The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 24, 1930 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1930
Page 3
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The tTpper Pes Mqinea-Bepublican, December 31,1930 SAC CO. FARMERS PASS RESOLUTIONS Oppose Military Training Commend Work of Four- H Boys and Girls. INCOME TAX MUST BE A REPLACEMENT TAX thank Newspapers for Cooperation and County Bankers for their Cooperation. Endorsement of a state Income tax law only in case it replaces some other tax was one of the leading features of the resolutions adopted by the Sac county farm bureau in convention assembled in Sac City on Wednesday of this week. Other resolutions opposed compulsory military training In state schools, appreciation of the efforts oi the Sac City Chamber of Commerce and the Sac County Bankers' Association, and endorsement of the things for which the farm bureau has always been striving. The resolutions in full follows: We, the members of the Sac county farm bureau commend the Four-H club boys and girls for the excellent work they have accomplished during the year 1930. We commend the Four-H club committees and leaders for their excellent work and encourage parents to give their children the opportunity of doing some form of club work. We commend the Sac City Chamber of Commerce upon their interest in the boys' and girls' Four-H club work and compliment them upon the entertainment given the club members and their parents. . We favor a state income tax and believe it is a fair and just system of raising revenue, but It must be a replacement tax and not just an added tax. Continue the conference committee on legislation to be composed of the directors of this organization. We commend the publicity given agriculture and wish to thank the newspaper editors for their cooperation-. We are opposed to compulsory mill- ,tary training at our state schools. We commend the officers and directors of the Sac county farm bureau in their effort to strengthen the organization. We commend the women of Sac Summary oJ the News of Kossuth County Sor 1930 January. Four cars owned by T. C. Sherman, Robert Bell, H. O. Buell and Albert Orahzow were stolen by Joy riders. All were recovered. James O'Brien, prominent died at Whittemore. Six automobiles owned by WtlHam I of C.'s at twenty-fifth anniversary. Durant, William O'Brien, Jack Fraser, I Andrew Ostrum, old resident of Al- farmer, Tom Kelley, former Kossuth county land man, arrested on a bad check charge. Sever Pannkuk, Titonka man, broke leg while roller skating. Several Algona golf players enjoyed game at Country Club. John Haggard injured in automobile wreck near Britt. A. F. Palmer, (Sandy), former Algona man, died at Fort Dodge. Dr. W. D. Andrews* osteopath, opens office of his late father, Dr. L. V. Andrews. Tony Kirsch opened a new laundry In Klamp building. Thomas Douglas, Algona man, died suddenly from heart attack. Mrs. Stephen Shellenberger, aged lady died. Dr. A. L. Rlst, Algona dentist for forty-one years, retired. Congressman Dickinson opened headquarters at Des Moines for the senatorial campaign. David Baker, former Cresco township farmer and Algona landlord, died in Illinois. New Model A Ford car drew large crowds at the Kent Garage. W. H. Lacy re-opened Algona steam aundry. Governor-elect Dan Turner visited n Algona, Mrs. Jennie Davis, pioneer Bancroft ady, died In Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. ,T. J. Vihcent left or California. Mrs. Julia Higgins, aged lady, died n Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bailey return- d from visit with relatives In New Mexico. The following births were reported: Jr. and Mrs. C. R. Mason, daughter; Mr. and Mrs. John Trlger, daughter; A.T. and Mrs. Wendell French, son; dr.. and Mrs. Harvey Graham, daugh- er; Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Smith, daugh- er; Mr. and Mrs. G. M. White, daugh- Mr. Chas of Corwith, a man named Cassidy of South Dakota and Ralph Brown were stolen during the week. Coleman C. Chubb, Civil War Veteran and pioneer, died. George L. Miller opened thft model house erected in Algona for inspection, Mr. and Mrs. Al Folkenhainer arrived home from southern trip. Joe Todd accepts position as the manager of Graham store at Iowa Falls. Arthur Helberg's Sheldahl. ,er. Col. nan, made president of railroad in T. H. Lantry, former Algona daho. Harry Bode, Plum Creek farmer, county'in their work and their splendid cooperation with all the organizations connected with the farm bureau and progress they