The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 11, 1931 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1931
Page 2
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, February 11, 1931 PCS Utoineg -fteirabUlatt, HAGGARD & BACKTJ3, Publishers. Entered as Second Class matter at the postoffice at Algnra. Iowa, under the t: : act of Congress of March 3, 1ST9. Issued Weekly. : " Legislature Swarms with Needless Door men* Clerks Subscription Rates in Kossuth County: One Tear, in Advance ---------------------------------- ....... ----- »-.00 Six Months, in ------------------- ....... ---------------- K ^ Three Months, in Advance ----------------- ..... ------------------- .rv, ? .!..•'• re: v.--,-. *:* : .:;:~ •-. a-ivar.;?. 'irt:! r,. •>.:•! '-' sr.a cr;:?:^. r-rr;-:--: Subscriptions continued Display Advertising, 30c Per Inch Corr.roji'io^ =1 cer.'* r~r ir.-h extT.v .By C B o>' th? fcurtli Tft* (riven •.:?fs of :h? iecis:a;urf sra tl^r> rship ?f 8 n-.irr.bfr of Hnichins'. sr:n hous? but of all •en to ?.. POLITICS GOVERN TAX RF.FfVD?. One of the mystifying thine? *" t':•;•: averacc f ax payer is ^t.v T.:;« San; hB/s refunded millions upon jr.Uiion-" of doljirs to the bit corporations i" the «j-t. If the law was ?-;ch that these taxes were :»gaily co'.lf-oted for the support of the govsniinent at a tune when hi? eowrnrnent needed if. why is it refunded. When the ordinary tax payer pays THK FISH AND GAME LAW*. prwwc over the fl?h ar.-- sr.vr.? .a^ of Iowa. Fishing- ;r. I,?~s I-U-rs crt* pocr-T everr re.^r r?t -* harp I-s—s to nr?t?ct earn? flsii Or.-? pr>t«':t;or; i? to sein oat She ;ar? sad olher coarse fish that prey tipots th? TOUTS of game Ssh. but it COTS not work satisfactorily. Contracts are given by the state to rreri to Sake out the carp of WO* lid acTsr.ta.c? i" scaring Iccisisnon. selected 1 spra'sfr is least two hls taxes, whether they are property j and other roarse fish on a commission or Income taxes, he feeis that he has \ basis. They sein the lakes all right done his duty to his country ?.nd his j a nd throw back the game fish while meager income suffers, but why men j the carp are sold on the eastern mnr- p?*?:-t>r,s nrtrnous to his selection. The present speaker. Francis Johnson of Dickinson county, has served in four sessions before 'this. Including; the present session. 4 he Iowa house has had forty-two speakers, only ten of whom have served as speaker for two terms. In the last twenty years only two speakers have served two terms and only two have been elected speaker who had served but one term before being elected speaker. When the .speaker makes up his committees the first mnn named is chairman. Usual- not wron;? to collect from others. Let a man who pays a small income tax make an error and he is penalized, but the "big guys" get a refund. Funny isn't it? Many of the citizens of Iowa who paid a large profit tax to the federal government on sales of land that afterwards proved to be no sale, as the purchaser was forced to let the land go back to the original owner are not not able to get a rebate on the tax unjustly collected by the government. Lars Bladlne, Internal revenue col- the fishermen pay the .state twenty per cent and keep eighty por cent, for their labor. As a result sonic of tliom have and corporations that par in the same i kets. Tlies-e contracts provide that I l.v if a member desires to be on a cer- r~ r - .. (,,!„ ,.^>vi>v-, (Hnn r\t- nMmwIttrniC if np TQ manner get a rebate or refund mystifies the public. If collecting taxes from one class was wrong why was it will appoint him to the committees that he prefers to serve on. It is a grown wealthy. Another bncl feature Is | ]jn,] c lnoro difficult for the speaker to that the mesh in the scln Is no liirire , .select the committees to which to as- that the smaller carp nnd rough flsh are not taken which is .said to be satisfactory to the fishermen us it Insurr:; a crop for the next season. If game ash arc to be protected, fresh wilier lakes stocked with the hatcheries, all llsh from slwd rough fl';h should be taken out. by seines and wild rice and other ncqunllc life should be placed in the lakes to afford plenty of food for the fish. Iowa lake is b?