Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 27, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 27, 1896
Page 8
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New Fall Dress FOUR BIG BARGAINS FOR THIS WEEK These are beyond question tbo Greati st. values ever offered, We want you to note the width, and jch«r«e-:' ter of goods we offer and the lirtle money It takes to buy them, j ••'' !• • 'v i 38 Inch all wool St-rges in black uud all new fall shades and a magnificent line of new Imported pla|<Jg:i«niEt> fancy wool novelties all at '. 25q yd 100 piece?, bright new JT,>velty Dress Goods in all the latest checks, stripes and fancy cloths, .wh^ch-:haw'e: Stalled generally for G5o a yitrd all at ;........,.:.:'...;'.'. ...3jSta(y<F .:' ' -1 Our immense counter, oad >d with the newest and most choice Novelty Dress Goods of the season,.crn- aisting of rough scotch » ff-cis which are in itrong favor at present. The most extensive line in the cityjatithiB price worth 3 times as much, ar, only : • ••••• 48'Cvydc The correct thing for the season which are the inulto, colored boucl. s 2 toned wool e8curiale;'derby.suit- ings which retail generally for $1.00,- price only ; •— THE GOLDEN RULE Eminent German Editor f,; Is Again t Bryan's Party. WHICH IS PLEDGED ;,To>'Debase ihe Nation's Currency One Half. He But .Speaks The Belief of all. '-."'•'. .Qood German Americans. ARE WE IN IT? I GUESS! HaveJYou Seen Our Men's & Boys' Clotting. ?' • I IF1VOT! WHY NOT? I- 1 Call and see us and we will demonstrate the fact by making you acquainted with our IBuperb style of Men's and Boys' Clothing, that |we are the leaders in our line. Our designs fare exclusive workmanship, perfect and prices e cheapest. We shall take pleasure in showing you our line ot novelties and staples. Bear lin mind that all our goods are Sparkling New. 'Marked in plain figures and strictly one price. ' ;J N ') Dr. HAD ENOUGH. • - . , j H. J. Banta Returns tbjthfe Republican Fold. '" ! A\*a.s a : scene of A tirll, (,;ni ; k-lin.irlnl- i:lio Pom 1 years -;I i--.velry 'by iDi :: clivikUuiJ road iwi ;idili-css ]:i;:wros porch -\vlrWe -Hiuwnnilt ' r.'Ll lii'o 'wild Ben -LoulJi.-iiln 'cli'e'fL-'ja.- 7 lin.'t Ls w«v "Ked'flro" got iliLs 'n'ji.iSiCi j •!:•(; spc-jvked A\-iii.s Dr. H. J, Ba.nw ;nnl yc-sta'day iHw l'ollo\vin.ir camo -flcirftln.^- •"lirtkii'S'h Hfliiitnvaill.'s i>n«toillcc. '" i Freisco'tjt, A. T., -Sent. 22. 1SOUJ lid*or Jourainl, Loffnmsi)or.t, Incli LVor Sir: Plwiiso senRl to ifiiy .'sU Dr. II J. B;Miti:l, Prescott., A. T.', Box 20S 'Illile D;u':lj- Journal for a whole.' ; I, lose one, Iwi-ve Mr.id nil tlio Deraoc- ivic-y I wn.ult. In my opinion tlie. object kf-soms afTortletl by fflie presont a.dmtu- fcirjutlco. «nd Uie tlelkinm o-C -'CMca'go pTiiiCt'onn should !>e suflicleii.t -to con-' vtaee ivny omc w:lio Is enip.iiljJo.of ^reittilhg ;Tn idea uln'oiiffh -hiLs ,lw!:ul wi'tliontji. surgical opcKWiloiii Tii-ej- bttv«> gJvcri th-e couiiitiry -notihiiiii!? but 'a sucked orange JUKI now want in 'again. Very Eesijeotfully. H. ,T. BAXTA. JI. D. } \. j THE GLOBE. CORNEIl FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., The well-Known Specialists of Now'York have appoint' p. A. HA.UIC ;is iigent tor tlislr celebrated Spectacles and Eyi Glasses, every pair gtmrameed. D. A. HAITK has complete assortment and InvlteB all t eatisfy theiusolvos ot'the great superiority plth'e.ie.goodsover any tniinufactured, at toe store of D. A. EA.QK, Sole agent lo Loganspoit Ind, ' No poddlers Supplied. $20.00 Will Buy a )0d Winter Suit -OF- fcW. D. CRAIG. 