The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 21, 1931 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1931
Page 11
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, January 21, 1931 We Have Changed All That By Herbert Quick and Elena Stepanoff Mac Mahon Copyright by Ths Bobbs-Merrill Co. WNU Service THE STORY CHAPTER I.—In the ancient Russian eity of Kazan, under Soviet rule. Com- mlSBar Vlllnsky's Investigating squad Invades the palatial home of the Kraa•In family, aristocrats, with the avowed purpose of determining whether the government shall requisition the heuse. Vllinsky Insults Musla, youthful daughter of the Kiasslns, In the presence of her mother, who Is powerless to act In her defense, CHAPTER III.—In the Krassln salon a small group of aristocrats, among them Vladimir, Musla's acknowledged fiance, young former officer of the czar, lament the confiscation of their property by the Bolshevlkl. Mrs. Kras- sln admltn she fears for Ilya's safety, though he has not participated In any movement against the Bolshevlkl. Ilya announces the seizure of his automobile by Vllinsky, whom he recognizes as a former dishonest steward on the Krassln estates, Vllinsky also recognizes Ilya. CHAPTER II. — Commissar Lorls, head of the government In Kazan, la urged to conllscate the Krassin home for the service of the people. The family consists of former Judge Krassln, Mrs. Krassln, a son, Ilya, formerly a Guards' officer, and Musia. Lorla prom- lues to Investigate. (Continued from Last Wednesday.) And then began that strange tour through the old and labyrinthine establishment, the end of which we have seen In Musla's suite. Always Mrs. Krassln, like the hen-pheasant concealing her nest and her fledgling, sought to eVnde the necessity of surprising Ilya In his room. She thought of protecting no one else. She entered the rooms of Vladimir and the young men, the discovery of whom would have been like the unearthing of a treasure to Vllinsky, with no attempt to give warning, and finding them deserted, she merely explained that they were occupied by members of their extensive family who had taken refuge In Kazan. All the time she was vainly seeking some way to convey a message of warning to Ilya In his room. Sometimes Vllinsky opened the door to a room wlileh Mrs. Krassln said he had seen, to find out whether or not she was deceiving him. Always he found that she had told him the truth. All the time she was forced nearer "intt~nearer to the necessity of going Into her son's room, and of thus bring_•» him and this Terror face to face. It filled ner wltn dread - Vilinsky had ahown his f?rocity In his behavior to her; and she remembered what Tiya had said when she asked hirOif Vllln- sky bad recognized him npjone of the family at whose complaint lie had gone to nrlson so. Ions agOj, "Yes,. L lielleve he Knew me I Tarn "sure he did f" Was there In her mind the secret thought that If Vllinsky once was introduced Into her daughter's room he would forget this dreadful quest for which she suspected? She could not have told you If she had tried, probably—and she would not have' tried. Whatever may hnve been In the rnlnd of tlfat agonized and perplexed mother, she now played the cnrd she had been holding back as she reached Ilya's door: she walked calmly past It and stopped at Musia's. "How nbout this door, old lady?" nsked Vllinsky, pausing nt the entrance to Ilya's suite. Again she was diplomatic; she allowed a slow smile of half contempt as if at his Ignorance and stupidity to curl her lips. "Oh, those are rooms we saw long ago," said she. "Here are the last on this side. Enter, please." "Yes," said Vilinsky to protect his self-respect, "I remember now." He entered Musla's room, as we have seen. He swept aside the hangings which masked the door to the inner room. He refused to allow the young girl to retire when her mother, horrified by his familiarities, requested her to do so. He asked her to play for hlm^-to play anything—he In his peasant's smock I If Mrs. Krassln had harbored the Idea that he might forget Ilya Krassln In this room, her surmise was correct. Mrs. Krnssln understood his indescribable leer as he addressed her, and knew what he meant when he said that he wanted this room and