The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 4, 1931 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1931
Page 12
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, February 4, 1931 REPRESENTATIVE TELS OF BILLS Representative Bonnstetter Says Officials Ask for Higher Salaries. COURT REPORTERS OUGHT TO FARM Mr. Bonnstetter Shows a Disposition to try and Reduce Enormous Expenses of Slate. (By Representative Bonnstetter.) State House. January 29. To the Upper Des Moines-Republican: Then are two groups of legislative member.' at every session, "those who profil by the expenditure of state funds" .and "the people out in the state who pay the bills." The former group is composed of men who favor the S""" 000,000 bond amendment, those who. in these trying times, faster movements of unnecessary improvements in cur state institutions and also others who are in sympathy with public servants who dfslre an increase in salaries, even under the present conditions. As a member of the compensation of public .officers committee, I regret to note the unreasonable demands made by various organizations of certain classes of publls servants. One group in particular In which each member receiving a minimum salary of $2400.00 per year, and all expenses during the time he is on duty, introduced a bill which is asking an increase of S1200.00 per year. The argument to justify this increase is not based on the question of ability to pay, by those who must carry this additional burden, but rather on what other states are paying for similar positions. I might as well tell you that the group to which I refer Is no other than our court reporters. Under present conditions, a poor man can hardly afford to go to court and ask for justice unless a considerable sum of money is involved. The cost of a trial soon absorbs the amount in question, hence settlements for trivial sums are uslally made. Still the reporters want to add to the cost of court proceedings. I suggest that these dissatisfied gentlemen try fanning for a year or two and in this man- near learn to appreciate their present position and salary. I might mention other bills which call for similar increases but the one mentioned will give you some Idea as to the demands made on the legislature. The opinion of- Auorney General Fletcher has caused much concern to a number of the members in the house I might say here that those of us who fostered the movement to secure the attorney general's opinion on the proposed amendment, anticipated the very reply submitted to the house Wednesday. The fact that the opposing members sought to avoid the attorney general's opinion on the amendment, shows that' they also anticipated the -fluhstanca of hla rpplv. Monday at ten a. m. the house will consider the proposed amendment as a special order and preparations are being made for at least seven hours of debate on the question. We are looking forward to a real treat, in the form of oratory, at the above mentioned time. I noticed in the morning Register, the attempt made by C. C. Clifton, news correspondent for the above mentioned paper, to muddle the minds of Iowa people in discussing the motives of the members opposed to the proposed amendment. Recently this soap box philosopher had one of his pet theories exploded when the present speaker was selected and before the road question is settled, he may be •placed in a position to beat a further retreat, ?"? n ?.tOr Benson of Clayton Is now proposing a Joker In which he seeks to have the supreme court rule on the validity of the amendment, in case the measure passes the house, so as to avoid the expense of submitting the matter to the people, should the court rule the amendment unconstitu- . tional. I am not a lawyer but I feel that our supreme court Is not a moot tourt and to rule on a case that is not in existence appears very foolish to me, I regard it us an attempt to gain votes for the amendment. A public hearing on the proposed state income tax question was he-Id yesterday afternoon find n similar hearing on the proposed county assessor law was held toclav. Both tildes of those problems were discussed in debato by people from different parts of the state. Representative Donlon took part in the discussion and floored the president of the taxpayers' league in a very clever manner. It, i:; past midnight KO will bring this rambling letter to a close. Very truly yours, A. II. Bonnstetter. Public Auction Sales. February 5.