Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 27, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 27, 1896
Page 6
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These were, the two wsters Clary, one ot whom aftenvards (Became Joseph Bonaparte's wife, queen of Naples. The other married Berna- dottc, the soldier of Napoleon who became Charles XIV., king of Sweden. Prince Charles Is Bernadotte'n great- Corbctt Out on Jlnll. Kew York, Sept. 2C.—James J. Cor- tett, tlie pugilist, surrendered himself 'Saturday morning at lift; district attorney's office in this city to answer a . charge ot violating the hiw in making . arrangements in this city for a prize .fight with IJobcrt Fite:;immons. He • -was released on $1.000 bail. Murderer Flm:!!!! In Jull. Sew Orleans. Hejit. HG,—John Jclin- ton, the alleged murderer of four members ot a family named Cotton, in 1he parish of Tnngipahoa, having been captured afte.r a long oh«is(;, has b'.'en safely placed in the parish jail in :.his city. The prisoner wns threatened with violence. __ OITOII nn Extrn Three Your*, Michigan City, Ind., Sept. 2G.—Chris- •ttan taker, a convict sent up from La Grange county in 1803 to serve ten years •for arson, and who escaped but wns re- cnptured, has received an additional .wntcnce of three years by Judge Hub- 'b'ard, S«utcace<l to On-a -Your, El wood, Ind.. 'Sept. 20.—Patrick Quinn, who was convicted of burglary, lias been sentenced to one yeur in the penitentiary, for robbing the residence -of one of tho leading citizens ot this oitychirinff fair week. : : UKIext rhynlclnh Ule/i. Bluffton, Ind., Sept: 20.—Dr. Theodore Horton, the oldest physician in this placfi, died nt. tFn> home of his son. Dr. S. K. ITorton.. nged 73. •] . IsV.v Orleans, Sept. 20.—U.en. Euclid Ztrlr-nd. i-ily treasurer and head of tho s-ti'. !u uiililUi, nnd a prominent cotton Tii 1 •!', dii",! Siiiurday morning in Nor/ About Eyo». The eyes of Ash and birds are round, with no angles at the corners. Tho eye's of birds that fly by night are generally about double the size of day birds. Where Dialects Arc Spoken. Of the leading dialects, 837 are gpoken in Asia, 587 in Europe, 278 In Africa find 1.G24 in America. THE MARKETS. Grain, Provision*, Etc. Chicago, Sept. 26. WHEAT— Active and Irregular. September, eS^QGG^c: December, GGV4@C7%c; May, •CORN— Firmer. No, 2, 21^iS;21%c; No. 2 Yellow, 22@22>/f,c: October, 21M.(3>2!%c; December, 22!4@'22Vic; May, 25%®25&c. OATS— Stronger, wltli fair trading- No. 2 cash, lC 1 ffl@lO%ci October, li!}4@10»4c; May, 1S%©10%0. Samples steady. No Grade, 12 @14'/jc; No. 3, J2igiH'/4c; No. 3 White, 1G!4® 21c; No. 2, lG@17%c; No. 2 White, 21@22c. MESS PORK— Market moderately active and feollnp; steady. Quotations ranged at Jli.OOJi'O.lO for cash; JG.000li.10 for October, and $7.05(27.17% lor January. JUARD— Trading fairly active and fooling steady. Quotations ranged at J3.72V4 fi:3.75 for cash; $3.704/>3.72!£ for October; l3.S#'/i$3.S;" for December, . and J-t.07l4@4.10 , for January. BUTTER— Market firm at 9@in;/ic for creameries, and 10(«)13c for dairies. ' . LIVE POULTRY — Quiet. Turkeys, C(iJ lOo; Chickens, CK<fi>7c: Ducks, S0Uc' per pound; Geese, per dozen, $3.00@G.OO. WHISKY— Steady on the basis of $1.18 for hlghwlncs. New York, Sept. 2G. FLOUR— Firm and unchanged. WHEAT— No. 2 red moderately active. unsettled, %ff%c lower. October, 70%@ niic; December, 72 9-lC@73Kc; May, . . , CORN— No. 2 quiet and nrm. No. 2, £7(i? ; October, 27M,c: December, ZSftc; May, OATS— No. 2 dull, steady; state, 20©20c; western, l!)@2.ic; December, 21%c. PORK— Easy. ' New mess, fl.7SQS.50. LARD— Quiet; steam-rendered, S4.10.'. BUTTER— Fancy llrm. Western dairy, rv4@llc: do. creamery, Ili8>1554c; do. ftic- lory, 7igilOVie; Elgins, 15^c; Imitation :reamery, 9®llc. CHEESE— Easy, dull; part skims, SfflOo. EQGS— Firm. Western, Live Stock, ' Chicago, Sept. 20. CATTLE — Market nominally steady. Fair to best booves, S3.46crJ5.00; stockorsand -feeders, $2.40(5)3.83; mixed cows and bulls, '.