Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 26, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1896
Page 8
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S||ji^ . - FOP SEPTEflBER = | Logansport's Strongest, Largest and Best Cloak Department, i / . • : The leading oloak house first on the backs of the people. This opening of the September selling means money in the pockfts of burous" t.i mers that wouldn't be there If the cloaks were bought elsewhere. 75 elegact Kersey oloth'.Cap'ea, nicely braided, for ope; Ing sale 200 Fine double and single Capes, nicely made rrimiutd, $3.25, |4.48, $5.48 and $0,50 all fhese well vorth double the price. . • • -' iflO Ladltsi' well made-and stylish Jackets, with the new sleeve and collar, only $3.48 .•fifjO Ladies' Jackets made of Meltoi ,• Beaver, Boiioie and .Novelty Bough Effect*, worth :?12.50, iu this sale.... $7.48 Aluo a. good line of Jackets at $3,00, f.50, fg.50 UlHl $10.. ' ' Call knd take a look. .$8,25.-' THE GOLDEN RULE. Citizens Who^Send Money to the Old Country. Don't Want to Send Over Fifty Cent Dollars, A BUSINESS QUESTION. Proposition to Debase Currency —Prof. Michael Answered.! ARE WE IN IT? WELL I GUESS! Have You Seen Our . • Men's & Boys' Clothing. IF NOT! WHY NOT? Call and see us and we will demonstrate $he fact by making you acquainted with our Superb style of Men's and Boys' Clothing, that we are the leaders in our line. Our designs I are exclusive workmanship, perfect and prices | the cheapest. We shall take pleasure in show- ping you our line of novelties and staples. Bear Ifn mind that all our goods are Sparkling New. Harked in plain figures and strictly one price. THE GLOBE, CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. PROTECT YOUR EYES. • The Hlrchberg Optical Co., Tbe well-Known Specialists ot New York have epiolnte D. A. U AUK u agent lot their calibrated Spectacles ami Eye Glasses, every pair guaranteed. D. A. HAUK ,Las complete assortment and Jnvlteft all to satisfy themselves ot tlm groat superiority of these gooilaover anj miinufactured, at the store ot D, A. HACK, Sole agent for LogansportInd. No P-yldlers Supplied. $2O.OO Will Buy a liood Winter'Suit OF|V. D. CRAIG. 436 Broadway, Second Fltfor. ;;,-KcyStoiK; grocery. , duck's at Foloy's. .• •' *•;" .'(Doun'try fvui^n^e.— Rothci'inol. pots; special sale; 75 each. & Dunkolberg. tine taJloi-, -Is having a nobby of imlUnss'for this fall. ...... ...... •" •; Cloak. opc-ninp today. SpcdiU seal Jlcrol'tcs olwap.— Truflo Pala.ee. Oncst show, $1.1!5, renn'odcl- f.Ug sale.— Aarou Grocnstoldcr, Tlilr.d pitly four days -• more for -a guess L- the ?1'5 prlxo.,' .Buy a Coliimbla • ami «ct a coupon.. I; 1 : Keystone ''Mocha a.nd Java coffoo Is iiccolvod frcsU ronsted every .— Key-stone 'grocery^ v Ford will dteplny a, handsome a-<1ics','"m~ls!se9' ''•aiKt'" i ciniKIi'on''s' and capos,— IJadc 1 Palace.'" '.'• '•" ..... •'••"' ' " • Lima bonus.—Rdtliei-mol. A nobby ll-iie or trousers for this fall at Pt'erce, the tailor. Old papers for'sale at the Journal office. 20 cents a hundred. Positively the best cup of coffee in the city at Dykeman's'cafe. Only'four more dqy.s until the Columbia cigar £25 gu«ss .comCK OK. Call at Flanegin's new stove store and sec the best stoves to the market. Children's underwear, at less 'than 50c on tlio dollar of ori-ginnl price.— Bee Hive. The best baking powder and flavor- Ing extracts In the world at Ben Fisher's drug store. Have sometliinj: to show y.oni! Nob- biest fancy front shirts you over saw and the-price, $1.00.—Morris Fisher, Men's Outfitter. • _ • "AVo -nro the People" ou neckwear. Most up-to-dnitc lice .to the city, and the prices now. roasonaiblo.