The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 11, 1931 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1931
Page 6
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Ths Upper Dea Moinea-Bepablica-L February 11 T R1rt.hti.i7 Itn. FURNISH YOUR HOME at astoundinqlif lou) prices YT™. =i;w=r. -.r.fvm-.r.r.ui. cf •;•-« 5ur- 5 Furniture prices have hit rock-bottom in the spectacular sale we are If you are thinking of investing in good, stylish, well made furniture for your home, then by all mean* attend this sale. The savings are truly tremendous. ?F. B H '•i A\*. Is*, jr.-i. Mrs. f/w MJJM Fri"l Pairi* -v*.n and Mrs. and Mrs, -1. L, howl* At, a ri in honor r of , • Miss Coleman's fiance of OTsratorvfiA. A coior of r>inic and -^hite •»«-> r.sed. the fjuests WTO** favorite recipes for the bride-elect. Later in the after- rrfx.n the honoree un'jrrapTied her #?*•! which were brwisrht ir,v> the roorr. in a small vasron and trailer. The un- 6f jfiffA T.*S followed b7 a luncheon. T/ -• ' O'.d Tlr.-.A Sr.r.ffs <v.rf IJ--.P- sr.r.a ; readirii?. H^ Letter*,;,. M". A. H. M.f.hsi: wen-, "The O'.d TTf.efil." .W"" Sarrler?: ?r,io ar.d i Mrs.. W. 3. L«w ar.ri i O:rf Tirr.e 3r.r.ap. oiri ti.r.* ?lr'.3. Re:.*••? T"i be served. fr? W^iii;- Cum- ' <r if.". / -. A-; ir.d Mrs H. M. O .i-,;trr? ia-» i of parues v. g :•*•; :-.:i J . *.-. ev^rurj? part? and Prt- j v i-t ir.rf ia-,;r-la- T_iey TTIJTS hostess-; ;• in -r.e "/ 'lexlt luncheons. l-waSy ; £• r.dtt/> -was piay»rf and the higii lady j Jj EIGHT PIECE DUONG SUITES e^ign- in V/ak and walnut at the low price $52.50 to $198.00 A BEMAEKABLE SAVING IN LIVING BOOM SETS 2-piece velour set — $52.00 $79.50 Party f<w Mrs. .W--5 Kerry ?>?i~er and Mr.". KVtr- : old V};;n-.or» «r.s*rtAined three _tfci« of bridsre »"• an ".-;»r.-;r.? par.? Tuesday for Mrs. RAyr.-or.d Anderson. M", Fr»d B*rtho!orr.e-Jr ^ r -r. "-he •""?- I prize >.r.d Mrs. Andersor. rw.-;ed * • jr,;«t prize. ! BrMT« tnanrfwatt— M—,. Wm. Ansan. Mra. Harry 'Me- CXrfc> ar.rf Mrs. Bay MeCoriie were ;-x*resw!s at a. one o'ctoek larxfceon at the A.-r.aa horns last Thursday. Pota three coarse luncheon bridge at awen tables- Mrs. G- JR -"xi the Snt prfiae, 3-iSt Oliver, second and Miss Jpantfat third. W. C. dab — The Home of Better Furniture at Lower Prices Foster's Furniture Co. She vaa assisted 67 | Mrs. KVward Yinson. Mrs. Husrh Pest j •v-,r. the hiafh prize. Mrs, Prsd Powii!. | .vsrw.rj. ar.d Mr?. Ed. Sheehan rxr.:wi3 - ,icr.. Mr?. Verrui Johiwc Phillips Won Fight Elected Monday. at Spencer Monday. CALL THEATRE ALGONA, IOWA jfffCRS. lit, FRT., FEB. 12-13 2:30 matinee Thursday. Prices—lOc- i Marguerite Churchill In "GIBLS DEMAND EXCITEMENT" Also talking comedy and Nero MOfi. & TUES, FEB. 18-17 2:30 matinee Tuesday. Prices lOc- 30c, The fiery "It" ?lrl becomes a great dramatic star in this eroitLnsf story of a woman who loves not wuely. 'SCANDAL SHEET" •Vi'.ll Olive Brook Kay I'riinciB K^f.;iK Toorney i T'r.e fcasftbsil .-e2.-r,n for 1S53I ir. AI| srnta ooen-?d T':th 2. rr«eer.insr :i" "i"-s ' Lf?;ori hall on Monday e^enir^. Hal: players. tx.r.'r. ha.;-beens and TFocId -ie piajrers. fafis ar.d others tntersted ;r. . i ?irx>d Mam .'or this season, wer^ ir. Thft jr.eetiTig was called v/ crder by Howard Vfatson. who actftd a.i chairman. A motion was carried to^e the team by an ezectnive crur.- •'.ee composed of five men. Thfts-j ; The Cer.^r.ar7 cIa-« of the Method- '. men are W be known as directors. | • !<?r church ^ir. have a six-thirty din- ; They "tn hand!