The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 14, 1931 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1931
Page 9
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, January 14, 1931 *f m> •* f,f •*-•*_•*.•*JTJ We Have Changed All That By Herbert Quick and Elena Stepanoff Mac Mahon Copyright by Th» Bobbs-Merrlll Co. WNU Service L JHE STORY CHAPTER I.—In the ancient Russian •It* of Kazan, under Soviet rule. Cont•Issar Vilinsky 1 * Investigating squad fcrades the palatial home of the Kras•In family, aristocrats, with the •rowed purpose of determining wheth- a* the government shall requisition the louse. Vlllnsky Insults Musla, youth* tol daughter of the Krasslns, In the •resence of her mother, who Is power- lfe*a to act In her defense. V CHAPTER II. — Commissar Lorli. head of the government In Kazan, It urged to confiscate the Krassln home jor the service of the people. The fam- 1 •y consists of "former Judge Krassln, Mrs. Krassln, a son, Ilya, formerly a •uards' ofllcer, and Musla. LorlH prom- he* to Investigate. fContinued from Last Wednesday.) ~ "Where there Is a safe side," said. Ylndimlr. There seemed to be nothing more to talk about, even for Idle people; and •ere was nothing but Idleness left lor the Sitters In the Salon, save for Itoese new plots and conspiracies. The midday sun played on the old fcrnlture—on porcelains, bronzefc. keavy silks, and on the carpet woven fc Little Russia by the work of n generation of women on one piece of tradespeople, nor mean, nor Yiilgnr, nor commonplace. Sot now they we're all called bourgeoisie—all above the proletariat. Or below them: for there were some who saw the old prophecy coming to frultiont when "every valley shrill be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low," but If also it meant that "the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain'," which part of the prophet's message was rather lost sight/ of, Tovnrisch Vilinsky was certainly a strange agent for the world's rectifl- cntion; "Yes. Tovnrisch," replied the Clerk very respectfully, "that Is the Krassln house." "Turn back!" commanded Vilinsky"I wartt to take a look at that house, and at the people In Itl I may need that house) and I should like to see how this band of bloodsuckers live." A maid heard the sharp and Impatient ring of the bell and made breathless speed to open the door—and stared In amazement at this man In the peasant's smock with his peasant followers standing before her. "do to the back door," she con- manded. "This Is not for such as you 1" Her Indignation turned to amazement when Vlllnsky and his men, pay- Ing not the slightest attention to her reprimand, pushed by her Into the hall, throwing the door wide open, and walked calmly in. down the hall and through rooms, looking at everything with sneering curiosity, befouling the rugs and floors With dirt from the streets, fingering precious things, like n party of barbarians strolling through A palace of ancient Rome. Nobody Sought to prevent them. Vladiniir and the other young men wort ttowhere In sight. Ilya Krassln was In his rooms. The Invaders were Yiot asked why they came. The house was In paralysis. They on thel;? part asked no questions and sought no directions. They paid no attention to any of the stupefied Inmates of the house. They were calm, curious, Impudent, like tourists strolling without understanding through the cathedral "Tovarisch Vilinsky," snld the clerk, 'will chouse whnt IIP net-ils. You can then take nwny what Is left—if there Is anything." "But," Mrs. Krassin began to protest. "Bull" shouted Vlllnsky in mimicry. "Enough of you! Bloodthirsty parasite! Tou have lived—lived while better people have been starving—or In prison I Now Is our time to live, and to choose. I have no time to argue with you!" "If you are to pot out," went on the clerk, "you will receive an order." "Our house registry hook," snld Mrs. Krassln In her most diplomatic tone, "has just been returned from the milllln. I request you to look nt It, so that you may see how many people are living In this house nt the present time," "It's not worth while," snapped Vlilnsky with nn impatient motion. "My time Is too precious. Now, this room," addressing the clerk, ".put down as my private