The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 25, 1931 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, February 25, 1931
Page 8
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The Upper Des Moines-Eepublidan, February 25, 1931 The Kossuth County Agents Annual Report for Year 1930 Kossuth county agent's annual report tot the year December 1, 1929, to December 1, 1930, includes many items 01 interest to farmers and residents of the county. The work in the county Is made possible through the local farm "bureau cooperating with the Iowa State College and United State Department of Agriculture. All activities listed under major projects or other projects .the major projects for each succeeding year being selected by the county farm bureau board at their Octobci meeting. 1931 projects are the same as those listed for 1930 with weed eradication added. Major projects last year included community activities, which includes work with the farm bureau and other local community organizations, Four- H club work, soils, plant disease and marketing. Other projects include Items on which some time was spent by the agent. Work is done through meetings, often with the assistance of extension service personnel and the cooperation of local persons interested in the project. Office callers and some farm and home •visits and other interviews are included along with demonstration plots established in various parts of the county as trials of new practices or as demonstrations for reference for interested parties of results to be obtained through practices. The soils project is rec6gnizcd as one of the two best in the United States and Canada. Four-H club included one of the blue ribbon calves at the Iowa state fair and the animal husbandry project received recognition when Kossuth received one of two $100 eight horse multiple hitch models presented by the Horse Asociation of America through their secretary, Wayne Dinsmore. Sumary of Activtics. Major Projects. Community activities—68 meetings were attended with an attendance of 8,804. 74 other meetings had an attendance of 3.742. With 27 committee meetings attended by 373. A total of 169 township and community meetings W ith a total attendance of 12,319. 25 townships wore reached with the assistance of 42 local leaders and ten days specialist, time. 76.0 days' time was spent by the agent. 150 new members joined the organization for 1330 and durinr* the last months of the ycnr 159 new members paid advance memberships for 1931. 1S.7 days' time by the agent on membership with the assistance of 23 leaders. A program committee prepared monthly program outlines for township meetings, which were regularly distributed to 28 townships for their use during the year. Seven townships held regular monthly meeting and one township is enrolled for standardization. Township year books were prepared for five townships. Board meetings were held quarterly and each month during the year, executive committee meetings were held. .'.- Over 2,000 people attended the annual Farm Bureau picnic addressed by the National President, Sam H. Thompson and Dr. J. H. Werner, chemist, of Kansas City. 300 attended the annual business meeting which included a full program of reports, rural quartets, rural orches tra selections, community singing, and was addressed by Mrs. Ellsworth Ri chardson, nationally recognized farm women leader and state women's chairman, Addison Parker of Des Molne? nnd G L. Tinley of the state board o: assessment and review. Four-H club Work. The county agent attended 21 meetings, attended by 1.332 and spent 55 days time on club work. In addition the assistant agent spenl 88 days on club work, held 37 meetings attended by 783. For a total of 48 club meetings with an attendance of 2,115. Club organiaztion work included 5.8 days with six meetings attended by 5GG. Enrollments were included in the following clubs, dairy calf club including 21.3 days' time with 12 meetings attended by Oil: baby beef club with 15.9 days and two meetings attended by 155; market pig club 3.0 days; purebred beef heifer club 3.5 days; purebred pig club 1.8 days; garden club 1.8 days; corn club .5 days; sheep club .5 days and draft colt club 4 days. Seventeen lenders assisted in enrolling 195 boys nnd 36 girls of which lumber 143 boys completed the project and 27 girls. A total of 170 members exhibited at fairs, winning a total of :790.25 in premiums. This is separate from the girls' club work, which is included in the home demonstration agent report. Exhibits were made at the Kossuth lounty fair, the Iowa state fair and he Waterloo Dairy Cattle Congress and the International Livestock Exposition In Chicago. A publicity article on the mule colt club, prepared at the request of the editor of the Breeders' Gazette has brought inquiries from Indiana, Illinois nnd various parts of Iowa. A purebred Shorthorn heifer entry from" the Kossuth county club won first plnce in her class at the Iowa state fair. One of the three dairy demonstration teams trained in the county placed were reached and 22.3 days' time spent by the agent on this project with eleven meetings attended by 945, including one result demonstration attended by 75. Six leaders assisted on the project and five result demonstrations were established and completed. County fair exhibit used at Humboldt and Palo Alto county fairs. Exhibits at LuVerne corn show and the Swea City Farmers' Day. 1,350 pounds of seed corn treatment dusts were sold in the county and 150 pounds of small grain dusts. 