have made through home project work in home making which is one of the vital institutions in America. We, the'members of the Sac county farm bureau do appreciate the friendly support and cooperation from the Sac county bankers during the past year in the conducting of a program we believe to be constructive and for tihe best interests of our community. We are looking forward to the coming year and feel assured of their con& 'tit^r^iMr-ter-'itaraylnra-for- projects' of mutual interest to us all in the -betterment of agricultural conditions. We desire to thank them for the service they have been rendering our organization and the personal accommodation to our membership in taking care of our annual dues according to the agreement we have authorized through our treasurer. Mrs. Frank Stebritz Died December 22. This community was saddened last Monday by the death of Mrs. Frank Stebritz from myocarditis of the heart. She had been ill for a period of two years with heart trouble and on December 12, she was tricken with lobar pneumonia. The next day she gave birth to a baby girl. This coupled with a bad heart was too much for her. The deceased was a devout member of the Catholic church, having become a member of that faith at her marriage. She was a faithful wife and mother, always thinking of her family rather than of herseif, and even during her illness was always cheerful and patient, although she was aware that it .might take her any moment. The sympathy of everyone goes out to the husband and seven little children who mourn the passing of this good woman. Mary Bianca Blinkman was born in Algona June 13, 1899, and died at her home in Algona December 22, at the age of thirty-one years. She was the daughter of Mrs. Leonore Peck of Algona. She attended the public schools in Algona and on July 4, 1916, she was united In marriage to Frank Stebritz of Algona. Seven children were born to this union, Francis Anthony, 13; Anna Veronica, 10; Mary June, 8; John Joseph, 6; Thomas Anthony, 3;. William Henry, 14 months; and Margaret Ellse, who was born December 13. Besides her husband, she leaves to mourn her mother and the following brothers and sisters, John Blinkman of Algona; George Blink- men of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin; Julius Blinkman of Fairmont, Minnesota; Chris Blinkman of Lu Verne, Minnesota; Mrs. Frank Hanson of Algona and Lillian Blinkman of Algona. The deceased was a member of the Rosary society and of St. Cecelia's Guild. Funeral services were held on Wednesday morning, December 24, at St. Cecelia's Catholic. church in Algona with Father T. J. Davern offic- - • - W as in the Catholic amed one of sixteen Master Farm- rs of Iowa. Mrs. George Galbraith died at San .nlonio, Texas. Kinney Byson, former Union town- lip farmer, moves to Louisiana. F. D. Williams elected president of Iowa State Bank. Rev. and Mrs. Allen Wood of Good Hope, left for trip to California. Mr. and Mrs. Gelffert Kueck of Union township, celebrated golden wedding. Mrs. Ann Cosgrove, pioneer of Kossuth county, died. Maurice Lonergan, former Bancroft man, died at Denver. Judge Lovrien opened first term of court in Algona. J. A. Freeh appointed census taker in southern Kossuth county. Walter Fish, prominent Whittemore business man, died suddenly. ,..Jiminle.Neville opened shoe store at Brltt with his son, Eugene, as the manager. ... . /. Superintendent Overmyer fell and fractured elbow. C. M. Frane became manager of New Algona. E. C. Hertig purchased the Buffalo Center hotel. February. Jos. Rahm, Jr., St. Benedict farmer, died suddenly. Candidates for office begin making announcements. Kossuth county purchased new 83 horse power snow plow. Mrs. Helen Zanke, early i settler in Kossuth county, died. John G. Dittmer, well known Burt farmer, died. Sllverberg store closed and merchandise moved. Mrs. E. J. Rawson left for trip to Europe and the Holy'Land. Tile cradle roll announced the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. M. Fal- kenhainer and also a daughter to Dr. and Mrs. F. C. Scanlan. . L. E, Potter, former county auditor and pioneer, died. H. E. Janvrin, C. & N. W. agent at Bancroft, promoted to station agent at Webster City. Nick Maharas shine parlor entered and robbed of cash and cigars. Col. R. H. Spencer, veteran of Civil War, died after short illness, Algona Rotarians visited the Humboldt club in a body. Mrs. Mary Markley died of heart trouble. W. H. Reed, Kossuth county pioneer and city assessor, died in Nevada. Mrs. W. M. Scott died after several years of illness. Mrs. J. C, Todd, well known Algona lady, died at Iowa City. Fire destroyed garage and cars at John Riley home near Irvington. Vernon Dau, St. Benedict boy, killed accidently in Oregon. Mrs. J. M. Farley, former Whittemore lady, died at Davenport. Body cremated and interred at Whittemore. Miss Mary McEnroe died after a long illness. Han? Sorenson, Merlin Lloyd, Swea City school boy, accldently killed by a truck. D. A. Haggard arrived home from San Antonio, Texas. Algona children suffer from a meas- le epidemic. A. W- Behrends opened a chicken hatchery on East State street. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Jenkinson celebrated 47th wedding anniversary. Congregational men held banquet and program at the church. Mrs. E. J. Rawson wrote interesting letter from Europe. Milwaukee railroad decides to place siding at North Hall street. April. Upper Des Moines-Republlcau installed new two-revolution Cottrell press and new Omaha folder and enlarged paper to seven columns. Northwestern bridge near Fenton was burned. John Huschka, St. Benedict man, died fromi stroke. Mrs. Emil Chrlschllles, Whittemore [lady, died. Fred Hackbarth, Lotts Creek farmer, died after long illness. Mrs. L. D. Dickinson, mother of Congressman Dickinson, fell and fractured her wrist. • Central States Electric Company make an effort to establish a gas plant in Algona. Census takers appointed by the district supervisor for Kossuth county. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Rippentrop of Lakota celebrated their silver wedding. Special evangelistic services held at the Methodist church. Ray Hauenstein sentenced to ten years at Fort Madison for car theft. Mrs. C. D. Ward died after several months' Illness. Paving around court house. widened for car parking. ' Charles Weisenberg, Inmate of county home, killed by bull. Algona rural routes are consolidated Into two routes. Dust blizzards are prevalent over northern Iowa. James Crulkshank arrived home from California by bus. Baptist ladies of north Iowa held rally at Swea City. Swea City circulated petition to pave gona, died. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Peck arrived home from California. Miss Grace Taylor wedded to Campbell Humphrey in Chicago. Burglars enter homes of E. J. Murtagh, M. P. Haggard and Mrs. Lenore Peck. Harry Dorweller, former West Bend man, killed bandit in his bank at Hammill, Minnesota. Mrs. Leopold Ramus, LuVerne lady, died. father died at Mrs. L. Oesterrelcher, wife of former supervisor, died at Titonka. Congressman Dickinson given royal welcome at home reception. Mrs. B. E. Norton left for Alaska to visit daughter at Ketchlkan, Alaska. D. A. Haggard, Algona Civil War veteran and pioneer of Kossuth county, celebrated 91st birthday. Automobile collision at Bancroft caused death of infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Grimm of Waterloo. Mrs. John Kuchenreuther, Algona, lady, died after four days' Illness. Chet Long and family left for trip through west. Algona bankers attend convention at Spencer. Karel Horan visits parents, coming from Los Angeles. June. ' Dickinson for senator, Turner for governor, Gilchrist for congress are choice of Iowa in primary. C. G. Rentz of Burt sentenced to Fort Madison for ten years for theft. Mrs. Walter H. Smith of Burt died following a stroke. Dr. and Mrs. J. O. F. Price left for trip to Europe. Miss Pearl Sohulte, popular Lu- Verne girl, died at Detroit. Arthur Helberg purchased north half of Algona Auto & Machine Company building for a garage. Barn on old S. H. McNutt farm, north of Algona, burned. Donald Hulse, fifteen year old son of Rev. and Mrs. C. V. Hulse, killed in car accident near LuVerne. Successful, picnic held by Kossuth county farm bureau. Bids on new school building costing $220,000 to be awarded. Sam Broderson, well known Union township man, died. E. C. McMahon opened law office in Algona. Register's Good News plane visits Algona. Takes pictures of Dickinson when voting. Sampson Brothers, road builders, sold grading outfit to W. B. Williams. Fred Phillips, well known Algona man, died. M. E. district held annual picnic at fair grounds. LuVerne service station was entered and robbed. Dltsworth family held reunion at the Call state park. • Father Dobberstein of West Bend makes Improvements on his grotto. The Kossuth and Palo Alto counties farm tour was well attended. WInkel family held reunion at Liv- crmore. Gail Towne, Al Falkenhalner and John Haggard, Algona men, visit Minneapolis and saw Babby Jones win cup. George