The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 21, 1931 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1931
Page 3
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The tipper Des Moines-Republican, January 21, 1931 IOWA FARM BREAD IN MET Convention Tool! Place in Des Moines fro January 13 to OVER 1600 P^MERS AND FAMILY THERE. A Swine School In Swea City, Farmers t Last Week Hundred (By County Agen R- Morrison) Kossuth county fn bureau folks who attended the p Farm Bureau Federation meetlnd Des Moines on January 13 to 16 aflore enthusiastic than ever before of the wide co: carried on by the: organization. The convention est and presented ielr appreciation re program being Ette and national .one of the larg- of the best programs. Over i6CP rm crs and their families attended} annual banquet In the Shrine aqrtum which filled the available spaf d 300 to 400 who requested tlcketspld not be handled. Each year ([annual banquet is a greater probl*° handle, due to the increasing meetings, President President S National Fede: meeting on other meetini honored dent of girls' Sac city and lance at the state ipson Talked. Thompson of the , addressed the lay afternoon. At nof Dan Turner the state presi- >( Blanche Brobeil, president of boys' I poratlon, talked on recent develop- I DflMKICTli I I'CD ments In live stock marketing and ans- : DUlinu 1 tt I 1 tl\ 1 wered questions for the many farm- j ers Interested. Medals Were Given. Rural orchstras, quartettes, chorus es and a playlet given by Dallas county, were Included on the program for entertainment. Medals were given to high scoring quartettes by Mr. Secor of the Meredtth Publishing Company; trophies presented to winning orchestra by J. S. Russell, farm editor of the Des Moines Register. Ledyard township of Kossuth county was among the townships of the state recognized for standardisation for 1930. M. L. Johnson of Armstrong was the voting delegate for Kossuth county ahd was kept busy throughout the week at various meetings of the delegates for Investigation and discussion of farm bureau policies In regard k> legislation organization, marketing, service company and Insurance. Resolutions as presented on Friday have been published. Swine Feeding Schools. E. L. Quaife of the animal husbandry extension service, Iowa State. Col- ":ege, was In the county Monday even- ng for a meeting on swine leedlng at SWea City. The farm bureau, Smith- lughes school cooperated at this meet- ng which was attended by over one mndred farmers. Such meetings for the discussion of swine feeding and management problems are proving fery popular with farmers and producers wherever held. Dr. J. O. F. Price of Algona, discussed swine sanitation with the same group g, week before and Dr. Stouder of the extension service, Iowa State College, addressed a similar group at Buffalo Center the same week. clubs, Robert H Port Dodge. Mrs. Ohas. fewell, director of the home and c* nltv department of the America*™. Bureau Federation, was orf program Thursday evening as WMark O. Thornburg, state secretaP agriculture 1 and H. A. Wallace, fee/tor R. K. Bliss of the etftensiofvlce, Iowa State College and prpt of the county agents' assoclf and home djemon- stration agepsoclation were on the program, q Hearst addressed the morning sej on January 15 and other officer* directors of the state federation times du Lli Friday ager of Ne Assoclatloi ieir reports at various i week. ck Marketing. rig P. P. Wilson, man- Live Stock Marketing R. F. O'Donnell, man- Bowling Team Lost to Fairmont Thursday. The Deep Rock bowling team Went to Fairmont Thursday night and went down to defeat three games to none. Those on the team were: Hemphill, Lamprlght, Towne, Don Smith and Roney. The percentage of the teams in the local league Is as follows: Won Lost Prct. PATRONAGE STRONG Our New Representative Getting onto the Ropes in Des Moines. PATRONAGE COSTS STATE MUCH MONEY. Twenty Extra Clerks Voted by the House Apparently to Pay Political Obligations. Standard Oils 14 Deep Rocks 9 Nick's Shiners 8 Bottlers " 8 Elbert's Garage 7 Champlln Oils 6 Doctors 6 Goodyear Tires 2 1 6 7 7 8 9 9 13 .927 .600 .533 .533 .466 .399 -399 .133 And now its Governor Dan Turner. After March 4th it will be Senator L. J. Dickinson. Both sound good. First Lutheran Church. Sunday School at ten o'clock, and morning worship at ten-forty-flve a. ager of Io*e Stock Marketing Cor- m.