The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 14, 1931 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, January 14, 1931
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// —Ten Paejus. ThT3 tH'PEn DBS KOINES, 44th TEAR THR REPUBLICAN. 38th TEAR ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUAKY 14, 1931. VOL. 28—NO. 31 CONTRACTOR SERIOUS ACCIDENT OCCURRED FRIDAY Truck Driven by Douglas Riley Collides With Cart Driven by Roy Hayes. TWO MEN RECEIVED SERIOUS INJURIES. Frank Thornton has Leg Broken and . Eye Put Out Hayes Was Bruised Rlley Alleged to be Intoxicated. A serious accident happened last "Thursday evening about six o'clock when a 'truck driven by Douglas Rlley of the Irvington neighborhood collided with a horse and cart driven by Roy Hayes, who lives six or seven miles southwest of Algona. The accident happened a mile or so south of Algona on the Airline road. Frank Thornton of Irvington, who was riding with Rilcy, received th« worst injuries. He had one leg broken a sprained ankle and one eye was cul so badly that it is thought that it cannot be saved. Hayes received bruises and cuts and it will be a few days before he will be able to Jeave the Algona hospital where both the inlured were taken. Riley escaped injuries. The horse driven by Hayes was so badly injured that Marshal Newville, who was called to the scene, B It seems that Riley and Thornton were bringing a load of furniture from Emmetsburg in Riley's truck. Apparently neither one of the two saw the horse drawn vehicle until It was hit. The truck was tipped over and Thornton and Riley crawled out through the windshield. Hayes was found uncon- cious some distance away from tne Rlley was brought up before the authorities on the charge of driving while intoxicated and was bound over to the grand jury and released on one thousand dollar bond .which was fur- J. P. For 30 Years. A. HUTCHISON. INSURANCE COMPANY BRINGS BUSINESS Druggists' Mutual Insurance Company Important Asset for Algona. CARRIES $23,000,000 IN FIRE POLICIES. A! Falkenhainer, Who Organized the Company 22 Years Ago, Has Devo'.ed Life to Its Promotion. The Druggists Mutual Insurance Company, one of Algona's most Important business institutions, is out with their annual statement, which shows total assets of $280,658.43. This corn- Mr. Hutchison retired from the of- pany which was organized by Al Pal- flee of Justice of the peace after thirty years of service. near the truck rfut it has- not been proven as belonging to Riley. Deputy Sheriff Everett Harris arrested Rlley after the accident and placed him" In his car while he examined the wreck. Riley went out of the opposite side of the car and Crawled through /the fence. Harris gave chase and captured him in a nearby cornfield. A broken bottle was found in Riley's pocket. Witnesses reported that the truck had but one light and had been zigzagging in Its course, Hurt Folks Relatives of Dead Flyer. Good Hope, January 13 Special: Older residents of Hurt and Good Hope community were shocked last week to learn of the tragic death of Arthur Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milo Brown of Gamer. He was a nephew also of Elmer and C. B. Chipman of Burt, Mrs Brown previous to her marriage being Myra Chipman. Mr. Brown was a commercial flyer and has had more than twelve years experience as a Dilot. He was killed with a pas- aerieer and a fellow pilot who was to rlfieve Mm for a rest within a day or two, when he ran into a fog near Marshall, Texas, and crashed head on into a high hill. All were Instantly killed though fortunately the horror of fire was not added to the tragedy This was doubtless due to the fact that fuel tanks were torn from the plane art hurled 150 feet from the wreckage. The remains of the deceased were accompanied north by Mr. Noonan^ a re/esentattve of the aviation com- Burt to Have a New Bank Soon. Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Peters of Burt were visitors in Algona Friday. The doctor stated that'Hurt is practically insured a new bank and many are volunteering to (take stock and that it Is only a matter of a short time when the' new institution will be organized., Community Club at Burt Elects Officers, Burt, January 13. Special: The Burt Community' club held a banquet and business meeting at the Marvin hotel. New officers were elected for the coming year as follows: A. • N. Jensen, president; H. A.-Thomnson, vice president and C. C. Smith, secretary. ROTARIANSHAD .-GOOD .MEETING Algona Boy Fights in Main Go Friday .AL FAtKENHAINER. kenhaincr twenty-two years ago and has been continuously him since, has shown managed by a wonderful growth and is now doing business In thirteen states: Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts and New York. The present • officerls ..