The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 25, 1931 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1931
Page 10
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Wesley News Items J'rank Burke of Dodgevffle, Wisconsin, spent the week end visiting in the borne of A. L. Kleinpeter. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pavik of Hum- ooldt spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Henderson. Mr. and Mrs. John Richter drove to Forest City Monday to attended the funeral of Mrs. Rudolph Benertz. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kraus of Manly were Sunday guests at the home of his brother, Charles and family. J. P. Hauptmann suffered great pain Monday having been here at the home of her parents for: the past thitee weeks. • Elizabeth Hauptmann spent Saturday at Garner with her sister, Mrs. EM. Fritsch, who had returned from the Mercy hospital the day before. She reports her sister as getting along nicely. Ivyl Marie Kunz substituted as clerk at the Kunz store during her absence. Two gay charivari parties were happily sprung on the newly-weds, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hauptly, Wednesday quinsy. He has been under Dr. Denny's care. Mr. and Mrs. Casper Kuper and baby daughter of Alexandria spent Saturday visiting with her mother, Mrs Agatha Haverly. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ward drove to Rochester Monday a week ago to again consult specialists regarding Mr Ward's health. Miss Blanche Schluesner, who has been employed at the Fred Looft home the past three weeks, left Friday night for her home at Garner. Mr. and Mrs. George Schimmel of Blue Earth, Minnesota, spent several days last week with their daughter, Mrs. George Ward and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murphy and I Miss Patricia Miller drove to Will-! lams to spend the day with Patricia's two crowds were treated and Invited to attend their wedding dance held at Woden last Saturday night. A large number of their friends were present. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kerrlns and daughter, Verna, ar e moving the last of this week from their farm home to Wesley where they will occupy three rooms at the R. C. Bauer residence. "Chuck" and John Kerrins have rented the John Lawless farm occupied by Wm. Garman, who also moves to Wesley this week, and will take possession March 1st; Friends of Harm Hilllnga are pleased to learn of his marriage Sunday evening to Lydia Stohr of Titonka. The ceremony was performed at seven o clock at the home of the bride's mother ir "' ' The Upper Des Moineei-aepubli'can, February 25,1931 VOL. i Algona Hi Lights ALGON, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26,1931 NoJll •It takes Interested readers as well as talented writers to make Outside Activities.' At this time of the year the high school seems fairly buzzing with activities. Everyone seems to be busy with things besides his studies, al- .hough everyone admits that studies have not slackened their pace. Almost ,"L£f t J!!^,r™!'L*> *• *!5_?£ Me-^ unfcrtS one' Poetic Justice; It seems that one day last week one of the pupils of the high schoo thoughv he would pull a good trick on one of his fellow pupils, so h e pinned a handkerchief on the other's back with these words written in large let- r ( **7*S "tflee \/TA " T<VI** ..«*.*_.&.. i-_ A_ - — • _ , ' —' •"«•* *. **\, uuiin. vuiinit; uiic hear some girls I walked up in front of the room, not , , t B tl f ' b S l ns ?" e - v At noon knowln e ^at the other had don and tV 7 , P warbling and of course eevryone laughed uproar" . tta SL; ° f f?" 1 !?' * e Orc 5 e ? tl : a . 1 ° US1 7- M>» <*mte took the handto- h TV** **"* home u P° n rehearses. Yes, Algona is certainly developing a musical school. That Isn't all either. Besides, the teachers are trying to develop a body of students capable of expressing their opinions by fluent speech. Now, of course, we have always had the ever- ready help of the English teacher in this respect, but In addition to this, declamatory, extemporaneous speaking and debate have been added as a further aid to the interested student. Each year finds a large number of students interested. In one of these classes. Thus the school Is giving this Besides the cutural side of affairs we , S"* farm north - have also activities for pleasure Som __ _. VI ""• ""J nrivji itiniLlUb moof „* *„„,„ lir a 7 —-"- nave alav tlculViUt*K IOF pleasure. BOme parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Miller. I *^ 0 £ Wn ; t , Weh ±L r rslnc f e "»- *&<* the boys can be heard shouting John A on* r^™ «„..