The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 11, 1931 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1931
Page 8
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The Upper Des Moines-Republi8an, February 11, 1931 ed to n Ins! wo Cerent i rarh at F.nckils "in;l returned ! evening. Twenty Years Ago. fr'.v) tlir wedding \\tnc? k FrU-ny ,-vfnUi<: Thrr,- iv.:ps .v.v.n<vl in tlir chn r> (::iT;'rent time en Ihr IRVINGTON NEWS. 8 with rcOn'ivcs Mrs. Sir!. .7. home from n Oklahoma. Mr. and Mr? Pel TV Ordncr then of Wesley wore the proud raven's cf a baby boy. the firs' or.o in the fairnly. Editor WHl'sm Gr.v of the Clear Iske Mirror, died ef tuberculosis. He was n brother of To:ii Gray of Wesley. Mlfhael Hayes, n prominent Urine north of Whitt--r'.c»re nie.i MV.- denly nt report on Wednesday of thnt --,i Mrs Mrs ter. ren. Mrs. W. H. Rudolph had laker, ever ihe armory ."..nri was to conduct a sk.itinc rink which ~~as to keep cwn ur.Ui spring. The Itva: roiwrw ft-ate-£ ihs; another lively vounc dsuchtfv had nrriv- r-d <vt the H. F,. Rist hor.-.e one ciay of thai week, Mr. and Mr* Joe KolirbaiifT er-.'ovtv. Mr. r,;i3 Mrs. T.osier Mitchell ve- iiT.od to 'heir home in rhirvco las' cok 'IhuvHiav nftrr spending since | the preview Pahm-av n! Hie Ff.ia I Mitchell home. I-ester i? ft son of the ! Mitchoiis nnd 1.* employed as s\vitch- j board riaiiitnw.oo man for '.he Pell I Telephone Company of ChioairiV Mrs. i Mi!che'l is chief oyf r.i tor for the same j ! rorr.pany. ! Foisr Corner Mo:bcrs r,nr; V^aviichtrrs 'club irtff ln, e t v.'ork Thursiia\ w,;!i Mis* i Clara Prhis'.t?.. K»v;; cal 1 was an<.ire^il it>y lio'.isehoM hint*. Panrrs flvre en Jen bv F< ; ra Wfl'kor and Iran Sx-liiilt? , Kichte-on memtx-r* Tr.-ve pwwT.i And ' ^ hll ' -Sl1ft >'- V!"'. PehuHr. vlsile.1 tit the home of Mr. M"-.-s vn- rhrister-sen of dav afternoon with her sis- Beeda Wrtt-'on ;ind child- i cor.a i ter-;n-"flw, i familv. . Frf-d l">o'e spent Friday si Al- visit ine at (he home of her sls- s IMw! FMttton. and a visit of Sf-vf-ai days ~ i friends, Mr. and Mrs.' T.' r. Tlie Mis.*?? K'.sir KiViXr:™-.. Chubb and Nf-va Po!;rr \rrni st^r City to hesr the re'ehrs!. Mndanie Srir,;ms.r,n-7io;nk. A dain- trai:-, srrivrd : ,-.: A"c.-",fl ar.-" about seventy-f.\e 'an^e.-s cTrr cii:"" n cT'Ml many fu.rcest.ionf e~. c'sirs::-,; by the expert,* ^'ho were -r:::i t;-,-> trair, Lit He Misses Dorothv rv,~s,>". "t-ala E«>d arid Vroa FfOkrnh.vlnfr each £sav<> birthday pa.rties at their sr-verai homns to their younj: fi-venrl? d-.;rinc Uie trpek. Clarence Paine nnd Oiaf Pearson ha<i cntcrpd ir.'iT a pa.rir.ersJiip to seii Klssell autoraobi;?*- They ren!<\1 Ihf armory and Vt-re lo convert :t into Prospects for a Isree rlsss jr. :he : short roarse •BTS.S grood. It xr&s pspert- j pd that the farmers of the county ! •would back the cour.v> one hundred j per cent. i The ;::-\t ary '?. *:'. rs Thf c":\y TiV:i •r.c ba?kfl* Koii r. Ab.v,:t f.riv ; hi fro;n this sehv>il, rs'F.Si'or.a Seir> ars.i vi'i' ;'he oo',;:it\- (est-< st Atcona Fliday. The F.seh fsr.'.iiy is : !es!.< flfre hf'd at the Legion hail. i-rM .^Vh sr,^. savu-:«ieh- i Mr, a-id Mi-s, l>v.^as R.iley and Mr. and Mrs. Ah i:i XVeber. who ha\f vn on a ntMduiiT trip to Pvmtiaa iin*-is. 5Ytnrned to their home on' Tn-o eicl-ith graders. Fvelyn T><Me and e >:>:""" in ' ii TI Ui lv> sri; 1 "!isve reso and fr f .-, spoilt Suno.av at the home of Mr. and Mrs. and family of Ltwr- f.r- - Mrs Riley's ; H«ir>" v?«! 'more-, 7,,*}-^ . h..xve :r .Vc\v.. *>V(-b- I aftfrnrKv.-. for R;;icer, ; Mrs Qv.i";»>n i crie Mitchc".. C';:;or. FluMrwri; Mrs Ida R.iir-y. who ha* been yisit- !.?,«.; T,-oek Wv.-:r.fs»iA>- i ir.c in liiinois and \Vater3f* for the shi-mrr ir. honor ofjjvist fen- months., returned home on H;?;r.>m. former'.v Tr-i Saturday to visit with her -sons. Arthur va'tiabio inform- • and .•>;~c3 fuccvstions •core civcn the bride bv those a:te-ndinc. which fi;r- •.-.l.'O'.od the f ;-.:--rta-; for the af- . ^i-^j t-i'TTscon. ?i!fi:-y bcauliful cift* ' R " fT> 'htinc received Mrs. U.vr Bv.iftn.