The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1930 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1930
Page 5
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The Upper Des Moines-Bepublican, December 17,1930 Brieft Frank kohlhaas Is at Mason City on business today. Alex Elchen of Whlttemore was over on business Monday. Homer Lawson of Wesley was a visitor in Algona Monday. J. E. Vaughan of Swea City was in Algona on business Monday. Willis Cotton of Lone Rock was visitor in Algona Thursday. fir. Ball of Titonka was a business Visitor in'Algona Wednesday. Tom Tammen of Lakota was an Algona business visitor Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Mann Of Burt were shoppers in Algona Saturday. Father Loeffelholtz of St. Benedict was In Algona on business Tuesday. Banker 1. E. Wortman of Lakota was transacting business in Algbna^today. Wash Harris of the Ssrese Bend neighborhood, was in th4ficity£yester- day. • - _,.rf c ',, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sullivan were Ch : erokee visitors on Thursday of last week. Senator George W. Patterson of Burt was a business visitor in Algona on Monday. •' Harry Godden, the monument man, was at Aberdeen, South Dakota, on business this week. • ' Little Patricia McEnroe, who has been 111 with pneumonia Is -reported as recovering nicely. • ?/:.. Next Sunday is the shortest day in the year and the days will again begin to grow longer. Tom Clark, the West Bend pure food inspector, was In Algona Monday, on professional business. ' ' Mrs. Weinberger, Ledyard. postmls- itress and Mr.' and Mrs. Dyer of that ;city were visitors in Algona Saturday. Herman Wirtjes, one of the substantial farmers living east of Bancroft, •was in the city on business yesterday. Adele Bankson, stenographer . for Cunningham & Lacy, was unable to be at her work Saturday because of sickness. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Lawrence of Cedar Rapids spent, a few days this week with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Vincent. County Clerk Orton expects to move Into his new home south of the city before January 1. -He now lives on Worth Thorlngton street. George Elbert has been 111 with the flu and confined to his home since a week ago Sunday. He expected to be able to be at the garage today. Mr. and Mrs. Melzor Falkenhainer and Harold Cowan drove to Minneapolis Tuesday on business. They Intended to return home this evening. Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Hoganson of Minneapolis who were temporarily located on Minnesota street, have moved into the house recently vacated by County Agent Morrison on Hall street. Mr. Hoganson Is with the S. F. Baker •& Comtaany producte. Miss Dorothy Huey, bookkeeper at the Algona Bakery, spent the week end at her home in Clear Lake. There will be a dance at the I. O. O P. Hall Friday evening, December 26, to which all are invited. Joe Misbach was able to be back at the store last Thursday after an Illness of a few days with a, severe cold. Dr. M. J. Kenefick and Dr. W. T. Peters of Burt are in Des Moines today attending a meeting of the house of delegates of the Iowa state Medical Society. ' Jane, the little daughter of Dr. and Mrs. 0. tt Cretzmeyer, suffered a brok- enn ankle a few days ago while playing. She is able to get around with the aid of crutches. Mr. and Mrs. Bert FecR, former Al- gonlans, who have been making their .home in Fort Dodge, left last week by train for California, where they will spend the whiter. :r / , f |Mr. and' Mrs. H. b. iBuell of Burt left last Wednesday In their car for the.;south where they expect to spend the winter. They will make their headquarters at Orlando or in that Vicinity. The Henry Monson home near Irvington has been quarantined for scarlet fever. Mrs, Monson and nine children have the disease which IS In light form. There'.are three other children ; in the family. , Mrs. 0. B. Nasby came from Ottumwa Siinday to spend the . Christmas holiday with.iherparents, Mr, and Mrs. K, D. James, >vho infit-her In Fort Dodge..' Mr. Nasby: W expected here the day before Christinas. Marriage licenses were Issued to Harold Olson of Beresford, South Da- iota and Zelma Applegate of Corwith;. Rollf Miller and-Albertha Adams, both of!. Buffalo Center; Archie Volgt of West Bend and Euphemia Tietz of Fenton. .,.,.; ;. Mflss Evelyn Hodges is expected home: Saturday from Jefferson, Wisconsin, to spend .the 1 holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J.- Hodges. Svelyn is teaching. Latin, English and las, charge of the speech work in the high school at Jefferson. Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Goodnow who have lived In Algona for over a year, are moving this week to St. Paul. Mr. is a salesman for Swift & and has been transferred to Goodnow lompany, that territory. Mrs. Goodnow is a niece of Mrs. L. G. Baker. Miss Hulda Moe, .who was employed for several years in the Haggard & Falkenhainer Insurance offices has given up her position for several months of rest. Her sister, Violet, who recent- y finished a course in a Cedar Rapids justness college Will .substitute for her. kliss Moe's home is in Lake Mills. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hoenk left Tuesday-by car for California.where they will spend 6 weeks visiting Mr. Hoenk's mother and sister who live in Los An- Mlss Adele Herbst IS expected Saturday from California to spend Christmas in Algona with her brother, Joel, land other relatives. Adele is teaeh- I ing home economics in the high school at Indlo, California. Mrs. Nick Maharas was able to return to her home from the Algona hospital today after an illness of about ten days. Her mother, Mrs. Anna Greal of Fort Dodge, Is here helping to care for the children. ; A tame white rabbit came to the Al Falkenhainer home on North Thor* ihgtoii street a few days ago and is still there. It probably belongs to some boy or girl and they may have it by seeing Mr. Falkenhainer. R. Roalson, one of the substantial men of Harrison township, owning a fine farm two and .a half miles north of Swea City on the north road, was doing business in Algona Friday, and made the Upper Des Molnes-Repub- llcan' a visit to renew-his subscription. Mr.'.Roalson bought ,hls quarter (section fawn in 1915 and has made it one of the.well improved-'farms-of that sec- tloii.'fif fine fajm.6. 1 - . ' * f Mrs. Mary L. nWhess of Irvingtoh. left Tuesday for .Waiworth, Wisconsin, in company with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harness, who came .-last Saturday for a visit at the home .of. Mrs. Frank Harness' mother, Mrs. W. J. Thacfcerayj who has been 111 since about Thanksgiving at the hon^e of her daughter, Mfsi Lafe Turner. Mr. Harness is a son of Mrs. Mary Harness/ who will spend the winter' In Wisconsin with her son.' . "••.'• ' ,'Miss Irene Clnk, of Wesley'is 1 " a pa- "tient at the recovering from an Operation for,-, •mastoid, which was performed .Wednesday. The other patients at,the .hospital are Aud* Tine. Culbertson of Algona, who, was .operated on Wednesday for appendicitis; Roy Sherman/of. Wesley, who has been a patient since Wednesday .re-, CoVering from an operation for hernia; arid .Mrs. K. F. Krause 'of Titonka, who'.under went a.'major 'operation Monday. ..) •'.- , ;. '•• •••.-' • \ f Charley LaBarre and Howard JB'eard- sley arrived home Sunday from an auto Cody, Wyoming, .where they went to secure an .auto-.unde,r , mortgage . to them, some cuss having skipr ped out with it without asking thejr- permission. They brought home-'twx> Christmas trees which-they hired, a, man to cut for them on the mountain side near Buffalo-Bill's town'of Cody. The weather was.;splendid arid-Wyoiu-? ing had no snow at the-time-they were there, aifhough, there .was,'a snow flurry up in the higher reaches^.of ,-the mountain one day, - ..".'•:••'• Msr. O. Lorenz will leave Sunday, to spend the Christmas holidays with, her children. Mr. and Mrs. : Walter Lorenz will take her: to Fort Dodge, iwhere she will spend a day or two with her daughter, Mrs. Myron Hill. , prom there she will go to Harlan to spend Christmas at the home ,of her son, Bruno, and wife, who celebrate-their twenty-ninth wedding anniversary, on Christmas Day. Mr. and Mrs.', Jack Shearer and son, Wilger and Mr. arid geles. They wiU go by way of the Mrs. Fred Lorenz of Council' Bluffs jouthern route. Mr. Hoenk owns the will also be guests at the Bruno Lor- Algona Auto Market. He has leased part of his building to Ask & Welka, who have opened up the Algona Body & 'Fender works. enz home for Christmas. Mrs. Shearer and Fred Lorenz are children of Mrs. O. Lorenz. Shortly after New. Years Mrs. LorenJi will return to, Algona. Nellie's Letter IT? won fc hang up my stockln & this year. Please Ann JfS, t f 3 ™ 111 *; to"" 6 s Mks that need your Christmas trees And gifts a whole lob worse than me. I've got so many toys I d rather have you give them to some needy girls and boys. My last year's doll is plenty good-she's got a broken head. It happened to her when she slipped and tumbled out of bed; A 2 3°t Just dandy stockings, too, Ma cut them down from hers, •.And Johnny's trapped two rabbits, so Pa's gon to make me furs. "Ruth, Tom and I have mittens that we wear to school each day; • When we get home the littler ones can then go out to play; And if it alri't too much, please Santa, fetich a job for Pa, That's what he wants so very bad, I heard him telling Ma. see, we've got each other— there are seven of us— «o We have an awful lot of fun an only child don't know. There's girls who've gob Just heaps of toys, but have to play alone. I bet they'd give them all to have a sister of their own. I". Ma tells us dandy stories— Geet I wish that they'd come true-^i About Aladdin and his lamp, and Cinderella, too. ^* -The one'I'like the best of all is of the guiding star That to the lowly manger led the wise men from afar. We folks that have^so much ought not to ask for any more, But leave your gifts for poor folks who must beg from, door to door. .So, as I've got most everything that heart could, wish, I'll say Goodbye 1 , 'and wishing you and yours a happy Christmas Day. .'