|l,25<g!3.5&; Texas, $2.SO@3.00, ,.; . : HOGS—Market for heavy hoga weak to -io lower; others steady. Light, J2.35@3.45; rough, packlnp, J2.E6®2.75;.-mixed' and ii.utehers', $2.9003,45; heavy packing and fthlpplnt, »2.SO@3.3G; pigs; $1.5003.40. • • ' ' • •''•••':'/• Governor df New York Stats, Couldn't Stand on the Platform Tha Unequivocally Indorsed Chicago Platform. Albany, N. .V.. Sapt. SO.— John Eoyd Thacher hns.decliiK'd to accept the dem ocratic TJominatiou for governor. Mr Thacher was nominated at, Buffalo b; the democratic convention on Septem ber 17. The platform adopted by tha convention, in so far as it unequivocally indorsed the Chicago platform, can no be subscribed to by Mr .Thacher a ny mon. llum he could have given his approva to the Chicago platform itself in many oi its-.essential features. The result o: this is his declination to stand as a c-.iindidutc. His idea was that the fig-h in this? ?tatc should be confined to stutt issues. The silver wing of the party decline to accept liis analysis ol! the polit ical situation in this state nucl have de ininided that au out and out silver rnai be placed on tho ticl;et for governor, aiu that the fig-lit in this .state shall be mri'cl upon tlie nut-tonal issues, and mon; par- licularly upon the democratic pi-oposi- tion of free coinage at the riitio of sixteen to one. Tluiclior'n i'robublo Mr. Timelier thinks that his declination will result iu Wilbur I 1 '. Porter, ol \Vntertown, his companion on the present democratic ticket us licuU'jiant-gor- i.'i-nor, being rained by the state com mittee iit its meeting -Monday night as the candidate for governor. There' -mis intense excitement about the city when .Mr. Tliacher's declination beean 1 :' known shortly before noon. The utmost surprise was manifested by Che members of the notirii-ntioji committee when they iearncd of Mr, Thachcr's de- oision. inn Will l'rol>:il)ly Senator Davic! IJ. Hill remniiicrl at his liotise :tt WollVrts lioost Saturday. \Vhen u representative u£ Ihu press called to sec him nt 11 o'clock he refused to bu interviewed or to discuss Mr. Tliacher's declination in any way. general imprcsNicii of thu politician.* about the Kenmore was that Mr. Tliacher's withdrawal meant Senator Hill's retirement from active political service this fall, unit especially on the sUinip, ;is he could not with consistency advocate the election to the governorship of such a man as it is-admitted will be nominated by the state committee to take Mr. Thacher's place— thatis,aman who will stand squarely n-nd firmly on the Chicago platform and who will make his canvass fur a state office upon almost the sole issue of free coinage of 'silver. Throe Children Burned to Duath. Washington Sept, '20, — Saturday morning early at Brookland, a suburb of Washington, the house of .Carrie Dobson, a colored woman, taught fire while she was absent and her three small children were burned to death. A man sleeping in the hou.se was rescued with difficulty. The bodies of the children, charred beyond all recognition, have been recovered. One year ago Saturday the husband of the bereaved woman was killed in an niectric railroad accident. The origin of the lire is unknown. ' Monument to Huns chrlxtliiii Anderson. Chicago, Sept. 20. — A handsome granite monument of. Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark's favorite poet, and one of the world's best story tellers. was unveiled at Lincoln park Saturday afternoon. The statue is the work 01 John-tines Gelert, of this city, and cost $10.000. .'Preceding the exercises at the park there was a panicle of Danish societies from the Auditorium ^p the grounds where the festivities . were held. Wuntn Slonoy or Fooil, Constantinople, Sept. 2C. -- The military commander of Erningjan has wired the warofOce urgently requesting the minister of war to send money with which to provide the troops with rations. Unless the necessary supplies of food are immediately, provided, the commander says, he will not, undertake to answer for the conduct of the troops in his district It is reported that disturbances have taken place iit.Tvemanat, in the district' of Rofnftoa to Quauli the Wurrantx. Louisville, Ky., Sept. 26,— Judge No : ble, of the crimiiial court, Saturday morning refused to quash the warrants issued and the flues imposed by Judge Thompson, of the city court, against Tebeou, Burkett, McKeen .and McAleer of the Cleveland ball club for disorderly conduct during one of the Clcvelnnd- Louisville gnmes last June, The cases were set for trial October 28. Aloro Tolleatos Wrecked. Harrodsburg, Ky,, Sept, 2G.— A mob wrecked four toll gates in Mercer county, Friday night. At Chccselick the mob forced Andy Yocum/the keeper, to pet out of bed and chop the gate down. The mob was heavily armed, and Yocum was told that if he collected any more toll they would return nnd dynamite his house. '. Flro ut Omaha, Neb. Omaha, . Neb.; Sept. 26.— Fire at Essex, la., Tridny night did about $8,000 damage to 'buildings and stock's, .the chief losers beinp' A. E. Senbron, gen- iiriil store nnd Htru:k, $4,000; C. L.Beuch, restnurant, $],(IOO; . Fred JVewqni'it, 1 drugs, $1,000, Firemen, from Red Qolc and Sheiwii'idoah lent 'aid, . * . < ontriirt So<:tir<>il by a Lo'aUvlllo Firm, Washington, Si: pt,. 20.— The contract lor the erection of the Youngsto'vn (0.) public building has!becu awarded to Bailey, Koernor & Co., of Louisville, ' Peary Aruclc Expedition Steamer. .North Sydney, C, 13., Sept, 20..— Tho Pcorv arctic, expedition. -steamer passed ir. u-t this place nt'10:40 a. r arday. • -'-''-. . Gladness Comes •i/ith a butter understanding of the '^ " transient nature- of tin; ninny pbys- i,ii.l ills, whvch vanish before proper efr •.>,rte_(re]rtlc efforts— pleasant efforts— •^•htly directed. Tlicre its comfort in >o knowledge, thct so :n;my forms cf •.witness :U'c not due tu auy iictiv.il dis- M>, but simply to •:r<ney w monso ain.u, ii:.< /•-•irywhere esteemed so higHy by all ' ,-ijo value pood huu-lt'i. Its !>uncli<:kil r.'teets are due to t!iu f:ict. Civil t It is (ho -A* remedy which pi-omptes ir.ter:ial .-•i.oniliness without tivjljiliisit'^f; the '•vans on which it a.cls. }t- is '..hcn-foro •;,. important, in order to pc; its bem>- U"?.l effects, to note when .von pnr- -v rise; that yon liavrj tho gvmiii:i : arti- .,.-:,. which is in.imifn.el.ui'cd by iiic- Ciili-' -.-iroia FijySyrnp Co. only and ouM by ' Xi * jputaWe druggists. (t in the enjoyment of good lu?;,-Hli. *K* the system 'is regular jaxa.tiv:s 01 ' K'.'.er remedies arc then not needed. If viiKcten with, any actual dis-jri.sc, or;* 'v«y be commended to the most skillful -ifeysieians, but if ir\ ru-cd oC :i, laxative. «*j should have Hie bust, and with Hie JttiiMnformed, everywhere, Syrup of 'fufs stands higlicst ;ni'l is most lurgely • ( ;;*A and gives nin"-:'. jr:>nnr:il satisfaction VIOLENT GALES. Prevail AIniifr tli« Count ol* S'piiln-Mtieli UiiinajfO to Shipping. .l^onclon, Sept. 20.—Violent gales prevailed along' the Spanish coasts Friday evening inid many wrecks, chiefly ol smaller crafts, are reported. The gale wns subsiding in the North sea Saturday, but tugs and trawlers continue to bring to Tjowestoft and Yarmouth tin crews of foundered fishing vessels, several of which are still unaccounted for The g'lile did" not reach Scotland, bul a heavy rainfall prevailed throughout that section. The heaviest damage inflicted by the hifjh winds 11; reported from the west of England, where serious injury was done to the crops that were still standing. All of the crops were beaten down and tn many instances washed out of the ground by the.heavy rains. A landslide at Pont-y Pridd burst the, banks of the Glamor- pan canal and carried tho lailway em liankment into the river Taff. The British ship Alexander Yeats, Capt RranmiKr, from Dnrien. August 8, fof Davenport, is ashoreonOuriir.rd'sHead Her crew were saved, but it is feared that the .