„. graluattons to the happy couple. lustily as they Dlav basket baJl whllS chief off and walked back and pinned the sign on the culprit's back. This, she explained, was poetic Justice, where the villain or hero, is punished or rewarded according to what he deserves. Study Periods. In the Algona high school our school time is divided Into seven periods. The average pupil carries four subjects each semester. This allows each pupil three periods a day in which to do his studying. But do the pupils really have an opportunity to study? I can assure you that Miss Duhlgg, the teacher, who has charge of the assembly the a good paper." Corridor Clippings. The sixth period civics class felt they were abused because of the test which was given after Miss Plaehn's absence on account of debate. The eighth grade reading class is having very Interesting discussions on Charles Lindbergh. The school management, class have been making attendance records. They have been using the names of the members of the normal training class in order to get some concrete experience. club meet- o'clock on The normal training tag was held at four „.. Tuesday, February 24, in Miss Wilson's room. The program conslted of a debate of which the question Is: "Resolve: That Lincoln was a better American than Washington." There Is also a tableau of some of Lonjrfel- ow's works. The senior normal training girls have started booklet covers for history lesson plans. These booklets arc to be used for exhibit. In studying the various European countries In modern history the class ANTHRACITE AM EMTUMINQU5 ' John A. and George Hauptmann returned home Monday from Marshall, lustily as they play basket ball while Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bauer and fam- other n te n ts it Is the girls. There is arsa „ - . Missouri, where they had flown their ily of flve ch Udren left Tuesday for no doubfc but th »t the girls and boys airplane the latter part of the week Sterling, Illinois, where they will make °/ A1 8 ona w eh school have a fine -„.„ „ . . th elr home on a farm near that city chance to make something of them- riiJSS g °? pel team from Sexton con- This good family came from Sterltag selves.-Alva Benson. ducted church services at the Metho- about eleven years ago and their many dtet^ church Sunday evening. There friends in thii community are sorrV to „ „ — - number of attendants lose them, but wish them the best of Freshmen-Sophomore Party. happiness and prosperity. They have econd period In the morning has done nas been comparing money from these her level best to make this period a countries. One very rare coin real study period. It Is the most EUC- "~ " cessful period I have ever been in No one Is permitted to come Into the was only found m the collection. The v« u , thing that could be made out was Good for one quart of milk." assembly, tardy, unless he brings an ' Last week Miss Horn's zoology class excuse from the teacher with whom he • *** bus y dissecting an earth worm as the Mercy of been under ex- rt *™« , With erysipelas. ™ avlng been crltlcal - Son City Mrs. Carmen Mumma drove to Ma- mores at the high school. As they en* J paper triangles of different col- to be present for ors were pl!med on th elr backs ' *«r the a one o'clock Pan Hellenic luncheon at p urpose of dividing them Into groups. Jacob Faber, who fell and broke his e nome of Margaret Ingenfritz. She T !} ey leg last week Monday, is seriously 111 wa! * assisted by Mrs. Richard Romey. \ nel ? - unconfined, If you can't laugh at the jokes of the went down to the gymnasium v •• «>*u MAXfAAucfrv f ia ocrnjiJJiiv If [ 1 • j. j T .." ~~" ~" —-•»•**•«*** A.WJUIGV, i . , wci c oiiUWLL Witil JOKCS at his home southwest of town and is three-thirty the ladies all attended about different students. Their motto under the expert care of Miss Lucille a ,1^ e ™, B of the drama club division wa i : . Kunz, registered nurse. of the Women's club at which Dr. Ar- ' Let • TJV,^.