- ing considered as one that needs rc stocking. It is a pretty lake located lector for the state of Iowa, stated to ; upon the Iowa-Minnesota line and an this writer that while these claims were undoubtedly just in every particular, that there was no chance of these humble taxpayers receiving the rebate they were entitled to because the eastern congressmen were not disposed to do them justice. And this at a time when the big interests of the country such as the steel trust, i were receiving literally hundreds of millions from, the government for claim- ^ ed overpaid Income taxes. We think ' it Is the most scandalous condition j that has prevailed In a notoriously rotten handling of taxes In this country. IS IT A POLITICAL GAME? After all of the tumult and shouting in congress and the Bed Cross drive for $10,000,000 fund for relief of the drouth-stricken folks in Arkansas and the south, It sometimes seems that perhaps most of the trouble may come from playing the political game. A party of folks from Sac City, Iowa, recently returned from an auto trip of several weeks in Arkansas and the Sac Sun has this to say: "If there Is any particular distress In Arkansas at the present time, a party of Sac City folks who returned Saturday from a 2400-mile tour through that section of the country were unable to find it. The party included Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Strohmeier ideal place for sportsmen and others who for the sport. There Is plenty of money received by this department to restock and Improve every Iowa lake so that they will be a credit if the money is judiciously spent. OTHER EDITORS JUST ANOTHER, EXPENSE. Eagle Grove Eagle: An automobile driver's license bill has been introduced in the Iowa legislature. It provides that no one can drive a motor car upon the public highway without first procuring a driver's license. This is to be issued to the owner without a fee but all others are to be charged members serving their first term, and the member himself Is not so wrll qualified to make selections as members who have served for one or more terms and learned what qualifications [ire necessary for various committees. I served on the drain!\Kc committee in the 34th, Mr. Jacobs of Calhoun, who had served in the 33rd, being chairman. I was the only member of either house who had had any experience In drainage engineering so In the 35th I believed that my experience In the field and as a member of that committee In the 34th entitled me to the chairmanship in the ;)5th. I asked the speaker, the late E. M. Cunningham, for the position and he readily complied with my re- • I feel quite sure that It would be better if, on many committees there were fewer members and if members were appointed to fewer committees. In tlie house In the 34th, the six leading committees, In numbers, averaged 38, in the 35th, 35. On the senate in the 34th, 20 and in the 35th, 23. In the house In both the 34th and the 35th, there were sixty-three committees, in the senate In the 34th, 39 and In the 35th, 43. In the present session, in the house there are but 50, while in the senate there are 52. A decrease in the number in the house since the 35th of 13 and an increase in the senate of 9. The trouble in being on so many committees, is that $li00 for the license A farmei : whose oftentimes that two of the committee, wife, or any of his sons or daughters, I of ^ hIc A£ e may 1° a mfi "l b f5 s : b , oth who might wish to drive the family car meet at the same hour and it Is im- would be charged $1.00 each for the Pf slb ' e . for , h ^ m . to , attend but one, "", „ _„,..,- ?,_,.,.;. *.—i _„ thoL't'h he micht desire to nttend both. privilege with eighteen years fixed as the minimum age. It certainly appears that the cost, maintenance, gas and annual license are already about the limit of burden people should be required to bear for their automobile .service. There Isn't a single logical'ex- cuse of this proposed driver's license law. It would in no measure whatever contribute to safer handling of cars, or to lessen accidents. It is simply an Illustration of the disposition so persistent on every hand to add to the cost of government and the cost of living. It is to be hoped our legisla- Minner-o' \ ,«- "*° i j5 - ft , are th-.-ie is but one. rhr soT.Vued -> | ^ j^.jjs «v.