The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota on October 15, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times from Deadwood, South Dakota · Page 4

Deadwood, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1914
Page 4
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PAGE P0U3 DEAD WOOD DAILY PIONEER-TIMES THURSDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 15, 1914 m m m m m si m m m Hi is Hi s Si Si Si Si Si Mi Si Si Hi First National Bank of Deadwood, S. D. DEPOSITARY FOR The United States The State of South Dakota The Postal Savings Bank Lawrence County City of Deadwood Various School Funds Member Federal Reserve Association of the United States ffii!Ji!J"!Ji!JiWSS m Hi Hi s; Hi 1 ifi iii iii ifi ui iii ifi iii iii iii iii Hi iii ifi ifi iii iii iii iii iii iii ifi iii ifi ifi iii Mines and Mining ftlllili WILL BE STARTED . UP EARLY IN SPRING ; The construction of the new Grand View Mining company mill in the . Silver City district, a mile north of Rapid Creek, is progressing satisfactorily. A large amount of construction material has been unloaded at Silver City and is being hauled to the mill site. The plant, which will have a capacity of about fifty tons, will be ready for operation early next spring. It is designed to use a pro- , cess perfected at the Rapid City state school of mines, whereby the employment of a floatation system successfully extracts the gold, silver, lead and antimony from an antimony ore, which heretofore has been found difficult of treatment, by any eco nomical means. Throughout ' the district there is much more activity than there has been' in years and a number of new prospects have been opened up and old ones further developed. There is talk of remodeling the old High-, land mill, a ten stamp plant, which will be run on free milling gold ore taken from ground owned by Tom Gorman and others. ' GREATER NEED FOR GOLD The need for a greater gold supply has been accentuated by the Euro- ' pean war. Not long ago the British government was found attempting to secuure gold bullion from mines and mills In the United States, offering to pay a. premium thereon. The advisability of additional government ac-, tivity in stimulating the exploration for and production of gold In the United States has been suggested, and we understand the question of the diminishing gold supply is to be considered at the Phoenix session of the mining congress (to be held during the week of Dec. 7. It would seem that the epoch of increasing gold production in the world and the coincident period of rising prices for commodities has about run its course. Already the world's annual yield has passed its maximum record. We do not believe it is too much to declare that the outbreak of the great world war is not only a signal for greater effort in the discovery and recovery of gold, but one of the results of the diminishing supply. The European war is the climax of a tremendous speculative and constructive movement throughout the world, of which the development in the sphere of gold production and its bearing upon commerce end finance ' Is a very important Incident. ' And, while touching upon this subject, we may as well reiterate that the world will not be able to bear up under the strain of so much havoc without a greater supply of basic money, if the conflict is of long duration. For this reason the demand for more gold is likely to express Itself in a demand for silver in the monetary capacity. Senator Thomas J. Walsh of Mon-. tana has recently addressed the United States senate upon the-subject of diminishing gold supply, and the Inference from his remarks is the need 'Of greater government attention to the matter of encouraging production We feel bound to express our surprise ihat Senator Walsh has any comprehension of the question at Issue. Any western man who can advocate the leasing of the public lands by the federal government, knowing full well that the tendency of his argument Is to bring gold-bearing areas within the restrictive influence of such legislation, is hardly suited to speak upon the subject of encouragement to mining. No greater disaster can befall the West and the United States as a whole than- the enact ment of laws for the leasing of the public domain. If this system Bhall fall upon the metal mining regions, the search for gold in the West will cease altogether. Mining Record. EFFECT ON MINERALS While the immediate effect of the war in Europe has been disastrous generally to the mining industries of the United States, the view is largely entertained that the depression will be but temporary and that it will not be necessary to wait for the war to be over in order to place the mining industry on its feet again, says the Leadville Herald Democrat. The mining industries at present are suffering more than their share of the depression occasioned by the war, and it will be some time yet before conditions can be so re-adjusted as to es tablish a stable and steady market for copper and other mining products in this country. ' In a recent bulletin the United States Geological survey says that probably on nation in the world so closely approximates absolute independence in mineral resource as does the United States. In a recent speech. Secretary of the Interior Lane said that when American business men have found the domestic supply and begun its use they will not return to the foreign supply, and thereafter good or bad times, in the United States will no longer be dependent upon the foreign markets. This is encouraging, of course; nevertheless those engaged in the metal Industry are fully realizing that the building up of a sufficient domestic market is by no means an easy task. SOME EARLY BLACK HILLS INVADERS Sioux City Journal, Oct. 13, 1874: H. C. Draper yesterday received a letter from his old partner, N. Johnson, mailed at Laramie, stating that the party with which Johnson left Sioux Cfity, arrived in the Black Hills safe and sound and had taken about five miles of claims. They encountered no Indians On the march, nor had they seen any to speak of since leaving here. 