-hip will be a total wreck. . KILLED BY A FORMER PARTNER. Pliotogrttphernt M«rldlnn,MlBfl., Murdered for Money-Lynobl»«r Bitty Keiutt. Meridian, Miss., Sept." 26.—Mr. A. S Barnes, n. photographer of this city, returned from New Orleans late Thursday night, and started upstairs to bed, Mrs. Sarnes at. the foot of the stairs hearO him in conversation with some one and then heard a groan. A minute later n man came bounding 'down the steps with a pistol in his hand, and as he passed she recognized him as J. C, KussebauiD, who has been associated with her husband in business. The maa made good his escape. Mrs. Barnes screamed, and people who came running to her assistance found Mr. Barnes dead, his head gashed in several place* and a bloody hatchet lying beside him. [lis pockets had been rifled and robbery was apparently the motive. Officers with bloodhounds are after the murderer. The prospect of a lynching is good^ : , NEAR A SETTLEMENT. . Boundary Ulnpnte Betwaan Nicaragua a'nd Coita Rica Adjusted. Washington, Sept. 2C,—A cablegram from Managua, Nicaragua, just received by the Costa Eicon-minister, Mr. O.uvo, conveys the news of the ratification by the congress of Nicaragua of the convention for the final settlement of this long pending- boundary question between those two countries. Tho convention was previously approved by the congress of Costa Il^ca. [n accordance with one.of the provisions, the two governments shall nsk the president of the United States for the appointment of an ^engineer, who tjiall act as arbitrator in any case of disagreement between the two respective surveying commissions from the .wo countries, . Kcriom llimti Fires. Winnipeg, Man., Sept. 20.—Serinua bush fires have been^raging aroun<J Tort William, but no'serious loss Jin's'' occurred to property in the town. The wind, has subsid- :d and • the dang-er 'ia about >ver. The Brown .Terrace was completely destroyed. The firemen could not save it owing to the dense smoke, 3y strenuous efforts they saved | the Catholic church in close proxim^y. lad the church gone it is hnrd to say where the fire would have stopped. Watchmen will patrol the town nt British (Women Drowned. London, Sept. 20.—The admiralty has eceived a dispatch from Nagasaki, Japan, stating that a boat belonging to H. M. S. Narcissis..(armored -cruiser) sixed September 11 in Fish river, and that Capt. Lang and three seamen were drowned.- l Move* Oat of, Dongloln. Dongola-, Sept. 26.—The camp of the Egyptian expedition has been .moved hree miles south of the city, the pur- ose -being.to,secure healthier quarter* han .are found in the. city. Used In Revenu3 Service.'. Baft Tor|>odo Tub«n tn Oor 13ow and Could Be 31iido a Forml<Inl)lo VOfinnl ID Time or \Viir--Protest Likely from Lr.^.^ud.' The Walter. Q. Gresham, which has just been launched a'- Cleveland; will, when finished, be..assigned for service on La.kc Michigan, wiUi headquarters u-t Milwaukee. It is feared -ifcat Great Britain will make some objection to the use of the Gresliam oil the lakes on the ground thatitshouldbe properly classed a.'> a wair vessel. By a conventioulietweon Great Britain and the United States only one vessel of that type can be- maintained on the lakes by either government; and the United States already has, the cruiser Michigan in service on these waters. The- naval attaches of the British embassy have made full reports l,o their home government concern ing this vessel, a-nd have represented it. as an effective gunboat. '. • Whether Great,Britain will rega-rd it as built in violation of the treaty, which prohibits the employment of more than one war vessel on tlie great lakes, Jjaj> not yei Keen developed, but