A. Heald, Sr., of Spencer, elected judge to succeed Judge Lovrien. Dr. A. D. Adams' car stolen and found damaged. Mrs. Marvin Adams, aged Algona lady, died. Charles Pedley, air mall pilot, in Texas, visits Algona friends. Northwestern depot at LuVerne was destroyed by flre. Eugene Yeager, aged Swea City man, killed in auto wreck. Mrs. Mary Faber, aged lady, died near Wesley. J. H. Grover, Burt's Civil War veteran, celebrated 92nd birthday. William (Arkansas) Collins, died at the county farm. Josephine Elsenbarth badly injured n an auto accident near Rich Point. Dr. Clair Schaap of Sheldon opens a dental office in the former office of Dr. Kain. August. Col. Harry Lantry, former Algona man, died suddenly at Seattle. A barn on the James Doocy farm n Seneca township burned. Heat wave brought mercury up to 110 degrees. Carl Mittag, Lotts Creek man, died suddenly. August Pergande, prominent Lu- Verne man, died. Masons laid the comer stone of th new school with exercises. Air races at airport drew a large crowd. Mrs. Fred Pooch of Plum Cree' was operated on at Rochester. Northwestern discontinued passcngc train north from Burt. Charles H. Slftgle, former 1 Algon? man, died at Cylinder. M. E. Quinn resigned as postmaste at Sexton because of ill health. October. Superintendent Lease and Rev. Hul se returned to Algona by the Method 1st conference. Mrs. August Swanson died at he: home north of Algona. Two children in Carl Marshall home died of pneumonia the same week. Assets listed at $175,000 of the Firs* National Bank at Algona were sold for $1679. Mr. nnd Mrs. Will F. Walker nrriv- ed home from South America. Car owned by Harve Dallcy of Whittemore stolen. Found in corn field icnr Havelock. Right Rev. Heelon of Sioux City at- endcd the Catholic Golden Jubilee. Royal Neighbors hold district convention in Algona. Charles Hoflus and wife of St. Petersburg, Florida, visit with Algonn Mends. Mrs. Win. Muckey loses foot In an auto accident. Mrs. Jas. Phillips, and Mrs. George Wllley also seriously inured. E. A. Boss announces that he will ircct a $30,000 hotel In Algona. J. A. Brownell arrived home from Jalifornla. Mrs. S. E. Davenport of Grecley, Col- irado, visited father, J. W. Wadsworth. Algona Klwanls attended district onventlon at Waterloo. Lucille Wendell, Algona girl, was in- George L. Galbraith, pioneer Algona ' jured in an auto accident at Des merchant, died at San Antonio, Texas. L. G. Nemmers, Algona telephone manager, promoted to position at Mason City. Big barn on J. P. Zeimet farm near St. Joe, burned. Dr. Hartman and family of Janesville, Wisconsin, visited with Algona friends. Mrs. Cora Miller opened a beauty shop at Humboldt. The Wolcott family held a reunion at the Call state park. Quarton & Bosworth tour fairs with showing of Guernseys In Iowa and South Dakota. Mrs. Wayne Stephenson died from burns caused when oil Ignited. Many prominlent railroad officials atltended the funeral of Col Harry Lantry. Jerry Helgens was seriously burn- William Hofmaster died at J. W. ( ed by explosion when lighting a gaso- Wadsworth home after long illness. I line stove. ' Raney family held reunion at Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Murtagh arrived home from Philadelphia. Dan Long, Jr., of Algona, given five years at Fort Madison for driving car streets. Algona Community club rechecks the census of Algona. John Isaacson, former Algona man, died from fall at Fargo, North Dakota. Bank and three other Sexton buildings destroyed by flre. Methodist men held rally and banquet at church. / George • Moulton entered campaign - , , . ........ to oppose Jensen for representative. jnrnn, sucided by drinking carbolic acid. Judge Cook ranch north of Bancroft 1 Bad storm damaged crops In north while intoxicated. Dr. Kenefick elected medical association. president of Barn on RlcWef farm near Titonka struck by lightning and burned. Alptionse'.'' ••E^ei'xart, Whittempre Algona druggist died suddenly after suffering a stroke. Mrs. Edith Dailey opened new beauty shop over James drug store. Mrs. J. R. Jones, former Algona lady, died in California. John Welhousen, pioneer Titonka farmer, died, March. iating. Burial cemetery here. Out of town relatives who attended the services were, Mr. and Mrs, Julius Blinkman and daughter, Dorothy, of Fairmont, Minnesota; Mr. and Mrs. Chris Blinkman and children of Lu- Verne, Minnesota; Mrs. Rose House-holder and son, Bernard, Mr, and Mrs. Glen Thornton, Mi*, and Mrs. Bud Leeling, all of Mason City. Rep , Jensen's Steers Bring High Price. Bancroft Register: J, K. Jensen of Seneca came within 25o of topping the market on two cars of steers fed on his Pull Moose ranch, on the Chicago market. The top tot the day was $19,00 and Mr. Jensen's two loads far Mr, Jensen is 4 consistent feeder gad, Survey made for new $185,000 high school in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. John Wermersen celebrated golden wedding. Jasper Mawdsley, well known Kossuth county farmer, died. Mrs. Michael Koppen, young Whittemore mother, died. August Bremer purchased store building occupied by Zender & Oald- well. Miss Kathryn Thompson wedded to Robert Leason, Jr. Herman. Mittag, Lotts Creek, fann- er, died suddenly, Emmetsburg Botarians visited the Algona club in a. body. Algona votes on bond Issue for new school house, carries two to one. Mr, and Mrs. George W. Dale pele. brated fiftieth wedding anniversary. Mr, and Mrs. J. P. Frakes of Swea City celebrated 04th, weeding anniversary, Henry farmer, in automobile accident. sold to Dr J. A. Devlne. School board decides to wreck Central school for site for new high school building. Algona Masons held Easter services at Congregational church. Algona high school seniors select class play, "Are You a Mason?" Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bisenlus of Whittemore married fifty years. Lady short change artist worked game in Algona. Mrs. Frank Bailey died at Fenton. Body of B. D. Owen, former Bancroft man, drowned at St. Paul, burled at Bancroft. Recheck of Algona census gives population 3,968. Paul Keneflck arrived home from year spent in Honduras. Elbert Garage moved to Helse building on State street. Contract let for paving between Lakota and Swea City and north of Algona. Mrs. James L. Johnson, former Bancroft lady, died at Green Bay, Wisconsin. St. Cecelia dramatic club gave play and program at academy hall. Mrs. Mary Godfrey, pioneer LuVerne lady, died after a week's Illness. Algona boy scouts held a rally at state park. Allen Brunson, Algona boy, opens a law office at Mason City. Joseph Hamel, father of Mrs. Mangan, died. North Iowa base ball league with eight teams was organized. Algona Kiwanls club entertained wives at dinner. School board made successful sale of bonds to George M. Bechtel Company. May. Special school election to sell Central building held. Miss Edna Celander, deputy county auditor, accepts position in census bureau in Washington, D. C. Harry Baker had eye badly injured when paint machine exploded. Earl Tennant, former Algona man, suffered stroke at Hartley. A. N. Anderson, pioneer of Swea township, died. Mrs. J. B. Meuhe of Wesley killed east of Algona in car accident. Miss Nellie Taylor, Algona lady, taken to hospital at Cherokee. Country Club opening party was held. Mrs, Carl Larson, lady, died. former Algona Algona school took third place in Iowa academic tests. Mrs. E. J. Rawson returned home from trip to Holy Land. Melvin Faulstlch, ten year old Burt boy, accldently killed by bullet from a rifle. Mrs. B. F. Burtls died at LuVerne. Algona Insurance ' Company moved Into Haggard & Peterson building. Algona high school athletes get fifth place In Big Six meet. Mi-, and Mrs. A. L. Peterson attended graduation of son, Mel, at Annapolis. A. F. Tienan, Swea Otyy Civil War veteran, died, R. V. Marchant, Ottosen man, .was strugk by train ana killed. Fred Jenks, prominent Ledyard man, died suddenly. Wro. Shirley re-elected county BUD- s r Kossuth. Algona Motor Soles leased former Helberg garage. Franchise for high line granted between St. Joe and West Bend. Kossuth county safety council met and organized. Barn on Jas. Ryan farm near Lone Rock burned. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Walker left for trip to South America to visit son. Rev. Father George TheobOld of Humboldt, assigned to St. Joe church. Cy Bowman, for years janitor at Central school in Algona, died. Dutton family held annual reunion at fair grounds. New Marvin hotel dedicated at Burt by Landlord Vinaas. One milo of paving laid on Number Nine the first week. Gardner family held reunion In Union township. Miner family held reunion at state park. The Thompson and Merriam families of LuVerne held reunion at Lu- Verne. E. A. Wolcott of Los Angeles, former Algona merchant, visited here. July. Dr. W. E. Kain, prominent Algona dentist, died of pneumonia. Members of the Algona cow testing association picnic and made tour. John Haggard set new record at the Country Club golf course, shooting nine holes in 34. Number of Algona Rotarians attended Chicago convention. T. H. Chrischilles