—Mark F. Miller, two miles south of Britt. Brummond & Matern, auctioneeers. February 7.—Jake Glfford, south of oil stations at Burt. C. O. Riddle, auctioneer. February 10.—Wm. McMahon, five miles north of Hobarton. six and one half miles southwest of Burt by the Good Hope church. C. O. Riddle, auctioneer. February 11.—Mrs. Henri' Janssen. one mile north and one ami one-half miles west, of Titonka. Pringle. Ailts & Shinier, auctioneers. sum of $34,162.80, of which there has been paid into the treasury of said drainage district or otherwise provided for, an amount in the-sum of $12,460.00, "leaving now unpaid and not provided for sn amount of assessment In the sum of $21.702.00. none of which Is in litigation and no one item of which is $20.00 or less in amount, and Whereas, this board is of the opinion that said assessment in the sum of $21.702.00 unpaid, not provided for and not in Ittltration. i? eroater than should be levied and roK^rtrd in n ?inclo yrnr upon the lands land hleh- way?> benefited, and that the Most pconomirnl methcvi of r»rovi.1ir<;: for the payment rf the cost of said hr. prove ment i? by the division of s February 12.,—H. F. Oelrich. one- nssrssmont into InstaUmertts, and the half mile wrst and two miles south of Rolfe. Poland-Chinn bred sow snlc. Miller & Grove, auctioneers. February 17.—Henry Juchem. five miles west of Algona on Sullivan & McMahon farm. L. A. Matern. auctioneer. February 25.—Albert Potratz. five miles west and two and one-half north of Algona in Lotts Creek township. SCHWARTZ WINS DIRECTED VERDICT (Continued from first Page). While there Christ asked him to give a credit statement to replace one that had been given previously. As Fred was the one who looked after all the busniess Christ gave Walter a credit statement to be taken home for his mdther and brot.hor, Fred, to sign. Walter noted under the heading of "Liabilities'" that the amount due the State Bank of Ledyard was $600 and told Christ then that the amount was more, but Christ said that the credit statement was merely to satisfy the bank examiners, making good the Schwartz paper which was of several years' standing. Walter took the statement home and his brother, Fred, signed for himself and for his mother as Christ had suggested to Walter that he should do. Divorce Granted. Among the other cases which have been brought for Hearing the past week include several on which judgments were taken and one divorce action. Mathilda Rowan was granted a divorce from John Rowan. The Rowans were married at St. Paul February 15, 1915, and lived together until June 15, 1928, when the defendant deserted :iis wife and failed to support her. Mrs. Rowan was restored her maiden name which was Mathilda Hubbard. The jury is summoned to appear on Thursday morning. The jury mem- jers who were serving on the Schwartz case were notified after the case was dismissed last night that they need not appear today. A case involving some hidden property is scheduled for this afternoon. Oesterreicher Case Dismissed. Both cases against Ross Oesterreicher have been dismissed. Oesterreicher was indicted on a charge of illegal pos- iession of intoxicating liquor but at ,he trial the jury disagreed. He was ater indicted on a charge of attempt- d bribery, but before the grand jury reported he'had agreed to pay the costs of the previous case which amounted to about $90 and the cases were joth dismissed. Notes on Land Bought. It seemed that the notes owing by Schwartz and his mother were on land which they had purchased. Later the and w&s transferred to Walter Schwartz for a consideration of about 800 which he had advanced, from his ndividual earnings to pay interest and axes on the farm after the date on vhich the last credit statement was nade, and for the further considera- ion that he should take care of his mother as long as she lives. The farm was transferred to Walter Schwartz ast July. Episcopal Church, There will bo .services in St. Thomas church on Sundnv, February 8th at seven-thirty in thr evi-ning. His car was wrecked trying to save (50c—to RCt that, thousand miles out of a smooth tiro. We pay von lor mileage left In old tires.-—Gamble Stores. 