-. . ,' i • ' .'i • ' —George H. Free, ,,..•...•' • .. . • ; Algona, Iowa. West Bend Forfeited •\ ' Game to Algona. ' • ,' ' " . ? A.large crowd saw the Algona' high ochool basket ball team win. a gatn.e by forfeit/' 2. to o) from West Bend last Erf day night at the high school gymnasium. It was .the first game of the season for the locals but they 1 piit up a good fight and were. gradually overcoming the lead when West Bend walked! off the floor. Thie score at that tittie was 13 to 10 in favor of West Bend. West Bend'Was addicted to' holding arid, claimed that they had got away with that style of playing in all of their jaines so far this year. It seemed ;hat the game was somewhat too fact for the referee who had not worked my before that one and he let the ;eams go. It the first quarter. During ;he second'and third quarters he started calling,the. Benders and in the mld- ije of the .third quarter when two of ilieir men had been removed from the ;ame because .of personal fouls the West Bend coach Jerked his team. "The game was clean and hard fought and the crowd got their money's worth. Algona will play West Bend again lat- er in the season. .Wesley WllMje here on .Thursday tilght after school fc-rai practice game'and the- day •'before iChristmas the alumni will tangle .with the varsity in a practice tilt. The line up for .the West Bend contest was: Runchey and Samp, guards; Van :Dorstan and Hargreaves,,; forwards; and Moore center, There were no substitutions; The game with Britt which was sche. dialed for last night was called off because of,the death of a faculty member at Britt. • • Local Academy Lost to Mason City. St. Cecelia's academy basket ball team lost a game to Mason City on the local academy court last night by the score of 15 to 6, A large and enthusiastic crowd attended 'the game and were satisfied that the locals will put a good. team on the floor after they have had some more time to practice. Mason .City has been practicing for over two months ; while the locals have been at it for Just a trifle over a week. Coach Lichter is working hard with the boys and is endeavoring to put a strong combination in the field. BANK ROBBERS GET LIFE SENTENCES Three More Were Caught in San Antonio, Texas, and Brought to Iowa. CONFESS ROBBING ST. BENEDICT BANK. Were Sentenced for Attempting: to Holdup Bank In Allison, Iowa. Cashier Foiled Them. The three men who were caught In San Antonio, Texas, as participants In the robbery of the St. Benedict bank on October 25 and the Austlnville bank and Allison batik were brought back to Iowa* by Sheriff H. W. Burma of Butler county last week. They were Myron. Matin, 31, of Fort Dodge, the alleged lender of the gang; Clarence Perry, 18, of Clarion; Harris Damon, 18, of Holrnes. They were taken to Allison and/ §Cntenced to life imprisonment in Anambsa after pleading guilty. Virgil Stuart, 18, of Webster City also pleaded guilty to the robbery of the Allison bank and received the same sentence. A girl was'found with them ahtf was brought back as a witness. . Martin Was Leader. kany> Barton and Emery Browns* field, both of Webster City, were sentenced to life imprisonment some time ago- for particpating In the St. Benedict robbery. In their confessions they Implicated Martin ns being the leader of the gang. They were arrested through the efforts of Kossuth county officers and state agents. • It is believed that Martin was the' ring leader of the gang and had got the boys,into the game of bank robbing. He was the one who would stay outside In' the Car while the others were the- goats and would do the actual stick u{j work. It is thought by the state officials that the arrest and sentence of these six men will clear up a number of crimes in this part of the state, ns they confessed to crimes in eleven counties In Iowa. Obinlncd $215.00. In the St. Benedict robbery they obtained $215.00 and in the Allison Job, the cnshler of the bank foiled them by locking the doors of the bank and the robbers could not obtain admittance. The cashier noticed their car passing the bank numerous times and he suspected they were robbers. Locking the door the cashier watched them from a window. One man ran to the door with a drawn gun and finding it locked went back to the car and they made their getaway. Kossuth's Record. Kossuth county officials have the distinction of being directly or indirectly responsible for the apprehension and sentencing of seven or eight bank robbers so far both in Iowa and Minnesota. This Is a great record for Kossuth county and the people of the county should