- of the Custodian Paul Wille in New Park Home. The custodian's homo In the Ambrose A Cnll State Park Is completed nnd ,ast Sn turday Custodian and Mrs. Paul Wllle moved In. The house is located near the entrance to the Dark In a benu'Iful location. The main bulletins: Is 30 by 26 feet with a porch the full length, facing the highway. The house has six rooms, n kitchen, dining room, living room, two bed rooms and a bath. It !s modern throughout with a full bnsemcnt and a full garret. A furnace furnishes the heat. The bath room and kitchen fixtures are of the best and the beautiful electric light fixtures add to the appearance of a fine nnd comfortable home. Mr. Wllle Is now constructing a garage en thr grounds which will accommodate two cars. Improvements arc cons'nnt- ly being made en the grounds. The people of Kossutli county arc very much indebted to ,W. E. G. Saundcrs of EmmctsburK. a member of the conservation board, who has taken so much Intcrst in this beautiful park. It was through his efforts that the park was obtained and he has seen thnt. 1 has been and Is being Improved so tha it stands as one of the most beautiful state parks in Iowa. Mayer & Son Gave up Job Last Thursday, Lack of Funds Was Cause. RECEIVED $65,000 SO FAR ON CONTRACT. Contractor Did Not Get December 21 Estimate and Humboldt Bank Refused to Cash Ills Pay Checks. CLARENCE PHILLIPS. : PHILLIPS IN MAIN GO AT EGLE GROVE -T ~*T' * Governor Tom Purcell of Hampton, Gave Short Address on Rotary Club. COOK, HUMBOLDT SONG LEADER, HERE. Numerous Humboldt and Emmetsburj Rotations in Attendance at Intercity Meeting. pany and by railroad officials Mr. Brown began flying overseas during the World war, and was known to be a man of courage and Judgment big - ly esteemed by all who knew him. The funeral services were held from the SoaisfEpiscopal church to Garner to extend their sympathy on Satur Algona Rotarlans enjoyed a very fine meeting Monday. Governor Tom Purcell of Hampton was present and gave a shout but spicy address upon the principles and benefits of Rotary and also upon the future of Rotary as one of the" greatest Institutions of the age. Governor Tom is the editor of the Hampton Chronicle, one of the outstanding weekly newspapers of Iowa and was elected president of the Eleventh district last year. He was accompanied to Algona by Mrs. Purcell and no doubt much of his success in the newspaper work as well as in Rotary is largely due to her advice anc cooperation. A number of Humboldl and Emmetsburg Rotarlans attended the meeting . Ralph Cook Led Staffing. Ralph Cook, the nopular song leader of the Humboldt, Rotary club had been Invited to come to Algona and put some pep into the singing. He was present and Algona Rotarians pang as thev never sang before. Humboldt has the reputation of having the "singingest" club in northern Iowa and it is due to the efforts of Mr. Cook. He has a clear, fine voice and understands the work of leading. He favored the meeting with several vocal selections and now tons a standing invitation from the Algona club. Mrs. Nettie Haag Injured in Accident. 'The directors are O. L. Cunning. lam, M. ,H. Falkenhainer, M. P. Hagard, A, C. Phillips, W. W. Haire, and N. P. Reed, a number of whom are prominent Iowa men. Theo. Larson of Alpona is underwriter for the company and Eugene Murtagh, accountant. The statement shows a surplus fund of $163,134.99 and the company is rated one of the soundest mutual insurance companies in the country. Those who are so fortunate as to secure a policy in this company receive a dividend or rebate of forty ner cent each year on the amount of "their premium- The company has over twenty-three million dollars' worth of insurance in force, the entire business of course passing through the Algona office. Mr. Fal- kenhainer, who organized and managed the company during its entire existence, has devoted the best years of Must be Propaganda. Will Fight Carver of , Fort Dodge Friday Night in Six Bound G-o. Of 'Course;'we ; 'aHvtoow' that there If j ri o drirJtirig 'in-Algojia and'* anyone tha I suspects there Is snould be put in thi FOUGHT CAEVEE TO DRAW AT FT. DODGE. and Phillips Is Fast Becoming Recognized as a Comer. background. Any intimation otherwisi must be wet propaganda. This pro bably jvas the reason the followin: note which we found tucked under ou door yesterday morning was not sign ed. Why keep up this terrible wet pro paganda when everyone is satisfied' Well, anyway, here's the sacreliglou note: I "It is the irony of Pate or just f i bad case of hypocrisy that some o Carver One of Best Heavies in lowa th(j good folks about town are stil discounting Prazier Hunt's articl which appeared in the December 'Cosmopolitan', so soon after the holiday parties in Algona. If prohibition is still the 'noble experiment' it might Former Algona Man Sick in the West Friends of Charles Plumley, who wi c well remembered by the elder resl- ents of Algona, will be sorry to learn hat he is very 111 with heart trouble nd little hope is held for his recover?'. Ir Plumley is living at Long Bcarn, Jallfornia. ' He and his wife and their aughter, Lcla, moved there several years ago. Lela is married to Rex Green, a man who owns a printing ,fTlce in Long Beach. Mr. Plumley -narricd Anna Erickson who will also oe well remembered, having grown to womanhood here. Mr. and Mrs. Plum, ey and Mr. and Mrs. Green drove to Algona about three years ago for a Drief visit with relatives and friends. STATE F.B. MEETING TO BE AT DES MOINES • :' '.