everything in It left just as It was when he came there to live; but she quite trusted to Musla's rearing to prevent her from understanding. In fact, that she could not understand was, as between Mrs. Krassln and Musin, what the law calls "an Indisputable presumption," and Mrs. Krassin as the court, would have refused to admit any evidence to overturn It. Of course Musia could not understand I And the girl from force of habit carried out this false presumption of naivete. She stood there with her face blank of all comprehension, like that of a child, her slight rounded figure revealed by her informal attire. a very bewitching person to the eyes of the coarse and brutal Intruder. Little, graceful, very feminine, will) hair of straw color, and brown almond- shaped eyes, she was a new type to Vllinsky—and he acted according to his lights in the premises. He suddenly sat down beside Musla and pulled her down upon his lap. l Vlllnsky's attendants, who were waiting in the hall outside the room, were astonished to see a pale slim girl In negligee run out of the room, start back at seeing their sinister group, and then speed away past them Into another part of the house. They stood amazed for a moment, followed her to the next turning, found that she had vanished, and then they ran back with thoughts of assassination or other resistance In their minds. They found their chief standing with a rather foolish look on his face, over the form of an old woman who seemed to have fainted on a sofa In the luxurious room. "I will show these nobles," said Vllinsky, "that their time has come I . . . Well, old woman, come to life here 1" Mrs. Krassln slowly rose to a sitting posture, and looked upon him with an, expression. In, wjilch. hate, Indlgna CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ATTORNEYS AT LAW T. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinson HARRINGTON & DICKINSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank Blk. ALGONA, IOWA. ' J. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention. ALGONA, IOWA W. B. QUARTON H. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427. ALGONA, IOWA. J. W. Sullivan S. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan SULLIVAN, McMAIION & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA. K. Ji VAN NESS & G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office In Qulnby Building. Phone 180. ALGONA, IOWA. Oaylord D. Shumay Edward D. Kelly 8HUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Qulnby & Krause Building Algona, Iowa Phone 68. E. C. McMAIION Attorney at Law Office over Quinby & Krause Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 129 MORTICIAN t, M. MERRITT Mortician & Funeral Director. Phone No. 11. ALGONA, IOWA. DENTISTS DR. II. M. OLSON DENTIST Located over Christensen Store. Phones: Business 166. Residence, 47t ALGONA, IOWA. KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANK ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL & SURPLUS - *70,M Officers: J. W. Wadsworth, Chairman of th Board of Directors. H. E. Rist, President. T. H. Wadsworth, First Vice PresJ dent. G. S. Buchanan, Second Vice Presl dent. J. S. Aimer, Cashier. K. J. McEvoy, Asst. Cashier. L. C. Reding/ Asst. Cashier, E. A. Schemel, Asst. Cashier. Directors: H J. Bode T H. Wadswortt H. E. Rist J. W. Wadsworth J. S. Auner ^. J. Van Ness G. S. Buchanan PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS Ion mitT pacification were curiously mingled. "I've seen nil I want to see here this mornlnp," said he. "When we want he house we'll send you an order. And leave this room Just ns It Is! jome. We have wasted too much .ime here now! Tovarisch Lorls will >e complaining because I am late!" They went out swaggering through :he doors, to their cars, and away. Itrs. Krassln watched them as they went out of sight, and then made her way quickly to where her child was concealed. Which child? Not Musla. And Vllinsky had never even asked about Ilya I CHAPTER V Dr. 90— DR. O. D. SCHAAP. DENTIST Quimby Bldg. Pn° ne 133. Algona, Iowa. VETEBINABIAN. L, W. FOX. VetertuwUa Algona office at the old Dr. 8ay«n office, Office phone 476-W; Resldenw 475-R. Will b»ve man at office •' All ALQONA. IOWA THE ALGONA HOSPITAL Phone 250 KENEFICK & CRAWFORD Office Phone 300 Residence Phones: OP. Kenefick, 67 .. Dr. Crawford. 