feel proud that they have a set of officials who are on their toes every minute keeping down crime and apprehending 'criminals. School Board Held Letting for Fixtures. The school board let the contracts to the following firms for fixtures in the new school building: window shades, $438.60, Foster Furniture Company; Stage Scenery, $950.00; Twin City Scenic Company of Minneapolis and St. Paul; laboratory furniture, $2683.00, Kimball Piano Company, Chicago; auditorium chairs, $4000.00. A. H. Andrews Company, Chicago. The board has been meeting since Monday up to today and will meet again soon for another letting for the electric fixtures. But We Know They. Do An authority on ostriches denies tiinl (hey bury their hends in the sand to escape notice. This spoils a splendid' compnrlson (lint tins become en denred' by long usnge.—Minneapolis Journal; Advice First aljtrays know your plan is right, Then go to work with all your might. When you decide a thing to do . Don't quit until you get it through. Because the quitter never wins; He leaves undone what he beRins, And takes up something else to do; His plan he never carries through. The Iowa State Bank wonts to help the man Who always carries out his plan. Iowa State Bank Aigona, Iowa CALL a. Iowa The Finest Sound Theatre to be Found Anywhere HOLIDAY COURTESY Each Sunday during the holiday period, any seat in tho theatre 10c-35c. 5, 7 and 9 o'clock shows regular admission. Sunday matinee "one o'clock and three o'clock. Thursday and Friday, December 18-19. Extra Special Attraction. El Brendel in "JUST IMAGINE" 1980 fashions, love and music as compared to the present 1930 Daily matinees at 2:30. Prices 10c-30c. Saturday, December 20. Change of program. Joe Cook in the big thrill circus picture "RAIN QR SHINE" Two matinees at 1:30 and 3:30. Prices 10c-3dc. Take Notice—All children of Kossuth county plan to bring your dog and join the Big Dog Parade at 11:30 Saturday morning in front of the Call Theatre. Forty dollars? in prizes: Prize No. 1 the Best All Around dog, a $15.00 wrist watch. $5.00 to the dog that comes nearest to resembling Rin Tin Tin, the star in the ' ' The Lone Defender." $3,00 to the best trained dog. $2,00 to the longest dog. ' . — ' $2.00 to the shortest dog. $3.00 tp the dog in the parade from the greatest distance. $2.00 to the child having the best all around dog in the parade fyojn Burt, Bancroft, Titonka, Wesley, Corwith, LuVerne, Lone Bock, Fenton, West Bend, Whittemore, Ringsted and Swea City, , Every child All dogs must be on a rope and under control,, entermg a dog will be admitted free to the 1:30 : matinee, Sunday and Monday, December 21-22. It's a great show. Holiday courtesy 1 and 3 o'clock Sunday matinees 10c-35c any seat'in the theatre. 5, 7, and 9 o'clock shows regular price. . . Will Rogers in "LIGHTNIN' " 1,000 laughs. ' ' Monday trade matinee at 2:30 Prices 10c-30c. Tuesday and Wednesday, December 23-24 • Daily matinee at 2:30. Jde Brjown Laura Lee i " ' ' : in 1 "GOING WILD" You remember "Top Speed." It's laughs and thrills. Christmas Day—Thursday, December 25 Holiday courtesy 1 o'clock and 3 o'clock matinees 10c-35c any seat in the theatre. 5, 7 and 9 o'clock shows regular price. Buddy Rogers in "ALONG CAME YOUTH" Friday, December 26. Matinee at 2:30. Prices 10c-30c. Conway Tearle Loretta Young in "TRUTH ABOUT YOUTH" Saturday, December 27. It's a big special. New and Powerful. Richard Cromwell Noah Beery in "TOLABLE DAVID" Drama—action: feuds—action. Talking comedy and Episode No. 2 of Rin Tin Tin in "The Lone Defender," the great dog serial, Matinee attraction only SPECIAL MENTION The dog parade for any child in Kossuth County to enter his dog. Forty dollars in prizes. Holiday courtesy Sunday and holiday matinees at 1 and 3 o'clock at 10c-35c for any scat. 5, 7 and 9 o'clock shows at regular prices. Daily trade matinees to January 4. Sunday and Monday, December 28-29 Holiday courtesy 1 o'clock and 3 o'clock Sunday matinees, 10c-35c any seat in the theatre. 5, 7 and 9 o'clock shows at the regular admission. Marlene Deitrich The marvelous foreign beauty Gary Cooper • in "MOROCCO" One of the top entertainments of the year. Tuesday and Wednesday, December 30 and 31. Trade matinees at 2:30 each day. Richard Barthelmess in "ADIOS" It's one of the big road shows of the year. New Year's Day—Thursday, January 1. Holiday courtesy 1 and 3 o'clock matinees 10c-35c any seat in the theatre. 5, 7 and 9 o'clock shows regular admission. It's new and big. Joan Crawford in "PAID" "Montana Moon" pleased more people than any one show in a year. See its sucessor with beautiful Joan Crawford. New Year's Eve., Wednesday 11:30 P. M. A midnight show. Join with us in welcoming the New Year. Friday, January 2. An_extra special attraction— "PART TIME WIFE" It's a great laugh show laid on the golf links of a fashionable Country Club.

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