•'.•'. (* *\ "M- Kossuth county Will be Re presented at Meeting Held January 14-15-16. Many local fight bugs will probably tH* affairs' and 1U great sue- be a t tfa. ringside at Eagle Grove next cess Is due to his efforts. The company occupy their own handsome building In" Algona in which ten employees are kept busy, with four men in the field. day. Algona Boy Held for Attempted Robbery. Acceding to information received from Des Moines, Max Spoicher, son of Prank Speicher of Algonn, was arrested last "week while in the act of sticking up a restaurant in Des Moines. It was stated that Speicher walked Into the restaurant and ordered the proprietor to stick up his hands. Before he could get away with anything he was arrested. It is understood that no gun was found on his person. Max is quite well known in Algona and has always lived a model life. He enlisted in the army at the outbreak of the World war when, he was fifteen or sixteen years old and saw much action in Prance, participating in a number of major engagements. He was discharged at the end of the war but reenllsted soon afterwards. He came back to Algona when his time was up and for the past two or three years "has been working for George Miller In Plum Creek township. Millei informed the authorities that Max had quit December 8 and had drawn approximately $300 which was due him 'riday night to see Clarence Phillips of Algona mix with Jack Carver of Fort Dodge In the main go which will be for six rounds. There will be thir- ,y rounds of boxing during the ev'en- ng and all will be packed with good fighting. Carver fought Kenneth Hunt of Des Moines at Spencer a year ago for the leavyweight championship of Iowa, and has since been in training in Dempsey's camp In Los Angeles, has come back to Iowa with a nice string of victories including a number of one and two round knockouts. His ;ii-st appearance in Iowa was when he stopped his man in twenty seconds of interest some of the camel-minded inhabitants to exercise their powers of body cares—the holidays are a time of celebration arid nothing seems to raise the spirits more effectively than the 'cup that cheers.' According to reports, quite some 'raising' was done. "Why such frantic efforts should be made to discount facts which are apparent to any thinking persons, is a mystery which intelligent persons find it difficult to solve. People who are so concerned over the so-called insinuations that Algona might be slightly damp, ought, perhaps, to look • for possible EECOGNITION, PEIZES TO BE AWARDED. M. L. Johnson and Mrs. J. II. Warburton will be Kossulih's Official Representatives at Meetings, Kossuth county -will be represented at the state farm bureau meeting at. tho Shrine Auditorium in Des Moines, January 14-15-16. M. L. Johnson, Swea City, past county farm bureau president will represent the county as voting delegate and Ray McWhorter of Burt is the alternate. Mrs. J H Warbmton, county chairman of women's work, will represent Kossuth county in the women's meetings. The Grant township quartette, Isenberg Brother's and Sam Link, will compete on January 14 with the rural quartettes from Dallas, Webster, Payette, Tama, Polk, Floyd, Linn, Page, Chickasaw, and Boone. Banquet to be Held. Thursday, January 15, the If Frazier Hunt talked with Phillips has also made an impressive record during the past year or so. A few months ago he fought a fnst fight with Carver in Fort Dodge and emerged with a draw although a number of the fans believed he deserved a win. He has been training off and on during the past year In Jimmy Potts gymnasium in Minneapolis and Mike C'boons' in St. Paul. In his last bout in Mason City Phillips proved to the fans that he is one of the leading con- tfi'lers for the light heavyweight cMmmonship of Iowa. Phillips is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Phillips, who live about three miles east of Alon the paving. He fights at 170 —he only had a day in Algona and it would lake'too long to round up the ew who weren't. "Personally, we've hoard enough ibout the incident and as a final sug- ,'esiion, mii'ht we offer the advice that 'oiks who "know nothing about eon- lltions as they exist, either in Algona or anywhere else, stop talking about Jiem. This would simplify matters somewhat and make a possible solution ,o thu problem more effective." Harry Spongberg Had Bad Fall Tuesday SJ?'iS»«sr'SS Struck a Piece of Ice under a Mn sheet - f,.nm Ill' of snow and was thrown fiom > Guderlan, the sub carrier took his route. Mrs. Nettie Haag was somewhat bruised last Friday when she was knocked down by the Elk Cleaner truck driven by D. L. Bryan. Mrs. Haag was returning to her home in the northwest part of town with several bundles letter | of groceries. As she started to cross he street Mr. Bryan sounded the horn .n the truck, but Mrs. Haag contlnu- d her way and began to run. Mr. Bryan turned the truck up on the curb o avoid striking her, but she came in Contact with the side of the truck and was bruised about the knee and leg when she fell. Mrs. Haag Is employed 3 y the