The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 18, 1931 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, February 18, 1931
Page 10
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The Upper Des Moines-Bepublican, February 18,1931 Trunkhills in Silver Wedding. Burt Monitor: Out In Portland township, where there are lots of good farms and good farmers, none are held Jn greater esteem by their neighbors than Mr. and Mrs. John Trunkhlll. So. a$ last Sunday wis the silver wedding anniversary for this worthy couple, their relatives and friends believed • that something should be clcnu to celebrate the occasion. Therefore Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Pratt, (W. B. dearly enjoys these neighborhood conspiracies'! eot themselves invited out to Trunkhills for Sunday dinner. John had been asking them for a long time mid they Just indicated this date would suit them all right Then, just as the Trunkhills and their two Sundav guests were about to sit down to dinner, the"plotters began to arrive. The first couple of cars just got Mrs. Trunkhlll a little fussed because she hadn't killed another chicken or two, but when othsr arrivals poured in, of course they knew something was up. However, the self-invited guests all brought aiding plenty to eat so things went along right merrily with Algona Hi Lights VOL. I ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1931 No. 13 'It takes interested readers as well as talented writers to make a food paper." everyone ' Ing & nice time. Those who »->-J themselves and hav- Boys' Athletics. Tlie preliminnry wrpst'.ini? is well under way. The finals will be held February 20. The winners in the final meet will compete with Humboldt Feb. 26. This has boon AlBona's first appearance for many years in wrestling. Tht- winners up-to-date. Friday noon arc the following: first. John Ferguson over Ralph Lemkec in 55 seconds: second, Meryl Yeoman and Donald Parsons, a draw: third, Russell Medin over Donald Thompson, in 19 seconds; and fourth William Spencer over Verner Sands, in two minutes. An East-West tournament will be held the last part of March. The demonstration will be of an active and competitive nature. It will include boxlnp. wrestling, physical training, tumbling, apparatus work and basket bnll. Were': Mr. §r.d Mrs. W. B. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Mann. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Mann, Mr?. Ada Mann, Mr. nnd Mrs. F. Duncan, and son Eldon Eugene. Rev. and Mrs. S. H. Aten, Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson and sons. Myron and Norman Sanderson, Mrs. Melissa Trunkhill. Mr. nnd Mrs. S. G. Callicot, Mr. and Mrs. Garnle C. Hood. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Stewart, Miss Vcrnn E. Stewart. Mr. The Algona basket ball team played Webster City Friday evening, After « hard foueM game, the boys lost by five points, the score being twenty-two to ^^ ^^ „....„„ „._ twenty-seven. AJgona had a chancei to j come'Tack "on the"grounds"after"trie obtain a trophy to keep for a year, but storm , W hen young men write me and this defeat dashed the Hopes. The flsk me how t ' o willj l takc eacn Jet . boys will Dlav Bntt Tuesday. Britt beat tcr and wrltp ncross jt ] n re d Ink and GOOD WORK IS HARD WORK. By F. D. Van Amburgh. If my life depended on giving n practical answer to the question: "What is the chief cause of most failures?" my answer would be this: The lack of enthusiasm for intelligent work. Many men work harder on their schemes to get out Of work than they do on their work, until you are so filled with enthusiasm of wanting to accomplish some one thing above al other things, you will regard any effort in business as work. Work is what is paid for by the hour. It may be a machine, a man or a mule. Enthusiastic effort is what produces more than the average person expects to pay for. It is the man who uses his present job as a medium for securing a better position who calls work "singing," Education is the pasteboard that will admit you to the game. Work is the rain-check that will allow you to them throe point. 