66 gallons of formaldehyde sales were reported by six druggists in five towns In 1929 and althought no definite check is had for 1930, It is safe to say that this is only a small part of that sold by the 25 druggists in 17 townships serving tht county this year. Average results on the completed demonstrations in the county on corn show 3.1 bushel per acre gained by dust treatment. The saving from the use of 1.390 pounds of dust in pre- 'cntion of losses from replanting and hin stands throughout the county vould be enormous when it is con- idered that the 3.1 bushel improve- nent was shown on corn above the average in freedom from disease. Potato seed treatment plot was es- ublished at Moore & Peterson farm ear Swea City in cooperation with the xtension service and the state expcri- lent station. Here twelve treatments •ere tried ranging in value downward rom a net gain of 48.4 bushels per crc made by No. 664 a product not et on the market, furnished by a com- icrcinl laboratory for trial on this lot and a similar plot in this state t Mason City. Small grain treatment demonstration included dust treatment of barley for stripe which gave practically complete control of this diseases which has become so prevalent in this grain. Interviews were had with men in icgard to the barley scab. The formaldehyde methods was .suggested as treatment of oats for smut. Nine hundred small grain leaflets were distributed and nine hundred seed corn treatment leaflets and also one circular letter was mailed to 1,000 Rural engineering—Furnished blui prints on buildings for reference. In terviews on drainage as related to im provement of alkali soil. Agricultural Economics—Farm and home visits with J. C. Galloway in se- up of farm accounting and farm organization. Timely economic information Included one outlook meeting Farm laborers placed. Agrlcultura economic service on sample leases. Home Project—Girls' Achievement Day and one day spent with home furnishing demonstration team at the Mid-west Farm Bureau Training School. Community Activities—Tour to Ames attended by about 100. Regular dally reports kept and the monthly reports prepared for United State Department of Agriculture and Iowa State College extension service. Conference and conventions used 9.5 days, attended subject matter conference at Ames. County agent district meetings on organization and training schools on new subjects. One state farm bureau meeting and district organization meetings attended with representatives from county during the year. Agent spent 2:5 days' time on county nnd state fair activities, also assisted at LuVerne corn show and West Bend calf and corn show, as well as the Corn and Potato Day at Swea City. Miscellaneous—Disease control of bees one meeting with an attendance a? 12, and cooperation with beet inspection work by Mr. Nelson of the extension service. Orchard Spray Cards. The orchard .spray service cards that have been mailed each year to fruit growers and merchants of the county who are interested in fruit raising and spray materials will again be mailed out from the horticultural department of Iowa State College. These will be distributed through the farm bureau to persons who request that their names be placed on the mailing list for these cards. These are mailed without charge to those interested and include a card for each spray needed which is mailed to arrive just before the time to apply the • spray. Details of why the spray is needed at t)iat time and kind and amount of materials to be used for the spray is part of the information included on the card. third at the Waterloo Dairy Cattle i farmers before seeding time. Congress. ! Murlrctinc;—Eleven days spent by the Throe club tours were he'd with an .T'.enf, during which time fourteen attendance of 02; one ciub picnic with an attendance of "00; boys' riub camp at Camp Foster was attended by ten boys. Members exhibited livestock valued it over SB,OOd. Members ages ravine from ten to twenty years with the ?nr-e-'t number 31, at fourteen years of ncc and 22 at sixteen years of age. Soils—20 meetings held with an at- mentin'-s were held with an attendance of 1,007. Thirteen cooperative creameries with I wo cloin<T cream scoring work through the extension fervice. makes this the leading inarkcUir; activity of the county. One annual creamery meeting was attended. Interviews are held al- riost daily in regard to quality cream and butler which at present is of ;-rcpt economic importance to local producers. The outlook meeting in February was one of the most valuable meetings to those attending nnd will undoubtedly increase in interest as producers realize the value of such information on future demand and prospective sup- Ply. Five livestock marketing meetings were attended and a livestock market- 1. To pay doctor bills. 2. To refinance your car and reduce payments. 8. To buy livestock or chickens. 