The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 21, 1931 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1931
Page 8
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, January 21, 1931 THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS PROCEEDINGS Auditor's office January 2 1931.— feonrd of supervisors of Kossuth county met In regular cession v.-lth all members present find proceeded with auditing nnd allowing of bills. Motion by McDonald and second oy Helken that mluutr-s of last regular session nnd all adjourned sessions be approved as read. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m. hoard met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Heikcn and second by Funnemark that further proceeding on Dr 149 Is hereby continued to January 6, 1931. Aycn: all. The old hoard having no further business: on motion by Ileiken and second by Morris that old board adjourn. Board of supervisors of Kossuth county met as a new board with Hie following members present: Chas. Morris, P. J. Helken W. E. McDonald. Olaf Funnemark and F. J. llnlgonmn. Supervisors-elect F. J. Balgeman end Olat Funnemark were duly sworn !n ns supervisors of districts 1 and 3 respectively. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that F. J. Balgcman act as chairman of the board of supervisors for year 1931. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that following resolution he adopted: RESOLUTION. Whereas, the provisions of Section 7405 of Ihe code of 1924 requiring depository bonds for deposits of county funds In depository banks has been repealed, and Whereas, the law as H now exists exonerates the depository banks from giving bonds, and provides for a sinking fund for the protection of public deposits, Now, therefore, be It resolved by the board of supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, that Harry N. Kruse, as treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa is liereby directed to deposit funds In the depository banks hereinafter mentioned, which are liereby designated and approved as depositories of the public funds of Kossuth county, Iowa, toivil: Kossulli Counly State Bank, Algona. Jowa SSate Bank, Algonn. State Bank of Ledyard, Ledyard. Farmers Savings Bank, Ledyard. Tltonka Savings Bank, Tltonka. Exchange State Bank, Wesley. Farmers & Traders Savings Bank, Bancroft. Lone Rock Bank, Lone Hock. Farmers State Banif, Whitlemore. Bank of LuVerne, LuVerne. Farmers & Drovers State Bank, Lakota. Citizens Savings Bank, Lakota. Fenton Stale Bank, Fenton. Farmers Savings Bank, Swea CHy. People's Savings Bank, St. Benedict Farmers Trusl & Savings Banks, Buffalo Center. First National Bank, Buffalo Center. And thai all public funds now In the possession of said county treasurer, or hereafter coming Into the possession of the said county treasurer of Kossuth counly, Iowa, shall he deposited In said banks hereinbefore designated, and the said county treasurer Is hereby authorized and required to uso said banks as such depositories; that the maximum amount of county fund.