1 ; rarlicr in the season. The high school bp.sket ball team will meet LuVrrne in the first game of the countv tournament. The following! Operation Scars Not Concealed, Ackley World: A new bathing suit on sale at Paris meets all the requirements of the law but vanishes altogether when the swimmer enters the water. It is mnde of a special tissue which dissolves and leaves the swimmer nude.' What happens when the swimmer comes out of the water is not stated. Hobarton Store News and Mrs. W. E. Grover. Mrs. Amelia l week end will find the team at Plover,) Rike, Mrs. Anna Schneider, Mr. jinrl Mrs. D. M. Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. V/m. Ringsdorf, Mr. and Mrs. G. U. Fairbanks, Mr. nntl Mrs. \V. T. Trainer. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phelps and pen, Bernard, Mrs. Jessie Jain, Ralph .Iain. Richard and Ernest. Lavrenz. M. J. Trunkhill, Wilfred Stewart. Oliver Stewart and Edward E Stewart. plaving its .-.cconrt gnme of the tourna- , ment. which will conclude the season. The seventh and eichth graders will irl.s'j hold a wresilint; tournament in the different weitrhts ;-omc time in the near future. The Saliirdav claws in basket ball, whirh incliitip the city hall and Third a bold hand, this one word, "Work." Freshmen Will Elect Officers. Friday noon. Miss Coate reminded the ninth grade to be on the lookout for good class officers. Charlotte Hilton. John Ferguson, Wilma Runge and Donald Parsons are on the nominating committee. Next week the votes will be cast for the president and vice- president. The vice president also has Ward tpnm.s will compete with one nn- charge of the duties of secretary and „„ of whole-souled 'fellow wear half-soled shoes" ^'y^dM&L '•''»•#, A FAMILY PARTY That's what wo want for AVO can make the whole family happy in. Skelgas Stoves and Philco Balanced Unit Radio If yon arc looking for grocery .satisfaction look here and you Avill ^cl iioth »'ood trcalnK'iit and price. Shoes for the Men & Boy. 1 ; Farmers General Store K. O. r.juslroni other. The good weather is February is causing some interest in track. The first meeting will be held in about a week. A new basket ball game for out of doors has been developed. It is played under regular basket ball rules. The positions are very similar to hockey goals and corrals. The teams pass the ball from the center-jump down to the goals, pass through the goals, and if it is completed on the other side a point is obtained. The team obtaining the greater number of points during a certain time wins the game. Music. The boys' and girls' glee clubs will sing at the declamatory contest on Thursday evening. This is the first appearance of the girls' glee club this year. The teachers have again organized a chorus. They sang two numbers at the faculty party. Miss Grace Miller, J treasurer. In order to become an of' ficer the candidates must be enroled in four subjects and have good grades in each. In the Class Room. New room decorations have been put up in Miss Wilson's room. We would judge by the amount of hearts that Dan Cupid got into the wrong room. The senior normal training girls are having different projects for handwork this semester. The first project is an Indian scene. Miss Dreesman has been demonstrating the unit plan of history teaching before the senior normal training girls. The members of the method class have been studying this plan and are very grateful to Miss Dreesman for giving them the privilege of seeing this method put into practical use. The normal trainig club had a business meeting Tuesday evening at which the following officers were elected: president, Ardcen Devine; .vice presi- the music in-' dent, Margaret Laabs; secretary-treas- structor, has organized a string trio urer, Thelma Guy; social chairman, consisting of a clarinet, three violins Maxine Devine; news reporter, Dorand a piano. The members are Rich- othy Johnson. ard Norton, AVoodrow Sarchett, Jose- ! phine Chubb, Charles Cretzmeyer and Evelyn Smith, The eighth grade chorus under the Breaks Collar Bone. leadership of Miss Miller, sang at the vespers at the Congregational church Sunday afternoon. The Algona high school orchestral will play at the tural mail ^carriers' convention of Kossuth county on February 23 at the Methodist church. Speaks to Graduates. Wednesday a representative from Steven's College spoke to all the senior and junior girls, who are interested in attending college. Donald Parsons, a freshman student, had the misfortune of breaking his collar bone Friday evening while wrestling. "Niffht Oil." Mr. Burmeister received the new drawing books which he ordered for the advanced manual training class. Mr. Burmeister says that the boys can use a little "night oil" on their drawings now. Practice Debate. Tho Algona high schoii debating teams met two debating teams from Fort Dodge Thursday evening. The match was held at Algona in the high school building. Tt, was a practice tilt, and no decisions were given. Visit Factory. Mr. Johnson's physics and chemistry classes have been studying the process of refrigeration. Last week they visited the Algona Ice Cream Factory, where they traced the path refrigeration. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Taylor gave detailed explanations of the process. Upon leaving each pupil was presented with an Eskimo pie as compliments of the factory. Mr. Taylor has encouraged the pupils by offering a five dollar prize for the best written Grade News. Miss Palmer's fourth grade geography class has just completed the study of Norway. The pupils learned that the Norwegians ate fiat bread. The children were very much interested In this kind of bread so Miss Palmer brought some, which the children tasted. All declared that it tasted very good and wished for more. Some poetic geniuses have been discovered in the fourth grade. Miss Steil's children have been writing pqe- try about Abraham Lincoln. Here arc only a few of them: Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was a boy Who didn't even have a toy. He very gladly mother would mind, And besides was very kind. He grew very lean and tall, He was the bravest of them all —Bonnie Phillips: Abraham Lincoln. When Abraham Licoln was a boy, He did not have a single toy, But he did have a smiling face, And nobody could ever fill his place. —Betty Jean Messenger. Lincoln. When Abraham Lincoln was a little- boy, 3e was his mother's pride and joy. He studied his books by the light of the fire, His mother helped him, but not his sire. .Vhen he grew up he cut down trees, Split the rails and" hived the bees. —Jane Cretzmeyer. A Book I Love. [ have such a lovely book which I always want to look. You would too, and, if you do, You may get it from Aunt Lou. This book is "Lincoln, the Brave." '• think the man better than a knave. was ever so true and kind, With a very thoughtful mind. —Mary Lee Nugent. The 6-A geography class at City Jail has just finished its study of New Zealand. Two teachers from the Som- rfield school in Christ Church, New Sealand, toured this part of the country, and told Miss Carson's pupils hat the sixth grade pupils of Christchurch would like other sixth graders o write them. Since our seasons are opposite these letters will arrive short- y after the New Zealand school year has begun. Pupils of the City Hall had a valentine party Friday afternoon. Mary Louise Gilmore, Helon Chubb and Maxine Caldwell were in charge of the box. All grades at Third Ward had valentine parties Friday afternoon. The fourth grade surprised the fifth grade by giving a playlet. Owing to the mild weather Miss Durant has been able to keep her room cheerful and attractive by her lovely plants. Miss Durant has been teaching the sixth grade girls to make attractive scraps books of pictures, anedotes and recipes during the noon hour* This Is very enjoyable work as tbefrjtfewplenr • sTJooklets. MODERNIZE Your Home! LET US HELP YOU Your home is the starting point of happiness and progress. Where you h'ml a pleasant and Well-kept home,, there you will find a contented and prosperous family. Abraham Lincoln was so dissatisfied with his old log cabin, its lack of comforts and conveniences, that he n ever stopped looking for a better home until he got to the White House. Home modernization, or home improvement, is now recognized as essential to efficient and happy home life.Not many homes wear out—they just get old looking or oul of date: It doesn't cost much to remedy this condition. Almost any cliaiige can be worked out—a new coat of paint, a screened in porch for summer, a glassed-in sun room for winter. Nice new hardwood floors laid right over the old. An insulated attic to keep out the winter cold and the summer heat, besides giving you /an extra room. One of the least expensive, most attractive and necessary improvements, is a colorful MULE-HIDE roof, which can be laid over the old leaky roof. New, beautiful colors. End your roof troubles. Improvements of this kind not only add to the comfort, charm and cheer of your home, but further