34 New Berg Spring Hats Have Just Arrived Hinai'tiy styJrd, well ? made. ('dine in and £>-ot <f ours. $4.75 $5.00 $6.00 Madson & Hanson "The Home of Better Clothes." The Groundhog Saw His Shadow. Monday, February 2, was Groundhog day. The old story that Mr. Groundhog comes out of his winter quarters on that day and looks about is known by all. If he sees his shadow he is supposed to go back to his nest and six weeks more of winter weather is due. Everyone Is glad he saw his shadow Monday. It was bright and clear without a cloud in the sky. Six more weeks of winter weather such as we have had is acceptable to everyone The title of Unlnlit Is imt hereditary. The title of hanmel, which also carries the prefix ".Sir," is In order ol precedence, the lowest hereditary title in llriliiin. BOARDTROCEEDINGS Auditor's office, January '20, 1931. —Hoard of supervisors of Kossuth county met purssuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Morris and second by McDonald that the following official bonds Lie approved: W. J. Davidson, J. L. Viiiix, justices of the peace, each in the sum of $500.00; Wash Harris. S. A. Butcher, Chas. A. Haa.s, Herman Ubbi.n, J. P. Cunningham, assessors each MI the sum of $500.00. Ayes: a'l. Motion by Funnemark and second b> McDoimld that following resolution bo adopted. After due consideration thereof' by I he board, the chairman put the qui'stion upon the adoption of .said resolution, and, the roll being called, the following named supervisors \oud: Ayes: Clvis. Morris, P. J. Heiken, W. I-.'. McDonald, Olal Funnemark. N,;;,': none. Whereupon the chairman declared said resolution duly adopted as follows, lo-wit: • RESOLUTION. Whereas, there has been heretofore le\ie<i and confirmed against the sev- crul tracts of lands (and highways) in and compi-wait! Drainage District No. 177 of tin.- county of Kossuth, in the Mate ui I own, an a.she.ssment in the - of drainace bonds in anticipation of the cv'.lfvtion then* of. in the manner provided by law. Now. therefor?, be it orctt-red bv the board of supervisors of the county of Kossuth In the state of Iowa: Section 1. That the assessments unpaid, not provided for and not in litigation, hereoforr levied on land? (and highwavsi within said drainage district No. 177 of said county, benefited by the improvements heretofore authorized and ordered to be made shall be and ar«> hereby directed to be paid in seven installments as follows, to-wit: » S3.10058 on first Monday in January. 1934. S3.10028 on first Monday in Janu- arv. 1935. S3.10028 on first Monday in January. 1936. S3.100.28 on first Monday in January. 1937. $3.100.28 on first Monday In Janu- nrv. 1938. S3.100.28 on first Monday in January. 1039. $3.100.28 on first Monday in January. 1940. Snid unpaid assessments and each installment thereof, shall be payable at. the office of the county treasurer of said county, at the time above set forth and each such installment shall bear Interest from and after the date of the action of the board of supervisors of said county confirming and levying said assessments not only until paid, but also until the date of maturity of the bonds issued, (as hereinafter provided} for the account of such installments, at the rate of six percentum (6per cent) per annum, payable on the first Monday in January in each year, and the county treasurer shall compute and shall collect such interest computed to the first day of December next succeeding the maturity of such installments, as may be required by the maturity of the bonds herein authorized. Section 2. In anticipation of the collection of the several installments of said assessments and in order to provide presently for the necessary funds to pay the cost of the construction of the said drainage heretoforte determined upon, there shall be and there are ordered, issued *the negotiable drainage bonds of said county in the aggregate amount of $21,700. Said bonds shall consist of twenty-two (22) bonds in number, numbered consecutively from one (1- to twenty-two (22), both numbers inclusive, in the denomination of $1,000, except bond No. 1. in the denomination of $700.00 and shall bear date of the first day of January, 1931, and shall become due and payable in their numerical order as follows: Bond Nos. Denomination 1 $700 2-3-4 1,000 5-6-7 1,000 Hospital Tested Kccommciuii J by doc- lors uiul nuisi-s. Cleansing, antiseptic for rcfrcshiug women. As a deodorant, it prevents embarrassment. SuM by J Lydia E. Pinkham's Sanative Lydla 15. 