-jr.. Hnroi i c, v . T Mr and r \ Vm Kut.ledire left on sctod as s-rrreo". ?nd Mrs. Clifton B.-ustrotn hostesses. Lr.ncheon was PLUM CKEEK NEWS. § o Mrs. G(Yirpe Johnson spent Wednes- risy at the Ray Pitch home. Wayr.e Josperson sjx-nt Saturdnv with Wriyne nnd Merlin Altwegg. LefTert of Algona spent the week . The Aleona hich sciiool basket ball end at the hom ? ot Catherine Keitli. t«am swamped Mason City on the home floor by the score of 45 to 2. Mason City was unable to connect with a single field goal "The Lion and the Mouse" was to be shown on the stage at the opera house that week and all the theatre goers of Algona were looking forward to it with great interest. Readers of the Upper Des Moincs- Republican were invited to express their views in regard to a probable candidate for the office of mayor of Algona. Numerous letters were pour- Ing into the office. A number of well known Algona business men were suggested, among whom were E. J. Gilmore, C. T. Chubb, Al Falkenhainer, E. G. Bowyer and A. L. Peterson. The Algona high school debating team ran up against stiff competition with Cherokee and lost the contest by a unanimous decision of the judges. The subject was "A graduated income tax with an exemption of incomes below $5000 per annum would he a desirable modification of our system of federal taxation." FOUE CORNER NEWS.f Mrs. Edward Knin spent Thursday in Burt with her sister, Mrs. Louis Riedel. Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Ball of Clear Lake are visiting at the Elmer Jasperson home. Dwight Potter of Seneca township spent the past week at the George Johnson home. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown and family of Cresco township were dinner pruests at the Howard Seeley home on Sunday. Mrs. Clinton Sampson entertained Tuesday. Miss Cora Hansen won the high score and Mrs. Alfred Larson received consolation prize. Among the eighth grade students who wrote examinations at the Le • gion hall in Algona Friday were Clnir Hansen. Eleanor Kain. Genevieve Christiansen and John Hopkins. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Robinson entertained a number of friends and relatives with a dance last Tuesday evening at the I. O. O. P. hall. A good time was enjoyed by all. Mrs. Robinson was formerly Verna Gardner of this neighborhood. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Sampson en- | tertained a number of friends Friday lay eveninc for Mclntyre. Iowa, they will sv>end a few days vis- their daughters, Mrs. Rasa >n and Mrs. Charles Cox and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bonnett and family of Amboy. Minnesota, and Mrs. Elisabeth Lemkce of Algona spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Lemkee's son. Armor and family. Mrs. Bonnett is a sister of Mr. Lemkee. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Thornton of Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shipley and family of LuVerne and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jordan of Burt spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thorton and family. A dance was given Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Loss and family of this vicinity. A large crowd attended and everyone enjoyed a nice time. Refreshments were served quite late in the evening. Miss Cecil Thornton has been absent from school the past week on account of a serious attack of ton- silitis. She was unable to take the eighth grade examinations which were held Friday at the Legion hall in Algona. LUVERNE NEWS. Mrs. Elmer Green was a Fort Dodge caller Sunday. Austin Burtis was down from Algona on business Tuesday. R L. Peitzke from Webster City was in LuVerne Friday. Frances Masterson is ill with intestinal flu this week. Mr. and Mrs. Hal Rogers had business in Livermore Friday. George Burtis of Fort Dodge had evening. The evening was spent play- business in town Tuesday, ing cards. Mrs. Ben Knox and Wm. I [Fitzgerald received high prizes and A wedding dance was given at the ! Mrs. Wm. Fitzgerald and Victor Samp- Odd Fellows hall, Algona, Friday ev- son were Awarded consolation prizes. ening sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Quin_— ton Bjustrom. A large- crowd attended. George Johnson -and his mother, Mrs. Ole Johnson, motored to Story City last week, where Mrs. Johnson Little Mary Joyce, daughter of the • visited relatives. From there Mr. Edward Riches, is recovering as well j Johnson went to Ames to attend the as can be expected at the Kossuth hospital after being hit by a car in front of her home two weeks ago Wednesday evening. A parent-teachers' association was recently organized at Union school district number seven or better known as the Arthur Cruikshank school. The first meeting was held at the Arthur Cruikshank home Friday evening. Mrs. Edward Genrich of Algona is the teacher of the school. A large crowd gathered at the An•drew Bjustrom home last week Monday evening for a charivari on Mr. and •Quinton Bjustrom. Candy bars and •cigars were served and all were invit- short course and later visited at the Brink Shipler home at Maxwell. They returned home Wednesday. The Social and Literary club met last Wednesday with Mrs. Clara Gilbride, with Florence CaJhoun acting as assitsing hostess. Roll call was answered by Valentine verses. The entertainment consisted of a valentine box, paper, "Looking Back on 1930," by Mrs. A. J. Keen and a paper, "The i Fred Schneider of Algona had business in LuVerne Saturday. Miss Nellie Huff spent last Tuesday with friends in Eagle Grove. Mr. and Mrs. DeRae Godfrey were Fort Dodge shoppers Tuesday. Mrs. P. V. Janse from Algona was calling on friends here Friday. The Progressive club met Friday at the home of Mrs. Aaron Steussy. Henry and Albert Pergandte were Fort Dodge visitors last Friday. The J. F. F. club met at the Arthur Jones home last Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. DeRae Godfrey attended the talkies at Humboldt Sunday. Renwick were LuVerne callers Mon- pTinri wn'^n" V,V T v n' 4 Mr - and Mrs. Ray Feltis of near Band Wagon, by Lora Raney. Re- Renwlnt u , orn T .,,vom B naiw* -ui™. freshments were served to about thirty vr" members and guests. The next meet- } ' ing is to bo held at the home of Mrs. : Mrs. W. M. Smith of Livermore vis- Wm. Dehnert with Mamie Gilbride as I ited her sister, Mrs. Anna Murray assistant hostess. ! Saturday. FRATERNAL PROTECTION WITH A 48- YEAR RECORD OF SUCCESS In a little Iowa town/ Modern Woodmen of America was organized in 1883. Its purpose was to broaden the social opportunities of farm/ town and city/ to promote fraternal activities in various communities and to provide life insurance protection for its members. « So successfully has it done these things that Modern Woodmen of America now has more than thirteen thousand local camps in forty-six states and four Canadian provinces/ has become the largest fraternal beneficiary society in the World, and has more titan a billion dollars of life insurance protection in force. » FOR THE Protection ror every member FAMILY of your family is provided by Modem Woodmen of America et the lowest cost consistent with safety. On equal terms, this organization insures men and women, from sixteen to sixty, for amounts wiging from $500 to $10,000, and in such a variety of certificate forms that you can select one to fit the average need. There is even a Junior Insurance Department for children under sixteen. For the benefit of members who become afflicted with tuberculosis a free sanatorium is maintained in Colorado. • SAFE AND SOUND Modern Woodmen of America is '<<&% actuarially solvent. Its claims are paid, ($455,000,000 to date) and will continue to be paid promptly and in full. Its modernized plan of insurance is safe, sound and meets al! requirements. To be insured in ModernWood- men of America is to enjoy unusua! benefits in addition to the safety of its insurance guaranteed by the