The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on October 31, 1990 · Page 34
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 34

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1990
Page 34
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D4 1 WEDNESDAY TV The Sun "A WEDNESDAY, October 31, 1990 Kate McNeil's role reflection of real life By MIKE HUGHES Gannett News Service Chances are, you have known someone like Taylor Young. You have admired her or despised her, envied her or lusted for her. She is the "WIOU" character played by Kate McNeil. She is blonde and beautiful, with cool green eyes and cold ambition. "That's her facade, that she's , got it all together," says McNeil. ; "We're going to find that it masks a lot of uncertainty ." The first hints arrive at 10 tonight on CBS, in the show's second episode. ., Last week's opener, crackling with drama and humor, introduced her. She was lured to a Chicago TV station from Tampa, where she was a news reader. Now she has to be a reporter. The facade cracks this week, then crumbles three weeks later. And yes, McNeil says, that re-. fleets real life. "One of the people I read about was (the late) Jessica Savitch. She was very much a victim of that." Considered a superb news reader, Savitch was brought to Washington, D.C., and told to report on the Capitol. "That's something that should take years to build up. She was really in over her head." She had been promoted into a maelstrom. McNeil knows the feeling. She grew up comfortably, in suburban Philadelphia. Her father is president of the U.S. Cocoa Corporation; her older sister, like her dad, went to Princeton. In short, you can envision a Grace Kelly, only cheerier. "I wasn't too academic," McNeil says of her high school years. "I was in a lot of plays and I was a bit wild." But she got into the respected theater program at Ithaca College, where a teacher named Earl McCarrol became her mentor. Next came New York City for off-Broadway and soap operas. McNeil starred in "As the World Turns, married soap director Roy Friedland and savored an enviable life. Like Taylor Young, she would be lured away. She was hired for the lead role in "Sara," an NBC comedy with all the best names. Gary Goldberg ("Family Ties") was producing; Bronson Pinchot and Alfre Woodard were in the cast. After three days, Goldberg changed his mind and returned to his original choice, Geena Davis. "I was devastated. But you learn from everything." Her comeback included, "Kane and . Abel," "Vital Signs" and guest villainry on "Anything But Love." Now comes "WIOU" and a new life; Friedland stays home with their 3-year-old daughter and writes scripts. And some day we may envy or detest Kate McNeil, the same way we do Taylor Young. THE NIELSEN TOP 50 Here are the prime-time television ratings as compiled by the A.C. Nielsen Co. for the week of Oct. 22-28. The listings include the shows ranking and rating for the week. A rating measures the percentage of the nation's 92.1 million TV homes. Overall ratings for week: NBC: 12.5; ABC: 12.4; CBS: 12.3 . 1. "60 Minute," CBS 21.1 2. "Cheers," NBC. ..20.4 . 3. "Roseanna," ABC 20.1 4. "Designing Women," CBS 19.9 ' 5. "Murphy Brown," CBS 18.6 6. "Murder, She Wrote," CBS 18.5 7. "America's Funniest Home Videos," ABC. 18. 1 '. 