115 C. II. CUETZMEYEK PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted Office In J. Galbraith Block. Residence one block east and one block south of office. No calls made after 9:30 p. m ALGONA, IOWA. Jffice Phone, 310. Residence, 444 DR. VT. D. ANDREWS. Osteopathlo Physician & Surgeon £ye, Ear, Nose and Throat Obstetric* Located over Hub Recreation Parlor. Phones. OHlce 187, Residence, 088. ALGONA. IOWA. DR. P. E. WALLEY. Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon Electrical Therapy, Obstetrics. Located over Zender & Caldwell's Clothing Store. Phones—Office 79, Residence 211. ALGONA, IOWA. P. V. JANSE, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office on South Dodge St. Phone No.—Res. 366; Office 666 INSURANCE. OITY PROPERTY LOANB FARM LOANS REAL ESTATE INSURANOI OF ALL KINDS CUNNINGHAM & LACY Phone 698 107 W. State 8t ALGONA, IOWA. ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY Reliable Insurance Service 0 B. LABARRE AL FALKENHAINER Phone 55 First door north Iowa State Bank Defenseless! Musln's world came crashing about her In downfall, in that scene with Vilinsky. She had two contending leellngs: she must be avenged for this nsult, Should she, a daughter of the boyars, have laid upon her, In her own room, the filthy hands of this creature Vilinsky, and upon her soul the stain of his commands and his Innuendoes—and must this thing go un- avenged? She grew hot with rage. And then her other feeling blanched tier face and left her cold with fear— the feeling that she, even she, was defenseless! The very gods would have fought for her ancestors. The very moujlks could now exult over her, lay their hands on her, In her own house, In her mother's presence. And there was no one to whom she could fly or appeal for vengeance or protection. She could not go to Ilya—he must not be endangered on any account, Vladimir? Yes, he would flght for her— but where was he? He had come Into the Krassln house In the night like a mouse, nnd was awaiting the proper time to slip out—nnd what could even as gallant a champion as Vladimir do against the risen sea of the people? What could not the wretches do? She had nearer awful tales, not yet sup ~pi[es contradicted, of the nationalization of women. Was she to be the first vie tlm of It In this doomed city of Kazan? It was almost inconceivable, but she, Musin Krassln, was defenseless against It, unless the Bolshevikl had some rules for her protection: she was an easy victim to this bushy-browed lout In the peasants' smock. Her father? He was the last person, In prosperity or. adversity, of whom any of the family thought. Yet, hiding away even from the servants' eyes in closets and attics, after steal- Ing back in the dusk to her own rooms, anil ou finding them vacant of visitors, changing her clothes to something more fitting, she stole, for the first time in weeks, to.the rooms to which her father had for years been confined us an invalid. The dusk was just shutting down into the night. Judge Krassln was sitting in a long flowered dressing gown which was wrapped carefully about his feet, read- Ing n law book. "Who Is it?" he exclaimed fretfully. "Oh, it Is you, my daughter? My nerves are very bad tonight, and you startled me. I am very glad to see you, of course, Maroosia." "I am sorry I startled you, father." She had come to her father, a frightened child, to cling to his hand, with some instinct that he might stand between her and a danger to which he was himself immune; for neither father, brother nor mother was under the shadow In which she moved. They could only be made to die. She stepped to her father timidly and took his hand; he allowed her to retain It for a moment, and then drew it away to turn a leaf of his book. There was no harbor here for this trembling soul. "I do not agree with this decision," said he. "When I was on the bench I should never have agreed to such law as this. My duty to my sovereign would not have permitted it." She asked him if it would trouble or disturb him If she sat by him for a while. She felt hurt, though she had no reason to feel so, when he looked up at her in surprise, and said very politely that he would be