1'mkfium Lynn, Iv Wash Medicine Co. 8-9-10 1,000 11-12-13 1,000 14-15-16 1,000 17-18-19 1,000 20-21-22 1,000 Total Maturity $3,700 December 1, 1934 3,000 December 1, 1935 3,000 December 1, 1936 3,000 December 1, 1937 3,000 December 1, 1938 3,000 December 1, 1939 3,000 December 1, 1940 Said bonds shall bear interest at the rate of five percentum per annum, payable 1, 1931 and semiannually thereafter on the first day of June and December in each year until maturity of bonds, which said interest shall be evidenced by negotiable coupons attached to each of said bonds. Both principal and interest of said bonds shall be payable in lawful money of the United States of America at the office of the county treasurer, Algona, Iowa. Section 3. The said bonds and the coupons evidencing the interest thereon, shall be in form and recital substantially as follows: (Form of Bond) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STATE OF IOWA, CO. OF KOSSUTH DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 177 DRAINAGE BOND No $ Know all men by these Presents: That the county of Kossuth, in the state of Iowa, for value received, promises to pay to bearer, as hereinafter provided, the sum of Dollars, lawful money of the United States of America, on the first day of Decem- bi?r, 19 with interest on said sum from the date hereof until paid at the rate of five per centum per annum, payable 1, 1931, and seml- annually thereafter on the first days of June and December in each year, upon presentation and surrender of the annexed interest coupons as they .severally become clue. Both principal and interest of this bond are hereby made payable at the office of the county treasurer, Algona, Iowa. This bond is one of a series of bond;; issued by said county for the purpose of paying the cost of a system of drainage, known as drainage district No. 177, within said county, and in anticipation of the collection of the installments of a special assessment duly levied upon the lands fund highways! benefited, pursuant to a resolution of the board of supervisors of said county, duly passed, and in strict compliance with Chapter 353, Code of Iowa 1927. This bond is based upon and constitutes a lien upon and is payable solely i out of the proceeds of, the special as- .sc.ssinents for benefits heretofore legally levied on the lands (and highways) benefited and the said special assessments are hereby irrevocably pledged therefor. An it is hereby certified and recited: That all acts, conditions and things required U> be done In locating and establishing said drainage district, in the making and levying of said assessment against the lands (and highways) benefited thereby, and precedent to and in the issuing of this bond, were und have been legally had, done and performed and that the total amount of bonds issued on account of said drainage district does not now exceed the assessment so levied therefor, unpaid at the time said bonds are issued, nor any legal limitations thereon. For the performance of all the covenants, recitals and stipulations herein contained, and for the collection and application of the said assessments and of the Interest thereon, and such other and further assessment* authorized or required to provide for the prompt payment, of this bond and interest hereon, the faith and resources of said county are hereby fully pledged In testimony" whereof, the boarci of supervisors of said county has caused this bond to be signed by Us chairman and countersigned by the county auditor, with the seal affixed, and the coupons thereto attached to be signet! by the county auditor with his farsinii'.p slRnaluns which county auditor, by the execution hereof, docs ado»t ns and for his true and proper signature his facsimile 1 signature appearing on said coupons, nil as of the first day cf January. 1931. i j Chairman Board of Supervisors. Countersigned: Coxinty Auditor. (Form of Coupon> KOSSUTH COUNTY. IOWA. DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 177. No $ On 1, 19 the county of Kossuth, in the state of Iowa, will pay to the bearer the sum of Dollars, lawful money of the United States of America, at the office of the county treasurer. Algona, Iowa, being interest due that day on its drainage bond for the account of Drainage District No. 177, dated January 1, 1931. No County Auditor. (Form of Countv Auditor's Certificate) COUNTY AUDITOR CERTIFICATE State of Iowa. } County of .Kossuth f ss. S'''P I hereby cejftlfy that the within "bond has been duly recorded In a book for that purpose in my office as required by section 7510, Code of Iowa, 1927. County Auditor. Section 4. Each of the said bonds shall be signed by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and countersigned by the county auditor with the seal of said county affixed, to each bond and the interest coupons thereto attached shall be signed by the county auditor with his facsimile signature. After being so executed they shall be delivered to the county treasurer who shall deliver said bonds to Carleton D. Beh Co., Des Moines, Iowa, at a price not less than par and accrued interest. Section 5. All resolutions or orders and parts of resolutions or orders in conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed. Passed and approved January .20th, 1931. F. J. BALGEMAN, Chairman Board of Supervisors. Attest: BERTHA E.