The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1930 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1930
Page 8
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1*he tfppef Des MoifteS^fiublican, December 17,1930 VIG1LANTESHRD PRACTICE SHOOT Representatives of Worth, Winnebago and Kossuth Co.'s at Forest City, OVER ONE HUNDRED MEN WERE PRESENT. Bankers and Sheriffs Accompanied the Vigilantes and Expressed Commendation on the Success. Vigilantes of three counties held a practice shoot at Forest City, Iowa, indoor range in the basement of the post office, which was a very busy place for five nights of lost week. Worth, Winnebago and Kossuth counties were well represented in this five evening shoot. Some very good scores were turned in. The shoot was conducted under the rules of the National Rifle Association and the shoot was run off the same as the indoor shoots are conducted in all parts of the United States. Out of 132 men belonging to the vigilantes of the three counties and under the direct supervision of County Chief Arnold, 104 men took part in the shoot, some of them driving sixty miles. Much Interest Shown. Sheriffs of the three counties are very much interested in tills way of getting the members of the vigilante committees together and as a result, every one of them were ttiere lending their moral support to the occasion. With weather and roads not of the best it was remarkable the number of vigilantes in attendance to take part in the shoot and Chief Arnold expressed himself as being very well satisfied. Bankers from the different towns accompanied the squads of vigilantes to Forest City and some of them turned in some pretty fair scores with rifle and pistol which convinced the boys that they could make it plenty tough for the bank robbers if occasion demanded it. With this cooperation and Interest in the counties of Worth, Winnebago and Kossuth, with alarm systems, sawed off shot guns, 30-30 rifles, machine guns and seventy-five per cent of the vlgilants expert with the pistol, we are in fair shape to take care of any trouble started. Corn Oats Hogs Algona Markets. Springs in i, is Hens •_•_•_• • -10-.13-.15 Masonic Honors to R. A. Palmer. The Algona Masonic lodge in meeting Monday evening presented to R. A Palmer a certificate,-certifying thai he had been a Mason for fifty years and the local lodge presented him with a gold watch charm. Mr. Palmer has always been a worker in Masonic circles and his friends are congratulating him upon his fiftieth anniversary as Mason. SANTA CLAUS SPECIFIES OUR Candies He knows what's good, and he knows what's good for the children. Tie always buys his supply where the candy is fresh and pure and where it is inexpensive. ALL YOUR CANDY NEEDS CAN BE PILLED HEBE Box candies for gifts, stocking candies, and candies for the many social needs of the week are our specialty. OUR YULETIDE SPECIAL Chocolate covered Cherries in liquid cream, per pound box CUMMINGS 5c to $1 Store WJJUWVfJW Algona Hot Air and Hot Water Heaters for All Cars Seat Covers for 1929 and 1930 Chevrolet cars, were $1 3.00, while they last $7.00 put on. Alcohol and Prestone Freezing Solution 1929 6 cyl. Chcv. coupe 1926 Chevrolet sedan 2 Ford one ton trucks '29 Model A Ford coupe '2(5 B nick coach 1928 Dodge sedan '29 Model A Ford tudor KOHLHAAS BROS. Phone 200 Algona, Iowa. ASSESSORS MEETING HELD WEDNESDAY G. L. Tinley Instructed the Assessors on Data Sheets and Other Work. ALL BUT FOUR ASSESSORS PRESENT. Go on Record as Opposing a County Assessor. Will Receive an In- creaste In Fay. County Auditor Bertha E. Johnson called a meeting of the town and township assessors Tuesday. G. L. Tinley, of Council Bluffs, a member of the board of assessment and review, was present and gave the assessors instructions in their work for this year, which will be different from that of past years. Under the new system buildings will be assessed separately from lands. Pass Resolutions. The Kossuth county assessors went on record as opposing a proposed law to provide for a county assessor instead of township and precinct assessors They suggested a change in the poll tax law that will provide a penalty of one dollar on unpaid poll taxes after April 1. As it now is, delinquent poll tax is collected by the treasurer the same as property and other taxes and the penalty attached is the same as on other delinquent taxes. They favor the present dog tax law and are opposed to a change. Receive Increase in Pay. The pay of assessors was increased over the 1930- schedule as follows: over the old schedule ten per cent and an increase of forty percent, after the ten per cent is added for the extra work resulting from the data sheets. For instance, where