The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1930 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, December 17, 1930
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Sixteen Pages—Section One. fbB bf PBtt t)fid MolNfiS, 44th ftEPttBLlCAN. SiStH YfcAR ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1930 VOL. 28—No. 27 BANKS OF VICINITY PAY DIVIDENDS i Bix Banks of Kossuth and Vicinity Will Pay Depositors Before Xmas. BtfRT BANK PAYS 25% DIVIDEND. Algona First National Bank Will Pay Depositors Final Dividend of 4.85 Per Cent This Week. Six banks located in Kossuth county and the vicinity will this week pay their depositors dividends amounting to $400,000, an amount which nears the half million mark. With this large sum of cash thrown back into circulation it would seem that the prevailing hard times will be alleviated. Pour of - I the above mentioned banks are in the ; t receivership of R. H. Miller and ths ••'••.••„ other two are under Receiver W. C. Pyle. Dividends paid by the three Kossuth county banks will total over <"'*TSixty per cent of the entire amount to be returned to the depositors. First National Pays Final. The final dividends of the First National Bank of Algona are ready for distribution now and may be hod by calling at the office of the receiver, W. C. Pyle, which is located over the post office. Everyone should get his dividend within the next two weeks or lie will have to send to the Comptroller of the Currency at Washington, D. C., for them. The final dividend .will be 4.85 per cent, and will put into circulation about $32,000. This final payment brings the total per cent of dividends of the First National Bank mp to 49.85 per cent. With- the payment of this dividend the receiver's office, which has been in the hands of assistant receiver, H. P. Johnston, tor a year 1 or more, will be closed January 1. Mr. Johnston will continue to Mve in Algona while looking after the banks at Hurt, Bancroft and Wesley, which are also a part of the receivership of W. C. Pyle. Beside the above mentioned banks, Mr. Pyle has charge of the Security National at Mason City where h6 makes his headquarters, . the First National Bank at Britt and the First National Banks at Forest ilty and Rolfe. Lesley, Thus Far, Pays 65 Per Cent. Algona Teacher Wins Register Book Page Prize The Tax Report RUTH MESSENGER. 1 "J-1O3 v prUW*S *Mv*?***er ' -.*•*• •,•»«•—«• 'at Rolfe wlirpay out > 84.9 per cent which is considered very good, the av- • «rage being about 55 per cent. In our •wn county, the bank at Wesley, which was closed October 12, 1928, has paid (5 per cent and will have more to pay. Bnrt National to Pay 25 Per Cent. The First National Bank at Burt will be ready the last of this week to pay its first dividend of about $70,•00, which will be 25 per cent. The bank was closed September 3 of this year. The building was sold to Dr. G. J. Clapsaddle and other property bas also been disposed of. Father of Mrs. Cliff Died in Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Cliff came home Sunday from Minneapolis where they had been called by the illness and death of Mrs. Cliff's father, Frank H. Dordan. who died Wednesday. Mr. **' Dordan who was seventy-six years of .age, had been in good health until -Monday night when he fell and as a • result suffered a double fracture of the " hip. He was going from one room to '^'another to the dark, when the •lipped on the polished floor causing him to fall. He was taken to a hospital where the bone was set on Tuesday. Wednesday he passed away, the . immediate cause of his death being embolism. . , • Mr. Dordan made his home with his daughter, Mrs. Riley in Minneapolis. He is survived by one son and five . daughters, all of whom, with the ex- •eptlon of Mrs. Cliff, live in the Twin Cities, • Mr. Cliff spent Saturday with his parents at New Richmond. The elder Mr. and Mrs. Cliff have been in rather poor health, but were improving at the time of Mr. Cliff's visit. Kossuth Hospital Adds Nurses Training School.. Miss Meryl Norton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, B. E. Norton of Algona, has accepted a position as superintendent or nurses at the Kossuth hospital beginning January 1. Miss- Norton is a graduate nurse of the University of Iowa, where she was also an instructor of nurses, She was later instructor of nurses at the Finley hospital in Dubuque and the Burlington hospital in Burlington. Ther Kpssuth hospital which now holds twenty beds will be enlarged to a twenty-five bed capacity. A school of nursing whiPh will be affiliated with a larger hospital