Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 27, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 27, 1896
Page 2
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The n policeman "Vcr a burglar is that UK- officer has- the law an his aide. Health luis tlie same advantnfio over disease. The Law of Nature is foi people to be healthy. Wlii:n they are .'ticl;, Nature helps to cure then. Nature's lav» '"'is tbt; Kuidi; for cur- iucf siclc people.. Ttiore is no way bill Nature's way. What the doctors cull many different diseases Nature cures in one way; by nourishing tbe whole body with _ good, pure, rich, red blood. That ia Nature's way of ^^S p1!i°nt!"' cS^umption and'every form ol eruptive and wasting disease.--When you want to help Nature with medicine the mcd- Icine must work tho same way as 1-ature works, then it has the laws of ^J" re .£" t ^ .ide to make it powerful, That is the of Dr Pierce's Golden Medical Dis„,„.,•'» wonderful cures. H ? s ^ t ^ t1 |i" l £ ^7ff^^Tt|J. ! \5^« power to the nutritive and blood making or- rans to create a large quantity of fresh, red, Eealthy blood which drives even• wrm of disease out of the system and builds up Itronir healthv tissues and solid flesh. The " D"scovcrv '• comoletely clears away every form of blood-disease from the.system ; It even cures consumption- It is the onlj true radical cure for thai disease; facts and testimony to prove it. •• I woultl like to tell the whole world what yom Tolilcn Medical Discoverv 1 has clone for ,ne. - thedwtor.whoi»«msidere<l nn «port or, U,ua Kid bottle I was teller 1 » nc « 1 j;:. vilyIft J±ycd J'^e'^mSlap^HSwaV^anSyti.!?^ like a new woman. T --'- 11 v "' <v>m l third bottle and _ Iras completely cured 77 Mary St.. Hamilton. Oct., Can. GREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE. Playing Cards. Send 12 cents In stamps to John Sebastian, Gen'l Pass. Agent C. R. I. & P. R'y, Chicago, for the slickest pack Of playing cards you ever bandied, and on receipt of such remittance for one or more packs they will be sent you postpaid. Orders containing GO cents in stamps or postal note for same amount will Bccnre 5 packs by express, charges paid. THE JOURNAL LEAFLET -NO.-14 (Cut flii-s out nnd pu,t 3-n your pocket for reference.) I.ii iflio Litifc leaflet some figures wen- given on. the wages of labor to silver- ustiig eoini,tirk* comipaffffll wlUi. tliosu- paid' to -t'-li-e L - 'ni-t«l Staitos. The reply nny'be nwxl* to 'those mlrat Hioy nl ' c ••too ^c.nci;al, noit specific cn-onsh." 1-lore «TC some, from 'the books of a well-kuowu <'Mr.en of «:hc Uiillfil S-ta.tos who dues «. la wo bus'.iK-ss'iu A silver coun.ln-y. Tihlls Is fl.'prai-ulcjiil s-howu!? uf «rhe f-aeis, us 'to wajies, pH'ccs ol. i':i,rm in-otluoi-s ami Hie sori of living •chat W(n-k'inft-nie.n 1m b'ilver-askiK conn- ,U'los ju-u ivble 4-0 set ou. tOi-o.Ii- low wages (..ml -l:h.e elitM.p money 'iu wlik-li tilioy tiro ptiiJ. ' . ' Mr. islwwii Setl?\vi-ck, ot' Kiolunouil, 1-iu.l., fe rriwhlwiit of tJiu liiiKoua. Coffee Co., Wutli srovos -near Mfttafftilpa, Me- aiMiKUi'- Ue <lteo tos iim ' K ° Jiiitwcst. .in iChte coiuitry. «ii»l is fore in n iwsilltii'OU to know 1!hc practical workiings of 'bot'h tllio ffoUl and silver .stii.uda.Pils. H'i-s own -bnsilnoss oxperi- Oitce loads Ivim ,tO nulicsl'taiitihiffrj' oppose -tilit- <lcffrndn,tlo« of our cwraK-y ito 'i:!i : e si'lvcii- abindnrd. 