very glad. He had not been, he went on to say, as If delivering an opinion in court, often favored by the company of his family; and It was a pleasure to note an agreeable exception to the rule. And servants were not what they used to be. Ills man, Simon Boschkov, seemed to take the liberty of having things outside the house to which he was attending, even now. Mr. Kras- sln did not nsk much, but It seemed to him that, tied as he was to his chair, or at least confined to his room, he had the right to look upon such neglect as a hardship. "May I sit with you tonight?" asked Musla. "I will be very quiet. Perhaps I cnn rood to you." "It will be very kind of you," sale the old judge; "but few people read the law with understanding." Musla settled down on a low chair at his feet and read. Sometimes he would correct her pronunciation, am once or twice he gave her a little lee ture on the law. He did not know that it was a wise old Aztec coming back to lecture on the laws of the Montessuinas—obsolete! After he ha( grown petulant because he wanted Simon Boschkov to put him to bed Simon really came with muttered excuses, and Musla told him to sit out side while she waited In his place be side the door of her father's bedroom She sat and listened—listened for the Terror announced by a ring at the door; or by hoavy trampling in th passages; or by stealthy footfalls In the hall; or by the bursting in o the door of her father's suite by n man in a peasant's stnock. What was to become of her? Fo the first time In her life she faced peril. For the first time In her life she pondered deeply her place lu the world, and her family nnd its place. In a way, she knew about her father and her mother. She knew that on her mother's side they were a great family—the Vaturlins; and that her mother had married the man who was known in all the conversations of her great relatives merely as "tills Mr. Krnssln," who was only a member of the small nobility. It was difficult to think of the solid plain lady who was her mother, as a little girl; but yet she had the aid of a.pastel which hung oo the waUg.of ' tms very room : a picture or sirs. Kras- sln as a child In a low-necked, slrevc- less dress, with ll.eht brown Imir hanging down her back, and a narrow blue ribbon across her forehead, and with a small dog in lior hands and a slightly frightened look In her eyes- Mrs. Krnssln nt thirteen. Now, with the frightened look occasionally returning, she had always been an Inevitable sort of person, who married 'this Mr. Krnssln" because other suitors did not sue. nnd she wished to be emancipated. She had controlled her, her worldly affairs, nil her life, with n virile grasp, enormously proud of her wealth, her power, her rank, her family. A hard woman, hut with one absorbing passion, her love for llyn her son—a passion which Ilya seldom suspected; for her every soft Impulse was In the list of Mrs. Kras- sln's secrets. The only strong person In the family—nnd she hnd not resented It when Vllinsky hnd done thnt. Whnt, then was to become of her, Musin, in this earthquake of society? As the night wore on, these reflections and the passage of time left her cnlmer. He was not coming tonight. Her mother, searching for her, finally came nnd found her daughter alseep by her father's door. She gently stroked Musla's hnlr, remembering her as a pretty toddling bnbc, when she prattled her first words—nnd what those words were. And then she remembered how as she grew taller, they had grown apart as the barriers of character and custom separated the older woman from the budding one. A sudden access of affection rolled over Mrs. Krassin's soul n<s slio looked down nt the prrlty and f;icc, so innocent In slorp, nt the cmcoful form and the slim hnmls ns If In ntixlely In her lap—nnd slip thought (if Vilinsky. She stooped and gontly kissed Musla's forehead. The girl started up screaming. "Oo not awaken your father, Mnroosln," said Mrs. Krnssln, standing erect. •was frightened," whispered "I thought some one tclsspd "I—I Musla. me." "I mn the only one here,' 1 said her inolhor. "I must have boon drpninlns.' 