Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 27, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 27, 1896
Page 3
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TV- Nervine Restores D E. MILES- RESTORATIVE NERVINE cures noi-vons prostration. Not miraculously, but scientifically, by first removing the Rcrms ot disease, aud then supplying healthy ncrvo food, increasing tho appetite, helping digestion and strengthening the eutlro system. Desperate oases loquiro prolonged treatment as shown by that of Mrs. M. B. Reed, ot Delta, Iowa, who writes: "As tho resultof a lightningatroko, tho physicians suld I hud alight strolco of paralysis, my limbs would all draw up. I would have throbblug3 In my chest that seemed unendurable. For throo months I could not sleep and for throe weeks did not close my eyes. I prayed lor siecp, and teltthatlf relict did noi cotno I would be dead.or insane. I took Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine and tho second nis;ht slept two hours ami !rom that time on ray health 1m- provcu; slowly at first, but steadily and surely. I tool; in all 40 bottles, and I cannot express how grateful I am, for I am now perfectly well, and havo taken no modlcino lor over four months." Dr. Miles' Nervine is sold by drus^-ists on Kuarantoo that first Dottle beneGw or money refunded. Book on heart aud nerves free. Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkuart, Jnd. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , , . Proof Hose $8 Express id, 35e. Prevents Wetting Bead 1'loor or Walls. Bowless Water Closets. Send for Catalogue Frost Proof Water Cioiets, gell-ACtlng Water Closets. Kellj Slop and Waste Cock, THOS. KELUY & BROS., No, aoi iWadlson Street, Chicago. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOOANSPOBT. IND.J SflFITftL • »2OO.OOO ' . j. F. Johnion, Pr«rtd«nt. B. W. IJllery. Vlo« PrMldent H. J. HeltbBlnk. CMhl«r. DIRECTORS. I. T. Johnson. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Blllott. W. H. Snider. Buy mud «»'! Government bouds. Loan «oM7 «n peraonal security and coUater- •U. ls»ue special certlflcate» o( depoiltl rtni C per cent lnt»re«t when left on. r: ?por cent, per annum when depo»- enaey D.po.H Vault, ot thl, beck for the deposit of deeds, tnsurane« Stole™ mortgages and »ther yalluables, at from 16 to *1S r*r Tear. KROEOER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BEOADWAT. CHAS. L. WQ-LU :-: UNDERTAKFR >=, N». 417 Market fnti. ' C»ll» attended to proliptly, .a*T • intlml Union and Mutual telephoBW. Offlce, No. 18; Reniaanee. No. UL The Logansport Humane Socletv (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E, S. Itlce— Preit. ' Oco. IV. Wrtlter»-Sec. J J, lIHilebramlt-TreaH. • \V. M. Bl»hoj>— Humane Omcer. •* 3 Rice. J. C. Unfit}. K C. Cooiboiwh * 3 'GWW Walters, t i>. Pratt Mr.. J.N.Nell. Telephone No. 80, /: Bejort cases ol.oruelty to Socrewry. I0TED H NOYfiLTY '••to take out a potent on. From $2800 to 13000 of : StSd bj n mannlacturer (or 8 good nolJIng artlol I, A<M Jnl*rnRtlo»alP»tent ftL TechnicalI Bureau ••B*lchell"S«utliB«nd, Int. - or at 1401 Monadnock, B*., Chicago II •/lnrruniAN wanted to rttaln'additional BU IT seribers lor 1897 to the oldest nr.d best Known *-* *.', _;...,«.lln^l« Tnll «n nhTHlnlnDH Only • T Bribers lor 1897 to the oest nr. ; ; ; . niedlonl