-,T, ; .tt«. wfh mere t^.m It ir.ay ! t-irrnty-cr.-? members. I think it would haif ali cf "^-? «v*r.-;bf much better, in the Iowa legisla- •;V that sr? ~ar.'.:v; f ••,.•>. $essv?*v i ru^f. •;{ ff-,-er members we »: appointed :t -::::c <-«•--. fr>~ "•>.-? viryl"? \ :o ntanv c' the commitf-"? and uiem- ••>--= .-f i---vr!-.-u:t.i-rs: frrtr. •""-" s<fs- i txrs -vcrv assi£ne*d to fewer commit- i tecs and matters so arranged that H \ would b'' possible for a member to attend all meatinss of committees of which he might b? a member. The appointment to so many committtees has been considered, partly as taffy, doled out by the speaker to various members, to make a showing to the folks at home. This session, in the house there are fifty-four member? on the roads and highways committee, just one- half the entire membership of the house. In the 34th. there were 40 and in the 35th. 38. I think it would be much better if there were not more than 21. j and if the speaker could know just [ whom to appoint, eleven wculd be j better than 21. So manr on a com- | mlttee makes it an unwieldy body and ', legislative Is. I think, often delayed j rather than expedited by reason of j the large membership. In the 34th the I committee on railroads and transpor- | tailon was composed of 41 and in the i 35th. 38. and in this session there are j but 15. Quite a decrease. On th>.> other hand the committee on aericul- ' ture has increased from forty in the , 35th and 39 in the 35th to 46 in ;he * present session, and the committee en , insurance-from 22 in toe 34th and "5 in the 35th to 32 in the present session. Two of the most important ccmniit- tees are appropriations and ways and means. Appropriations had 41 ~-?m- bers in the 34th. 40 in the 3oth, and 50 in the 44th. Ways acd SI-MILS hj-- changed less than any other cori'r::- tee, 41 in the 34th. 39 in the 25th and 40 In the present session. It seems to me that ther? are i large number 01 unnecessary help. from boy pages whose a?e. I •vccld Judge is not more than ;en years :c women, some of them, old ecocgi. b" their looks, to be gracdsiosfcers. It seems to be something sta: evsrv session has to meet ,wita. sger"rgl~ growing worse from session to session. I know it was not so bad in ile 34ti and 35th, and it seemed bad encrisi then to a. beginner. One rr-a..- a nesr,. has been in the cloak and wasii rcoc: since 1886, I heard him say cclT i few days ago. In the senate of ^ 34th, there were eleven, door kseirer;. when two would have Seen plsctry. If a member is so helpless stac he cannot pass throesh. -iie doors. —itsr. of them, except the marn door, open nearly, or qui» aH tie he better be at honte 3.rri in. bed- I am glad that as fate decreed snai I should serve in the legislature sfcai she decreed that it snould fee in the 34£h and 35th sessions. Although, tfcere a. United States senator to be elected by the 34th. I believe there was a. betier f eeling among the members* less bickering and more coostrocttye wocfc two sent session has plenty of work, before >t that ought: to be 158 members In both houses and Mui- rumors of cross pcirpofiea {feat mayyof- nesota 198. I do not know just how they are divided betweo;i the senate though he might desire to attend both. In i'ie '.<-.-th I was a nn-n -v of nine committees, but am sure r hat on, four of those committees I never attendee? a session of the committees, partly at least, if not wholly, bMi'ss.i of con- /CHEVROLET Tti* fin* Ch«rai*t CwiMrtibi* CdbrioUt—Product of General Motor* Chevrolet has set a new standard of value Although th« new Chcrrolct Six la one of th« most inexpensive automobiles on the market, it offers fine-car style, performance, comfort and ciependabilitf. And along with the economy of a low purchase price, you get the savings of Yery lovr operating cost and long life yrtlh little upkeep expense. » New low prices « Roadster, $475; Sport Roadster with rumble scat, $195; Coach or Standard Five- Window Coupe, $545; Phaeton, $510; Standard Coupe, $535; Sport Coupe (rumble scat), $575; Convertible Cabriolet, $615; Standard Sedan, $635; Special Sedan, $650. Prices f. o. b. Flint, Mich. Special equipment extra. NEW CHEVROLET The Great American Value See your dealer below KOHLHAAS BROS. Distributors, Algona Ftchsr, Tiscnka Hiieteriea: Atra Co^ Lone Rock