-j authorized to be deposited In said banks, which are hereinbefore approved ns depositories for said ' county funds, shall bo as follows: Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, $400,000. Iowa State Bank, Algona, $400,000. Stale Bank of Ledyard, $65,000. Farmers Savings Bank, Ledyard, $65,000. Tltonka Savings Bank, Tltonka, $85,000. Exchange Stale Bank, Wesley, f33 000. Farmers & Traders Savings Bank, Bancroft, $85,000. Lone Rock Bank, $G5,000. Farmers Slate Bank, Whlttemoro, $85,000. Bank of LuVerne, $85.000. Farmers & Drovers Slato Bank, Lakota, $06,000. Citizens Savings Bank, Lakota, $C,r,,- 000. Fenton Stnte Bank. Fenton, $85,000. Farmers Savings Bank, Swca City. $85/100. Peoples Savings Bank, SI. Benedict, Farmers Trusl Sr Pavings Bank, Buffalo Center, $25,000. First National Bank, Buffalo Center. $25.000. And hereafter the said county treasurer shall keep th? public funds be- lonerlnfr to said county In said depositories not exceeding the maximum amount hereinbefore authorized In any one bank so designated. Adopted this second dny of January. 1931. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnomark nnd second by Helken thnt appointments of follov.-- Inor deputies and clerks are hereby approved and salasks for 1931 fixed as follows: r. S. Fenrson, first depuul" auditor. $]]n.(m per month. H. 10. Harttelt. second deputy auditor. $!>o.oft prr month. Irene Vaudt. clerk In auditor's office. $75.00 per month. E. F. Griffith, deputy treasurer, $125.00 per month. C. W. Pearson, auto clerk. $125.00 per mon t h. Helen Dickinson .deputy reconle-r. $.ino.oi.t ju>r month. Clara Reynolds, deputy clerk of court, $90.00 per month. E. I,. Ilrc-rls. deputy cheiiff. $i:*.<" per month. Ayes: nil. Motion by Funnom.irk nrd sci-ord >•;• Heiken thai official bond of He-;! s K. Johnson, county auditor, for J5.i\'-,H' ,'v is hrn-hv approved. Ave?: fill. Motion by Morris ar.-.l r. co-,i >.-- lli'lken that fcllowinp ofTU'la! tro«'.< 5-: approved: Everett L. Hs-ri?. *U p-•!*.>• sheriff for S2.000.00: H, F- second deputy auditor for Ji.C'f:-. Iren^ Viiiidt, clerk in^r s ••>fT:>t- '-• r $1.000.00: Clara Reynolds >:er«!y clerk t?; court, for $1.000: Helen Pio'slnsor. deputy recorder, for ?1.00>>: _C. W^ SV*^son. auto clerk, for $?.'.'-"'0; r.^rl ?. Griffith, deputy treasurer ttt $J .•'•'.•>. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald find sscoria, tr Funnemnrk thnt followine is tr-.e amount of ca?h counted in various o~i'-<es on January 1. 1931: County auditor, cash, $13.00. Kirk. $1.296.19'. County recorder, cash, $2?.30. tar.k, $696.55. Clerk of district court, cash $;S.JS. bank, $1,725.31. County treasurer. cash. $3,065.06. bank, $592,366.13. Ayes: all. On motion board proceeded with auditing and allowing of bills ns per schedule of claims hereinafter wrltlen: SCHEDULE OP CLAIMS. COUNTY FUND. Sid Backus, postage auditor's office $ 10.00 City of Algona, light service .. 23.96 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., lelc- phone service 122.5 Fred C. Wegenor, assessor meet- i Ing J. 10. Smith, nsscssor meeting.. . W. llrrjxffren. assessor meet- Ing John l>einp^ey. assessor mooting Glen A. Slir.rp. assessor merlins: W. II. Patterson, assessor moet- inrr II. I,. McEnroe, assessor mrolin.C Chris i'nhl. nss-i'esor mooting .. Frank W. Elbc-rt, assessor meet- Ins- L. A. Johnson, assessor meeting Wash Harris, assessor mooting. John X. t.udwltt assessor meet- IHK A. J. SeHor, asnessor mer-tinR .. 