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Wadesboro, North Carolina
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A 9igro It Aswan the Little 0-Ycr Old Daughter of 31 r. Steve EIwrI, of Township Tlie dirgro A renin! and Afterward Turned Loose Keeanne Only Children Con Id 1-3 1 1 i I 0) I Mr. T. c. Robinson's Looses Ills lMvellii-gr, Furniture and Over $300 in Money.

Abont 2 o'clock last Friday mornings Mr. T. C. Robinson, ho lives near Ansonville, was awakened by the screams of his wife and children. He thought there were burglars in the bouse and seized his pistol and ran out.

He was not long, however, in discovering that the trouble was not thieves but fire, and throwing the pistol away he rang the farm bell to summon his tenants to his The cotton mill will shut down two days to-morrow and Saturday for Christmas. The rracker popping on our streets at Testify A gal list Ilfui. ihi tia nighlia oecomjnjrajj unmitigated nuisance, On Sunday, the lllh inst, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Edwards, who live in Burnsville Dr.

A. J. Battle is confined to bis bed township, left thr-ir young children in with a malignant carbuncle. charge of Sam Spears, a 16-year-old colored employed by Mr. while they went on a visit to neighbors.

Some Mr. Q. W. Fort has just completed two assistance. The fire had reached such head nice cottages on his lots" on Graham street.

Maj. Ingram, who has been quite sick for time during the day the negro enticed Mr way that noteyen the clothing Of the family was saved, and the only thing of value rescued from the flames was the table silver. Mrs. Robinson and her mother, Mrs. is Big As Cart Wheels In the Eyes of Edward's little 6-year-old daughter into the bam and attempted to assault her.

The several days, is improving. If you want to see a high class comedy go Stanback, who had just arrived the evening little 'girl's 8-jearold brother discovered the fiend and interfered, but not until she UptonDate Lead to the opera house next week. ESQCIRE Am LOiTERY HEARD FROM. He Does Not Tell xthj He Is Populist but, on the Contrary, Asks Us Some Questions, which We Answer. Correspondence of Ihe M.

I. I see an editorial in the M. I of Dee. 2nd, 1897, wondering why 1 and J. W.

Pratt, J. B. Tarlton, Dr. Maynard and many others vote the People's party ticket I will answer for myself. I always make it a point when more than one evil presents itself to take the least.

I have a few qnestions to ask: 1st. Why was the purchasing clause of the Sherman Act repealed by a Democratic administration? 2. Why didn't the I. publish Judge Clarke's letters while he was travelling in Mexico? 3. Why has the SL I.

not published C. II. Martin's third letter to Mr. Caldwell? 4. Why has the M.

I. not published Butler's denial of the charges at Mocky Mount. 5. Will the M. I tell the people why a silver plank never was placed in the Democratic National platform until the campaign of lt-SS? 6.

Why did the Democrats place a graduated income tax in their platform in 1S96? 7. Why does the M. I have so much to say about the negro? 8. Why was it that Ilargrave, a full-blooded African, published a paper in Wadesboro in behalf of the single gold standard and the M. I.

never" raised its voice against it at the time nor since? Is the People's party not a white man's party. The M. I. will please publish the fore had been painfully injured. On the return before on a visit, saved a dress a piece, but no shoes.

Mr. Robinson sayed one pair of pants and a coat and vest. The children Cotton has been looking up for the last of Mr. and Mrs. Edwards they were in lay or two.

The best will bring 5.60 here formed of what had taken place by the saved nothing at all except their night lo-uay. The spring term of Prof. D. A. Mc- clothes.

children. The father went at once in search of Spears, but the brute bad fled and could Mr. Robinson's commissary, adjoining liirXr's school will begin Monday, Jan not then be found. On the Tuesday fol the dwelling, was also and togeth er with it between $300 and $400 in money uary 10th, 1898. here is an epidemic of measles in South which be had brought home the evening lowing, it being the Hth Spears was arrested and taken before a magistrate for a hearing on the charge of rape, but as, the magistrate ruled that the evidence of the Wadesbi)ro.