—Morris Flslier, the hatter. Logwiwport lodge No. 121C, K. of H., ettected'.F,, W. Prosoh. treasurer to succeed Harry Frank Ts-b,p initeuds leav- .laig 'cho cl'ty in a few days. Our -Itae of jackets and capes were known to bo filid -best in the. city last year. This season wo have a more extensive and nitfcractlve assontmenit than over. B sure and C them at ffie Golden Rule. Tlie- snpo.nioi.'1-t.y ot RuciloC's -hats Ls coneedei.1 by nil well dressed -men.. Tiho'y have 'a character, tone and finish (peculiarly their. ,owu) which the tasty dresser /appreciates:— Morris -Fl«hp.r, the hnttcr. ...... . . I The.ro can bc> no objection to r-.j.ic-liael -iftring his poliitical views. Tha': .'••! u:i>t 'the cjni'sst.iou. It is a ouos-t'jo:* c.t 'business. As president of ,'i busl- ;:i-ss college lie i-s presumed to teach I. nginess mobhods. As ,a ciitii/twi asliiagi | •••.•'••sIshniciH'rom bnsfoifss nreii he is-.jjrc- .•firmed to'recogncKe som-c itioiiui obl-iga-. ; lion to advocate sound bus.'ini.».*s iH'.inci-. i lilt's. The free coinage of rjlivei*.'will brO:ig silver bullion up to ?1,20 per ounce, !tfi 'to 1 to wld, or it will not. . If i't will, then M- g.tvos wealthy mine owners twice .as nnic-h I'm-thfir bullion us it is legiitimnite'ly worth on the niiir- kot, without hvr;rc'.'i,siJig -Hie d-rcuihitiug inediLim. It is a plain fact-rhat M silver •bullion hs worlli as much coined-or un-. coined nobody-Js going to tlie trouble of eoindng it. . . ' ''' i If it will not UK.TC-i.sc the price, theli. It puiis -a fifty-cent dollar in cLrculiition: •to pay dvblis of all kinds, loams, WHROS, cite., -and this 'is open dishonesty: • To hire a mtui fol*-lwo dollars a day'and pay lilim in something woi 1 l:h ou.ly oue dollar, compelling him to take it in full, is not business. To borrow a hundred dollars a.nd then pass a taw making fifty dollars pay the. debt is not Imsi- •iros-s, Thore would be suspicion, dis ; -honest stagnation under such a system of discredit. FiirLhermore the Constitution of the United.States says that Congress shn,li not impair the validity of contracts and every man who expects to pay his debt* by this dishonest method wiU find the Constitution of the limited States,Ireadiug hllm off. Auy " "Is it true tl::it Wiu Mexican silver dollar'is'quoted at 50 cents In this country -and sells only-at its bullion ™.lu<e?" asked -i- Germ.'i.n laborer/ of oiife' of Hie free silver street talkers -j'.e-rte-.rdiiy "'i'lint is.a fact," said a bystander, "you can St:e tlie quotations .inUihp. Pharos market reports." f ' .''Ami would our 1C to 1 silver dollar -bo;Quoted flic some way in foreign jfcoamtrlcsV" ii-min he asked. ''' The free silver orator -no milted tho.t limit would lie the case. .••• ?;Wt>:i, I don't wsiint nay free silver then. I get two dollars a day and I know I couldn't get a raise in'wages. Every month I seuil ton dollars to ray old mother In Gorrouiy. If tlie kind of 'money I was earning was worth only 00 cents-on tho doilnr over lihore '.slie".would only got .f"> for it in good ,(Ji'.rni.Hn money. So t.o -got the ?10 to |:IT I would have -to,send her twenty. As I only fret so'imicih Jiere it would cot-'!; me oue-fif'th of my wi/tirc wages eVicli mouth to nreet tills loss alone. And if everything else cost me like this my wages would )jc just cut in. 1;wo by free coinage. I M.m a Dcinocnit but I gness I -am far sound money. I Wive been tryJug to find out about it." Everybody saw 't.he force of th.e ar- gumCiUt and it; is oiot likely that any •fttilKen of .foro.ig.il birth scndiaig.bac.k inoiiey. to Gariiinny or Ireland or to niiy 6-tlicr country will vote for free coliui'ge. HE STILL SQUIRMS. F. Shively Struggles Deeper Into the Hire. In his law cha.ng.ing-the honesty of fin American is UHConsti'tntional and will be so Jiedd by the courts. . Prof. Michael come to Log-awsport' a.nd to btfild up his Institution borrowed ?10,00p of the Cass County Bu'iratng and Loan association;- .Ho" •lins in lite improvements th<3 hard-" earned wages of the mechanic, - th'e' : savings of the school teacher, the pay 'of 'the day laborer, the Inheritance ot the widow .and' the orphan. The-Casa' County Building and. Loam associatfoti could have no more sawed trust, than to see .that this moii^y was paid back; dollar for dollar,' to kind, and the association would do 1 1 'i-f. it had to go to.the Supreme Coui;t of 'tbo United State's.' Fortunately there Is no dah'gor of that for 'the 'people are .