and Joe Auner and wives left for tour of east. H. K. Hutchinson, Swea City painter died suddenly. Hev. and Mrs. F. H. Webster lefc for visit in Michigan. Kossuth county dairy calf clubs visited farms In county. Old Daniel Boone trail known as No. 1G, changed to No. 169, a federal highway. Walter Lau, LuVeme boy, drowned in gravel pit near St. Benedict. Over 10,000 people attended celebration at fair grounds July 4. Mi\ and Mrs. C. C. Robinson celebrated fiftieth wedding anniversary. B. E. Norton and daughter, Berlice, left for Alaska, where Bernice Is reaching school. C. F. Nolte struck by car at ball park and seriously Injured. Capt. A. B. Seeley, Algona man, transferred from Fort Lewis, Washington, to Port Benning, Georgia. City council ordered double park- Ing on State street stopped. The Hoflus family picnicked ab the Frank Hoflus home July 4. Report from Washington, D. C, states Mrs. L. J. Dickinson very ill. B. F. Grose arrived home from Washington, D. 0. Contract for new high school building awarded to J. H. Mayer & Son of Humboldt for $175,060.50, Reid family held a reunion at Halfa. Work started on tearing down Central school building. Henry preckner, Burt painter, was found dead in school house. Mrs. George Simmons died at Cylinder. Congressman and Mrs. L. J. Dickinson arrived home for summer. Dr. Adams and Dr. McCorkle arrived home from Klwanls convention * "fentte City, New Jersey. P, and John, Haggard put in a pony golf course on McGregor street. John H. Hunger, former Algona man, John McWhorter, former Kossuth, county man, died in California. Cora Mae Masterson, sixteen year old LuVerne girl, judge healthiest Four-H club girl in Kossuth county. Mrs. Gottfried Schipull of LuVerne died. Reding family held reunion at the Matt Kirsch home near Bode. Mrs. Frank Spelcher, Algona lady, died. Robbers entered the dental office of Dr. Hoffman at Bancroft. Titonka celebrated annual Indian day, August 15. Hanna bank at LuVerne held up and robbed of several thousand dollars. Mrs. Nellie Ingham Russell, former Algona lady, died at Omaha. Ex-Senator H. C. Adams of Los Angeles visits Algona. Mrs. Howland Smith, formerly of Algona, died in Chicago. Henry Stepflug, ex-service man, died at Bancroft. September. H. J. Bode and Ernest Gilbert purchase Plum Creek Farmers' Elevator. W. EL Laard purchased the Akre store building for $8,500. Superintendent Overmyer has difficulty in finding rooms suitable for school purposes. LuVerne bank robber suspect caught at Minneapolis. Peter Kirsch, retired farmer, died following operation. A. C. Carlisle of Whittemore won first on Golden Dent corn at the state fair. Hall storms damaged crops in Union township. Wood CoWan of New York, noted cartoonist, visits old home in Algona. Mrs. Susan Barry, prominent Algona business lady, died. Mrs. J. H. Grover, pioneer Burt lady, died. The Tiss farm home near Hanha was destroyed by flre. Gilbert Sheppardi Veterajn mall carrier, retired. The Mike Fandal family of Whittemore held a reunion at the state park. Fred Steussy, LuVerne farmer, hung self during despondency. August Ogron, father of Mayor Ogren, died at Lakota, aged 92. First National Bank at Burt closed. Paving in Kossuth county complete. Opened to traffic. Mrs. Charles Simmons of Rolfe was killed in an auto accident when returning home from the Kossuth county fair. Moines. State Bank at LuVerne was closed by state banking department. Mrs. Ida Laabs, Fenton lady, died at Iowa City. Killian & Muckey erect a Pee Wee golf course on Colby street. Star route established between Burt and Elmore. Kraft-Misbach clothing store announces going out of business. Clapsaddlo Tire Service moved into new Standard Oil building on East State street. W. D. Andrews' car and medical instruments were stolen. John Northrup home at LuVerne was destroyed by flre. Glen Jenkinson fell frcm roof and fractured bones of his hip. Algonquin fox ranch opens on the grounds east of the fair grounds. Bishop Longley of the Episcopal church visited Algona. Rev. WJ A. Frazicr moved to Fond du Lac. Kilian & Muckey open indoor Pee Wee golf course in George Galbraith building, Degari, LuVerne bank robber, was sentenced to Stillwator for Minnesota robbery. Mrs. Andrew Hauser, aged LuVerne lady, died. Robbers entered Pratt drug store at Burt and stole cash. Gottfried Schipull died at home of Ills son In Plum Creek. Thirty small town theater owners held convention in Algona. Martin King, former Whittemore man, died at Iowa City, aged 94 . Peter Hanson killed while blasting stumps at F. L. Miller