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Winston-Salem Journal from Winston-Salem, North Carolina • 12

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

II WINSTON SALEM JOURS ANO SEM'INEL SUNDAY APRILS) 1930 1 Winston Newest Theatre Will Open Monday Domi Dubious Auditorium I Here for Opening of Theatre Of New ilms) in i 'Thu th PETER piNl Vmii HMnt nMr flnnh tie onth rrvral ihtt ausmor tn thw I1E1 Th ME' I GRAND OPENING GHANI) OPENING MONDAY MONDAY Poors Open at tOiOO A Al 3L i oil Audiiarlun uiulor a long I 1 1 mtMiiPkr drirrs jH 1 th interior nnrter tb (1irrfon iu STARTING EASTER MONDAY th au )wn Thu nt KU i n'rin former drub hurknf in th itiori ml Munn err I hpiiins in Xnrth nrMhin Mho Hill piiend the rrmn the lb tuc prn ur tier nnbri thdiUr bukzhr tin hx ut which huw nee of Chnres Ithktnm Hfttlnu and En Knh'i tfttr in prevrn tn hilklnj Jnpw and inting ph lure and WuniKer burn Hnvn Picture 14 I'airltunkm will muk no mure piGturea unhH ho iw that he ha the right imGvi'i tur a talkie Hi admit hn baffled and thut tho prem nttar uf nroduHni? tuinl picture Thia titrant taklm company Into tht AIopGr ih hrKit of Muntnter udi be In ninff with other I'tih only on uf an4 where are rwrtr (Ofiiml! hut did loliHnit 11 Philo VanceV1 dft the arh hlehly lorutrd In old sold with panel indy lion' rtbiHit nnnonntali und miThing lmeit Hi a iero I fctut i in lllllf der iurh niwde him kiiul a I 1 tho fuminer 1lnn o' ih llttdio and It allied ihcjdmfI? furnhh employment tor more than J9ivv wiuxrr in Wail for Talk Hi innley mii li bi ihr I'irapviunt llonej 1kei4 nlhig1u rf lilhnri Koili rnn riw viiHrio IxtM'd on tL Mflrch for ld in aHhihUi Ch11 lu Birk lull lliQiil Hhi il Ivuldvi orgks Di William I IhMIHX mi! Jvtcrnih'HiI ihrr oiidur tu wu niunllv With th exce Wil A iksi mox IDkiALi pvrHiotnrl the ytnta ar Win tun Hirn nple being lev of the rubhxsnMt mnerrn Mar Srcn a Clrtcr lruili in Van Neu nrfnrj ind UWJ 10 th 1Iih ciiirvcf loiui tbwi thuliv han wHh prudiK'ihg inlew not onl th bwt but alM the ntntr tioiw rHI prow irJ nt i A Pinal! army uf eirpnr irn inters drr jnnd other Mkllhwi rrrttamen hav hm at work in the raid ihr that the th etri nuld be opened on lUetc dond iy the put the nf lenten have been nrkitif da' I and rlihl and when the theatre Iw jud nished for Puhlix rsim MiiLixirniriH be i exictlv 1 Hifirtcd alx month nfcol for a ton' city to HiKh en extent (hot Ji hu Inker Ihl ho ire hQA nt thoo fa nd of dnhnr in remaking meet the modi ri th imU nt fit kvi'K in WihMuh UerU luiii lb li H'd and otnr uhipM uitii'h needed fo bring out the riv hnwut of the color The siairrye are rarpeed with ralliid! of inil'jue glnred old gold ib ri 11 over the and iranMdiia an atirartlvt drapcrle vj uir mme riv'i high Thu of bn A'lM i pi aeuri 1 ihuue ran mud amous Story Now the All Talk ing Outdoor Classic ty Imidn! ii rbamlrCler Hn rut JUti lv mirari wit (Ihm rrs til giving fh Indirtrt llifhibip 11 moM ffret Th oiirlrr floor carpfira In red and tirtren Ilaiadnir la mt at antique I design fttilh in old dd nnd anil trakoM tlnfohed In the arrblor ni a ei rlnw nvr the irnr nf the orch'ittrti eneun Su 1 prniJiMl from the ceiling nt the I railing and rxleudine mvirtlrally tbit rnllrn width of the building are Ing the biAutlful Oi iu: rou piivm he rlebt Euern I'alietti lr mnn nltv hitmotou than ii turn and ttn In till IV lrlv pre pared for him by Van nino And II Calvert an th o'otrlet at torney la morn faverleh than ryr with an cleetlun hlngirg on the ao lutlon nf the myvtery Stenin Cun of Cream Is Shot and Kilhtl rT' 1 1 uriif h'i lrn iiiiitio tid htinrin Mort1 of iliitctHir Vb 1 Ilirc hfttl men mid ncu Uii (h pictui thi huvr bewi rowing In pviftioUon 25 1 vbn re Monday nib I ad1Vh0U A flu RMi ami I rBIMi cub iitHk cn ft hn i 4 nf and auud rur thtiii ittnl will 1nd it ji in hnw it In th whine and prnwih of th rhv Biting tn th pcunln ft arv eimai that enjoyed