required reserves. • GET MORE DETAILS One ot more of the thirteen thousand Modern Woodmen Camps must be in your neighborhood. For more information as to benefits of membership and how you can protect your dependents, see the local camp clerk OT deputy, or write to the Head Offices. Decide today to do this. MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA HEAD OFFICES ROCK ISLAND, ILL. T H I WORLD'S LARGEST F R A T E M N A L BENEFICIARY SOCIETY Mr. nnd Mrs. P. C. T.irhty drov to IVs Moinrs Wertnesdav to ntlrnt fho harrhvare:nen's convention. Mrs. .Take KuWv nnd Mrs. W. F Kubly of Kemviek visited the .Tohl Kubly homo hero last Tuesday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Christensen of K«sl Grove visitor! Thursday nt the hom cf their son. ,T. M. Christ onsen, Mr. nnd Mi's. .V. M. Chrislensen aiu dnuirhtors and Miss Oeraldine Bow man were Wrt tXxliro visitors Saturday evening. Mrs. F.d Persrsnde who has boor srrknisly ill with iineumonin \\T\S taker to the- hospit-al at Fort tVrtjre Tursdnj tor treatment. Andrew Nelson nnd Harold Me* Grarty went to Fwt Dodiro Friday to see Charles Ocrtch who is in the hospital nt tlirtt place. The Woman's Home Missionary society of the Methodist church met on Thursday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. H. A. Reynian. A number of young people from Lu- Verne attended the dance held In the shelter house of the state park near Algona Thursday night The Fort Dodpe creamery closed their station here last week. Mr. Garmant. the local manager, will be transferred to another location. Rev. G. L. Bergeman, district superintendent, gave a sermon in the Evangelical church Thursday evening. He nlso presided at the evening service. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Marty are en- joyhig a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schlndler from Juda, Wisconsin. Mrs. Schindler is a sister of Mr. Marty. Dr. and Mrs. Williams and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Zentner and family went to Otho Monday night, where they attended a birthday party for Mrs. Williams' mother. Rev. A. J. Koonce gave two fine sermons at th Presbyterian church on Sunday morning and evening. Rev. Koonce was entertained at the W. B. Mason home Sunday. H. C. Allen will have a closing out sale at his farm northeast of LuVerne on Thursday, February 19th. Kesley Burtis will also hold a sale on Tuesday, February 24th. Mrs. Harry Von Draska returned home Saturday from Fort Dodge where she has been visiting the past two weeks at the home of her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boyle. The Mothers' Jewels met Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Harry Lichty. The little folks enjoyed a pleasant afternoon at the close of which a luncheon was served. Mrs. I. H. Chapman and sons went to Goldfield Saturday to visit with relatives and also to attend the short course. Irvin drove down Saturday evening and they returned home with him. The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid society meeting was held at the community hall Wednesday afternoon of this week. Those sen-ing were Mrs. A. J. Eeason, Mrs. Burdette Agard, Mrs. DeRae Godfrey and Mrs. Wrn. Bigings. At a meeting of the Kossuth county schoolmasters' club which was held recently at Bancroft, it was decided that the Kossuth county girls' basket ball tournament will be held at Lone Rock on Friday and Saturday, February 20 and 21. The Clarion nigh school basket ball boys played the LuVerne boys' team on the local floor Friday night and were defeated. The same evening the Ledyard girls' team played here and were also defeated. These were the last home games cf the season. The declamatory contest of the Lu- Verne high school will be held Friday evening, February 13 at the high school gymnasium. There are fifteen contestants this year and the first winner in each class will represent Lu- Verne ni the sub-county contest. The Algona high school basket ball boys played the LuVerne