Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 27, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 27, 1896
Page 5
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1 ! "~ Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER To ±rior n tl.e art of Tailoring bat I admit that I sell cheaper It don't cost anything to look over my stock a,d ask the price if you place your order with me *nd I don't suit you! dont wani you to take the clothes. Of course you won't order f ?he pnce don't suit- I am showing all the latest styles and patterns In Fall Woolens, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. H. 0. TUCKER, Rob Roy. Rot) Roy, The very latest in SHOES for children, See our show windows Full of the handsomest new st)le shoes ever shown in the city. Stevenson & Klinsicl 403 Broadway. THE FIRS1 nATIONAL BANK -OF — LUGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL 9200.OOO. 'i. J. Murdock, P«". W. W. Row. J. F. Broataneyer, Ai»t. Ca»n. DIKECTOBS: W . T . BanklnK In nl; its Departments promptly to* CuZner. a** Stockholder., CATARRH We poBltlvelr state that thU remedy does not contain mercurf or any other Injurious drng. ELY'S IflREAM BALM ClesnsestheNasalPaj- senses of taste nod smell. IT WILU CURE. A particle is applied Into »ath nostril nnd Is umeabid. Mice 50 cents at Druggist* or br mall. Samples JOc, bj mull. E-==a=B=B== DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY, SEPT. 27, 1806. Wanted.-A good girl at 200 North Sixth street. •Hove Hadley Bros.' wagon coM Monday for your laundry. Fit, quality and low prices rule In our t-lotli dopartnjomt.— Trade Palace. If yon want pure spices for your preserves yon -can get them at Ben Filter 1 * dmg 'store. Domt miss seeing, those capes at the lowest prices nnmcd (or relln.Wc goods, — Trade 'Palace... , ' ' ' A complete line of heaters and cook stores 'at the new'stove' store:— Flame- gin's, 310 Market street. Dr. Theodore Horton dJed yesterday ait >Blirfliton. He was ow?' of the test- known 'pUysloI'iwiis 'Iti Northern ln- dJann. '. • . . Prof: CrnnvfortV cliolr :nnstei- from Jva,porte, 'will piny ,,nt- -tho Trinity ... EpLscopnJ cihurfch to'day.- Tie Trinity vested, choir -has .Ueeii reorganized. . How 'is yow.L'tver"?' Cure tihat.'rack- •los licadhlchie.. Dr. :Bobbs Little: 'IJver PWs will, do.it— and do it qulcily. For solo. in-i..ogansport,:T)y-iBen Flalvor and '- ' '' . J.'.B. Button' wIlL edit the Morndng .n'epprter'lnt .South' ,:?end as clrcum- stances , -preveBt.J. ; J). Greening from •„ founding 'iJiiit^apor^. The first Ifesoe " ' will appear Octoffier 7. It" Is claimed ' • the subscription list 'has been raJsed to 'over 2,000. . ' EAIUR.OAD JlEiN MOVING. Indiaiiwipotls Jourmil: Thie (Uspntclies show 'tliin.t the ineefltajj of railroad men ut Tea-re Haute on Thursday niplit was one of the Inrgcst and •most enthusiastic of the ciunpalgn tflins' 1'nr. In rosi>cct of originnl n.ud parade fenftu-es It hns not liad equal so far as the Journal knows. MroMl men ore inrcntlve, energetic nrnd full of resources, nad -whca tliey se-t .Tbout doing a .tilling of itlwit kind they the sure to succeed.' As .mere ex- of mechanlcnl Ingenu.lity and object lessons In skilled workmanship same features'of. the TeiTe Haute d«m- onstrattan must h'ave been interesting oxut.?ikle of politic-nil consi'deraittons. Tfi« orgnin-lzaitilon of railroad men is likely to be ft memorable feature of this memoi-;ible campaign. N'o otlior class of citiy.ens are more'famWnr with the routine methods of organization than rafllroad