—C. E. Olsson, pastor. 1931 RESOLVE Tfiy a car that will give you all that you have bfgetting, plus more constant service, more un- A beauty, and general efficiency and practic- aty that the 1931 season has produced. i 'new 1931 Dodge sixes and eights are now on flay in our show room. Drop in and look them. j 1 . We will be glad to tell you about the new jrovements that have been made in this year's lels. j>uth of Court House. Phone 612. OUR MOTTO, "We Never Close." (By Representative A. H. Bomutetter). State House, January 16, 1931. Dear Editor: Complying with your request in which I was asked to state my views on matters as they come up in the house during the present session, I submit the following: As you all know, the republicans had a hard fight in making their selection "or a speaker and there are still a few sore spots in their ranks at the pre- ent time. Congests Are Settled. The first question of any Importance hat came before our branch of the ssembly related to the seating of the men against whom contests had been lied. This matter was considered on Monday morning, January 12. It was ecided b« the members to seat pitto from Osceola and Berry from Monroe bending the outcome of the contest Berry is the oldest member In the house, being seventy-three years o age. He served in the 39th, 40, 41, 42 and 43rd general assemblies. In the primaries, he was defeated by his republican opponent by 17 votes, so he appeared In the general election on the independent ticket and apparently won by a few votes. Mr. Berry is a fine and able gentleman. The other two men who were involved In contests are Fabritz from Wapello and Gallagher from Iowa You perhaps remember that in the general election, Pabritz won by four votes. Nine days later it was discovered that there were some ninety uncounted absent voters' ballots found in the auditor's office. A few of the election boards of the various precincts in the county reconvened to act on said ballots belonging to their respective perclncts. Others refused to do so and as the matter now stands, Pab- ritz Is still leading by eleven votes. The Gallagher contest was waged on a bribery charge actuated by the friends of Mr. Gallagher's opponent because Gallagher stated In the campaign, that he would not take expense money. This contest was decided yesterday. The matter was placed in the hands of a committee of five members, three republicans and two democrats. After an extensive Investigation, the committee unanimously reported to Beat Mr. Gallagher. Briefly stating their reason for said recommendation, they held that the acceptance of expeVise money was not obligatory and this being the case, bribery was entirely out of the quetsion. After the report was submitted to the house, every member voted to sustain the recommendation of the committee. The other contests will be taken up next week. Extravagance in Clerks. It is generally understood that every two house members are entitled to one clerk and with a few exceptions this Is sufficient. The patronage committee allowed the house sixty-five clerks. I cannot understand where work will be found for all these girls and you can imagine our surprise when Wednesday morning, January 14, Representative Simmers of Wapello offered a resolution to empower the patronage committee to hire twenty additional clerks. Many of the members feel that this additional help is absolutely unnecessary and It is whispered that heretofore political obligations were 'factors that contributed to this unnecessary expense. During the debate on the question the following facts were brought out: 1. The population of Iowa ranks 17th of all the states In the Union. 2. The number of members in the assembly of Iowa ranked 18th in 1929. 