will be started the t or January. Mrs. Nlta Isaacson continue as superintendent of the ' Ruth Messenger, English teacher in the Algona high school won the prize for the best tabloid of the year in the babloid contest which was conducted by ;he Des Moines Sunday Register. . She won the weekly tabloid prize ;wice as did five others and she was Jierefore compelled to split the prize with the other winners. Each won a n dollar set of 'books. The Register stated that if it had counted two of Miss Messenger's seventy-five word reviews she would have been the winner since she took the prize for the review of Van Loon's R. V. R. But these reviews were not counted imthe regular tabloid department. The prize was split among Miss Mes- ,, The Stanley Heggen of Renwick. '",'•' Miss Messenger's tabloid was on Way of Ecben" by James Branch Cabell. It ran as follows: "A flowery, allegory, embroidered upon the theme that those who follow the gleam will find it a very ordinary Mazda lamp, A smugly melancholy epilogue adds consolingly that even if the gravy had been cold all the time the fact that we once believed it hot may comfort us forever. 1 ! A peculiar fact of the contest was that none, of the larger cities in the state were among the winners. Iowa City was the largest town. This perhaps goes to show that all the brains are not always located in the cities as many .metroplitanites are prone to believe. _ T _______ _ T __ D _____ _ In 'haying a ; tettpher of her. calibre on the faculty; '' Father of M, J. Pool Died Last Week, J, J, Pool came home Thursday from .we Preston, South Dakota, where he had gone to attend the funeral of his father, Wilson J. Pool, who died December 7 following an illness with pneu ' The elder Mr, Pool, who was ,M years of age. -was a veteran i Diva War, end lived at the Old Hom in Hot Springs, South He had beep, out in, Denver $ 9, eon who resides there, ana '.after bis return home caught a ~ ~ developed into pneumonia. • onjy a »h.«rt time. REWARD OFFERED FOR BANK BANDITS Bankers of Kossuth Held a Meeting. Offer $500 Reward for Bobbers. REWARD OFFERED FOR BANK BANDITS. Henderson and Campbell Robbed Lu- Verne, St. Benedict and Wesley . Banks Oils Fall. The county bankers' association met at the Algona hotel last Friday night at dinner and afterwards held a meeting. Sheriff L. E. Hovey was presented with a wrist watch in token of his diligent efforts In running down bank .robbers this fall. The bankers also voted a $250.00 reward for the capture of Billy Henderson, formerly of Livermore and now of Mankato and the same amount for the capture of Clarence Campbell of Mankato, who were participants hi the bank robberies at St. Benedict, Hardy, Wesley and LuVerne. Both men are known to be bootleggers and they are both married. Henderson has some children, but it is not known whether Campbell has or not. No trace of either one has been found as yet although it has been reported that Henderson has been seen around Livermore. This Is the first time a reward has ever been offered in this county for the capture of bank robbers and It goes to show that the bankers intend to make it hot for anyone who is looking for any easy money. Officers of the bankers' association are: E. R. Worley cashier of the Citizens' Savings Bank of Lakota, president; F. o. Williams of the Iowa State Bank of Algona, vice president and Wm. Boyken, of the Titonka Savings Bank, secretary. Bowling Teams' Standings for Week. The bowling tournament at the Hub alleys Is going full blast and much Interest is being shown. The league standing up to December 11, is as follows: Team Won Lost Pet. Standard Oil 5 1 .833 Bottlers 4 2 -666 Doctors 4 2 .668 Deep Rock 3 3 .500 Elbert Oarage 3 3 .500 Goodyear Tires 2 4 .333 OhampUn Oil 2 * -333 Niels's Shiners I 6 .166 . .Three High Scores Daily for Week.. Monday ..!. .....267 857 250 Tuesday 258 263 247 Wednesday 278 252 246 Thursday 268 26fl 258 Friday -.. .290 287 366 Saturday ....898 877 2 Farm Accounting School Held Here. How a simple set of farm accounts may be kept and how facts from such accounts can be used to increase farm profits, were discussed at a series of meetings in Kossuth county by J. C. Galloway, of farm management extension service at Iowa State College in cooperation with the Kossuth county farm bureau. The meeting in Algona was held this morning in the court house. Farmers were assisted in starting the account book and will be helped again in making the final summary and analysis. Each farmer who completes an account book Is personally visited on his farm by a farm management specialist during May