416 Broadway, Second Floor. .Tolm Eauch is-sick. • A nobby line of trousers for this fal at Ptorce, the tailor- Old, papers for sale.at the Journal office. "20 cents a hundred. Positively the best cup of coffee In the city at Dykeman's cafe. Only three moiio days until the Columbia cigar ?25 guess-comes off.. Call at Elanegln's new stove store and see the best stoves in thto market. Ramemboritlic opening at .Mrs. Swo.d- one-r &, Co.'s, Friday, day and evening A can-load o-f Hour, mill ' 'foed : and screenings.—Bell & Bell, 515 'Twelfth York counls In bulk fresh •BotbcnncJ. Hadk?y Bros., cho fcumdryraen, 429- towkot s'tireet. •'•''. Gboeolate pots; special sale; 75 each. 'ox & Dunkelberg. ^'Pierre, the tailor, >1« haviiig a nobby of suitings for this fall. Black dress goods sale. Special prices [Is week a.t the Golden Rule. the : ad of ith'o Gotden Kule for ,toof big. bargmtos, ivll next week. Ctt»lv tbree j\wy» more for a guess tt'*be $25 prize. Buy -a Columbia ancl get a coupon. ' JJon Miiiiumy lins 'taken,'.'the lfnl.flwt ovea-Jlra.Swiulener's-Wll- ta-j i tore, Xo. 324% Fourth street, e <Jic will bo plensed to. see. her i fcicrals'. MHl'.'fis' ninny now ones as v « to call. Dress goods, 'bargain, sale, tills week u,'t the Golden Rule. Do not fall to •attend. ' : • Our J. J. K. brand Sloeha and Java coffee to fres.li Tuesday and Friday at Rothennel's. . '-.'.' PresildlJig Elder ,'M.- S. Marbio will preach at'tlio Broadway M. E. church this evanlng. • The beat baking powder and flavor- Ing extracts In the world at Ben Fisher's drug store. ... "..Tlio Logansport High school foot ball team lias • challenged the, , Frankfort boys. -Tirey will meet; .--. ,. • -. Lincoln- Circle, .No, 1 m-e'requested^to •beat G. A.'R.taH!M»n'day-a,t^'o'clock rfhiawp' for special business.—Mrs,''Tru- mmni, Jrosid onlt, Jla-s., Wasitermain; ^Secretary. • . '..-,'. ;. ,'...., .',..', Gloats dn endless variety, .'The.lat- est'en (is. In' jackets .and capes, mjado of 1 various' kinds of materials,-'in any. Jcifiid of .price, you will "see iat.'.'the 1 : Golden Kule. ^ ;:':"•' "JOLLY OLD CHUMS. ".To'lly Old 1 Olnrans," tho giteii , eo-uiedy'-success 'Is nnde-r-Bned-'tp'-'niP-, j)0ar n.'t the New Dolan- Wtxlnesday'; Sejilf. SOtih. The .pl.iiy com'cis KL'S seasi>n 'in:'a:n.'caJlitreHy .new. dross, nind is strict- Jy up to date..- In ''tare east wJll be found lili-e -naimas; of suiclh -clievcT, peoi'lie as Rlcliaii'd G-'annta, Elwlsc TSTfcrd, J. J. Ma-pree, Ben'ibrice Giam.ble,- Tho«. Daly, Oh'ais.- AviGi-y; Jolin. P-andy, .•.Flm'ciiice Zoller, J.' C. Konney owl tine ftimou^j Pi'i'ttcefcon' sisters: " Richard 1 - Gorman Us a, comedian of more, .tlian ordinary ability.' His -wonderful' iiiiitji-' rtiion of tlio great. Cheval'iieT in'tiro onigitoail castor songs o-f .tliMlt gr-wit art- istis a.sple.Bid'id feature'of .tlhte swisbn's campa'uy, • Aside. from Mi 1 ..Gorman, l^loranco Zdllcr pives- you' am li'dwi. of Maiggife Clim-e'Iin hw-wng "Th.rcAv Hlih Do-wii . -vrcCtoskey." -iEnolso \Villard 'itflio famous- 1'vetlte Gu'ilbert, .T. Jlwgee who plflys t!i:e: p.'irt of JousiMian, .Tonfcs ,4$ a clever, 'all-round specialty -artist.a.u'd• con.tri'butes llbcr- •ally to 'thc'fun-mailrfng. Chas.