1\ E. Ellis, assessor men Ins .. Henry Fox, assessor meet inn .. Chns. Una?, assessor nifcilnp. . l!nv E. Hnnsen, nsrcsrnr mc-c-t- IIIR A. 1. Boswor'.h, assessor rrif-f-l- liiiC: H. E. Uoddnnl, asssrssor meit- Inif Prior A. sclvifr. assessor meet- ln»r John Kohlwcs, trustee mo-ftlns Pctrr Klbort. tnist-c rift tins.. Albert IVtTfl!?. tluslfv reootirK Win. Mtyrr. tni<=ue rupth-.E. . John H^llninn. trusts-? meotlns AMor. Stvrk. trustee rnoetinsr .. .:. S. Fr.. e:trk. tri:*!;v r-'.t'et'ne. . V.tvv-rof! i;cpi?:er. p-.ib. tr-.i. pro- iou.i >(•:•- 7orv.,v!.i I:'?, A«n'. :::>;:'.*'- \^ J'rv*. K:-'<--:-. -.Uu>; c.i.*•-' w^rr-.irtt \ A :•".'.-:sv A".>;-,o.i:-.' w;\r- 6.1D'I 7.10 4. SO 6.5" 5. SO f.,50 S.OO 5 f>fl 6 2fl f, 00 Lori-n llyora. draeplng J. A. Strnyer. rtrnprglnpr Hi-rm:in Sodfrbers. drnprrlnff M'. R. Smith. drapKlnp Thoodnre llii-rstcdl. drnpslnc Jo'in Hisrnlns. dratcplnir .... lOlner Hock. dniRRlnct oh- 1.. Johnnsun. rtrnsrplnfJT K. O. Ewoldt. drne-Rtnp .... Albert Wittkopf, drniririntr .... L K. Muollf-r. draeffitiK C. E. Johnson, dr.ijrpine F. W. Var.fierr.inn. drapsrlnp .... Cbr'ster I..imor<>u\. road patrol. \\'m. iV I.iuiiviir. i-oiid patrol .. Elmer Ew ins, rond patrol S. !>. Mcnon.ild. rond patrol .. J.i'.-k T. Lynch. ro;id patrol .... Tom \\Vir. read i>ntrol Vltoii IVttlt. i-ontl patrol H.ins W. NVtlsen. roail patro' .. Cl-.ostrv Aline>. ron-.l p;<tro! .! H Mont^omory, road patrol .. John S Nelson, road patrol .... F-lmer G. lUbson. labor i .1. F. . 5 50 '*.<>'> IS."' 1 16.00 10 n:. 4. SO t.\! i-;.-.•! H.iTri?. •*-••:-'£ IP. clerk's ' ••?. K f.-^- 1 {r'-"#'; i; ' ..itt. a??vs?or X -s . • • '..-.... "..r-r. L5'-ir«-.-»i:. ap- olVc. SI.0) ^* 01 1S.OJ s.oo |:-t:i'-*." i."~frr:':-jLl Co.. s.'.:pplios .. ' ' ~i*•< M.'i^.;:t liubber Stamp j v-:-:i";.:ti.t Su-.jty Cc-rr.pany. pre- j raiurr: CT Co tr<?a?. bond .... I Wr-. S>.ir;-.'y. ;i^j:as# %i off. ex- i ;>'"-;' \3eCI.i,!r C'.'n'.rar.y. supplies .... I T>";'-.^vriter Exch;\nce Inc.. sup- George Schumacher, unclaimed fees 10.00 George F. Graham, bounty .... 1.30 H. M. Smith, salary 300.00 Sid J. Backus, postage 2.SO Bertha E. Johnson, office expense 4.5i F. J. BalRcman, comm. & session 198.3!; W. E. McDonald, comm. & session 207.70 Olaf Funnemark, comm. & session 217.70 Chas. Morris, comm. & session.. 275.10 P. .7. Helken. nomm. & session . 222.15 R. F. Hawcotl, assessor meeting 5.20 Eleanor F. Potter, assessor meeting 4.60 J. P. Cunningham, assessor meeting 5.00 Clare Erlckson, assessor meet- Ing- C.SO Wm. Ttunchey, assessor meeting 5.00 H. F. Gutknecht, assessor meeting 7.00 D. F. Schwietert, assessor meeting ....' 6.00 W. P. Vaske, assessor meeting 5.80 W. J. Bourne assessor meeting 5.00 Henry Nelson, assessor meeting 6.20 Andrew Elbert, assessor meellng 9.30 U A. Barslou, assessor meollng 6.60 Henry Klepper, assessor meellng 6.50 Paul Selberg, assessor meellng 7.00 S. A. Bulcher, assessor meeting 7.80 / ANTHRACITE A BITUMINOU5 AM SO CLEAN —THAT IT LEAVE A WHITE ,- MARK'ON MAH / FACE/ Quality of fuel comes first with P. S. 