The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1930 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1930
Page 12
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The Upper Bes Momes-Repttblican, Pedembef l? t 1930 Spirit of Christmas is hi the Air Here iSites tJenerteve Nelson, who lives In the Dr. Scanl&n hbtne, has had her faith revived in 8ant& Glaus, and fclgfr policeman j. Anderson WBS Santa !n the matter. Saturday Miss Nelson lost her valued purse containing- something more than $8.00. Luckily honest Joe 1 AntSerson found the purse which hac fceen dropped In the Community room aad after a litUe detective work <5tts- covered the owner and placed the purse in her fair hands. Miss Nelson offered the ubiquitous policeman a generous reward which his well known chivalry prevented him from accepting. Kiddies Write to Santa Claus. The following letters, written by Al- •gona kiddies, have been given us for publication: Bobby Has Been a Good Boy. One letter says: Dear Santa: I want a scooter and a street car, some candy, a soldier suit, a pair of skiis, a picture machine, a wrist watch, a pair of socks, a necktie, a scarf, a wagon and a truck, a snow shovel and a steam engine. A post script says: "Bobby has been a good boy." We are afraid Bobby will T>e somewhat disappointed as he asks for so many things, and if they were all given him some other little boy might not get nnythisj. A Little Girl Writes. Dear Santa: It is about time for you to come. Win you bring me a cabinet a don with a ribbon on it, a set ol dishes, a litUe store. <stn iron and a board. If you have any extra red chairs will you please bring one to me? I have a hew baby sister, her name is *** please bring her some toys. too. Hoping you don't, forget us. LitUe Bay Want* a T«i«u One little fellow writes: Dear Santa: t would !ike to have a wind up train and as that is all he asfes, we will try and influence Santa Clalus to give him one. Dear Santa: I am a good girl. 1 wnat a doll and a cap and dress. I want a doll range, a doll bed, and a chair. Buena Vista County Jail Now Filled. Exchange: Brjena Vista's jail is full to overflowing and three prisoners have been taken to the Jail at Pocahontas as the result of recent liquor raids, arrests, and commitments. Six men are at present in the Buena Vista jail on various charges. Jack Henneberry aad "Buck" Kent of Storm Lake who are in jail on liquor charges and D. O. Wright who has served about a week of his thirty days* sentence for disturbing the peace were the three taken to Pocahontas. Two ithers have been paroled while a third has gone away for medical treatment. Several of the men will be taken be- ore court next week. Sirs. Frank Jenkinson Becomes Suddenly 11. Union Township. December 16. Special: Friends of Mrs. W. P. Jenkinson mother of Mrs. Leonard Cruik&hatik and GJen Jenkinson of Union- were grieved to learn that she was taken suddenly iH Sunday evening with the fiu or possibly a light stroke. She is confined to her bed and her many friends are hoping for a S5>eedy recovery. Local Boxer Won Fight in Mason City. Clarence Phillips, local boxer, gave a good account of himself in one of the preliminary bcnits of the Mason City American Legion drum corps boxiii? ,«h\w lost Friday night. Phillips has been doing quite a bit of fighting around this part, of the state and hn been making a name for himself i: boxing circles. At Mason City he fought Spin Nelson of Austin, Minnesota, and outpointed him in a fas' six round bout Phillips weighed in a' 165 pounds and Nelson at 168. The Mason City Globe-Gazette gave the following account of the fight: "Clarence PhlJlips of Algona made a pleasing ring debut here when he outpointed Spin Nelson of Austin Minnesota, in six rounds. Withou half the flash in his appearance that