the pay was $100, the assessor will receive $110. Then an additional forty per cent is added to the $110 for the extra work. In addition they will receive 25 cents for isting each road poll tax. The assessors were given their supplies for the 1931 assessments. Assessors Present. Towns—E. H. Beardsley, Algona; R. . Goddard, Bancroft; J. P. Cunningham, Burt; John Dempsey, Fenton; H. F. Gutknecht, Lakota; Glen Sharp, Lone Rock; D. C. Ellis, LuVerne; Mrs, Clare Erickson, Swea City; Frank W. Elbert, Whittemore; absent, I. A. Gerdes, Wesley; John E. Keil, Titonka; Leon Worden, Ledyard. Township assessors—Buffalo, Ray E. Hanson; Burt, R. F. Hawcott; Crcsco, Eleanor Potter; Eagle, O. W. Berggren; Fenton, Fred Wegener; Garfield, Henry Klepper; Grant, Paul Selberg; Greenwood, W. P. Vaske;; Harrison, L. A. Barslou; Hebron, Peter Selvig; Irvington, A. J. Seller; Ledyard, John E. Smith; Lincoln, W. H. Patterson: lOtts Creek, Andrew Elbert; LuVerne, A. L. Bosworth; Plum Creek, H. M. McEnroe; Portland, p. F. Schwietert; Prairie, J. W. Ludwig;" Ramsey, Henry Fox, Rlverdale, Wm. Runchey; Seneca, Chris Dahl; Sherman, L. A. Johnson; Springfield, Chas. Hass; Swea, S. A. Butcher; Union W. J. Bourne; Wesley, Henry C. Nelson; Whittemore, Wash Hairls; absent, Herman Ubben, German. ONCE TO tveftv IN kVG, WITH Voo ftN n I WflNTA MARRY You. \ Oft. 00 Medical Discoveriei Children who lived before 1.788 didn't have to tnke cnstor oil. It wna In that year that the.medicinal value of the oil wns lirst olllclnlly recognized by medical men. Other Important factors In medicine cnme even later. Morphine was discovered In 1804, quinine In 1819, bromine In 1824 and hydrogen peroxide in 1818.—American Druggist The Monkey Trail Jnd Tunklns suys mnybe It's evolution that makes him feel like climbing a ^tree and looking on when a flght starts.—Washington Star. CLASSIFIED ADS. The rate per word for advertisements in this column is 2c paid tn advance, 3c if charged. Cash miurt accompany all mail orders. Initials count as one word. Minimum charge. 2fic. Science and Love I am always seeing things introduced la the papers with the statement: "Science says—" Science baa Just declared that people fall in love because of their eyes, ignorant man though I am, I frequently find myseli In disagreement with what Is said to be science . . . People do not fall In love because of their eyes.—E. W Howe's Monthly. FOR SALE;—Good mahogany library table. Call 818-W. 27* NOTICE—I will not be responsible for any checks written by anyone except myself.—B. P. Burtis, LuVerne, Iowa. 27 FOR RENT—Modern six room house. -J. T. Bohannon. J7 FOR SALE—1928 Chevrolet truck. Four speed. Four wheel brakes.—M. J.Eischeld,'" wSiftemore. " *' 27* FOR RENT—Modern furnished three room apartment for light housekeeping. Phone 488-W. 2.7* FOR SALE—Pure bred Spotted Poland China boars.—L. T. Johnson ; Thor, Iowa. 27-29* WANTED—A man to call on farm folks. $5.00 a day and bonus. Call G. L. Vohs & Son, drug and jewelry store, West Bend. 27* HOUSEWORK WANTED—I want a position to do general housework in Algona. Inquire of Upper Des Moines- Republican. 27* FOR SALE—Three Poland China boars, weigh about 225 pounds each. $20 each if taken before Monday.— John Loss, Algona. 27* MONEY TO LOAN ON GOOD GRADED MILCH COWS If you are planning on buying more milch cows or want a loan on the cows you already own, it will pay you to see us. Loans made the same day received. Reasonable rates, long time to pay off.—C. R. LaBarre, Algona, Iowa,' Phone 55, First Door North of Iowa State Bank. 27 WANTED — Woodchoppers. layout.—John P. Byson, Good 27-tf Heaters Buy Yourself a Philco Radio at Hobarton WANTED—Girls for student nurses January 1. Apply superintendent Kossuth Hospital. 27 FOR SALE—Hubbard squash and Japanese hulless popcorn. Both fine. Phone 618.—E. J. Hodges. 27 Old mattresses rebuilt like new. Box springs repaired. Feather mattresses made. Upholstering.—J. H. Hartin, 300 East State St. Phone 125. 27 Got a wiring job to be done? Call C82 or Vern Pratt at new school.— Beamer Tire & Electric Co. 26-27 FOR RENT—My four modern housekeeping room, after December 20, 1930. Algona's Real Shoe Shop.—Lewis Eike. Phone 44. 26* FOR SALE—A few standard make band instruments, Fifty per cent from catalog prices.—J. F. Granzow. 