1 said Musla. Mrs. Krnssln walked quietly Into her husband's room nnd looked dmvn upon him sleeping. Much gentler wns sho than usual, ns she led the girl to her room ami told her It wns time for her to he nsleep. "I nm nfrnld to be nlone," snlil Musla. Mrs. Krnssln lay on n chaise-longue by the bod nnd held the young girl's hand. Mushi slept with long quiver- Ing sighs. The sun nt last shone In at the window. Quietly she nrose, looked down nt the girl for n moment, and tiptoed from the room. (To be Continued Next Week). Joyi of Self-Sacrifice "Husbands should share the house work with their wives," says n worn an's paper. We despise those selfish husbnnds who wnnt to dn It all them selves.—Boston Trnnserlpt. THE BOARD OF SUPERVISOR PROCEEDINGS ' Lawrence Brandt, labor Dr. 9 — Fullerton Lumber Co., supplies Dr. 68— (Continued from Preceeding Page). 2.00 K9.B5 1.55 Bnnclrye & Carpenter, supplies Dr. SO— George Looft, labor 24.80 Lawrence Brandt, labor 6.00 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., 8.00 15ay A. Marquis, labor and supplies 45.75 Dr. 82— D. A. Carpenter, supplies .. 1.45 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies 3.20 Dr. 83— Mllford Bllyen, labor 13.00 15.20 Haglund & Peterson, labor . . Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies 5.25 AV. H. Rlcklef, tile 2.00 Dr 111— Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies 3.CO Dr. 125— George Looft, labor 18.00 Lawrence Brandt, labor 14.00 Hay A. Marquis, labor 32.25 Dr. 152— George Looft, labor 14.00 Lawrence Brandt, labor 14.00 Ray A. Marquis, labor 2C.BO Elmore Cement & Tllo Co., supplies 8.50 Dr. 178— Humboldt Gravel & Tile Co., Est. No. 2 920.74 Kell & Hnlverson, est. No. 1 021.27 H.-K. 3-46— Thompson Yards Inc., supplies 13 Farmers Industrial Union, supplies • • • 1 Resolved: That county auditor Is lereby ordered and directed to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at tills meeting as shown 'by the "Schedule of claims" hereinbefore written as pel- vote on each individual bill. Ayea: On ™itidKon~bofird adjourned to nlno o'clock a. m. January 6, 1931. BERTHA E. JOHNSON. County Auditor. Auditor's office, January 0, 1931.— Board of supervisors of ICossuth coun- :y met pursuant to adjournment witl- all members present. Motion by Morris and second by Funnemark that the following pool- allowances for 1931 are hereby allow- Motion by Helicon nnd second by Morris that the Kofisuth County Ad- •ance, Upper DCS Moines-Republican of Mgnnn, lown, and Bancroft Register of Bancroft, Iowa, arc hereby appointed ns the official newspapers for 1931. A.VPS: nil. Motion by McDonald and second by Funnemark that farm bureau report ic approved nnd the sum of $5,000.00 H hereby appropriated to said organization for 19.11. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that fourth quarterly report of Bertha E. Johnson, county auditor, and Laura Palnc, county recorder, and L. E. Hovey, sheriff, are hereby approved. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m. board met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Morris and second by Funncmark that official bond of C. S. Pearson, first deputy auditor for $2,000.00 Is hereby approved. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Funncmnrk that following official bonds are hereby approved: Andrew Klbert. IT. L. McEnroe, Frank W. Kl- bert. Chris Dnhl, John Dempsey, W. P. Vnslco, H. E. Onddard, Ray E. Hanson, H. F. Gutknecht. J. E. Smith, A. L. liosworth, AV. 11. 1'atterson, Clare M. Erlckson. Henry Klepper, Leon J. AVor- den, Peter A. Selvig, AVm. Ilunchey, L. A. Barslou, Paul Selberg, J. 13. Kell, A. .T. Seller. Eleanor F. Potter, D. F. Schwletert, Henry Fox, D. C. Ellis, assessors each in the sum of $500.00; J. H. Sheridan, AVm. A. Cameron, M. P. McDonnell, L. A. AVinkel, C. Bchrman, Ilino A. Oeerdes. AA r . C Danson., justices of the peace, each In the sum of $500.00; Jake Keller, L. T. Griffin, AA r alter H. Steward, C. C. Wright, constables, each In the sum of $500.00. Ayes: all, Motion by Morris and second by E. J. Masters, AVhlttemore-, )er month. $10.00 Miss Lena Godfredson, Itonka, $20.00 Pe Mrs. 01 Agnes Tlbbetts, Algona, $30.00 per month. Mrs. Koscwnll Hunt, Bancroft, $10.00 per month. J II. Sheridan, rent for Mrs. Cayler,' Bancroft, $7.00 per month. Matilda Pommerenlng, Burt, Jl^.ou per month. Maria Teal, Algona, $10.00 per month. Mario