The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 7, 1931 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1931
Page 5
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, January 7, 1931 Employee of Light Plant Hurt in Fall. Peter Johnson, an employee of the /Algona light plant, received a bad fall last week Wednesday, when his •climbing spurs broke while climbing a light pole. He fell about six feet, land- ing on his heels. At the Kossuth hos pital it was found that the jolt had injured the base of his skull in some way and he was forced to stay in the hospital for treatment until last Monday when he was discharged. George W. Boevers of Mason City was calling on Algona friends today Call Theatre - Algona O THURS. & FBI., JAN. 9-10. It's tremendous. The jungle brought to you. Thrilling! Sensational! Different! Many Algona theatre pat- 3; rons were privileged to see "Africa Speaks" when in Chicago on a buy- Ing trip in October. D. H. Goeders of the Goeders Company was so impressed he urged us to contract for (ts showing. Mr. Goeders' letter follows: Mr. N. C. Rice, Algona, Iowa. Dear Norm: Be assured that I am delighted to hear that you have succeeded in contracting for "Africa Speaks." Just read your advertisement in the local papers announcing that wonderful treat for Friday and Saturday, January 9th and 10th. During my October buying trip in Chicago I was fortunate enough to see the first showing of "Africa Speaks" and was so impressed and thrilled with this marvelous sound picture thRit I sat through two entire showings. Have told many of my friends and we will be there Friday anxious to see "Africa Speaks" for the third time. Yours sincerely, D. H. Goeders. See the Real Africa—Hear it. Lions roar—zebras bark—chimpanzees chaitter—pygmies prepare to press their point by a poison parade —all the glamor .terror and mystery of the great untamed in the feature at the Call Theatre. The strangest picture ever filmed. All talk and sound. Masai warriors spear lions single handed. Pygmies kill elephants with darts. Locusts 1 lay waste 150 square miles. Sights you've never seen! Sounds you've never heard- Thrills you've never known! See—The sensational duck-billed women of Ubangi; the Masai warriors killing lions with spears; a swarm of locusts 150 miles wide devastating every living thing. Astounding! Thrilling! Amazing! The strangest picture ever filmed! 100 per cent sound and dialogue. See and hear lions roar! Elephants scream! Zebras bark! Amazing duck-billed women of the Ubangi! Pygmies who kill elephants with darts! Masai warriors spear lions single handed! Locust swarms devastate repion of 150 square miles- Sights and scenes never heard or seen before! They thought she was a dear old lady, but in reality she was a fun- loving college boy. You will hurt ypurself laughing. She was from Brazil, where the nuts come from. Comedy News Varieties Always a two hour show. MON. & TUBS., JAN. 12-13 Trade matinee Tuesday2:30. Prices 10c-30c. €MIL JAMMINGS »The Blue Angel C£ (paramount'Jtelettse Produced by the Colorado African Expedition. School matinee Friday at 4:15 p. m. Grades lOc, high school 25c. Saturday 1:30 and 3:30 matinees 10c-30c. Extra for Saturday matinees— Rin Tin Tin Serial "THE LONE DEFENDER"' SUNDAY, JANUARY 11. 1:00 and 3:00 matinees 10c-35c any scat in the theatre. 5, 7 and 9 o'clock shows regular prices. Enough to make a cat laugh. .lames Weaver of Sexton was in the city on business Saturday. Henry Beenken of Lakota, transacted business in Algona Friday. Bert France of Emmetsburg was a business visitor in Algona Monday. Banker John Cullen of Whittemore was in the city on business Saturday. Mike Frelinger who lives near Livermore was in Algona on business Saturday. Ed. Sarchett spent Sunday at the home of his brother, E. M. Sarchett of Maple Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Clausen and family of Duncombe visited at the Backus lome Friday. Joe Ricker, one of Bancroft's lead- ng farmers, transacted business in Algona Saturday. John Freeark, the well known Lacota stock farmer, was in the city on business Friday. A. C. Carlisle, the well known Whitamore farmer, was in Algona Saturday on business. Nels Gronwall, ihe pioneer blacic- iiuith, is badly c ippled with an atrtci: of rheumatism. John Cosgrove of Esthervllle spent everal days last week with Algona relatives and friends. George Kanouff, Jr., and Joe Sheppard left Friday for Omaha to resume their studies in