3. Iowa had 218 employees in the state house in the 43rd general assembly. These facts place Iowa In seventh place as to number of employees anc makes the state rank twelfth in cost per day. This would indicate according to the law of average that the state legislature of Iowa is either inefficient or extravagant. A number ol members opposed the resolution in speeches and said in substance trnt too many members preach economy at home and practice extravagance at the state house. Simmers again took the floor before the roll call and with flowers and sobs'" pleaded for tha adoption of the resolution. The vote showed 53 ayes and 40 nays, hence the resolution was adopted. At the last general assembly these clerks were paid $4.00 per day, Including Sundays. Legislature Got Bad Start. There are only two ways to get relief for the average taxpayers, one way is to adjust the load so everyone carries his share. The other way is a cut state expenses. Apparently we got a bad start on the latter. I attended the inaugural ceremony of Governor Turner yesterday and I was greatly pleased with his address. He sounded many democratic principles. The governor is a progressive as also are many of the members of he legislature, and I have said many imes fchat a progressive Is a democrat who runs on the republican ticket to >e elected to office In a republican' tate. This letter is much longer than I in- jended It to be so in closing would urge my constituents to write me at ,ny time when my services can benefit hem in any way, Very truly yours, A. H. Bonnstetter. ao%X»OT3WW»W»X>X!OX»^^^^ OPENING SATURDAY with a Complete Line of Meats-Groceries Vominent Burt Man Died Last Week. Burt Monitor: Thomas Hawcott, Burt retired farmer and member of the town council, died early Wednesday morning, January 14, of an acute cardiac failure. Mr. Hawcott caught a cold a few days previous, and although he has had some heart trouble for several years, no alarm was felt about his condition until Tuesday night about ten o'clock, when a doctor was called. At this time he was coughing a good deal and experienced some difficulty In breathing. He became easier and the family retired. Awakening early Wednesday morning, they discovered that Mr. Hawcott was dead, probably passing away around four or five o'clock. Mr. Hawcott was born December 28, 1853, in Little Tew, England, the son of Joseph and Charlotte Hawcott. He first came to the United States in 1883 returning .to England in 1886, where he was married March 6 to Miss Annie Kench. The couple came again to this country and settled near El Paso, Illinois, where they lived until 1892, when they bought a farm south of Burt. The Hawcotts farmed here for many years, later buying a smaller farm just north of town. In 1916 they moved to Burt, where they built a home. Mr. Hawcott always took an active interest in civic affairs. He has been a member of the town council for The Ford Motor Co. Announces a Reduction in Prices The following prices are effective Monday, Jan. 19, 1931 New Price Old Price Reduction Deluxe Roadster $475 $520 $45 Deluxe Phaeton $580 $625 $45 Phaeton $435 $440 $ 5 Roadster $430 $435 $ 5 Sport Coupe $500 $525 $25 Coupe $490 $495 $ 5 Deluxe Coupe $525 $545 $20 Tudor Sedan $490 $495 $ 5 Fordor Sedan $590 $600 $10 Town Sedan $630 $660 $30 Cabriolet $595 $625 $30 Victoria _• $580 $625 $45 Deluxe Sedan $630 $640 $10 Station Wagon $625 $640 $15 Model A Chassis $340 $345 $5 Model AA Truck Chassis, 131i/2-inch Wheelbase $495 $510 $15 Model AA Truck Chassis, 157 inch Wheelbase $525 $535 $10 (All Prices F. 0. B. Detroit, Michigan). You can purchase a Ford car or truck on convenient, economical terms through us. Kent Motor Company Algona, Iowa. Phone 434. several years and supervised much of Gaffney claimed someone hit him on On accoi n £ O f no ^ being aD lc to get all our fixtures in time for Saturday, , e w ju \ lo \& olu . g Ta nd opening Saturday, January 31. We will liav OU1 . f u n ij nc O f Meats and Groceries this week, all ircsh and clea. a ]j arranged on the shelves and tables. We cannot quote prices- n tins ad as we have not the invoices, but everything will be mai Je( i j n pj a i n figures and at a price that will be attractive. We wili on i y<as k a small margin of profit and sell for cash or exchange for We will deliver with the , n i on delivery system. We invite you to our store to look us over. Tf you buy or not, we will treat you courteously. H. R. Sorensen & Co. Phone 139 Algona, la. the street work. He took office about the time the sewer system was put in here and supervised this job also. He attended, the Jast meeting of the town council a week ago Monday, January 5. Besides his wife he is survived by two children, Lulu Hawcott at home and-W41«-»idR,~Hawcott of Algona. Another boy,. Benjamin R., the second