The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1930 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1930
Page 10
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The Vpper Pea Moines-Itepublican, December 17,1980 SEXTON NEWS. Edith Greenfield -helped clerk in the Cummings variety store In Algona on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hedriek drove to Mason City Monday to do some Christmas shopping. Charles Aman and son, Earl, attended a meeting at Corwith Friday even- Ing of the North Iowa Grata Company. Mrs. Sarah Wise and Nell, Mrs. Drusilla Noble were callers In Corwith Monday afternoon where Nell had a tooth extracted. Mr. and Mrs. Strother Wise and two Children were Sunday afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hammond north of Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Greenfield and daughter, Edith, attended a birthday dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clem Cunningham Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Richards of Algona were Sunday dinner guests nt the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Greenfield. Mrs. Richards and Mrs. Greenfield are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aman and children were shoppers in Algona on Saturday and were also visitors at the home of Mrs. Aman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Steven. M. E. Quinn had the misfortune of running a nail Into his knee last week Tuesday morning while breaking a board. He was compelled to walk on crutches for a few days, but is better now. Irene Cink, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cink, was operated on for mastoid in Algona Tuesday evening of last week. Irene attends high school in Wesley, but will be absent from school for a time. Miss Marie Harris, who teaches the school five miles north on the Titonka gravel road spent the week end at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Harris. She is giving a Christmas program at her school Friday evening of this week. Mr, and Mrs. Monroe Heiter and sons Donald and Lyle, Mr. and Mrs. Mack Wise and sons, Frank and James Lloyd Mrs. Sarah Wise and Nell, Mrs. Dru- sllla Noble, Kathryn and Leo Kirschbaum were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Steven south of town Sunday. Francis McMahon and Cyrus Eisenmann left early Sunday morning, taking Mr. and Mrs. August Klrschbaum to Des Moines where Mr. Klrschbaum will go through the. clinic at the hos- pJtal there, Mr. Kirschbaum has been ill for six weeks and was in bed most of the time. Henry Elscheid shipped out two carloads of corn tea cattle from Sexton Saturday afternoon. He has two more carloads in the pen fattening that he will ship later .on. Alex Eischen shipped one car load to Chicago Satur-. day. Jacob Eischen and Henry Eis- chled went to Chicago with the cattle. Mrs. Harvey Steven entertained the Ladies' Aid at her home Thursday afternoon of last week. A good crowd attended and Bible study was conducted by Mrs. Jergen Skow and after ,he lesson a small program was given and Mrs. Sanders, the president of the Ladies' Aid, presented Mrs. Skow with a beautiful set of salad forks. Mrs. Skow had been conducting the Bible study in the Sexton Ladies' Aid for number of years. Ray Black, a farmer living northeast of town, was taken to the Mercy lospital at Mason City the first, of last week where he underwent an operation for gland trouble. When they operated & quart of poison was drained from the wound. The tube was stil in and was still draining Saturday, BO they do not know when he will be able to come home. Mrs. Black's mother from Wesley has been staying witl her on the farm. Their neighbors al went In and hauled in the fodder for her last week Thursday. OTHER EDITORS BUYING SEATS IV SENATE. Emmetsburg Democrat: A number o administration newspapers have al ready commenced to discredit the mo tives of Senator Nye of North Dakota, who has been on the trail of Mrs Ruth Hanna McCormick, Mr. Davis the newly elected senator from Pennsylvania, a former cabinet officer, am other public officials who have been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to win in primaries and in election campaigns. Even the great Chicago Daily Tribune and the Sioux City Journal are pronounced in their criticisms of Senator Nye's efforts. Accord- ng to reports, Mr. Davis S600.000 into his campaign. put ovei Will any Suspicioiu Change "You can't slight n man 25 years,' says ii philosopher In the Americnn Magazine, "nml then decide to turn over n new lenf nmi greet him like n brother. Von may mean to he friend ly hut the other nuin will suspect yom moth PS." Steer Hide HANDBAGS A Gift She Will Like Strap, underarm., and envelope styles, in steer hide leather. Choose from several attractive patterns. Each hag is beautifully fitted and lined. Wonderful values. "The Old Reliable Harness Man." Wend of good government maintain ,hat such an enormous fund was used 'or legitimate purposes? Gifford Pinchot, the republican nominee for gov- irnor in Pennsylvania, who went hrough a much harder fight than Mr, Davis, did not use half this amount and he put out millions of circulars combating the aggressive efforts of the ight and power trust to defeat him in he primaries and in the general elec- ion. It would seem that the verdict of the voters of Illinois on the check iook methods of Mrs. Hanna McConn- ck should convince the Chicago Tribune that the people will not stand for h expenditures