pay for themselves in added sale value, or increased rental income, in case you should ever find it desirable to move. Let us show you without cost of obligation, the many ways you can make your home more valuable and livable. Improvement costs surprisingly little, and the delightful difference in your home will surprise you. EVERYTHING TO BUILD WITH AND THE FUEL TO HEAT IT. Phone Us 229--F. S. Norton & Son £o»swa«ac^Dsa$^^ Expected Home from the Hospital. Mrs. Henry Weber of Irvington, who recently underwent an operation at the hospital at Rochester, is reported much improved and is expected home this week.VHer parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Walters, drove up last week to see her and were much pleased to see her up and around. Class Excursions Visit Bakery. The girls in Miss Ronaud's beginning home economics class visited the Algona Bakery Monday and Tuesday evenings. They watched some of the different machines in operation. Each pupil wa-s requested to write a theme on her trip. ty of time to spend on the* •The boys and girls at the library gave reports Friday .on Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh and Woodrow Wilson. The fourth grade pupils at the Congregational church are twenty-five quotations. memorizing After they have learned as many as they can, the pupils will hold a contest to see who can recite the most. Betty Gunn has returned to school after having been out some time recovering from an operation for appendicitis. Freshman-Sophomore Party. The annual freshman-sophomore party will be held next Friday evening in the gymnasium. James Bishop, the president of the sophomore class, has appointed members on the entertainment committee, the refreshment committee and the general committee. I FOUR CORNER NEWS.8 %®CKlK^^ Mr. and Mrs. Philip Baker of St. Cloud, Minnesota, are again visiting with relatives In this community. Mrs. Baker is a sister of Mrs. Edith Rich. Mr. and Mrs. Lurhl Fessler and their daughter, Janice Irene, of near Ringsted, spent last week Wednesday evening at the J. P. Nickerson home. VIrs. Fessler was formerly Irene Nickerson. Robert Walker and his mother, Mrs. Archie Walker returne dhome Friday afternoon after spending since last week Tuesday with relatives near Iowa City. While there Robert went ;hrough the clinic. Loretta Walker spent last week at tha. home . nf-'lvr . grandparents. Mrs, Edith Rich, helping care for the Edward Rich children. The children are staying there while their m thoerisW staying there while their mother Is staying with her oldest daughter, Mary Joice, at the Kossuth hospital. Mary Jolce is now recovering from a broken leg she received when struck by a car a few weeks ago. Mrs. Ellis Nickerson of Coyle, Washington, and Mrs. Bristow, who lives near the same place, left for home on Friday • after visiting the Carl Seip family for a little more than a week. The former is a sister-in-law of J. P. Nickerson and Mrs. Bristow is the mother of Mrs. Carl Seip. The former couple had been visiting In Illinois for some time. They also visited the J. P. Nickerson home, the Fern Hulling home near Britt, the Meyers home and the Lurhl Fessler home both near Ringsted, while they were here. Mrs. Ellis Nickerson and Mrs. Bristow left by train and planned to stop at points in Montana and visit with relatives. Deputy Sheriff Harris Arrests Drunk' Nazarene Church. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. lesson i title, "Jesus Bearing the Good Tid- L;ist Sunday evening Deputy Slier- J 11! « s - iff Harris and family were driving ! ™' ( , Kho winH the glad tiding of the mar Wesley and they sav u fellow kingdom of God. (Luke 8:li Morning who ['ppcart'd drunk. Harris arrested , worship at eleven o'clock with sermon the man and brought him to Algona j and with the assistance of Nitrlu Mar- i shall On.'eu placed him in jail. The I man 'KI.S K't drunk lie could scarcely .ta.ul \\hen taken from the car which i Mr. Harris drove to Algona while Mrs. i Il;,rri.i flro'.e their car home. The Ji- tens" ''live the name ot T. J. Lincoln, Henvirk. • v.O O v O O.O 0 O'O.OO O OOO Text: SI. John 21::!, "I BO fishinjr." Kvangelistic services at seven-thirty. Text Genesis 3:0, "Where Art Thou " Wednesday evening at .seven-thirty, prayer and praise service. Come and bring T. F. Metcalf, pastor. yOur Bibles.