boys on the local floor Tuesday evening in a. very exciting game. The local boys won by one point, the score being 17 to 18. The same evening the LuVerne girls went to Wesley and defeated the Wesley girls by a score of 48 to 14. A. G. Wendt made a transaction last week whereby he traded his farm on the southwest edge of LuVerne to a Mr. Thorn of Bode. Both places are very well improved. Mr. Wendt and family moved to their new home the last of last week. Friends are sorry to see them leave this community, but wish them well in their new location. Rev. Peter Braner has accepted the call of the German Lutheran church in Algona and will take up his new charge the last of this month. Rev. Braner has been pastor of the Lu- Verne Lutheran church for the past nine years. Both Rev. and Mrs. Braner have made many friends In this community, who are sorry to see them leave. Rev. Braner will give his farewell sermon on February 22. Rev. Wittenberg of Mallard has been called to the local church. Owing In ill hoaltli, I mil foirod to ouit fanning and will sell the following de- property nt a public sale at my farm adjoining the town of Whittemore 5 on the north on Tuesday, Feb. 24 At One o'clock Free Lunch at Noon. 20 HEAD OF HORSES 20 One Perchevon stud horse, 5 yrs. old, wt. 2000 lb.; one aged, good sire stud; six sorrcll mares, will weigh from 1600 to 1900, well matched, ranged in age from 3 to 8 years old; one black team of geldings, 8 to 9 years old, wt. 3800; one well matched pair of 3 year old sorrel mares, wt. 3200; one brown team, four year old mare and gelding, wt. 3000; one pair of two year old geldings, sorrel and brown, wt. 3000; one good saddle 'horse; one sorrel gelding; one good span of sorrel marc colts, coming one year old; one sorrel gelding coining one year old. This consignment of horses has been bred and raised on the farm and sired by the best stallions that could be obtained. All horses old enough will be thoroughly broke. Three of'these mares are in foal by the sorrel Percheron stallion. Breeding date will be given sale day. x We have had tempting offers for these mares and that we are quitting that they are offered for sale. it is only due to the fact 70 HEAD FEEDING PIGS 70 / J 15 HEAD OF STOCK CATTLE 15 FARM MACHINERY Complete' set of farm machinery, several sets of exceptionally good harness and many other articles too numerous to mention. GRAIN"—8 tons of hay; 1000 bushels of corn; 1000 bushels of Iowa seed oats. TERMS—Six mnoths' time on approved notes bearing 8 per cent interest and no property to be removed until terms of sale are complied with, , JOHN FARRELL, Prop. L. A MATERN, Auctioneer JOHN CULLEN, Clerk Notice of Sheriff's Sale. State of Iowa/* Kossuth county, ss. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a special execution directed to me from the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in said court on the 4th d^y of February, 1931, in favor of W. C. Pyle, Receiver of the First National Bank, Burt, Iowa, as plaintiff and against Winfred J. Rist and Emma C. Rist as defendants, for the sum of Thirteen Thousand Nine Hundred Forty-Three find 19-100( $13,943.19) Dollars and costs taxed at One Hundred Ninety-One and 44-100 ($191.44) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said .Winfred J. Rist and Emma C. Rist to satisfy said execution, to-wit: The Northwest Quarter (NAV!4) of section Twenty-six (26) Township Ninety-seven (97) Range Twenty-nine (29) west of the Fifth p. in. And I will proceed to sell said property or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs, at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 7th day of March, 1931, at the east door of the court house in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of ten o'clock a. in., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 5th day of February, 1931. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa, By EVERETT L. HARRIS, Deputy. Frank Maher, Fort Dodge, Iowa, Plaintiff's Attorney. 