-beginning to realize the full menntog of .the Chicngo platform, a'nd McKMoy wlill' be orer- wlielui-ingly elected! 'But dt is a-serious- ;l-n.ngcr that tlirea'tous u-oveilihO'less. • •' WILL SPEAK .IN QERHAN Rappeport Will Address German Citizens Tonight at the Rink. German c'itiizcns fn-c interested in. the, ijinouncemcnt of the Sound Money- speech of Philip Eappopont to Ise-giveri Ihfe evening at the BroodTvay rluk. The speech w-Hl be given in German, and tJhc Sound Money Gx«rman Americans will turn out to listen. This te th;e' first.German .speech yet announced- foa. 1 the r.lak, a'nd the evont will be an itu- povta.nt one -among the lionest dollar advocalcs who have 'faith In the' best, money <ind nothing less, ' 'The safety THE LADIES; pleasant effect and perfect., with which. ladles 'may. use Syrup of Figs, under all .conditions, make It their favorite remedy. To :got the true and genuine article, look for the name of the California.Fig Syrup. Company, printed near the bottom of- the package. . For sale by all responsible druggists. ••''. - '•.'••'•• • Attend the underwear sale at tha Bee Hive. •• Come enriy in order to-get correct sizes. •:' ••'•-•'•••• ^-.-••... *.-. •.- framtMC elTort.s to escape tho of hus V'i-clous persoiia.I ni!;ta<-k an 'tlie cHize-ii'S of Hebrew de- jjceiw:,' ca-ndid.'.'Dho B. F. S'hively gels d-ei'iier aiud dt-ei-er Liuro 'tilie mire. . Th«j PJy-mouitili Democrat gives a labored and foolish- eefplanat-iou of the worst ittisult ever put upon a race by a political speaker, and makes mo.tters imich worse: ' '" ; Hou. B. F.• Shively Democra.tJt .can- diidiifl-e for governor spoke to a large nndience ait Pern ome d-ay l«ist week •and ilihe Repirbllciin reporter for the I.ndlaimipolls .Tournal, and nlso for the Chi-ci.igO'Chroi'ilcl'O. tortured au expres- •slou.lje-made *o ;i.s to make it appear Ks on insult to the Jewish 'race. The •report ro -Hie Journal put H this way:' ; "Every hook-nosed Shylock from .J*rii*iriJeiii'to Omaha, is hoarding up ihis gold." . • •The report 10 the Cnronlcle"hod it itjilis winy: f'Tliw free silver movement has .agaiinst it 'all the hook-nosed Shylocks -from J;erus:i:lem to Oklahoma." . \Vlm.t Mr. Sbively really said was as follows:'.'Under .the present policy of gold 'Mono-metalHism, t'hc Treasury is at the mercy, of every sharp nosed Morgan Shylock on tlie road from. Jerusalem to .Jcrieho." " '.''. TJiie;!JlJiille had rafca-flnce to the trav 'flier ,who went down from Jerusalen to' Jericho n.nd fell in -a-mong thieves •Tha Bible story nray be found In- Luke .X"30, etc., and Is as'follows :• ".•Sind Jesus ans-Weriing en Id: A cer •'tiiin'maii went down from Jerusalen to .Tccitoho and fell am'ong-thieve.s which .stripped Mm -of hie rniiment and wounded 1*m, n.ud depm-teil, leavin liira half-dead. Aind by chamce there •came! down >n CRrtaJir priest .tltat way (Hid whon heisaAV'him > lie passed'by on vlie: other side.. Aod likewise a Levlte : iwlveii 1 . he was ait tho placr, cn.ine and looked at 'him and passed bj- on the ofchetr '.side. But a ccrtviii : n Samaritan as 'hte Journeyed came wh-ci'o lie was and' whom he saw Mm he liad compas- •faion do him, and wenit to Mm, and .bound iup his • wounds, pouring in oil and, wi'n-e,. .jmd set'iliim on Ms own benst,' and brought -him to an Inn, and took-care of him. And on the morrow, ^•liein' he departed, he took out two •jjen'ce,- gave.itliiem to the (host, and said .unto Mro k .'Take cure of -him wlmtso- eveT'tthou spendost more, W7io.n I come Again; I "will repay thee. 1 " . The siimJle ; 'is plain. The "shtop nosed•'• Morgan Shylocks'' iire the itJiieves; ! Uncle Sa.m' Is tliie "certaJu .niajr,";iw'ho fell among these thieves; .