or June, at which time means of Improving the organization of the farm are considered. When the summary Is presented the Individual farmer has an opportunity to compare his farm with the average of about 100 farms in his section of the state and also with the twenty most profitable farms and the 20 least profitable farms in the district. This gives him a standard by which to measure his business. The identity of every farm is kept confidential by the extension workers. The management return on 258 farms in this district for the year 1928 was $758. Management return is the amount the farmer receives for management after the business has been charged with the operator and family labor, 3% per cent interest on real estate equity and seven per cent interest on his working capital. Charts and material weree shown, proving that the principal factors influencing profits are size of business, livestock returns, crop yields and efficient use of labor and equipment. This simple account book, which may be secured at the farm bureau office for 15c, if properly kept and summarized, will show a farmer how much his business is gaining or losing, says Mr. Galloway. Summaries were made for 651 farmers in the state by the department at Ames last year and it is estimated that at least 750 1930 records will be summarized. A meeting was to be held in Swea Ctiy this afternoon. Dr. Hector Janse Visiting in Algona. Dr. and Mrs. Hector Janse and little daughter, Mary Susan, leave tomorrow for Houston, Texas, where the doctor will Join the staff In a clinic. The Janses have been visiting in Algona since a week ago Sunday at the home of Dr. Janse's father, Dr. P. V. Janse. Until coming to Algona the young doctor has been an interne under Dr. Dean in the St. Louis hospital. He has specialized in ear nose, and throat work. Senator George W. Patterson was in Algona Monday and Incidentally discussed the report of the state taxing commission of which he was a prominent member. The report was made last week and will serve as a guide to the legislature this winter in formulating new taxing laws, of which all are agreed there is much need. The commission's report of course was in favor of a state income tax along the general lines of the fedral Income tax. Perhaps its most important recommendation was for full time county assessors, one man being In charge of an entire county and serving full time. Also notable is the suggestion for a reduction In the tax on moneys and credits from the present six mills to two mills and of special Importance a stamp tax or registration fee on real estate mortgages of two dollars per thousand on the Uasls of five year loans. At present most of the holders of mortgages on Kossuth county farms and the state in general escape the money and credits tax entirely so far as Iowa Is concerned. They live In ;he east and of course pay no taxes in Jiis state on their securities and per- laps make no report of their security holdings in Iowa. This suggestion would make every recorded security pay a tax and we consider It of prime Importance. The proposition should go further and allow the owner of the land mortgaged a corresponding reduction in the tax on his farm. It is estimated that there is about two billion dollars now Invested in real estate securities in Iowa much of it now escaping any tax, in Iowa, at least. T tax on amusements, cigarettes and all tobaccos, butter substitutes, filling stations, billboards and other Items Is recommended. • It is recommended that taxes paid on amusements be distributed among the public school districts thereby lower- Ing the local tax levy. Another good suggestion Is that the efficiency of our jmbllc schools be Investigated and the terrible tax Burden Imposed by the schools carefully Inspected. This we take it would mean a careful scrutiny of ourt state university, agricultural college and other state educational institutions, something that has been needed for years. On the whole the tax commission should be given great credit for then- work, which has -covered the greater part of two years' time. If the state ncome tax is in reality made a replacement tax it may work out to the idvantage of the general taxpayers, but if it really means only that much more money for the legislature to vote for 'expense money" or something else it will not only be a "nuisance" tax but an added burden. However, we are hoping forthe best Senator Pattersc.i as one of the legislative committee .appointed to assist the regular state tax commission in this matter, has devoted a large amount of time to the tax investigation which is estimated to -have taken up considerably nvr*!'