Wesley Auto Co., Wesley Service Motor Co., Burt A13D CCAUKS CT CBSnfcOUnT tMto &•. fc-FOnt. and Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Lange, who t ture wil not fall for this inexcusable left here January 5 for Hot Springs, and other places In that state. "According to Mr. Strohmeier, the people of Arkansas, as far as he was able to see from a proposition. rather extensive tour in various sections of the state are In about the same financial and economic conditions that have-ftlways been, which is poor, backward, but satisfied. He found no one begging or apparently hungry nnd could not see that the drouth had affected that area any more than it has Iowa." GROUP VOTED AGAINST HONDS. Emmetsburg Democrat: The Iowa representatives in favor of paving have approved of the bond issue. It carried in the senate bv a large majority and in the house 76-41. Representatives Donlon of Palo Alto. Johnson of Dickinson, Allen of Pocahontas. and Bonnstcttcr of Kossuth voted against, it. Our lawmakers can't make anv more of a mess of it than they did two years ago. The leading attorneys in the state differ regarding its constitutionality the same as thr.-y did while its merits were tested out in the supreme court. Washington News By Fred'Holmes. Wash. Correspondent for the U. D. M.-R ; Eboesr *&&& aasswaass m. fa ax. 3XzecB&> We =KH a n cc. vent legislation that oog££ to- be accomplished. cheered, as did spectators in tts gal- | leriea, when Borah, in. risic^ tcnea. i declared: "I ar; TrCin? v> accept tfcfti'UA.o-n I lTM»l*» Rill challerjje. I air. Tr-hn? » tate is w ' "«eH UHClC DLU the American people. I -KS.K.T, TSJ ir/iw whether tha ro^rrriment -yiil tais care of its citizerj; Then they &it grtftrotaly afflicted by -^. act c.J God.. I ana per- fer.".l7 Tillir.?, it a rriajcrt:? of the senate .?, IT^IVJZ '•& do the sairji thing. ~s> M,7 thar, r.ot 7^'.«her appro?>r^.tton 'y.'.l shall pass •j.'j?. hxxiy untii th« hun- of OmC the rmined but the first place being entered v&$ ir&en people started to come to wsrt 6fae fotoring morning. A check of ttse mfrsrrig commodities and TTZS tafcen and the facts reported to the police. As yet no arrests re teen made. The Bradley Cafe trzs, es^ered by thieves several weeks .^^ ity^**^ a cellar window and cut- Sldds, Work Stops. ; '^ '^'^ pan of a basement door. Jacua, family harf &. , ernergftd tcj-. have . Washington, D. C., F of the storm cioucls f. issue- of federal r%iift? Tr., dfrfinit^.- f.i'^n that a conif/ i bft'A-frf:ri Prf::-,iciftr.t Hoover ar.d the f/-.^~ '\ ato will \i^. :.'.n<'.'.<. by a.^r^ upon a $15/X/J,r//j ltti*x-a\ frx/i \rAi. fur.rt to be avai-lafrf: to tr.ft f.i-A CTORS only if Its ability t/> rai% ?<-.'.'.?-.' rr-or^y fror/i !. S-. tr^aitfa.'.' , %-ry '• care of the i iTint ahr>p ion coiild be fari fttte oSic* if only orjt care or. until tfc* goveniKieiit o e i (y^^^if. office if only or.* rr^rriber of Ur.::ed S'^us haA rr.« ita obligation* I thfe Gazette force -raa. nVx>Ted by the v, :'s citizsM." r>fA since war days ! fiu _ AU fahf . wn eels slop tarrdRg when _ a ?;ven such z. demonatra- ; your rj ncle Bm sa da. That'* Thy ah speech. Thay jjc Borah : £ th« nfarmfed around to News and Comment. private White Senator General Butler Is known as a "devil fighter" but lie has demonstrated that he is :v poor tulker. Emmetsburg Icijislaturc should restor limit on our public hii/liv/ii mill's pi-r hour I:, in--.'. i- ;:nvoi!'- at the v,-li<'"l. It .' l:)kc uiitiiv (lavs to ''.'l,v:t Pa Ferguson of Texus wants Rogers In run for prcy.idrnt. Will want.. 1 ; Pa to run. 'I' the way with those Tcxun.s. HOW M('( II U'lIJ, THf;V A cnib :ind knocker .such as Mi'tifk- gf-'t;; more niiliHcity llinn :t h:io.:t'r. public / U/r:'; r thfc th'; Arr.'.-r.rjari .i.aJi'r in hi.-, Confront';'! with a ultimatum that PEAKS i-KO.M K.VOV, \.V.Mtf. '.-n . : ;,v: b'.; j) it '-o.Vii a.-. t:'ii<- ,1. Ci.!'."/ i(-| il \l) U.i, 'Hi nil".':; II.i- f lie':; with I'll: >r t)I',l>!<'in a'i wil a'; ill I !;<• country and 'i>- ii'c Uj .,iii-ak the trut ;.'-.. .-.ituation '-.'li'Uiiinfcd. he Cl.f\Y COI NTV up with & iflu germ. Also we step carefully over arji the embittered j s i ip p«ry walks, go riding with only the .