-Avery In !fflie olaiiracfcer at "Oltobs," fans-a broad iiiujge for .Ms ku-ock<itoou!t- specialty. Jjulm Boudy tlie.cdlebraited trajnip musl- cinil ai<tist ils AvUth,' -Ulie .'Company. -.He •aiso Oi'as a -splondild sa.tlre on Tlie-X- K;ay crny.c. Tine protty vciUte Pri-iice- ton sLsfteros -are bound to plea.se- you. '.'!'•' About three hundred Guninin .ciitiKents gathered at the rink 'last' evening to listen' to itJic address Lu language of How. Philip pn n:ho ttnan-cisiil question. Mr. Ra.ppn.port had the closest attention of Ills earnest: audience, who sasme.d. to be truly desirous of being uiligli.to.ii.ed on the great question and issue, ttu/nuce. ..After being .Introduced by Mr. Ru iloipli Bemnlit, the speaker said in part "Ladies and gc.mtlemcn: YOUT prcs ence. indicates an interest in Mio pros cut .political situaitiou, ,'uid for diat rca sou I will invite your -aiUteniUom to . .few. thoughts— not clothed in bombas :uid rhetorical figure, nor even clabo nutod by wioty pa.ra.phrase nor humoy ,ous aMu«i'.on—bnt stfited -in simple Ian giiage.; I will not endeavor -to beclom yoiw, u-uderstamlin-g by mystlflcd .-spec'cl). sucli as our Populist friends ar. •fond ot uc.SI'liier will 1 give you tlio con (Tlomeirated mass so ojDten d-lsh-cd ou by itho Popctorate; but it is my desire to.make, myself clear to j'ou ou the •present -financ-lal issue.' '. "Th'e Popocrats tell yon that the is- s.ue.,of tliis crtm'pn.ign i.s .Uie fin<uicia.' '(jiiesictou,: but when- you listen to.a Popocni.t orait-oi- -yoii'are com)i>el-led to he-ar.r4iilll'iai«s .ngaikist gold-bugs, plu- bloated -bond-holders, ttiroat- WE'RE HERE AND iitg 'truists and enplltal comibiaations. Tlitsc arc the stock woi'ds wliilch inalcc up a Popocraitic h'nd-anguo. They say, •'dcrwiii -with 'fclie gold-bugs,' 'dethrone 'l:Uc i tyrant.ptaiitocrait,'..'wrest, frpui the M'ilcjaited l:on<l-liolde.r his usurpailion over the do-wn- l lTO<ld i en. woi-kingmau;' aaid '•thieii in,'til* same breath itiliey tell you • itih-ait Jill n;li!-s can be accomplished by "the free'and niillm/itcd co'hiago of silver A 1C, to 1. Whait n-oiisousc! Wlia.t '"SJihror oi-atc-s. say they intend to 'free -.tire counliy by legislation on Ui-c iliiauttal question; break down, the ne- .farioiiis business on Wall stretit; dc-. s-ujoy'/trusts, etc., <itc. All th-Ls to be the result of *lie free and -unlllml'ted coKna,'gQ of silver «,t 10 to 1—namely, iiiuj'ttil'ng 1 this country ou a silver basis. .This is their, panacea-fir all soc-ial, in-' dusii;ial.'aiul poHtleal--'ills, rcnl and im- , -A^T INGENIOUS BOY. Kokomo lna,s ciitiic-j- a very precocious aaid ingenil'ous lad of nine years old, or : lihc iJidliana.paHs Nows, a very fertile aJjied coiTespondont,' as the following d'l-spaticQi from th;cre i(illi show: , : . "Robbie JIurdB-n,. minc-yoar-old son of E..JJ4-M!u.M3cin, a pattern-nnnkcr. of this dity, 'lins constructed. n. novol railway tain .and track that '-is the wonder of a!U 'who (we Jt. Thfe trato ppci'atc/s on- a: oircular track, -covcrliug an .aore of ground. Tli« en-gtiiei jn'a'ppearan<jc and conforms .to the modern, railway locomotive, wJitli 'wlifetle, bell ' and every ne«?cssary attocii-mcDt'. Th'e train is propelled by the.l'lti'te bpy,.'Tvflio.''.slts.