8. "Empty Nest," NBC 18.0 8. "The Cosby Show," NBC. 18.0 10. "A DIHerent World," NBC 17.9 11. "Doogle Howser, M.D.," ABC... 17.2 12. "Who's the Boss?," ABC 17.0 13. "Matlock," NBC. 16.8 14. "Coach," ABC 16.7 15. "Growing Pains," ABC. 16.5 15. "In the Heat ol the Night," NBC. 16.5 17. "NFL Monday Night Football," ABC .16.4 17. "The Golden Glrla," NBC 16.4 19. "The Wonder Years," ABC. 16.2 20. "America's Funniest People," ABC 16.1 21. "Head of the Class." ABC. 15.9 22. "Unsolved Mysteries," NBC 15.9 23. "Family Matters," ABC... ..15.8 24. "Full House," ABC 15.7 24. "The Simpsons," FOX. 15.7 24. "Major Dad," CBS 15.7 27. "L.A. Law," NSC. 15.6 28. "Grand," NBC 15.1 29. "Carol a Company," NBC 14.3 30. "Knots Landing," CBS ....14.0 31. "Law and Order," NBC. 13.7 32. "Married People," ABC 13.5 33. "Hunter," NBC 13.4 33. "The Secret LHe ol Archie's Wife," CBS 13.4 35. "Lethal Weapon," NBC 13.2 36. "Rescue: 911," CBS 13.1 37. "Married . . . With Children," FOX :.i 12.9 38. "Perfect Strangers," ABC 12.8 38. "20(20," ABC 12.8 40. "K-9," CBS 12.6 40. "Trials of Rosle O'Neill," CBS. ....12.6 42. "Jake and the Fatman," CBS ...12.5 43. "Over My Dead Body," CBS 12.4 44. "Extreme Close-Up," NBC .....12.3 44. "Fresh Prince of Bel Air," NBC 1.12.3 46. "Uncle Buck," CBS.. 12.2 47. "In Living Color Special," FOX. 12.0 48. "Dear John," NBC 11.7 49. "Going Places," ABC 11.5 49. "MocGyver,"tBC... 11.5 60. "American Dreamer," NBC 11.4 PRIME TIME FowstersngbMt I '8" 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 O1 I Wheel ot . I Jeopardy! I 4a Hours . I Me and Uie Fatman I WIOU I News I America I Fortune ' - ' Tonight Or- Ent. Hardcopy Unsolved Mysteries Dear John . FanelliBoys Hunter News.:, Tonight I Tonight ' ' :" ' Show a' OutolThis Charles in IIHalKiiirHM-taalrnrtirirt, . News Cheers Taxi , - World Charge CMHoHierWaH - -s . mm Inside Instant Growing Paint . Doogie Married Cop Rock News Nightline - Edition Recall Howser People ,- mm Love Golden , News News News Love Hartto Connection Girls - ' Connect. Hart q Personal!- Current . Disorder in the Court: 60th Anniversary Tribute News I Love Lucy Jeffersons ties Affair to the Stooges ' ; ; rm Cosby Night Court Star Trek: The Next Shades ol LA. News Arsenio Hall Show ' Generation : News From Horse From Korea Daily Show Express Farm Diary . From Korea Paid "4i China Racing Drama Program , pw TnaPnartonolihtrJpwal'iS) ... ThaWoMHMEyMCO) , . . , I MfM)rMUm, ., . E I - II Ml, . u. - . .. - - - " - f f, ,M1 , Lonuwwy. MrynwMt asmiHnoii,aeycenuvwi cmswwmsmi ejsj (6:30) Executive MetropolitanOperaPresents(SeasonPremiere) USSR. Art B8 MacNeil Stress ' cm Amanda Sabater YoComproaEsa ' MiPequenaSoledad Citaconel Noticias Noticiero : World Mujer . Amor Univision '' Vision r- SI. Elsewhere Hogan's Bob MaryTyler Dick Van Best of Saturday Night Heartof Paid Heroes Newhart Moore Dyke Live the Nation Program TicTac I Joker's TteCiiscklslatoltaaroM .. "Sews Andy Republic Theater BB' Dough Wild OumtXt.lumtMtm , Griffith i ' CABLE CHANNELS ; 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 '11:30 Evening News Moneyline Sports Newsnight Showbiz Newsnight Update Sports CNN Tonight Today Latenlght nle Witch's I Casper's Blacrds(a('M)0tMJoMt, k .; . ; . CantervilleGhost 1 0zzie& ' Corbett's NlghtOut Halloween Peter Ustinov V .......... : : - - . Harriet Ghost (6:30) Bodybuilding: California SportsCen- Auto Racing: Off-Road Drag Racing: NHRA Inside the SportsCen- ESPN Billiards Championships ter GrandPnx Keystone Nationals ! PGA Tour ter Inside