The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 4, 1931 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1931
Page 4
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The Upper Des Moiaes-Sepublican, March 4, THE SOIL SURVEY BULLETINS PRINTED Meetings for Discussions to be Held Throughout the County. PEDEEAL & STATE MEN MADE STTEVET. Bulletins Give History of Kosrath County Agriculture Along With Weather and Crop Reports. Kossuth county's 629.000 acres of land have been surveyed as to soil type by four men, two federal and two state, and their findings published In a detailed map of the soils of the county which is included in the son survey report. This report or bulletin takes up a brief history of Kossuth county agriculture along with the weather and crop reports for the territory. The soils arc divided into several definite tvpes each of which is discussed in detail as to surface, subsurface and subsoil conditions. Samples of each soil type have been analyzed as to content of phosphorus, nitrogen, humus, lime, or if acid, the general requirement of lime to neutralize the acidity. Experimental plots have been located on the various soil types in this and other counties and the bulletin contains a complete report of these plots including rotations used, soil management practices followed and yield per acre for each of the last eight or ten years, of each crop grown on the plot. Prom the above material they take up a general discussion of each soil type found In the county In regard to its general needs as to drainage, adaptable crops, probable normal yielding ability and its physical analysis as to percentage of silt, clay, sand, gravel and so forth, as well as chemical, analysis. The bulletin is in fact a complete summary of local soils and is growing in demand as a reference for use of farmers, bankers, landlords, and others who are interested In the farm lands of the county. Copies of the bulletin are available at the farm bureau office, until the series of meetings are held throughout the county during the next two weeks for their general distribution and explanation to all those interested. These bulletins have been in great demand due to the widespread interest In soils and soil management throughout the county during the past several years and should be of added value to Kossuth farmers in view of their special interest in soils work. Meetings have been arranged in every part of the county in order to give every fanner and landowner an opportunity to attend one of the discussion groups. > A tentative schedule Is arranged" as " follows: (all evening meetings). > . Friday, March 6, Grant Consolidated school. Grant township. "Monday, March 9, center school, Garfield township. Tuesday, March 10, public , school, Bancroft. Wednesday, March 11, public school, Ledyard. Thursday, March 12, public school, Ti tonka. Friday, March 13, town hall, Lu- Verne. Saturday, March 14, town hall, Fenton. Monday, March 16, elevator, Wesley. Tuesday, March 17, school, St. Joe. Wednesday, March 18, Legion hall, "Lone Rock. Thursday, March 19, Consolidated school, Seneca. Friday, March 20, hall, St. Bene- .dlct. Large Crowd Saw "Romance of Reaper." Between two and three hundred farmers and others interested in agriculture were present Monday at the Call Theatre to hear talks on the McCormick reaper at the centennial celebration of the invention of the McCormick reaper. The demonstration was sponsored by Matt Murtha, local representative' of the International Harvester Company, and was entirely at his exepnse. After the motion picture, "Romance o fine Reaper." th? audience adjourned to the court house, where they all enjoyed a free lunch. In the afternoon the crowd was directed to the Murtha Implement shop, where twine was sold and nitres w*re given away. At the meeting in U*e morning. A. T. Isaacson of Port Dodge was the psin- ciwu fpeaker. Mr. INACSPO is fcnsse- man for the InteraaJisssal HarwsSer Company in FtarS IX>3s*- H* fe»wd ttw histonr of tl» rwpfsr frees 4fce tto? 15 was im-CBSed br CVras JiRCwaiei Ja 1831 down to tt»? prwsaS teas* H* ! First Reaper on Display Here. An ww«n* reproduction of the world's first successful reaper was oa here, Mc«c in connection with M»» MurUw* MeCormlek ceSe*s»i**K The reaper, torcnt«l by Gyros MtCprmick m 1831, Telephone