Swift Company and was unable to work for a few days. ind left. Miller had noticed that he , pounds. Carver will weigh in at 175 lad been acting queerly for some time pounds. and believes that he had a recurrence of shell shock. County Attorney G. D Shumway telephoned the Veterans' Bureau In Des Moines and informed them of the case and they said they Tom Kelley Back to Old Stamping Ground Tom Kelley, who got Into BO much ' cal o'rma s m hj» many- $fen'ds. would look into the matter. The local post of the American Legion has also ;aken a hand In the affair in order to assist Max. Aft the time of his arrest he had about $85.00 in cash on Us person. Those in Algona who know Max are sure that he was not himself If he robbed the restaurant as he has always been well behaved. Rev. F. H. Webster Here Thirteen Years Rev P. H. Webster, pastor of the Algona Baptist church, will complete his thirteenth year as pastor of this, church next Monday, January 19. Rev. Webster has labored untiringly with his people and the church has made marked improvement during his pastorate. Rev. Webster planned to drive to Avrshire this week to visit his aged mother who Is ninety-one years old and his sisters who also reside at that place. Fire Cracker Shots Alarm the Natives. A number. of Algona people were more or less concerned Sunday evening by a series of what sounded like gun shots which were heard In the south part of town between ten and eleven o'clock. There were five or six reports In rapid succession and as many flashes wer.e seen to flare from a car which was being driven down College street. Upon investigation It developed that some of the boys had forgotten that the Fourth of July Is still six months ahead of us, and had secured large flre crackers that they were shooting. Hynds Radio Shop Moved to Roupe's Store, The Ben Hynds' Radio Service Shop and the Uptown Philco store has been moved to "the Roupe grocery store where they will occupy the east side of the store. They formerly were in the building across from the court house, which is now the Thorlngton Theatre and Community House. R, P. Bjustrum of the Hobarlon Farmers General Store has the Pliilco department and Ben Hynd the service department. Ogren and Kelley Inspect Filter Plant, Mayor Albert Ogren and Superintendent Joe Kelley drove to Scranton today to inspect rtie naw filtering plant and pump in that city. Scranton just started using the plant late this fall. Algona's plant will be started as soon as the weather permits and it will take probably four months to complete it. This will be a great addition to Algona's Improvement. \ Fenton Farmer Charged with Lewdness. Ello Rahn, a farmer living near Fenton, was brought before Justice W. C. Danson Tuesday on the charge of lewdness, which was brought by his wife. It was charged that he had taken Indecent liberties with a ten year old daughter of his wife by a former marriage. He was bound over to the grand jury under a bond of one thousand dollars which he furnished. Rahn's wife has also brought suit for divorce on the grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. The couple lived together till January 11, 1931, and she charges defendant beat and choked her, and threatened her life. She has one child, Anna May Shane, ten years old, daughter by a former marriage. She claims the defendant has personal property, livestock, grain and machinery worth about $2500 and is able to support the plaintiff and her children. The plaintiff states that she has reason to believe that the defendant Is about to convert his property into cash in order to keep her from getting any of it. Mrs. Rahn asks for $200 as temporary alimony and on the final hearing such permanent alimony and support ns the court sees fit and that she have a judgment on the property to the extent of $1,000 without bond. She also asks for the coats of the action. The Rahns were married at Spencer March 26, 1928. convon- scheduled bureau held that reau folks from'"the county are planning to attend mofifc of the meetings, but members planning only one day will probably plan to be there on the 15th. Voluntary effort put forth by Iowa fc-m bureau members will this year be recognized bv the Iowa federation, according to Mr. Hearst. "Growth of the farm bureau in Iowa during the pa-it year can be laid at, the door of the individual member who has gone out and visited his neighbor non-mcmb-.n —giving him the invltaton to join,' Mr. Hearst said. To Receive Trophies. Individuals who secured the most members through voluntary effort wil •cceive recognition. The county show- .n<? the largest gain and the county with the largest membership, will receive trophies. Ledyard township of Kossuth county is included on the list of townships in the state which have Mayer & Son, the contractors who were'building the new school for Alrona, gave up the ship lar.t Thursday and quit l.hc job. It is understood that they stopped because the school board would not pay the December 21 estimate. This was due to the fact that the architects would not issue the csimatc because the contractors owed over $30.000 in unpaid bills. According