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Grier, court reporter Mathew C. Grier, court reporter Mat hew C. Grier, court reporter R. K. Davidson, court reporter Mathew C. drier, court reporter If. J. TCittleman, court reporter Mathew C. Grier, court reporter 7. Hehrmann. j. p. fees ",'arl Ualillintiser. marshal fees .. t. A. Palmer, bailiff States Cafe, meals for jurors .. Vallle M. Trlb.on, serv. as bailiff "I. K. Davidson, court reporter 2.00 10 0'> isiis 11.20 350.00 97.63 6.63 4.33 9.41 S.01 9S.69 5.50 130.60 3.97 43.27 78.00 100.00 2.71 401.52 2.50 7.00 7.00 38.00 51.00 66.SO 2.30 .95 S.10 9.00 72.35 15.00 100.70 16.00 n;.,'o 2^.00 16.00 108.1'J 115.00 3.50 36.00 20.30 6.00 144.90 Hisonius. labor Morscb. labor C.oodnmn Inbor re Looft. l;»bor A. Mar<i«i«. labor . . . Everts, labor Jordan, labor I'bbt- Winter, labor Jute Pflfi-rt. labor Wm. Hanlcopf. dracsnns Ki>hlran» H.Uve., supplies Nommors Hd«•»>.. supplies C. S. Johnson, supplies A. H. Fucks, supplies Kir.tlrye * Carpenter, supplies Hovey .<• Pehrson. supplies .... tleorce Holtsbauer. supplies . . Khmkt" Impl. Co.. supplies Kohlhaas Hrcs. Garase. supplies Ed. rn.tcrdahl. labor H A. l?a;e? supplies F;«lk Motor Co.. supplies s\ve;\ Mot-T Co. labor W. K. Gutkneeht. svippHes .... F. Olson, supp'.ies OH? Kichter. labor Fay F. Minard. labor W. F. iiutohlnson. dray serv. .. Pearly C. H<y.ies. luuiUnp sand Haclur.d & Peterson, Inbor . Walter Schwartz, labor . . . J. E. Kelt, stove for oo. shed .. n. U l-^dirett. supplies 15S.2S A. F. Anderson, labor 19.20 Swan Nelson, labor and supplies 29.55 Lone Rock Tel. Co-, tel. serv. .. 15.00 John F. Hints, grading Ci. F. Towne. supplies W> E. McDonald, supplies .... Lone Rock Exchange Co.. tile .. Vern Lunn. (Travel haullnp .... John A. Erlckson. gravel haul- 91 SO 2.01 3.50 :t 11 2 ".SO tt.4!l 270.00 S 50 41.59 47.SS 4.09 1.4S 2.00 . 7.00 S.63 10.00 10.6.1 iiiio 1.50 19.30 13 J.I 3 25.90 lO.O'i . 3S.60 3.00 11.25 13.75 17.50 14.52 20.75 11.6! 4.00 4.00 15.00 INSANE FUND. Clark Orton, clerk's fees 31.50 A. Hutchison, commissioner.... 15.00 C H. Cretv-meyer, commlsskiner 15.00 POOR FUND, linor Sutton, transportation exp 12.00 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. serv 20.21 Sllnor T. Sutton, transportation exp 32.00 Karl Krebs rent 24.00 A. E. Pasley, rent 15.00 IMiarles Stripling, rent 17.00 Sidney Rosenstiel. rent 24.00 C. E. Rohlln, renl 50.00 Mrs. John Spllles, rent 15.00 •Ugona Hospital, med. aid .... 213.00 "Cenefiick & Crawford, med. aid ,1.52 0. W. Lusby, supplies 4.25 1. A. Dcvine, med. aid 29.25 I. L. Williams, med. aid 30.00 lai-field Erickson, provisions .. 3.10 Ollls Hunchey, provisions 15.00 lite Wily Grocery, provisions .. 2l.*'0 t. A. Clark, provisions 15.00 McFarland & Walker, provisions 60.58 ionnan Wise, provisions 15.00 los. F. Menke, provisions 6.20 Mrs. E. Johnson, provisions .... 16.C>.5 Kennedy Brothers Co., provisions 30.45 lOrneHt lloyd. provisions S.6ti Algona Co-Operative Cry, provisions 15.90 Ernest Hoyd, provisions 22.'JS W. 11. Rlcklefs, coal 6.00 Fullerton Lr. Co., coal 20.In l-'red Andi-rson, eoal 29.25 K. S. Norton & Son. coal 45.4J K. }>. James, supplies 9.17 Van A. Hanson, hoard & room 30.00 ['blie Bocki.