periodicals. Call on physicians •"V- Terms temptlna »nd excellent pw. E aralSiments. Addresj, J , P. 0. box,l?hlla.. „_„ onlj Eicluslv Fa. NOTICE TO GAS CONSUMERS. Tbat gas consumers majr-not.be 1 .cffnVonlenced'by,.,reB3on of delay, in >' liavlug heating ; stov«s,-8™,to3 and fur : ;; naces conneotetl, October Is.t the com ;• pany -will at once make on such con ;• nectloDS 'that are ordered,' tfnU furnls gas for .same tree, for tbe remndEdcr o ff VTJOG^ANiSnORT & -TOAiBASH GAS COMPANY. ; . . The''Motion Men are all for Sound Money. CAUSE FOR GRAY HAIR General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Cruwfonlsvilio Journal: .Wmltei- ioons, now cniii>loy«l by tlw Jlonion iiillirojvd tit N«)W Albsuiy, was 'in the ity today wefli-lng the yellow badpo f th« nillraid inotu'6 eouna inone}- cluto Io did not look ns M Hue- -Hod been co- i-cixl to juiai *lie elii.b, «nd surely did lot talk thait way. -Hv was one of a rowd of H-Prj-^tiwo from Now Albany iud other poluiis ntotiR fhe MOBOII road ^lio arc on. tllieiv way to TOITO Haute, vJicre- tlfc rallrond men luave a f.'illy. lo;s:i.ld -tliat stiver me.u tiiiuonp; vhc eni- •loj-es of hlw? Monou wei-c as scni-Cft. as iV -cee'Ui, wMlo sound money Dom- •ato wofi'o 'a'ti •Cli'i.clc JIB soldiin rod and onUnwIa'Stic -us tihe most jtrdeait. olil Itino Kcpublli.-a.iis. C. W. GKEEN-S GlLvY HAIKS . Ijivl'aye.tto Coiiviev: A ?n.-a.t nnuiy (iifnyettfi Jiicn know C. W. Green. •Avolms i>.-issi.'nKe,r a^rent. of 'tho Bis •'our route, but they would not have j^nilswd Itim hiatl 'they seen 'lui'm in Souuh afivel depot r.otiay. Wliien wns 1ie.ru bel'ore lie mis a bhu-k- hjippy-'.u-.irfod uiein, and It was ior. nwro th-iui a' finv mwiitlifi :iii-o, cirh- r. Today he iw almost wMte-lien'ded. < hasffanl, ^-irai timd niBswaWe. No'.'H'Iy .•very one reimonvber." roadiuj,' of the cirlblo csi.hiniiry 'tlwt viis'.tcd li.i.-s Kan- Ciry borne on Auyiwi: 2S. On. Hm-t hte wife, \r\>o ivad nTways- ueen hu most loviiiiJ. mo<f[ dieorful of wo- neu, shot hov three cliitldren deaxl and lieu Imi-self, the stricken Jiusband com- IICMIC iu 't'iiu« to tsoe Hie four white „„. made ready for Che piuve. No vondci- that the man's lvai.r lias tamed yliite. IMMIGRANT TRAFFIC. Tlie frcls-lit men located at New ^•ork connected wluli the trunk lines ire no tl-he only class of officials which i.re iu trouble over business drlfMnp from that ciity. T.he passeoger uounow Iwve a. prieyaaice and are con- «idw«Uly exoircfecd over the matter, «i« n.l",u-m beliw over -t-lwloss of lui-mllffrant traffic, wiat-h is begtamhip to eater the country tHwouffh the iwrte of Galveston n.nd Nenv Oii-loains, on bhc Gulf of Mexico. Th'e •InHnllgBin.t businetss has '„ inonxjipollly-ed 'by New York for ovei- a century, a.ud -dui* city believes that innu*jra-nts ba.ve no right to tond Uilam wt Cafrtile Garden. It does not Intend 'to loso the 'traffic to. •lit terms n.n in.slKQin«).n.t littl« port like Galvestan. and tt t urther inroads are made fa the buainosis.tt will domanid flluat -the steaimsMp lines •a ih'lRher rate to G'a.lv<.