->r^.ry^r Caraway of^ drought-stricken i j^^,. s kiii lu j chauffeurs and drink no liquor that has not been trted out on somebody else first. Can't afford to take any chances in a one-maft print shop. to tears as he <s increasing acrimony between the senate arid h/xise, still deadlocked on the food lean fund, It appeared, foilo-7/i.ig Pres.!efent Hrxjver's reaffirm- of ofijx/sjti&n, that chances are hftlghV:ned that a compromise may be effected and an extra session of con- avcideri. There was more of a h:r.t of this possibility than direct t-vidence of it, but the democrats, v/ho have tx.-f;n ir^au.ti/ig the president ha.s i'tubfcorn and unfair in his opposition, viev/td his statement today as f;or.f.-:iiau>ry In tone and opening the for an end u> the combat. Later .-Xinatf: and hou?*; conferees wnsider- ing the imenor department appropriation bill on which the dole proposal is attached, reported a disagreement. • • • Quivering with emotion, Repre-sen- tative Cramton, republican, "larne !irV til MCI' li 'I'.r'rl'.CI ojiiiiion lluif tli: 1 I'D.ul l-i"ids ooii.-.iulii'iial bnniyhi fm-lli a • filatf'iiitiit. Iron! .suiiic- ot I in. ablest uttoi'iK'v.';. One- H'Ki.'.'aJor wants to iiHTo:.i" '!u- wilnry to ollsc-) the expense bin that i: so unpopular. Perhaps the .salary K> not large enough but this i.s a hc-ck of a time to raise them. An Illinois congressman luis boc n indicted for violating Die boo/.e law. When luw makers violate laws they help make it's high time to get busy Hi'jxiru.'i': \V( C.'hiy county ii;i:, u•'.!,(; ! In- iii-w a: -.i-ssxii 1 '.; <l;if.;i in oi'di-r to ;;;tv(- the i.-y'ra rx- |H'I1!.'(: whirl! they Will )ircc..:. ; iulc. It j, i-.-Uiiiuh-d (lint tin- ni'-.v - hci.-l.s v, ill iiicrrii.--c. tlii- co;-. 1 , i,i' a.'.scssins; tin; ?:(.: -V-'l^'."!"!. and < acli (:(/iint\ inu.'ii bi.'ar its Miiiri'. Cither (.•ountius ini,.'h!. us I '."'..'' well have lollo-.verl Clay's exainjile in i(Oiiii::iy iiloni; tlii:-. line. Tlii'M. 1 can be IK." hope lor reduced taxation when lu-'.v rod tape i.s bi.'ing Cdii.stiuilly invented to increase cxpen.'i. : or ;;rf.- v;, hi; aj/p<:alf:d for a it': American people to situation, as in public f-:ub.v;rlption to the :uui urnilar agencies. "The would be asserted, if n?r<-s!,ional activities after he avoided. « • v the senate and ;(,i:d for months over re- reached the breaking ri-purjhcari members of the bit'etiv i-K-nounced attacks made )i: thi-.:n in i hi.- innate and demanded iiiuci fianc revision of the rul(« to per- i:'iu;:l l;i-edom In the use of personal c; it jci.'jiis at eapilol. Although both ends of resentment . 11 the has i-i; erov, iiij; ior weeks over the way iwtoii, uavi- attacked the lead:, tor i)pi){ food Joans, the storm direct result of the speech t SciMior Thaddeus H. Caraway, democrat, Arkansas, in which he plainly inferred that Representative Louis C. (/'ramton, republican, of Michigan, ranking member of the appropriations First Lutheran Church, The Dorca.s society will meet Friday, February I'.', at two-thirty ut the Luther hall. Mrs. Ben Bakken will be the ho.ste.sK. For Sundn) '• Sunday Stliool at ten on enforcement or repeal some of our | o'clock, livening .services at laws. thirty.—C. K. Olsf.oii, pastor. seven- committee, and Representative John Q. Til.son, of Connecticut, majority leader, had obtained personal advantages througii their influential positions. (Senator Borah of Iduho ralrly electrified tlie senate with a speech flinging back to President Hoover and the administration forces the challenge to light to a finish on the Issue of the drought relief. Senator arose and duck", of Michigan, stood In the well of the house and in fipite of parliamentary rules, managed very nearly to call Senator Caraway, democrat, Arkansas, "a plain, unadulterated liar" for his charge, that Cramton had used his influence in the house approria- tlons committee to maneuver himself into a job with the Washington Bicentennial commission. Cramton, a veteran of eighteen years in congress and one of the majority leaders at his end of the eapitol, did not exactly violate the house rule which forbids direct reference to the senate or any of its members, but he skirted close to the line, us was the case with Representative Underhall of Massachusetts, in assailing the activities of the Senate Nye committee. * * * Both the senate and the house were warned