-lman, labor 5.45 Floyd O. Pash.-y, light serv 1.80 A. II. Fuclis, funeral exp ')~- 00 lOIinor T. Sutton. expense. Kohlhaas Bros., supplies L. 10. Hovey, lohn Hegarty, serv. notices.... labor Farmer Kiev. Hobarton. tile Elmore Cement & Tile Co.. tile Henry W. Kolilhaas. labor .. Axel Erlckson, labor Connie Doyle, bal. due Hacrlund & Peterson, labor -.J. A. Roberts, repair on bridge 212.20 F. S. Norton & Son. supplies.. 4S.9S Northern Lumber Co.. supplies.. 302.50 Fullerton Lumber Co., supplies. 39.35 Thompson Yards Inc., supplies 5.S5 Fred Anderson, supplies 23.S3 Central States Elec. Co., light serv 2-7S Interstate Power Co., light serv. 7.95 Barton Warner Co.. supplies 2515.CO Glhbs Cook Tractor & Equip. Co.. supplies 424.99 Pink Supply Co.. supplies 7.95 Iowa Machinery & Sup. Co., prepaid express 84.15 H. Channon Company, supplies 7.10 J. D. Adams Company, supplies 39.41 Gross Tractor & Equip. Co., supplies 11.40 Austin-Western Road Macli. Co., supplies 30.00 Wood Hydraulic Hoist & Body Co., supplies 26.32 Tavlor Steel Products Co., supplies 33.63 Sargent Machine Company, supplies 45.00 Greimun Ditcher Co., supplies 25.90 Gross Tractor & Equipment Co., supplies 7.66 .las. A. Smith Lumber Co.. supplies 054.60 Wheeler Lumber Bridge & Sup. Co.. supplies 786.60 Standard Oil Company, gas .. 165.85 CONSTRUCTION FUND. J. A. Roberts, bridge 77.40 1. A. Roberts, bridge 145.80 Don T. Nugent, asst. engineer . 175.00 E. Hines, moving rock 108.50 DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND. Alt L. Sluder, loss of sheep,.aqxt., claimed $90.00 ...... NoT" anowea Joe Von Bank, loss of sheep, ami. claimed $20.00 Nol allowed Louis Goetz, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $50.00 Not allowed Geo. C. Jenson, loss of sheep, ami. claimed $30.00 Nol allowed W. J. Fuess, loss of sheep, ami. claimed, $144.00 .., Nol allowed Gllberl Nelson, loss of rabblls, amt. claimed $110.00 Not allowed Richard Banwart, loss of rabblls, amt. claimed $48.00 Not allowed Lawrence Walters, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $100.00 ....Not allowed P. H. Brethorst, loss of cows, amt. claimed $125.00 Not allowed Albert Loolt. loss of sheep, amt. claimed $20.00 15.00 Martin Geerdes, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $15.00 J. P. Kirsch, loss of sheep .... Bert Quinn, loss of sheep .... Claude Seeluy, loss of sheep, ami. claimed $10.00 R 11. BcrnliiRliaus. loss of sheep, amt. . claimed $100.00 Carl H. Paetz, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $110.00 120.00 Joseph G. Miller, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $60.00 Peter Looft, loss of sheep .... Henry Frlesenborg, loss of slieep, ami. claimed $96.12 .. C. C Foster. loss of sheep .... H. H. Feldick, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $20.00 Ellis Jain, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $1K.OO Walter .lent/., loss of sheep .... Alfred Jergenson, loss of sheep (i. A. Jensen, loss of sheep .. ilm P. Heiderscheldt, loss of '.'