Co. Adopts New Plan on Bills. The adoption of » new plan for issuing telephone bills which makes possible an improwd and more up-to-date bin is announced by E. O. Handier, manager fw the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company here. Under the new plan. Algona subscribers' bills will be dated the 16th and will be received here about the 21st of each month. The first new bills for subscribers here will be dated April 16. Under the new method all Iowa sub- scrlbters of the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company will be divided Into ten groups and bills will be issued at ten different dates in the month. A similar plan of billing has been used for some time by other sections of the Bell system and by many other public utilities. Through permitting a division of the work required In preparing and issuing customer's bills, the new stated tt»t U» swper was * fac en and ten ear samples of com s tor in vtnaicg: «* Cirri ws? fcr «» iad to ti» ftocne economics department ITnkta as K teSeased asacy seen frwa ; Users •sin fee prtrss offered for baked ioo«2s sod «wing. These days have s{fe«ci«J Urss crowds and wiUi Use harrssi fie&2s to Site aim?. The sfeewwi plan allows the inclusion of all long .distance charges and all credits up to -! the date of the bill. At present, with all bills Issued on the first of the Gordon Dunsford. The Dunsfords live month, long distance charges are in- in the hotel building on street , main eluded only up to the 20th of the pre- I ceding month. On the new bills all __ _.__.. frees ttw sicile to the srrtSs? sal iSSea 45* samy eocd corn men and the re- , base ban bat while playing at school. to tbe rssper- K t&en sfccwwi Cyras ; ^taJicsT of tfce women in southern j Several clamps were used to close the his reaper aai O» ! kceswib *ad northern HumboWt for , wound. Eugene IJtUeton Had the misfortune entries and computations are made by of being struck orer Uie ear with » ——««««- „««,«,«„,. „ »o»t«. , n * m ««> Ece'JxxS csed ia ^arresting grain sa • the esrir part of Sbe eighties- R was very interesting. Mr. Martfea is aaj up and coming business man and is to be congratulated on his success. cooking it ,r wi2 be no expected that this COUNTY TO DISCUSS WEED ERADICATION The Meeting Will be Held Wednesday, March 11, at the Court House. UBLIC INVITED TO AFTERNOON MEETING. Livcrmore Win Hold a. Corn Show and Home Economics Show Saturday, March 7. Dairy School at W. B. A meeting to discuss the control and eradication of noxious weeds will be eld at the court house in Algona next Vednesday, March 11. Many people ave become interested in eradication i weeds particularly Canada thistles nd quack grass, because of the increasing menace of these weeds in all ost every locality hi the county. The ounty and township weed commis- oners as well as agencies like the arm bureau have been advocating ore thorough practice of weed con- ol. This meeting is for the purpose discussing means of eradication and possible program that the assembled group thinks will be practical for Kosuth county, To Meet in Morning. <~ ' The township trustees and Eagle Grove Folks Here for Rotary. Eagle Grove Eagle: Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Barnes were among the guests at a meeting of the Algona Rotary club on Monday evening. The Rotary Anns were guests. George Godfrey, member of the state board of aducatlon, spoke on the object and aims of Rotary while the Eagle Grove Rotarian gave a history of the organization and the growth of Rotary. A minstrel act was staged by members of the Algona club which was followed by a few hands of bridge. The Anns were presented with sliver compacts as favors. Algona people are very gracious, very cordial and it Is always a pleasure to visi there. Bonnstetter is No Pussyfooter Titonka Topic: Representative Bonn Btetter Is writing some mighty good ar tides to Kossuth county newspapers He is telling his constituents flat-foot ed where he stands upon bills intro duced in the legislature and his reas ons for support or opposition to them as they are fed into the house hoppe He says he will not knowingly vote fo an appropriation that will raise taxes, Items of Interest. Tbe VTesi Bend cow test association is planning a dairy feeding school for its members and any others who may be interested