lv city Mr Ihittn new baa hl tf und vMitr i HJtll Theatre lil'iritluii tlint hd tlm ihio Imrl mrti thrntigli hellf bout and thlr it bat 'omo nm for v'lir oil In I rt uc'a xk'h lory made mtn plctnrn Hint pill hi jou a ml jt motion rdutuio thvatie undir th owneraldn end mauaerpit Thratre of Koti Camlfni Inn wltt hnv lt initial I opi ning uw Mti rnoon o'i'lu and with the op nit thn State IVInetott Salein will another 'ntrvlr" hmiae lore through a land of olni'on of eun glair rock imnd i v'tiialobttii tree tho orty Niner all tnlkbitr wnl which Churl Kavnnmd Hinton am! in the rid 0 of the "Thr of Mr Kvm'x ire 'Ve owe thte tartly tn tho i meet ih rench tlurnMhe 1 xnnwred In our So I plained ranch critic brouslv i 1 a rench public ai brottglit tu Un offer financially I tnosti advantageous to tour sou 1 America Unfortunately can not thia because cannot 1 orerrtit a large a rrp rtolre a unr S'panlih Amcrsclin friends de sag prr et'ei! ix n)a here first at the omina Theatre amt 1 then at tho Cnmtilo Cautnartin to sra so ex pensive to that even playing i capacity would havo burnt i lose The Torch Bearers showed a I 30 per cent Increase "Tho Ear I with I avri nco letcher tax ing Mackay part at four en hours' notice broko even dte'Ur I oh the pil rlv eierv null Each twist n( the plot eeni to ntnn a way tn final eolation sue "'ll mbir Amt ricaii rH 3lak Paris Profit looking tor a story I Muntin and months I trnn and nreful icmi I Muntin and months vf pre para Bun and nreful rceoerch work I liavc been chucked Into the wi ic I iupi baskvl beeXUso airbanks lndmes it tmpueeible to mnk a uccne fiii talkie without I torinula and pattern Explaining his Male uf mind 1 curious fui one of I 1 1 ravel nt enthusiasm and de in to the movies ho raid IV GUfinit set it pace the slloii drains in lilrt'i of a i Niimn' I'roilii'v actors and director had etirdird tn go by after Mr firlfrtth directed that 1 greut epic to now we have1 li talkies aufllclently good to help ti find tho way" 'Mary and I looked at a silent ixcture yesterday" iJd loug and ther was no lompar'sun le i tween tho way it wai prodm nnd ioim of the talkies wp have beeneeihv Th silent hint was So batter that it left mo wondering If' hadn't all Itier tlnI a miu i tlon before went blindly ahead' My wire at aroused after thu could 1 rah bunks taking Idei with Chari! Chaplin In the un even tf the talkies versus I ilintd ihui rccuMiilon ar him deriin1 he agreed with f'lnrJ that linpcwMbt 1 hut be 11 he thought it anim iidjculuue to try niHi nmko taikka wliliotit mor flics tliaa1ssa fa with hronxu und vd and with nw finish! In irnld and rn The nin up in dome a pretty appearance with Ita crj gtal jnc1ini It th balcony wnlk nndtmlil in old gold high lighted tmy i indirrct llglitlne fhiuvet nnd th fra in work niadr colorful Mdth I I'hiis Site nt io swssi th riibHx saeugt'E i a cherv vrv much In I uwh jih wm i tie form tin 1 Thh unmUr expend in pr 7' ri rld ni wZ be ronaltkrahk ah jotnlng hnv tP ihwif ui xitiAiiiun wfl Kync Story In Talking Movi The aris Amerlean 1 layers brought wr hr bv Carol Sax hev ended thir season on the rlyfht side of the hnlaor Though touching only if per rent of (h grn and stiuim: tn with? Nw StencHrdw they able to kefp within tho ftmran tee advanml by vrenttbr iner hr and show a nrofit rrrven iiir our tiwv MTlhmm "VP'iifti to film fam Mn a ldn wur tur mpa there nn atfnoephr xout njo frrtirx thu tuirnt picture' ex plilned 1ug tv unej vxacth whs I to do when new Invention ml the world ey 1 vits pictures a few month as Kive ln votved with th kiHbu ol' a tuck broker wl yet ncthiEg 'an bo piovrj uttdlhs: any uf fhrn Each uigrr i loinr 1 I r'i ilk Kimi jiiHfifi" I hn jIi'hi i ii i i Io Vaiicf i Sweeter Than I 111 or ich SiuikI ir Cm 4fl 1 a 3 VIZW 1 cqrtf When they finally cam dtrri a 'B'nrfci'i i it rrnll i itilh Hrri'i Uiton hiv Inokel repeernb 1 tn kon JbK WI 'Si Tn MX zAt Jr frvV