-tune than the regular session of tV ineral assembly. While the members o. the state tax body receive salaries of $4,500 per year, he and the other legislative members of the commission received nothing but then- expenses. Senator Patterson has been obliged to employ help to do his work on the farm while his time was taken up with the tax commission, and figures that $1,000 would not be considered unfair in estimating his con 7 tributlon to the welfare of the state in the tax matter. sane Christmas, the most wonderful day of the year, when "Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men" Is in the hearts of mankind throughout the civilized world, when greed and hatred are forgotten and forgiven, Is again with us. As we advance in years, time appears to fly more rapidly and a truer realization of life is held. To the children it is a revelation, to the elders a realization. Families are united, elders meditate and again live through childhood days. Christmas means much to the world and did it not exist the bright oasis In Life would not exist. Tokens arc expected bty all, not for their intrinsic value, but as symbols of good will, emblematical of the Gift of our Saviour when He gave His life that we might live. With this issue of the Upper Des Moines-Rcpublican we greet our readers with a very Merry Christmas. J. W. HAGGARD SID J. BABCKUS. CO. SAVINGS BANK CHECKS ARE READY Will Bonmetter's Seat be Contested? State Republican Chairman Spangler las suggested to J. H. Jensen, late for the state legislature from *** " LIVEKMOREMAN TAKEN FOR RIDE Was Held up for Fifty Dollars by Men Who Posed as Bootleggers. PROMISED TWO CASES FOR FIFTY DOLLARS. Man Tried to Work Algona Garage Man Two Hours Earlier With His Hard Luck Story. Tuesday about noon a stranger appeared at the Kohlhaas Brothers' garage while Frank was on duty. He wanted a confidential talk and told Frank that his car was broken down and that he needed some money in order to get it fixed and back bume. He had, he said, two cases of good whiskey, worth $100, but that for $60 he would give him the liquor so that he could get away. Frank was not interested and told him that he had no time then and the fellow left, saying he would be back later. In about two hours a telephone call was received in Algona, state that the man had worked his graft on a Livermore man. He gave this man his hard luck story also, and was told he would not pay $60 but that he might pay $50. The fellow told him to get the $50 and they got into a car and drove to where the bootlegger car was parked. Another'man sat at the wheel and after the Livermore man had counted out the $50, the fellow shoved a gun Into his ribs and told him to go. He then got Into the car with his pal and they have not been seen since. The Livermore man said the oar bore county number 82. but that in the excitement and thoughts of losing both his money and the Christmas cheer, he did not get the numbers of the car. Attorney H. W. Miller in the Kossuth Hospital. Attorney H. W. Miller is a patient at the Kossuth hospital recovering from an operation, for appendicitis which was performed Monday afternoon. He is recovering rapidly and expects to be able to go to his home in Minnesota Lake for Christmas. HOVEY RECEIVES A CHRISTMAS GIFT Passes Examination. Leslie Samp, who was graduated last spring from the Oreighton school of pharmacy in Omaha, received word a few days ago that he was one of four who recently passed the Iowa examinations for pharmacists. He Is now working for the E&thervllle Drug Company. he election of his democratic opponent, Mr. Bonnstetter because of the tatements made by Mr. Bonnstetter in the campaign. It is said that Bonnstetter's intimation that he would not accept the "expense money" voted by the last legislature may be twisted by shrewd attorneys to mean that he was trying to bribe the voters. Well, well, what next? A contest has alrea-iy been filed by a defeated candidate In Iowa county on these grounds. It seems that the law Is queer in some cases, but even should a man obtain a seat in the legislature on such grounds, it would not make htm very popular with the taxpayers. So far as we know, Mr. Jensen has taken no steps to file a contest. Here Is what one of Mr. Jensen's good friends, Seth Cairy of the Whlt- temore Champion, has to say in the matter: 'Jensen's friends over Kossuth county would urge him not to make any such contest. The race between himself and Bonnstetter was not even close, and while it is true that the "salary grab" probably