There are ten down in one children could not be taken and there was laniily, that ot Mrs. Moore. Mr. A. Lawson has Just completed, for before to use in settling with his hands and tenants.

There was ample time to have gotten the money out of the commissary, and Mr. Robinson thought he had saved it, but there were two pocket books and he no other evidence the brute was dis Dr. Mdyendon, two tenement houses, near charged, and taken to Stanly county by his father, ho lies there. got hold of the wrong one and did not discover his mistake until it was too If thefacis asset forth above are true, late to rectify it. We do not know what Mr.

Robinson and we believe they are, as they come to us from reliable sources, this case should not be allowed to rest where it is now. If it has come to pass that there is no law in North Carolina to reach the fiend who rapes a child" of tender age, because, forsooth, the places his loss at. The insurance, in the Farmers' Mutual, amounts $100 on dwelling and $150 on furniture. Mr. Robinson is chairman of the Board We are after the HARD DOLLAR, and the way we are Slaughtering Things is pGsitive proof that a SILVER DOLLAR looks as big as a Cart Wheel to us.

child is too young to testify against him, of County Commissioners and has the sympathy of a large number of friends in all sections of ihe county. then has the time indeed come for the people to take the law into their own hands. going questions and answer the same and 1 Morven Local, Personal and Po Christinas Personals. Mr. Fred Crowson rolled in from Trinity will express my views in full in another letter for publication.

Respectfully, 4 A. Loweuy Nothing suggested by Mr. Lowry's leifer litical Notes. Christmas is upon us; our stores are College last night. Rev.

and Mrs. J. T. Brasington have re decked with toys, the small boy is jubi GLOTHINf lant and soon the most important holiday turned from Darlington. can have much pertinence to the question we asked, and of which he by implication complains, as no part of it is any argunieut why a North Carolina white man should of our season will be spent.

Sirs. T. B. Henry returned home Satur R. J.

Baucom has opened up a small day night from Chester: She is rapidly stock of goods iu the store formerly occu recovering her Health. longer affiliate with people who show such gross unfitness for managing the affairs cf pied Watson. Miss Mary Forbes, of Enfield, is the Rev. C. T.Bali filled his usual appoint our State, and scandalize everything they should touch; but to gratify him and be re guest of her sister, Mrs.

Carr, at the National. ment in the Baptist chnreh last Sunday morning an night. His subject for the morning service was the "Church's Misjiou." Mr. and Mrs. Dr.

Williamson, of Darling ton, S. spent Monday at Mr. C. A. Law son's.

The oyster supper for the benefit of the Oxford Asyluin will be given this evening Mr. J. M. Allison, of Statesville, is assist We have greatly reduced our stock in the last thirty days, but still we have a nice assortment le't and can please most any one. Only about 100 Overcoats were left that we are going to sell at some price.

If you are in need of such an article it will pay you to see us while you have an assortment to select from. Grand Slaughter of 'Prices in every line up to JANUARY 1st. in the old Enterprise office, it promises to be a success. ing Messrs. and Sloan at the marble yard.

Dr. II. A. Smathers, an experienced Gknowledged Leaders in George and James Lockhartcame in from the University a few da3's ago and will lentist of Western North Carolina, was lere for several days last week. He has spend Christmas with the home folks.

lone a great deal cf most satisfactory Misses Caffie and NannieGaddy have gone work for our people, to Cash's to spend the holidays with their Mr J. A. Atkinson, the new proprietor sister, Mrs. W. O.

Burr. of the hotel here, is rapidly building up a good business. He deserves the hearty Mr. P. II.

Phillips, superintendent of the luw riyuoi o-operatiou of our people in building up cotton -mill, left last night for Chester, spectful we will answer his questions, serialem, as follows: 4. The purchase clause of the Sherman act was repealed by a solid Republican vote with the aid of some democrats under the leadership of Mr. Cleveland, all of whom the democratic party repudiated nt the first opportunity. 2. If we did not publish Judge Clark's letters, we published other matter equally good and equally democratic and edifytng to our leaders.

We can't publish every-Hiing. 3. We will let Mr. J. II.