^, ,„ . n of Hamlln University of St. Paul 'Foreign Missionary so- gave a lecture on Broadway nlavs hp nnn *•«,!,' week Friday ^ter- had seen this year. „ „. age Laugh at the of the jokes." has been detained. This eliminates a i good deal of the passing which at times .'becomes annoying. We are expected I to sharpen pencils during the period Those pupils who do not wear rubber heels on their shoes must either walk on their toes or remain in their seats during the period. This helps a great deal for we find that today nearly all ^fc^t^f 18 wear a tin plate on the heels of their shoes. No passing to the waste paper basket is allowed, and no unnecessary asking to speak Is permitted- I believe this system affords more usable time to the pupils than any other.-Irene Devine. their first project. ence Dornbier, Mr. and Mrs. Albert MUIer were Sunday Joe Miller. h ° me Of and Mr and Mrs. H. J. Braley entertained then- evening bridge club Tuesday Week Kunz won family prize. Mrs. dellclous lunch ot St ' James ^d Saturday visit° f Ws slster - M"- Fred friends to w«i s Wesley, who were on their way to Des Moines on a business tri I a business trip. ' R> Where •"* left for Ames on m i ., . i - rtu spend several Mr an £¥L visU ' ine at the noln e ,™ *° d ., *£?' ^ Jenc «>- Mrs and Mrs. Hopkin ec Wends when both lived in Sheldoi Mrs. Jorgen Skow has returned from Sr ekS V ¥5 te slx ^ches and slonary societies In the east end of e Mitchell association of the Congrega! C k 8ne attended special the capacity of association s h erman of Williams spent a at *•* homes of Mrs! cupy one of the Sherman farms toer Jack Thlssen of Williams spent from Saturday until Monday visiting In tlw home of Ed. Hauptmann. baby and wife, other chlldren."acMmpamed htaTho^l Young Man Was Burned to Death Swea City Herald: The body of Eddie Hillpiper, 21 years old, who lived with his parents south of Guckeen Minnesota, was found in his car burned to a crisp six miles from his home Seneca, six tables of bridge were played with Mrs. Charles Murphy and Alfred Erdman winning high prizes and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bleich winning low prizes. Mr. and Mrs. Looft were presented with a beautiful guest prize. The American Legion Auxiliary of Andrews Post No. 428 of Wesley has again won national citation. This time the local Auxiliary has been cited for meritorious service in recognition for services in carrying forward the national program of the American Legion Auxiliary by enrolling a 1931 membership which exceeded their 1930 mem- I ^,5: Up J )0 date ' thelr membership is thirty, while last year there were twenty-five members. The basket ball tournament held at ^ fl e J?°$l Priday and Saturda y meant at first victory and later defeat for the Wesley met the The car, a Ford, was headed north H, W, POST Dray and Transfer Phone 298, Algeria, Iowa Long Di«tance Hauling. Every load Insured against loss or damage. Equipped to do all kind* of draytajr and hauling. Bancroft girls in tt^Stfil ^JSTiSS at two-thirty and won with a score of nineteen to twenty-one. That evening our girls played the Seneca girls and lost with a score of 7 to 3. Seneca won the tournament, playing the final f^ft^?? 1 the Wnitte mor e girls, which resulted in a score of 32 to 35. Rev. and Mrs. C. H. Moore left on Tuesday of last week for Madison South Dakota, having been called there Ty the serious Illness and death of heir daughter, Mrs. G. A. Wenk's husbands father. Mr. Wenk, Sr., passed iway and funeral services and burial ook place Saturday In Nebraska. Rev Moore, who had charge of the services was unable to return for his usual ^unday morning services here and Rev totchklss, Methodist pastor of Whittemore, filled the pulpit, delivering a very interesting sermon. . . __ and was about eight inches from the side of the road when discovered badly damaged by fire by Ralph King, who was passing. Dr. C. E. Wilson cor oner, after a thorough investigation, gave It as his opinion that the young man h ad met his death from asphyxiation by carbon monoxide. John Henneman, Guckeen gym floor. From all reports there were more than enough to take part A grand march followed the games In which each got his partner with whom they ate. Ice cream, angel food cake and candy were served. Members of the refreshment committee were- Virginia Schnepf, Miss Coate. Johanna Fiene and Margaret Lease. After the refreshments were served they all took part in dancing In the lower hall. Those on the