4. TO GET OUT OP DEBT — by grouping scattered bills where one uniform small payment can be made each month. PAYMENT SCHEDULE $ 50—Repay $ 3.55 n Month fl(IO—Repay S 7.03 !i Month $200—Kcpay $14.10 n Month . J300—Hepay $21.10 u Month Your furliltuiv, nuto ;md llve- •tock may lie unr-d an K,ctiriiy. W« will be triad to talk \vitli yuu (confidentially, of course) iibrjjt arranging * loan to meet your iietdj, See CUNNINGHAM & LACY Algona Phone 598 Representing Federal Finance Co. Des Mofnes tendance of 2.16G. Two committee meetings held attended by 21. Twenty-eight townships reached with the assistance of ten rural leaders. Seven result demonstrations com- plqted and results tabulated including ihe estabilshment of one permanent plot on Clarion loam soil. Forty-four and ine-tenths days time by agent. Soil survey bulletins issued by the United States Department of Agricul- ;ure, 1,000 copies distributed to farm Bureau mailing list and 1.000 copies obtained for distribution at soil sur- | producer, vey follow up meetings. ' One district grain grading meeting Four hundred samples of soil tested j was held for managers and county ele- and forty-five farmers used 440 tons of ' vator meetings were held with the Phillips to Fight Again at Mason City, Matchmaker Joe Kelly of Mason City Saturday announcer! the principals in the' four si:; round bouts which will headline the forty round boxins show at the armory at Mason City Thursday night, February 2G. In the final bout of the evening "Handsome Don Hampton", local welterweight, will meet the improved TuITy Anderson of Charles City. 'Anderson made a decided hit with the customers in his recent appearance here, and Hampton is r-en- '•:u!iy regarded as one of the outstanding: fighters of his weight in this part of the state. Ai bout which promises plenty of action is the six rounder between Kid | Lehr of Waterloo and Glen Mussel- j man of Fort Dodge. As a result of a demand on the Mr, and Mrs. Tony Sorensen of Titonka recently moved here and are now occupying the house owned by Roy Blythe. Mrs. John Frank! of Algona was a caller one day last week at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe. Corinne Button of Algona spent the week end at the home of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dole, and family. Mrs. Wolfe's sister, Mrs. Paul Hul- Point spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Wolfe's siter, Mr. Paul Hudon son and family. Mrs. Elliott Skilling and daughter, Elizabeth Ann, spent Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Fred Dole and family Miss lotha King of Emmetsburg spent the week end at the home of ler grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thornton and family. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spurgeon and 'amily spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Spurgeon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skllling and family of Algona. Dick Wilson and Miss Mildred Spurgeon of Mclntyre, Iowa, spent Thursday at the home of Miss Spurgeon's randparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Rutledge. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Thornton of .rmstrong and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred kelson and family of Wesley visited unday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. rank Thornton and family. A program and basket social was held Friday night at the Irvington school house. Pie, sandwiches and coffee were served to those who did not buy or bring a basket. A large crowd attended and everyone enjoyed a nice tune. part of both the fighters as well as a number the fans, Kelly has re- and Leonard Johnson of R 11 f Bull of county." ing survey was made of the county by I ^ Mr. Lister of Washington, who was as- I * e , ----- sisted bv the a»ent Here Benin fur- Both of these toys are heavyweights, :: , j oy uie a a eui. ±it-re again mr- ovirl „,,,„„ tVlnl , „„,. ,„„<.„ „„,, ,,^tvifnn ther development rests upon the realization of improved methods of marketing and their advantages to the limestone. Survey of dealers shows almost 400,000 pounds of legume seed sold and managers and directors of cooperative elevators in attendance. About 8,000 pounds of wool was ship- used locally in 1930, which is about a i pod through the state association and |25 per cent increase over 1929 nnd i although final returns have not been 150 per cent increase over a four year (made, the general advance was good period. This does not include any .seeds shipped in direct to users or raised and used locally. Twenty-four local distributors sold 1,000 tons of fertilizer to 783 farmers, which on almost all completed demonstrations shows returns of from $4 to $20 per acre, making a conservative net return increase of $05,000 to $100,000 per year to the community. This amount with the amount of cumulative benefits from the thousands of legume seed plus the saving in high protein feed from legume hay crops means a return of hundreds of dollars each day to the county from this project alone. Trip to Washington, D. C., and the annual meeting of the American Society of Agronomy was awarded the agent by the Soil Improvement Committee and the National Fertilizer Association for the development of this project in the county as the best in the six mid-wesern states and one of the two best in the United States and Canada. Plant Diseases—Twenty townships Monogram Stationery and Engraving If you like to use beautiful monogram you won't be able to resist the