men, a.nd none can organize more rapidly for a.ny puri>ose. In fact,' they nrc orgamlzefl on the time wlnlle they do not .often imkc n distinctive ixirt in polities, -taioy have conchided, .at least a. large majority o£ tliemlMiiVC,-that the public wdfare, the. goneral prosperity, the interests of the i-aJlroads, and, consequently, their own interests wll be promoted by tlie success of the pnrtj- and the .candidate- that stands .for sound money and protection to Amertam industries, Tlicy know that-the success of Bryonlsm, Altjtcdddsm .and c-hflap money would be •a.'tcrr-ilble blow to tihe railroad business, and tlinlt they and'thislr famll'ies would suffca-. For this reason, as well probably as because they are convinced it to best for the. country at large, a TOTJ- large nwjori'ty of tOiom'wlU vote for McKinley. A'few days ago eleven traitas of 10S 'cars carried 0,000 railroad omployes to Onnton^ .where they pledged tboir hearty support to lihe Re- .ptilbMcain candidate. The entthuslustic •meetings nit Terre Haiite, Lognusport, Richmond tart-atone 'points ajid the rapid formation of sound money clubs among them show, that the railroad men nre moving with their accustomed energy a.nd nre. likely to become ft potent factor In the campaign. PATRIOTIC SENTlMiDNTS. ' The Miin'Cie Herald voflces patriotic senttnuait by saying: No matter what ''political faitlp one may liold, ttoe real honest American citizen desires tna.t no questionable means -be employed during the campaign for the purpose of Influencing voters. Intimidation, coercion, bribery or any .other, dishonest means .should' pot be used on the voter. It. makes no ddfference who makes use of utufnjr or -unlawful means, whatlher jt Is Democrat, Republican or PopuMst •he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.. The ballot of .the American citizen Is too sacred to be tampered with >by aay political party. Xo real patriot, no'lovei- of the. flag, will sanction anything'of the. kind. The ballot is the real defense of free ittsti'tutlons, a.nd must be kept as free fawn'nil contaminating Influences-as it Is'encrcd. ' ' ' Republican Meetings. ' Republican speaklngswlll be held at the following places In Cass coun|y:, Tuesday evening, Sept 29, Cross Roads school house in 'pipton school house, Harry Whistler. Tlnursday ndghit, . Oct. -,1st, Center sohool Iliouse, Washlngrton. t Hon. W. S. 'Haggur'd, candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Friday night, Oct. . 2nd>' , Qalveston, IHon'. W. S. ; Haggard. • 'Saturday' : even-ling, Oct. 3rd, Royal Center, H6nl W. S/'H-oggwd. Thos.B. Reed Will Speak in the Eleventh District. , No Other City Can Care'for Blg.Crowd as Logansport Car. • • Marion OM'oU'I'de: A representative of the Chron'lcle saw a letter this njorn- g to Major G corse W.' Stocle from the Hon. T. B. Roed of Mui'lne, In which he stinted that Ire would undoirbtcdfo: make 'tltoee epexxflwis in Indiana. and that one of Whoso dliou.ld be 'in .the Ek-.v- tli dllistaMt, All doubt of Reed's pom- tog to the west *hls f«U mny thus be laid aside.' At 'the proper Dime he will. itfnke sipeecite? in New Yorx, New Jersey, P«mnisylwni!ta, Indiana find '. -Illinois', and portuvps extend hits trip. across tJic Mississippi -to Iow« anrt M!s„ It fe 'hardily possible Wfflit the gocd people of Mnrtoai will get to hchr him s 'tihey lake a rniilrond Journey. 