the NFL I ADry WMttSeaunfR.'ISIiirAADonird " Comedy Hour: "Blake 1st & Ten Jedgmal MB0 $mtM,Htottmto Clark" fW) j (l:M)Tteni v LowttS-ketlt.'tt) C.KU-D.fcMtwCtwdR' ;. . Msdttl,)) : MAX (PO-13, ') Pist-Cewtey.KelfyPreetaB ('W)r)wRobblnt Robert Horft , j (6.00) Crook and Barbara Mandrell NashvilleNow Crookand Country Standard Time ; WA8H Nashville Chase Halloween Special '. Chase i ; Inspector Looney A. A. : A. A. A - A. A. A. NICR Gadget Tunes Hitchcock Hitchcock Hitchcock Hitchcock Hitchcock Hitchcock Hitchcock Hitchcock (4:30) lis Your Call Kings Third Period- - BobMiller PressBox Tennis: European Community , Hockey ' Replay (6:25) Teen Wolf Too I Who's Harry Craeib?' Collision M, lies, and vtope(R,'l) I ANanfor 8H0 (P0,'l7)r ('M)JohnCaimy Course jnMtptn MsH' (6.1)SMpes'R' GhoMrwstl(ron)Bttl Murray, TtwQhoBrealtra('4) Woh Spirits c ('1)BHmmy PtnAykroyd - eHepe,PaiileteOolwl 1 TO-tr .... H'less I Which Murder, SheWrote : I Nlsht-rante1WiFloor('() I Miami Vice us Horse. Witch? hmkn)WcOnm,itimnn -u News Nighl Court Rouslers Croat ChtNMlftt) Murder Without Teen Twilight WBW - Wayne Moms (') -. ...., ,.- ,y, zone WTBS Srt-'sLot(7D(Part2of2)Dvtd Came (') Slaty losses, Ma tfen(71) Margot Kidder - TV HIGHLIGHTS WEDNESDAY MORNING 7:00 , 0 This Morning Scheduled: Gene Siskel reviews "Reversal ol Fortune"; behind the scenes of the CBS series "WIOU": director David Puttnam .("Memphis Belle"); the success ol Victoria's Secret lingerie: actress Marllu iHenner ("Evening Shade"); women's ' health issues (Part 3 ol 5) detecting ' ovarian cancer. , : . O Today Scheduled: author Richard iNeely ("Take Back Your Neighbor-- hood"): review ol Grateful Dead drum-! mer Mickey Hart's book. "Drumming at the Edge of Magic"; saving a marriage (Part 3 of 5) protecting the children; ! "person you should know" segment; 1 music duo Tuck & Path. (Stereo) (CC) 'O Good Morning America Scheduled: November election preview (Part 3 of 5 the controversial reapportion-t merit issue; actor-director Kevin Kline; . a look into the luture of AIDS. (CC) 9:00 O Kelly t Gail Scheduled: how to leel good all the time. (Live) O AM Lot Angelas Scheduled: Halloween safety tips; cooking with Jason Marsden from "The Munsfers Today": Joe Flaherty ("Count Floyd"). (Live) O Live Regis Kathle Lea Scheduled: actor Anthony Perkins; actress Marilu Henner ("Evening Shade"); band leader Skitch Henderson; singer Lou Rawis. Mister Rogers Building a mountain: the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital emergency room. (Re) S Movie "Topper Returns" (1941) Roland Young, Joan Blondell. Cosmo Topper becomes involved in helping the ghost of a murdered woman find her killer. 9:30 O Martha Warfltld Guests: actors Shelly Duvall and Charles Fleischer. 10:00 O Home Scheduled: treating the terminally ill with music; "Thrill With Wil". O Sally Jttty Raphael Scheduled: people whose parents were murdered. Movie "The Thief Who Came to Dinner" (1973) Ryan O'Neal, Jacqueline Bisset. A Houston-based computer genius uses the skills of his profession to enhance his nighttime activities as a sophisticated jewel thief. CD Craffing for the to "The Look of Leather". 11:00 SD Mister Rogtrt Seatbelts: King Friday decides an opera should take place on the mountain. (Re) 11:30 Reading Rainbow Imogene Coca shares the story ol-"lmogene's Ant- . ' lers"; Philadelphia zoo. (CC) AFTERNOON . 