-JOHNSON. County Auditor. Motion by McDonald and second by Helken that fourth quarterly report of Clark Orton, clerk of district court, annual report of H. N. Kruse, county treasurer, and H. M. Smith, county engineer, is hereby approved. Ayes: all.' Motion by Heiken and second by Morris that following open ditch right of way claims are hereby allowed: P. A.-K. Jt. No. 1— Mrs. Elizabeth Funk, NEW SE'/i Sec. 21-96-30, 4.55 acres SW& Sec. 22-96-30, 2.50 acres. ' E-P. A.-K. Tri 84— V^vVi-j „;__ i Edward Kressin : -WSHBw% "sec. 36-" 97-30, 6.00 acres. August Krause, E% SE'4 Sec. 26-9730, 6.9 acres NW'/4 and N% SW% Sec. 36-97-30, 8.1 acres. Albert Bierstedt, W',4 NWU Sec. 2597-30, and E'/j EVi NE'4 Sec. 26-9730, 5.8 acres and county auditor authorized to issue refund warrants and abate said the case may be, Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m. board met pursuant to adjournment with all mem- jers present. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that county auditor is hereby authorized to accept $1,000 payment A. A. Kading school fund loan. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by Heiken that A. Staehle is hereby allowed $1800 soldier's exemption on Lot 13 Block 4, Burt, Iowa, for 1930. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by McDonald that C. M. Gross school fund loan be extended for five years. A.yes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Heiken that county auditor be authorized to accept the sum of $600.42 as a compromise settlement of the claims filed in the estate of Amelia Lester and Chas. Lester, same to be in full settlement of all claims for care of Amelia Lester at Cherokee and aid given to Charles Lester. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m., February 3, 1931. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. HOUSE FROCKS Now is the time to select your new spring morning dresses— dainty garments made from fast color prints—which give you that "well-dressed" feeling around the house. Never have the cotton frocks presented the charm—the "chic"— of these 1931 models. Touches of organdy—pretty collars, entrancing colors, "a breath .of spring" for the drab February days. The prices are so reasonable, you'll not believe your eyes. Fast color dresses at $1.00, $1.95 and $2.95 which reflect the new low price levels now in effect. Buy two or three while assortments are complete. The children's line is also complete from age 1 to 14 and you'll be delighted with these dainty garments for the youngsters, priced $1 $1.68 $1.95 $2.95 JWWW^ City Pays Jan Bills. Eleclrlc Fund. J. W. Kelly, salary $165.00 Leo Bellock, salary 150.00 Walter Gorman, salary 135.00 Tom Halpln, salary 135.00 C. C. Wright, salary 85.00 H. E. Btephenson, salary 130.00 Ray Barton, salary 130.00 Adah Carlson, salary 145.00 Westinghouse Elect. Supply Co., rndse 97.38 Westirighouse Elect. Supply Co., mdse 27.44 Terry Durin Co., mdse 78.02 Cedar Rapids Pump & Supply Co., mdse 22.30 The Pink Supply Co., mdse. .. 23.32 National Stamping & Elect. Works, mdse 7.11 John A. Clark Elect. Co., mdse. 8.71 Line Material Co., mdse 83.20 Graybar Electric Co., mdse 29.80 Wlgman Company, mdse 12.44 Security Petroleum Co., dlst.' . 238.93 Security Petroleum Co., dlst. . 495.01 Shell Petroleum Corp., dlst. .. 219.25 Vacuum Oil Co., lub. oil 48.84 Electric Supply Co., mdse 655.55 Terry-During Company, mdse . 26.29 Warren Electric Co., mdse. .. 11.25 Fulton Iron Works Co., mdse. 20.24 Benjamin Elect. Mfg. Co., mdse. 4.81 General Elect. Supply Corp., mdse 11.82 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., rent 80.50 Matt Parrott &f Sons Co., mdse ; 7\68 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., mdee 67.62 A. H. Borchardt, mdse 1.30 Western Union, service 5.50 Clapp's Master Service, service 9.70 Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse 2.20 W. H. Horan, mdse 59.85 Hill Butter Tub & Supply Co.. mdfce 3.85 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse 45 F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. .. 