1 There would lie an ijiunense .crowd, 1C It should 1)0 a Iwd dny there is 110 teill 01- l-mMtas l«a-«e enough to-nc- cainwtatte .t,he people that, would •WII.H* to enter. Peru wn<l Loouispoxit • arc after T3i/o<m':).V tout reiii suffers from t!he sirnie complaint ttait Marion docs, wMlc LofKimsport htis several Malls of gooti iftlze wlwne «. targe crowd could be. HIS POLITICS. A Side Light on Prof, rtichael's Political Belief. Tli* effort to moke a martyr of Prof." Ml't-luicl'w'iill not succeed. Prof,: Mich-^ inel 'came here to enpa.ge in-bus-lJiess' and asked no nppropi-lKitioiL oic tire Council. The Couiacil'w.is Repu'bllca.n and Pi-of. 'Siic'lMwhl q.'uieitly inttaqted bhalt 'h« was a Riopiibllcan, Whethoi-' lie hind just become oae or had the ap- proprialtUm -in mind or not The' J'oumal does not assume to say. Last Spring he claimed he was a Republican while. rumjoi 1 has 'It .tflwrt he gave assurances of swpport to 'tilne other side. Njpw he. iis ttdveuliised as a free silver R^pub'li- can. He has a right to his conviptJons, rand Tllic .Tournnil 'has a. right to protect: j Republtoan paa*y from" any .Injury by reason of misstntemeu.ts as jto' the politics of iJiose oi>posing it.. . j. , .. ,. To sett .'tihe matter deflailtdy lit rest The Journal wrote to the Chairman of tilie Republican central committee a.t Delaware, p., asking what Prof.,Michael's poll-tiles bad been before he came ire, and yesterdniy. received lihe following reply:' Delaware, O.,'Sept. 25, 189G. Pub. Journal, Logamsport, Ind. Dear Sir: Yours of the 2-tth received. In reply I will say 'tihait Prof. G. W. ii'lchael is farifrom being a Republican, as far as' iit is possible foa- a man -to be. The Professor te-n. Damocraitic Prohibitlon- fet. -I don't think 'he OTCT voted! for a .Republican In his life. If he did It was through a mistake oin Tils part. I- think I can find one of his old Prohibition; speeches a.ud if I do so will slend It to you. • Yours'Truly T-'•> ROBERT : J. CQX V : , . ' Chairman..... As far as Prof. MJfehmel's .judgment in opposing the business interests.. of. those who have aided him, regardless of party ;ls conceited, that is.also.,,a matter deserving .criticism.' There is. no politics in it. There Is very, 1 little politics Jn the stiver- question.' .It..ls v a 'flght for -tihe perpotulity of this'gftyern- m-ent Itself. . :, ;:; FOR M'KINLEY. Students Show Their Prefe for the Statesman. ce Pi-of. Michiaea's bus'toess collegejibo'lts like Republicain li,eadquai-ters;; ,Th'^ studemits roamtog In .the'bulldlngihaVe expressed their' political opinion^' by posting McKinley pictures in the windows, and eighteen pictures of licKI-n- Icy greet, tlite Proifcesor as he (comij ,iip the .walk. ODC. solitary .Bryan ''plc- 'iure bre'nks 1!he monotony/ '.- : " j \ v ,'•' a nl see wtat I can do I appreciate thle 'rUidn-e«s and fa^ol which thc-RepuMiicainsi of Indiana hn.ve sho-vMi./nijC ninl vrii'l consider the re- qut'Stls navvV'lwid for speeches, nwl see whiitd cau do. Vi-ry Truly Yours, BEXJ. HARRISON. WltL SERVE UNCLE SAM Frank Buchanan, Who Shot 1 "Hank" Quinup is Released. Frank Buchanan,' who shot "Hank" -ulnup .during a person;)! encounter <U Snbiisfaiii's'"' sailoou 1 ' Railroad Night, Sea>tcinTl>er''lOtili, has been rele.-ised on his own recognizance, nnd 'liiis brother, •flit.' Was Jitagton, D."c v proposos to se- cur'e'thd boy a boruk In the Uni.tecl sitiiit&'Vnayy! Tlie -auibh'orittes Ixilleve th<i' ypiiitii slw>ul<l have a cha.nce to redeem -li'Iim'self. He is only nineiteeu }Ve:ip]oid,.!uid it is pro-bable that lie wl-li'sbbn ns pose-lble, >tnke the offer oC a placo'oii.cme of the crulsois of Uncle 'Sani: "yifs. Mnirtlia Buelia.naii will ac- coii.iiainiy'"F'raitik--t.o Wnshlnpton, D. C.',"anul' uirtil tlie promised position is securo'a, "wJJ-1 took la.ftei- his welfare The ''youiifi'miaai's freedom was secured tln-ouKh .itlic efforts of bis attorneys, M. JLalioncy nnd George'CImse. ' Xbe compiatotog \viltncR.