farm. Section Six of Iowa Buttermakers' association met In Algona. A. W. Haase, former Fenton man, died suddenly at Fairmont. Barn on the August Thilges form near Bode destroyed by flre. St. Benedict bank held up and robbed of about $3,000. Mrs. Andrew Godfredson, Algona lady, died after ten days of illness. Dr. P. V. Janse of LuVerne opens new office on South Dodge street. Kossuth County State Bank received ten forged checks. Bob Spencer accidently shot in foot while hunting. A district convention of hardware men was held in Algona. Custodian Paul Wille reports 80,000 vsitors at the state park during the year. A barn on the William f'healer farm near Whittemore was buriiud. November. Dickinson elected senator, Turner, Lute Henderson died in Algona following long illness. Two Chicago Jesuit Fathers held a Mission at St. Cecelia's church. Miss Gustuva Oslund died suddenly at her home in Algona. Mrs. Milton Fox died at her home in Algona after a long illness. W. B. Mason, LuVerne rural mail carrier, retired by age limit. Chicken thieves reported busy near Lakota. Open season of five days declared on pheasants. Four blocks of paving were completed at Swea City. W. R. C. dedicate boulder on the court house lawn to G. A. R. Mrs. Paul Wille arrived home from visit in Colorado. Nearly one hundred Algona boys and girls leave home to attend college. Rev. W. A. Frazier, pastor of Congregational church, accepts call to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. T. P, Harrington, prominent attorney, seriously 111. Harry Lee Watson, former Irvington man, arrested for robbing mails in Illinois. Algona Rotarians and Klwanls held a Joint meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Devine purchased Gales store at St. Joe. Clearing house established at Burt to accommodate business. West Bend held Dairy and Legion days. Wesley and Hardy banks held up and robbed the same day. governor and Gilclirist congressman fay large majorities. August Becker, Lakota farmer, shot olf accidently when preparing for a pheasant hunt. Art Rosenmeyer sentenced to prison for life for connection with LuVerne and Hardy bank robberies. O. J. Peterson fell from roof and fractured bones in arm. Amie Peugnet arrived home from a Lrip to Texas. Senator-elect and Mrs. Dickinson loft 1'or Washington. Lloyd Phillips, Algona man, bowled a perfect score at the Hub bowling alley. Chairman H. W. Miller announced the Red Cross membership drive. Charles Tlmves, Lakota business man, died. A. M. Josperson, former Algona man, was dangerously injured in un accident in California. Hagg Post held Armistice Day banquet and program. Chrischilles & Herbst store celebrated sixtieth anniversary. Father Sweeney, Whittemore priest, given parish In Fort Dodge. County Agent Morrison won a trip to Washington, D. C., for soil experiment work. Hundreds of hunters flock to county for pheasant hunting. Mrs. Carrie Meinzer, Burt lady, died. C. T. Peterson of Swea City lost $2,000 when potatoes froze. Judge Clock of Hampton addressed the Mothodist Men's club in Algona. Large barn on Mrs. Seymour's farm iouth of Lakota burned. Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leason, Jr., died. St. Benedict bank held up and robbed the second time. Two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kramer of Bancroft was drowned in a water tank. Kohlhaas Brothers announce the appearance of the 1931 Chevrolet automobile. Union Thanksgiving services were held at the Baptist church. Leonard Sheldon, prominent Burt man, found dead In the I. O. O. F. hall. Kossuth county school masters held banquet at Lone Rock. Mrs. Caspi-. f enne, aged Whittemore lady, died. Good Hope Methodist church held special meetings. Mrs. viggo Klilsholm of Wesley dted from flu and complications. Mink worth $3,000 were stolen the Welelndorf mink farm. Billy Godden, son of Mr .and Mrs. W. H. Goddrn, underwent an append- operation. Judge Lovrien opened the November term of the district court, his lest term. Lyle Brownsfleld oi Webster nnd Lyle Barton were sentenced to Fort Madison for life for St. Benedict second bank robbery. Mrs. John Loss died at Iowa City after a long illness. Otto Ncuman purchased the Quinn store nt Sexton. Schenck school in Union township was made a Superior School by the state superintendent of public instrud- /lon. Mrs. Mary Schenck Winters, pioneer Kossuth lady, died at Bancroft The Hauptmanns, Wesley aviators, purchased a new Curtiss Robin mono>lane. December. Algona streets were bfcautifully decorated for the liolldays. Kossuth