the Minnesota boy displayed Phillips mixed in steady style with power in his left that told in time with the body work he applied to Nelson. Phillips took the first, third and final two rounds and the pair drew the second, ond. "After clipping Spin a nice one on the eye in the opening round, Phillips checked his guard, using only a short left for his pokes and worked on Spin's body. This change in tactics from the opening slowed him up for one round "Phillips cracked in the blows to Spin's jaw in the third as Spin be* gan to open and walk into the Algona battler's punches. Near the close of the round Phillips held Nelson off. The fourth was Nelson's big round, starting with a solar plexus punch. He then waded in as the aggressor to take his only round. "With considerable dancing. Spin tried to continue his good work in the final rounds but lost his head as his footwork wore him down." ^ Iowa State Bank Declares a Dividend. The Iowa State Bank, at a meeting of the board of directors last week declared their first, dividend of ten per cent. This bank, which is less than three years' old. has been wonderfui- ly successful and deposits, according to their last statement was something over a million dollars. Frank Williams is president; N. A. Smith and Hal Cowan, rice presidents. H. L. Glimore, cashier: Roy McMahon. assistant cashier: and Louise Magnusson and Irma Windell, bookkeepers. Besides the officers named the directors are Luke Ijinnan, John Frank! M. P. Haggard, J. F. Ovennyer and J. C. Mawdsley. The bank was organized and started business March 1, 1928, with a capital of S50.090 and $10,000 surplus. The rapid growth of this bank is remarkable. Coats -- Dresses Now goinsr on sale at January Clearance Prices. Every coat and dress in the store remarked to sell. If you are in need of a new coat or dress, see oiir prices first. LADIES' COATS $11.95 $13.95 $16.95 CHILDREN'S COATS $3.75 Silk Dresses Entire stock to be closed out. nothng reserved. Big selection to choose from. Values at $12.95. $15.00 and $19.50 now to be sold at $5.45 $6.95 CHILDREN'S SILK DRESSES $3.95. BIG SALE ON SHOES AND OVERSHOES Now you can buy your new Shoes and Overshoes at January Clearance Prices. BLOOMERS—Women's and Misses Bloomers, non,ruu rayon in a large range of colors and A Q sizes, now selling at ftt?C HOLIDAY SPECIALS Choice, fresh selected fowls secured from ry otoclec,—aaaoLofrorocl at- unusually low prices. Magazine Salesman Works at Britt. Exchange: A salesman ivho claimed to represent the Farm Journal worked a fraud on all the farmers of the Britt community in September, it is thought The man said that he was takin? a 'arm census of products and intimated that the Farm Journal was making an effort to get better prices for the fanner. He took ten year subscriptions at the price of two dollars, using a check on which he wrote the name of the farmer's bank and had the farmer sign it. The checks have been coming back i Chicago banks, but the fanners have not- seen their magazines. Ducks Turkeys u \ Waterloo Man Was I Buried in West Bend. j West Bend, December 15. Special: , The body of Harry Rape, of Waterloo I vras brought t,o West E?nd Strnday and : t^!:en to the Paul fc.orn.-e. 1 He d:ej Friday nicht of leatas-e of the- hc-srt with which he had been ill ; for four -.veeks. He -as a sori-ir.