are invited to attend. The meeting will be held at West : \ Bend nest Monday, March 9, from ten a. m. to three-thirty p. m. Bail Schultz of the dairy extension service of Iowa State College will be there to conduct the meeting. Movies of the Diamond Jubilee pageant and movies of the LuVeme corn show will be shown at the Greenwood-Ramsey township meeting at the Bancroft public school Tuesday, March 10. There will be the usual program arranged by the committee. Lincoln and Ledyard townships will hold a joint meeting at Lakota on Friday evening, March 13. County Agent Morrison is attending a county agents' district meeting on cooperative marketing with members of the county farm bureau marketing committee at Emmetsburg today. These meetings are called by the extension service to discuss the aims and opportunities of cooperative market- Hazel Anderson spent the week end with her friend, Mildred Wilberg. C. O. Dotson, Edwin Brighton and Mrs. Henry Hoeck are spending a few days in Minneapolis. Mrs. Joe Kennedy is back home from Rochester, Minnesota, where she went through the clinic. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Osborn and son, Lester, soent the week end visiting with relatives" and friends in Waterloo and LijiForte City. / Mr. and'Mrs v HansWilberg entejr- tained as supper guests Wednesday ev- Mrs. William Rigglns had the misfortune of turning over on her foot and spraining her ankle last Friday. She was walking aoout on a crutch for a few days. Miss Lorraine Boteford principal of the public high school has returned to her home in Britt and will soon leave for Rochester for information regarding her health. Mary Anita Cairy went to Eagle Grove Friday where she visited with Mary Catherine Rawson. She was accompanied home Sunday by her hostess and Merrill Rawson Jr. Frank Falrell has been very sick at his home. His daughter, Gtertrude, who is taking nurses' training in St. Paul, and his son, Willis, of Ohio are here to be with their father and brother, Lloyd. A post nuptial shower was given on Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Haack in honor of Miss Lydia Stems. Miss Siems' marriage to Henry Wichtendahl takes place Thursday at the home of Mrs. Chris Siems. Timothy O'Brien has opened an auto repair shop in the Bestenlehner build- Ing on west main street. Mrs. O'Brien and Mary Joice will come from Lawler the last of the week. They will live in one of the apartments over the Philips grocery. Miss Hattie Simpson, who has been a patient at the hospital for several months, went to her home north of town Monday. Miss Simpson is improved in health, but is not yet able to leave her bed. A nurse from Lone Rock is caring for ner. ad son of Ringsted, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wilberg and daughter of Lone Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Anderson, Sr., and family, Mr. 'and Mrs. Joseph Anderson, Jr., and Martin Thompson and child- ommissioners will meet with R H. ^5,7 Mr? aTd Mr7 Mano Pederson orter of the extension service at nine ci " e --- -clock in the morning to discuss weed radication, practices that have proved uccessfulfin other localities and work ut a plan for Kossuth county. It is oped that with a county-wide organ- atlon of the weed eradication cam- aign that the many farmers who are ow trying to control the weeds on leir own farms through the best con- rol practices will be encouraged to ontinue and the county-wide cam- aign will encourage many who' have >een Indifferent to the control and radication of weeds to practice more lorough control measures and the ampaign will also enlist the coopera- ion of many of the absentee landlords o be more active In their support of rteir tenants in the attempt to eradi- ate noxious weeds on their farms. Afternoon Meeting Public. Everyone is invited to attend the afternoon meeting where a general lutlined plan and methods for Kossuth county will be discussed and R. H. 