The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1930 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1930
Page 9
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Section Two. TftE UPPER DES MOINES. 4tttl TEATt THE REPUnt,ICAN, 38th YEAR ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1980 VOL. 28—No. 27 FARM BUREAU MEETING WAS Eyerson Re-elected Presi dent at Annual Meeting in Algona Yesterday. ADDISON PARKER THE MAIN SPEAKER Nearly 300 Members Attended the Meetings at K. of C. Hall. Everyone was Enthuslatlc. One of the biggest and best Kossuth county farm bureau meetings was held yesterday at the K. of C. hall in Algona. Approximately 300 interested men and women attended and were rewarded by hearing a number of good speakers wno gave out very valuable Ideas and instructions for farmers. The hall was packed and at noon the Baptist ladles served a delicous lunch to nearly 220 members of the bureau. The members present should receive credit for their interest In bigger, better and more prosperous farms in . Kossuth county. The farm bureau is an organization which stands for community, farm and home development. Nearly every township was represented at the meeting. Mrs. Richardson Spoke. Mrs. Ellsworth Richardson of Des Moines was on the program. She is the state farm bureau woman's chairman and has just reutrned from Boston, where she attended the national meeting. Mrs. Richardson was a forceful speaker and the audience was much interested in her talk. She told of the national meeting and of work of the Country Life Association which was founded by the late Theodore Roosevelt and of which Ex-Governor Lowden of Illinois is now president. This organization consists of many of the big- men of the country who are interested in agriculture. She also spoke of the farm, bureau organization. Her grasp of the farm problems of today is very good. In the morning, G. L. Tinley of Council Bluffs, field man for the Iowa '.State Board of Assessment and Re/view 1 , explained to the members of ijthe farm bureau, the methods used in tasation~and..the new,meth- Won Soil Contest. E. R. Morrison, county agent, who won trip to Washington, D. C., through his plan of soil improvement. ,f .assessment. Main Address. • The main address of the day was given by Attorney Addison Parker of Des Moines. He talked on Iowa and her farm problems and also compared the economic conditions in Iowa with those of other states. Government reports which have been issued show that Iowa is not as bady off as most of the other states. He told of the rapid development of agriculture from the stone age down to the machine age. Quoting Mark Sullivan, he said that the strongest influence in Washington today is the American farm bureau federation. Mr. Parker played up the possibilities of the farmer through organization and stated that the farmer must support his own organization. The listeners were enthused over Mr. Parker's address. Registration Program. Edward Droessler, prominent Bancroft farmer, was in charge of the registration! The members gave then- names, what township they were from, and the number of miles they drove to attend the meeting. The township with members driving the most miles won a prize of five dollars. This was won by Ledyard with 545 miles driven, Lincoln, Grant and Union were next in^ordeiv._, Ray McWhorter of Burt announced the essay prize winner on the subject, "Why Parents Should Belong to the Farm Bureau." Members of the Four- The gift of HAPPIER WASHDAYS^ rft o Picture the Joy when this Quiet Labor Saver is delivered on Christmas Morning! Perhaps Mother's old washer has been a faithful servant for many years. But it has become a source of annoyance, worry and expense. Let her discard it and enjoy the gift of happiei washdays. Surely that would be a gift of gifts! The new Automatic is the only washer with a permanently quiet cable drive. Not one sound of meshing gears. Not one sound of reversing action. The quietest washday American women have ever known. Besides, only Automatic offers Duo-Disc, 2-Way Washing. Permits washing with agitator down for usual loads— tip for beavy pieces. A demonstration will surprise you! A gleaming and colorful porcelain tub; balloon rolls; trough-type drain; a 10-yeiu service guarantee bond; and a low $99.50 price — are added features that will interest you, Place your order now for Christmas delivery! $89,00 copper tub $99,50 enamel tub. Slightly more on easy terms. Tile Quivt KOHLHAAS HARDWARE H. club were the Contestants and Bruce Clifton of Hurt was the winner with Mary Ford of Bancroft, second and Mabel