'The letter stated that parties were constantly arriving in the Black Hills, but does not say whether gold was found by the party in paying quantities. AMONG THOSE FROM BLACK HILLS TOWNS Among those who came to Dead-wood to attend the Jane Addams lecture last night and participate in the State Federation meeting, are: Rapid City Mrs. James Halley, Mrs. Thomas Sweeney, Mrs. Buell, Mrs. McGee, Miss Rose Bower, Mrs. R. J. Jackson and Mrs. Reder. Belle Fourche Miae Susie Bird, Mrs. T. M.Pettigrew, Mrs. A. Giles, ' Sturgis Mrs. E. N. Carlln, Mrs. Albert Anderson, Mrs, Keffeler and daughter. Hot SpringsMrs. L. L. Bryson, Mrs. B. J. Gattley, Miss Maude Jensen. , . , ' Spearfish--Mrs. Kinney, Mrs. Snediker. NEWS AND VD3WS OF EUROPEAN WAR (Continued from Page One.) stantly increasing editorial notes the news of the day of " both sides. Such glaring contradictions have never been run off the press anywhere. Alt the head of the column the English and French official communiques appear; and further down those of Von Stein, quartermaster general of the German army. The English and French dispatches insist that the al lied troops have taken such and such a place, while the German dispatches, always brief, Imply by their contents that such is not the case. The Dutch editor takes the official news as he gets it and permits the public to judge just who is the greatest "press agent." With press bureau dispatches' and other communications he deals differently. In most cases he appends a note to the effect that the item is evidently a gross exaggeration, or that it is colored to suit the intereats of the country or origin. The editor, in other words warns the public agaiust the acceptance of what he presents not as fact, but as news paper matter that has reached him. . A FAIR PROPOSITION 'The manufacturers of Merltol Rheumatism Powders have -so much confidence' in this preparation that they authorize us to sell them to you on a positive guarantee to give you relief In all cases of Rheumatism or refund your money. This Is certainly a fair proposition. Let us show them to you. Prices 60c and $1.00. K. G." Phillips, exclusive agency. STUDY LAW AT HOME An excellent course in law at a reasonable expense, covering a three year college course in two full years of study and a six months' course in South Dakota code law, special ly qualifying students to take and successfully pass South Dakota bar examinations, admitting to practice of law in this state. Call upon or write to Francis J. Parker, Deadwood, S. D. 2w Deutlwood Republican Headquarters. The Deadwod headquarters of the republican central committee is located in the Kelmer building, Main street, adjoining the Keystone hotel. Captain John P. Belding is in charge and is planning to do some effective work in the district allotted to him. The headquarters are roomy and comfortable and will be supplied with campaign literature, local, state and national, as well as the current newspapers of the day. Candidates and those interested in the success of the party are invited to make their headquarters and give the managers of- the campaign suggestions and information. Chairman Howard of the county central committee has headquarters in the city hall building, Lead, and already has the organization ' of the county well In hand. At both places there is a feeling of assurance that the county and legislative ticket will p-n throueh straight this year. Nol evidences ol dissatisfaction with any of the candidates or policies of the party have developed anywhere In the county. ' ELK'S NOTICE Deadwood lodge 608 B. P. O. E meets Thursday evening in regular session. All members requested to be present. Meeting called to order at 8 p. m. sharp There will be a vote taken on amendments to the constitution. In itiation of members. Visiting Elks welcome. E. J. BRAINARD, E. R. neil Mcdonough, sec JUDGE RICE GOES TO BENNETT COUNTY Judge W. G. Rice left last evening on the Northwestern for Bennett county where for the next week he will deliver a number of speeches in the interests of his candidacy for election to the office of congressman from this district. The judge is as strong in that part of the district as in all others, but he is overlooking no opportunity to let the people of all sections hear his views on the sub jects in which they are most vitally interested. HOMESTAKE HOSE COMPANY HAS WELL ATTENDED MEETING The regular monthly meeting of the Homestake company was held last evening, with not only a good attendance of members, but also many visitors present. The main top ic of discussion was the candidacy of W. R. Jones, foreman of the company for the office of chief of the depart ment, the election to take place at the November meeting of the department. Speeches complimentary to the candidate-were made by W. H. Moore. Henry Kronlng, David Bark er and Robert Zipp, and there was enthusiasm in the pledges of sup port. DEADWOOD THEATRE Tonight most , spectacular and nnioue motion picture feature film ever produced "The Wrath of the Gods," or the destruction of Sakura Hm a. A volcanic eruption that will make you gasp and shudder, a love story of the west and east. This wonderful feature a the Deadwood theatre tonight 10 and 20 cents. - LOSS OF APPETITE T the first signal of disorder and decay. The usual loss of appetite is often caused by functional disturb-ont-na in the stomach. The stomach fails to do the work required, the ap- nHta fn rone, and the body suffers from lack of nourishment. Such a tnmnAh needs to be cleaned and sweetened. 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It requires an immense company of people, which includes a number of Japanese actors In the leads. It Is in six reels, that grow In Interest as the story develops. SAVE MONEY Save your Old Metal, Rubber Auto Tires, Rags, Paper and Sacks. We buy everything that Is worth something and will call at your place. PITTS, HURVITZ 6 CO. Telephone 807 038 Main Street MAGNETIC HEALING Our Treatment and Baths Will Give Quick and Pleasant Relief to Every Human Ailment. , SANITARIUM OF MAGNETIC HEALING 600 Main Street, Deadwood, S. D. A On October 2 1st the world will take off its hat to Mr. Edison in honor of the great invention by which he gave us more hours of daylight. EDISON MAZDA LAMPS Let Edison Day remind you that you can get from 3 to 6 times as much light with EDISON MAZDA Lamps as you can with old-style electric lamps without using any more electricity. That alone is a good reason for celebrating Edison Day with EDISON MAZDA Lamps. 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