office. And this—but this Is a room we have seen before. Who can show us this house, so we may not lose time by getting lost our selves?" "I shall be glad to show you," said Mrs. Krassln, still diplomatic, and with all her hostess' dignity. Vilinsky looked nt her with something like amusement. "Lead on," said he with large Jocularity. "Maybe we'll keep you on »8 housekeeper, I should like that!" (To be Continued Next Week). First Lutheran Church. The Women's Missionary society will meet on Friday at two-thirty p. m. at the home of Mrs. Alma Nelson, 322 North Colby street. Mrs. Nelson ana Mrs. D. C. Mahan will be the hostess- Por Sunday: Sunday School at ten o'clock and evening services at seven- thirty. C. M. & St. P. Ry., frt. on dist. 717.13 Western Union, service 1.3S E. R. Rising, service 1.40 Botsford Lumber Co.. mdse. 32.20 Standard Oil Co., mdse 5.65 Laura Paine, Rec., recording.. .75 Algona Ins. Agency, public liability and car ins 255.12 Haggard & Backus, printing .. 66.35 East End Foundry Co., mdse. •.. 10.50 Water Fund. J. W. Kelly, salary 75.00 Frank Ostrum, saiary 130.00 Laura Mitchell, salary 110.00 O. E. Atcheson, salary 90.00 O. E. Atcheson, salary 35.00 Harry Barton, labor 100.90 Earl Bowman et al, labor 83.22 Neptune Meter Co., mdse 68.14 Wigman Company, mdse 30.77 Master Mechanics Co., mdse. Oamon Meter Company, mdse. H. W. PosU frt. and dray. .. General Fund. F. A. Newville, salary F. A. Newville, use of car . F. A. Newville, mdse 16.50 F. A. Newville, five dogs 2.50 Frank Green, salary 30.00 44.70 52.74 125.00 15.00 Jesse Umbenhower, dump care Will Bowman, labor Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. .VVWWAVbWV^rWUWWM^ FARM SALES »*t. It flickered on the carved ma- logany doors, on the gilt of the frames •f engravings and paintings. It was a picture of Old Russia—this group of people In, their heavy chairs, atemlngly fixed In their surroundings •ad Inseparable from them: the last touch upon a great canvas now fin- fehed; or a dissolving view of n great historic object hoary with age and touched with the pathos of decay. *K\e visitors one by one went away. Mrs. Krassln parted with them with tollte Inquiries about friends and Mlattves, and gave to 'each her pleas- •ntest smile—a slightly wooden smile II was, which she had standardized •or use on all such occasions. "Where Is Musla?" said Vladimir, M he looked about before wlthdraw- fcg. "She was here a moment ago." "Musla?" replied Mrs. Krassln. "One never can tell where she Is. As •ne's children grow up, they some- «mes seem strange to one. I think ~~Se~revoTutIon has changed our yoUHg" feople." "Youth always looks extravagant to the preceding generation," said the •olonel, as he prepared to go out with the princess. "To look so Is Musla's privilege—and her greatest charm." The group, over whom hung Impending doom, had broken up. Mrs. Krassln still sat on her divan alone, wondering why she and her daughter were not closer to each other. Nothing had happened between them. She fcnd not even pressed the project of Musla's marriage with Vladimir, which bad for years been tacitly arranged, and which, Mrs. Krassln felt, ought to take place now. It would permit her to devote herself to the task of pilot- Ing Ilya through this time of peril with greater singleness of purpose. And while she so mused, Ilya himself rushed Into the room. "Mother," he cried pantlngly. "1 have been Insulted! I have been robbed! A Bolshevik beast In a peasant's smock took my motor car! I will not endure It!" Mrs. Krassln's eyes were cold no longer—they were filled with the fierce tenderness of a tigress whose eub is In peril. She rushed to him and threw her arms about his neck. "You must be calm, my darling, Bald she soothingly. "You must not Indulge In revenge. We must be diplomatic!" "But I have boon questioned Hue a Moujlk by this trnltor! I have had to skulk through the streets on foot— and I was followed—me an officer or the Guards! And 1 know who the miscreant Is. Ho Is that fellow who was a thieving steward on our estate, and who went to prison; and—' Ilya threw off his mother's embrace and turned to the window. He was weeping with humiliation, and trem- Ulng as with fright. He did not wish lor Ills mother to see him In this