1.25 Kent Motor .Co., mdse 8.79 O. W. Erickson Hdwe., mdse .. .90 O. W, Erickson Hdwe., mdse. . 8.88 Norton Machine Works, mdse. . 68.45 C. M. St. P. & P. Ry., frt. on dist 881.66 H. W. Post, frt. and dray. .... 59.81 ly. Express Co., express 11.53 Standard Oil Co., oil 5.65 Skelly Oil Co., gas 20.44 Cleve Barton, labor .......;.... 49.50 Adwuwe-Publishlng Co., print. . 30.15 Ralph" Bowan et al, refund deposit ....'. 30.00 W. A. Richardson, labor 7.50 S. J. Backus, p. m., rent, etc— 3.47 Peter Johnson et al, labor 124.88 G. Ray Smith, meter reading . 38.00 Mrs. Wilbur Holdren, labor .... 2.10 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., service 18.60 Water Fund. J. W. Kelly, salary 75.00 F. E. Ostrum, salary 130.00 O. E. Atcheson, salary 100.00 O. E. Atcheson, salary 25.00 Laura Mitchell, salary 110.00 George Holtzbauer, labor and mdse 4.20 The Master Mechanics, mdse. 30.00 larry Barton et al, labor 196.18 Jack Hinnlman, S. U. I., water tests 2.00 Grade Fund. Tesse Lashbrook, salary 74.20 Jesse Lashbrook, salary 30.00 Elliott SkillJng, man and team 35.70 Elliott Skilllng, man and team 14.00 John W. Geist, labor 3.50 Frank Skilling, labor 8.75 Fred Eaumgartner, labor .... 5.95 Geo. Gunder, labor 40.25 Willard Gregson, man and team 10.50 I General Fund. F. A. Newville, salary F. A. Newville, use of car F. A. Newville, burying dogs . Frank Green, salary Thos. Akre, rent Skelly Oil Company, gas K. D. James, mdse M. M. Morrow, mdse N. W. Bell Tele. Co., service .. Laing & Muckey, mdse Bostford Lumber Co., mdse Hurley Adams, labor Jesse Umbenhower, care of dump Grahams Company, mdse A. E. Michel, engineering Sewer Fund. J. W. Kelly, salary Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. .. A. E, Michel, engineering Fire Fund. C. C. Wright, salary American Foundry & Mfg. Co., mdse Kohlhaas Brothers, repairs H. W. Post, frt. and dray Swimming Pool Fund. O. W. Erickson Hdwe., mdse. . Electric Light Fund, light and power Water fund, service 125.00 15.00 3.50 125.00 10.00 9.4C .30 2.10 4.55 1.15 5.75 1.00 5.00 8.76 15.00 35.00 1.05 64.00 45.00 100.80 19.85 .79 4.49 176.04 176.61 Notice of Probate of Will. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss., In district court, No. 3470. To all whom it may concern: You are hereby notified that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Margaret Kellner, deceased, dated April 21, 1930, having been this day filed, opened and read, the third day of March, 1931. is fixed for hearing proof of same at the court house in Algona, Iowa, before the district court of said county or the clerk of said court; and at ten o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified anil required to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last will and testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, February 2, 1931. CLARK ORTON, Clerk of District Court. By CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy. Prank Maher, attorney. 34-36 Methodist Church. More than fifty members of the Sunday School read the book of Psalms during the month of January. Continuing the Bible reading campaign, we are asking our knembeirs and friends to unite in the reading of the book of Proverbs during the month of February. A chapter a day, with an extra chapter on Sundays will complete the-task. The attendance at Sunday school did not quite reach the fourjjundred mark last Sunday, but came so near that we believe it will reach that number in a few Sundays with the earnest cooperation of all our many friends. Come next Sunday and bring some one who Is not now attending n Sunday School. The Algona subdlstrict training school for Christian worker will -hold its first session at the church Wednesday evening of next week. Four courses will be offered, with Rev. L. J. Gartner of Titonka, Rev. Reyman of Lu- Verne, Rev. Hulse and Mrs. L. J. Malueg in charge of tbe several classes. These sessions will continue each Wednesday evening for five weeks and all Christian workers wishing to avail themselves of the privileges of the school are cordially invited to attend. Ordinance No. 222. An ordinance relating to the issuing of permits for the sale of cigarettes and cigarette papers and providing penalty for the violation thereof. Be it ordained by the city council of the city of Algona, Iowa: Section 1. That the term "person" as used in this ordinance shall include corporation, firm, co-partnership, and association; that the term "paper" shall include "wrapper"- 