Duncan, Bancroft, $15.00 pel- Mrs. AV. G. ICeepher, Algona, $15.00 Mrs n R M. Sarchett, Maple Hill, rent for Mrs. Harold Johnson, Bancroft, $10.00 per month. Mrs. Emma Beard, Algona, $15.00 per Mrs. Robert Curtis, board for Luella Duncan, $8.00 per month. Eliza Odell, Bancroft, $8.00 pel- Mrs.' Abe Lester, Lakota, $15.00 per month. Hllma Erlckson, Bancroft, $20.00 per month. J H. Sheridan, rent for Mary Kramer, Bancroft, $7.00 per month. John D. Magnusson, Algona, $15.00 per month. Dr. W. T. Peters, rent for Wm. Harsh, Burt $7.00 per month. Andrew Peterson, Algona, rent for Klnney, Burt, $12.00 per Mrs. Amos month. AV. C. liable, blind pension, $300.00 per year and county auditor authorized to issue warrants for said amounts. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by ITeiken that appointment of J. A. Mo- Donald as delinquent tax collector for 1931 Is hereby approved. Ayes: all. TTelken that Secondary Road petition No. 155 Is hereby placed on file. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris nnd -second by McDonald that Chas. B. Roupe. Algona, Is hereby refunded taxes on account of open ditch right-of-way on P. A.-K. Jt. No. 1: NWV1 NWVJ See. 34-96-30, 3.48 acres, and county .auditor Is hereby authorized to issue refund and abate snlil taxes ns case may be. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that Samuel L. Olson Is hereby Riven, permission to pay $1,000.00 on school fund loan. Ayes: all. Motion by Hellccn nnd second by Morris that H. M. Smith Is hereby appointed county engineer for 1931 nnd salary fixed at $300.00 per month and his bond fixed at $2.000.00; and D. a\ Nugent appointed assistant county engineer at a salary of $175.00 per month. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonold that Matt Holtzbauer is hereby appointed caretaker of court house grounds at a salary of $35.00 per month for year 1931. Ayes: all. Motion by Heiken and second by McDonald that Geo. Palmer is hereby appointed Janitor of court house at a salary of $85.00 per month. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Funnemnrk that further proceedings on Dr. 149 is hereby continued to July 7, 1931. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by Morris that AVm. McMahon is hereby refunded $4.30 for 1929 cons!, taxes on SR"4 NW'/i Sec. 9-90-29 on account of 4.65 acres not being deducted for gravel pit for year 1929, and county auditor is instructed to correct 1930 assessment. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Heiken that the salary of assessors for the various assessing districts are fixed as follows: for assessing lands ten per cent Increase over 1930 schedule plus forty per cent for making out data sheets and the 1(130 schedule for Plum Creek, Portland, Ramsey and Riverdalo townships Increased to thirty days as a basis for 11)31 salary, the 1 tolal salary for 1931 not to exceed the number of days herein after stilted at $•1.00 per day and In addition thereto township assessors are to receive 25c for each road poll tax collected. Ayes: all. TOWN— Algona Bancroft Burt Fen ton Lakota Ledyard Lone Rock . . . LuA'erne Swea City Tllonka Wesley AVhltteinoro . . TOWNSHIP— Buffalo Crcsco Hurt Eagle Fenton Gurf ield German Grant Greenwood . . . Harrison Hebron Irvington Ledyard Lincoln Lolts Creek . , LuVerno Plum Creek . . Portland Prairie Ramsey Itiverdalu Seneca Kheiniun .... Springfield . . Swea Union Wesley Whittomore . NAMIO 10. Jf. Bcurdsey .... R. 10. Goddard .... J. P. Cunningham . John Dempsey 11. F. Gutknecht .. Leon AVonlen Glen A. Sharpo D. C. Ellis Clare M. Erlckson John E. Kell Ilino A. Gerdes .. , Frank AV. Klbert Buy 10. Hiinscn It. F. Hawcott . .. lOleanor Potter . .. O. W. Berggren . , Fred Wegener . . . Henry Klepper Herman Ubben Paul Selberg W. P. Vaoko L. A. Barslou Peter Selvig A. J. Seller John 10. Smith ... W. II. Patterson . Andrew «I01bert . .. A. I'. ItoHworth .. II. MclOiiroe D. F Sehwietert . J. N. Ludwlg Henry Fox Win. Rmiehey .... Chris I mbl L. A. Johnson . . . Chas Hans S. A. Butcher . . . . AV. J. Horn-no Henry Nelson "Wash Harris DAYS AMT. .151 $010.00 40 ISM, 1 li '/. .27% 55 27Vj .35 '/j 32 GSVi 60V. 54 351/, 67 58W. G8»/i 36% 5 2 M; 40 .47% 06 40 47% 54 4 !) '/» 46 40 Of, 40 40 57 4U',L » 8 '/a 54 57 57 57 100.00 