.:>') 10.00 -J/ie. YARD THAT SAOES AND SATISFIES'' Only for comp/efe ELECTRIC VAPORIZER The famoui, improved Turpo Electric Vaporizer costs only 23c complete with five feet of cord and ready to u&e, when you buy a regular lx jar of Turpo, the Vaporizing Ointment. A regular $2.25 value for only 9£c. Breaks a Coid Right Up This Turpo Electric Vaporizer combination is ideal for colds, sore throat, sinus trouble. It is invaluable /or children's cougha and colds, croup and congestion. Get it now. Don'l delay! 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Kohlliaaw, dragging . l-jlllnu Merllnson, dragging .... llarni Mocckliiilt, dragging .... (•li.-n W. Jeiikln, dragging .... f.'rawford Bros., dragging \V. P. Vaskis, dragging Fred Barney, dragging Albert Si-healler, dragging .... Olu M. Jtuvn, dragging 15.75 13.50 6.75 4.1 1 1L2< 18.0'J 47.25 18.75 24 00 43.12 12.00 8.62 11.25 13.50 18.75 9.00 22.50 12.00 1.87 5.25 29.2 i 3.00 6.63 36.00 14.25 16.50 76.50 58.50 39.11 34.50 3.75 01.CO 54.75 3.93 20.25 7.13 14.57 9.00 18.00 10.00 45.00 36.00 S.OO 80.00 60.00 32.00 73.95 34.00 15.00 15.00 38.00 20.00 65.00 40.00 204.00 Harry ITaase, loss of slieep .... !0i man H. Hansen, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $24.00 Hoy Mlno, loss of sheep M. 'L. Mann, loss of slieep, amt. claimed $20.00 Chaw. Larson, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $12.00 Herman Galiel, loss of sheep .. Lou Gauge-, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $36.00 Herman Gabel, loss of sheep, ami. claimed $15.00 II. \V. Glide, loss of sheep Martin Geerdes, loss of slieep .. Homer Gregory, loss of sheep, unit, claimed $52.00 39.20 II. .1. Guide, loss of sheep, amt claimed $50.00 lii-n Gcrher, loss of sheep, aint. claimed $30.00 25.00 i' Lai-sen, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $20.00 30.00 I.on Gauge, loss of sheep, amt. rlaimed $i;o.OO Hi-nry A. Klocke, loss of sheep Otto Kmidsoii. loss of sheep .. liavlil C. King, loss of sheep .. HI-HI y Kollascli, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $10.00 A. J. Krausi-. loss of nbi-ep .... Jiavlil Kropf. loss of slieep, ami. clainu-d $-'8.00 .lav liudlnng, IOKH of sheep .... ils'iii lin.s., loss of sbi.-c[. I/. A. liar.slon, II/HS of sheep, amt. 22 00 8.00 14.00 12.00 20.00 28.80 12.00 25.00 15.00 40.00 49.00 100.00 65.00 15.00 8.00 35.00 24.00 354.00 20.00 12.00 $ 1 5 00 lI>T!niin lilersii.dt, loss of sheep, ami. claimed $103.00 81.00 Joi- Hulk, loss of slieep, amt. claimed $15.00 Wm. II. Payne, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $15.00 Albert HwaiiBon. loss of sheep, amt. claimed $35.00 lOdward M. Kelvlg, loss of sheep 10.00 \. Kc.hrain, loss of sheep, ami. claimed $30.00 MUKIIIIN Rahm, loss of sheep .... J. 10. Young, Ions of sheep, ami. claimed $23.00 Anton Uahl, loss of sheep .... 12.00 12.00 30.00 25.00 1C. 00 12.00 10.00 H, W, POST Dray and Transfer Phone 298, Algona, Iowa Long DUtance Hauling. Every load insured against loss or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of and hauling. 32-W these outstanding Chevrolet values «475 :„«. .* 195 •545 PtiArton HorulMrr lrir/> riimbf« ifa\ Th* C.oaels .