•and : .Bryan -is the contain Samaritan '\V-hbrvni 11 ihave compfesslon on 'him.and Wnd up' Ms wounds and poiw to oil and wine. 1 ." \", ' ' '• :Mr./Sh'ltely hod.no rereronce -n-liat- tjfver, to-Wii Jews or any other class, of HERE AND V HERE TO STAY. You are cordi.-:!!y invited. We look for your acceptance-with eager aa- \ ,-..•• ticipatlou, for wo are confident of your enthusiastic commendation of our efforts. Wo assure you that no finer stock can be found in this country, anil you will agree with us'that It surpasses anything ever before seen In Logansport. We have entered this field as loaders should, avoiding tl)c time-trodden path, shunning the policies that have hitherto prevailed, but with un- V equaled facilities and characteristic eniiry we- have sought the best, that you . * • \ may enjoy the convenience of finding here ait home those exclusive styles you have'hitherto been compelled to seek in other markets. ' • . p i , ' ' • , The management of all our departments is in our hands. We've had a life long experience to guide our judgment, we inow every "Fashion Inlet" and "Quality .Harbor" in this and foreign countries. Behind it sre our capital, our enterprise, our broadguagc methods. Such a union of tact and talent- must succeed. We've gathered a stock that is artistically perfect and marked'at prices that will be an agreeable revelation to you. Bearing out the reputation that we will win for this store and your confidence. Yours Very Truly, THE HUB. Berwangcr Bros & Co, Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS IS YOURS. We want you to understand that we are running' this laundry for you and that your wishes '.ire to be regarded in every particular. We will give you just exactly what you want if we can liud out what that Is. Perhaps you believe -tfhait it is impossible to .have your laundry work handled without irritation ami annoyance. Wo are sure that you arc mistaken. Msiy we have an opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS., Successors to Campbell Bros. other ithimn. the J. P. Morgan Syndicate Jan* those connected with 4t ^liiah was organized to raid the gold .i-tserve n.nd rob Uncle Sam sa monipu-' toting' t'bo .jsoilo of bonds whjchi thtoy sucaeeded-iii doing to- the extent of ten : oi-twely&mlliltoin of:dollnEs. TBere Is no man, before the public -who Is freer from,irace.prejudices than Mr! Shively Iii;. the -.hundreds .of speeclics he has made in pubil'e life not one word or sen- of personal abuse ajraiust any man or.race or class of men, can bo found, ami th!it> scandalous* •effort, on 'the part of tlite Ue-piVblilontisto create a prejiidiee Jiga.tost Into on the part of •the .Tews "wiJl return to • plague tlve inventors." TJiis race of peoplc-has.no better friend nay where thani Mr. 'Shively. When Bryan was at South .Bend recently the guest of Mr. SMvely :i pronilnonlt Hebrew was one among the very, few Mr. Shiveiy invited to dine-at Ms home with itbe next Presi- d(*nit of i(:he United'Shites.; T.he. following letter fromv^lr. SWve- ly iiu reply to an inquiry from Mr. E. J. •Mayer of this pi-ace explains tlie matter fully: ' South Bend, IncLt Sept 21, 1S9G. Mr. E. .T. Mayer, Plymouth; Ind. Mr Deal- Sir:—In reply to yours o£ •Hue ISth iust., permit me to say' that neither directly, expressly nor by im- plicjutiwi di<l I cast any resections-on Jewish .citizens in my Peru speech. I safil nothing aibout .hoarding sold, nor (Mil I UKike any stateimenit or any kind about any special 'class being against silver. I discussed lihc helpless condition of the "treasury under the present financial policy and referred to tilie Morgan Syndicaito, and not to any other person or clasw. Among the Jlews of this -city and State are many of my oldest and best friends and nothing could have been further from my MiongMs than any. reflection, or any expression tibait could TK .tortured -into •any reflection on them : or'Hi>elr race. Wi'tih kindest a-og-irds, I ;uu. Yours very truly, B. F. SHIVELY. Miss Ni'chol. iuc t-.