proved his downfall there is no getting away from the fact that he accepted his share of It. "On the one hand you have a man who was elected by more than 600 majority refusing to accept any part in the "salary grab" or expense account which the legislators voted to themselves. On the other hand we have a man who voted for and who accepted the expense money. One man feels that if he was hired to work for the state at a certain sum that this is all to which he is entitled to. The other, although hired to work for a certain sum, with the aid of other legislators, voted himself a salary increase under the guisfi of an expense account. "There may be grounds for a contest in the recent election, but there was more ground for contest in the courts over the expense account bill. Should Jensen decide to bring a contest on the above grounds he will find that he is about the most unpopular man In Kossuth county, and his friends would urge him to lay off. Many of his friends would turn against him should a contest be made on the grounds mentioned." Al Falkenhainer Has Nasal Hemorrhage. Al Falkenhainer spent Saturday and Sunday at the Algona hospital on account of a severe nasal hemorrhage, which continued for sixteen hours. Dr. Bryant, an old friend from Mason City, came over and pronounced the hemorrhage as not necessarily of a serious nature. Al was back at Ills office Monday feeling about the same as usual. Claim to Have Highest Xmas Tree. The Pee Wee folg course and the Council Oak store cllam to have the highest small Christmas tree in town. The tree, which is the size of the average home Christmas tree, is on the roof of the building in which the Council Oak store Is loeated. It has been decorated with colored lights and fits In nicely with the holiday decorations of State street. Depositors Should Call for Their Dividend Check at Receiver's Office. TO PAY OUT OVER $300,000. Receiver Miller, In Charge of Six Defunct Banks, Credited With DoIng: Very Good Work. R. H. Miller, receiver In charge for the County Savings Bank of Algona, is / taking the part of Santa Clans this / year, nnd will distribute over $300,000 In cold cash before Christmas to the depositors of the Algona bank and others of which he has charge of the liquidation. In Algona $140,000 will be given to the depositors of the old County Savings Bank, The checks will be ready on Thursday.,,JB<Member*-tR^««»«« and should be called tot at Mr. Miller's office over the Iowa -State Bank by those living in the ImmeiJlatR vicinity of Algona. The checkS' t wttl bo mailed to those living at a distance. This will be a nice sum of money for depositors and should stimulate business in this vicinity considerably. ; Mr. Miller is in charge of. V.\ banks including the two Algona'benks, Humboldt, Corwlth, LuVerne'and Rlngsted. At Humboldt a ten per cent dividend, amounting to $45,000 will be paid before Christmas; at Cqrwith the first dividend of 25 per cent. 1 -amounting to about $50,000 will gp to depositors before Christmas; and Bt-Ringsted a 24 per cent final dividend,,amounting to $50,000 will close that 'bank's liquidation, which has paid a'tofcal of 74 per cent. The old Algona State Bank will probably be able to pajta'tcn per cent dividend some time during the winter. The County Savings Bank has now pnld a total of 40 per. cent, over $"560,000 in all and its touglapss seems to have been handled Jaflph economical manner in the interesto,,of the depositors by Mr. Miller, who Js devoting every energy to save what he can for the depositors. ,, y. No Paper Published Next Week. As pur day of publication falls upon —-'-as Eye,; and no jnatl deliveries , the-Upper" HAD RAIDED PLACE NEAR WHITTEMORE. Robert Volgt Arrested and Bound Over by Justice Hutchison at Hearing on Friday. Sheriff Hovey Is making an enviable record throughout the state ns an untiring official in capturing bank robbers, bootleggers and other law breakers. He has been ably assisted by Jesse Qulnlan, a state man, Deputy Harris and other local officers. It remained however, for some bootlegger to show his appreciation of Sheriff Hoveys efforts. Left Still Near Jail. Thursday morning, as Sheriff Hovey was wending his way to his office at the court house from his residence at the jail he saw a sight that caused him much surprise. A still was lying on the lawn west of the court house, left there some time during the night. He picked It up and carried It to his office where many mouths were caused to water as they viewed the remains and thought of Christmas cheer. Nothing else was found and the donor of this valuable