1^-oin tlie boolss of Ms coffee com- painy lie -hikos -Uio folHo^iiw entn-ies ,,-i-a.pliiica.lly sliow iHw position of In a «Mv<«r standan-d coim'trj'. On .Tuly 1st M-aauiI.n£ Bros., (man- •acere of tllio plimumiiou) sold dsraft No, srco'ilaysslsrl*, $500, tor 117 cerate pvo- n'ni-um, receiving In silver 51,085.00. ID offlier words, $500 o-r ow liioinoy exdlKUigecl foir $1,085.00 In Nicar- s il T cir. Out of MiiB dmflt t.noy ni.'ule «lie followJns paymon-te dur-ins .Tuly, to 'tli-e silver euiTeiicy of Uie conn- try 137 days toboi- $OS.50 -a.nd bonnl. ForomjiJi f01- July 23.00 100 pounds of rice 12-50 l\)r one t»eof ox 22.00 2J days labor... Here tabor wi EXCURSION TO BLTJFFTOK, Vin. Vandalia Unc, October 13th to 15tb,.-On October 13th to 15th the Vnndalla Line will sell excursion tickets from all stations in Indiana to Blnffton, Ind., at one fare for the round trip, account Baptist Convention and Toung People's Union of Indiana. Tickerts good to return until October 10th, inclusive. For full particulars call on nearest'Vandalia Lta* Ticket Agent, or address. E. A. Ford, General . Passemger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. ELECTRIC BITTEBS. Electric Bitters is a medicine for any season, but perhaps more generally needed when the languid,, exhausted feeling prevails, when the liver Is torpid and sluggish and the need of a tonic and alterative Is felt. A prompt use of this medicine has often averted long and perhaps fatal bilious fevers. No medicine will act more surely In counteracting and freeing tbo system from the malarial poison. Headache, Indigestion, Constipation; Dizziness, yield to Electric Bitters. We and $1.00 per bottle, at B. F. Keesllng's drng store. board was paid ;it tHie rate of 30 cents a day, or 'In our money -albowt 25 ccnits. Rice costs 12% cants (enwil -to 5% i' 11 our eun'oncy) a,nd 'beef ox brought about $11.00 in U. S. money. How wouM American labor of the wune class 11'ko to work for the equivalent of 4 pounds of rice per day? How WQiuld tfoe Amwicnin farm- or like to seJl lite beef cattle at $11.00 a 'head? Draft Xo. 24, $500 00 days slfftot, sold for $1,085 in silver. Quit of the pro- coeds of -fflills draft itlbc rollo\vilns payments wore matle: •Ch'ns. HnsHwn, ,Supt., 1 m<mith.'s NEW DYSPEPSIA CORE Over 0,000 People in State of Michigan Cured in 1804 by This 2fe.w Preparation. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, the new discovery for stomach troubles, ' Is claimed to have cured over 0,000 people u the State oC Michigan alone-In ISO*., These tablets have become so popular with physicians and people who have any form of indigestion that they have the endorsement of such physicians as Dr. Harlandson and Dr. Jcnnison as being the safest, most reliable remedy for -sour stomach,-chronic dyspepsia, B 'as, bloating, palpitation, headache, constipation and in all cases where the appetite is poor'or, tho food imperfectly digested. • if-Is safe to say that Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will cure any kind of trouble except cancer of the stomach. They are not a secret patent medicine but composed-of vegetable and fruit essences, pure pepsin, Golden Seal, ginger and the digestive acids. They are pleasant to take, can be carried In the pocket, and they- cure because they digest the food promptly before It lias time to ferment and poison the food. Druggists everywhere sell Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, full sized packages, at 50 cents. .A book on Stomach diseases and thousands of testimonials sent free by addressing Tbo Stuart Co., Marshall, Mich. LsON'G Dd!ST-\!N~C]i TELEPHONES. Easttom capitalist's ;ii-e reported to •be iuHwestcd in *(' buUd.ju.jr of a, Ions tJUitaiice 'telephone line in flic.States of ludtei, M-idi ; lffii.n, Illi'nioifi and Oh.io •to -opposiltilon 'to nilie Bell comira.uy, •wli-idi, now lias -un-aisiurted control of (the tang dlstemcc 'business 1n fhc four States. H the