for election purposes. AMUSEMENT CRAZY. Emmetsburg Democrat: A few cities in Iowa are Issuing bonds to provide swimming pools for their young people. This seems like downright extravagance under present industrial and financial conditions. The people of our state should be allowed to use some of their hard earnines to pay their debts, their taxes and other obligations and not be forced to hand them over to county treasurers to meet the interest and principal on bonds for swimming pools and other places of special amusement. Our American young people are not in need of anything extra these times in way of entertainment. Scores of them do not care to work and they are amusement crazy. When, they cannot get; money from their parents to enjoy social, athletic and other affairs, some of them will steal, forge checks, hold ur> private individuals and banks and stoop to other lawless conduct. We need sanity in our homes and we should oppose wild extravagance in the expend! - ture of public money. petty In another town, taking into account the requirements for local government revenue. Opposed to the change is the argument that it is another drift towards centralized government. Virtually, the people of a taxing district will not be taxing themselves but will be directed by a higher and. outside source. The gain In efficiency may be offset by tha loss of local control over local affairs. Fertilizer Men to Meet Here December 22. Elevator managers and others in the county handling commercial fertilizers will hold a meeting at the court house in Algona on Monday, December 22, with J. L. Boatman of the Iowa State College soils extension service. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss questions relative to a rapidly developing branch of their business. New development in fertilizer manufacture, uses and practices are being brought out every year, which along with the. very profitable use of proper fertilizer on abnormal local soils as well as the Increased maturity and improved quality of crops made possible in this locality by use of some fertilizers, makes an understanding analysis and field results of ever increasing Importance to the dealer, who is relied upon by many users to furnish them with the kind best suited to their needs. J. L. Boatman enjoys a wide reputation for his soils work and Is considered one of the leading unbiased authorities on the use of fertilizers in Iowa. Mr. Boatman will be in Kossuth county for a series of soil meetings about trie county on February 25 and26, when men planning their soils program for the summer of 1931 may have the opportunity of discussing their problems with him. \ Christmas for Your Friends Good gifts are always appreciated. They last all through the future and are a reminder of your love and thoughtfulness. Give gifts that las.t LEDYARD NEWS. FOR SERVICE. Cleanin LACK OF CONFIDENCE. Ringsted Dispatch: The republican administration has for several years attempted to make the farmer think ;hat prosperity and good times are just i state of mind. They are spreading propaganda to the effect that times are D. A. Carpenter was a business caller at Elmore Saturday. Mrs. Hazel Osterman of Blue Earth was a caller here Sunday. The Misses Wylam and Jones were shoppers at Fairmont Saturday. Elmer Anderson of Clarksville was calling on frienfls here Saturday. D. A. Carpenter was a business caller t Fairmont Wednesday afternoon. Miss Lois Wylam of Swea City spent Saturday here visiting with her sister. R. J. Campbell and sons of Seneca pent Saturday at the Ed. Campbell home. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Halverson and children were shoppers at Mason City Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Halverson were business callers at Elmore Thursday afternoon. Model No, 687.. Price #37.50 not really hard now, that prosperity is, Mrs j T We if are and Mrs. Charles just around the corner. Our sugTCstion Hllferty were shopp^ at Blue Earth is that they give this taffy to the big' •Wednesday boys back east who control the repub- J. B. Worden of Algona spent Friday afternoon at the Ed. Campbell lican administration. Tell them to open their factories and relieve the unemployment conditions and times actually will be good. Close times like the present are due to a large extent to_Ja5k_oI_fionfldence.Jn_.ttie party in power. That prosperous fooling comes with a closoii'ul of IVeslily cleaned and pressed apparel. A few dollars monthly invested with the Modern Dry (,'leanors keeps your wardrobe in splendid condition. ARGUMENT BY ABUSE. Mason City Gazette: The very intemperance with which democratic and insurgent senators are assailing President Hoover will defeat the purpose which inspires it so far as the public is concerned. Americans would give heed to a reasoned argument that Mr. Hoover's policies are unsound or that he has fallen short of expectations in his term as chief executive. But embittered attacks which hold , the president up as an imbecile or as a ! crook cannot but throw the entire case arminst him into discount. William Randolph Hearst is devoting double column editorials on the first pa;;es of his numerous newspapers to caustic assaults upon the president's espousal of the world court. In them Mr. Hoover is pictured in various roles, ranging from "agent of the house of Morgan" to "ally of the European nations." Here too a handicap is assumed bv Mr. Hearst in his bull-headed stand that world court adherents are either dumb