condition, and moved toward the door. "And did this man," said Mrs. Kras«in, "-what name did they call him ~~"They called him Vlllnsky—Tova- risen VUlnsUy-wlmt difference does it City Pays Dec. Bills. of some alien and despised faith. Even Mrs. Krnssln, sitting In state on her divan and gazing on them In Indecision, perplexity and fear, at tracted no more attention than a sin gle sharp glance from Vlllnsky, as If he were wondering whether or not he were recognized. He took his stand In the middle of the room, feet wide hands on his hips. He Inspected the premises like a buyer at an auction or a prospective tenant looking the place over critically. And as he walked about, the little clerk followed with a portfolio and notebook, trotting about his master first on one side and then on the other, like a little dog likely to run between Vlllnsky's legs and be rebuked or struck for it, his I back bent In servility. They talked about the room; Vlllnsky pointed to windows with the remark that the rtalns were too dark. ['This room will do for the reception room," said he. "But It will have jo be altered according to your notes. And have more mirrors. I like mirrors—and those other things I told you about—have you the memoranda?" This conversation did not sound like the talk Mrs. Krassin had expected from a man In a peasant's blouse; but on second glance, the man did not look like a peasant. It was a perceptible lensth of time before she was Impressed with the sense of Insult and degradation which swept over her at their Insolence; and then her face flushed, and her hands clenched. The blood of a thousand years of ruler- Electric Fund. j. W. Kelly, salary ............ * 165 'SS Leo Bollock, salary ............ 150.00 6.00 1.00 8,80 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. .. 4.85 Thos. Akre, rent l°- 0 « N. W. Bell Tele. Co., service ... 4.55 Jos. Anderson, labor Algona Ins. Agency, public liab. and car ins 113.20 A. E. Mlhcel, engineering .... 48.50 Road Dragging Fund. Jesse Lashbrook, salary 35.00 Jesse Lashbrook, salary 68.90 Fred Baumgartner, graveling .. 124.12 George Gunder, labor 48.65 Frank Skilling, labor ™° Willard Oregson, labor 7.00 Elliott Skilling, labor 28.00 Sewer Fund. j. W. Kelly, salary 35-00 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse 50.50 H. E. Miner, labor 13-«w J. Dahlhauser, mdse 1.50 Fire Fund. C. C. Wright, salary 45.00 Northern Pump Co., mdse. H. W. Post, frt. and dray Algona Ins. Agency, truck ins. Swimming Pool Fund. Frank Schallin, labor City Improvement Fund. H. R. Cowan & Son, 2 crossings 135.60 Farmers who arc contemplating having a farm sale in the near future will be given all of the assistance possible in advertising their sale if they will call up the Upper DCS Moincs-Kepublienn at Algona, or pay a personal call to this office All they will have to do is to write out a list of the property to be sold, together with the date, location, terms, and the name of the auctioneer and clerk and we will arrange the matter for publication in the paper and tor sale bills. The ordinary sale ad is a quarter of a page, and hills may be printed from the same type used in the ad in cases where the cost of advertising has to he held down. Otherwise a large sale bill may be used, which ^ ot would be a little more expensive. The Upper DCS Moines-Eepnoli- ing course l.tiovj imj I/- 1 - V/J^^A vj vA»vfj i* AV *....- - . _ brought to a sale by advertising pays big returns on the cost ot the ad. Walter Gorman, salary Tom Halpin, salary ............ 135.0C C. C. Wright, salary .......... 85.0C Ray Barton, salary ............ 130.01 H. E. Stephenson, salary ...... 130.0C Adah Carlson, salary .......... 145.0C Wigman Company, mdse ....... 12.5< Vacuum Oil Co., mdse ......... 43.31 j. I. Holcomb Mfg. Co., mdse. PoWatch Lumber Co., poles Armstrong Elect. & Mfg. Corp. 22.45 716.7 mdse Gen. Elect. Supply Corp., mdse. l.o! . Fulton Iron Works Co., mdse. .83 W. N. Matthews Corp., mdse. . . 28.2C Johnson Oil Refining Co., dist.. . 241.3' OU D — - . °°'' 49.20 3.82 28.92 2.00 Electric Supply Corp., mdse. . Terry Durin Co., mdse ......... 29.37 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse . . 36.15 West. Elect. Supply Co., mdse. 316.26 West. Elect. Supply Co., mdse.. . 