new 'li-nos are built am •effort will be mndo 'to co-iusoiildote the sioall -lines amd cement am- opposition •to 't'Jie Bell wr.por.'uUon iihoit will cheapen rates, Sullioie-nt capital is 'behind •tibe project -to make '"ho co-mpetiing company a formidable rival. THE JURIST M'CKTN-LEY CLUB. Goodtod has the :honor of organizing Ifflie flwt McKtaley CMb in the State of Indiana. The members of tills club are perfecting mTamgemcmits Co go and •jwy their cwnpMmeuits to Major Mc- Klnl'ey amd have extended- a -cordial innltatton -to members of the Republl.- onm clubs of K«nttaind -and Brook to join them on their *rip to the homo of our next President A upecral train wlU be cUnirtcred wMeh will be for the exclusive use of the party named. It to tlie present totan'Uon. to leave Good- laindnext Thursday, and itlhe round trip farc-w-llil.be ?4.50.- ; MARVELOUS RESULTS. From a letter by Rev. J. Gunderman, of Dlfondale, Mich., we are permitted to make this extract: "I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. King's New Discovery, as the results were almost marvelous In the case, of my wife. While I waa pastor of the Baptist church at Rives Junction she was brought down with Pneumonia succeeding La Grippe- Terrible paroxyma of coughing, would last hours with little Interruption and It seemed aa if she could not survive them. A friend recommended Dr. King's New Discovery; It was quick In its work and highly satisfactory In results." Trial bottles free at B. F. Keeping's drug store. Regular size 50c and $1.00, Tneorlw ot ewe may ne dlacnaeed at length by physicians, bnt tbe sufferers want quick relief; and One Minute Oougb Cure will give It to them. A Mfe cure for children. It Is"the only that produces Iromedl- . Johmton. Mooting coffee, C7 days labor, without board -33.40 Planting coffee, 17 days labor w-lth board s -°° noplanMng, 23 days labor with' board .: O- 00 Oleairang ground, 123 days labor •without board I-Iore laibor <at 'ted work is paid 50 cerate a diay, wlthlout boors, or only 23 ce ints in our cuin^ncy. From «MJ books of Hue Jllgiieros Coffee Co., tlho foHowtap extracts are faikein: Draft No. 5, $500, 00 days sigh*, sold •for $1,085.00 to silver, nrad tram the NAjaFagWMi cunirency '.titans obtained tlio fal'towlng payments were made: 50 pounds of flour $ 7.50 50 .pounds of saflt 7 - 50 icow I 8 - 50 1 yearling 14 : 00 Paid 3 cooks month's wages 18;00 108 das. talxn- cleanilmg .planitaiion 78.00 21 das. labor cultlvnittog bannaas 7.73 4 days lia-bor cultivating yuccas.. 1.00 1C dias.common labor wlitWont bd 15.00 27V4 days common tabor, witfli-bd 10.70 02 days-lab, on pasturas, fences. .30.80 Foretnnn for ,tlK» moaEh 1 30.00 DMde each of. ttiiese terns by two Bind you will bave flibwrt What tflvey are equllvalenit to In OUT currency. Will worktaiumen vote to put tlH'.m- •sottvfls on a- level wWh itnteJr unfontun- inite -brotbcrs to Nicaragua? . Would farmjeus expect good prlbes f or itoieto products wltlli itlielr customers pa-id -such storva-tflon wages? , MARJJN1EBS AND TRAVELERS. Speak in high .terms of the preventive and remedial properties of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, a medicine peculiarly adapted to the wants of those called on to experience the vicissitudes of cli- .mjate, the Inclemency of. the weather, the hardships of a sea-fartng or out- of-door life, or the dangers of a malarial or otherwise pestilential atmosphere. A small quantity of this agreeable tonic nullifies Impurities in water, and fortifies th«.stomach, against the consequences of an unhealthy,or nn- accusrtomed diet. It also enables the constitution to'bear op unharmed against unhealthy climatic Influences, and the system to sustain, unimpaired in health and vigor, the fatigues of traveling. Emigrants, | tourists, .miners and others who. have thoroughly tested the'efficacy of the article, declare It to be a sovereign preservative of health under conditions most favorable. '. -." •FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS. Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wild colic, and Is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind. CHARITY. Valparaiso • Viklotte: When some mother unices toer baby to a public meeting It- cries and she is abused. If ilt 'is last nit tame she to albused for.neg- l(*cttog lit. A woman can't stay a,t tome fl'll -Oho time, her cMldren a-re •babies, -and every neiigtoborlMod liasn't its •nliw old wo-rmwi -wlio B wHlttng fo came In JUM! take care of ailiom for five cents. A MMle of the t'Mu-Jty 4111011 is' gilveii to 'tlie irkn Who snores in the if remit scmit should 0» given to the tired little womran In- the back seat with a baby. HOW HIGH CAN MAN GO? llumnn Feet Will Probably Kovor I'renl Clio Peak of Mount ICn-rest. Prof. Ugolino Mosso, of Turin, has made fomu interesting oxperimcrits on the cITcctb experienced in ascending to high iltit.udcs. All climbers of lofty mountains are .ware that- at great heights, suck as the. summit of Mont EUiuc, respiration becomes more or luss troublesome, the heart beats rapidly nnd sometimes irregularly, :uid a. feeling-of exhaustion, often iiccuinpaiwed .by •uansea, is experienced. These citects arise largely from the rarity ot the air, .and since the atmosphere becomes less dense tho higher one goes, it is evident that :i limit must soon be reached above which man cannot ascend. Prof. Mosso made his first, experiments on Monte Ilosa, next to Mont, Blanc, the highest penk oC I he Alps, where he ascended lo an elevation exceeding 15.000 feet .without-serious inconvenience, -lieturniug to Turin he mode his next ascent, so to speak, without ascending at all. In other words, he produced an imitation ot'the rare a-tmosphere of a very lofty mountain top by partially exhausting the air from'a large pneumatic chamber in which he'had shut himself. When the n.ir in 1 lie chamber corresponded in density with that which would be found at a iieifflit of 2-1.272 feet above sea level, he-sulTori'il such ill effects that he could not. carry the cxpovimc-nt further. The height to which Prof, Mosso thus simulated an ascent is almost a mile less than that of Mount Everest, so that it seems'improbable that roan will everbe able to set his foot on tin loftiest peak of the cn.rth. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. Lowell. Admired tho Oemus lo It More Th:m the Moral. It was the opinion of JamesJlussell Lowell, says Charles Dudley Warner, in the Atlantic, that the anti-slavery element in Uncle Tom and Dred stood' in the way of a full appreciation, at least in her own country, of the remarkable genius of Mrs. Stowc. Writing in 1800, he said: "From my habits and' the tendency of my studies I cannot help looking at things purely from an aestb.etic point of view, and what I valued in Uncle Tom was the genius, and not the moral." This had been, his impression when lie read the book in Paris, long after the whirl of excitement produced by its publication had subsided, and far removed by distance from local influences. Subsequently, in a review, he wrote: "\\e felt then, and we believe now, that the secret of Mrs. Stowe's power lay in that same genius by which the great successes in creative literature have always been achieved—the genius that Instinctively goes to the organic ele-. meats of human nature, whether under a white