entertainment committee were: Miss Miller, Miss Messenger, Miss Stubbs, James Bishop, Adds Anderson, Arba Dee Long, Gertrude Morrow, Donald Hutchins, Mr. Burmelster and Dick Cowan. It was considered a very successful party by all who attended. Accident. «r?? ere were cer tain members of the fifth period civics class who had not observed the warning that had been given. Wednesday the school house was terrifically Jarred when Ed. Ostrum went over backwards In his chair He was not seriously injured except for losing a little skin on his elbow The chairs remain on all four legs from now on. • Debate. Last Wednesday afternoon Mason City brought two debate teams to Algona. Mr. Cowan of Eagle Grove was the critic judge. In the first debate which started at two o'clock Algona's affirmative team won the decision but in the second debate starting at four o clock Mason City's affirmative team won the decison. Both debates were nJoye<not only participants Other Notes. Mr. Burmelster's manual training boys are doing some exceedingly fine work at the present time. Durwood Mittag has constructed an unusually good looking" cedar chest, and BiU Hilton also has a very promising one near completion. According to the bar graph record in the typing room our speediest typists are Helen Becker, Helen Daughan Genevieve Hartshorn and Bernlce Har- rington. In the advanced class thev , I v". ,. * ~<* ***** *>***• uii'ijJcuiLQ nut By the audience as well. Miss Messenger's tenth grade English classes •^ttinrtJ? 1 ? 6 ! 1 ** 11 Stud y jn 8f debating! attended to learn some of the principles of debating. Jokes. Teacher: What Is the rate of seed- Ing oats? Pupil: Fifty miles per hour. Teacher: What can be done to get rid of potato bugs? Pupil: You caaf 5 ,. hand or wear gloves. Miss Stubbs: (in gym class) Whoever is shuffling their feet, stop it. WotV, Funk; ~ .-."- Sophs Debate. Miss Messenger's sophomore English classes are making a study of debate at the present time and the following are questions upon which they have been working during the past weekResolved: That India should be given dominion status In the British Empire. Resolved: That prohibition is a failure, and should be abolished. Resolved: That capital punishment for any crime is wrong to principle and should be abolished Resolved: That the nations should adopt a policy of free trade. Resolved: That the government should control the principal sources of hydro-electric power. Resolved: That the present national origins immigration law is detrimental to the best interests of the United o en tics, Resolved: That communism as a social system would be more beneficial P. S. NORTON & SON will bo glad to give you- the benefit of their experience on cement or roofing jobs mid will not only save you money by planning the improvement but see that the work is properly done. Talk it over with the wife and then let us make an estimate. Phone KS.NORTON^ON YARD THAT SA\)ES AMD SATISFIES* off by to - — — "^ *l*wio UUllCJIUlttI the people as a whole than the present system of capitalism. Senior Class Annual. The senior class has voted to continue the annual magazine this year In previous years the magazine has sold well and the students were glad to buy them. All of the seniors-are wiUing to do the best they can to make this year's annual a success and are depending on the other classes for their support. •ttTTHviaer the responsibility a blacksmiths' meeting to Fenton at the E. C. Fauerby home last Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Genrich and John Sprank attended the tenth district mail carriers' meeting at Algona on Monday. The car of Everett Black was burned up at Ledyard last week. This is the second car to burn up for Everett In the last two months. August Lampe went to Dwight, mi- nols, Friday to visit with his parents. Wm. O'Donnell has charge of th e oil truck while Mr. Lampe Is away. Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Willrett entertained the following at Sunday dinner: Mrs. Fred Willrett and daughter, Elsie and son, Erich of Algona. Clarence Macumber is taking a course in ground work in a correspondence school at Ames. After he has completed this course he will go to Fort Dodge or Waterloo for flying. The parent-teachers' association will Freshman Election. The freshmen had their class officer ' smith »« . was elected president and Charlotte Hilton was elected vice president and palr of in the hi» e high school gymnasium'. Some one who must have intended sleeping in , th « bleachers, left a pah- of pajamas there. They must have discoreved that they were missing, however, for the Welches. y W6re B ° ne froln the every senior Is for flve magazines; Miss this would £ 3S?