«. Mr. Guinnp has no fealing in 'tihc 'maitter, and cx- pre'f^ed his enifclre wIlUiDguess that the prosecution' -be dropped. iilGH SCHOOL ATH LETS. Will Have Club Rooms and a Gymnasium. , The. .High-school boys (have effected ii.il. orgjiinl'zaitilou sfcyled'the. Loga.usport '' School • Athletic Association and will pliwe a' tredtoblu' foQt'baU team •i'iv.tihe field tliis season. , Following are •tho officers who wci-e fleeted at a muoting yesterday: ,•.,..;. President— G eorge Pirlier. Vice .Pjes-ident— Paul .Cragiu. Secrtftnd'y— Ctewley ColleiLt. .tt'rcasurei-— Ed Medland. . ' Sergeiuilt-at-Arms— JoilniHoiwe. Ed-Medlaiud, chairman; Fax! Hcppe, fourth ''year; Waltace Rouifli, thii-d year; Otto Bruggennnn., second year, and Wiill Stae, first year, comprise the board, o;f directors. The association lias forty members to stnrti-.with and has secured quarters over the Ferguson: & .Teak's clo,thing stoi-e wlhorc a gj-ni.u<ismm and a reading room:- will be fitted up. TMs will be a. pleasant and instnifitlirc place for the boj ; s to .spend their spare time this winter. A foot bniil meottog was held aQflie council c'hamtoer . recently at which -George Parker was elected captain. A manager will be appointed by the' board of directors. There are several applicants for the team and there' Issvreas'on. *o believe that Logausawrt w*it have one of the be«t hilgh-school teams in ,tbe State. 'Cl.ilailleug.es have beeu~r.oce.Lved.. from the Kokomo and ,South Bend: high schools. r0r , (; . .-'J-; COHINQ ' . The Richmond Railroad Men's - i ,Sound rioney Club. ],.^]je.!ilaUroad glen's Sound Money clnb-.oJ.-Rlieh'mond will- Visit the'Logans- .p'ott club', next Saitiirday night. They v wlU : briag' : <ibelr own speaker a.nd a ill beheld'at the rink. They 'cbivie.-'ln'a special train and';. will arrive •'Hlbout' s(s 'o'clock. There', will be no - or ' fonui'al demonstration. HAY SPEAK HERE;; ; ' . ! ' " !-• Ex-President Harrison: Will( to Arrange Indiana Dates. ' : There has beea a grent demrin/d foi 1 .. ex-Frcsldeniti' 'Harrison iiv the" 'lii'dliaiia., campaign and it iiiis' been' stated, tliafc •he could flnd t-lime . but for' ,1'tiiej opp;.- speech |t'.ha;t he, :luid'.:p;x>iiifee<l..tp .majje,, for'*he 'llarJiou County- Rcipuibllcans... A) latter received- y«s.tert1ay;".lndfcate«: thwt he' may be "able to arpangie>ther dates: ''.Tlio.lettarte as'foUow'i':'' 1 -' j .j.,,-^ 1 . .New York', Sept 28rd, • W..S. Wrlghit,;Esq.;- '.'f.'-'' ' i E'QiUAL DAYS. AND N '"Jjondny, 'September 22, was equinox \TMy| v tflio'daitie at which the days and •'inSgiirtTJ&c equiiil leaigitih. . When in the •iequ'iuox'iilie suo throliffli; the. earth's 'i-otin)tilW on l't» a.xie seems Ho describe ,tfc'cJi'rcle.o.f§!lve"e<iu<i)toir lu'the heavens ; 'a' : md r nii oyJWiihe world .ttote days and ..nlpiiiifs' 'aire of 'like dwra'ISoii. At the 'sp'rjliiig' equinoxes the; sun passes from •'south': to motih a,nd 4n Che uortittern "hemisphere the days become longer. 'AfrhtefflH-cnuino-x the : 6fUn'.pniS8es frogj '•h'or'tih.~ to .south', amd'i'.fliei days become As the ctii-th'mdvcS' more rap- near the ;«ijn;- or ' in wlmter api>a:i;eu,t-.mbit:Ioii. :is no;t und- .Tbi-m and- lit happeins thaic It takes eight . to pass fro'm.H*e vernal to stlie autumnial equlmox. ;;Xbout the 21st •of- Mftreh «nd Sep-.towfier.22a, tme sun ;is--ex«ctly- on the equator. Usually tihe sun ero«.