'orter, botanist of Iowa State College, who has been in charge of several county weed eradication campaigns during the past several years will discuss several methods of weed eradica- ren. About one hundred or more old friends pleasantly surprised Albert Anderson, old settler in Seneca, who is moving to Ringsted. The crowd gathered at the Seneca school house and Mr. Anderson was brought upon an errand and to his surprise the crowd had gathered In his home. The evening's entertainment opened with a program of music and singing. After the pro- the entertainment. The men's side] won and F. Basset received the prize. \ A delicious luncheon was served. Mr. | Anderson's friends presented him with I providing a neater and more legible bill. • The initial bills under the Improved plan which place the new billing plan in effect here will cover charges for j a longer than normal one month period. This difference in charges is necessary to place the new plan in use and bring all charges up to the new billing date. Thereafter, each bill will cover local telephone service for one month following the date of the bill and long distance service for the month preceding. The change in bill- Ing date will not affect the amount of charges for telephone service, in any way, Mr. Hancher explained. Lucille Bode was a guest of Anna Schick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schick at their home in Plum Creek last Wednesday and Thursday. Miss Katherine Madson left Sunday evening for the Harry Bode home in Plum Creek, where she will assist Mrs. Bode with her household duties. Dan Harris, who has been employed on the Alfred Schenck farm, moved with his family to the tenant house on the Clarence Mawdsley farm, southeast of Algona. Mrs. Mary Foley, daughter, Josephine and sons, Frank and Dan of Whittemore, spent Friday evening at the Walter Coady home. Frank remained with the Coadys to assist them in mov- entered authorizing said sale Flour 49 Ibs, 99c .106 _____.„_ . ..W« I 3 Algona Butter, lb 31c Golden Bantam Corn. Ure, Oranges, good riied, dozen ft Wo | Powdered Sugar, 3 Ibs. for , .25o Campbell's Soap* 3 cans ....25o LTbby's Milk, 3 cans ...25o Bacon, Ib ISo Royal Ann Cherries, No, 10 Can 65c New Cabbage, Ib Macaroni 5 Ige. pkgs. Sauerkraut Ige. can .... Fink Samon, Is*, can .. .•4c| Monarch Fork & Beans, 3 ,25c I cans for 25o .lOol Brooms 39c .100 I Toilet Paper, 4 rolls 25o Bread, 16 oz. Loaf, for 5c Cheese, lb H>c Apricots, 2 Ibs. 29c Sardines, Mustard, Ige. lOc Kirk's Hardwater Soap, 4 bars for 25o Matches, 6 boxes . 15o Block Salt Monarch Cocoa, lb. 25c Bed Cherries, can loo Bulk Oatmeal, S Ibs 2sc Peas, Ige. can 10o Monarch Catsup, Ige. bottle . .19o Grape Fruit, can 15o Coffee, Witwer's 6 o'clock, lb. ._- 23c Bloom's Store wwwvwvww tain contract of sale, attached to said application and to which you are referred for further particulars. You are further notified that the hearing on said application will be had at the court house in Algona, Iowa, on the llth day of March, 1931, at two o'clock p. m., of said day at which time you may appear and show cause, if any you have, why an order should not be City was a Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thaves and son, Verle, spent Sunday with relatives at Gamer. Mrs. Agnes Eakin enjoyed a visit on Sunday from her son, Melvin, of Wells, Minnesota. Jerome Burt was down from Swea City Friday attending to business matters. He reported seeing a robin. A numper of neighbors and friends surprised Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Furst at their home last Tuesday evening. The Misses Louise and Emma Thaves were entertained Sunday at the home of their brother, J. Gus Thaves at Burt. Mrs. Wm. Turley the. her home last afternoon. Mrs. Wm. Schroeder, Jr., and chlld- a smoking set and fishing reel, which I re n visited at Elmore a short time on he greatly appreciated. ' Sunday at the home of her mother, The home economics class under the Mra Anna Coupanger. Mr. and Mrs. James Coady and children, Walter and Julia Coady and Thomas Ryan were supper guests at the home of Mrs. Coady's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Bode of Plum Creek on Sunday, The Jens, Chris and Tony Sorensen families and Lars Sorensen of Algona were Sunday evening guests at the Ben Gould home. Chris Sorensen and wife are here on a visit from Fargo, North Dakota. supervision of Miss Ruth Hallet, gave the school board, their wives and the members of the faculty, a banquet at the school house last Tuesday evening at seven o'clock. The decorations were suitable to Washington's birthday. The '£? C °"' r °L^t^ h ^i! ) f! n ^^f! ; !,^ t lf r.utcups were to represent his hat made n red and white, the