attractive patterns we have, and they aren't so very expensive either. If you are planning to have any other engraving work done, come in and look over our .sample book. The line is complete and the work done by artists. The wedding invitations and announcements are in varied design from which you may make your selection. They include the beautiful ivory colored numbers which are being used so extensively. We also have the ivory visiting cards. If you are planning to have a reception on your golden or silver wedding anniversary, you will want to look at our invitations for such occasions. The line contains a complete assortment of business cards in many designs. Wo also have some beautiful mourning acknowledgements. Upper Des Moines Republican j. i 1 ^9 i *** ****•••• and grading was generally satisfactory in comparison with the old method of car door grading. A market exchange was published each month and acted as medium for the buying and selling of material and livestock. Other Projects. Farm Crops—Corn improvement work was carried on by two demonstration pltfis, completed which included six local varieties, one recognized improved variety from outside the county and five varieties of hybrids, one furnished by a seed company and four from the experiment station at Ames. As in previous years, the best local strains of Kossuth Reliance proved to be outstanding. Small grain improvement through field inspection of grain for certification and locating improved varieties for those interested. Nine spray demonstrations were established for use of sodium chlorate in weed eradication and two 1929 demonstrations were followed up with continued spraying this season. Two plots were established to demonstrate the value of alfalfa in thistle eradication. Grub worms on one of two farms visited. i Horticulture—Three spraying and pruning demonstrations were held and 135 spray cards mailed out as different sprays were due, telling what to spray, amount and kind of material needed. Cards were sent to all who requested the service. Two demonstrations were completed on improved seed potatoes. Tree and gardens insects in service ••••Mil work. Forestry—Six farms were visited with I. T. Bode of the extension service to plan windbreak demonstrations to be established in 1931. Animal Husbandry—Swine sanitation meetings with Dr. J. O. F. Price, of Algona, the Humboldt county state fair project exhibit at the Kossuth county fair through assistance of H. M. Nichols, Humboldt county agent on Swine Sanitation and Disease Control. Farm butchering and meat cutting demonstration held. H. D. Linn, secretary of Iowa Horse & Mule Producers' Association assisted on horse management and multiple hitch demonstrations and the model multiple hitch was used at meetings early in the year. Bot fly control was discussed with farmers. One meeting held with Fred Butcher, state extension entomologist, in attendance. Service items include location of breeding stock, both hogs and cattle. Dairy Husbandry—Two dairy production schools held with 90 in attendance. 6.7 days spent on cow test association organization work and tours, including seven meetings attended by 265. Cream scoring cards sent out from office and twelve days specialist work. Dairy service included location of breeding stock. Poultry Husbandry—Culling by J. G. Niles and service on feeding, housing and management. and when they cut loose and nothing drops the customers look to see what is holding them up. Gordon Stewart, a hard punching and fast developing youngster from Dows, has been matched with Young Casey of Waterloo for six frames. This bout had been billed for the card two weeks ago, but on the day of the Ight Casey suffered an injured hand which prevented his appearance. As an added attraction, matchmaker Kelly has arranged a big "Battle Royal" in which six big husky negroes will participate. The other four four round preliminaries which are in the making will be announced later. BOARD PROCEEDINGS Auditor's office, February 10th, 1931. —Board of supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Heiken and second by Morris that chairman of board be instructed to purchase a steel filing cabinet for social worker. Ayes: all. Board proceeded to examine road programs filed by trustees of the various townships. On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p. in. One o'clock p. m. board met pursu- int to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that H. M. Smith, county engineer, is hereby instructed to make a report of the roads to be improved for 1931 taking into consideration road program of township trustees in Kossuth county and to file said written I report with this board on or before i February 19. 1931. and county auditor \ | is hereby instructed to notify the representatives of each township to meet as a board of approval at ten o'clock a. m. February 19th, 1931. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Funnemark that contract for new bridges and repair work of J. A. Roberts is hereby rencwcl for 1931. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Heiken that assessor bond of W. J. Bourne for $500.00 is hereby approved. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second 'by ~^tielkeA"Mrnt iSeiioiiUTii'y Road petition No. 157 is hereby placed on file. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that following refunds and abatements be allowed: John L. Ludwig be refunded $4.00 on road poll tax turned over to county treasurer Prairie township for 1330. That Jacob Zwiefel be refunded $15.53 consl. tax Fenton township for 1929 on account of not being given credit for open ditch right-of-way claim in Section 20 and 29 Fenton township. That taxes on Lot 5 and west 43' of Lot G Block 85, Original plat Al- pona for 1923-1930 be abated $330.34 First Lutheran Church. The Junior Mission Band will meet on Saturday at two p. m. with E. R. Selistrom. Sunday School at ten o'clock and evening service at seven-thirty.—C. E. Oisson, pastor. | PLUM CitEEK NEWS, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Robinson were puests at the Wm. Altwegg home Sunday. Genevieve Altwegg spent the week end with Helen McMahon of Union Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Keith are the parents of a baby daughter born at the Kossuth hospital. Mr. and Mrs. James Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hagg and Mr. and Mrs. Ross Calhoun and families spent Sunday atthe Victor Johnson home. Kenneth Hansen, Marporie and Leroy Johnson, LaVonne and Roland Larson and Jeanne Altwegg attended a freshman-sophomore party at the high school building in Algona Friday evening. Mrs. Jessie Pooch, Florence Calhoun, Sadie Hopkins and Mary Reed were the hostesses at a miscellaneous shower Friday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Verne Robinson. There were about sixty in attendance. Mrs. Robinson was formerly Verna Gardner. Mrs. James Davidson, Mrs. W. A. Bleich and Mrs. Wm. Altwegg were the hostesses at a surprise birthday and farewell party at the W. A. Bleich home last Monday evening. The occasion was a farewell for Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Jasperson and the birth- clay of Wm. Altwegg. They were presented v.'ith gifts in honor of the or- casion. The evening was spent at cards. Mrs. Clifton Benschoter and Barney Pratt won high scores and Lillian Johnson and Edward Kain received consolation prizes. IRVINGTON NEWS, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rutledge have been on the sick list the past week. Mrs. Fred Dole spent Thursday at the home of Mrs. Mary Lalng at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Riley and family were business callers at Fort Dodge Saturday. Mr. Sever Chrlstensen of Algona spent Saturday at the home of her sister, Mrs. Ray Watson and family. consl. on account of being city property. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Heiken that construction bond of Lafe Simmons on E.-K. Jt. No. 2 is hereby approved. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by Heiken that county auditor be instructed to call for bids for supplies for various county officers fixing March 3, 1931, at two p. m. as time for receiving bids. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that county auditor be instructed to notify weed commissioners to attend a meeting at court house in Algona, Iowa, at 9:30 a. m. on March 11, 1931, for the purpose of discussing methods used for eradication of weeds. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m., February 19th, 1931. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. "Fve just read Swift 8C Company's 1931 Year Book . . . "This book is most interesting to me, because I'm one of the 200,000 producers of cream, poultry and eggs who sell to Swift & Company. It is just as interesting to everyone who has something to sell to Swift & Company, as well as the housewife who buys food for her family. "ThisbookshowedmethesourceofSwift&Company's profits, which come, mainly, from savings in expenses, and not at the expense of the producer or the consumer. What impressed me was that Swift earns its dividend from an average profit from all sources of only a small fraction of a cent a pound. "The chapter on Swift & Company's produce plants on page 35 held my attention, for here is shown how the company creates a direct road to remote markets for the producers' products. And you may learn how Swift's marvelous distributing plan serves producer, small retailer and consumer in every corner of the country. "I know that Swift & Company will gladly send you the 1931 Year Book free of charge. Send for it; there's information of interest to every man and woman. Just fill out this coupon below." Swift & Company, 4180 Packers Avenue, Chicago, Illinois Please mail me free a copy of Swift & Company's 1931 Year Book. Name. Address- City- . state- Original Notice. In the district court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county. Emma A. Buckholtz, plaintiff vs. Clayton W. Buckholtz and Alice Buckholtz, his wife; P. A. Buckholtz and Helen Buckholtz, his wife; Alton E. Buckholtz and Zella Buckholtz, his wife and Seidel G. Buckholtz, defendants. To the above named defendants and each of you: You and each of you are hereby notified that there will be on file on March 20th, 1931, in the office of the clerk of the district court oi the above named county and state, a petition of the plaintiff claiming of the above named defendants the sum of Twenty-Nine Hundred Fifteen Dollars ($2915.00) ,as the principal sum, Including interest and cost of an abstract on a certain