oldest in the family, died in 1907. Ono brother, R. P. Hawcott, north of Burt farmer, also survives and there are two sisters living in England. Funeral services were held Friday afternoon at two o'clock at the M. E. church, Rev. J. E. Clifton officiating. Burial was in the Burt cemetery. Seneca Wins and Loses in Basket Ball. Seneca, January 20. Special, The Seneca girls' and boys' basket ball teams played two /games each last week. The first one was at Ringsted on Monday night. The girls played a good game defeating Ringsted 17 to 37. Ringsted put up a stiff battle, but Seneca came out somewhat ahead of their opponents. The local boys played a very good game against Ringsted, although they were defeated by a large score 39 to 19. The game was not as one-sided as the score indicates. Ringsted gained their big ead in the last quarter. The small Seneca boys played a better passing and faster game than their opponents but they were unfortunate or unlucky n shooting baskets. Both teams went to Ledyard Fri day night. The Seneca girls defeated the Ledyard girls in a slow, listless same by the score of 29 to 10. The Seneca girls were not playing up to their usual form. -The Seneca boys gave Ledyard a great deal more of a fight than the team had expected although they were defeated 30 to 14 Osterman, tall Ledyard center, was ou| of the game the first half, but Coacr Larson found it quite necessary to play him the last half as the Seneca team was somewhat in the lead. They retained this lead until the last quarter. Ledyard height was then too great for their small opponents, who played a fast passing game. Seneca boys are gradually creeping to the top, even though they are small and lost two regular players this year. We hope they will keep Improving for the tournament. the head with a hammer but would not name his.assailant. Marshal Green took him to the Kossuth hospita where his wounds were dressed. HI was released Monday morning. Funeral of Whittemore Man Held Wednesday Whittemore, January 20. Special The funeral of George Christensen was held last Wednesday afternoon frorr the Swanson funeral home. Mr. Christensen was found dead in his tailor shop on Tuesday of heart failure. He was born in Denmark about sixty-eigh 1 years ago, and came to this country when a young man. He came to Whittemore from Livermore about fifteen years ago and has since conducted tailor shop. Being crippled he led a very quiet life. He was always friendly and courteous and made many friends. He could not have been excelled in his line of work as he die beautiful needle work. He will be missed by his many patrons. He had no known relatives. Our Mail Bag Zerfass Farm House Was Burned Saturday. Wesley, January 19. Special: Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hammond were disappointingly surprised Thursday even- Ing upon their return home from the Downs pony dance when they dis- crvired their house in ruins freshly smou'dering from a fire which razed itis building to tho ground. Ho\v the fire started is not known as the kichen fire was out and the heater quite low upon their departure from home earlier in the evening. Thu farm tenanted by the Hammonds is owned by P. P. Zerfass at Algona and is located about six miles northeast of town. Mr. and Mrs. Hammond are living with his parents, the Ed. Hammonds, until living quarters are again established. Irvington Man Was Hit with Hammer Jack Gaffney, of the Irvington neighborhood, was found Sunday evening about six-thirty by Marshal Green, suffering from a large wound on his head. He was in the alley back of the Kossuth County State Bank. Prospects Good In West. A former well known Algona man who has lived for many years in California, sends us the following note with his subscription: Orange, California, January 12, 1931 Haggard & Backus, Algona, Iowa. Dear Sirs: Enclosed find check for $2.50 to pay subscription to The Upper Des Moines-Republlcan for another year. I have read your paper for so many years that I do not want to do without it now. Prospects for our county of Orange, California, look pretty good just now. The orange crop is very large and conditions are favorable for other crops, so we hope 1931 may bo a good year for us.' With biest wishes to you all for a prosperous year.