to T. P. Harrington, the president of the school board, Mayer & Son have been paid over $65,000 by the board so far. Their contract called for some over $175,000 by the time the job was finished. The books show that all of the $05,000 has been expended for labor and material. Mayer Owed Bank. It is understood that Mayer owed the Humboldt bank $5,000 and that he bank there turned down his last wy checks. About ft month ago. he nade an assignment to the bank of lis December es'lmatc and: as tn/3 u'nds were not given him, this was the principal reason why the bank shut town on him. Prank Mayer, the son, IBS been in active charge of « 101 -' w( £r Mr. Harrington stated that tne . equipment and material Is still on the ground and will be kept as it has been partly rmld for. The board Is to have a meeting within the. next few days at which Mayer and a representative cf the bonding company will-be present. The bonding company, Which is the Union Indemnity Company of New Orleans, will probably either take over the rest of the job or relet the contract. Koof Not Finished. Part of the roof Is finished but the west side oart has not been completed. l fc is not over-the gymnasium nor the auditorium- either. This part, Of the roof will- have to go on top of steel girders. Qtopping the work, now will put back the completion a month or more in all probability; especially if the bonding company waits to readvertlse nnd relet the job. The building under Mayer's contract was to be finished by the first of August. Mr Harrington stated that there was absolutely no truth to the rumor that the board and Mayer had changed anything in tholr contract without consulting the bonding company, which would have relieved the bonding company of all indemnity. The board has been meeting continuously since the work stopped in order to'find the best solution to the prob- em of going ahead with the building. D rograms Planned by Farm Bureau. W H Stacy of the rural organization icpa'rtment of the extension service vas in the county last Thursday and Friday to assist township leaders in planning programs for the meetings ,0 be held In their respective townships luring the coming year. Wednesday afternoon, January 7, tne county program committee of the farm bureau, F. L. Ryerson, Burt;; Harry Bode, Algona, and Mrs. James Black ind Mrs. A. B. Schenck, Algona met to prepare a list of suggested toplc^ for talks at township meetings and list probable speakers that might ui> obtained for eacli subject. Talks are included on livestock, soil? poultry, home beautification, bundling, also on county history, geo- lo"v of our county, astronomy, conservation, as well as farm and home manapernent practices. All talks are to be given by local pcopln where vocation or hobby has given them opportunity to have information on the planned at carried on a definite program have qualified as standardized and and wTli"be* given special certificates. Other awards will probably be made in recognition of outstanding: effort. Membership activity of the farm bureau has been especially outstanding this year, according to Mr, Hearst. Iowa is ahead of its membership for the same time a year ago. and indications arc that around 65,000 farm families will be the total for this year. Glad Al Smith Was Defeated. Nick Bormann, one of the old and respected farmers of south Kossuth, was calling on Algona friends yesterday. Mr. Bormann is one of the progressive and ardent democrats of the county and says with present unavoidable conditions he is glad Al Smith was defeated for had he been elected it woud have been the death of the dem- ocrajtic party. He predicts that a democrat will be elected president to succeed President Hoover and thinks tha 1 conditions will be better by that time '"""Township programs meetings with Mr. Stacy, include in addition to the talks outlined, play- lets home management demonstrations Pour-H club programs, school programs discussion of farm subjects and .special features such as mens evening to furnish program and eats. Such meetings have been planned by fifteen townships in the county including LuVernc, Lincoln, Ledyard. Swea Plum Creek, Wesley, Garfield, Irvington, Burt, Portland, Ramsey, Jreenwootl, Eagle and Harrison. Bancroft Woman Asks for Divorce. Mrs. Lulu Richards of Bancroft has iled suit for a divorce from L. C. lichards on the grounds of cruel and nhuman treatment. The couple was narried in Algona December 24, 1920, and lived together until May 4, 1928. 'he nlainUiT charges that her husband leglected her and failed to provide, ind that he deserted her May 4, 1928. lie asks for her former name which vas Lulu Miller. Dr. Evans* Injuries on the Mend. Dr. R. A.' Evans who was injured in an automobile accident the day after Christinas is improving nicely and Sunday was able to be down stairs after being confined to his bed since the accident. The sprained hip which he suffered no longer pains him, and while he is more or less taped up he is able to get about the house. He plans to be back at the office about the first of next week.

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