* the affairs of the | ; ner at the church Tuesday eventing. I elnb with absolute authority. KOTT- .V O. Club— ^tifli Ar.rsa. B'_« entertair.erf the A. ! O. bridge c:-.:b iaK TliTsraday evening. MeiJift M.-.Oir.r.^ i r r,r. hi?h prize and Mr?.. L. C. K^.-:;r;ar -»ho -jraa a ^est. i Ton second. Kazel Potter waa also a jsr.jsst. ^___ C!a*i Party— arer.ce PhUlips -son his match by .r?s rr.arT-' at Spencer Mfmrla" t rr,-?r Wild BUI Gerdas of D'ck- ir. a six round bout. The figh".s r pir. on in the Grand Opera There Tfa.? a crowd of abcut EOC I February 17. Boyai Party — There wtB txs a Koyal Wftfgfi_or eani and dandngr partt Tistirsdar erentn? at the I. O. O. F, haH. Lanch will be served. e-srer they In the main ?o Rubel of Spencer :<nficked out Peterson of Emmetaburs; ir. the first round. In the preliminaries besides Phillips' match Rorah out Burns in the third. Par- had a technical knockout over Joy Riders Ruined An Automobile. C. W. Heller, an oil salesman from Fort Dodge, parked bis car for the rUgnt last evening near the New Algona hotel. Before leaving he drained the radiator for fear it would freeze. This morning his car was found In the alley. The fenders and running board were badly jammed, indicating a collision of some sort and the en- was'probably ruined from bein? -iven without the water in the' radiator. It Is thought that joy riders toofe the car and later left it in the no way be financially | Brefevart and Con Gerdes secured a responsible and wffi act without com- pensatfon- There "wer focg> baltot Monday wftb the fifth man to be selected from the CbmmonKy cltib. ia. Tne four directors wtB meet with President 'LaBsnre some tfine this week for that purpose. Royal Neighbor Party— i Those elected from a ballot consist- Tre 'Royal Neighbors are f?irr;n^ a ( in? of nine nominees are: Fred Wehl- card'party and dance" at the I. O. O. i er. Superintendent Joe Kelly, M. J. technical fcnot&ooa over Haye. . In PbHStpC ^ht t&e flctst rnf' itTBTTHir-n Thf' aeeotwJ roaad went ran Thtirsrfay evwilr.?, February; PrxX Algonian* Judge Mr'.. D H. O-eders, Superir.tftr.dent .; 5'. fjverrr.yfir and Misa Prances Du.'.::;? have rx^r. :;r..iv.iar.7 fc^_>.y the ;.i.-.'-' -v'-'ik or r.-.r/re j;;ci;pr.s: decUrnator/ r.r,r.•/;••*.?. I^i.vt 7ree<c Mrs. Goeder?, Tra.'. as Mal.ard or.e r.i^hr, a/;tir.? as critic and Dr. P. C. Scanlan. Lotris ( ^ las unanimously chosen as : seere",ary-trea.wrer. i On Wednesday of next week, Fe&ru- ! ary 13, ar, eight o'ciocS: tile board of i directors will haire a meetto)? for the i public at the Legion hall. At this time by-laws, appointed a manager, selected plans of finance and numerous other regulations. These will be for the approval of those persons in attendance. Everyone is cordially iri- v:-/:d. The board want? your view- alley. local officers. was reported to nwu O.VV. «. Emmetsburg Car is Badly Wrecked. A bad accident happened one night last week a mile south of St. Joe when a car belonging to C. B. Jackman of Emmetsburg was struck by another car. The Jackman car went into the ditch and through a woven wire fence, ending up in a corn field. It was badly smashed up. There were seven people In the car and they were on their way to attend a prize fight at Fort Dodge. They were all more or less cut and bruised but none seriously. The occupants of the other car were taken to Fort Dodge. The extent of their Injuries was not determined. : -»iii be Tr.U over to thw years' club. *.*. to the business-lix* way y Mr« * wrssx-,. Taw- of '>•••'•"-»»<•< Mr-, ov^eTH r,,jhi??"