—A. H. Paine. George and Molly Write. A dozen years or so ago, Geo. Noble and Miss Molly McEnroe were two of Algona's most popular young people. George was a clerk in the Jas. Tayor dry goods store and spent some :ime on the road. The two popular young folks were married and went .vest, locating in Idaho, where they lave a prosperous general store at Ximberly. In remitting for his Upper Des Moines-Republican the other day George said: Haggard & Backus, Algona, Iowa, entlemen: Enclosed find a check for subscription. We have a very nice winter so far. Zero was the coldest. eneral conditions are not the best lere, however, much better than any other place that I know of. Yours, ~eo. L. Noble. Rantzow at Viiaugural Ball. A well known business man of Al- ;ona and Whittemore, writes from toseville, California, as follows: January 6, 1931, Haggard & Backus, Algona, Iowa. Dear Friends: I am en- Jlosing check for $2.50 to cover sub- criptlon for your paper, also my hear- y good wishes to both of you for a mppy and prosperous new year. My iVife and I are enjoying the best of health and happiness. You can bet 'our life we're not growing old. In act, we plan on stepping out to the naugural ball at Sacramento tonight, enjoy getting the Upper Des Moin- s-Republican which keeps us in touch with all our good friends. Sincerely, Herman Rantzow. Mrs. Brace Loyal to Algona. Mrs. Julia Brace, well known Algona lady, and prominent to Relief Corps work, who is spending the winter In Waterloo, writes: Waterloo, Iowa, January 12, 1931. Upper Des Moines-Republican: Am enclosing two dollars and fifty cents for my subscription, to the Republican for 1931. Am very pleasantly located here, yet Algona is my first choice, this city my second. That is why the Republican is enjoyed for as I glance over its columns It seems as though a friend from home had called. Respectfully, Mrs. Julia P. Brace. Mrs. Putsch Sends Greeting's. Seattle, Washington, January 8th, 1931. Upper Des Moines-Republican: Enclosed find check for the coming year, 1931. H9pe you good people in Algona may have a prosperous year and good health. We have not had any very cold weather so far, but plenty of fog. Sincerely, Mrs. H. J. Putsch. Algona Girl Writes from Laramle. Laramie, Wyoming, January 5: Enclosed find money $2.50 for the Upper Des Moines. Hope you had a Merry Christmas. I hear and see times are quite hard back there. The west does not seem to notice so much yet. Respectfully, Mrs. Fred Dunn. P. S. You no doubt would know my name better as Mary Phillips, daughter of Mrs. Fred Phillips. Indian Summer In Canada. Liberty, Saskatchewan Canada, January .15, 1931. Haggard & Backus, Algona, Iowa. Dear Sirs: Am enclosing subscription. Having Indian summer up here this wlntr. Yours truly, A. L. Jackman. Enjoys Reading Paper. Oakland, California, January 16, 1931. Haggard & Backus, Algona, Iowa. Gentlemen: Enclosed please find money order for two dollars and fifty cents for the year's subscMp- tion to your paper from November 23, 1930 to November 23, 1931 for Miss Veda M. Herbst. It is over two years since I had the extreme pleasure of visiting in your beautiful little town with Miss Herbst and I, as well as she, enjoy your paper immensely. Very sincerely, Zita M. Yandle. We buy and sell United States Government, State and Municipal Bonds Iowa State Bank Algona, Iowa v®®®® 11 *®^^ POLAND CHINA BRED SOW SALE Will bo held at farm 2J/> miles northeast of Annstrong 011 Primary road No. 43 Saturday, Jan. 31 Free Lunch Sale will start at one p. m. 50 HEAD BRED SOWS Bred to farrow from March 1st to lost of April. We have a very uniform lot of gilts and several outstanding gilts in this sale. Better Individuality and more generations of exceptional breeding behind this offering than we have ever sold before and carrying services of the two beat boars we ever used. Commander Model junior champion boar of Iowa 1929 and Tri-Statcs Special, one of most sensational boars of 1930. These boars should produce very valuable litters. It is a pleasure to us to be able to invite you to attend our sale and purchase if you wish some of the world's best breeding. We sold several last spring barrows over the scale up to 40U pounds. Ask for catalog. notes to C. J, Houseman, Armstrong, la. W. J. Murphy, Auctioneer. ° ffacatte »»^^

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