>ston or i-aill rate from N<?w York to the west ^yj^l be cut. RAILROAD NOTiDS. John Mollque, .tho engine • cleaner, is The employes of the bolter shops were enfrangcd in making a sno-w plow y-estel'day morning. ' " lEdward Fotitijr, tlie^shoii drayman, accompanied by'''his wBfe', Js spending a few days at Ohioaso. Oliartes Fettilg/the blacksmith, who has been off duty on account of filck- ness,-1i'ns i-eitaimcd to work. George ;FcttI'jr of tthe.tank shops, lias returned to work after -a lay-off ot two weeks on accouiat of sickness. . ,T. T. Clary o £ ibo repair track gang, ,,ad Ills foot crushed yesterday morn- Ing and- will bo fold ° ff a f(yw c1 ' aj ' s '^ a result. Ed Kearney, A. .T, Prescott a.nd L. L. Trumn.n went to Chicago yesterday aiCtciinoon to hear M..E. Inpall's speech ln.«t n I pint. •'• : • Tho opei-aifmR expenses of the wa- bash linos for August -wore reduced ?9G;000 by rcd-ucUoBof train mileage, etc.' There was np'roducttau In wia'ges. Horace Edp-ar N.ewcomet, of tlie Panhandle •maj-n'teuance of way ofnce, after due preparation raid^leltbcr.atlon has gone to spend the day with' a friend Ute fast moil over the Waibaiili covered tlio flrsfi flfty-two mUes out of Toledo In flrdy-one mln ute^and roa:chcd Para, 151 miles from Toitalo. in 1S3 mtautes. •. Tlile TValbash genenal passenger ibas perfected airi'aiagomeiiits'witai. the Uaike Erie &; Westonn- by .whldh the tickets and mileage books .of the Wa basli will be honored on.thle .Lake. Erie & •VVest-ei-n bebwoon Pern amd .Indi lana.poHs. • . 'There is one item 1u tlie nmnual re port of President Inp-alts, of tlie Bi Four,:\yJWch Was gone without spccla natlce'im fomner statements, an'd'*hat if tjha,t in the' year .ending. JUID.O 30, ISO there was STOiOOO less money paid on ' for personal damages .lilian in tiie';yeai : June 30, 1SOG.' " . ,.• . 51. B. ''.Cordon of tlie 'round house •and .wife, -were"agreeably.surprised a fliclr liome Friday '••eveniinj: by a.b'on. tliinty of tlieJr.friencte, tlue occasion be ing the celebration of lihetr tin wed is boards 1 ait tiiie''.r'6tind hoesse bfiice : J.'j. StiiJts went down the'river yes •tcrdlny to run a trot .line last ui'gih.t. iEoy Moore of tlie maclU.no shops spending -a tow days Jran-cln.g 'Ju the seven sections. . ' John Manes and George Shaver have gone to English lake to spend a week's vacaibion hunting "and fls'hiing. Hawy Crngan,. Will Ftanlgan and .To'lm Hydhnigeir of ith* repaik- track , a.re spoiuMrag tlie day at Cliicago. Tliot-e is less slclcness aimon-g tli.e em- ,.loiv5 of the shops 'thsiiv . tiharc 'has 'bwn since tlie oi-iyan.lwiil'Joii of- the Voluntary Belief rtssoaliiittlon. . Ttine 't.-vble No. 13 B,' taking effect Simiday. Sea>temilier 27. 1890. and superseding Nme- t-able No. 13 A. bfttween 'and Effnor, nmd Iwtpween and CMcago, -li-as been KsiiL'd. Tliori: w.ill bo no cliaufte. of rime Det.weon Txiwuisport. nnd Brad- 'ford, 'and tl'ino table No. 13 A w'dl con- ttnuo ikn oireci: oni llia.I: po.rtii.oiv ol' the road. 0. H, Walton. Su'perJul.e.a(lQirt. THEY WERE PUT OFF. Some Excursionists ' Tarried The Way to Terre Haute. on Swine of the exeUTsionosts \\-1io srar-:- od 'i» Twre Ilswiito TJiursday didn't get ,t!licn"L\ niiry boan-d-C'd Uio -jtira.!!!. aton.s wtl.1i a .iiiuinlbcii- O'C o'tliEiW'. aaid t.'hons'ii''. w.lwit «i. 