Wilson, a fading Populist answer the third question. In a letter to the Charlotte Observer, touching Martin's letters; he has the following: "It seems that you have heretofore declared that the Hon Charles II. Martin has wheels in his head that lor some time have l.een revolving at the rate of a thousand miles a minute. By opening yoir columns to his letters you have allowed him to prove the truth of your declarations beyond a doubt. As a Populist, 1 ask if yon- have any regard for the feelings of your Populist fellow cititizer.s of the-sixth district, that you close your columns to ihe puerile nonsense of our Representative.

Respeclfullj Jos. II. Wilson." 4. The M. I.

has published that But-, ler denied the charges against him. but un- agood business ill this line. to spend Christinas with his family. Mr. G.

A. Martin and Misses Johnsie and Mrs. T. Covington returned a few days Bessie Dunlap attended the Gala Week at ago from Cheraw where she had been on a visit to friends. Charleston.

the silk mill. We learn that it is settled that Dr. Maynard is to be Representative Martin's nvate secretary. Service i n't he Episcopal church on Christmas day at 11 o'clock. There will also be services on Sunday at 11 a.

m. and 7 p. m. Married, yesterday afternoon, Miss Rosa Ralliff, daughter of Mr. F.

A. Ratliff, to Mr. W. T. James, all of Gulledge township.

Mr. Robt. Webb's horse fell down with 3ii in a few days ago, resulting in the dislocation of his right shoulder. Mrs. Mary Birmingham died at her home, four miles north of town, last Fndayj aged $3 years.

The deceased was a sister of Mr. Jas. Mcltae, of this place. Mfte. JE.

RatlLff, Gulledge township, reports that he had in his Geld this year a lea vine on which was full grown pods. Pretty good. The inmates of the county home will be regaled Saturday with a Christmas turkey dinner, to be furnished by the ladies of the Parish Guild of Calvary church. Anson Superior Court, for the trial of criminal cases only, will convene on the 2nd Monday in January. Judge Allen will preside.

Don't fail to see the swell attraction of the season, "The Merrymakers," 20 in company, at the opera house next Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The largest turnip we ever saw was atiliow.n us this morning. It weighs twelve ud -one-half pounds and it was grown by Mr A Home, of Lilesville, Mr. C.C. Bolton, of Mangum, lost $15 in front of the Covington hardware store yesterday.

The money was found by little Mt-Lendon and returned to the looser. Mr. Ed. VVaddell and Lilla Hancock, daughter of Capt. 1).

Hancock, were inar-' ried yesterday by Rev. G. O. Wilhoit. Both the contracting parties reside in Burusville township.

All the churehes of Polkton will unite in giving the children of the village a good time to morrow night. There will be a Christmas tree and inusic, and the exercises will be held irr the Methodist church. C. R. Blake, who had been steward at the State Farm since its establishment, has resigned.

Mr. G. J. Long, of Lincoln ounty, succeeds Mr. Blake will make his home iu Wadesboro.

Ed. Lowder, of Lanesboro township, was conyieted, iulhe Federal Court at Charlotte, of riinijmga blockade still and was sentenced to pay: fine ol $i00 and to SO lays in jail. Mr. VV. I) Xiven, of White Store, is to lie married this afternoon to Miss Emina 1 Jones, daughter of Mr.

Peter Jones, of JulIedge's. The ceremony will be performed by Rev. II. M. Taylor.

Notwithstanding the very general cry of hard times, Mr. B. H. Crowder, proprietor the Jewelry, Book and Novelty tells us that his Christmas trade is about as as usual. Mr.

W. A.Gaddy, who for the past year lias had charge of the Ingram House, has moved into the Hill bouse. Maj and Mrs. Ingram themselves run their house next year. An oyster supper will be given in the Masonic hall, at Ausonville, on the evening ot the 28th by the ladies of the Methodist church of that place.