— First Lutheran Church. Sundav School at ten o'clock Down Went morninf.; worship at C. E. Olsson, pastor. ten-forty-five.— I To the bottom of the seas" and the Price of Shoes went down with him Shoes and slippers ar>- now clown to very near pre-war level. Our Old Honesty wurl: shoe retail uppers, well soles, I really think it is Hit: best work .-hoe evur shipped into northern Iowa. Last year we got s3.U» for it. 1 am puttiiiK 144 pairs of iheni in UK- window al $J.y8. They jus', arrived from the factory and out they e,o, your choice $2.98. Buy 'cm [inrt sell Vm is my motto. Tin- nimble MX pence is what we like. Talk about a bai^am. I Just closed a deal with the Billiken people lor 22 do/.en (>f tntir novelty $5.00 ladies' slippers. They a-e surely one of the bi-st S5.00 lines of Unites class slippers on the Amc-rican market. Every pair of them go into our $2.3(1 window. You can IKIW buy roal $. : ).<)0 shoes at $2.08. Slippers that are new and up-to-date. All made on combin- vion lasts and every wilh an arch support built in. Just think of buying this'quality at ^.Oti. Why should you pay $5.00 or $«.M for'slippers of the same f;rtide. Money .saved is money earned. You can get 10 pairs ol children's stockings with what you save on on.- pair of shoes by trading at Neville's Shoe Store AI.GONA. IO\VA» Mrs. Harry Von Draska and Mrs. A. W. Dimler drove to Port Dodge on Saturday. Mrs. Dimler returned and Mrs. Von Draska remained for a visit a.t' the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Boyle. The high school basket ball boys and girls went to Whlttemore Tuesday evening of last week and played the Whittemo're teams. The boys returned home victorious but the girls lost to their opponents. The closing out sale held Wednesday afternoon at the Otto Wille farm, was reported to be attended by the largest crowd that ever collected at a sale held in this vicinity. Everything brought high prices. The members of the Tuesday club entertained their families Tuesday evening at the town hall. A two course dinner was served at seven-thirty. The evening was spent in .playing games and everyone enjoyed a social time. W. J. McClain and his sister, Mrs. Rose Meyers who v have been living the past two months In the front part of the Brink residence, have sold their household goods and went to Webster City Tuesday to visit with relatives. The men of the congregation of the Presbyterian church will serve supper to the ladies next Wednesday at the regular meeting of the Ladles' ciety, which will be held In the .toWn hall. The men will prepare and'senfe the supper. Original Notice. In the district court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county. Emma A. Buck- holtx, plaintiff vs. Clayton W. Buckholtz and Alice Buckholtz, his wife; F. A. Buckholt?. nnd Helen Buckholtz, his wife; Alton E. Buckholtz and Zella Buckholtz, his wife and Seidel G. Buckholtz, defendants. To the above 'mimed defendant.'; and each of you: You and each of you are hereby notified that there will be on § ! file oil March 20th, 1931, in the office of the clerk of the district court of the above named county and state, a petition of tile plaintiff claiming of the i above named defendants the Bum of Twenty-Nine Hundred Fifteen Dollars ($2915.00) ,as the principal sum, including interest and cost of nn abstract, on a certain promissory note and reul estate mortgage in the face amount of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00), dated February 4tli, 1921, clue March 1st, 1922, made and executed by August D. Buckholtz and Emma A. Buckholtz and delivered to L. G. Wolcott and by him duly assigned to this plaintiff; also asking for the foreclosure of said mortgage- covering the following described premises, to-wit: The East (E) Twenty-one (21) acres of the Northwest Quarter (NWU) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) of Section Eleven (11), Township Ninety- Nine (99), Range Twenty-Seven (27), West of the Fifth P. M. Also asking that said above described lands be sold under said foreclosure to satisfy the debts due said plaintiff and also asking that the lien or interest vhich any or all of the above named lefcndants may have, or claim to have, _n the above described premises be decreed to be junior and inferior to the ien cf this plaintiff under said mort- ;a;;e. Further asking that the title to the above described lands and the amis described as follows, to-wit: Beginning at