Oustafson of Burt, third. Membership Growing. A. E. Clayton of Algona In the membership report, said that 845 members were paid up In the county and that recent work had netted 150 new members for the past year and that 159 new members had signed up for 1931. The latter are not included in the 845 reported. Mrs. Lottie Wessel, home demonstration agent, told of the women's work In home furnishings for the past year and also o fthe girls' club work in clothing. County Agent E. R. Morrison spoke on the work of the farm bureau in the county during the past year and of soil work and of the building up of general community activities. Mrs. Paul Kriethe of Burt urged the parents to get interested in the children's work in the Pour-H club which gives the young people so many advantages which they have never before enjoyed. The Four-H club is one of the big things in farm bureau activities of today. W. C. Dewel, editor of the Kossuth County Advance, spoke on the trouble in getting farmers to send in information to the newspapers and he also told them how and* what to write. H. J. Bode of Plum Creek, a member of the committee which put on the winning soils project at the state fair last year, gave a talk on the sbils work in the county and how Kossuth county is a leader in this work in the state. i Best Record Book. ! The best record book of the town; ships was won by Plum Creek of which 1 H. J. Bode Is- secretary. The Grant township quartet which is composed of the Isenberg brothers and Mr. Link sang five songs and was wonderfully well received. This quartet is gaining notice all over this part of the country as singers of note and their efforts were fully appreciated. Fitfeen young people of Lakota composed an orchestra under the leadership of Rev. O. H. Frerklng and played several selections for the audience after lunch. Election of Officers. In the election of officers for the coming year, F. L. Ryerson, of Burt, was chosen presdient; George Godfrey, Algona, vice president; A. E. Clayton, Algona, secretary; C. C. Scharlach, Algona. treasurer; Mrs. J. H., Warburton,, Lakota, chairman of women's work; Mrs. P. F. Kriethe of Burt, girls' club chairman, and J. H. Warner of Swea City, boys' club chairman. Resolutions. The following resolutions were adopted: We again call your attention to the fact that up to" the present time no farmers' organization has appeared, nor is any likely to appear offering greater possibilities than the farm bureau federation. This organization affords the fullest possible means of community development, of social and business interchanges, of education, and of cooperative enterprises. It is conducted along lines that are safe, sane and practical. We urge all fann- ers and loyal friends to support the farm bureau by your membership; attendance at meetings; and your personal Influence in every possible way to make it succeed. Believing that one of the most practical methods whereby the government could afford aid to farmers at this time, would be by making it possible for them to obtain farm loans at low rates of interest, we favor the guaranteeing of the ultimate value of Federal Land Bank bonds by the government. That is to say that investors in such bonds shall never have to sell same for less than par at maturity. Such assurance by the government will almost certainly increase the confidence of .the general investing public in Federal Land Bank bonds, and cause their funds to become more readily available to supply the needs of farm owners through the Federal Land Banks. We call the attention of our members and farmers generally to tha practice which still continues of quack stock and poultry remedy salesmen making forays upon unsuspecting farmers and persuading them to buy "cure-alls" largely consistting of water, witti a slight tincture of some antiseptic, colored with soft soap; charging them exhorbitant prices for the same. Farmers will be wise if they patronized the established, reputable practitioners of veterinary medicine or permanently located drug stores, or confer with their county agent, when in need of remedies for the ailments of livestock or poultry. We favor the study by some duly I authorized and empowered committee lor commission of the state or nation of the causes of increasing impoverishment of those states of the nation which are most highly endowed with natural wealth. The results of such investigations should be published, and made available to all the people together with recommendation as to remedies for the present unwarranted situation. We commend the report of the joint legislative committee