The proceeds will be used in the purchase of an organ for the church. A number of farmers from Stanly, Miss Madge Little, who has charge of the Montgomery and Union counties; have been down this week looking around to rent or buy farming lands in this section. primary department of Graham Institute' Graham, N. is at home for the holidays. Miss Mary Little came iu last night from One of the most prominent buyers at the Normal School, at Greensboro, to spend Christmas with the home folks.

this place tells your correspondentthat more cottton has been sold on this market up to this time this year, than was ever Messrs. D. A. Covington, S. D.

Steven. sold up to a corresponding time any pre and Randolph Redtearn, all of Monroe, spent yesterday here. vious year in the history of the town. Cheapest House on Earth. Mr.

L. M. Woodburn has purchased half Miss Eftie Allen left yesterday for Rich uterest in the livery hitherto niond, to spend Christmas with her conducted by Boswell and uZ "-Jo. ladies Trimmed Hats sister, Miss Mary, who is attending the doaUVed--e'idence establishes that Butter 4 Woman's College in that city. make considerable improvement in the livery service cf the town.

A Pretty Girl to Draw Attraction, 7 Mrs. W. W. Graham arrived here from lied in his -'denial, and, Joshoi' that hedid, we take the following from the editorial columns of the Caucasian, written ami published some lime before the Rocky Mouiif A Christmas tree and other appropriate Spartanburg Tuesday night to spend exercises will mark the close of the Fal: Christmas, with her mother, Mrs. Emma Nuttall.

term of the Morven Academy, which term, by the way, has been the most suc-cesslul in the history, of the school. Prof. Messrs. E. Thomas, of Burnsville 1ULE TO DRAW A CART.

Dent and his accomplished assistants. ownship, S. T. Gaddy, of Polkton. and Joe Misses Alice Liles and Effie Kilpatrick, and Winston Adams of Wadesboro.

are at are to be commended for their excellent home from Wake Forest for the holidays. work during this term. Mr. Mewboorne, the new superintendent Mr. W.

L. Little, who is so well known of the penitentiary, together with a num in Anson, has purchased the valuable prop ber of directors, were at the Slate farm A Instarl Plaster -to Draw a Blister erty of Mrs Harlee, on the Wadesboro on an investigating tour last Friday. road, and will move his family here about 50c. 69 3 75c worth from S5. to $1 23.

GLASS TUMBLERS and GOCLET3 20c, 25c. 30c m. MENS and BOYS WINTER CAPS 10c 15c 18c. 24c 33.. 33.

fewpair3 EOYS HEAVY COTTONADE KNEE PANTS, 6 to IS years, 10 cents pwr. BLEACHED DOMESTIC. 4c. 5c. 6., 7c: The best and biggest TOvVELyou ever saw for 5 cents.

A nice line of DRESS OUTINGS, 5c, 6c, 8c, The Best Calicoes, 4 and 5c. Cotton Pant Cloth, Draaa Good, at way lown pricec. Miss Lila Brent, who has been visiting in speech, and this editorial means exactly the same thing, he meant in his Rocky Mount speech. Here is the extract: "The awful crime of rape, the condemnation of which should be prompted by sincere motives and honest purposes is used in a hypocritical manner for base and partisan ends; and all the time they are condemning the nature of the crime they are secretly longing for more rapes that they may better play upon the prejudices of the people." v5 Because it had been Democratic doctrine from the foundation of the govern-, ment, so understood by all, and as soon as a question was made calling for any necessity for a platform expression, that expression was made. 6.

Because conditions showed it to be just. 7. We talk about the nejro because he is a dangerous factor iu North Carolina poli January 1st. Mrs. Harlee will move to Greensboro, returned last night.

Her sis Whit-sett Institute, Guilford county, where ter, Miss Jennie who is attending she has a position as teacher in that insti tution. While our' town will reluctantly Greensboro Female College, came with her Messrs. Frank Bennett, of Paris, F. J. Cox, of Lilesville, and Hugh Bennett, of give up the excellent family of Mrs.

Harlee, Ave nevertheless welcome Mr. Little and his lamiy back to Morven. But Our Prices Are a Warm Poultice That is Drawing the Trade. Wadesboro, all Upiversity students, are at home for the holidays. It is rumored that Mr.