skin or a black, nnd which disregards as trivial the conventions and fictitious notions which make so large a part both of our thinking and feeling. * * * The creative faculty of Mrs. Stove, like that of Cervantes in 'Don Quixote,' and of Fielding in 'Joseph Andrews,' overpowered the narrow specialty of her design, and expanded a local ami temporary theme with tbo cosmopolitanism of genius." WHY IS IT, If catarrh is a blood disease, as some claim, that physicians frequently advise change of air and cllinate to those suffering? Catarrh la a climatic affection, and nothing but a local remedy \or a change of climate will cure it. Ely's Cream Balm Is BO efficient as to do away with the necessity of leavlus home and friends, causing Instant relief and Is a real cure of catarrh. ' Poison Ivy, insect bites, bruises acalds, burns, are quickly cured by De- Wltfs Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile core.—Jno. M. Johnston. The toofitertli^h: factory at Mumcie owned by C. 6. Gostorn & Son, was destroyed l>y- Oro last night. Loss $9,000, TV-iuli $7,000 insurance. .While trying ito save some machinery, Mr Goshorn was severely burned. It doesn t matter much whether sick headache, biliousness, Indigestion and constfpatlon are caused by neglect o by unavoidable circumstances; De Witt's Little Early Risers will speedily cure them all.-Jno. M. Johnstou H-ORSE A DlVEfR. W. K. McCray's sptellteu driving Morse has achieved. qul'Ki a-reputation ais a diva- witlhiln thc-lnst •week. Last Tbiwsday night'tue n-n.lmnl.wis turned loose to the yard fchht he milgMt graze, arad ndtMng.wns thought of a olstern iwihMh stood .open to the-same yard. But tlie-horse soon found i.tnnd imuned- ilaiteJy proceeded to take a plunge. The water covered his entiire body, wdMan found the famous trotter lite nose lifted out 'of -tire waiter fljid ,wns complaccnlUy enjoying -Ms last, .ned perhnps only baith of tlie season. He was removed witthoiit a scratcli. Mid had HUNTING AND FISHING GUEDH • ( ' . • FREE.- A guide to the bo»t'.bunting and »«* Ing grounds of tho w«*t and northwest containing on "excellent map of tHe lake region*-Of Northern Wisconsin and Michigan, will be sent free on appllca tlon.to W. R .Knlskern, 22 Fifth avenue Chicago, IlL -Boys will be boys," but you can afford to lose any of them. Be ready for the green apple season by bavin DeWltt'8 Oollc & Cholera Ciire in tb me.—Jno. M. Johnston. Don't trlfle.away.tlme wheniyou ^l cholera morhus or : -diarrhoei.>-;-Flglit, them - to the beginning with; ; peWltt'»' ' you find 'a person/who boa trlfed Simmons Liver ReguJator you 'are sure to lieor them say something in Its favor. . Mrs,G. T. Judy, Blue Grass, HI., neeeotly wrote: "I cannot do without StmmopB Liver Regulator since I know' the value of it as a family medl- ctoe " And Dr. W. P. .Giiibbes, of Beaufort, S. C, Bays: »r prescribe Simmons Ltv«r Regulator and know It to be a.first-class Uver.m«d-i«toe." •Many a day'* work., to'-.lost-by. sick headache cauaed by Indigestion and gtomach rroubiea. DeWItfa; Little Barly Risers are the most effectual pill for bvercomltiB such ' The old Indiana reservation, know as Godfrey reserve, In whWh farmerl big pnmc o-bounded, has been opened tile Blackford county commissioner amvitag directed tliait a .road be cu .through It. &S«'/v'.K> The whole system Is drained and undermined by Indolent ulcers and open •ores. DeWItfs Witch Hazrt Salve •peedlly heals them. It Is the beat pile cure known.