** agreed that committee responsible all of them. The staff officers"wiii hold then- regular meeting Thursday evening, February 26th. There will be a special program', Mrs. Elinor Button, county welfare worker, will talk. .. E. E. Kearns, former barber here;has been very ill and Is still a patient at a Sioux City hospital. H e has sold barber there to f ° r * BU f t . aS S0on " he te able get ° Ut ° f the hospltah Mervin Christensen attended the h w ^ probably be chosen next week then the Here ford breeders' association show work will be started In earnest. The and sale at Des Moines last week. Mr. senior class annual has become almost Christensen had seventeen head of traditional here and this year's seniors flne cat °e there at the show. He Rock: Louis Reilley, Phillip Reilley;. and Lillian Angus. The Judges for this contest were selected with the consent of the visiting schools, They will be Mrs. Hammers, Mrs. Mitchell and Mr. Dickey, all of Emmetsburg. Mr. and Mrs. George Hanna entertained the following at a buffet dinner Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hahna of Shlndler, South Dakota; Mrs. James: Wingum and daughter of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Mr. and Mrs. LloycT Schenck and family and Horace? Schenck of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schenck of Algona, Maude Hanna and son, Charles, of Burt, Andrew Bickelhaupt of Story City and Delberfr Hanna and family. The American Legion Auxiliary helcT a benefit card party in the town hall last Thursday evening with a verr good attendance. Both bridge and five- hundred were played and prizes were awarded to the following: Miss Met* Anderson and Fred Genrich won high: scores hi five hundred, Mrs. O. M Umsted and George Manus won low- score In flve hundred; Mrs. Robert Dransfeldt and Oscar Earing won high; score In bridge and Mrs. Oscar Earing and Delm, of one dollar. ,won low score, the door prize- There will be another are planning to carry it on. Words of Wisdom. pects to go to Texas with them soon. P. M. Christensen had a car accident Saturday south of the Holmes farm on No. 10. He was on his way to Clar- Friday afternoon Mary E. Foster had an enlarged upper lip. By asking some of the pupils of the fourth period ^ class we found that In trying to get to the piano she fell down and hit her H~ I —' — — • •*.** ITUU w** 441O TVCfcjr \AJ v/lttl Success results 15 per cent from ion when a Ford came on tor the knowledge and 85 per cent from ef- mam road from a side road In front fort." —Mr. Ward. of the Christensen car and the Chris- Mustache makes the man."— Mary tens en car struck the Ford. Mr. Christensen was not Injured but his car „ deal iv tnhl & In life Is educa- was wrecked. gfate> basket baU -Joe Jordan no worn " tournament n ° women - drew a large crowd at all of the games Norma Grelner. "Lessons : ening Hohenbergers Given Society will meet with Mrs. Saturday ev- was played by Seneca Bold baskt bal1 - The score of the Surprise Party. L. -—f*v w*» vii^, OlyCHC, reported the discovery of a shell ,i a - 25 c alib « automatic pistol found on the road near the car It was this discovery that led some to believe the boy might have been murdered. No bullet wound could be found on the body, Dr. Wilson stated The coroner's finding was death from asphyxiation. Sheriff w. H. Keigley of Blue Earth also believed death resulted from asphyxiation. It is possible that Hill- piper fell asleep in the car with the engine running, and that escaping fumes overcome him. Officers were unable to explain how the car caught nre. It was badly damaged inside but not completely burned. The accident occurred about three ar.d one-half miles south of Guckeen on a county oad not much used. The Hillpipers live nine miles south of Guckeen. tne John Hohenberger neighbor- See the New Chevrolet Cabriolet and the 157 inch New Truck KOHLHAAS BROS. the Honen berger fami- «n, entag by Comm 8 wlth filled baskets to spend the evening with them before they moved into town. The evening was