W. Pratt is The many friends of Mrs. Dr. J. T.

J. contemplating the purchase of a planta Battle, of Greensboro, are glad to have her tion near Cheraw, S. and that, tf pur with them for the holidays. She arrived chased, he will move there soon. Mr.

last night. Pratt is one of our very best citizen's ana tics, and too much prominence cannot be xt jviu wan mruva iiiourj un it would be with very great reluctance that given to this fact. Christinas in the StiAday Schools. we ould consent to give him up. 8.

We did not have any discussion with All the Sunday schools of the town will Hargrue, the negro editor, because we People from around here and points celebrate Christmas. south of here are embarking for Georgia to thought our readers desired us to be decent and respectful to them. The Metiiodist Sunday School will hare a try their fortunes in the "Cracker State." We are receiving this week two large lines of Drummers Samples, and we know that Our rices Cannot be Duplicated on Shirts, Underwear, hosiery, Suspenders, Overalls, Handkerchiefs, Towels and Corsets. A nice line of Ladies Capes. tree in the church Saturday, Christmas, In conclusion, we suppose a great many Populists intended to belong to a white The ticket agent at Cheraw says that recently a family of 17 persons left that town for Georgia and that 7 of the children man's party, but in their blind zeal they fol were not old enough to paj fare A number of white farmers, and hitherto suc lowed their wicked leaders into an alliance with the negroes, and while a few unscrupulous fellows like Odom, for instance got offices they were not fit to See us before you buy.

Nice line Glassware and Crockery, Lme and see ua we will help you make a dollar do the work of Iwe. THF BEE HIVE. cessful ones, are forced to carry their fam ilies to the factories in order to earn a livelihood. Five cent cotton and high prices for supplies are doing the work. night.

Mayor W. Boggan will play the pan of Santa 1 laus and distribute the gifts. In the Baptist church there will be a distribution of presents and music, but no tree. This will be Friday night. In the Episcopal church there will be a tree, the presents from which will be distributed at 8 o'clock on Christmas afternoon.

The Presbyterian Sunday School will be entertained at the residence ot Capt. Me-Lauehlin at 6. o'clock' on evening. Presents will be given all the children of the school. There will "also be a tree at Hannah Chapel at 3 o'clock on the afternoou of Christmas day.

fill, the great body of their followers can in truth only see that they were traded off and made to contribute to the follies and disgrace of our times. While their intentions may have been good, they now see 'Ham" Jones has not yet occupied our noatoftiee, though oui people place the ut-most confidence in the M. slate of Rates West, MOUW00D, N. L.UVV that their hopes are dead sea fruit, and several weeks ago. It's only a question of they can take this for a certainty, that when H.

J. Bierman, Dommission Mr. J. S. Troutuian, of the Wadesboro Marble Works, went to Koberdel Monday to erect a handsome monument over the grave of I).

B. Uawkins. The monument was furnished by the Woodmen of the World. The Tarlton mill (the Little old mill), near town, was broken into Monday night and six bushels of com stolen. The thief effected an entrance into the mill byclunb-Jng the large overshot wheel to a window, which he broke open.

They tell it on one of the best farmers and strongest Democrats of Gulledge township, that lie is so impatienf for the next red shirt parade that he has decorated the heads of his cows with red flannel. Deputy Sheriff G. W. Rogers, whose duties have called him to all sections of the county In the last few weeks, tells the M. I.

that never before did he see anything like the" immense acreage that is now being ficaded to small grain. Pearl, the 10-year-old son of Mr. S. M. llkikur, of Gulledge township, was run over by a wagon, loaded with lumber, several Iays ago and seriously injured.

The little fellow was driving and the mules ran time, they seem to think. Ed Martin, Odom's weigher for this place, seems to men leave their old time friends aud associates, who have stood by them, for them Christmas Goods. have been given the grand 'go-by" in the and with them, and take up with untried pretenders they may be sure that they can preparation of this slate, as his fellow weighers have all seemingly been provided for. It has been suggested that iu view of the fact that Ed is anxious to serve his TEXAS, MEXICO, CALIFORNIA, ALASKA, or any other point, with FltEE MAPS, write to fqED 'B. Busy, District Passenger Agent, Louisville Nashville R.R suffer disappointment and disappointment and chagrin only, and our only and dealer in all kinds of Ponnfrr Produce, Huiter, Eggs, Poultry, Fruit, Vegetables, Pork, etc.