it is certain that the representatives of t:he British embassy in the city of New York have regarded it with suspicion ever since the plans were prepared. At the state department it is said that no complaint has yet come from thu British foreign When it is seen that tho Oeeham, actually has torpedo tubes in her bow and in other respects resembles a. modern gunboat, .some represent;i,tion, it is believe.', is likely lo be _ made to this country.by Lord Salisbury. The answer, of cours?. will be that the vessel is being built for revenue cutter service, and will be used exclusively for t,ha-t purpose. OJiicially Sccrclr.ry Oln?y will iiusist that, there lir.s been i:n violation of treaty stipulation!:, and if objection is made To the. list: cr l.crpinlo tubes on tlie ground that they OKU be of no possible necessity for veswls engaged exclusively in prcveutingv-olatjonsof our revenue la-ws, the cle.partmo-nt will con tent itself with calling attention to the fact that the English government wns tlie first to adopt this r.ovelty in the construction of the revenue cutters which she built for service on. the lakes two years ago. Unofficially the treasury authoritk-s do not deny that the three vessels soon to be placed on tho lakes will be'vcry effective war vessel.". W-hile, of course, they will be equipped with a light battery, consisting of small rapid-fire.guns such as are now used on the smaller vessels, they wiJl be built with a view to carrying 'heavier weapons and torpedoes if occasion should require. The vessels will "be- of about 1,000 tons displacement, nea.rly four times as large as the cutters now in service. They will be.capable o£ lC'/ 3 knots eperd. The Gresham is the only one of the three yet' contracted for. Plans have been prepared for the other two, and contracts will be had for their construction some time in Novejnber. NEW ARMY ORDERS. BtltUi to the Payment of Troops and ' the Mall of ,1'rUonen. Several orders of interest to officers »nd men of the army have been issued by the war department. One relates to the payment of soldiers under the regulations recently promulgated. In this it is provided tha.t when companies or detachments of troops are absent from their stations for an indefinite period nnd funds for their payment cannot be sent by express, the rolls will be held and 'not sent to the paymaster until the troops reach some- point to which it is practicable to send funds. In cases where the rolls hove been sent to .the paymaster and the. troops are Bent away from their station before the receipt of funds for their payment, post commanders will not hold the money at their discretion, but will return the rolls and the money to the paymaster, unless payment can bo made within a reasonable time, not exceeding three days. Another order directs that an officer in charge of prisoners sl.nl 1 not open arid inspect letters or other mail mat-. ter addressed to or sent by a man in confinement, except at his request, and; when so inspected, the mail matter Khali be delivered to such prisoner or posted, if in the opinion of the officer the discipline of the command and the security of the prisoners will not be thereby i njured! If such request is not made, the mail matter is to be retained unopened until the discharge from custody of the priscr.cr to whom it is addressed, or by whom it is sent. Mail matter addressed or sent by other prisoners may be delivered or mailed unopened at the discretion of the officer In Charge. _____ _ BENEFITED HER EXPORT THA'Dt* Effect of Germany 1 * New Comm Trestles-- *Br»rlan» Complain. The effects of the new commercial. treaties concluded by Germany within 'the last few years, as investigated by the Berlin Merchants' association, have been reported to the state department by Commercial Agent Moore, at Wei-, mar. The report found that Germany's export trade had been quite materially benefited as was predicted. The great manufacturing interests appear to be entirely satisfied with tlie state of trade, but the agrarians are . loud in their denunciation of .the manner iu which their interests; have been made to suffer. The activity of inanufocturr ing -is evidenced in a peculiar manner by the increase of coal consumption in Berlin, which 'was 821,010 tons for th» first half year,' 1896. against 632,734 for the corresponding period last year. ...