'n'k* -(Sine Wiley would liave, 1'id- inw TUW «s "i-a.Llro'ad iiicn." But somehow or (Vt'bei-, TiMiiiiniMiistea- Burke <v.' tihi! Viiiiitdaaia, wlu> was with -Mu 1 i-:':il:i, •h-akl .iR-anl s.oiUL'w'hwii or oiiilicr -ijhat they didn't ludong to'l-Jta wam-g, m.ud dial: Mro'y wetv raiu.k free s'llverMes. luas- miich -'is tihe railroad com.i>a-ny wa-s nin'nilng Uia.tiwini for the benefit of its MiiliJoyes -\\ H lw> w-VMiilied to go to Te.rre Htiittte. Mir. Bivrktt did noit Wiiink lio need'o'd idiosie g'wnil.lo'nH^n, .so the tram VMS stowed 'a.t 0,-iinKl-cn, to oWllp;e one ,f tlhcm whto «ilkl lie 'had business at. .iMift pl-nico, -and .lilio others wore sot low-unit Flora, whore they wa.iit-.ed pa- for 'ffli-e -evennm-p .tira;u to bring back to *he oiity. The next ttmt Gwinuii, "Snake" Harris, Ed Lota. ?imd 'iHckie" Burke go on. sm ex- cmislon of ttiils sort Iliiey won't go.. Our $15.00 Suits go for $12.00 Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 DOG FOR CHOICE OF ANY STRAW HAT IN THE STORE. 25c choice of any t of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one third off, th*y are bargains. Now is thstime 1o buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Coeds, and 526 Broadway is the place to save|money, These Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH G. GRACE & CO., 264 SRC- DWAY; THE CHURCHES. Church of Christ (Scteontilsts)— M UniiTOnsailllsIt church At 11 a. ni. Subject, Review of llio -pro?* q-twter. .'Ul aire welcome. . ' • Tli* Rev. ,T. C .Kauffittaii TVI!! address n wen's meeting ait fllie R. R. Y. M. -C. A. rooms this laCtci-noow nit 3 o'clock. All 'men' are cordially-Invited. Ministers please numou'nice. •Seirvfces at itilio EvaiugelLcall church today «is follows: Siraida.y school at 0:30 .n. .m. Firttadhm'g I>y fue pastor at 10:30 a. m. Y. T. A. Jit 0:30 ]). m. PronieMiip -ait 7:30 p. in. A.H Jire invited. .Broadway M. E. Ctarch—E. L. Se- iitans, 'ipneltor. Lore feast at 9, Sund-ay school at. 0:4o, amd prawnling- awl com- mun'Hom at 31 a: m. Junior League ait 3, Epwotlbh League at 0:30 p. m. The Kcv, M. S. Mairtolo wJM preach at 7:30. All ii.ro cordilally invited, First -Rwasihyteriinir Clmrc-li—Tl).e pas : tor, D. F.. Fiuitaiaiui vi'iill preach at 11 a. iu. on "Bniljyitae *>y llie Slanxtord.' In the evening aib 7:30 Mis subject will be 'Hcflffit Delterrultaes tihe Life." 'Suu- ischool' at 0:30 n. m. • Yo-un People's Endeavor meeting alt 0:30 p. in.' A .veUcome for aM. . . ; Stjraet M. E. clrarcli— Sunday seltodl, ECTfteSv of the AssocJUitJani of Indisuna. Preaohinig by tine pastor at 10:45 a. m. and 7 p. m. Junior Liea.gue nit 3 p .m. Otoss meeting fflt C p. m Ejp-vvonitli' League «t' C p. mi T|Opic "Eoemilies by indifference." Jjcadci Hoi-fey S-amlersou. AJ1 : nrc Inviiled. . Triuii-ty Church—Her. F. C. Cool bauigh.. Holy com.nitiwion ,a,t 7 a. m Sumtaiy sdhool'•at 0:45, i M-oiin.iiMr sex Miicc ait 11 o'clock. Subject of sermon "The. YocaMoii.". i Evcnilng -scrvfco ai 7:30 o'clock. The choir toys ^"111 be pwsonlt tor the, first tliii* tJrls full am •Jfr. AWxant G. Cra^'foa'd clwktrmnister wai proskle at tlie organ. At tlio OumbcrlnitBl PreBibytcJ.-l«'n clmi-cli tibere will be semtees- both morailnig and•'-eTenilng'by ttie paste Ohnrles B. WeUbOTM.' Sunday sclioo 9:45 a. m., .pi-enc'htagj.i:00u.'m. and 7:30 p. m., Entloavor 0:45 p. m. Even me subject, "TlAmghtlessnBss of tli .churcli." Midweek pM.yer meeting TOiursdny cr.eni,np, 7:30. All welconie .'Services at.tho XMHi fJti-cet Christ lam cliwreli'today'ait.ll o'clock, a. m aud 7:30 p. m. Sermons by til»e pastoi Eev. T. S. Frccm'win. Morntopr *ub ,1c;ot "C'lixfet our-example in.praycT. •WcnilflR 'sub'Jcct'The yonnB nian I Dliio cliu'i-cli." Sunday school ai 0:30 r •m., G. S. Berry, superin'teadeut.. Y. P S.C.