-Jno. M. Johnston '• 'Mterton-is spend'mp ?40,000 in street «ad sewer toprovoments; oihtf as several industries Have .lately 'resumed operait'lons the business situation, .there te'Irj^proved. THEY ALL GOT A DRINK. low a Millionaire'* Son DrlvlUB » Street Car Trcured Ul« 1'tasieneei* After the lute George Law was graduated from Columbia collece hjs father made him a driver on the Kijrhth avenue treet car line in New York, says the Sao Francisco Argonaut. One night,- ufter a cold rain had chilled the young 1 Iriver to the marrow, a college friend jf his jumped on the car and suggested hat a drink would be in order. Ou 'ifty-fifth street, midway hetween iigbth nnd Ninth avenues, there was a veil-known sporting resort kept by an >.\-boxing master of Columbia, Mr. .aw's frcnd proposed that he stop th« car, while they ran down the street, mrriedly took a drink, and returned tu he car. But Mr. Law preferred to fol- ow his own ideas in the matter. Giving the horses a sudden ya.ak be turned hem sharply toward Ninth nvenue and vhippcd them up until, by a quick ef- 'ort, they lifted the car otf the track. Over the cobbles the strong- horses drew the car to the amazement of the conductor and the passengers, and, rat- ling down through the street, stopped n front of the saloon. Mr. Law alighted with his friend and so did the rest of tho passengers. After they had all ;aken a drink at the driver's expense, they turned to the vehicle nnd the car again started its noisy pi-ogress over the stones. When it was again on the rails and the journey up Eighth avenue was resumed it was rather the worse 'or wear. FIGHTING EDITORS. Scribe* Who Were Always Rea«7 for • Pomonal Encounter. In the eighteenth century, says the icntleinan's Magazine, the editor of the Daily Courant was deliciously amused when he wrote: "I will give no comments of my own in. this paper, as 1 assume that other people have sense Rnougb to make reflections for themselves!" Henry Bate, the editor of tbe Morning Post; never picked his words with wire. His savage onslaughts raised smiles in coffee houses and clubs nnd p.lso brought him face to face with peril. K<? was composed of .stern stuff. He lived up to tho motto: "I neverapolo- \7.c, 1 never retract." Capt. Sloncy, a buck of the time, lemandc'd satisfaction for a very persona! paragraph thatappcared in Bate's paper, but he got little. "The editor's :boice lay between a horsewhipping and a duel, and be chose the duel. The two gentlemen, meeting in the Adclphi tavern, in tbe Strand, called for a room, Ehut the door, and, bei-jg furnished with pistols, fired at each other without effect. They then drew their swords and continued to fight- till the door was burst open by the police," Bate was not the on-ly London editor called upon to use sword and pistol, as well as pen, and at a later date an editor in the north, bravely focusing public opinio-.i on tbe instigators of a. dastardly trade outrage, sat nigbt after night with n revolver on his desk,- prepaid for a surprise visit. JUST TOO LAT£. Thought Too LOUR About Blulne In the Tunnel. "We are now coming to the tunnel,'' said the cautious lover, reports the Detroit Free Press, "and according to the foolish tradition of others in love w must kiss each other. 1 mention it because I did not wish to surprise you." "Nothing that you could do would surprise me." she said."D-o-do you see anyone we know?" "Not a soul." "Nor anyone that knows us?'