•••., Srdnn ....*.. Special rquipmrnt txtra. AHprlrrnf. o. b. Flint, Michigan Stnntlnrt! Coupe .*..*• SlHntlnrit Flvc- Wlndow Coupe . Sport Omnci trit/i rumble tteat StnndaM Srdun Before investing your money in n new ntiti 1 -- niobilc, you will find it worth while first to learn what Chevrolet has to ofTcr. Each of the nine new models is n fine car—a quality product throughout. Each is designed, built, finished and equipped to standards that arc entirely new in the low-price field. 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Hlldman, loss of geese, amt claimed $4.00 i'"iV Geo B. Sonnenberg, loss of colt, amt. claimed $45.00 •••,-••••.•,• Claude A. Seeley, loss of colt, amt. claimed $80.00 George G. Eden, loss of steers; .. Clarence Watson, loss of heifer, ami. claimed $52.50 •••••••••• Marlin Berhow, loss o£ heifer, amt. claimed $30.00 • E. C. Behnkendorf. loss of calves, amt. claimed $a4.00.. Ben Franzen, loss of heifer, amt. claimed $70.00 ...;•• ••• • • • • • Henry Ploeger, loss of calf, ami. claimed $25.00 Carl Watson, loss of steer .... II F Gutknecht, loss of calf, ami. claimed $2000 ..... claimed $90.00 ••••••• • • •: Carl Christ, loss of hogs and roosters, amt. claimed $!J.jU Joe Cink, loss of shoat, amt. C C J-f Bunting"! losu'of hogs, amt. "claimed $4b.OO •••••• II F Anderegg. loss of sows, 'amt. claimed $30.00 • C II Bunting, loss of hogs, amt. claimed $36.00 • C R McVeigh, loss of Hog, amt. claimed $19.00 • W J Butler, loss of sow, amt. claimed $40.00 • •• Robert Boettcher, loss of hogs, amt. claimed $43.16 • H 1 PresthiiH, loss of hogs, amt. 'claimed $32.50 • H I Presthus, loss of hogs, amt. claimed $30.00 ..•••• .• Otto Will-erg, loss of hogs, amt. H. Cl A. m iYales,' loss 'of sow, ami. John p"liyso'n, loss of hogs, amt. claimed $72.00 • J. E. Tulkarnp, loss of hogs, amt. 10.00 90.00 8.00 84.00 16.00 3.90 4.00 18.50 12.50 6.00 14.85 2.80 30.00 40.00 CO.OO 45.00 24.00 45.00 55.00 15.00 35.00 15.00 -10.00 24.00 40.00 8.00 14.40 20.80 72.00 16.70 12.80 44.00 25.00 30.00 16.00 32.00 41.00 26.00 24.00 89.25 25.00 54.00 claimed $23.62 17,00 Henry Schmidt, loss of hogs, amt claimed $46.00 36.00 J. C. Seegebarth, Jr., loss of hogs, amt. claimed $30.00 25.00 Wm. Stell, loss of hogs and calf, amt claimed $105.00 80.00 R. F. Elvidge, loss of hog, amt. claimed $12.00 10.00 E. W. -RelHy. loss of hog, ami. claimed $30.00 25.00 Chas. Kollasch, loss of'hog, ami. ami. claimed $33.00 26.40 Louis Kaphengsl, loss of hog, amt. claimed $20.00 16.00 Gerrll Gray, loss of hog and ducks ,amt. claimed $15.60 .. 9.80 Wm. McMahon, loss of hog .... 18.00 Jay Budlong, loss of sheep, ami. claimed $539.50 321.00 George Bruellman. loss of geese, amt. claimed $37.80 25.20 R. B. Chambers, loss of sheep, ami. claimed $12.00 10.00 Albert Frllz, loss of calf, amt. claimed $40.00 20.00 Chas. Garber, loss of sow, ami. claimed $26.00 24.0» i A. H. Htncs, loss of cows, amt. claimed, $100,00 60.0» Ellis Jain, loss of steer, amt. claimed $40.00 5.00 M. J. Kern, loss of sheep, amt claimed $12.00 10.0* Ira Kohl, loss of pigs, amt claimed $21.00 14.4» Elling Mortlnson, loss of sheep, amt. claimed $25.00 12.5* Roy Mlno, loss of lamb 5.09 Theo. H. Rlke, Jr., loss of hogs, amt. claimed $30.00 15.0* B. F. Sharp, loss of sheep, amt claimed $20.00 10.0» Frank Tomlln, loss of sheep, ami. claimed $90.00 60.00 Sam Winter, loss of sheep .... zO.Ot DRAINAGE FUND. Dr. 3 — Ray A. Marquis, labor and repairs 4.0* George Looft, labor and repairs 2.8» (Continued on Next Page.) ose 1. To pay doctor bills. t. To refinance your car «n4 reduce payments. I. To buy livestock or chickens. 