and the state tax board, which has just been published; and urge the enactment into law of the measure proposed, so far as may prove to "be practicable; particularly the proposed income tax law. We believe that all plans for marketing of farm products should be based upon the foundation of service, both to the farmer producer and to the consuming public.. In the development of marketing methods special attention should be given to standardization and raising the grade of farm products. We maintain that the people or Iowa and of the middle west should pay special attention to giving their support to the financial Institutions of their own part of the country; notably those which have the faculty of assembling vast funds of capital resources for Investment purposes; the life Insurance &X3ttSXWXIX8^^ The home—the kingdom of every family—w^ere mother, dad, sister and brother seek relaxation and repose—is it any wonder that furniture plays such an impos'tant part in one's home life. It is logical to conclude that throughout the year and at Christmas more than any other time, the furnishings are of utmost importance. So what would make a more timely asnd appropriate gift than a lamp, table, or even a bedroom suite for mother or a comfort chair for dad. Note this page of gift specials—make out your gift list from it and by all means., don't wait—see us tomorrow! Lamps _ __$1.50 to $25.00 Smoking stands $4 to $15 End Tables _$2.25-$13.50 Card tables $1.75 to $4.50 Pudge set $23.50 Doll cabs _$2.00 to $11.50 Children's chairs _$2 to $4 High chairs $3.50 to $7.50 We Deliver Oc'sional chairs 9.75-37.50 Desks __$13.50 to $58.00 Cedar chests _$12.50-$45 Bedroom rug $5.75~$8.75 Console mirrors $2 to $15 Radios $89.00 to $167.00 Ksmxssixx^^ companies, trust companies and savings banks. We also favor in our purchases wherever possible, goods made in the middle west nnd home town merchants; thus further doing ! our bit to keep our money in our own communities. We wish to express hearty apprecla- ! tion of the interest taken in farm bu- Ireau work by the business men of our ; towns and to express thanks for the I time and material aid they have giv- !en us. We hearlily commend the work of 'County Agent Morrison and express our sincere appreciation for his achievement during the past year. We also congratulate him on the recognition and award he recently received with his work on soil improvement. We wish to express our hearty appreciation for the work and accomplishments of our home demonstration agent, Mrs. Lottie Wessel, during the past year. It is with regret we see her leave Kossuth county and with her go the best wishes for health, happiness and success in her new abode. We extend our thanks to the public press of Kossuth county for their generous and effective support of the farm bureau and its work. We wish to express our deepest appreciation to our president, F. L. Ryerson; our home project chairman, Mrs. Harriet Warburton and the entire staff who so ably administered the affairs of our county organization during the past year. Resolutions committee, H. D. Hutchins. i Mrs. Lem Stockwell Goes to California. Mrs. Anna Stockwell left last night for Long Beach, California, where she expects to locate permanently. She has rented her Algona residence to Andy Holtebauer. Mrs. Stockwell be missed in Algona where she has always been active in Relief Corps and other good works. Her many old friends here will be sorry to have her locate elsewhere but she carries their good wishes of health and happiness. Mrs. Stockwell expects to visit in Algona next summer at the time of the national G. A. R. encampment which will be held next year in Des Moines. Local Firm Will Give Suits to Needy. Madson & Hanson are going to do what they can this Christmas time to bring cheer to those who are needy in Algona and vicinity. They are offering to allow $5.00 for your old suit of clothes on the purchase of a new suit, and will then turn the old suit over to Mrs. Elinor T. Sutton, county welfare worker, who will see that it reaches the man who needs it most. The plan is a very worth while one, and Madson & Hanson are hoping that they will have a number of suits to give to those who have not been as fortunate as they might have been this winter. Here Is an opportunity for you to help yourself and also do a good turn for somebody else. You may be sure that there is a lot of service in your old suit for some one, and that some one should get the benefit from it. The offer is good now and will be until January 6. M. E. Sunday School Christmas Parties, The 1 primary department of the