college. A. E. Pasley, who conducts the Sexton oil and service station was a vis- itcr in Algona Saturday. Pearly Davis, a former Algona citizen, who now lives near Livermore, was a visitor in Algona Friday. Carlyle Becker returned to Iowa City Monday to continue hip studies in the m dental college at the university. Mrs. John Kain of Plum Creek township is moving to Algona and will occupy rooms in the Kanouff house. Mrs. Chas. Kuchynka is quite seriously ill, and a consultation of doctors was held in regard to her condition. Margaret Blossom left Sunday for Cedar Falls after spending the Christmas vacation at the J. W. Sullivan home. L. R. Short, a special representative of the B. A. Y., is in the county this week assisting J. A. Freeh, the local agent. Prof. George Hackman, Jr., left on Friday for Knoxville, Tennessee, after spending the holidays with his parents. Mrs. P. W. Reece and children, Claude and Luretta spent Sunday here at the home of her mother, Mrs. Chas. W. Sarchett. _ _ W. B. Pratt,, well known and respect- studied human performance. The 51 ed Burt resident was in Algona one day last week and paid, this office a pleasant visit. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Ressiguie and little daughter of Omaha were guests Christmas at the home of Wilfred's mother, Mrs. T. H. Holmes, Sr. Re\r. Seward of Laurens, former pastor of the Algona Methodist church, assisted Rev. Hulse in the service at funeral of Chester Long Sunday. Cap Nemmers of Mason City was called to Bancroft by the death of his. father, Mr. Nemmers of Bancroft, called on Algona friends Thursday. Wallace Evans and a friend from Des 'Moines, visted during the holidays with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. You will see Greta Garbo's nearest rival. She captivates with the first syllable. Jannings gives us a fine audience will applaud this one. Varieties Sport Reel Comedy Always a two hour show. WED. & THUKS., JAN. 14-15. Trade matinee Thursday. Prices— 10c-30c. Farrell and Gaynor Again Stars of "Suny Side Up" in "THE MAN WHO CAME BACK" You have been waiting for America's sweethearts, Chas. Farrell and Janet Gaynor. The story is a combination of "Seventh Heaven" and "Sunny Side Up." Always a two hour show. News Review Comedy FRIDAY & SAT., JAN. 16-17 Saturday matinees at 1:30 and 3:30. Prices—10c-30c. Rin Tin Tin serial "The Lone Defender," added attraction, matinees only. Just showing in the cities. Based on a series of outbreaks in prisons of the country. CHARLIE June Col.yer Directed by AL TheMirthquakeoftheAgwl From the celebrated p|«y by Bfondpn Thonm (UARIIYS A COLOMBIA PICTURE Produced by Christie fywvwywwvvvvvwvvvvvvMV Carries you behind scenes of biggest prisons in the country, deals with the conditions that resulted in prison breaks. Huston as state attorney. Phillips Holmes as the boy convict. Constance Cummings as daughter of the warden. Thou shalt not squeal. Also Comedy Program. SUNDAY, JAN. 18. Marion Davies in "THE BACHELOB FATHER" Story rich with fun, thrills, and romance. It's the celebrated Belasco stage play in pictures. R. A. Evans. Wallace is employed in Des Moines. L. E. Linnan returned New Year's day from Kansas City, where he had attended the annual convention of the Phi Kappa fraternity. Mr. Luinaii served as national president of the fraternity for two years. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Becker cams home Monday from Galva and Sioux City where they had spent a week. At Galva they visited Mrs. Becker's brother. They visited Mrs. Becker's mother and friends in Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Spear, formerly \vc-ll known TJmo.'i i wnsh'p young lol!;s haye recently moved frov El':-ton, Minnesota, where they have b.=en living: for some years to ^ampia, \Vif-, where M" Spear is managing a h-iuber yard. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hoorneman and the former's sister, Elsie Specht, returned to Springville Monday after spending two weeks at the home of the ladies' parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Mrs. Grant Casler has been visiting her brother at Rockford, Iowa, recently. Vance J. Law, Ford dealer at Swea City was in Algona on business Monday. Editor Coleman and Hal Rogers of LuVerne, were Algona business visitors Monday. Mrs. Fuller and her daughter. Mrs. H. J. Guide of Bancroft were Algona visitors yesterday. Walter Lorenz has been confined to his home for the past few days with an attack of the flu. G. E. Van Dorston has been on the sick list and was confined to his bed a part of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Briggs went to Fairmont the first of the week for a visit with Mrs. Briggs' parents. Dr. and Mrs. F. L. Tribon left Sunday for Milwaukee to visit their daughter, Mrs. Louis Bleakley, who is ill. Wm. Turner of Lone Rock was a business vistor in Algona Saturday, and made this office a pleasant call. Jimmie Neville left Monday niR-ht for Chicago on a buying trip for his shoe store. He was expected home this moining. George Elbert is able to be about again after a siege of the flu which has kept him at home for the better part of the past month. Mr. and Mrs. Troy Holt returned on Monday from Fort Dodge, where they spent the holidays with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Smith. Miss Patricia Reagan left Sunday for her home in Omaha after a few days' visit at .the S. E. McMahon home. Maurice McMahon took her as far as Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Richardson went to Des Moines Tuesday on a buying trip for the Richardson Furniture Exchange. They planned to be gone two or three days. Olive Lewis of Chrlschilles & Herbst store spent New Year's day at Lakota with her parents. She was accompanied by Mrs. C. F. Specht and daughter, Elsie. Mrs. A. Uhleridorf has been visiting since the holidays at the home of her daughter, Mrs. D. H. Goeders. Mrs. Uhlendorf makes her home with her son in Chicago. Catherine McCall returned to Milwaukee Sunday evening after a hol 1 day visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McCall. Catherine is a student at Milwaukee Downer. Rev. F. H. Webster has been ill for the past week with the flu, and preached only for the morning ser- ! vices at the Baptist church Sunday. There were no services in the even- , ing. Frances Zender left Sunday for Winona, Minnesota, where she is a freshman had . ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Zender. ^^.wsxims^ys^^ Condensed Sfafenienf of Condition Kossut State Algoua, Town. As made to the Slate Banking Department at, the- close of business December 151st, 11)30. HESOU.KCKS. Loans to our customers $532,802.fiO Overdrafts , (57.2G Banking House, Furniture & Fixtures 30,737.05 Other .Real Estate 71,-895.32 State, Municipal and Listed Bonds $ (57,242.75 Cash in vaults and due from banks 2!)2,4G2.21 Total Quick Assets 359,704.96 TOTAL $995,208.09 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock $ 50,000.00 Surplus 20,000.00 Undivided Profits •-, 10,180.52 Reserved for Depreciation 1,500.00 TOTAL DEPOSITS 913,527.57 TOTAL $995,208.09 at St. Theresa's College. She ;pent the past two weeks visit- William. - returned to Chicago New Year's eve to resume his studies at Chicago University. William is a freshman this year. He had spent the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Cliff. Jane Carlson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Carlson of Swea City is here for a visit at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Fiftyveight years of service and safe banking in Kossuth County »u«ceame»x8xcoasasmc$^^ Carlson, while she is taking treatments for ear trouble. Ralph Urch of West Concord, Minnesota, is visiting this week at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. John Urch, and with Ills brother, Irving, and other Algona relatives. Services at the St. Thomas Episcopal church in Algona were well attended and much enjoyed last Sunday. The sermon wns by- the new Episcopal pastor, Rev. Father Ellens, who is rec- Lor of tho Emmetsburg church as well. •larion Gilmore of Adel spent Christmas at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. Jamison, visiting his mother and sister, who ire living at the Jamison home tliit, vear and helping to care i'or Mr. and Mrs. Jamison. Donald Akre, son of Mr. and Mrs Thos. Akre, had the misfortune to break an ankle bone one day last week. He was driving his pony anc! ;he animal became frightened and ran a \vuy. In spite of the injury he is ible to attend school. Miss Gertrude Meyers returned to her home in Lake View Monday after P. Specht. Miss Specht teaches in the ! being employed (luring the holiday sea- Springville schools of which Mr. Hoov- neman is superintendent. Mr. and Mrs. P. Ehlers and and Mrs. Harry Schroeder and baby of Swea City and Henry Dethlefsen of Davenport were Christinas day guests nt the Wm. Dau home. Mrs. Dan, Mr. Schroeder arid Miss Elma