768.00 Ry. Express Agency, express Notice of Probate of Will. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss In district court, January term, 1931 No. 3452. To all whom it may concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Henry A Meyer, deceased, dated February 12 1930, having been this day filed, opened and read, the 2nd. day of February 1931, is fixed for hearing proof o same at the court house in Algona „, „, Iowa, before the district court of said county or the clerk of said court; and 10.41 22.99 10.79 30.95 .'.75- H. W. Post, frt. & dray. F. S. Norton St Son, mdse. .. W. H. Koran Elect. Co., mdse. Tire Service Co., repairs .... Laing & Muckey, repairs ...... 1.00 M. & St. L. Ry., frt. on poles . . 282.48 Skelly Oil Company, gas ...... 18.24 Vincent Heifner, et al, refund deposit ...................... 20.00 Cleve Barton, labor .......... 108.00 Elsie Cady, labor .............. 29.40 Fred Baumgartner, gravel K. C. State Bank, checks 35.35 2.00 G. Ray Smith', meter reading .. 33.25 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., service 13.70 Bring in Your List of Property, We Will Do the Rest Here is an outline of a sale ad that may help you. l_It is customary to start out with some reason for the sale, such as "As I am about to quit farming and move to town." Give your reason here (if you care to): i.t ten o'clock a. m. of the day abov mentioned, all persons interested ar hereby notified and required to appear and show cause, If any they have, why said instrument should no't be probated and allowed as and for the 'ast will and testament of said deceased- , —DaTeU''W"Algons 1 Iowa, January 5, 1931 CLARK ORTON, Clerk of District Court. By CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy. Sullivan, McMahon & Linnan, attorneys. 3 °- 32 There is now some hope for the fellow who has not broken his New Year resolution. 2—Give the distance from such towns as you want to mention to your farm, northwest of Algona—say, "Four miles west and one mile north of Algona ) (Do not say "Five miles 3—Give day and date of sale • 4—Give hour when sale is to begin 5_What about lunch, if any? 6-How many horses? Describe each animal, with weight and age, and if you have any out- standing horses or teams give particulars D »ake—I'll kill him!" "Now, let us be diplomatic," ,u Tfmssin soothingly. "Let u Mrs. Krassln soothingly said us use •ur brains. nlze you?" Did this scoundrel recog- "I do not know nor cure!" cried Ilya; but ruled by his mother's earn- Jtn»s,, he went on. "Yes-I M e\e eetness he went on ke knew me. Yes, I am sure he did!" CHAPTER IV An Invasion by tne Hun On the day when Tpvurlscli Vlllnsky ,Jd L>la Krnssln the con,pUn«nt of uklng her to play for h .«, he, hn. no Idea of acting the part of the Hun ,nd InvndliiB the sacred House of Krassln He was sweeping IlUe a uust Soud through the streets of Kazan In IS motor car when the lueu occurred CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ATTORNEYS AT LAW r. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinson HARRINGTON & DICKINSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank Blk. ALGONA, IOWA. J. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention. ALGONA, IOWA W. B. QUARTON H. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427. ALGONA. IOWA. j w. Sullivan S. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan , SULLIVAN, McMAIION & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA. « J. VAN NESS & G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa "Enough of You! Bloodthirsty Parasite!" ship flew In hot r:i?je to the very ends of her lingers, ami flooded her bruin. She partly rose, thru sank back Into her chair, as her caution returned. Where was IlyaV And as another Inspection aroused her suspicions that this was that very thievish steward who had hud Ilya followed to his home, perhaps—she put her pride under her feet quickly. "May I ask," said she, approaching Vilinsky, "what It is that you desire , , did not take even the trouble to look sneerlngly at her. He was a master of Insult. He threw a glance at her over his shoulder, and resumed his inspection of the palace. "They," said the clerk, using a servile form of expression, and bowing with admiring