35-36 Notice of Sheriff's Sale. . State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. Notice is hereby given that by virtue >f a special execution directed to me 'Tom the clerk of the district court of Cossuth county, Iowa, on a judgment endered in said court on the 27th day jf January, 1931, in favor of the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as plaintiff, and against Ethel B. Gross, as defendant, for the sum of Fifteen Thousand Four Hundred Eighty and 2-100 ($15,480.72) Dollars and costs, axed at Two Hundred Thirteen and 5-100 ($213.95) Dollars and accruing jxts, I have levied upon the following .escribed real property as the proper- y of the said Ethel B. Gross, Elmer A. 3ross, et al to satisfy said execu- ion, to-wit: The East Half of the Southwest Quarter (E'/i of BWV4) and he South Half of the Southeast Quar- er (8% of SEV4) of section number "en (10) in Township Number Ninety- _iix (96) North of Range Number Twenty-Eight (28) West. And I will proceed to sell said prop- •rty or so much thereof as may be ne- essary to satisfy said execution, with Msts and accruing costs at public auc- ion, to the highest bidder, for cash, in land, on the 28th day of February, 931, at the east door of the court house, in Algona, In Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of ten o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 29th day of January, 1931. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Everett L. Harris, Deputy. R. F. Clough, Mason City, Iowa, Plaintiff's Attorney. 34-35 Notice of Sheriff's Sale. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, BS. Notice is hereby given that by vir- ture of special execution directed to me from the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a Judgment rendered in said court on the 29th day of January, 1931, in favor of Luella M. Baker as plaintiff and against Samuel Zentner, L. A. Andrew, receiver of County Savings Bank, W. C. Pyle, Rec. First National Bank, Burt, Iowa, L. G. Baker, Kossuth county, Irma D. Adams in rem, Lot Fifteen (15) in Block Five (5) Auditor's plat of Reservation Number One (1) Algona, Iowa, as defendants, for the sum of Three Thousand One Hundred Thirty-One and 4-100 ($3131.04) Dollars and costs, taxed at Ninety and 25-100 ($90.25) Dollars, and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said Samuel Zentner, L. A, Andrew, Rec. County Savings Bank et al to satisfy said execution, to-wit: Lot Fifteen (15) In Block Five (5) Auditor's Plat of Reservation Number One, (1), Algona, Iowa. And I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution with costs and accruing costs, at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 28th day of February, 1931, at the east door of the court house, in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of ten o'clock a. m. of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 29th day of January, 1931. L. E. HOVEY; Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Everett L. Harris, Deputy. Van Ness & Stillman, Plaintiff's Attorney. 34-35 ^WWVWWrt«WVVWWVWUWVW% Bargains in Used Cars 1929 6 cyl. Chev. coupe 1926 Chevrolet sedan Willys-Knight sedan 1929 6 cyl. Chev. coach '29 Model A Ford cuac., Star coupe Alcohol and Prestone Freezing Solution Prestone $3.50 per gallon, KOHLHAAS BROS. Phone 200 Algona, Iowa. Only for complete ELECTRIC VAPORIZER The famous, improved Turpo Electric Vaporizer costs only 23c, complete with eve feet ot cord and ready to use, when you buy a regular 75c jar of Turpo, the Vaporizing Ointment. A regular $2.25 value lot only 98c. Break* a Cold Right Up ThU Turpo Electric Vaporizer combination it ideal for colds, sore throat, tinus trouble. It U invaluable for children'* coughs and colds, croup and congestion. Get it now. Don't delay I M.II Ord.r, Fllltd Jurt wnd ui your name and addreje with • dollar bill. We pay poitag" Lusby's Drug Store Algona, Iowa. READ THE WANTS ADS IN THIS PAPER,"

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