134.00 104.00 142.00 74.00 54.00 110.00 220.00 110.00 142.00 128.00 234.00 202.00 2 1C.00 142.00 228.00 234.00 234.00 142.00 210.00 184.00 190.00 2(14.00 ICO.Ofl 100.00 210.00 19S.OO 1S4.00 181.00 2(14.00 1S4.00 184.00 22S.OO 11)8.00 151.00 210.00 2!!8.00 228.00 228.00 On motion board proceeded with the auditing and allowing of bills as per schedule of claims hereinafter wrlt- sciii'inur-K OK CLAIMS. COUNTV FUND. Koch Brothers, supplies $ 79.35 Ruth Bishop, labor In treus. office ,-•••• Geo. Hanson, repairs and labor Botsford Lumber Co., supplies n A. Clark, supplies Chas. Morris, tel. expense .... Herman Ubben, att. assessor Advance'Pub.'Co'.,' pub. brd. proceedings Hagt'ard & Backus, pub. brd. 1.50 3.00 26.05 1.50 13.60 6.80 lOt.91 proceedings O. W. Erlckson Ildwe., supplies 71.46 2.IE COUNTV FUND—SCHOOL BOOKS. Laidlaw Brothers, school books 270.31 American Book Co., school honks 719.12 (jinn & Company, school books 027.84 Lyons & Carnuhau, school books 300.07 Charles Scrlbner's Sons, school books 175.17 Charles E. Merrill Co., school books A. N. Palmer Co., school books 117.14 Scott, Foresman & Co., school books 101.8 Macmlllan Company, school books 101-29 Educational Pub. Co., school E NEW FORD Every* »/ in a motor ear THE morn yon son of llio new Ford, the more you iTHline Ihnl il brings yon everything you want or need in a motor car. . . . And at an unusually low price. Its substantial beauty of line and color is apparent at n glance. Long, continuous service emphasizes the value of its simplicity of design anil tho high quality that has been built into every part. The new Ford accelerates quickly and it will do 55 to 65 miles ait hour. It is an easy-riding car hccuusn of its specially designed springs and four Houdaillc double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers. Il has fully enclosed four-wheel brakes and the added safely of a Triplex shatter-proof glass windshield. Operation and up-keep costs are low and il has the stamina and reliability thai mean thousands of miles of uninterrupted service. Sec the nearest dealer ami have him give you a demonstration ride in the new Ford. Check up every point thai goes lo make a good automobile and you will know it is a value far above the price* THE NEW Fonn Tuuoii SEDAN t,OW P II I C 15 S Off F0»» CAMS $43O to $63O F. It. n. Detroit, jilui freight anil ilMvtry. ttumpnrl and iparf lira extra lit tmall cult. Vnu can buy a Font lor a imeill down /m.rment ait a canvvHleiit financing plan. Sea yaur Fortl daalar lor i/efuUi. books 18.1!) Vobl) Book Pub. Co., school books 23.09 Vorld Book Co., school 53.39 roughton MlfClln Co., school books 65.38 .nurel nook Co., school books 7.47 B. Llppencott Co., school books 14.70 fenry Holt & Co., .school books 13.74 ullerton & Gray, school books 12.23 Crescent Printing Co., school books ".-13 POOR FUND. Mrs. C. M. Knudscn, labor .... 10.05 Smith Department Store, supplies 20.00 load's Cash Store, provisions . . 10.00 Mrs. Hattlo Lichlitcr, provisions 9.30 vennedy Brolhero, provisions .. 30.47 L A. Droessler, provisions . . . 14.85 I'hos. Akre, drovlslons 24.00 It. Hanson, provisions 17.03 Bruer. provisions 0.20 rimvos Sisters, provisions 15.00 Jelson Mercantile Co., provision 6.32 Ugona Coop. Cry. Co., provisions 18.00 loupe's Grocery, provisions ... 10.28 Moo & SJogren, provisions .... 18.24 A. W. .Turguns, provisions .... 0.45 W. A. Murray, coal 113.70 iolst'ord Lumber ("'o., coal .... 42.05 !urt Fanners Exchange, coal.. 35.25 W. T. Pellns, rent 7.00 Illiobu Guylor, rent 15.00 \. K. Pasloy, rent 15.00 "!. G. nourte, rent 10.00 l(inn>s Neville. Clothing 2.75 II. II. Brims, labor 2.50 ICossuth Hospital, moil, aid ... 248.75 Konefick K Crawford, med. aid 125.25 Hr. PieiTO Sartor, moil, aid .... 30.00 lir. Pierre; Sartor, med. aid .... 40.50 llr. F. L. Adams, ined. aid .. 40.00 10. Namliiln, coal 07.50 I.. Corlihi, med. aid 10.50 Dr. R. A. lOvans, med. aid 3:i.OD K. 1). James, sniiplles O.S5 :\ W. Lumiiuist, med. aid ...... 4.5(1 I. 10. Kell. funeral exp 00.00 nomild Weir, .supplies 8.0X lohn Loss, transp 13.00 ...Inoi- T. Sullon, office exp. .. 2.85 (li-ulmni f'omiiany, supplies .... 7.511 ICulin HI-OH., IKIRS 157.00 Frank Holderrmin. mereh.' 