- in tlio cab.wi-th'his feet on'polals sim- ilni'ly to those used In. propofttog bicycles. The smnll aim'ount oC p.owor ,re- - quJi'ed to operate, the traiin is'suiTris- ng,'tlie.Jitlilc fellow '.carrytag ; f QUT passengers' a-rounQ: the" track.- withi case.' RobWe -Is . earnlug .a . good . salary ' J-n .the jassengoi 1 traffic, . cliargtog a penny a .rip. The depot is provided wj;ffli.tilcke-t;' oCBco, watting room "and : ;ail .^tu'e jnod- ei'n conveniences." - . .; . . ; '!. ;, 'Task, tliis audience In all candor: •H-a've we lost our liberty; a.re we so degraded, and wretched and down-trodden as. the free" silver 'blasarits woul liave- iis bailoTO? If all were true con cer.niJi'g.oiH 1 civilizaition whicli-tho Pop ocnats allege, tlien sureJy ^i:s countrj which is. Jookwl upon by all toe worl •o;s-tli'0.most euUghtoned, aaul prosper cms naitlpn on the face of the globe .would .indeed be the'most miserabl raid'wretehW. place -the'toman mine could poucoive.of. '"Eiit ha.ppily, thi'S i.s not ti'ui?, aa'e'«i'naiioii of prosperity and cnlight .ennwai't aiud glorious opportuniities. .-'.'Tlieililstpry of cLvitea:tion from tli "bepJnniitng-o'f the t'imo '^len 1 '-cyentf were recorded abounds I'll striking i-1 ilnstratioDis of-'tbe ad van cement inadi. iiiJthe 1 ftnajicial as well as the.social itlife.reliigious amd the political spheres Progres? inns nofbeea confined alone to nSoclcty, reilgion and.politics.. ; "As micdhunis Of -es-chaiDgc in tht •eoinini'erclial- 'field liumaniiiy liiis triet •at'-various periods- in the world's his- twy, .'liorifes, slieep, co^\^s and other cat- 'fcle,•,wheat a:iiid itihe; various grains. But these wo^o soon '.supplanted by medi- ums.of gseater uMUfly. In tire course 'of HERE TO STAY. You are cordially Invited. Wo look for your acceptance with eager anticipation, for we'are confident of your enthusiastic commendation of our efforts, We'assure you that no finer stock can be found In this country, and you -will agree with us that It surpasses anything ever before seen In Logans- port. We have entered this field as leaders should, avoiding the time-trodden path, shunning the policies that have Mtherto prevailed, but with unequaled facilities and characteristic enery we have sought the best, that you may enjoy the convenience of finding here at home those exclusive styles you •have •hitherto been compelled to seek in other markets. The management of all our departments is in our hands. We've had a life long experience to guide onr judgment, we inow every "Fashion Inlet" and "Quality Harbor" in this and foreign countries. Behind it are our capi- tal, our enterprise, our broadguage methods. Such a union of tact and talent must succeed.. We've gathered a stock that is artistically perfect and marked at prices that will be an agreeable revelation to you. Bearing out the reputation that we will win for th is store and your confidence. ' Yours Very Truly, THE HUB. Berwangcr Bros & Co, Successors to HARRY FRANK . THIS 15 YOURS. We waint you to understand that we are running-this laundry for you and tlwit your -wishes are to be regarded in every p.'urticiilar. We will give you just exactly what you want if we can ,fmd out what that is. .Ferhsips you believe iflMit It is impossible to have your laundry work handled without irritation and annoyance. We are sure that you are mistaken. May we have an opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS., Successors to Campbell Bros. time, metals '• issued. Iron- and . ,'THR IvApIES; '""' '":• The ipleasant effect and .perfect safety, with.'