county teachers' institute leld at Bryant school. Kossuth County Bar association gave a dinner in honor of Judge Lovrien. County Recorder Laura Paine re- urned from a visit with son In Call- ornia, N. C. Rice makes notable improve- nents in the Coll Theater. Several Algona people attended Arny-Navy football game at Chicago. Mrs. W. E. Quinn, Bancroft lady, died. Star route established between La- iota and Swea City. Former County Treasurer H. J. Mc- Jhcsney wedded in Illinois. Charles H. Bell, prominent Whitemore man, died. Forged checks bearing George Qal- ralth's name passed at San Antonio, Texas. C. W. Hopkins, ex county supervis- >r, died in Algona. Congregational church Issued a call o Rev, Fred C. Clark of Eugene, Ore- jon. Cosmopolitan Magazine has write- p of interview on prohibition with Ylgona people. District Bar association banquet eld to honor Judge Lovrien. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brownell became arents of fourth son. McElrca sisters left for their New ealand home after visit with Algona elatlves. Sleet and fog made car driving on avemcnt dangerous. Peter Thissen, father of Dr. Thls- en, died at son's home. FreiJ Ward, Algona rural mail carrier •as operated upon for mastold. Mrs. Elwood French, young LuVerne nother, died of heart disease. K. H. Helmers, Algona man, died. Henry Meyers, retired farmer, died , Ills home In Algona. . Burglars robbed Bradley cafe at ancroft. Six Kossuth county and vicinity osed banks pay about $400,000 in divi- ends to depositors. Mrs. A. K. Cliff was called )to Mln- - neapolls by the death of her father. Kossuth county. bankers offer $500 reward for bank robbers, Attorney H. W. Miller underwent an operation for appetidlclts. R. A. Palmer honored by Masons on fiftieth anniversary of being a member. Legion Auxiliary of county met at Titonka. Assessors of county given instructions at the court house on duties for the coming year. Many college students arrive home for the holidays. Rev. Fred J. Clark of Eugene, Oregon, accepted call to the Algona Congregational church. Improvements made in the Algona telephone exchange. West Bend Protests Basket Ball Game. In one of lost week's issues of the Des Moines Register, the sporting page carried the following article regarding the West Bend-Algona basket ball game in which the West Bend five left the floor in the middle of the third quarter: "Bernard F. Bliss, superintendent of the West Bend schools, de- nis that West. Bend forfeited its basket Uall game played at Algona Friday night, December 12, to Algona. Bliss points out that West Bend was never behind during the contest and that its players were taken from the floor in the third period when it was discovered that the referee, whom he claims was Incompetent, had not been licensed or approved by the Iowa High School Atihlutic association, and was therefore not eligible to work the game. Bliss also contends that Algona not only violated the state association rules by using this official but also the terms of the contract through Its failure to notify him three days in advance, of the officials' name. Bliss further states that he is willing to place the matter of the forfeiture bofore the state association for a de- cison, but says he will not do so him- solf unless the Algona officials so de- site." It seems that Mr. Bliss would make a mountain out of a mole hill as Algona did not claim the forfeit. The game probably was too fast for the referee but, even so, West Bend had the better of the argument insofar as fouls were concerned. They were continually fouling, such as guarding from behind and holding, which is absolutely against the rules. After they had left the floor the West Benders remarked that they had been getting by with that kind of playing all along and which would indicate that they knew It was against the rules. As far as the referee was concerned, Coach Bonham has stated tlmt Ills name was sent over to West Bend before the game and it was West Bend's duty to protest before the game. If the referee had called all the fouls that were committed by the visitors they would not have had a team on the floor after the first quarter. It would seem that the best way to settle the matter would be to let the game go by the boards and settle the difference when the two teams play again. May Be Brilliant Succeii Don't cull a mail a failure unless you know what tie was trying to do. Maybe bis ambition wag to get by without working. — San Francisco Chroulcle.

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