«ee the'-Mnie" to use plirnse, stormy -wcflithcr is . ; •;, ifi '., .•CTnsport J j.n. ' iiy:. pear ,4ir-.— I.-'BBJJ.^JFSS 5nuc;h] obliged . to :you- and? jcny. friend^; ibftuV, Loganeport for. the ta,ylitia*lan;'Cp28iHeflkV in that city: •!: naive- d&efr^v$fi!tjl,-fliy> rcjturn/to -In'diiawJoolte, jt3».-,declsiQn'(i«f 'to what .spoaWufen.il; woula V.8& | •.awl '' Uic ?evci«i..-iSrst. day* of c.tlie..woek. A SMALL FIRE; about Booiiythe lire department was called to the Wesbdde to i exrf.i'nftnisli ^ blaze wihlch-started In one iof;J;''E: Sutton's houses' on' Uhl street. The-house-was .occupied by Mr. Myers, am emplbye : of the VnndnHa company. '£ha.-<flre-proibajbly orljclnn.ted.--by spon- tmneons/combustion. : ln. am .upstairs f:6loset' -3w.a plle.-of straw. It wa« ex- •tlnpulshed before much; .damnge was done. IThe-loss caused by flre, smoke ii; water:-w-.tll probaWy .reach $00. .—FIVE— GREAT CAMPAIGN BOOKS The MONEY QUESTION is the theme of the hour. The only way to post yourself or liave a clear understanding is to READ BOTH SIDES. We have FIVE GREAT BOOKS. ' ,!| ; | '. 1 . '.jjj |'-; !'i *':;•! U.il:] M'KINLEY AND HOBART. (Illustrated) Contains the lives, records and principles for which the Republican candidates have fought; the military record of Major McKinley; his great battle for protection and -his record OB currency. Price 25 cents. BRYAN AND SEWALL. (Illustrated) Cantatas the life history of William Jennings Bryan and Arthur Sewall; tells Bryan's record in Congress; his tariff speech; tells of his enemies; gftvee Ills GREAT COC>iM13NTJION SPEECH which was the direct cause of his nomination. Price 25 cents. GOLD OR SILVER ([llu.trated.) One of the ablest books in. the interest of a gold standard; (ells why times are hard; dwells on -theories that are wrong,, boomed values, common . errors; tdfe the disnslrous results of free coinage, etc. Price IS cents. HON EY AND BANKING By Horace White. A standard auflinorlty on these subjects; Drives 'the evolution of money from Wife 'beginning of civilized life on 'this continent; the experience-of England,'Germany, France, Holland, Austria and India with the gold standard! and'explains the "Crime of '73;" makes clear the system of banking. Price 00 cents. \ Dictionary of American Politics. By Everett Browoiand Albert Sfranss, compristos: accounts of political parties, measures and <men; explanations of -the constitution; divisions an£ • practical workings of the Government, etc.. as stated l>y Sona.tor John Sher•man A most excellent book of reference. Price 50 cents. C. W. GRAVES. Book Seller and Stationer. Successor to W. T. GIFFE. 413 Broadway. fly New Qoods- Are here. Oil and examine them before buying, AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailor- OTTO McFEELY Otitx) McFecJy has returned to Mariou after'an absence of ten months' spent mostly to Guatemala and is now the cemter of an enltlhusdias'tk: ond rejoicing famliily circle ait the (home of Ms father, Alf. McFeeley, in Marlon. Otto left Morion, says the CJiroriicle, •Ohio 2d day of December, aod niftier taking in *Ue Atlanta fair worked Ms way to Savanoalh and then to Mobile, see- tog «he country arad having a general good fttaft. Art Mobile he rea in with a party of engineers that wns going to Gufl'temato. tw survey a railroad being buli'lt in the interior a QiundraV miles ftxwn Lilvtogaton, 'tihe coast town where lie landed. Since lite little journey In an outer