-»-ent to Rudd, 7/hftr^ ; '-he af!a;r> -vere handled last year. ty cor. test. • sf& Liv- i irj^vj a Floyd i Tonight Mrs Ovidft-rs wi; i Tr.'jrrxlay Mr. Ovfcrrr.yer . Mr;. G'Ad*Tf. an/1 My,?. Duhisj? T»'U" j Mr;-.' Ovidws i* vsi';':^:.y. '.he LuVww •; f.'.uutu'.s. who v/;.'] have tjr^ir «/r;Vs' | hrioay at LuVernfc. Stuart Erwiri Norman Poater Harry Green ff.B I*. Bickiord HaJinofj. una Former Swea City , i Girl EHed at Waterloo. • Hwea. City. February It. Special: 7hi?. c//rr.rr.ur;ity was saddened to learn •of the r.'iArlKn death of Mrs. Verne- B/x/.h.'oyd r nee Lennette Ander?/on) of V/at*rtvi, youngest daughter of Mrs. ?•>:.», A.vJerv/n, forrfier pioneer resi- 'Jftr.f, o! Hwea t//wnsh;p and Swea City. Hr.e •»•_» bora in Sw«a and attended \'!s-. Hwea C:r,y school and was also i r/iftrrJver of the Irnmamjel Lutherar: ch.i«h. At the tl/r.e of herjdeath years oW. Sne Ihr- 1&21, when ilh* a§d her d to Forest- Citjf and .e at Forest Cltjf until ,'r.arrla^ft in 1&2&, wKetl She to PnCHps 6ylS"S»ait»EWgai'aa«i Ute third a«J fonrtti by a large one. Phillips coasted in the fifth but was d2- eisrr-ely the better man in the sixth -which was the last round. In. the third round he knocked Gerdea to the floor but he was up before the count. After the match Phillips received nnroerous offers from various promoters throughout this section of the country. He has been maicin? a very good show-in? ir. his flghtg during the past year or v>. He flghts Beonarc! Johnson of Forest City in the main six roand sjo at 3dasoa City armory ne^ct Thn-!da7 ni?ht. This fight is managed by Joe Keily of Mason Citi and w under the acspices of the American Legion. Quite a nir.r.fcer of Algon* people j witnessed the Spencftr fight ar.d the: 1 -^ were about 150 from Emmetabur? at the fight. Drs. W. D. Andrews ard J D. Schaar/ were seconds for Philips, who U manai?ed by W. J. Eecl:- r of the Elk Cleaner;. The boys have stablished a ring in the basement r.r the E.5k and are holdins? sparring matches there throughout r,he -we^k. Anyone Ls welcorrie to ftorr.e and watch _nd if they care to they may enter the ring and try their hand ar, the bcn- ng game. Phillips Rente Rubel either February 23 or 25 at Spencer. The date will be announced sor/n. Phillips weighs in at 170 and Rubel at 204 pounds. Tills will be the main eight •ound bout. rnourn her . v. T '.*-..... '.% Verne Ma'-kf;rf.-l left rteath are her h awl i:.t'a.tJ. son, as<ed one her rrioths-r, Mrs. one ?,i*.ter, Mra. ^o O'Brion SaUn 111:'. l/lill'K .'.'' l.-. Homo , jin-'l p'il.'-'- ''• :; . r.. j- /• K. "FAu. ••LOS?' nr.i I-. niuUni't: only, urul "HKLJ/H :J i KUNDAY, J-'I''i4. TK. 1 iind 3 Ji. -,r.. i!i!;lii,r' .'. .(i<:-:ir,r HWlt ill I)"' llil'Il'lT. !., V i 'i o'clock shows jji !'•'•- b Ing tit iloxy 'J'hfulrc, M^'./ City UiKl wi'i-k. i.'vilw ;ui roinuncu In (;o-E'l ijluyKronml pud ill' with niodcrii tuui'.lics. John Wayne Virginia Oherrill ' | ViiXi"!" 1 i'' K'-ii!.u''.Ky. ! John Mack Brown . i Eleanor Boardrnan "THE GREAT MEADOW" ami firi<:<-*. \)r\c<\ Ulinfi HobinH or {'ir-xif-d fffiring, rollwl in rr^if) wifh a fli'l fiifklf' in thf; ^f'nt^r. Fp,-ri.'!.-i! rv,^i fish in one (flf'fl. Long's . Robert I ?, AridfcrR//n and ,na Camp 6f Waterloo and one '.h/?e, VerTic/n Lawrence of Blue i i Earth, Mlnner/jta. Other near rela- •itivfca are her uncles, I4»r» and Albert ArjdftT.^n of Forest City; Jake Anderson of Rri«:lvn, Minnesota; and her aunt, Mrs. Elon Anderson of Swea City, Funeral services vfere hek from the Elon Anderson home and from the Irnrnanuel Lutheran church with Rev. Raymond Swamson in charge. Interment was in the Harrison cemetery beside her father, Hels Anderson, who preceded her in death several years ago. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community. Meat fruit Golf Club Director- Elect Committee. A special meeting of the board of directors of the Algona Country Club was held Monday evening at the Iowa State Bank. The various committees were elected for the year 1931 as follows: Greens and Grounds committee- Albert Ogren, G. P. Towne, and Al Falkenhalner. House committee—Eugene Murtagh, J. 8. Auner and Mrs. A. K. Cliff. Membership committee—F. L. McMahon, Dr. A. D. Adams, Joe Bloom, and It. E. Linnan. Tournament committee—F. D. Williams, H. 8. Blossom and Torkel Hill. Dues were fixed the same as in 1930. Dr. F. E. V. Shore Died in Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Hutchison went to Des Moines last night to attend the funeral of Dr. P. E. V. Shore, who died at Mercy hospital there on Monday afternoon. Dr. Shore, who was 6*5 years old, had been seriously ill for four weeks. Dr. Shore, who was bom in Canada, began his medical practice in Algona in the 80's and married Miss Bertha Call, a daughter of Ambrose A. Call, one of the founders of Algona. They located in Des Moines forty years ago and Dr.-Shore specialized in eye, ear, nose and throat practice, in which he was considered an authority after spending some time studying in London, Paris and New York. Death was caused by hardening of the brain arteries. Besides the widow, Dr. Shore is survived by a married daughter and four sons, all of Des Moines. Mrs. Gardner Cowles of Des Moines, a sister of Mrs. Shore, who with her husband is spending the winter in Arizona, will doubtless be prevented from attending 0« funeral of Dr. Shore, although it is said that her health is BO much improved that she has left the hospital. Mrs. Dickinson, wife of Congressman L. J. Dickinson, another sister of Mrs. Shore, Is in Washington, with her husband. Mrs. A. Hutchison of Algona Is the other sister. New Things For Spring We have just returned from our initial spring buying- trip in the eastern style centers with the result that we are receiving each day New Things for Spring that are most attractive and the biggest values we have been able to, offer siitf-e previous to the war. You will be amazed at the low prices on materials by the yard as well as the outstanding values in ready-to-wear garments as we are offering better materials—better tailoring in beautiful styles at lower prices. Never were things so attractive and so outstanding in value as now. Call in and see the new things as you are always welcome at Christensen Bros. Co. "Algeria's Greatest Store." Auxiliary to Have Broadcast February 20. According to word received from Ida E. Larson of Swea City, department chairman for publicity and radio of the American Legion Auxiliary, there will be a special radio program over WHO, Des Moines, on Friday, February 20, at 3:45 to" 4:00 p. m. Mrs. Bernhard Dubbert, state Auxiliary president, will give a talk on "National Defense." Divideads of Satisfaction A N AUTOMOBILE accident, an unex- N pected liospital bill—could you finance it without making bothersome "arrangements?" There is joy and comfort in knowing that you have a checking account balance which is always largo enough, by several hundred dollars perhaps, to meet unexpected emergencies. And a goodly checking account balance with the Kossuth County State Bank enables one to meet unexpected buying opportunities, too. For day-by-day dividends of Satisfaction, for freedom from anxiety, keep your checking balance up—all the time, Kossuth County State B^nk / Algona, Iowa.

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