gift was unknown. Balded Home Near VVliittemore. The day before, Sheriff Hovey, accompanied by Mr. Quinlan and Deputy Harris raidedthe home of Robert W. Volgt, who lives three miles north and one mile east of Whlttemore in a house rented from a farmer. Voigt does not farm, but simply lived in the house. After a careful search they found two half gallon fruit jars and a pint bottle of hootch that had been placed In a gunny sack and buried under earth and straw in the chicken house. Volgt was not at home, but his wife stated he would be home early In the evening. The sheriff left word with the wife to tell Mr. Volgt that he wished to see him and Friday Volgt came to town when he was placed under arrest. Denied AH Guilt. At a hearing in Justice Hutchison's court Friday Mr. Voigt denied all knowledge of the hootch that was found at his home and Intimated that some one else had left it there. When questioned about the still lie said he knew nothing about that. However, the circumstantial evidence was so strong and from the fact that the hootch was found at his place, Mr. Hutchison bound him over to the grand Jury, and fixed his bond at $1,000. Has a Large Family. Voigt has a wife and several children and they are evidently in very moderate circumstances. The raid was made on his place because of information gleaned by the sheriff. He has not lived In that vicinity very long. He was making an effort Saturday to secure bonds and if unsuccessful will probably spend Christmas In jail and the family will no doubt feel the effects of his absence. Whether the still, which Is made of two copper wash boilers soldered together into one tank and several feet of copper coil were left on the court house lawn by Voigt remains to be seen. .one publication during the holidays. .This enables an annual clean up and a breathing spell from the strenuous ordeal of the year. The next Issue : wlll be made Wednesday, December 31. We wish to express our sincere appreciation of our many worthy readers and extend to you the holiday greetings. J. W. HAGGARD. SID J. BACKUS, . "' Publishers. Attorneys of Tenth Dist. to Have Banquet. . •jp- The Bar Association of the Fourteenth Judicial District will hold its annual banquet at the St. Cecelia's academy Saturday evening at seven o'clock. There are about one hundred attorneys who are members of the association from Kossuth, Emmet,. Palo Alto, Dickinson, Clay, Humboldt, Pocahontas, and Buena Vista counties. Nearly all of the attorneys will be present at the banquet, and some are planning to bring their wives. H. E. Narey of SpUit Lake, T. P. Harrington of Algona, and Judge J. E. Haycraft of Fairmont will be speakers on the program. Major Alvln Rles of Madison, Wisconsin, Is also''expected to be on the program, butXSfe committee in charge Is awaltlnjj?A final telegram from him. Th/^Rusty Hinge Quartet of Mason City will be present to furnish music for the occasion, W. B. Quartern will be the toastmaster. L. E. Linnan Is president of the association and Dwlght McCarty of Emmetsburg is secretary. Judges In the district are F. C. Davidson, Emmetsburg, James De Land, Storm Lake, and F. O. Lovrien of Humboldt. George A. Heald of Spencer will succeed Judge Lovrien the first of the year. Officers for the coming year will be elected at this meeting. The banquet will be served by the ladles of the O. D. of A. Doings in the District Court. Judge Lovrien will open the district court of Kossuth county Thursday. He closed court last week for a few days and will probably clean up the business for the November term this week. This will be Judge Lovrien's last appearance here as Judge as he retires January 1, and will be succeeded by Judge Heald of Spencer. Judge Davidson was over from Emmetsburg on Tuesday and the case of Capesius vs Reding was taken up and settled. The Judge Cook estate, which has been on the court calendar for several years, under the title of dayman vs Blbler, has been settled up and will no longer be on the docket. Plaything Backfires, Man's Eye Injured. W. C. Laird, Maytag salesman, is wearing a bandage over his right eye. as the result of a little "backfire" from one of the so-called "Inner tube shooters", which use small pieces of inner tube for ammunition. He was watching his son play with the shooter, which when released sent its load of ammunition backward Instead of forward for some reason. The force of the shot cut two tiny pieces from the white of his eyeball, and while the injured member la quite painful, it ta that that the injury is not serious.

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