place cards a epresentatlon of Washington's head. The centerpiece was a hatchet and a mall log of wood. Streamers of red, white and blue were hung from the ight to all corners of the room, mak- ng a very pleasing and pretty decora- ation. After dinner a program was riven by Mr. and Mrs. Forest Chris- lansen, Albert Anderson and a few short talks by members of the facul- ;his and several other communities. Canada thistles, quack grass, sow thistles, horse nettles, and wild morning glories are among the weeds that will be discussed. These weeds are getting to be a real menace on many farms In the county and are rapidly increasing in number and it is hoped that through the cooperation of all local groups and Individuals that it will be possible to eliminate many of the present patches and stop their further spread. liivermore Corn Show. A community corn show and home economics show will be held at Livermore next Saturday, March 7. The elevators and Implement stores have In the past cooperated in an annual farmers' day at Livermore. This year the event is to be expanded through the cooperation of the merchants and the fanners of the community to offer a com and home economics show for the entire community. Prizes are offered px&mxxx&s^^ To Whom It May Concern This is to certify that the firm of Kraft-Misbach Co. of Algona, Iowa, is (this day dissolved, to be in effect from and after the date of April 4, 1931. All persons or firms having claims against the said company will present claims; if any, on or before April 4th, 1931, for payment and all persons indebted to said firm will settle by cash or other equivalent, on or before April 4th, or with a trustee appointed by us, the name and place of which further notice will be given, for immediate liquidation. All interested persons or firms will take due notice and be governed accordingly. Signed: IWHITTEMOBE NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seymour spent ast Wednesday in Des Moines. Willis Farrell went to Waterloo on Sunday to visit with friends for a few days. Ed. Burke was very sick at his home Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Worley entertained Sunday at dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Iverson and Mr. and Mrs. George Rinderknecht of Ringsted. Miss Audrey Hastings and John Llesveld and daughter, Julia, were en- •iirj\iffffTfits^^(f*a r ^'^i^a\^ TBr/jman^ and small daughter of St Benedict came last Thursday for a visit at the Joe Arndorfer home. Mr. Erdmann contracted a severe cold and became quite ill. He is improving but is still at the Arndorfer home. Mr. and Mrs. John Mahoney, then- family, and Miss Marcella Nelson, who was a house guest of the Mahoneys and Mrs. Angle Haupert and sons, east of Algona, were guests Sunday evening at the Emil Stoeffel home. Mesdames Haupert and Stoeffel are sisters. Owing to the disagreeable weather there were not very many club ladies from Union to attend the federation meeting held at Lakota Tuesday. The president, Mrs. Alfred Jergenson, and Mesdames W. C. Nelson and Mark Sarchett were among those present. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gaul of Alton, and Miss Sylvaria Haupert came Saturday to spend the week end at the . Emil Stoeffel home. Mrs. Gaul and 1 Miss Haupert are nieces of Mrs. Stoef- fel, the latter is a rural school teacher near Alton and stays with her sis-l ter, Mrs. Gaul. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Dau left en Saturday noon for Sioux City by auto to visit their daughter, Mrs. E. E. Kearns and her husband, who moved L. A. ANDREW, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa. By R. H. MILLER, Examiner in Charge. 