or disloyal. Veterans of the World War, speaking through the American Legion, have repeatedly taken a stand favorable to the world court. Would Mr. Hearst say that the men who fought in the last war haven't a right to take steps such as they believe wise to prevent the recurrence of war? Are they too what Mr. Hearst accused President Hoover of being? The fact is that when in argument the proponent of a cause has to resort to abuse and charges of insincerity or dishonesty, he has made a irretrievable concession of weakness in the minds of those who ultimately judge the merits of a case. Mr. Hearst will learn this. So will Senators Caraway, Robinson, McKellar, et al. home here. Mrs. J. T. Welfare and Mrs. Chas. Hilferty were transacting business at Bricelyn Tuesday. «— • The Swea City basket ball boys played the local team here Friday evening. The local team was defeated. The W. F. M. society met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Ed. Knoner. A very interesting study was held. Mrs. A. J. Galagan and Mrs. Wm. Weinberger returned home Thursday after spending a week visiting with relatives in Minneapolis. BANCEOFT NEWS. Modern Dry Cleaners Phone 5157 to have our truck cull. % '£»M<3O®i3£®®V^<3^^ Merry Christmas I hope that Santa Glaus visits every home where there are children and that every little stocking that is hung up is well filled. One little heart made glad costs less and is worth more than a barrel of gasoline. Let us hope that December 25 will be another Christmas, not merely "another day" for every cliild in this vicinity. Grandpa Neville NO MOKE GAS TAX WANTED. The Sheldon Mail is of the opinion that three cents a gallon for gasoline h plenty. Here is the view of Paul C. WorxlB, its editor: Th»; Iowa I/eague of Municipalities would like to have UK pay another cent tax on our ua«ol!ne, making it four ctfiis i>i.-r gallon. The extra cent would v.ii to th«; citifeK and towns for their ttrttt improvement. The Idea of hav- inij gome money gathered in this way t/i improve city and town streets is alrij/ht, aft the corporations are entitled to some of the tax money—but tuxt-s are high enough now. City people uw; the country roads more than the rural people use the city streets. Good country roads assist country people in getting Into town to spend their money and we have got to have their money or we don't get much from anywhere. So let's keep on building the country roads rather than raise the taxes right now. First let's get some more gravel farm to market roads. TOWNSHIP ASSESSORS. Swea City Herald: 'Observers of the Iowa method of taxation are coming to think more and more that town and township assessors will be eliminated, possibly in the not distant future, and county assessors working the year through will be substituted. The argument in favor of the change is that trained persons can be obtained, resulting In a more satisfactory spread of levies. There always has been complaint about taxes as among properties in a taxing district, as well as inequalities that arise among the taxing districts thmselves. Thus, a residence property in Swea City may pay more or less than identically the same pro- Miss Marion McGuire was an Algona caller Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Alma Johnson is seriously ill at her home north of town. Miss Thecla Ricken of Algona was visiting relatives here Sunday. Lyle Dickey of Ames pent the week end at the John Schneider home. Mrs. Charles Bryden will entertain the Misison Circle Friday afternoon. J. F. Brophy of Chicago was attending to business matters here last week. Henry Lampe, Sr., is in the hospital at Hampton, taking treatments for his eyes. Carlyle Johnson and Wilfred Janvrin were visitors at Fort Dodge on Sunday. Coach Harold Pohlman refereed the basket ball game at Wesley on Friday evening. Irma Gilbertson, Mabel Howe and Margaret Miller were visitors at Lu- Verne Thursday evening. Mrs. Arthur Muth returned to Swea City Saturday after a week's visit with her sister, Mrs. Hilma Erickson. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Konke attended the funeral of the latter's father at Wahpeton, North Dakota, last week. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Tuthill of Cedar Falls were visiting at the honw of Mrs. William Carlon here last week. Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCowan are the proud parents of a baby boy born Wednesday. He has been named Robert Frank. Mrs. joe J. Jenks returned home from Fort Dodge Monday, where she spent the week end with her sister, Mrs. R. R. Holley. The Bancroft girls' basket ball team was defeated by the LuVerne girls' team at LuVerne Thursday evening by a score of 26 to 17. John Foth and A. H. 'Delterlng were at Fort Dodge Sunday where they got the latter's car which was wrecked north of Algona Wednesday night. Rev. Charles Bryden gave an address al the parent-teachers' meeting at Titonka Friday evening. He spoke on "Helping Boys and Girls to Live." Mr. and Mrs. George Hes and their children of Carroll spent Sunday at the home of the lady's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Bernhard and with other relatives and friends. & Mrs. William Cook left for her home in Burlington Saturday after a several weeks' visit at the home of her mother, Mrs. Mary Lattlmer and with other relatives and friends. Marvin and Alvln Burgess left for Webster City Wednesday for a few days' visit with relatives. From there they will go to Benson, Minnesota, to spend the holidays with their parents. The sophomores of the public school entertained the pupils of the high school and the faculty at a party on ^,,19.75-40.40 Sandwich trays Salt and Pepper set, silver $2 UP Silver Pitchers VJ [JQ I )1. J.