world <Mo 'is a. flrm believer in rhe power of Uuntwl States money. Ask 'She price of amy article and tlie mer- dliamts of Guatemala will give a price of so much "roll" or silver or the price .tn gold. Tire United States paper in'onoy of all kinds,.'bank notes, silver certiflcaites and treasury notes are taken as so much gold at any place iu GiMltomnia. The natives ore anxious to got'hold of Uacle Sam's "groeii" bills for 'tfliieir. own ni-e red and WHO, printed on one side of very 'poor paiper, and ore based txn their silver coita, the unit of w'hiclli is a i>eso, contjito'tog a small .fraction more sHivcr-rtihnn the American 'dollar. For a five dollar MM of .the U-nlted Stoites one one get ten pesos. As O*to was buying a ticket ait Puroto Oortez for the Smites an old man asked for a .ticket to New Orleans. He asked 'tihe mgenft the price, w-iilo replied, "Tihtoty doiUms to gold." "But I have no gold." sa;ld 'Hie old ma-n. "Whai have you?" asked tihe • agent. "1 have United Slhtes. biWs," "Ob, that's all right," said the agemt, "we take tliem the same as go-M." Wtoile iatlmt couantiy O'rto ran across a Transport tank bill wliitfl) was circulating the'same as treasui-y notes. JMid lor wJvioh gold was given. • SOME PRICES IN '73. . : Tlie Deipiiii Journal says: An old copy of the Logsuisport Pharos,''pubSslied in .Time, 1873,.was Handed to tilic .Tournnl yesterday, a.nd to it was an itemized bill of expense in. tihe burial of a.pau- pe%. Among otHier items were six yarO's of -mnsliln.at ?1.00, five spools of thread at forty-five cents and ten yards of calico at $1.25. This is a little over 'double t!ie amount pnM for these.arti- cles today, but ttinit was In tlie days of free silver'and jrreenbacks. It must also be remembered thait tt tsiat time thei-e was much lees money in circulation iier capita, than there is at the present time. >• AMUSEMENTS \OtAS'S OPERA HOUSE. f -William Dolan Manager. JUST ONE NIQHT WEDNESDAY, SEPT. '30. The Farclal Trlnmpli Jolly Old Chums Iiiterpreied bf The Original Company Greatest Langhlnf Success In imerlca. Prlcts 25 35 50 and 7B ceate. Stats on sn!e af Johnston's drui? store. Home^Seekers Excursion VIA • Wabash Route -OX Y SEPTEMBER 29, 1896. Don't forget the Date. ARGUMENT. Tlie Imdrannpolis Journal relntes:the following, wWch presents a strong and unanswerable argument' in defense ol • D«aocra.t$ who .refuse to consort polit- ' ic.nilly with the piebald organization o£ which Bryan >« ( ' 11<? rccojrnissed leader. "A Hebrew of tliis .city who has always . been a Democrat, bin who is now for . sound money, was iamm-d by a free- silveritc with boJng a bolter, 'See here,' • sniid the sound money man. T am a ' Jew from principle, as my ancestors from Ume immemorial liiive been. 1^ my church Mierefe a uvblet ou the wall v which sets forth the c;uxlinal doctrine* .' -. of my church n<s thoy have -been be- , •tiered nnd pnicticed by Jews for thouf-, . ands'of ycsiirs and by me nil my life. Suppose flmit by some means or other enough outsiders should pot into thai , congrepi.rif»n or a iiKijoriity of its memr - bers should undergo « clia.nse of opin-. .. Ion and remove the ta.l>let of my fa|.lb from the wall and ewer one declaring ; new doctrines entirely different from ,\ nnd hostile 1o the old one, flnd suppose ; I should thereupon leave Hie 'eongre- gntlon-wlw would be the .bolter, I ol . • those who tore down tne tablet of my . ;;, faith? . The free-sJlvprite s«w the -••; lK>int." • ' ' " • . ..,••;•

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