taken up with cards and general sociability. Hii?h scores were won by Mrs. Henry Hoeffert and Arthur Vaudt, and the con- »ih U °S. by Helen Gron "ach and John Hohenberger. Mr. and Mrs. B. Devine made short talks on the occasion The fam »y W 1J1 be greatly missed froiii that neighborhood, where they have always lived. They will remove to Liverr more next week. Their son-in-la^ Mr. Vaudt, who has rented the place their Plione 200 Algona, Iowa. oM m> off former location east of LuVerne. Home Burned in Eagle Township. fo!l!lf e l City Herald : Fire destroyed the farm house occupied by the Arnold Hedman family in Eagle township Saturday morning. A fire was being started in a stove with kerosene, accord"JB to reports, and the container exploded spreading the blaze. Very little furniture was saved by the neighbors who gathered when the alarm was spread. The family is staying at the J. D. Clark home for the present The farm Is owned by John 8 Carlson of Pocahontas. Mr. Hedman, the the piace ia n next Thursday. .. Smith of Swea City called on the G. A. Sharp family Friday wiS S w W £L ret ? Of AJgona * with Mrs. Frank Flaig this week Jack Evans of Swea City visited at ie H. j. Rice home last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Macumber made ^business trip to Blue Earth Mon- Freeman Wolfe of Fenton visited his i leading voiio ti nn - v » BU u ua « Kel ' D »"- -™e score ol ^eaomg yells, $1.00 each." Bame was 35 to 32. Gate receipts am- mneton - ' ounting to $250 were taken in at all ... of the games and the Juniors made with pneumonia, is much improved * clear Bellln B lunches. ~° The following was donated by the Erickson of Granger Lon e Rock community and sent to ' Rahn home over I Altus, Oklahoma, to be distributed among the needy there by the Red Cross: the week end The Charles Schultz family of De- Mrs. visited last week. on of Peterson " christen *>n Mrs> relatives - Christensen vls- Marletta at Des Mrs. L. B. HoUlster was operated on for appendicitis last TuesdVy at the Kossuth hospital in Algona. Fred Dransfeldt came home on last where Gladys_Nelson,who has been very Mr. and Mrs. ** "* 27 cases of eggs, tliree 100 Ib. sacks of oatmeal, 1 bushel potatoes, 28 sacks of flour, 106 pounds of butter, four 64-lb. tubs of butter, seven and one-half pounds of cheese, ten pounds of lard seventeen large boxes of clothing, 21 sacks of oats, 16 sacks of corn and two sacks of cornmeal, The first round of the state declamatory contest will be held at Fenton on Monday evening. This Is called the preliminary state contest. The schools represented are Lone Rock, Swea City Whittemore and Fenton. The following speakers will be sent from Lone card party Monday, March 2, at 8:15 Both bridge and flve hundred will be played and prizes given. Lunch will also be served. The following operetta will be given at the school gymnasium by the fifth. sixth, seventh and eighth grades oa Tuesday, March 3rd, 'Twilight Alley" The cast of characters follows: Dame- Needy, mother of a large family in a tenement, "The Old Shoe," Evelya Blerstedt; Meg, her eldest daughter, Coila Jane Holllster; Jack, only son of Dame Needy, Roy Leeper; Angelina an emigrant child, Marion Jensen- Lily, daughter of the owner of the Old Shoe, Imogene Roderick; Meg's seven sisters, Margaret Gladstone, Dorothy Dacken, Kathryn Stebritz, Grace Newbrough, Margaret Householder; Jack's baseball nine, Eugene and Jessie Blanchard. Tommy Long, Bernard Reilley.. Harold Ferris, Robert Gladstone, Lawrence Rath and Raymond Nelson; the chorus, children of the neighborhood, Russell and Viola Blerle. Lucille Nelson, Myrtle Orvick, Breyl Sanders, Cleo Hobson, Sam Orvick, Billy Marlow, Eu~ , Wm. Knoll, Luella Schmidt, Arlene Olson, Jack Marlow Chester Simpson and Vernon Hollls- ter. ••••••••••••••••••••••I Community Meeting! LONE BOCK NEWS. Kcca»a»aco»Kc«a<^^ Wm. Fisher was very 111 last Mrs Prank Dacken spent the week end at Oakdale. . Murphy shipped a car of hogs to Chicago Saturday. Mr. Frederickson of Cylinder visited with friends here Saturday. A T he new depot agent, Mr. Ulmer of Ashton, started work last week. to discuss the organization of= ^___ CO-OPERAIM OIL COMPANY service of FARMERS and BUSINESS MEN of the = Algona Territory^ — f At Court House, Saturday, Feb. 28, 1:30 P. M. EVERYBODY WELCOME

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