-?a- : o; Mr. and Mrs.' Psul Bon-isletter. his ; wife bring Eir_sa Bonr^Tttyr-r before ; her E.2rr.zi?e. There- are no children. Mr. £.1'^ Mr^. Eor-T^'e'tp-'* 1 ^pyp >> r -~^ Ladies' Entire stock of metallic trimmed felt hats. all good styles, chic and large head sizes. Some matrons' styles. Values up to $5.0(1 and now for a final 1 QO clean up, selling at ______________ i.aO TAMS— TAMS— TAMS— Dozens of new style tarns to choose from, all wool styles, values up to $1.98, «7Q Q2 r • %/*."c?OL now to go at UNION NEWS. Smoke House Selected Haras. All kinds o meats. son k>j \Jf A. a. Phone 346 'j'aci. loV.'ci. A small son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Parsons, employed on the Harry Ward farm, has been quite sick with intestinal flu. Miss Lulu Kohl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Kohl is helping clerk &t the Bloom store in Algona during the Christmas rush. Fred Zentner and his sister, Cloye. of WLnnebago. Minnesota, spent last Thursday and Fridav here visiting vvi'h relatives and friends. Several children from Union took &5vantage of Mr. Rice's treat and enjoyed the free movie at the Call Opera House in Algona Saturday morning. Mr. Rice enjoys a large pstrjn- •C.-K from the rurai districts and dcej i r,ot fail to show his appreciation. j Mr. e-nc !>Irs. Gien 5:rayer ar:l son,! ±yen: the cisy w:ih Mi's. Striyer'i jri-indrnoiher, llr;. ilat-t Eaumg^-'.ner. v.-no is c'jnsiuerobly past eighty, b'.it i The relatives brought j ,r:trr; and i.riped J her birthday. >n to-a'iihip has another family iy t.Gied to her lisr. 7'his is ria Mrs. H. A. Bates, who have i&t-d tiie 11. M- Morrow farm and . to daife liiis attractive place fuiuit h--5nie. We are glad to :ui lEiriiiy ix> our niidst. The>' very busy getting settled the ' past lew xveekt. lir. Bates has rented i his wyxi-worcing butinsss in Algona ; y> i>tr. Tityrjit. Tiie E*'-*B have one i ^t>^. Eari, v/ho it xnarried, and one i Cfcttgi-ier, Bcjth vs-io is taking a iour ;.e&r to^i's^ at O'^tiiir Falls w^ere Btie i ex^wrjj tt> be gro.duat*d next, June. Mr. Bros. Seneca Girls' Team Lost to WMttemore. Seneca, December 15. Special: Last Tuesday night Whittemore girls gave the Seneca girls their first defeat in a scheduled basket ball game in two years by defeating them 19 to 14 on the Seneca floor. Beside the Whittemore team, the Seneca girls looked like pigmies and though their team work was for the most part good, the size of the opponents was too much for them. If Iowa ever produced a team of bigger girls on one team than that of Whittemore we'd like to sea them. Not. onJy were they big, but they played good ball and we congratulate them and will try and beat them next time. The boys' game was fast and furious until the final whistle which found Seneca leading 21 to 19. 8. Knnt- scn was oificial for both games. 'needs * of South America and the Rev. Thomas Donohugh of New York, on the needs of Africa. A large and interested audience listened to these speakers and learned of the conditions in these various countries and contl- r.f>nts. Public Auction Sales, Wednesday, December 17.—John SwaJve, closing out farm sale, one- quarter mile west and one m0e north, one quarter mile west of Titonka, Pringle & Ailts, auctioneers Thursday, December 18.—Kulm Brothers, farm sale, two miles west and two miles north of Burt. Plaig acd Riddle, auctioneers. 1930 Ford tudor 1 929 Ford tudor i 929 Ford coupe 1 926 Ford coupe 1927 Chevrolet coach TERMS. Methodists Met in Emmetsburg. The Orient, Africa and South America came to Emmetsburg Dec. 16, when national Christian leaders from China, India and Africa and experienced missionaries from Africa and Argentina appeared together on the platform of the Emmetsburg Methodist church and presented "World Mission of Christianity," before a large audience representing all the churches in this section of Iowa. The meeting was spon- fccred by the Board of Foreign Missions of" the Methodist Episcopal church and by Bishop Frederick D. Lfcete of the Omaha area. Dr. James L. Ding, a Chinese, president of the Anglo-Chinese College in Foochow, told of the aims of modern China—political independence and the creation of a new type of civilization. He is a graduate of Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa. His