Schroeder, who makes her home with the Dans, arc all children of Mrs. Ehler. Mrs. Chas. W. Sarohett received word of the birth of a son to her granddaughter, Mrs. Melvin Gangestad of Maple Hill on December 30th. The Gangestads have one other son, Melvin Eugene. The new bnby was named Marvin Lyle. This imikes Mrs. Sar- chelt great grandmother to cloven children. Editor Miller of the Livermore Gazette and his son, editor of trie Ren- v. ick Times, with their wives were the guests on New Year's day of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Peterson in Algona. Both of the Millers are natural newspaper men and have spent their lives in the newspaper business and know the business from the ground up. K P. Keith and his tranddaughter Zora Keith lefc ?!'.. oay night i'o/ Long Beach, California, where they will spend the .utuu- months. T'auj wiil have apartmea's .it the Kennubeu hotel on the ooouri nont, and nho'.r ir.e.ny old Algona friends will w!dh tiiom a pleasant nny ir the land c.r t!u- setting sun. riiev will profoftMv rotirn to Algona 'n Iv.'ay. son at the Cummings 5c to $1.00 store. She is a sister of Miss Genevicve ««•-, Meyers who is employed in the offics ' of Dr. W. D. Andrews. The many friends of J. Q. O'amison will be glad to know that he is able to be up and around the house again find !s again in usual good spirits. Kir. Jamison suffered a light stroke of paralysis some months ago, which confined him to his bed for a long time. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hohn spent Christmas with their son, Vernon find family at RiiiRsled. The following •lay they were guests at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Brown in Ringsted. Mr. Hohn returned to Algona the following: Friday but Mrs. Holm remained in Ringslcd. until the next Tuesday. The Titonka Savings Bank is sending out their statement of December 31, 1930, showing deposits of $360,510.79. They have on hand cash and bonds totalling $108,803.05. The bank is beiiifj carefully managed by President Pannkuk, Vice President, Wm. Boykcn and Cashier H. C. Schweppc, and commands the confidence of the community. Bernice Stock, Ruth Stoeffer and Lucille Thompson left Sunday to resume their respective teaching positions. Bernice is teaching physical training at Eagle Grove; Lucille, a former Algona girl, now living at Swea City, is teaching at Hudson near Waterloo; und Miss Stoeffer, who had been visiting Bernice for several days, teaches physical training at Newton. R. Dirksen, former Burt man, In T. H. Kenefick and daughters, Thel- , writing from his home at Hell, North ma and Juanlta, of Eagle Grove were Dakota, when sending his subscrip- in Algona December 29 calling on the lion to the Upper Des Moines-Republi- former's brother, Dr. M. J. Kenefick. Thelma is a freshman student at the University of Iowa and is the girls' Iowa state tennis champion. Her sister, Juanita, is a dietitian and leaves soon for 'Billings, Montana, where she has accepted a position as dietitian in a hospital. Thelma's picture was recently printed in the sport's section of the Des Molnes Register. can, says, "We are enjoying very nice weather, very little snow and stock doing fine. We have plenty of everything except money, as that is hard to get with these prices, but at that we are better off than many that are out of work, with barely enough to eat. Well, here's hoping that 1931 will give us all prosperity and I feel that it will,. Happy New Year to all." Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Geerdes of Lakota w;/fa Algona visitors Monday.. Mrs. W. E. Kain and son, William, spent Christmas day with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. G. Gutknecht of Spencer were calling on Algona friends yesterday. A. D. Brogan, the Whittemore insurance man, was a visitor in Algona Monday. R. O. Bjustrom, the Hobarton storekeeper is in Des Moines this week attending a Philco radio convention. Mrs. Mathew Dalziel has been ill the past week with a threatened infection. At present sho is somewhat improved. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vera spent Sun- clay at the home of the latter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hagen at Titonka. C. O. Peterson, ex-county supervisor, from Sv.'c-a City, accompanied by Mr. Ellman, was in Algona on business Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hopkins of Cnl- cago spent Monday in Algona visitinr; -it the homn of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. O'Brien. The ladies are sisters. Miss Evelyn Bode, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hi'.rry Bode, of Plum Creek, left Tuesday for Dubiniue to resume her studies at Clark College. Mr. and Mrs. Art Schnepf and their daughter and Miss Bertha Waterman, who spent the holiday:; here, were visitors at Des Moinoj several days last week. C. E. Simmons of West Bond visited at the home of his daughter, Mrs. King New Year's day. He also visited other friends in this vicinity during the holidays. Hans M. Jensen, the well known and with his Ganser, a neighbor lady, were .shopping in Algona yesterday. Miss lone Middleton of Washington, D. C., spent, the past week visiting her sister, Mrs. N. C. Rice. Miss Middleton wont from here to Eagle Grove to visit other relatives. Miss Ethel McFadden returned to Greenville, Iowa, last week after spending the holidays with her mother in Algona. Miss McFadden is teaching In the Greenville schools. Miss Agnes Rice left Friday for Bloomington, Illinois, to resume her teaching at the Stale Normal there. She had been visiting Al^ona relatives during the hoiujays. Alice Rlst, Charles Akre and Robert Harrington left Monday for Iowa City in Robert's ear to resume their work at the university after spending the holidays with their respective parents. Miss Opal Cronnn returned to Elmhurst, Illinois, Sunday evening after spending ten days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cronan. She teaches third grade in the Elmhurst schools. Mrs. Walter Soules and little son, Walter Eugene, of Des Moines are here for an extended visit at the home of her mother, Mrs. Daisy Cook. Mrs. Soules will be remembered us the former Marie Cook. Miss Mabel DeGraw returned Sunday to Cedar Falls to resume her college work. Her sister, Mabel, and Cecil McGinnis took her as far as Mason City. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. DeGraw. Miss Phylida Sonnerholm resigned her position at the Marigold Beauty Shoppe II Monday. Miss Sonnerholm i will be employed at the Morrison prosperous Fcnton fanner daufihter, Tena, and Mrs. Bcaty Shop taking the place of Miss Grace Hauck, who recently married. Marian McMalion reurned Sunday to Iowa State College at Ames-after a holiday visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. E. McMahon. Ruth McMahon returned to her duties as teacher in the Galva high school the came day. Peter Andre, old and respected citizen of Algona, was a caller at this office Tuesday. Mr. Andre informs us that he is eighty-six years old and walked up town Tuesday for the first time in six weeks. He has been ailing with foot trouble for some time. Roy L. Wudleigh, W. S. Wise and H. C. Snyder are holding a sale January 13 on the Wadloigh farm south of the stockyards in Sexton. Joe Germann is holding a sala January 20 on the farm three and one-half miles south of Sexton on the Sexton-LuVerne road. The Lou Kutschara sale will be January 14 on the farm one mile cast of Miss Julia McEuroe Is here from Dallas, Texas, for a visit with Algona relatives. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cummings spent New Year's day in Des Moines as guests of Mrs. Cummings' parents. Miss Belle Purvis leaves Thursday for Hollywood, California, for a visl at the home of her aunt, Mrs. J. P. Nicoulin, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kraft of Lu- Verne are the parents of a baby girl born Saturday night at the Algona hospital. Bill Dailcy is home from Greene after spending part of the holiday vacation with relatives there. He is a son of Mrs. Edythe L. Dailey. Esther Lamuth came home Saturday from Fort Dodge where she had spent a few days with her sister, Irene, who had been in Algona for Christmas. Esther is teaching this Sexton. These sales are advertised in year at Whittemore. this paper. Miss Alice Behhner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. 3?. lielilnier, who is teaching physical education in Baltimore, spent Christmas with her friend, Ak'ta KU-pfer, at Buffalo. New York. Miss Klcpfor visited in Algona lust Bummer, j The girls wore friends at the Chica- ' Normal School of Physical Train- in;?. Mr. and MJM. Lee Rcinhardt I'-ft for Des Monies recently lifter a holiday visit at the homo of the liittor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Behl- nier. From Des Moinr-j they were to go to Sharon Springs, Kansas, to visit Mr. Reinhurdl's parents. For some time past the Reinhiirdls have been making their home in Springfield, Illinois. Mrs. Burt Ballard of Mason City is a guest this week at the home of Mr! and Mrs. N. V. Lowe. Mr. Billiard brought her to Algona Sunday und spent the; day here. Trve Ballarrl:; formerly Hvc.