..which- ladles 1 ''.'may 'use' Syrup of Figs,'under all -condition^,: make it their favorite.remedy. To.get. he true and genuine -article;-, look '.for, the. name of tb?.;Californla... Fig • Syrup Company, .printed;,near,the .bottom' of,. he ^package.. :,Fpr. sale by ail responv copper, then silver, and finally, with •th;c:-aflvance of civilization, 1t was found necessary' to adopt gold as the •sole' stiandJU'd of values,''using otlver metals as conTcnlien'ces.. '. .• ."It Is a signlflcanit fact tlialt iave grcat- "est .commercial' nation' of the world— tha first 'to adopt the Blngie ; gold .standard. ' .l.'Wealt'h' does not drop.ii'om hieay'en; ' •\Tj.lues-aro'. not created 'by the flait of govern m'enit. 1 -. Tyoaltb ds tli-e result of todusb-y, .'and values , coine from the "people 'and; tlio result of .thjelr-efforts; 1 .., ilr:. Rappaiwrt- lih'eri..cntieaxKl into. an exhaust-live' analysfe'. of, financial' nls- tbiy ••.an<T.'-leglsliaitilon-' ^ ,• the United .Stalbes, exploding.-jtjiie'.'.'cun'cnit.' Popo• cratic' riotforis.. 'coincerning-'-the- .alleged.'. bond-holders, and 'Che eiani:ttit.me leg- staition at '73.' • , . Contiuuimg the...speaker sajd: •. "Dur- .wenity years' of service as a public •speaker and edi'tar of a newspaper; I nave. given a great deal of .time -and •tudy to the industrial- and political questions, and no less have -I looked iii- o the matter of finance. I have, all iny.Ufe 'aimed to be la toucIuwJlth. .the v.ige-ttira-er, the real producer . o£ rcaith,' u-n& -'have fearlessly). .chain- iloned- his cause. I liave. been firmly oavo'uced of the fallacies of fllite free ilver advocates, a.nd I consider, it a ,uty I owe to 'humanity -to do all in ny powior to prevent the ascendency f .a party pledged to debase pur cnr- ency and ruin our Industries.'' . The speaker-then, entered into an ex- la n,i,tlou of the workings of tlic Gres- am 1-a-w, illustwuUng (his points by his- jrieal citation, and showing, iiow free Irer would give tlib Gresliani law a •chance to operate .disastrously iai tliis country. • ,, • He continued by saying: "Bud money will always be the money .of \tlie pool' main. In this country, whei-e at the ipivsont time every dollar is of equal value, we -have but one kind of money— the -best in'the world; and wlwi.t.the poor mail 'handles--is just as good ns t.h'n.t which the ric'h man holds. But no nation that 'has had two standards of. money, lias.ever succeeded in keeping •filrc oiie kind at a parity with the other, consequently 'there exi«re<3 . a cheap, 'and a dear money. Thte rich man always- secured the best, leaving for the poor mail.only the.cheaper. ,. "Under a .double standard there is no fixed' standard. The two are con- lly warring with cachi other. Under' a single standard, such <is we have ait'present, money ihas a. fixed value; A double standard-makes a, field for speculation in money;. Foi- Instance, 1n order to speculate in wheat, it is necessary to anticipate a change in the price of wheat; Lit order' to' spccul'ata "in money, one kind of .money must change in value, .MI relation:,to;.another kind. Speculation- in •money ••'iiooeesltat.es