wile stated that the women of China were at a turn- Fenton Girl Was Married December 10. Fenton, December 16. Special: The St. John's Lutheran church was the setting for a very petty wedding last week Wednesday afternoon at two- thirty when J.fis, 1 ; Lena Dreyer of Fenton became the bride of Alfred Schmid; of Lone Rock. The double ring ceremony was performed by Rev. R. W. Kabelitz. Edmund Wittus, church organist, playing the wedding march. Miss Linda Dau, of Whit'.emore, a cousin of the bride, acted as bridesmaid and Frank Dreyer, brother of th'i bride, attended the groom. Little Marion Henpel and Elaine Swan were the flower girls. The bride was attired in a gown of white silk lace over white silk crepe and carried a bouquet of pink roses, white baby chrysanthemums and gypsophelia. The brides- maid wore a gown of orchid silk flat crepe and carried a bouquet of pink and white flowers. Immediately following the cermony about fifty relatives and friends were invited to the home of the bride's brother, Everett Dreyer, where they enjoyed a six o'clock wedding dinner. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mrs. Minnie Dreyer of this place. Mr. Schmidt is the son of Mr. and Mrs. August Schmidt who were old j residents of the Lone Rock neighborhood, and who retired to Algona this fall. Both bride and groom were born and reared in this community and have many friends here who wish them a happy future. The wedding was not complete without a charivari and in the evening a large crowd gathered and judging from the noise, which shook some of the houses up town, it was a regular one. The young couple left for various points in South Dakota and southern Iowa for a honeymoon trip. Besides visiting relatives they intend to visit the Gurney broadcasting station in Yankton, South Da- okta, and Earl May and Henry Field stations at Shenandoah. They expect to be gone a week or more after which they will go to housekeeping on the farm of the groom's parents. Q Let Us Help You In Selecting That Gift OUR STOCK IS VERY COMPLETE Hockey clubs 25c to 50c Skiis ____ $ to 'X'UiX it: Ani-hf: jjj V£-j\ wjj] #t yfeiu', a tLoi !•(; offering of this iinn *p ing point and that they were getting *•' out frooi under the old idea that women were subordinate to men. Mrs. Ding is a graduate of Morningside College in Sioux City. Dr. George P. Howard spoke on the 'OUT Weiss & Sorstedt .AJjGO.N.A. JOWA. DAYS OF SUFFERING NOW QUICKLY ENDED Tbc &»! lime tas sim one of thcu iliyi. ut «(w inttant relief you get luitb DMait't Aipefffum. Almoxi bridic you know it the paUi diupitui. r°m euro llitldtalr teUt. wiib Ajptijum JOB view cb< paia awiy. For it a tt* £001 upuia obuiublt put up in tbnriof sum loan.. N»w you tin ul, aijiina »nr lint. »n/ pUct. No Wittc. No bitter i?', 1 ^' «" B .*" okul f «*ution- BCC.UK ro» chnu DUUttf l A«f>« t irn> OK wj.iria miui tboroutklf »ub Ua uun M> etui «U in Kwtblgf aiulmci «< cftnirt gnitUy, cominuoinly. Ji iri w .wick «U«f la» MUait bail, lootb- utA cbc taua of unuoh. tuntalgU. tru ihm- »«««. U IM t dnuiH doa aatlw- Mad far . (r« umylt *- «» Sleds ____ $1.60 to $4.50 R-dsil Knrs ______ $1.96 Ti-icyclos $3.50 to $11,75 Coaster wjigoiis $l,50-$9 Baby walkers or strollers $2.50. Ski scooters $3.00-$3.75 Boys' tool sets ___$2,25 Erector Sets $0,00 Mechanical tractors 90o $5.75 to $12.80 Eloo, TonstorK 3.60-11.86 (Inko Covers _____ $1.00 KhiHh lights 35c to $2.65 Dad's tool Hots __$4.75 I'ookei; knives 10c-$2.50 Safety mssors -25o to $5 OasHorolos $1,60 to $6.26 And Ihuidrods of other Articles. O.W.Erickson HARDWARE L. J. NELSON, Manngov. ^Jgontt, Iowa, »««««««»=«^^ Xniiis <ree lighting out- Ill s, 85o. Pyrox Wnro 75p to $2.50 Kliv. AVnlTlc Irons $4.75 to $9.75 Phoiie 274

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