(jVj — — w — «.«••—••••— . 7.50-$10 Christmas Cards 5c and lOc Christmas Cards in Boxes 12 for 25c, well assorted. 16 for 50c, finer and larger. 12 for $1.00, all Edgar Guest sentiments. Box Stationery—Latest ideas and de signs. Prices reasonable. Room and tree decorations. THE GIFT STORE Tuesday evening. Games were played after which refreshments were served. The gasoline war which has been •aging since last Wednesday when H. J. Guide of Mayer Si Guide started selling gas at fourteen cents per gal- on, ended Monday morning when the Standard Oil and Phillips Petroleum tations met with the same low price. WEST BEND NEWS. Mrs. Lydia Kropf is very ill from ;ancer at this writing. Lester Doyle of Pocahontas spent he week end at the Fred Comer home. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Bargman of Rodman were shoppers in town Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jolliffe of Mallard ;pent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Alice Pease. Mr. and Mrs. Deviney of Rodman spent Sunday at the John Williams home. Mrs. Jos. Schneider who had a stroke Tuesday evening is still in a serious condition. Mr. and Mrs. Giles Geist spent Sunday at the home of Giles' parents at Havelock. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. William Zaugg Thursday morning, December 11. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Miller and their daughter, Dorothy, were Fort Dodge visitors Thursday. Mrs. Breedlove of Omaha is visiting at the home of- her daughter, Mrs I. J. Weber and family. B. F. McFarland returned Wednesday from Minneapolis where he visited his daughter, Mrs. McGee. Miss Ida and Oscar Riley drove to Livejmore Tuesday evening and attended the junior class play. Mr. and Mrs. /V. D. Cleal of Wolfe spent Thursday afternoon at the home of thfir daughter, Mvs. Myron Boos. Alvin Maberry returned home the last of the week from Chicago, where he has been working the past month. Ray Miller, who teaches In Fort Dodge, spent the week end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Miller. Warren McColloch of Eagle Grove spent Wednesday night 'at the home of his daughter, Mrs, William Hundertmark. He :>spital Tested Recommended by doctors and nurses. Gleaming, refreshing antiseptic for women. As a deodorant, It prevents embarrassment. Sold by (LrugfUtf Lydia E, Pinkham's Sanative Wash LydU E. PJnkhwn Medicine Co, Lynn. M«M. Mrs. H. A. Sloan went to Rodman Monday afternoon to see her little granddaughter, Jean Wirtz, who is ill with pneumonia. Mra. Justlna Hoskin and children, Blame and Geraldine, spent Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bonnstetter at Rodman. The Palo Alto county teachers' institute was held in Emmetsburg Thursday and Friday. All the teachers in the public school attended both days. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Harr and their daughter, Jean, of Rolfe, spent Sunday at the William Riley home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Besch and family also spent the day there. The twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Withrlch is very ill with the pneumonia. The other baby died last Monday of the same disease. The little one is very weak. Rev. and Mrs. Zl'.mnerman returned Friday from Manning, Iowa, where they spent a couple of days among old Mends. Rev. Zimmerman was pastor there before coming to West Bend. The Delta Alpha Sunday School class were entertained at the home of their teacher, Mrs. B. F. McFarland at a six o'clock dinner Thursday evening. The evening was spent playing games, Mrs. J. B. Spencer of Clarksville, Iowa, spent the past week here visiting old friends. Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Fields and the rest of the Spencer family, drove up from Clarksville after her. J. A. Burns brought his son, Tommy, home from the hospital at Fort Dodge Saturday. He is getting along nicely for one afflicted as he is. His | broken limb Is healing and they expect him to be all right soon. Thorstein Satern took his little daughter, Virginia, to Iowa City Sunday. The doctors want to x-ray her hip and take moving pictures of the joint. She can walk again after having been in the cast so long from a dislocated hip. Mr. and Mrs. Frank McColloch and family spent a few days at the home of their niece, Mrs. William Hundertmark. They left Thursday morning with Texas as their destination. They had been working in a graveling gang in South Dakota, during the past year. The boys' and girls' basket ball teams played Des Moines township school teams Saturday evening on the local floor. Our boys won by a score of 31 to 29 and the girls by a score of 32 to 9. Last year our teams lost to the Des Moines township school. The West Bend teams will play LuVerne Wednesday evening. CETRID OF DISEASE GERMS in nose mouth and throat Lot Zonito cleanse away tho accumulated sacretiona, kiil the germs, prevent disease. Highly germlddal. Soothing to membranes. WVW; Our Christinas wish for you and yours is that the Yuletide season will bring your friends to youv fireside, happiness to your home, and health, wealth and prosperity to all, Algona Motor Sales South of Algona Hotel Algona, Iowa. i i i i

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