38 Original Notice. In the district court of Iowa, hi and for Kossuth county. Emma A. Buckholtz, .plaintiff vs. Clayton W. Buck- holte and- Alice Buckholtz, his wife; F. A. Buckholtz and Helen Buckholtz,. his 1 wife; Alton E. Buckholtz apd.Zella? Buckholtz, his wife and Setdel -O* Buckholtz, defendants. To the above named defendants and each of you: You and each of you are hereby notified that there will be on file on March 20th, 1931, In the office of the clerk of the district court of the above named county and state, a petition of the plaintiff claiming of the Southwest Quarter (SW& ) of said section to the forty line between the Northeast Quarter (NE&) and the Southeast Quarter (SE%) of the said Southwest Quarter (SWtt), thence West (W) Ninety-six (96) feet along said forty line to place, of beginning. Also the land described as the West (W) one (1) rod of the Southeast Quarter (SE%) of the Southwest Quarter (SWH) and the East (E) One (1) Rod of the Southwest Quarter (SW&) of the Southwest Quarter (SWVI), all in Section Eleven (11), Township Ninety-nine (99), Range Twenty-seven (27), West of the Fifth. P.M. Be quieted in the above named plaintiff as against each and all of the above named defendants, because the< said plaintiff has been in open, adverse and notorious possession thereof for a period of over ten years under color of title and claim of right. Also asking for costs of this action. For, further particulars, you are re- whqa the same Now, unless you appear and defend on or before noon of the second/day of the next term of said court to bo held at Algona, Kossuth county, and state of Iowa, commencing on the 30th day of March, 1931, default will be entered against you and judgment rendered theron in accordance with tho above named defendants the sum of' prayer of said petition. tei tained last Sunday at the H. J. I there rece ntly. Mr. Kearns, who is Schutter home at Buffalo Center. | a b ar b e r, became ill and has been in Miss Henrietta Kleist and Mrs. i a hosiptal for the last couple of weeks. >ulse Schmitt went to Garner Sun- The Daus expected to return home on Louise day for a visit of several days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. eHnry Schmitt. Herman Gollnow, who has been confined to his home most of the winter on account of illness, was able to come up town Wednesday, but is still very weak. The Acorn club will meet Thursday evening at the home of the Thaves Sisters. The Misses Emma and Louise Thaves and Julia Liesveld will be the hostesses. Mrs. Bertha Jensvold who is staying at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Turley was taken ill Friday evening with a heart attack but is better at this writing. Wm. Wirtjes, living on one of the Robert Hamilton farms, southeast of several days last week. He is now im- town, had his collar bone broken just proving. ecently when he jumped out of a wagon while the team was running away. A. E. Ogren, of the World Theatre here, has been putting on ten cent hows on Wednesday and Thusrday the past few weeks, and from the size ol ;he crowd, these shows seem to be proving. A son was born to Mr. Theo. Pompe. Theo. Jerome. Donald Weir and Donald and Mrs. He has been named Slaven KRAPT-MISBAOH CO. by George Kraft Chas. P. Kraft Joe Misbach Dated at Algona, Iowa, on this fourth day of March, 1931. were visiting at Sioux City and Whit- Ing last week. William Hlgglns, Sr., who was a patient at the hospital last week, has returned to his home. Helen Farrell was over from Forest City spending the week end with her mother Mrs. Nell Farrell. The J. V. Elbert family has moved to their new home which they recently purchased from Cory Haas. Lloyd Farrell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Farrell, has been seriously ill with pneumonia. Miss Madison of Lone Rock is the nurse in charge. A hamburger shop is being opened In the Hlgglns building. The shop will be in the room formerly occupied by the Whlttemore State Bank. The George Douglas family movec to the Mrs. Eiler cottage on west main street Tuesday. The house was recently occupied by the Frank Farrell family. A boy who was named Donald Eugene was born Monday to Mr. and Mrs Tuesday. Last week in mentioning the families who were moving the writer stat,d that C. M. Khudsen was moving o the old Kenyon place but it should lave read the former B. H. McNutt farm. The two farms adjoin one another. The Knudsens have one daughter, Dorlys, who is a freshman in the Algona high school. Milton, second eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Will, was taken to a Des Moines clinic last Wednesday by his :arents where he had his tonsils and idenoids removed. They drove down by car and Mr. Will returned home the next day with the car but Mrs. Will and Milton did not return until Saturday morning by train. He is getting along nicely. However, Mrs. Will expects to return to the same clinic in April for an operation Twenty-Nine Hundred Fifteen Dollars ($2915.00) ,as