26-tf Rnmoui Old Italian City The city of Pisa, Italy, was probnbij of Etruscan origin. It became suujeci to Koine In ISO B. 0. At the height ol Its greatness, in the Twelfth century. It Is thought to have had a population of 150,000. In the Sixteenth century Its population had dwindled to about 8,500. It Is now In a thriving condl tlon, with n population In'the commune of about 70.000. Architectural In England architecture that corresponds to that known In America as "Colonial" Is known as "Georgian," designating the style of architecture of the reigns of the four Georges, from 1714 to 1830. AUXILIARY MET AT TTTONKADEC.9 Eight o! the Nine tlnlts in County Responded to Roll Call, REHABILITATION WORK PROGRESSING, / , Titonka Unit with Legion Help Sponsored Red Cross Drive and Raised $202.65. Good Talks at Metet. The Titonka unit of the Kossuth County American Legion Auxiliary was hostess to the county organization at the quarterly meeting held Tuesday^ December 9 at the Methodist church in Titonka. • Mrs. Frank Webster of Algona, who is the county chairman, presided. Eight of the nine units responded to.roll call, With nearly a hundred registering. A short program as follows was given by the Titonka unit: Reading, "Pink Ice Cream," Evelyn Schultz. Solo, "In the Garden of Tomorrow," Florence Reynolds. Saxophone solos, Clarence Cooper accompanied by Gladys Boggess. Each unit president gave a report of the work done since the October meeting. These reports show a tremendous amount of work being accomplished in rehabilitation, making clothing, quilting and all other forms of welfare work for the families of disabled veterans. One bit of outstanding work was of the Titonka unit, who with the help of the Legion boys sponsored the Red Cross drive and succeeded in raising $202.65. Please bear in mind the carnival to be held early In January at the Veterans' Hospital, Knoxville. Send in your donations early. Mrs. Madaline See, tenth district committeewoman gave an interesting address and a splendid report of the Boston convention. Mrs. Ida Larson of Swea City, state publicity chairman, explained the work of her department ami appointed Mrs. Sadie Denton, of Titonka, the tenth district publicity chairman. Wesley extended the invitation for the next meeting which»iWll be he.ld ftt February. After ftdjbufhinent lunffl* was served In the chuttsh basemetot which was gaily'decorated for the holi«- day season. Horn* Glrei Pint ImpreM The home 18 an educational Institution. It IB the place where chlldfeft receive their first find most lasting Impressions. The home gets thett before the church or the school M the nelghbnrhodd life has DO opportunity lo influence them. Let Christmas bting the world #» your fireside with a new Coronado radlo-a gift for the whole family. What could they enjoy more? $69.50 complete. Play Boy $49.60 complete.— Gamble stores. *« ose 1. TO pay doctor bills. 8. To refinance your car and reduce payments. 8. To buy livestock or chick* ens. 4. TO GET OUT OP DEBT — by grouping scattered bills where • one uniform small payment can be made each month. PAYMENT SCHEDULE $ 50—Repay | 3.55 a Month $100—Repay 8 7.05 a Month $200—Repay (14.10 a Month •-> $300—Repay $21.10 a Month ' Your furniture, auto and Ilve- itock may bo used us necurlty. We Trill be Rind to talk with you (confidentially, of course) about arranging a loan to nwet your necda. See CUNNINGHAM & LACY Algona "Phone 59ft Representing Federal Finance Co. Des Moines. WHY NOT TRY POPHAM'S! JASTHMA REMEDYj J Gives Prompt and Poiltlro Belief Ini Every ; i Case. Sold by Drussrl'tB. Price. $).00. 5 Trial Package by Mall lOc. \ WILLIAMS MFB. CO., Props. Cletelind, f For Sale by LTJSBY'S DRUG STORE A Printing Service Second to None Let us wire that Job for you.—Beamer Tire & Electric Co., Algona. Call Vern Pratt at new school or house phone 682. 26-27 FOR SALE OR RENT—House, partly modern.—Mrs. 0. M. Ward, Humboldt, Iowa. 26-27* "Algona'a Wife Saving Station."- - Klreh's Laundry. Phone 267. 50-M Electrical wiring and contracting. Call Vern Pratt at new school. House phone 682. _ 26-27 FOR SALE— Duroc boars, easy feed- Ing, big bone type, immune and heal- % y 'mlle east of e whitteniore. 25-27* The most important part about a printing job is the speed, the accuracy and the quality of work a printer can offer. A printing job delayed is always a loss to a business establishment. Place your printing with us and you will be assured of prompt delivery and of quality of workmanship that will bring results. Our plant includes every modern printing device. We print everything from calling cards to newspapers. Let us help you with your printing problems. We will assist you in planning your advertising and will help in the preparation of your copy. Complete printing service for every need—and at prices unequaled for the quality of our work. We will be glad to furnish estimates. J Upper Des Moines Republican UVWWVVWWWWV VVVWWVWWVWVWWWWVWW Raising the liy told. Sophia his Opinion he'd get "In Dutch."' AMD you SW>o foo. SUCH 4HMODESTV- U)HM-O'Vft WMMK THfeT VOUN6 MM-J COOVA* •t ' *

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