Quick sales; returns. t'onsiKtimeni solicited. Mark-t reports, references free uiwn,-. purpose what we have said, at all country in an official way, that the JOHN LOWE'S o. unit munition, i jfc.

times, has been to admonish good men of false steps and seek to have them administration, or the Anson manipulators of the same, be iuduced to give him the Of Interest to Magistrates. The justices of the peace of Anson county would do the Clerk a favor and greatly facilitate the business of theSuperior Court if they would return their papers to the Clerk at once. By so doing they will enable the Clerk to have their cases properly docketed, their papers labeled and filed and manfully to, as far as passible, correct postoKk-e at Cairo or Casou Old Field. Sales Stat them. is TO The further evidence that our beloved Parson Congressman "had wheels in his THE PLACE GET THEM.

ZVi Wall ATLANTA, A. Report of tlie Condition of the First Rank of Wadesboro, at Wadesboro, in the Stale of North Carolina, at the Close of Rusiness Ove ember 13lh, 1897. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts 5S Overrirnlts, si-cured and unsecured 14 SS U7 U. S.

Bonds to secure circulation, fc5 000 CO Premium on U. S. Bonds, 2 250 00 Ktooks, s-H-uriiips, 1 0 00 Banking house uruiiure, and fixtures. 500 00 Due from National Banks (not Reserve Agent,) 21 3l(5 2S Due from mate l.anks and hankers I 0TS 45 Due from approved reserve ngent-s, 00 ivi Checks mid other cash items, 7 5'3 Notes of other Nat ional Bank, 3 250 00 paper currency, tuck els, and cents, 90 50 Lawful Reserve in Bank, viz: Specie, $10 259 00 Legal-tender notes, 8 000 00 IS 250 00 Redemption fund with TJ. Treasurer (5 pur cent circulation) 1 125 CO head," offered l)y you last week was su- Card or Thanks.

With grateful hearts do we wish to re- placed in the hands of the Solicitor, for the drawing of bills before the Court convenes, and thus avoid an endless amount of con Car Loaer pertlous in the extreme. The case was made out long ago. His "Open Letters," Nos. 1, 2 and 8, were all that was necessary fusion and uncertainty. W.

A. INGRAM, M.D. SURGEON, to convince any intelligent jury that he return thanks to our many friends, from near and far, who so generously and willingly bestowed upon us, in our misfortune, such heartfelt sympathy and love, as well as other tokens, That words are inadequate to express them. We can only say, "tuauk you," to each and every one; but we hope that we will have the privilege some time of proving to you all how much do ap- The Geutlemeu Victorious. A Beautiful line of Christmas Goods Just Received.

No Old Stock. really did have "wheels in his head," and that, too, of a highly revolving character. However, an abundance of evidence is The spelling bee at the court house last WADESBOKO, N. Thursday night was very well attended and more to be desired than a search" yj of the resulted in a victory for the gentlemen. same pi wiaie i(.

May you never be burned out. and mnv For a long time it seemed certain that the Railroad calls by wire promptly a Office opposite National Ho God's richest blessings rest upon each abundantly, is our prayer. iadies would win, as all the gentlemen, save Mr. Crawford D. Benuett, were retired We are sometimes asked: "What are the Populists in your township doing Well, wheu reflect that this township is the stronghold of Populism in the county.

aiB. Axi) Mas. iiaxk Ukxxett. comparatively early in the game. Mr These Goods must be sold.

If I can't get my prices theu I will take yours. Respectfully, JOHN LOWE. Total. Hotic aw 20 Bennett, however, proved himself more Mr. Turrentine's First RoiiimI.