12:00 O Bbnarua Two rowdy brothers, their spunky mother and their town cronies block Hoss's attempts to solve a big crime. OD Hawaii Flve-0 Three criminals attempt to destroy the Hawaiian sugar crop with an imported strain of borer moth. G3 Perry Mason A husband who accuses his wife of infidelity and threatens to ruin her alleged suitor financially is slain. 12:30 09 Jeffersons George and Louise relive some of their most unforgettable and hilarious moments. (Part 3 of 3) 1:00 ID Too Close lor Comfort Muriel and Henry must decide if they want to know ' their baby's sex before It's born. ID Cannon An ex-convict uses Cannon to put him on the trail of the phony CIA agent who imprisoned him and ruined his marriage. 03 Movie "Hiilbillys in a Haunted House" (1967) Joi Lansing, John Carra-dine. Two singers and their agent heading to the Nashville Jamboree stay at a hotel filled with skeletons, ghosts and foreign secret agents. 1:30 ID Gllllgan't Island Erika Tiffany-Smith arrives at the island looking for a , place to build a hotel. 2:00 O Charlie's Angels Sabrina poses as a clairvoyant in an attempt to outwit a psychic researcher who is swindling a friend of Bosley's out of money. ' O Sally Jttty Raphael Scheduled: A daughter reunites with her once-missing mother. CD Gllllgan't Island Gllligan and the Skipper suspect one of the castaways of homicide. CD Streets ol San Frtntttco Stone and Keller are called upon to solve the mystery ol a neighborhood engulted by . violence and a homicide. PRIME-TIME PICKS "48 Hour," CBS, 8 p.m. "Panic, Fears & Phobias" The causes of anxiety disorders such as phobias, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive behavior the fears that affect 24 million Americans. Anchored by Dan Rather. "Growing Pains," ABC, 8 p.m. Due to bad weather, , the Seavers stay home on Halloween and spend the night telling spooky stories. With Alan Thicke and Joanna Kerns. "Jake and the Fatman," CBS, 9 p.m. The 7-year-old son (Glenn Walker Harris Jr.) of a prosecuting attorney (Mary-Margaret Humes) is kidnapped in an attempt to thwart his mother's case against a ruthless jewel thief (William Lucking). With Joe Penny. "Doogle Howser, M.D.,"ABC,9p.m.Vinnie (Max Casella) casts a nerdy young prodigy (Gregory Pel-zman) in his horror video. "Married People," ABC, 9:30 p.m. A ghostbuster is called in when Cindy (Megan Gallivan) finds a ghost in theattic. "WIOU," CBS, 10 p.m. The station's reputation is jeopardized when Taylor (Kate McNeil) discovers inaccuracies in Eddie's (Phil Morris) story about a local hero. "Hunter," NBC, 10 p.m. Molinski (Darlanne Fluegel) tries to arrange protection for her longtime informant; Hunter (Fred Dryer) reopens a 17-year-old chi Id murder case. "Cop Rock," ABC, 10 p.m. Vicki (Anne Bobby) is Us inr in ':'----. Megan Gallivan A ghost in the attic having problems keeping the peace on the streets and at home; LaRusso's (Peter Ono-rati) attorneys have given him a new image. 2:30 GS Western Tradition A profile of the ancient Egyptians. (CC) 3:00 O Joan Rlvtrt Scheduled: Phyllis Oilier; actor David Faustino ("Married... With Children"); also, Satanic witches. O AirwoH When Archangel disappears, Hawke and Santini turn to a psychic to help them find their missing mentor. (Simulcast in Spanish) O Oprah Winfrey Scheduled: father-son reunions. (CC) OD Hirdcittle and McCormlck The judge and Mark pursue a dangerous convict who has escaped from prison. 