon. 39* FOR SALE— O Melody saxophone, silver' plated. Gold bell. With case.— Helberg Garage. 39 FOR SALE—1% h. p. Cushman gas engine on trucks and pump jack. Some good used 29x4.75 tires.—Helberg Garage. 39 WANTED—Housecleanlng or work by d*yv—Margaret Eggert, 602 West Nebraska. 39* FOB SALE OR TRADE—For cattle or hogs—one bay mare colt, coming 3, well broke; one bay mare colt, coming 2; one grey mare 12, works anywhere; one red roan Belgium stallion.—J. J. Stell, Sexton, Iowa. 36-tf County plat books for sale at the Upper Des Molnes-Republican office, only a few left. 32-tf "Algona's Wife Saving Station."— Kirch's Laundry. Phone 267. 60-tl Money to loan on town property.— M. P. Haggard, Algona, Iowa. 13-tf FABM LOANS AT 6 Y t % INTEREST City residences and farms for sale. List your property with us. UVRTAGB 9BQTBBBS. Licensed Real Estate Brokers. Mis Simplicity makes your clothes fit like a Paris Mannequin's! Leading dressmakers everywhere say, "It's no trick to achieve smart lines, when the frock is fitted over a correct moulding foundation." MisSimplicity, designed by Gossard, skillfully moulds the figure to slim curves. The diagonal "cross-pull" of the waistline straps flattens the diaphragm and abdomen, uplifts the bust, slenderizes the waistline and holds the figure to correct posture. Side panels of pliant elastic taper the hips to perfection. TheOOSSARD ^WI^F^P^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^P^^^^PP^^(^^J^F ipppjpp ^MPtipmmpi ^Hr^tff^jfr Line of Beauty

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