•-.- - - - • i ' Wprltn of Bncon Bnd Oroto, Bacon's greatest, work took fl!) years to mature, and Crete's- "History of Greece" sorne:few years lor.jrer.' 1 INSURES Safrty of Life to Mother ond Child. "MOTHERS' FRIEND" Robs Confinement of Its Pain, Horror and Risk. My wife used "MOTHERS' FKIEXD" be- 1 fore binh of her lirst, child, she did not Ruder from CHAM PS or PAINS—was quickly > relieved at the critical hour suffering but t little—s'i»c had no pains afterward and ber recover 1 ; -\v:is rupid. E. E. JOHNSTON, Eufaula, Ala. Sent vy Mail or Express, on receipt of price. $1.00 per bottle. Bool: "To Moth. ers " mailed Free. BIUDF11-I,l> HK(;i;i,ATOR CO.. Atlanta, G.. SOLD BY ALL DRVGOIBTS. ONE-HALF SIZE OF BOX POZZONI'S 'COMPLEXION POWDER! I hi»5 been tho BKinflarC for forty years a l» more por-ulur to-uaj than ever before. POZZOM'S IB 100 Weal complexion powder—bcnutify!nit,| refreshing-, cleanly, uonlluful ard barmleiu. , I A d«!icato. Invisible protection to tbc face. Wllh every »«>ac orFOZZOXTS n. mng- 1 Dlflci-nt SccvJlF* <>OI.1» I'CFF BOX ti ia\tn free ol chariro. 1 AT DRUGGISTS AND FANCY STORES. ' THE e> Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. -- • standard or excellence. Han? <uen of the "Munson" ooDddec It THE BEST. Tou will and It B valuable nsslswatln jour office. Address for partlenlars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAKUFACTCUIDRS. 240-24* West lAke St., Chicago, 111. loing For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy all of ltscn.-;;Kb:.< If you takoono ofite AKE MICHIGAN ATO LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CQ'S iiGANT STEAMSHIPS, railings between Cblcafto Hid Macklnac i^!«ad lour times every week. Tliii'ocw stcol steamship "Multou"'Is a ni? palace. Travels 'iwlxt Chkwgo 'c?olx7 H»rb«r Spring*. Pe«»skey. etc. . Wrltxs for. our readable reading* matter, free, or ask - your nearest' upcnt. Address Jos. • BcrolzLclm. G. P. A. LAK£ ntCH. AND LAKE SPPKBIOB.TnANS.CO. Ruth and N. Water St.. Chici?o LOOP POISON tlary 1SLUOO POISON permanent!* curcalnlitoSS .Jan. Toucan be tMotciJii homo fornamoirlco under enme guaranty. U you prefer to como hero wo t tract to pay railroad farOBUdhotclo lOcSarm, If we fall to euro. If you huvo talicj mer- -ury, foilide notnsh, -and atlll have ncliei anl ^alLj.KucousVatclicf Inmoutb, Soro Throat, "iiuplcn, Conner Colored Spots Clccn on jny pnrtoi thoTJodr, Htt!.rorEycbrpw» faUlnr lut. It IB this Secondary BtOOB FOISOjf ia ccarantee to euro. Wo solicit tho mort obitk 1.1 to euros and cnaUeace tho world for • ••"^o \vo^ iftnnotcuro. This dlreikio h.ia alwaya '-.- i.l-il thonklll of tliomo»Scmlncntphy«l« cJijiis. »OOO,OOO o-inllnl behind our uucoodl> ...n..- nmranty. AbsoInf.oprooftMntftOal •--' ,;'l lonT A.H)ross -diOl? REMEDY -.. . :^»on»c Tetuplc. CHICAGO, ULLt Manhood Restored. WOKderrtal Konian Rcniody , la «old »• 1th • wrIUen gunrox- 'tec to euro oli ^^^r. OUB Dlnefts^-, tuch •* |Wc«kfra»ry,c*« Ilirnlo Power, Hood> n<4,e, \Snkcful»«09, Lint M«nbooil, Kurr- ol«nc««, AtrophT, l K|iliwlon»,V.irli'oeeI«, L«M1C1I(1«, all drains ojrmp' M ^ , OOT o f p u -«-;r of UFT K-ttlinu, LOGANSPORT. IND After Thirty Years' Experience I have tbe-best- Bra if and Nerve Tonic n earin for nil weakened condition! roB»rdlo»ii of uusc. Medicines sent for full month's treatment or one tfollnr nostlwld, or addretsfor p»rtlcnl»r» . 8. JOUNSOiii M. D., 11ATTLB CBBJBK, MIC1L

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