1.00 I'hos. Akre. provisions 89.58 I'Ji.'orgo Holtzbaucr. labor 4.98 \V. .1. I'ayne, paper 5.00 V. Ton-no, supplies 30.88 Fred Park, freight and wages.. 78.110 K. 1). .Ionics, .supplies 5.011 Illghley Chemical Company, supplies 12.50 Rotsford Lumber Co., supplies .. 7.20 Norton Machine Works, supplies 15.(!0 COURT FUND. L. 10. Hovey, conveying prisoners 5.40 Albert Ogr(;ii, mayor fee.s .... 3.00 A. Newvllle. marshal fees . . 1.9:1 T. B. ERADICATION FUND. Or. 10. Ci. Dunn, vet. .scrv 20.97 1NSTITUTIO FUND. Julius Moi'ims, lecture's 51.3F Arthur 10. Hennetl. lectures .... (15.00 Win. Shirley, printing unnuunc-c- inents "- 51 ) J. F. Overmyer, Janitor serv. ami fuel 1~'.5( W. H. Qmirton, lectnrn 10.00 A. 10. Partridge, lecturu 25.00 LIBRARY FUND. Rand Mc.N'ally & <-'o., books .... 23.47 John f!. Winston Co., books .... 113.30 Row, Petfi'son & Co., books .... 21.9C Laurel Book Co.. books 12.02 (jinn & Company, hooks 70.ns St. Paul Book At Stu. Co., books 37.3 Amerlean Book Co., books .... 123.0'J Thos. H. Johnson, apportionment 3.75 J. It. Buggs, apportionment. .. . l!.4;i lOdna M. Oliver, apportionment 18.00 Wm. Shirley, transp. und dray- ugo on books 5.20 Non-son & Co.. books 08.40 Tliomas S. Rockwell Co., books . . 38.23 KOAD MAINTENANCE FUND. J. F. Quinn, roud patrol 06.40 A. Sleiner, road patrol .... 15.00 telnder KromlnRn, rood patrol . 100.00 ohn Hansclman, road patrol .. 133.05 tort Shellmyer, road patrol .. 32.41 A'ni. Leeper, road patrol 87.00 71ydo Sanders, labor 52.00 'eter Movltlc, patrol GO.OO Folin Phillips, patrol 58.40 Odward Fuchson, patrol 94.00 ,ouls Scott, draBTRlng 4.12 3imo Eden, dragging 13.20 joyal dliiRerlch, dragging 11.25 John Q. Rlppentrop, dragging .. 6.00 eterson Brofv dragging 5.25 'rank Clnpsaddle, dragging .... 23.35 Albert Kressln, dragging .... 7.50 Albert Looft, dragging , 3.00 Jay Godden, dragging 9.75 A. J. Peterson, dragging 6.75 7url Zumach, dragging 20.25 Oloret Mlchaelson, dragging .. 10.50 August F. Mela, dragging 29.62 Tarry Rolilln, dragging 13.50 <\ X. Wllhelml, dragging .... 19.50 ;. 1C. Kohlhnas, dragging 15.00 Melvln P. Cody, dragging 15.25 Leonard Mlno,. dragging 5.25 Tolm H. Schueler, dragging . . . 0.38 W. F. Kelly, painting 5.60 Charles IStnanucl, labor 08.90 Lawrence Clnk, labor 53.93 'anl Phillips, labor 3.50 Tack Delaney, labor 17.50 Farihault Co., material and labor 158.31 Matt Laux, repairs 2.40 V). A. Shultx, supplies 3.25 Geo. Hanson, supplies 18.85 Frank 1'Malg, supplies 24.35 A. II. Ilundeby, supplies 10.20 J. M. Blanehard, supplies .... 83.20 O. W. lOrlckKon 1-Ulw., supplies 15.01 Leslie & Leslie, grading 21.26 Leo Delperdang labor 00.80 Norton Machine Works, supplies 243.02 W. 10. Naiidain. coal 20.50. Hdwln W. Lusby, supplies .... 29.35. 1C. D. James, supplies 3.45- S. U. French Lumber Co., supplies 52.SO' llotst'ord Lumber Co.. supplies . 22.7i> ICaln Brick & Tllo Co.. supplies 30'!.25 L. \V. Swanson, supplies 18.00' Farmers Stale Bank, furnace . 10.00 MM. Cont. I'etro Corp., fe'us .. !•>(',.5K Peerless Oil Co., gas 28? 22 Phillips Petroleum Co., gas .. 123.77 Joe I'Vascr, drugging 72.0'J DRAINAGE FUND. J; Dr. 2-- Liife Simmons, cleaning tile 252.0* Dr. ::-10. G. Stenstrom, repairing tile 7.60 ('. Albiu 1'eler.yon, repairing tile 4.00 Dr. 27 — K \\Vyerhaeuser Co., supplies 1.23 Dr. 31 F. Weyerhaeuser Co., supplies 2.2& Dr. CO — l'\ Weyerhaeuser Co., supplies 2.2& Dr. 73— Henry Fischer, labor 07.75 Dr. SO— I (1 . \Vcyerhaeuser Co., supplies 3.10 Dr. S2-- F. \\Yyerhaesuer Co., supplies 3.31 Dr. IK) K. Weyrliaes'.!" r Co., supplies l.oS. Dr. 1(12—!•'. Wcyvrhiu'.suur Co , supplies 1.U6" Dr. Ill —I 1 '. Weyerhaeuser Co., supplies 2.1* Dr. 120-F. Weyi-rhaeuser Co., supplies 3.&I Dr. 133-- lleiiry Fischer, labor 4.0» Dr. 152 — F. WcyerhaeuKer Co., supplies 5.81 Dr. 177-— Advance Pub. Co., pub. notice 4.40 10.-1C. Jt. 2-- lOlmore Cement & Tllo Co.. supplies 26.00 lii'solvcd: That county auditor ID hereby orderc-d and directed to Issuo warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting us shown by the "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written as per volu on each individual bill. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to nluo o'clock a. in. January 20th, 1931. BERTHA 10. JOHNSON, County Auditor.

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