km: 1 fair'd Now the Slab i Mk hi WWrV ii this honxe 1 to I 1 1 1 1 l)A aifits II 'I jb Still Keeping Their Sunny Side Up! wt vlheai moi tn In net nnd luirltx! Mnkuqj iuic OU Ihr Mucnie new unmlerfhl hl iMiitinr hnmiiHitr titi theirhrUjtl hiuhsd itrier All WtiiMonStiH mn'M'ibt I ml tm toiuH iland to ry iv "llkh Sim an mon ili liirp I IlHl IlV fl the OH Idu tutriHhn trtp the note SOCIETY The MK eur io 'Sunnyside Uh the jamc two lovable btni Gaynor and arrcll and the same dirccior David ihitler et ready for the treat of your life! JANET CHARLES VGAYNOR ARRELL 1 X'S Vl JB SVRI ci It ') lIMtlt rr Our Bln MK 1 'petting shun VsJfcG' 1SK OPENING NOVELL dBBUllIlAl Hum I 5 Hrk easter greetings dfiK I mirclj Nnlurnl fol IQ' I BfiKlESSlil iSB MBJk SOI NT) NEWS bP sw Ii S1 ISwkHNHk ZS'reiw SUSS6a WJrh JdJ rA WmmB MMSilBBBlteiE Elphut Ohio April 19 Owlstht isidl i ikwr4 hlo wn shot and hlllid hy thre I office's here late ycstsrditv as hu 1 I attempted tc tsrtipw arret mi a of tart eny lor atcnUnv ri can of cream irom a farincc near I liro (effect and high lighted In attmc" live colors I Th lalcuny boxes used in th" I i old been dune away I with and Inst' ail tin tv plu ns gw I been beautifully drnu in rod I iclour Willi gold trlmminrs lighting effect on these malting them most Tho I of the hove irnvi been drapnd hilt tho I vo columns on esch wide now been In green nittrhle effect with Indirect lighting atop giving tho entire telling gidd glow and bringing out eiling decotiitloiis to hem advantage Gorgeous rolorrti banners hrps from the balcony rails and ill able are CMrpetmi All the chair In tin Imus are io have top coier but unfortunately only etiongh of tbesn jet arrived for the or chtstra Mctlvn The grand np from i nrocenlnm nrch fs of red glmr nnd gold finish while tho sU i drape are of gold and bl ck tormentors and border All th I I etage weenery material rerv and 1 of the latest designs i Ths acreen of insenaseope I alcn ia the latest tn ue fn wnurd I and equipped thnt It may be I made larger nr smaller a tho pie turn may require Th c'ose ln curtain ia of a beautifully tinted re nnd cold effect Viu nn tlr I feet Th management has bad the i aocimstlca of th house foremost In th remodeling work and I thl nd engineer hiive given the their ilosst attention The floors are nil canted and pnrt of the top gull i ha been eompleidy I rut nft nmt treated for aemutlc i effort tli rear will! being asound Absorbing ma'erlsl which will ennkle th program to be renders) niot aeccf in all pat of th house Th lato improved and high ini nlty lamp hnur i which nr said to be fires in this I part of the rnii cy and which! rrve tn make tho large oron so 1 effective reiir nt lartr mitlx I On tin pnrt of th renr owners I Vciirilntkm System I hew ventiinuon svsem ha I been lnslallnl and the manngerrent I confident the win he enmfnrtable rcgardlces of the weather conditions Jit fart the home ha bm equipped throughout with the eoln idea furnishing the psimna th very st that tbs moving plettie industry of todnv provides end with tho'hlgh class Picture that AM to be provide) Mvnacer urr 1 confident on oaem theatregoer Pj fled he Slat equal tn (fie Uet ani ir euperlnr tn many' piat house inf than that efi M0NTUE5WEI) BBka vN iggt'v mmRl JK WK V' fl mBIVOrEi A Sweeter Than Sweet Easter Treat! Go! A 1 uf iuii nml tuii'h HUI ln 1 i ntth fr AXi'i'II her IuiIh honrt frr ct 'I i bartn Imu 1 Nnnrr Dame' jiui it till ill vtbi ihhLi Iiv trnwl hHklni siimlcy fcinith a bin lv iihhIcyii uh I uivtif limn nr i tu MV Hope I NANCY CARROLI llimn HeMh rfo Ef liomg Ihr far "Htfist Uns Hui nf ih Mtemm i hh rnmnly tnir OUth Slinplv PftrkM HI( Kuud niH onr 'M EI Mmr lAN non tAMatHLlt LIVE ii ri tt III I IVil VV 1 11 )) Laster Meek Specilatics IIVKLIE CIBMl In hl l( i tg ly hr0pftg' rnoi uU ehr tuft nil mi "PN Milliam Powell Henson Murder WWWS.

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