-.:..-::i?r In charge, wilf give a series of talks, at the Kinder- 'garteu rooms, iu iho second story of 1ihe Pul)lic Library building, the first of which will be given 'on Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock and ic is earnestly desired that all "who are in any wise iute'retsted, will avail themselves of this liour, ; ofvinetruot)lon. EX. COMMITJTEE FKEJE KIXDEtt- G-AJBDEX ASSOCIATION. H. EiLLE'tt DISAPPEARS. Henry Eller, the Panhandle engineer left his home on Market street Sunday and his present whereabouts are unknown to his wife. He said lie was going 'to Idavllle to visit wiDh relatives. .He left no money for support of his wife and four. children. ^No reason aim bo assigned for ilils strange actions except -that he is.very'heavily in debt and several of his creditors have threatened suit. " . AT YOUR APFJROVAL TODAY. La<lies long sleeve vests,.only....'. -15c Feaflier Boas .' .25c Good Umbrella; natural stick..... ,48c Men's underwear, heavy weight.. .25c . ' •'•....' —At the Golden Rule. " Hose cart No.-1 lost a brass torch while mokiiufr a Tun >-«srte«3ay: Finder will confer a favor by leaving it at the engine house on North street. FREE KINDERGARTEN NEWS. . PerlM.ps comparntivoly few of our citizens realize the success of the'new oliarily' wMdh has • devolopetl so recently in our'city' and of tho homos already made brlghrtxjr by coming'In cou- itoct with the Infl'Ueaice of the Free Kindergarten. The school has only i-eached tlho close of Its second wcelr, and all toJdi forty-two children' have entered' for instruction.; of Mills num- Iwr twelve are from homes .\ylicre the parew'te 'are not able • to .poy^tor tills beautiful instruction, and iris-.'for this class -of worthy poor, that our hands and 'hearts go out. Tto mothers, busy, hdpling to provide for the support o£ line, family a.nd mjuch away from home, leaving the little on-es'either at a'neighbor's to be eared -for, or left to get on as best they cfl.n—'and for tUs class of children lilw? afternoon session' from 1 to 3:30 is provided. The ladies interested to thifi' cause liave made many visits -to the iomcsi of the poor and have succeeded n securing from these liomes.'fie members ah-eady enrolled, and'promises of otlrers." . -.'• •.•.." In order that more may bo known of this work, and how it Is conducted,. A complete line of beaters and cook stoves at the new stove store.—Flame- gin's, 310 Market street. PRICES THAT TALK. •Women's Good Rubbers ,. ...23e (Women's Storm Saadais .28c Men's Good -Rubbers-;...: ,36c" Men's Arctics 5Sc Women's Arotlc* 4Sc , Misses' Arctics 3Sc Men's Overs.for Felts 9Sc We also have the celebrated Goodyear Glove.Rubber goods. No better brand of goods la the world. Women's Kid Patent Tip Dress Shoes, Button GSc Women's Vici Kid Patent Tip| Button ;...9Se Men's Velvet Slippers -....' .45e Men's Buff Bals, Plain Toe .:.... .9Sc Men's Buff Congress, Plain. Dress .Toe •••• 9Sc Youth's Good School Shoes 75c Boys' Good School Shoes .. .-....'. .9Sc Boys' House Slippers .:..". :'.. 45c Women's Very Fine Needle Toe and • .New' CoJn Toe, Lace and Button, Kid Dress Shoes, Good Value at $2.50; Our Price on this shall!«.$1.48 The above goods are all fresh new goods, which J are.arriving daily, bought, direct from the manufacturer for cash,, and our customers shall have the bent.'' .,'•'- .. : '.•' '• . Line W. Pilling,, Shoes, 412 Broadway, Loffonsport, Ini . - . ,.'

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