-d in Alg'ona while Mr. Ballnrd was Firestone salesman in this cfetrict. Mrs. Lowe is giving a pot luck dinner for her Thursday evening 1 . Marriaue liccnc'.w were issued to the following people: Leslie Baxter of Uuthven and Gladys Walki.-r of Ring- .vted; Harold Dillon of Winnebai'O, Minnesota and Klsii- Joiuir.on of Pino City, Minni'.sotii; Geoiv.i! Hu.skins of Imogen, Miime:-;oia. and Mrs. Corn Woolery of Fairmont. MimuvoU; Magnus Rahm of St. Benedict ami Rosalia N'.mrotli of Algona. Will Jennings, who for twenty year-! luis been I'orniiKin of the Cor.vith Hnsl- L-r, has bought the building und plant from S. L. Thompson who has owned id published that paper for the past -,hirty-four yours. 'Mr. Jennings is able md v. itty and will conduct the paper in i creditably, manner. Mr. Jennings, ivho Is aj^.'irmed bachelor, has long >een theY -Ir of the Corwith girls. Otto f'euy . ^'vho has been running d restaurant V 'esluy during the past .umnier, Is na tck again among his uld friends a» jt-xton, where he has purchased the stock of general merchandise of M. E. Quinn and taken charge of the business. Otto is known to every man, woman und child in that vicinity and his honesty and fair dealing will guarantee him a good business from the aturt. Mrs. N. V. Lowe and children spent most of the holiday school vacation in Hampton with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Shroyer. Mrs. Lowe came home Monday for the Rotary party at which Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Clawson of Duluth, Minnesota, were the guests of Mi-, and Mrs. Lowe. Mrs. Lowe and Mrs. Clawson are sisters Mrs. Lowe spent part of the remaindei of the vseek at Hampton. Mrs. Warren DeVrics of Buffalo Center is a patient at the Algona hospital recovering from a major operation performed Saturday. Mrs. Ed. Underdahl of Lakota was also the subject of a major operation performed the same clay at tlie hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dau and children anil Mrs. Dan's sister, Miss Elma Hchroeder spent Now Year's day at Huwimlen with Mr. and Mrs. L. R. CnrslRii, who formerly lived in Algona. Mr. Car.sten is a salesman for the Armour Company in this vicinity. Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Andrews returned home a week ago Sunday from Kirksville, where they had spent Christmas with Mrs. Andrews' parents. Mrs. Andrews had been in Kirksville a few weeks helping to care for her mother, who is not very well. Gordon Dewel and William Steele returned to Iowa City Monday morning after spending Christmas and New Years with their respective parents, Mr. anrj Mrs. W. C. Dewel and Mr. and Mrs. Win. C. Steele. The Steeles took tlu.-in to Livermore wher they caught the train. R. O. Bjustrom, the Hobarton mere-hunt and Philco radio dealer, went ; D DCS Mcines yesterday to attend a Philco (i'-ak'rs 1 convention. Mr. Bjustrom, has certainly put Hobarton on thi! map since taking charge of the general merchandise store there a few yours up.o by his activities. 7,e]bn Winkle, daughter of Mr. and Mr.-;. Hurry Winkle, was operated on for appendicitis Mondav nt the St. Joseph's Mercy hospital at. Fort Dodge. Mr. Hint Mrs. Winkle drove down to see her Tuesday and reported that she is p;t>!tint; alonij nicely. Miss Winkle is stenographer for Dr. Stude- bakor in Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McGruder and ittle daughter, Patricia, leave Friday or their home In Lawrenceburg, Ken- ,ucky, after visiting since before ihristaiias with Mrs. McGaider's sis- ,er, Mrs. G. B. Turner and parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Malone. They also visited Mr. McGrucler's mother, Mrs. John McGruder at Britt. Dr. M. J. Kenefick and Dr. O. H. iretznieyer were at Waverly Monday attending the eighteenth annual ahthday clinic of Dr. A. D. Ralhf. More than a hundred doctors from northwest Iowa and other cities were present. During the morning nine major operations were performed, und in the afternoon a medical clinic was held and a skin clinic by Dr. J. F. Aimer of Des Moines. A banquet was served at six o'clock. Dr. Rohlf holds these clinics each year on January 5 which is Ills birthday.

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