through committees that payment of $3,500,000,000 as a soldier bonus at this time would seriously handicap business and the government in their efforts to bring renewed prosperity out of economic depression. Clarence W. Wcolley, chairman of the board of the American Radiator Corporation, told the house ways and means committee that the flotation of government securities In sufficient sums to pay off the bonus would banish hope for business recovery this year. • • • • Hundreds of bank failures, particulj- arly among the smaller institutions, would be the result of the nroposed flotation of $3,500,000,000 In government bonds to pay off the adjusted compensation certificates of World War veterans, Charles E. Mitchell, the chairman of the board of the National As Others See Us. rjf tfift ; rj^f: of So- 7wi - -Blue Earth Post: The world looks at :. w;M ciean for j the United States through amazed •fcft aaza« cop- eyes. Here we have more automobiles, more good liomes, more radios, morfe money, more theatres and less taxes than any other nation on the earth, and we do more howling and yowling and lamenting than do the peoples of any other country. Our "hard times" would be right good times for any other nation. Shouldn't we be just a bit ashamed of ourselves? »Our real trouble lies in the fact that so many Americans indulged in a wild orgy of stock gambling—and then lost their courage. Any man who gambles, be that gambling on horses, cards or the market, is riding to a fall. "Easy money" has a great lure. The gambling instinct seems to be inherent In ninety-eight per cent of the human family, the world over. If you must gamble, take the other end of it, and bet' cm "they don't." That's the angle the big gamblers operate, They win. The We Still Have Gifts for the Rural Teachers. Will the rural school teachers who have not called at the office for the little gift offered by the Upper Des Moines-Republican two weeks ago, | little fellows bet "they will." They ilease stop in the first time they are lose. :n Algona. We believe that you will consider your visit worthwhile. If you cannot come yourself, perhaps you | can have some of your students stop., Now/ *2c a Mile COACH FARE A Reduction of Nearly Vz between DES MOINES, AMES, JEWELL, WEBSTER CITY, EAGLE GROVE, GOLDFIELO ALGONA and Intermadlato Point* Take advantageofthissensational reduction in rail fare. Lowest in cost of all forms of transportation ... a savings of 44% over regular train fare. Children half fare. Baggage—SOlbs.on full fare ticket; 25 Ibs. on half fare ticket. *ln effect for a test period, Feb. 1 to April 30. Future action depends on response of public to this extraordinary, lowjare. Tor information and lickelt "t'l'b to YOUR LOCAL TICKET AGENT CHICAGO «C NORTHWESTERN RAILWAY Robbers Are Busy at Bancroft, Register: "Sandy" Welp's oil station: was robbed Wednesday night, when i thieves broke the front window to gain I admittance. The money till, contain- [ ing but a few dollars was emptied, the candy show case cleaned out and a ose 1. To pay doctor bills. 2. To refinance your car «nd reduce payments. 8. To buy livestock or chickens. 4. TO GET OUT OF DEBT — by grouping scattered bills where one uniform small payment can be made each month. PAYMENT SCHEDULE t 50— Itcpay t 3.55 a Mouth 1100— Repay t 7.05 a Month 1200— Repay 111.10 a Month . »3UO— H«pay 121.10 a Month Your furniture 1 , auto and live* itock mny be uned an Bticurlty. VV* will bo vlad to talk with you (confidentially, of court*?) about arranging a loan to m«ct your need*. See CUNNINGHAM & LACY Algona Phone 698 Representing Federal Finance Co. De* Mollies "What Shall I Send ?" When you want to do something for some one that eveiyone appreciates- send your congratulation* and best wishes Ay LONG DISTANCE You can talk 40 airline rnllot for 36c*| 70 olillne miles for 50c* ( and 100 airlin* m!l«i for 60o*. Long distance t«l«phon» 'al«i «r« bated on airline miles and aro lent pwr mile it tlie dliUnc* inctvsitit. ^ Thli U tht diiy lUtluii'tU'itilluti lit* twin H,w A. M. to 7 P. M. for « tnr««-m!nul* tuu/nfitlltin tntl tupllti wiitu you atx to talk wltli aiiyuii* *v<lliU* it tin UltpUrit tt\M, NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY

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