~E .a,t 0:30 p. m. AU are toTJted. " St. LiUv^'s EDglls(a,T J uitli l ci-a-n' ctoirch First.flmd Market streets—J. ,C .". .pasitoi-. Sunday', scluool 9:30.rawl «(tan'c'lt sc.n-ices^flit'11 n. 'm Sormoiv 's-wbjeat "Hoy'' ! to 'Belmvc 'J. Cliurdt".' iBn'steiid ';mJsslpii Suritfo. laitiJks.'Clnisdaii Eraieav.br-a We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up odate. Read the following prices: •. Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.00 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.50 Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 0:30 and di.«a-cJi service* a:l. 7:30 p. m. Elveniius -subject -The -Vocioat cliTO-cli.V (Hie secoiad Ju tlu> series of discourses m Oluircli Htotory. Yon nro cordhilly mvlited. • •:liool at 0:45 si. in. PrcaeMng sen-ice vt 11 ft. in. Subjcc-.t, "Self-cxainitinn.- tlou." JuTO'or Unilon tut 3 p. n>. Senior ton, «i.t 0:30 i>. ui. Sitbjwcit "Coa- (inctst Mecftitop." Adterruwe 'toirtc "Tbe slice of GiEvJuis." PlrvraoluiiiS service art'7:30 ip.,m. iSulbjectt, "Tilre Fatality of Mere Negalniiva Refoi-ronitiOD." A 3oixltol iliaviitatio.ii as cxtewled -to all. Broadway Piwsbyitefhin clim-cli. corner Ninth and Broadway. Rev. Atavood Poroi'vail,' pas-tor. Public wor*ltl|i) at 11 a.m. The'postor will pi-eaxrli. Subject of morning sermon,' "Integrtoy and uprlRhtucss." Sn'bject of evening sermon. "Tlte f'l-ieuds'bil.p of Jesus .Ghrfet." Bible class 0:30 n. m., D<iv.H A. Eider, ^pOTlniteJideiijt. Rallying *y « xel '- oises of a.u Interesting naiuirc. Y. P. S. C. E. at C:30. A rcriew of the book of I Samuel. Prlni'ted prpgrniins. Free seat*. All 'weicoiiio. 1 ' • $100 REWARD. $100. This readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one waded disease that science has been able to cure In all its stages and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is.tlie only positive cure .now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's .Catarrh 'Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous, surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation cf the disease and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing Its work. The proprietors have so much faith fn its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it Calls to cure ifend for list of Testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO Toledo, Ohio. Sold by Druggists, 7Ge. THE HHN~ AT WORK. The hens, -have token up JIcKlnley cause,' mi old 'IBiddy" at Cdlurabus, Ohio, having layed «.n epg on Which was formed ID plato lime-hues, "McS." The local Dajiiiels Interpret the etranpre legend to mean "McKiii-ley and sound ! intenej'."Tlife spiders wMfli Saye Deen . wea,ying the name "SrcKtaley" Into the •gauzy trimmings of DheJi- pi-t*bj- lititl'e pai-1-ors will lui.ve to ftet a liuuip on { STiem'selvcs or re-fcire tixm .the campaign In favor otf tflie hens. . AH Kinds of Drawings Made by BYRON B. GORDON. ,. FOB SALE CHEAP. ; Tie best faintly marc in Logansport •Also onie tlirec-yeai'-old "Brodttou FH- a.v," well -brbkein. Call ait'Stewart's liv- .en-y bam. . . . ; : 5,, m . e j u st returned "from Chicago 1 '••where I Hiavc. nibtended . . som e o.f the . ' '' - Wd'l 'aim TWKly feuittrmw inorniing to is^ve you' at : myylwiiy^uwae0t prices. '—Lou Miinuny. ' ALL WORK SUSPENDED. On the Cudahay's Pipe Line at North Judson. . ia£ 0 nua,tlon comes from .Xortli Judson iJhait all work 'l«as been suspended on itIUe old pipe line of *he Indiana Pipe. Ltae comiKiiuy projected from Mont- ,>elicr *Urwwb «»te State to CMcogo. Fifteen, miles of pipe, have been .tod on the wesOt.ond of -the Mnc, libirty-nv« mJles of-trcncli have been dug and sixty-five miles of pipe distributed. The order to qu-iit work, -wMdh was being vUgorously pmUied by 300 men, comes 'like a clap of ichnnder from a ctaiir sky, aud reports tore it tliat the Staiidai-d 0'irComjpany hns "scen",11ie Ondsiliays 'and -the com.petins oiil toe 'will nova- be built THE. TWO BUYANS. • Chicago Into- Ocean: Today Mr. Bry- 'an is saying to atf mafafclod, nnd the farmers and wage-earners of tlie Unit•ed States in particular: "We never •shall get out of t'h'e slough of industrial : s tagn.a,t)ion unittl we 'cam compel hlgiior 'prices for wliat we mate n.ud raise.' ! TWis may or mny not be tone. If .Mr. .'Bryan says it«^)ii.le lie docs not believe i't to bo true he is not worthy of the offlce to wMid) be aspft-es'. If I* be 'true, tWe.n Mr. Bryain formally should recant in ISOC'wlKit he ulfctorcd in 1S92. .'Fo'i- on the 20th 'd«vy of Marcn In that year he ssnid in tite Hoii'se of Repre ' senwilvcs at WiisWas'txxn.: 1 want to soy, as. cmpliki.acaMy as words cam say It, MHat I consider It s ifiilso in economy and' vidtous in polocy I to attempt to raise at a Mgih price in this, couptry that wlhteh-wc can pur- 'oliasc abroad o;t a low price. ' On Marcili 20. 1802, 'spoaMng specifl cally ncatast a bill designed to Rive a sliRht degree: of protoctaion to ftxrni •-.rodTicts, Mr. Bryan, '*s erophoUcaily is words can say it," pleaded for low prices, in September, 1896, he is. pleading for what he calls Iilefccr • prices. We sav for what "lie calls" Ms.uer prices," for we do not feel snre that wool or wheat or iron or lumber seHing at 25 per cent, more in 1897 than in 1S9C wffl be at a "hugher price" If «hc. dt>Uair of 1S97 be of 50 per cenfc less mine t'h'an fflioit of 1S90. But setting n,U arsrrononit and spec- uia,1f««n aside, Itispfcvm Mr. Brynadoes not tolfc in 1S9G as lie talked in 1802. If he now -really desires "Mghex prices" inclusive of Wffber prices for. labor, wfliy does he not boidly avow himself tav'omlbto to a policy j>r protection agatnst i>auper labor and its iwoducts? If lie docs not-really desire "M^lier prtces," why does not he- manfully stand by hfc famous speech of March 20, 1S92? There are wvo Bryams—the Bryan of 1S92 amd tlie Bryan of 1S96. \viich is the one «i»t we are to trust in? . BUOKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. Tie Beet Salv<Mn the world for cnta, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever eores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satis- ' faction or money refunded'. Pr!:e 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Kees- Une. • '• The ChKlsWan Scieiwe rooms will luerojiiftei; Iw oj>en Tuesday, TJiursday and Saturday. attemoons from 2 i>. m. until 5 p.'-nv. -instead of Monday, •Wednesday and Friday'.afternoons. Subsc'rlbei f or The JOUTB*!.:

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