I recognize the gravity of the question than a match for his five lady opponents, LIABILITIES. Tli reftnlir But after, much inquiry and considerable as one after another of them "missea," fi boltlr "uozing around," I give it as my candid nally leaving him the victor. opinion that nine-tenths ot the- Populists throwing him out with the result above. Representative Martin was in town Monday. His presence here created considerable excitement when it became noised around that he had closed the trade for the pufchaseof Lanesboro township and was in Wadesboro for the purpose of figuring on this township.

The people of Wadesboro, at least those ho visit the opera house next week, will have the pleasure of witnessing some of the finest performances by, Rhode's Merrymakers, ever seen here. This company never before showed in a town this size and the managers had to give (hem a good sized guaranteed to get them. Mr. T. C.

Robinson, of Ansonville, whose dwelling was burned early last Friday morning, was lucky enough to save a pair of pants and a coat and vest, but there bis luck stopped, as neither shirt nor shoes did lie rescue from the flames. Now Mr. Robinson's friends do not need to be told that he is a very large man ami that a shirt he can get into is not included in the ordinary outfit of a clothing stc re, but, as good luck would have it, Capt. J. C.

Lash-ley also possesses considerable avordu-t I a couple of shirts that he could A i lie very kindly placed at When Shall These Three Meet in this township both white and black Livery and Feed Slab Tlie first round of appointments of Presiding Elder Turrentine, for Anson county, has been made as follows: Wadesboro station, January 2, 3. Jlorven circuit, Pleasant Hill, January 15, 16. Ansonville circuit, Salem, February, 5, 6. Polkton circuit, Gilboa, February 12, 13. Lilesville circuit, Savannah, Feb.

215, 27. are disgusted with the present fusion state affairs. "For that rea Again. Claudius Dockery, of Rockingham, J. son, will they abandon the party?" 1 hae remove nir Liverv Matherson, of Lilesville, and Whit Christian, of Ansonville, all gentlemen of Again, we are at a loss for an answer.

The Slablea to the old May we court house, and am better prep' best element of the party, we believe, are Capital stpc paid in, $50 000 00 rplus fund, J0 000 00 Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid, S2i 43 National Bank notes outstanding i 50U 00 Individual deposits suhject to check, .154 5-25 53 Cashier "a checks outstanding, 19 Total, $244 3720 Static of North Carolina Coonitof Anson, ss: W. It Cashier of tlie above named Lank, do solemnly sweUr tbut the atiove statement is true to the boat vl my knowledge anil telif. W. L. Marshall, Casl-ier.

Surscribed and sworn to before ine this 20th day ot Lecember, lt-7. Correct Attest; TATf' lookiug for shelter back in the old ship ever to serve Ihe public. prominence in the Republican party, were in town last Friday. The presence of id ike Meudenbail. also colored, was all that was of.

Democracy and when they get back, we do not believe they will be again needed to make the picture of the Republi To Care a Cold in ue Day Take Laxative Bromo Quiiie Tablets. All Druggists refund the money if it fails to Cure 25c. lured away by glittering campaign prom can party, as she exist iu this sectiou, ises ami "statesmen's" lies. But there's complete belah. NICE TURNC furnished el all Ijours day or able prices.

i I am also running a 11.1 (iAtiE WACOM to the lol plenty of time time to ruminate; there's no telling what changes time will effect. One arsixo: Persons who suffer from coughs and should hefd the warnings thing is reasonably certain, the tide is turning turning the best element of all oi iimiK-r mimi irave ineinseives auaertiijr anfl futaJ reilu by uetmz Oua Miuute Gnuefc Cure. It is an iiifttllilils rainmttr trains and calls kat star parties back to the while man's refuse ANTED TRUSTWORTHY- AND (V active gentlemen or lady to travel for responsible, eMtn'itished bouse in irtn Carolina. iloithl nu expanses. Posi tion tedy.

Reference. Enriose srlf-ad-di-'-xw KtipH The Dominion Ccpvja iy, Dt Chica. 1 J. D. Lkak.

V. c. Hakdisos, prompt attention. colds, croup Hint nil throat and lung troubles." the Democratic parly. Iukma.

Morven, Dua. Si. us, uaraison. AS. A.

l.KAK W. J. AlCL.KDOv.

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