l"'IUe toward the commander, "are looking at this house- for themselves." "I scarcely understand," said she to Vlllnsky, "what your clerk can mean." "If they like the house," said the clerk after Vlllnsky had Indicated that he meant to pay no attention to the lady's question, "you will have to here?" Vlllnsky L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Dfflce in Quinby Building. Phone 180. ALGONA, IOWA. Gaylord D. Shumay Edward D. Kelly SHUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Building KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANK ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL & SURPLUS - »70.»* Officers: J. W. Wadsworth, Chairman of tb,f Board of Directors. H. E. Rlst, President, T. H. Wadsworth, First Vice Prew dent. G. S. Buchanan. Second Vice Presi dent. J. S. Auner, Cashier. E. J. McEvoy, Asst. Cashier. L. C. Reding, Asst. Cashier. E. A. Schemel, Asst. Cashier. Directors: H J. Bode T H. Wadswortt H. E. Rist J. W. Wadswortb J. S. Auner ^. J. Van Ness G. S. Buchanan SS SS UUiUUiCU. *JA b 1 -'^"-* ^*W"*w M • - ,111 J ,3 will know only what you tell him in your bill and ad. if you yourself were looking to close out. a sss SB PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS Algona, Iowa Phone 68. THE ALGONA HOSPITAL Phone 250 KENEFICK & CRAWFORD Office Phone 300 Residence Phones: 9r. Kenenck, 57 .. Dr. Crawford. U£ C. H. CRETZMEYER PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted Office in J. Galbralth Block. Residence one block east and one block south of office. No calls made after 0:30 p. m ALGONA, IOWA. E. C. McMAIION Attorney at Law Office over Quinby & Krause Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 129 MORTICIAN who was with him. Revolutions muke changes In an"EM M well »s in governments- move out." , , , hours!" exclaimed -Within eight Vilinsky, promptly. "Hut we have no place to go," protested Mrs. KruBBlu, still Incredulous as to the genuineness of the threat. "And I could not move my belongings In ao short a time." "Your belongings I" said Vilinsky, with his back toward her. "You wont have to rnovo your belongings, M you U M. MERRITT Mortician & Funeral DlrecWw. Phone No. 11. ALGONA, IOWA. DENTISTS DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Located over Christensen Store. Phones: Business 166, Residence. 47? ALGONA. IOWA. DR. C. D. SCHAAP. DENTIST Qulmby Bldg. Phone 133 Algona, Iowa. VETERINARIAN. »U time*. * W. FOX. VeterUwrUw office at tne old Dr. Bayw* Ofliw pbone 475-W; RMldwc. WUJ have man at oOlot r IOWA. Jffice Phone, 310. Residence, 444 DB. W. D. ANDREWS. Osteopathio Physician & Surgeon Sye Ear, Nose and Throat Obstetnct Located over Hub Recreation Parlor. Phones. Office 187. Residence. 888. ALGONA. IOWA- DR. P. E. WALLEY. Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon Electrical Therapy, Obstetrics. Located over Zendef & Caldwell's Clothing Store. Phones—Office 79, Residence 211. ALGONA, IOWA. P. V. JANSE, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office on South Dodge St. Phone No—Res. 366; Office 666 9—Sheep, mules, or other stock? 10—Chickens, ducks, geese, etc.? 11-Whlch do you want to come first-horses, cattle.or hogs? 12 -Farm machinery. Give make and condition. Make a complete list. In these automobile days a grind- stone may fetch a buyer *en miles away. 13—Miscellaneous " 14—See your banker, get the terms, and set them outhere. How many months? 15—How many bills do you want? (The usual number is 100) 16—How large an ad do you want? (The usual size Is one-fourth page) 17—Your name 18—Auctioneer 19—Clerk INSURANCE. CITY PROPERTY LOANP FARM LOANS REAL ESTATE INSURANO* OF ALL KINDS CUNNINGHAM & LACY Phone 698 107 W. State B« ALGONA, IOWA. ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY Reliable Insurance Service 0 R. LABARRE AL FALKENHAINER Phone 65 First door north Iowa State Bank Clip this advertisement and have it for the time you will be ready to prepare your ad. Upper Des Moines-Republican ALGONA, IOWA Phone 230. Call this office and we will send a man to your place to arrange your advertising. $<t,.\"- i i ( - i, • „ , ft-^A' *•> n . i i-*" „ *V &&>&$£~j z± «l.t, */,&!' .«J&M, t ..,-T., ,=_,lV.,

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