the principal sum, Including interest and cost of an abstract on a certain promissory note and real estate mortgage in the face amount of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000X10), dated February 4th, 1921, due March 1st, 1922, made and executed by August D. Buckholtz and Emma A. Buckholtz and delivered to L. G. Wolcott and by him duly assigned to this plaintiff; also asking for the foreclosure of said mortgage covering the following described premises, to-wit: The East (E) Twenty-one (21) acres of the Northwest Quarter (NW&) of the Southwest Quarter (8W'/4) of Sec- ion Eleven (11), Township Ninety- flne (99), Range Twenty-Seven (27), West of the Fifth P. M. Also asking that said above described ands be sold under said foreclosure to atisfy the debts due said plaintiff and also asking that the lien or interest which any or all of the above named lefendante may have, or claim to have, n the above described premises be decreed to be junior and inferior to the isn of this plaintiff under said mortgage. Further asking that the title to iie above described lands and the ands described as follows, to-wit: Beginning at the Southwest (SW) corner of the Northeast Quarter <NE'/4) of the Southwest Quarter SW&) of Section Eleven (11), Township Ninety-Nine (99), Range Twenty- seven (27), west of the Fifth P. M., ;hence North (N) on the forty line to he quarter line between the Northwest Quarter (NWM.) and the Southwest Quarter (SWU) of said section, hence East (E) Ninety-six (96) feet along the quarter line, thence South (8) parallel to the forty line between the Northwest Quarter (NW%) of the 36-39 QUARTON & MILLER, Plaintiff's Attorneys. xjpular. Henry Beenken, who has been living in this vicinity, on one farm for the jast forty-six years, moved the latter part of last week to Titonka, where ue purchased a small acreage and a residence. Miss Emma Gutknecht entertaine< the following ladies at her home south of town one day last week, Mrs. Aug ust Gutknecht, Mrs. Louise Schrattl Mrs. Bertha Jensvold and Miss Henrietta Kleist. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mitchell and baby moved Monday onto the farm of H. F. Gutknecht for whom they will work this year. They have been living in the Mrs. N. E. Nobel residence the past year. The Andrew Koppen family, who have been living on the Peter Koppen farm northeast of town, moved to Bancroft. Mr and Mrs. Elmer Darg, who have worked for H. F. Gutknecht the past year, will move onto the farm vacated by Koppen. Notice of Application. For Authority to Sell CMato BfcU Estate. In Equity No. 12383. In the district court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county. L. A. Andrew superintendent of Banking of the state of Iowa, plaintiff, vs. County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, defendant. To all persons interested in the receivership of the County Savings Bank Algona, Iowa, and to whom it may con- You are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, the application of L. A. Andrew,' superintendent of banking o the state of Iowa, as receiver of th< County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa asking that he be authorized to sell his undivided interest in the following de scribed real estate, sljtuated in 1ft) county of Kossuth, and state of Iowa to-wit: The South Forty-three (43) feet o all of that part of Lots Six (6), Sev en (7) and Eight (8), Block One Hun dred Eighty-six (180) lying east o Diagonal Street, pall's Addition to Al gona, Iowa, to Mary Welland, of Kos suth county, Iowa, according to th terms and conditions set out in a cer Southwest Quarter (SW',4) and Northeast Quarter (NE'/i) of the the CASH LOANS Automobile Loans Refinancing—Payments cut down. Special Loan Service to farmers for the purpose of buying good graded milch cows. Loans can be made on cows you already have. Convenient terms. Loans made at once —No delay Western Credit Company Algona, Iowa Phone 55 First door North of Iowa State Bank. Bargains in Used Cars 1929 6 cyl. Ohev. coupe 192(5 Chevrolet coach Buick sedan Ford coupe 1929 6 cyl. Chev. coach '29 Model A Ford coach '30 6-cyl. Chev. coach ' Ford roadster See the New Chevrolet Cabriolet and the 157 inch New Truck KOHLHAAS BROS, Phone 200 Algopa, Iowa.!*

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