63 My Three lone Ernie's writing ability lands him In the dreaded special English class with strict but efficient teacher. 3:30 : O Mister Rogers Seatbelts; King Friday decides an opera should take place on the mountain. (Re) 4:00 O Qenldo Scheduled: Celebrities discuss substance abuse. Guests: Eddie Fisher, Christina Crawford, Tai Ba-bilonia and Randy Gardner, gossip columnist Cindy Adams. O Magnum, P.I. Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury in her "Murder She Wrote" role) helps a woman who thinks she's about to be killed. 69 Square One Television Doing the "Fraction Rap." (CC) 4:30 B3 3-2-1 Contact The machinery ol communication. (CC) 5:00 O Highway to Heaven Jonathan, dressed as a werewolf, comes to the rescue when bullies harass a trlck-or-treater. (CC) O ALf ALF Is convinced gangsters are chasing the Tanners' houseguest. O Mama's Family tola's heartbroken when her cat dies. 83 Square One Television A banquet lit for a king and his 20 guests. (CC) 83 Family Affair Jody is accused of breaking a window in school. 5:30 O ALF ALF ghostwrites Jake's love letters. (CC) QD Mama's Family Mama meets tola's boyfriend. CD Growing Years Topic: preschool physical development. 63 Frugal Gourmet Chinese roast meals; Italian antipasto; Greek meat sandwiches and pies. (Stereo) EVENING 6:00 Q0 Nightly Business Report Commentator: Lester Thurow. -" : : :.-'6:30 ' v j CO Frugal Gourmet Lithuanian dishes including kugells potato pudding and borscht. (Stereo) (CC) , 7:00 O Entertainment Tonight Interview with actor Bruce Willis. (Stereo) O Inside EdWen A woman reunited with the daughter who had been taken from her by a black-market baby ring. ID Personalities Scheduled: convicted killer Henry Lee Lucas; drag racer Lori Johns; actress Dawn Wells ("Gilligan's Island"). OS Movie "The Phantom of . the Opera" (1925) Lon Chaney, Mary Philbln. Silent. From his subterranean lair beneath the Paris Opera House, a disfigured composer instructs and then kidnaps the singer he adores. Based on the novel by Gaston Leroux. 7:30 0 Hard Copy A woman accused ol killing her ex-husband's new love and 01 trying to kill him. 09 Horse Rcdng From Santa Anita. 8:00 II 41 Hours (CC) O Unsolved Mysteries Scheduled: A family's home Is strangely spared during Hurricane Hugo; unusual clues in the case of a missing California businessman; a Florida woman and the paranormal. (Stereo) (CC) . O Movie "Biloxi Blues" (1988) Matthew Broderick, Christopher Walk-en. Eugene Jerome endures the physical and emotional rigors ol Army boot camp in 1945 Mississippi in this adaptation of. Nell Simon's award-winning play. O Growing Paint (Stereo) (CC) O Disorder In the Court Mth Anniversary Tribute to the Stooges Stooges comedy shorts, outtakes. family interviews and trivia. Features the colorized 1949 short "Malice in the Palace." Host: Alan Thicke. ID Star Trek: The Neit Generation Tasha Yar's sister helps the Enterprise rescue Federation members held hostage on her planet. (Stereo) (CC) 69 Metropolitan Opera Presents "Don Giovanni" Samuel Ramey, Carol Vaness and Karita Manila star in this Franco Zeflirelll production of Mozart's dramatic opera about the legendary libertine. James Levine conducts. (Stereo) , 6D Movie "The Check is in the ' Mail" (1988) Brian Dennehy, Anne Archer. A California pharmacist and his family stage their own form of rebellion when monetary problems drive them to the brink of bankruptcy. 