promissory note and real estate mortgage in the face amount of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00), dated February 4th, 1021, due March 1st, 1922, made and execut- State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. ship Ninety-Nine (99)-, Range Twenty- seven (27), west of the Fifth P. M. thence North (N) on the forty line to the quarter line between the Northwest Quarter (NWU) and the Southwest Quarter (SW',4) of said section thence East (E) Ninety-six (96) feet along the quarter line, thence South (S) parallel to the forty line between the Northwest Quarter (NW'/i) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) and the Northeast Quarter (NEM.) of the Southwest Quarter (SWU) of said section to the forty line between the Northeast Quarter (NE'/i) and the Southeast Quarter (SE'4) of the said Southwest Quarter (SWU), thence West (W) Ninety-six (96) feet along said forty line to place of beginning. Also the land described as the West (W) one (1) rod of the Southeast Quarter (SE'/l) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) and the East (E) One (1) Rod of the Southwest Quarter (SW/i) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i). all in Section Eleven (11), Township Ninety-nine (99), Range Twenty-seven (27), West of the Fifth P. M. Be quieted in the above named plaintiff as against each and all of the above named defendants, because the said plaintiff has been in open, adverse and notorious possession thereof for a period of over ten years under color of title and claim of right. Also asking for costs of this action. For further particulars, you are referred to said petition when the same is on file. Now, unless you appear and defend on or before noon of the second day of the next term of said court to be held at Algona, Kossuth county, and state of Iowa, commencing on the 30th day of March, 1931, default will be entered against you and Judgment rendered theron in accordance with the prayer of said petition. 36-39 QUARTON & MILLER, Plaintiff's Attorneys. Notice of Sheriff's Sale. ed by August D. Buckholtz and Emma A. Buckholtz and delivered to L, G. Wolcott and by him duly assigned to this plaintiff; also asking for the foreclosure of said mortgage covering the following described premises, to-wit: Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a special execution directed to me from the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in said court on the 10th day of February, 1831, In favor The East (E) Twenty-one (21) acres I of The Travelers Insurance Company of the Northwest Quarter (NW'/4) of the Southwest Quarter (SWVi) of Section Eleven (11), Township Ninety- Nine (DO), Range Twenty-Seven (27), West of the Fifth P. M. Also asking that said above described lands be sold under said foreclosure to satisfy the debts due said plaintiff and also asking that the lien or Interest which any or all of the above named defendants may have, or claim, to have, in the above described premises be de-. creed to be Junior and inferior to the lien of this plaintiff under said mortgage. Further asking that the title to the above described lands and the lands described as follows, to-wit: Beginning at the Southwest (SW) corner (NEW) of the of the Northeast Southwest Quarter Quarter (SW'/i) of Section Eleven (11), Town- as plaintiff, and against John Lentsch as defendant, for the sum of Eleven GET RID OF DISEASE GERMS in nose mouth and throat Let Zonito cleanse away the accumulated souretlonn, kill the germg, prevent disease, Highly Kermiddul. Soothing to membranes. Thousand Six Hundred Forty-Five and 50-100 ($11,645.50) Dollars and costs, taxed at One Hundred Seventy-Four and 61-100 ($174.61) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said John Lentsch, James C. Marso, Regina C. Marso et al, to satisfy said execution, to-wit: Government Lots Four (4), Five (5), Six (6) and Seven (7) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) of Section Twenty-five (25) also the Northwest Quarter (NW'/O of the Southeast Quarter (SE'/i) of Section Twenty-Five (25), all in township Ninety-four (94), North, Range Twenty-nine (29) west of the Fifth p. in. Kossuth county, Iowa. And I will proceed to sell said property or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction to the highest bidder for cash In hand, on the 14th day of March, 1931, at the east door of the court house in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of ten o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this llth day of February. 1931. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By EVERETT L. HARRIS, Deputy. T. P. Harrington, Plaintiff's Attorney. 36-37 Now/ *2c a Mile COACH FARE A Reduction of Nearly % between OKI MOINES, AMIS, JEWCU, WIBSTK CITY, EAOLE GROVE, OOLDFIELD ALGONA and lnterm«dlate Pplnti Take ad vantage of this sensational reduction in rail fare. Lowest in cost of all forms of transportation ,;. a savings of 44% over regular train fare. Children half fare. Baggage—50 Ibs. on full fare ticket; 25 IBs. on half fare ticket. effect for a test period, Feb. 1 to April 30. Puturo action depends on response of public to toll extraordinary, toi ' <u>/are. Ftr bijtrmttian ,nd tick,!, *l>l/h to £HICAGO<f m •*** NORTHWESTERN RAILWAY

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