The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 21, 1931 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1931
Page 12
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The Upper Bes Moines-Republican, January 21, 1931 LuVerne Institute to be January 29, 30, 31, fclatts are well under way for the annual LuVerne institute, Corn, Calf and Clolt Show, which will be heM January 29, 30 and 31. President P. Chambers, Secretary, A. E. Merriam and the committee have been busy Waking final arrangements for the program and preparing the premium list. Corn growers of the county who are usually among the winners at the state and national shows are, each year, among the exhibitors at LuVerne, which has made this show one of the best. The Judging day has always shown keen competition for the blue ribbons In. the professional classes. It has been arranged so that those planning to exhibit. at the state show at Ames may send their corn down from Lu- Veroe on Saturday, January 31. Although the program is not completed Thursday, January 29, is planned as entry day and movies of the national 1930 corn husking contest will be shown in the afternoon. Friday, January 30, Judging >of grain will be done by Paul Taff of Ames, who will talk on corn selection. Saturday, Jan- uary 31, colt and calf club entries will be Judged by Carl Oldsen of the Iowa Beef Producers and H. D. Tim of the Horse and Mule Breeders Association. A multiple hitch demonstration will be held in the morning. AH Junior exhibitors in the livestock classes will be required to place a class of either calves or colts and in the corn classes each exhibitor will place a class of corn on some one of the three days. Ejihiblts will be prepared on soils, fertilizers and crop disease control. Good Hope Men to Serve Banquet. The men of the Good Hope church will give their annual dinner party on Thursday evening, February 5th, this year. These annual affairs are always looked forward to and much enjoyed by the Good Hope folks who have for many years maintained a reputation for neighborhood sociability and good feeling, largely due to the ministrations of the Good Hope pastor, Rev. Allan Wood and his wife. It Is understood that the men prepare the viands for this annual dinner and also do the serving. J^^ j>> Can you ^ STOP SAFELY? WHEN I GET BIG BE F> SOLDIER. You MIGHT GET I KtuLEp BV TIME S ENEMY. Methodists Held Coaching School. The Methrdtst coaching school, which was held last week Tuesday and Wednesday at the Algona Methodist church was very successful. There are sixty churches In the district which is divided into six sub- districts and there were fifty-three people from these Who took the course, thirty-eight of whom completed tha course for credit. Those completing (lie course will be teachers in the group schools which will be organized / Clyde Baker of Mt. Vernon represented the board of education of the Methodist church at the school. He stated that it was the biggest success of any ever held in the United States. The teachers were Rev. Havighurst, of Washta; Mrs. W. N. Baker of Lake View; Mrs. J. H. Walker of Early and Rev. Lloyd Shereer of Kanawha. Algona Creamery to Hold Annual Meeting. The annual meeting and banquet of the Algona Co-Operative Creamery stockholders and patrons will be held at twelve o'clock on Saturday, January 31, at the Odd Fellows' hall. An annoltincemerit appears elsewihere in this paper. Public Auction Sales. More New Spring Print Home Frocks Laws Should be OUt by testing your brakes on this new Weaver Brake Tester today — FREE! To enable you to make a safe stop in an emergency, your brakes must be properly equalized — particularly if they are of the four •wheel type. If you have excessive braking pressure on one side of the car, a quick application of the brakes is apt to cause your car to swerve and get out of control — which might easily result in a bad accident. Relative braking power instantly shoivn on the new Weaver Automatic Brake Tester Make this test yourself. Simply drive your car on the Tester — it lies flat on the floor— and apply your foot brakes. The relative braking power on each of the four wheels is immediately shown by the rise of colored liquid in the four gauges in the head of the pedestal, positioned to correspond to the wheels of your car. At once you see whether your brakes need adjustment. This test is scientifically accurate — it takes no more time than stopping your car — and it is FREE. Drive in today and find out if your brakes are safe! Brake Testing and Service Tie/our gontu, i<ui- txneJto correspond to At four tctetlt, itow yea tit relative trat- i*g power on each wteet Bach graduation down tie gauge represents X% lea thru Its next Uglier graduation. Clapp's Master Service & JL 31 HAVE YOUR BRAKES TESTED WITHOUT DELAY ij WVWWWVWVVWWJVYVVVVW^YVV^^^ Service in Plain English. Renwlck Times: Some of these days a new order of things is coming to pass in this country, and every legislature in the land will be busy rewriting laws into language the general public can understand. Just who first conceived the idea of writing laws in such a way that nobody but a lawyer could interpret them no one seems to know. But he certainly did a lot to tangle up humanity when he did it. We'll venture to say there are dozens of men right around here who would never have been in court or mixed up in lawsuits if the laws had been written in the first place so they could thoroughly understand them. What's the use in having to pay out a lot of money anyhow for some fellow to tell you what you could read and understand yourself if it was written in modern English, such as that employed in the making of books, newspapers and ordinary letters? We still cling to a lot of old moss-grown ideas in this country, and one of them is that a law has to be written in a peculiar language and twisted English. Maybe some day a movement to rewrite them into plain and understandable words will be started and that movement will have the endorsement of the general public in every state in the union. Tackle Trouble Boldly "He wlio shirks _the present trouble," said HI Ho, the"suge" of Chinatown, "finds himself nt a disadvantage as he Is turned to fnce trouble with which be Is less familiar."—Washington Star. Notice of the First Meeting of Creditors. In the District Court of the United States for the Northern District of lowar—Central Division. In the matter of George E. Steil, bankrupt. No. 2987 in Bankruptcy. To the creditors of above named bankrupt, of Algona in the county of Kossuth and district aforesaid, a bankrupt. Notice is hereby given that on the 16th day of January, 1931, the above named bankrupt was duly adjudicated bankrupt and that the first meeting of his creditors will be held at the office of the undersigned referee, at 707 Snell Bldg., Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa, on the 30th day of January, 1931, at two o'clock p. m-, at which time the said creditors may attend, prove their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt and transact such other business as may properly come before said meeting. The bankrupt is required to be present. Fort Dodge, Iowa, Janizary 16,1931. JOHN iL SCHAUPP, 32 Referee in Bankruptcy. January 27—Martin Brandt, one-half mile east, one mile nortli and three- a.uarters of a mile east of Tltonka. Pringle & Ailts, auctioneers. February 17.—Henry Juchem, five miles west of Algona on the Sullivan & McMahon farm. L. A. Matern, auctioneer. The Happy Miserable Before you sympathize with folks who are miserable, determine if thej enjoy being miserable. There are people who are never happy except when they nre misernhle.—Atchlson Globe. Or Enduring It For all too ninny of us. middle ago means that period of life when we spend a good stinre of our time anticipating some new nt'lie or pnln.—Fort Wayne News-Sentlnc>l. CLASSIFIED ADS. The rate per word for advertisements in this column is 2c paid in advance. 3c if charged. Cain mast accompany all mail orders. Initials count as one word. Minimum charge, 25c. FOR RENT— Modem house, im- From Los Angeles, Kansas City, Philadelphia and Minneapolis. Prom North, South, East and West come these attractive cotton frocks to wear in the home and on the street, Dainty, lovely new prints, in alluring- flare skirts and touches of pretty organdy trimming around the sleeves and neck. You'll be delighted when you sec them and so will friend husband. The response to our last week's ad was tremendous. One woman bought ten (she has a fine family of girls), another 5, and many wise women bought two and three. They are so pretty —so unusual—and so inexpensive. $1.95 $2.95 Move to Wipe Out "Athlete's Foot" Menace in Cities of United States ,^_->R SALE—logold seed oats. Free from" Barley. Some spring wheat.— Sam E. Mogler. West Bend. 32-33* Have your clothes cleaned and pressed regularly at the Modern Dry Cleaners. A new building designed particularly for a dry cleaning establishment. New equipment that enables us to serve you better than ever. Come in and see a real dry cleaning plant. Visitors are always welcome. Modern Dry Cleaners Phone 537 to have our truck call. .First door east of old place. mediate possession. — Guy Mantor. . 32-33 I FOR RENT—Furnished modern.. Phone 51-J. apartment, 32-tf WANTED—General house work. Box 24, R. R. 2, Ringsted, Iowa. 32-33* FOR RENT—All modern sleeping rooms. One block northwest of court house. Phone 335. 32 FOR RENT—Five warm rooms and two garages. Call 493. 