9:00 O Jake and tie Fatman (Stereo) O Dear John Clarinettist John lobbies his teacher to include him in a Carnegie Hall recital. (Stereo) (CC) O Doogie Howser, M.0. (CC) 63 Movie ', "The Night Has; Eyes" (1942) James Mason, Joyce HowJ ard. An old house on the Yorkshire1 moors holds a gruesome secret for young woman investigating her girl;., friend's disappearance. ,' 9:30 , g O Fanelli Boyt Uncle' Angelo may' forsake the priesthood for music; the boys vie for a young woman's attention. -O Married People (Stereo) (CC) 10:00 O WIOU (Stereo) (CC) Is the hero a hoax? . Hot news makes even -hotter drama on WIOU t. O Hunter (Stereo) (CC) ..A O Cop Rock (Stereo) (CC) ' 10:20 CD Movie "M" (1931) Peter'. Lorre, Ellen Widmann. Fritz Lang's;; classic account of the Berlin under- ' world's efforts to capture a loathsome child murderer before he kills again. 11:00 ID Arttnlo Hall Scheduled: "Dallas'" , star Larry Hagman; comic Emo Philips. : 11:30 ; O Tonight Show Scheduled: actor? John Larroquette; comic Anthony Grif-5 fin; comic Kevin Pollak. (Stereo) -' 12:00 O kilo the Night Starring Rick Dees' Scheduled: Elvira; music group Devo. , 12:30 i O Late Night With Dtvkt LtWmtn Scheduled: comic Don Novello; rap art- ist L.L. Cool J. (Stereo) ' k 1:00 . 6D Movie "Panther Squad" (1988) Sybil Danning. Karin Schubert. A lutu- ristic commando and her scantily clad assistants are called in to rescue a kidnapped estrone' from a radical ecology group. .. ' , , '; -1:30 'I 4 O Later With Bob Cosltt duett: di-'3 rector Robert Altman (Part 2 of 2). GO Movie "Champions: A Love Story" (1979) Two teenagers become romantically Involved as they work together toward a national figure skating championship. 1 i 2:00 O Movie "Psycho" (1900) Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh. HALLOWEEN PARTY . Complimentary horn d'oeuvrea served after 9:00 P.M. Prize lor Best Costume The Gourmet Restaurant 1445 E.Highland Ave. 883-2613 BLOOD DONORS NEEDED EVERY DAY Please help - Bring another donor with you. Blood Bank of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Monday. 8AM4PM Tiri A A.j f.M ma .a Wad .Thum a All. hi V Ji I - WO 8AM-4PM Saturday atuiDU 300 Blood Bank Road San Bernardino A public service message from The Sun, Halloween Specials on KVCR TV Channel 24, October 31 , 7:00-9.-00p,m. "Phanton of the Opera" This famous 1925 film starring Lon Chancy has been restored and lost sequences reset to make this the best, most complete version of the film since it's first showing. LA's famous Korla Pandit provides an overture and new music and sound effects score from a 4-manual, 60 rank Wurlitzer pipe organ. 9:00-10:15 p.m. "The Night Has Eyes" (1924) James Mason gives a powerful, intense performance in this thriller with oodles of fog and bog. He jplays a reclusive composer given to fits of amnesia. A thunderstorm transforms the story line into mur- der, skeletons in hidden rooms and a chase into thequicksands of themoor. Joyce Howard co-stars. v 10:20-12:00 midnight i j . "M" --v-(1931B&WSubtitles) Displays the skill of Fritz Lang who molded the negative qualities of early sounds film into an evocative cinematic unity. PeterLorredeliversaflawless performance as the psychotic child molester who is hunted by the police as well as the criminal class. Based on the fiendish killings which spread . terror in Dusseldorf in 1929. ) , w f-

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