'and "tubfe." Section 2. That no person shall sell cigarettes or cigarette papers within the incorporate limits of the city of AJgona, Iowa, without first having obtained from the city of Algona, Iowa, as provided by law a permit therefor and having paid the tax provided by law as follows: For the period ending July 1st, next following the Issuance of such permit when the permit Is granted during the months of July, August or September, Seventy-five dollars ($75.00); if the permit is granted during the months of October, November, or December, the said tax shall be Fifty-six and 25-100 Dollars ($56.25); if granted during January, February, or March Thirty-seven and 50-100 Dollars ($37.50); if granted during April, May, or June, Eighteen and 75-100 Dollars ($18.75); and also filing a bond to be approved by the city council as provided by law. Section 3. No permit to sell cigarettes or cigarette papers shall be granted or Issued to any person not engaged in operating within the corporate limits of the city of Algona, Iowa, one or more of the following businesses or callings, namely: hotel, eating house, cafe, lunch room, restaurant, billiard hall, bowling alley or cigar store or drug store. Section 4. Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of Section II of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not less than Ten Dollars ($10.00) nor more than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) and costs of prosecution and shall be committed to jail until said fine is paid as provided by law. Section 5. This ordinance shall be In full force and (effect from and after its publication as provided by law. Adopted antf passed by the city council of the. city of Algona, Iowa, this 29th day pf Januaft, 1931. ADAH CARLSON. City XDimW^^tyof-Al- gona, Iowa. Approved by me thjf 2flth day of January, 1931- Nazarene Dist. Supt. to Talk Here Thursday. Rev. J. W. Short, district superintendent of the Church of tHe Nazarene- of the Iowa district will be in Algona Thursday evening and speak at the- church. His visit here is for the purpose of making arrangements'for the district assembly wnich -will be .held in Algona next August; '• ••• • » '>• CLASSIFIED ADS. The rate per word for advertisements in this column Is 2c paid (n advance. 3c if charged. Cash must accompany all mail orders. Initials count as one. word. Minimum charge, 26c. FOR SALE—Geese and duck feathers, 40c per pound.—Herman Lauck, Whittemore, Iowa. Phone 93P4. 34* WANTED TO BKNT— 6 or 7 room modern house by March 1st. Address C. E. M. this office. 34 WANTED TORRENT—Modern house close to-Kossuth hospital. Phone 677 Kossuth hospital. < 34 Client will buy, well improved quarter to half section Northwest Iowa. Box 257, Storm Lake, Iowa, 34* Mayor qf Iowa. 84 We will half sole any pair of men's shoes for $1.15 brought in on Monday or Thursday during the month of February. Algona's Real Shoe Shop, Lewis Eike, Prop. 34 FOR SALE—Beans, all white navy. Excellent flavor, fine cooking and hand sorted.—Merle Wellendorf. 34-35 FOR SALE—One of the finest up-to- date modern houses in Algeria. A swell looker inside and out. Second house west of the Catholic church.— Merle Wellendorf. 34-35 FOR RENT—Modern house, close in.—Dr. F. L. Tribon. 34* FOR SALE—Modern residence at 920 North Minnesota street, Algona, Iowa. Easy terms. Owner J. F. Koons, Mitchell, South Dakota. 34* FOR RENT—Heated room in modern home. Man preferred. Phone 680- J. 34 FOR RENT—Two improved farms. Reasonable terms. —Burt J. Thompson, Forest City, Iowa. 34 FOR RENT—-Strictly modern house for immediate possession.—Murtagh Bros. 34* Reliable man wanted to call on farmers in northeast Kossuth county. Wonderful opportunity. Make $8 to $20 dally. No experience or capital needed. Write today, McNess Co., Dept. L, Freepqrt, Illinois. 34* WANTED—General house work. Box 24, R. R. 2, Ringsted, Iowa. 34* FOR SALE—Some Hampshire brood sows, also one Shorthorn bull.—George Bruellman, Algona. 34 County plat books for sale at the Upper Des Moines-Republican office, only a few left. 32-tf "Algona's Wife Saving Station."— Kirch's Laundry. Phone 267. 60-tl Money to loan on town property.— M, P. Haggard, Algona, Iowa. 13-tf FARM LOANS AT 5(4% INTEREST Olty residences and farms for sale. List your property with us. MUBTAGH BROTHERS. Licensed Real Estate Brokers. FOR RENT—Modern house, Immediate possession.—Guy Mantor. FOR BPTP-FurnMied -apartment, modern, Phone 61-J, ga-tf

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