changes in tire values of different kinds otmdn'ey. Thedouible-staibdnrd makes such speculation, 'possible.; v But snp- ixxslng wheat iiaa j a:;n^ed, .price; say, always bringing' 70'cents or ; 00 cents abuJsliel, Would there .be any speculation: to 1 -: wbeat?.;.. £'. single standard neans a"fixed money-price, that Is, all. dollars .of equal value; therefore under; a single staridord.'tnerLvcan be' no speculation. :.," • , -.:••';.' ••:. v>- ..; v ';. ;', ' • prices (he receive.; r.i.lrr free coinage for liis produce will be in one-half yaj- •ue moiuey. Both c'lnsscs the Popocrats a.retryjugto dcceive.-uhe wjige-eamers . ajad' the producers, ' "Xiliiis great question, the financial issue, is of vital importance to -the wage-earner. If tJie money is cheapened prices will rise, 'but the rise in w.'igcs will 'be-slow. Wages fu;e always t'lie last to rise. And they never rise fn proportion to the rise Jii the price of comimodities. Between.tilic years 18G1 and 1SG3 tlic prices of coaiiinodities rose 1GC i~xx cenit,.bu,t wages only rose 43 per cent. This was the period of greenback inflation." In. conclusion Mr. Ea.ppaport said: "The wagcjearner is entMed to the 1 ; jiwt compensation, of his Hbor;- the fanner should get an equitable price , for Into-produce; the merchant should receive pay for liis ability, and the ' niamiEaolTirer should, receive a profit; and the inCTease of \\ T eal13i In a nation- should be equally distalbuted among all classes. The consumimatioo. of this- brings prosperjiy and elevates humanity. But tliis condition cannot be brouglit about by violent lagJUatJon or the sproadinp of molJcious fallacies sncb ;is teud to ari-ay one-class against. anoiher. Disturbawce nieMS disinte- . gration and- Tiearing down; confidence means building up and' prosperity." John McHugh and Jolm H. Kennedy were arrested FrJdacr nttgflit were given i«u disys each -by Mayor McKee yesterday inorning.. er one" story anff'Wie''laborer; anotJicr. To tlic'iarmer.-lie . raiise ioe price ;'of ; your' wheat £ ajboret" 'hie' says;''free silver w411>'glv'c vou more work.' 'He fails' to* ; MieU the iLborer'that'h'e;hns''promIscd'tlie' i .farms. inorfr:for.'.,Ws; .taibor,, and' he' .avoids PRICES THAT TALK. Women's Good Rubbers .23c iWomen's Storiin Sandals 2Sc Men's Good Rubbers ...'.. '.'. 3Gc Men's Arctics :.;....'..!-.. '• • -5Sc Women's 1 Arctic*' ;....' .4Sc Misses' Arctics •• :.3Sc Men's Overs for Felts ............98c We also have the celebrated Goodyear Glove Rubber goods. No better brand of goods In the world. Women's Kid' Patent Tip Dress Shoes, Button -.-.' ••••••: -^ Women's VicI Kid Patent Tjp, Button ; 9Sc Men's Velvet Slippers '.: .45c Men's Buff Bals, Plain Toe ...... -9Sc Men's Buff Congress, Plain, Dress Toe ;...; .......:...9Sc Youth's .Good School Shoes .......75c Boys' Good School Shoes . ... ^9Sc Boys' House Slippers ........... -45c Women's Very Fine Needle Toe and • New Coin Toe,-tace and Button, ! Kid Dress Shoes, Good Value at $2.50; Our Price on this shall be.$1.48 The above goods are all'fresh new goods, which are arriving daily, bought direct from the manufacturer for cash, and our customers shall have the ben-' eflt • •' '•'. ••'' ; ': ' ';' " '.' .Line W. Pilling, Shoes,;412 Broad- v way, •'-.' """ ""•""•"'•' "\Xx-H

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