4. TO GET OUT OP DEBT — by grouping scattered bills where one uniform small payment can be made each month. PAYMENT SCHEDULE f 50— Rtvur $ 3.05 ii Month $100— Hen/ $ 7.05 > Month $200— lUjiay $14.10 a Month -. $300— Hem/ $21.1« • Month ' Your furniture, auto and live- dock may be u»ed an wcurlty. W* will b« glad to talk with you (confidentially, of court*) about arranging * loan to meet your need*. See CUNNINGHAM & LACY Algona Phone 598 Representing Federal Finance Co. De* Moines Telephone Service was faster and better after girls replaced boy operators B OYS served as operators at the early telephone switchboards. "Writers of that time report that an exchange was "a perfect bedlam." Boys as operators proved to be complete and consistent failures . . . whittling switchboards, berating subscribers, playing tricks with the wires . . . they could not be controlled nnd by general consent they were abolished and replaced by girls. A telephone call under the boy regime usually meant tumult and Ecveral minutes waiting; with K\ih as operators, it meant silence and a matter of seconds, The quiet voice, the deft fingers, ihe patient courtesy and attcntiveness —these feminine qualities are precisely what the telephone requires in its attendants. Today in the hundreds of exchanges which this Company* operates, thousands of girls with flying fingers are shuttling the cordu which weave together the speech of farm and town and city. Near a switchboard, you sense something of unerring speed ... each girl at her position ... in the larger offices back of each group a supervisor ... a line officer of the telephone legions . . : alert, keenly watchful to ece that no operator is ovei- loaded with calls, none idle . . . seeing that the cords aro handled without confusion, calls answered within a few seconds. Each operator, each supervisor, feels that hers is the responsibility for "getting the message through" ... for making each connection as accurately, courteously and promptly as is humanly possible. ffoi/s were failures as Telephone Operators Our Policy i The moat telephone service and the belt at Ihe lean cost to the public. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY .JL Tlio NoKliwcitoru Bell Telephone Coupm?, wUcb opcritei lit ihc ,iolti of ** Iowa, Mliinoioti, Ncbimka, North «ud South Dukolu, li «n A«uciuled Company of the Hell Kjdcm. It o»ni and operate* uioio ll:au <J50,OUO tvlc[ih-jnti. In luici couuect with mote than 900,000 IclopUouci of other corajianlci la Ilicio five >l>t» mil with nearly 90,000,000 othcn throughout the United State* and la fiuclta ceualrloi. It eaiployi mote lUau 12,000 weu auil women.

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