Methodist Sunday School will hold a Christmas party Tuesday afternoon at two-thirty In the basement of the church. The mothers of the children are invited. The junior department of the Sunday School will have Its Christmas party Tuesday evening In the Sunday School rooms beginning at seven o'clock. The Christmas treats will be given out at this Ume. Moulds Complimented For His Good Work. State Auto Inspector, R. E. Moulds has received many compliments from motorists outside his district for the way in which the motorists In this district respect the other driver and the courtesies shown. Outsiders say that they can tell when they arrive in this district because the approaching car will invariably dim its lights. This is not done elsewhere to any great extent. The district extends from Chickasaw county on tho east and Palo Alto county on the west to Bremer county on the south. It covers eleven counties. Safety lanes and councils have done fine work In getting car accidents diminished nearly fifty per cent in the last year. There are safety councils in all but three counties of Mr. Moulds' district. Mr. Moulds has also conducted the safety lane tests In nearly all of the counties and while these lanes have been going on he has given instructions to innumerable drivers in regard to driving safely and showing courtesy to other motorists. Police, sheriffs, mayors, justices of the peace, city councils and vigilantes compose the safety councils. Mr. Moulds is to be congratulated on his good work toward the protection of car drivers and in keeping accidents down to the minimum. He is a tireless worker and is always on the lookout for the bettering of driving conditions. Dr. Adams Held a Free Dental Clinic, Dr. A. D. Adams held a free dental clinic Tuesday in conjuction with Mrs. Elinor Sutton, county welfare worker. Patients from all over the county were there taking advantage ot this clinic. It turned into a ttoth pulling conti'st mostly with one man having twenty- four pulled at once. This was made possible by the use of a Hinkle Alco- form machine which is one of the new wrinkles In modern dentistry. The company sent the machine here on approval and sent a trained nurse, Miss Beulah Bohnenkamp, to supervise the use of it. The machine works on the same principle as gas only that the patient is not put clear to sleep. They are conscious of what Is going on but are im- mune to pain. It makes the work much easier for the dentist and the patient suffers no ill effects afterwards as is the case with novocalne or ether. A mask is put over the patient's nose and the patient breathes the air and mixture which comes from the machine until they are under its influence. Dr. Adams Is always on the lookout for the best dental equipment that can be had and Is always willing to give his services to a worthy cause. Santa Claus Will Give Candy to Kids. The Algona Community Club has made arrangements with Santa Claus to come down from the North Polo and be on the street of Algona Saturday afternoon and the first three days of next weeks. Each afternoon, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from two until four o'clock Santa Claus will have bags of candy to give to the children. Skelly Would Put Gas in Algona. M. A. Halsey, a representative of the natural gas department of the Skelly Oil Company is in Algona in an effort to interest the public in a gas plant in the city. He says that the plant will not enter in competition with the city light and power plant and will furnish only heat. Mr. Halsey also states that the company recently installed a plant at Spencer with an investment of over $100,000 nnd that the people are delighted with gas. The natural gas is shipped in in a liquid form, then processed and piped from the plant to the consumer at an economical price. d a a H B K a B a a a a m m a alt mom. We Will Allow .You for Your Old Suit j on the purchase price of any suit in our stock. Tho old suit will be turned over to Mrs. Elinor T. Sutton, county welfare worker, who will see that it gets into the hands of the man who needs it most. Your old suit will bring Christmas cheer to some one. This oiler is good from now until January Madson & Hanson "The Home of Better Values." IHBBBBHBBBHBaBHBBBHB WJWJVWJWfJWJWJWJV^^ ITE'S GROCERY Prices Good Until Christmas Eve SWEET PICKLES, quart jar MINCE MEAT, two packages CURRENTS, 14 oz. package for ,__, PUMPKIN, largo cans, two for APRICOTS, Rosedale, two largo cans CHERRIES, White, two large cans PINEAPPLE, two large cans for 39c 25c 19c 25c 48c 48c 45c

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