the Southwest (SW) corner of the Northeast Quarter (NE'i) of the Southwest Quartet (SW'i) of Section Eleven (11), Township Ninety-Nine (99), Range Twenty- seven (27), west of the Fifth P. M. thence North (N) on the forty line to the quarter line between the Northwest Quarter (NW'i) and the South- .ve-st Quarter (SW'/i) of said section, thence East (E) Ninety-six (96) feet along the tiuarter line, thence South (S) parallel to the forty line between the Northwest Quarter (NW'.'i) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) and the Northeast Quarter (NE'/l) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) of said section to the forty line between the Northeast Quarter (NE'/i) and the Southeast Quarter (SE'/i) of the said Southwest Quarter (SW'/i), thence West (W) Ninety-six (96) feet along said forty line to place of beginning. Also the land described as the West 2»£8#8»»a«8a»»»Ma^^ LUVERNE NEWS. (W) one (1) rod of Quarter (SE'.i) of the Southeast the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) and the East (E) One (D Rod of the Southwest Quarter (SW'i) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'i), all in Section Eleven (11), Township Ninety-nine (99), Range Twenty-seven (27), West of the Fifth P. M. Be quieted in the above named plaintiff as against each and all of the above named defendants, beoause the said plaintiff has been in open, adverse and notorious possession thereof for a period of over ten years under color of title and claim of right. Also asking for costs of this action. For further particulars, you are referred to said petition when the same is on file. Now, unless you appear and defend on or bbfore noon of the second day of the next term of said court to be held at Algona, Kossuth county, and state of Iowa, commencing on the 30th, day of March, 1931, default will be entered against you and judgment rendered theron in accordance with the pruyer of said petition. 36-39 QUARTON & MILLER, • Plaintiff's Attorneys. Mrs. Mike Stripling was an Algona caller Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Peter Thompson is confined to her home with the rhaumatism. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Peitzke and Jimmie of Webster City spent Saturday in LuVerne. The cemetery association met on Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Fred Wolf. Mr. and Mrs. Faye Thompson and family of Eagle Grove spent Sunday with relatives in LuVerne. Mrs. W. F. Godfrey and Florence and Mrs. DeRae Godfrey,were Algona callers Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Richardson and family of Goldfield were visitors with friends here Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hlbbard and little daughter, Carlene of Humboldt visited relatives here Thursday. The local JRebekah and I. O. O. F. lodges will hold a social time at their lodge rooms on Tuesday, February 24. Mrs. S. R. Merriam of Irvington visited a few days last week with her brother, Peter Thompson and family. The Kossuth county boys' baisket ball tournament will be held at Ledyard on Friday and Saturday, February 27 and 28. Mr. and Mrs. Verne Stone and sons Dwight and Keith of Mason City spent Sunday with the Henry Peitzke and Ray Stone families. Hal Rogers and family moyed on Tuesday onto the Levler farm. Mr. Rood, who has been doing the furm work for the past two years, has moved to Bode. The members of the Camp Fire girls enjoyed a party Saturday evening at the home of their leader, Mrs. Harold Phillips. At the close of a pleasant evening refreshments were served. I. H. Chapman and his mother, Mrs. p. I. Chapman, drove to Des Molnes Thursday where they attended the hardware dealers' convention. They also visited at the home of Charles Chapman. Notice of Sheriff's Sale. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss, Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a special execution directed to me from the clerk of.the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in said court on the 10th day of February, 1931, In favor of The Travelers Insurance Company as plaintiff, and against John Lentsch as defendant, for the sum of Eleven Thousand Six Hundred Forty-Five and 50-100 ($11,645.50) Dollars and costs taxed at One Hundred Seventy-Four and 61-100 ($174.61) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied-upon the following described real property as the property of the said John Lentsch James C. Marso, Regina C. Marso e al to satisfy said execution, to-wit Government Lots Four (4), Five (5) Six (6) and Seven (7) of the South west Quarter (SW'/i) of Section Twen* ty-flve (25) also the Northwest Quar ter (NW/4) of the Southeast Quarte (SE'4) of Section Twenty-Five (25) all in township Nlnety-Jtour (94) North, Range Twenty-nine (29) wes of the Fifth p. m. Kossuth county Iowa. And I will proceed to sell said pro perty or' so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution with costs and accruing costs at public auction to the highest bidder foi cash in hand, on the 14th day o March, 1931, at the east door of the court house in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of ten o'clock a m. of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this llth day of February 1931 ' ' L'. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By EVERETT L. HARRIS, Deputy. T. P. Harrington, Plaintiff's Attor- 36-37 Notice of Sheriff's Sale. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of i special execution directed to me from he clerk of the district court of Kos- .uth county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered In said court on the 4th day of 'ebruary, 1931, In favor of W. C. Pyle, Receiver of the First National Bank, Burt, Iowa, as plaintiff and against Winfred J. Rist and Emma C. Rist as defendants, for the sum of Thirteen Thousand Nine Hundred Forty-Three ,nd 19-100C $13,943.19) Dollars and costs taxed at One Hundred Ninety-One and 44-100 ($191.44) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said Winfred J. Rist and Emma C. Rist to satisfy said execution, to-wit: The Northwest Quarter (NW'/i) of section Twenty-six (28) Township Ninety-seven (97) Range Twenty-nine (29) west of the Fifth p. m. And I will proceed to sell said property or so much thereof as maybe necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs, at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, In hand, on the 7th day of March, 1931, at the east door of the court house In Algona, In. .Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour, of ten o'clock a. m,, of said day'wheii'and where due , attendance "will'W giv*n by'ttie'undtir- stgned/ — *•• -•Dal 19317 . , „ . -It. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By EVERETT Lr HARRIS, Deputy. Frank Maher, Fort Dodge, Iowa,' Plaintiff's Attorney. 35-36 Notice of Probate of Will. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. In district court, No. 3470. To all whom it may concern: You are hereby notified that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Margaret Kellner, deceased, dated April 21, 1930, having been this day filed, opened and read, the third day of March, 1931, Is fixed for hearing proof of same at the court house in Algona, Iowa, before the district court of said county or the clerk of said court; and at ten o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last will and testament of said deceased. Dated at A'.gona, Iowa, February 2, 1931. CLARK ORTON, Clerk of District Court. By CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy. Frank Maher, attorney. 34-36 ney. "Worthy Purpose 1. To pay doctor bills. {, To refinance your car and reduce payments. I, To buy livestock or chickens. 4. TO GET OUT OP DEBT — by grouping scattered bills where one uniform small payment can be made eacn month, PAYMENT SCHEDULE f 50— Repey I 3.S5 a Month $100— Repay t 7.05 a Month $200— Repay IU.10 a, Month •> MOO— Repay 121.10 * Month Your furniture, auto and livestock may b» u»eti M security. Wt will b* glad to talk with you (coo* fldontlalfy, of courw) about arranging • IOM to wwt your " CUNNINGHAM & LAOY Algona Phone 698 Representing Federal Finance Co. Pe* Molaw Dr. E. R. Perkins Teeth Can be Extracted Without Pain Over 30 years' experience in this line of work supplies the Know How seldom found or claimed in regular dental practice. Bring in the worst cases and don't be afraid of getting hurt or that I can't get them -without laceration or after pain. No novocaine, chloroform or gas used. Thousands testify to all these facts, Why not place your case up to the most widely known extraction specialist in the central west. * Algona Hotel, Friday, March 6 and every 30 days. Enunetobw?,, Saturday, March 7th. LADY ATTENDANTS 38-37

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