31* WANTED—Practical Briggs, Burt. nursing.—Ella 31-32* FOR SALE—Hampshire boar.—Alvin L. Weber, Irvington. 31* FOR RENT—Modern furnished 3- room apartment for light housekeeping.—A. W. Sigsbee, phone 488-W. 32 FOR RENT—February first. Modern house close in. Apartments will more than pay rent. See or call R. G. Richardson. 31 WANTED—General housework. Telephone 230. 31* Milch cow loans and automobile refinancing. First door north of Iowa State Bank. Telephone 55. C. R. LaBarre, Algona, Iowa. 31-tf EXTEA SPECIAL—We have just received 25 dozen of the niftiest, classiest print dresses you ever saw at this small price. They are not the usual "cheap dress", skimped in material and cheaply made. They are full cut. with flares and plaits and lots and lots of style. All sizes, too from 14 to 50—all colors, 25 different styles and we offer them special this week at each wws vwvvuuvvuwwuvwvwvvwvwv FOR. RENT—Modern six room house, daily. No experience or capital need- J. T. Bohannon. FOTJND—Ladies' hat on the street Saturday. .. Owner should call at this office and pay advertising charge, and receive their property. 28 Make highways safe. Trade in smooth tread tires. $1.50 to $4.50 per pair allowance in exchange on new G. & J.'s with deep heavy tread.— Gamble Stores. 31 FOR RENT—Modern furnished 3- room apartment, suitable for light housekeeping.—A. W. Sigsbee, phone 488-W. 30* FOB SALE—An old fashioned spindle bed.—The Furniture Shop. 30 FOR SALE—Duroc boars, easy feeding, big bone type, immune and healthy, $15 to $25 each. A. C. Carlisle, % mile east of Whittemore. 30? LOST—A piano tuning hammer. Finder please leave at TJ. D. M.-R. office and get $1.00. 30 Reliable man wanted to call on farmers in northeast Kossuth county. Wonderful opportunity. Make $8 to $20 ed. Write today. McNess Dept. L, Freeport, Illinois. Company* 30* LOST—Green felt hat December 30. Call 203. * *» FOR RENT— Heated 741-J. room. Call 30* FOR SALE—One % horse power General Eletcric motor —W. H. Horan. ESTRAY NOTICE—Two yearling- steers came to my place six weeks ago. Owner should call and pay charge.— John Reding, Bode, Iowa, Rt. 2. 29-30*' FOR RENT—My four modern housekeeping room after December 20, 1930. Algeria's Real Shoe Shop.—Lewis Eike, Phone 44. 3* MONEY TO LOAN ON GOOD GRADED MILCH COWS If you are planning on buying more- milch cows or want a loan on the cows, you already own, it will pay you to see us. Loans made the same day received. Reasonable rates, long tune to- pay off.—C. R. LaBarre, Algona, Iowa Phone 55, First Door North of Iowa State Bank. 27-tf FOR, SALE—Baled hay and straw. At Anderson Elevator. 31-32 '• biillomi of Tirifia Tr:': ringworm, arid lht-.?.<: r> •-/.- '::. the United .States with : .'.-; •-.':: v.vjj above. They are • '-'.'.'-'.''.'•','.. The jilate coiitulnH '.':.••; foot malady, a form of 'r,;n :. -,i!i!;|(; H[H!clmcn over- Wi.losprt-ad t-vM':.v:: of '.:.:, -;:.-:., ;,v,.;, ; i city of tlie l.'niUrl Stall.--;, !,;.-•. <•;• ;-..-.. lo study inuans |jy wliicii i! ).•;•;>• },-• is Ix.-itj!.; as a ui'-'in-: t-i n'.i'. lian rc-c'.-ntly laktn a 1:101-; «--:io; . Krapli; taken in I!K : \>: •• -, : j. ; . ait- ton;,tan(.!y Btudyini; ilir.- d sonio Hchoolu to •':';•/. '/.' i!!:i tomt to any village or ,•/,";:<-.:! ii,'ii In all partw of the country ':.-;.•;:';j'i-ij. f.'oiiHUuit UHO of anUHeplli; !i:/iit ,--/ain.>t thin age-old malady which Ii'. ' ••••i:i:\'.-<: i:i thin iiijuntry. The plittto- r:i'uri<:.; in N'ev/ York where scientists i; la ;MI (.-ifurt to control It. Halligan's PURE QUILL Their Tea, Hpiccs and Kxlracis arc also the best. "Jficlielieu" and Baby Wiuart Grapefruit at 25c and 20c the can at AKRE'S Exclusively. Full size and best quality always. ANCE with AL MENKE and His Gang , , , K. C. Hall, Mon. Jan. 26 Auspices of Algona independent basketball team (,om<! and enjoy a good time and also help a good team. l b $1.00 Per ICouple. FOR RENT—Three room apartment, newly furnished. Call U: D. M.-R. 230. 31 FOR 0ALE—Stove Witham, phone 10F2. wood. Ralph 30-tf FOR RENT—Two furnished light housekeeping room. Close in. 108 W. McGregor.—G. E. Van Dorstan. 32 "Algona's Wife Savins Station."-Kirch's Laundry. Phone 267. 50-U Money to loan on town property.— M. P. Haggard, Algona, Iowa, 13-tf FARM LOANS AT Sy t % INTEREST City residences and farms for sale. List your property with us. MURTAGH BROTHERS. Licensed Real Estate Brokers. %xa&®aax«s0:^^ Get your Swift's Laundry Soap at AKRE'S 8 Bars for 28c WHITE'S Saturday CHIPSO, two packages FIG BARS or GINGER SNPS, 2 Ibs. JIONJSY, two cakes fo SUCJAR, 10 Jb. cloth bag AN TEA, /package , KRAUT and one each, 3 cans _ PALM OLIVE SOAP, tour cakes fo PEARS, PEACHES, APBI- CQ C ns ------- avv COTS, one each, 3 cans 8W®^

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