.' , "No, no." "I suppose there isn't any sticking plaster on your face?" "No. Why?" "It might betray us. I read of a young man like me, who kissed a girl like you.when they were going through a tunnel." "Well, what of it? How slow you "The sticking-plaster was on her lace when--they: went in: when they came out it was on his.". "How lovely. We are nearly through the tunnel." "Then it must be now or never, sail the cautious lover, and tbe passengers imiled audibly, for the train emerged Into tbe broad daylight just as ne saluted his girl with the long-deferred kiss. • ' • ';__ " " ' COSTLY GAME HEADS. »h« Muik Oi the Mot* Expense, tb» .. .Bnfl»V»'», H « m " 1 N** 1 - The head'of the musk ox is ihe mosl costly of mounted game.heads and .next Is the head "of the.buson,.or., buffalo Fine buffalo heads, well mounted, bring from $150 to $500. A head ot $500. says the New York Sun, would be one cxcep Uonally targe ..and .choice; andji fine bead can be bought for $250. Fifteen vears ago well-mounted buffalo heads could be bought for from $90 to $100 The increase in price is accounted for bv the growing scarcity of the buffalo which has now practically disappeared from therUnited States. The wood bisons of tte Great Slave lake region of British North America, which inhabit woodland or mountain districts, are rather more numerous than the P™irie 'buffaloes of this, country, but their numbers are limitedjand. decreasing The wood bison is not so large as the prttirie buffalo, and its hair is straight "Musk o^e heads arc held at $300 and inward'." One musk ox head owned by .•taxidermist in this city is valued nt *75C. . _ Strong Nerves just ns surely come from the use ol Hood's Sarsnparilla as docs tho cure of Bcrofula, salli rheum, or other go-called blood diseases. This is simply because the blood affects the condition of all tho Nerves tones, muscles and tissues. If it i3 im- mre it cannot properly sustain the^e >art». If made pure, rich, red and vital- zed by Hood's Sarsnparilln, it carries lealth instead of disease, and repairs the worn, nervous system R8 nothing elee can do. Thus nervous prostration, hysteria, neuralgia, heart palpitation, are cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla Because it is the One True Blood Purifier. Mrit R»Urb»d». The. origin,'of railways has been traced to.a.contrivance for simplifying tho transit of coal from the EngHBh .nine, to the place* of **!"?*'•• &5 Intention con«l.t. of a double parallel lln. of wooden beams or trams, fixed to th« ground, and furniabed with flange* - ;? '.froin " n>n arc the best after-dlnDer HOOd S "llIS pills,aid digestlou. 25C. B TR Trade |D ! 4 FOR THE BLOOD, NERVES, LIVER ~AND— KIDNEYS. 4 B. B. B. B. cured mo of Heart and Bowel Trouble. Tours, MBS. HANK AH SPRINGER, Milroy, Ind. 4 B B B B are purely vegetable. Put up in capsules, sixty in a box. Thirty days' treatment in a box. Price f 1 per box, or 6ix for $6. Manufactured by H. C. BRAQQ, Connersvtile, Ind. For sale by all druggists. FOB SALE BY R. F. KFBSUNG. Drngfto, REV. S. P. KLOTZ, PASTOR U. B. CHURCH. rvanenoo, ind., Sept. 8, -„=.- Syrnp Co.: . Dear Sir:—I have been afflicted over wenty years with dyBjiepsla or BOW rtom&ch. I have tried different reined tlM without much benefit Finally I sought a 10-ceni bottle of Syrup Pep- tin and found that It benefltted me. I *ro convinced that It will do what tt recommended when taken accordta* w directions. I bavo taken neariy on» wttle and feel Ifte a different f- B. P. ~" •ale by B. F. Keeellnf. SUflMER TOURS .VIA "BIG TO THE . HOUNTAINS, LAKE5 SEASHORES Solid Voitlbuled TralflS W<th Wagner Sleepmg Nei York and Boston Ut, from ..:,...;. Peoria. IndlananoU*. Clh<% nati, Dayton, Columbus. CLEVELAND AND BUFFALO "The Knickerbocker SpeclaL" •The Southwestern LlnjSed. n .^ t Six Terminals at the Great Lak««. ObJcago, Benton Harbor, Tolt* Detroit, Sandasky, Cl Tourist Rates In all Directions. • :' B. O. McOorniJck, Pass. TraflSc Manager. D. B. Martin, GenL Pass and Ticket Agent, Greatest Discovery of tte Centnry. KIWBOOOIt UMlKll "

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